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De Havilland

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c/n type history fate/notes
5400DH82B QUEEN BEEP4822Sank after landing off Burrow Head 7.3.41
5401DH82B QUEEN BEEP5731Shot down nr Aberporth 3.10.41
5402DH82B QUEEN BEEP5732Shot down off Ty Croes 1.8.41
5403DH82B QUEEN BEEP5733Dived into ground Aberporth 17.10.41
5404DH82B QUEEN BEEP5734Shot down off Aberporth 20.7.41
5405DH82B QUEEN BEEP5735Crashed off Aberporth 18.9.41
5406DH82B QUEEN BEEP5736Shot down off Aberporth 8.4.41
5407DH82B QUEEN BEEP5737Crashed nr Bodorgan 5.8.43
5408DH82B QUEEN BEEP5738Crashed off Ty Croes after radio control lost 20.8.41
5409DH82B QUEEN BEEP5739Shot down off Cleave 2.7.40
5410DH82B QUEEN BEEP5740Shot down off Cleave 17.6.40
5411DH82B QUEEN BEEP5741Shot down into sea off Aberporth 20.1.42
5412DH82B QUEEN BEEP5742Landed on sea off Manorbier and dbr during salvage 14.10.40
5413DH82B QUEEN BEEP5743Dived into ground nr St Athan 2.1.41
5414DH82B QUEEN BEEP5744Shot down off Burrow Head 4.9.40
5415DH82B QUEEN BEEP5745Crashed into sea off Aberporth 14.2.42
5416DH82B QUEEN BEEP5746Shot down off Burrow Head 26.2.42
5417DH82B QUEEN BEEP5747Crashed into sea after radio control lost in cloud off Manorbier 4.12.40
5418DH82B QUEEN BEEP5748Crashed off Cleave after engine cut 23.9.40
5419DH82B QUEEN BEEP5749Crashed on landing Aberporth 5.8.42
5420DH82B QUEEN BEEP5767Spun into ground 13.10.39
5421DH82B QUEEN BEEP5768Shot down into sea 28.9.39
5422DH82B QUEEN BEEP5769Shot down into sea off Aberffraw 22.2.41
5423DH82B QUEEN BEEP5770Crashed on landing Aberporth 23.1.43
5424DH82B QUEEN BEEP5771Crashed into sea off Manorbier 16.6.42
5425DH82B QUEEN BEEP5772Hit wall in piloted forced landing in fog Trawsfynydd 19.2.40
5426DH82B QUEEN BEEP5773Stalled and crashed nr Kidsdale 7.3.40
5427DH82B QUEEN BEEP5774Dbr in heavy landing Kidsdale 12.1.40
5428DH82B QUEEN BEEP5775Shot down off Burrow Head 19.10.39
5429DH82B QUEEN BEEV4742Crashed into sea off Burrow Head after radio control lost 2.4.42
5430DH82B QUEEN BEEV4743Glided into beach after aerial shot away nr Weybourne 22.4.41
5431DH82B QUEEN BEEV4744Overturned landing on sea after control lost off Manorbier 22.10.41
5432DH82B QUEEN BEEV4745Undercarriage collapsed in heavy landing Towyn 9.7.41
5433DH82B QUEEN BEEV4746Crashed into sea off Towyn after control lost 21.4.41
5434DH82B QUEEN BEEV4747SOC 29.5.44
5435DH82B QUEEN BEEV4748Shot down off Manorbier 14.2.42
5436DH82B QUEEN BEEV4749Flew into hill after radio control lost Stackpool Pier Pembs 9.3.42
5437DH82B QUEEN BEEV4750Dbr in heavy landing Manorbier 23.8.43
5438DH82B QUEEN BEEV4751Stalled on landing and undercarriage collapsed Weybourne 26.3.42
5439DH82B QUEEN BEEV4752Crashlanded nr Cleave after radio control lost 18.12.42
