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c/n type history fate/notes
5300DH82B QUEEN BEEP4686Crashed into sea off Aberporth 3.1.41
5301DH82B QUEEN BEEP4687Hit tree on piloted takeoff from forced landing nr Marlow Bucks. 22.7.39
5302DH82B QUEEN BEEP4688Crashed in forced landing nr Manorbier 14.8.39
5303DH82B QUEEN BEEP4689Ditched off Malta 29.12.39
5304DH82B QUEEN BEEP4690Crashed in piloted forced landing nr Shillington 23.5.39
5305DH82B QUEEN BEEP4691Crashed 24.10.39
5306DH82B QUEEN BEEP4692Ditched off Malta 26.12.39
5307DH82B QUEEN BEEP4693Damaged by AA and crashed on approach Malta 23.12.39
5308DH82B QUEEN BEEP4694SOC 5.4.41
5309DH82B QUEEN BEEP4695Crashed into sea 2.2.41
5310DH82B QUEEN BEEP4696SOC 2.10.40
5311DH82B QUEEN BEEP4697Aerial shot away crashed nr Bradworthy 24.4.40
5312DH82B QUEEN BEEP4698Crashed into sea off Burrow Head 11.8.39
5313DH82B QUEEN BEEP4699Crashed on piloted takeoff Kidsdale 31.10.39
5314DH82B QUEEN BEEP4700Crashed into sea off Manorbier 5.3.43
5315DH82B QUEEN BEEP4701Shot down off Burrow Head 25.2.41
5316DH82B QUEEN BEEP4702Shot down off Aberporth 2.1.41
5317DH82B QUEEN BEEP4703Hit by AA and force-landed in sea off Burrow Head 23.2.40
5318DH82B QUEEN BEEP4704Hit trees on takeoff Kidsdale 12.4.40
5319DH82B QUEEN BEEP4705Shot down off Manorbier 10.7.40
5320DH82B QUEEN BEEP4706Crashed into sea off Cleave 27.3.42
5321DH82B QUEEN BEEP4707Hit by AA and crashed into sea off Cleave 10.4.40
5322DH82B QUEEN BEEP4708SOC 31.3.43
5323DH82B QUEEN BEEP4709Bounced on landing Hal Far 13.3.40 to Admiralty
5324DH82B QUEEN BEEP4710Shot down into sea off Burrow Head 26.4.40
5325DH82B QUEEN BEEP4711Crashed in forced landing nr Llangybi 18.12.41
5326DH82B QUEEN BEEP4712Shot down nr Kidsdale 11.10.41
5327DH82B QUEEN BEEP4713Shot down by rockets off Aberporth 17.12.40
5328DH82B QUEEN BEEP4714Crashed nr Cleave 17.4.41
5329DH82B QUEEN BEEP4715SOC 31.3.43 to Admiralty
5330DH82B QUEEN BEEP4716Hit lake on approach Cleave 8.7.40
5331DH82B QUEEN BEEP4747Crashed into sea off Manorbier 27.6.41
5332DH82B QUEEN BEEP4748SOC 31.3.43
5333DH82B QUEEN BEEP4749Shot down off Burrow Head 13.2.42
5334DH82B QUEEN BEEP4750Crashed into sea off Bude 7.3.42
5335DH82B QUEEN BEEP4751Crashed into sea off Cleave 25.2.42
5336DH82B QUEEN BEEP4752Shot down off Burrow Head 3.2.41
5337DH82B QUEEN BEEP4753SOC 31.3.43
5338DH82B QUEEN BEEP4754Shot down off Burrow Head 6.5.40
5339DH82B QUEEN BEEP4755Crashed on landing off Burrow Head 30.5.40
5340DH82B QUEEN BEEP4756Hit hut on landing Kidsdale 9.5.40
5341DH82B QUEEN BEEP4757Crashed on approach Towyn 16.4.42
5342DH82B QUEEN BEEP4758Control lost in bad weather nr Burrow Head 10.12.40
5343DH82B QUEEN BEEP4759Crashed into sea off Ty Croes 16.4.42
5344DH82B QUEEN BEEP4760SOC 31.3.43
5345DH82B QUEEN BEEP4761Crashed in forced landing nr Cardigan 7.2.43
5346DH82B QUEEN BEEP4762Glided into sea and sank off Burrow Head 24.5.40
5347DH82B QUEEN BEEP4763Crashed on landing after radio control lost Kidsdale 3.6.40