5440DH82B QUEEN BEEV4753Dived into sea off Towyn after radio control lost 28.11.41
5441DH82B QUEEN BEEV4754Shot down by AA in Cardigan Bay 1.7.42
5442DH82B QUEEN BEEV4755Hit by AA off Weybourne 2.7.41
5443DH82B QUEEN BEEV4756Crashed after radio control lost Anglesey 28.10.42
5444DH82B QUEEN BEEV4757Flew into sea after engine lost power Weybourne 5.5.41
5445DH82B QUEEN BEEV4758 F-OAIQDamaged by AA off Manorbier and crashed on approach 28.7.42
5446DH82B QUEEN BEEV4759Dived into sea after radio control lost off Manorbier 18.8.41
5447DH82B QUEEN BEEV4760 N2726A
5448DH82B QUEEN BEEV4761Sold 18.12.46
5449DH82B QUEEN BEEV4762Spun into sea after radio control lost off Aberporth 19.6.41
5450DH82B QUEEN BEEV4763Damaged by AA and glided into sea off Towyn 6.5.41
5451DH82B QUEEN BEEV4764Sank off Ty-Croes after radio control lost 12.12.42
5452DH82B QUEEN BEEV4765Glided into sea after hit by AA off Burrow Head 5.4.41
5453DH82B QUEEN BEEV4766Hit rocks after radio control lost Aberffraw Beach 4.7.41
5454DH82B QUEEN BEEV4767Hit by AA off Cromer 16.9.41
5455DH82B QUEEN BEEV4768Damaged by AA and broke up landing in sea off Manorbier 18.8.41
5456DH82B QUEEN BEEV4769Hit tree on takeoff Towyn 7.7.41
5457DH82B QUEEN BEEV4770Hit by AA and dived into sea off Manorbier 10.6.42
5458DH82B QUEEN BEEV4771Hit hedge on takeoff Kidsdale 6.5.41
5459DH82B QUEEN BEEV4772Sold 21.11.46
5460DH82B QUEEN BEEV4787Hit by AA and crashed off Manorbier 18.4.42
5461DH82B QUEEN BEEV4788Hit by AA and crash-landed Cardigan 23.1.43
5462DH82B QUEEN BEEV4789Shot down by AA off Aberporth 29.8.42
5463DH82B QUEEN BEEV4790Dived into hill after radio control lost nr Towyn 18.11.41
5464DH82B QUEEN BEEV4791Dived into ground after radio control lost Aberffraw 10.9.42
5465DH82B QUEEN BEEV4792Glided into sea and sank after radio control lost off Manorbier 5.12.42
5466DH82B QUEEN BEEV4793Flew into Snowdon after radio control lost 24.2.42
5467DH82B QUEEN BEEV4794Flew into sea after radio control lost nr Towyn 6.10.41
5468DH82B QUEEN BEEV4795Crashed into sea after radio control lost off Aberporth 19.8.42
5469DH82B QUEEN BEEV4796Hit by AA and spun into sea Cardigan Bay 19.6.42
5470DH82B QUEEN BEEV4797Shot down by rockets off Weybourne 18.6.41
5471DH82B QUEEN BEEV4798Shot down into sea off Burrow Head 3.1.42
5472DH82B QUEEN BEEV4799Hit by AA and hit hedge landing nr Weybourne 3.8.41
5473DH82B QUEEN BEEV4800Shot down and sank off Cleave 20.8.41
5474DH82B QUEEN BEEV4801Hit by AA and control lost - disappeared off Cleave 24.3.42
5475DH82B QUEEN BEEV4802Shot down by AA into sea off Aberporth 7.3.42
5476DH82B QUEEN BEEV4803Shot down by AA and hit cliff nr Aberporth 11.7.41
5477DH82B QUEEN BEEV4804Damaged by AA and glided into sea off Aberporth 11.6.42
5478DH82B QUEEN BEEV4805Hit bank while lost in haze nr Llangraw 23.10.41