5348DH82B QUEEN BEEP4764Crashed Langtree Devon 10.7.42
5349DH82B QUEEN BEEP4765Crashed into sea off Tonfanau 23.6.41
5350DH82B QUEEN BEEP4766Shot down off Burrow Head 3.2.41
5351DH82B QUEEN BEEP4767Crashed nr Newborough Warren Anglesey 22.10.41
5352DH82B QUEEN BEEP4768Shot down off Manorbier 4.9.40
5353DH82B QUEEN BEEP4769Shot down off Cleave 19.8.42
5354DH82B QUEEN BEEP4770Hit by AA and sank off Burrow Head 3.7.40
5355DH82B QUEEN BEEP4771Shot down off Ty Croes 26.1.42
5356DH82B QUEEN BEEP4772Crashed Sandy Cove Cornwall 19.6.42
5357DH82B QUEEN BEEP4773Crashed on landing Aberporth 12.1.41
5358DH82B QUEEN BEEP4774Sold 4.9.47
5359DH82B QUEEN BEEP4775Shot down at Ty Croes 5.5.41
5360DH82B QUEEN BEEP4776Shot down off Aberporth 9.3.41
5361DH82B QUEEN BEEP4777Crashed in forced landing nr Aberporth 26.2.41
5362DH82B QUEEN BEEP4778Shot down off Manorbier 7.8.40
5363DH82B QUEEN BEEP4779Shot down off Burrow Head 7.6.40
5364DH82B QUEEN BEEP4780Shot down off Weybourne 12.12.41
5365DH82B QUEEN BEEP4781Crashed after radio control lost Perunain nr Swansea 23.1.41
5366DH82B QUEEN BEEP4788SOC 26.4.45
5367DH82B QUEEN BEEP4789Shot down at Ty Croes 1.8.42
5368DH82B QUEEN BEEP4790Crashed on landing Aberporth 21.11.41
5369DH82B QUEEN BEEP4791Crashed off Burrow Head 25.3.42
5370DH82B QUEEN BEEP4792Crashed on landing Weybourne 17.11.41
5371DH82B QUEEN BEEP4793Crashed into sea off Anglesey 23.9.41
5372DH82B QUEEN BEEP4794Crashed on landing Aberporth 25.7.42
5373DH82B QUEEN BEEP4795Crashed into sea off Towyn 2.11.41
5374DH82B QUEEN BEEP4796Shot down in Cardigan Bay 19.6.42
5375DH82B QUEEN BEEP4797Crashed off Aberporth 26.9.42
5376DH82B QUEEN BEEP4798Crashed nr Kidsdale 16.10.41
5377DH82B QUEEN BEEP4799Crashed off Burrow Head 23.2.42
5378DH82B QUEEN BEEP4800Shot down off Burrow Head 15.8.40
5379DH82B QUEEN BEEP4801Shot down off Aberffraw 26.2.41
5380DH82B QUEEN BEEP4802Crashed on landing off Manorbier 25.10.40
5381DH82B QUEEN BEEP4803Shot down off Aberporth 19.7.41
5382DH82B QUEEN BEEP4804Shot down off Aberporth 4.9.41
5383DH82B QUEEN BEEP4805Crashed into sea off Anglesey 18.2.43
5384DH82B QUEEN BEEP4806Crashed on landing Cleave 7.3.43
5385DH82B QUEEN BEEP4807Shot down off Burrow Head 12.7.41
5386DH82B QUEEN BEEP4808Crashed nr Cleave 27.3.42
5387DH82B QUEEN BEEP4809Shot down off Tonfanau 1.11.41
5388DH82B QUEEN BEEP4810Sold 23.11.46
5389DH82B QUEEN BEEP4811Shot down at Ty Croes 14.8.41
5390DH82B QUEEN BEEP4812Dived into sea off Burrow Head 18.8.41
5391DH82B QUEEN BEEP4813Crashed on landing Weybourne 2.7.41
5392DH82B QUEEN BEEP4814Crashed into sea off Aberporth 13.1.41
5393DH82B QUEEN BEEP4815Crashed after launch Manorbier 5.7.41
5394DH82B QUEEN BEEP4816Shot down off Anglesey 2.5.41
5395DH82B QUEEN BEEP4817Crashed on approach Towyn 23.3.42
5396DH82B QUEEN BEEP4818Shot down off Burrow Head 25.9.40
5397DH82B QUEEN BEEP4819Shot down off Aberporth 9.1.41
5398DH82B QUEEN BEEP4820Crashed on approach Cleve 23.8.42
5399DH82B QUEEN BEEP4821Spun into sea off Cleave 2.10.40