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Production lists
The production lists do not include the First World War designs of Geoffrey De Havilland and built by the Aircraft Manufacturing Co (Airco). The complete production lists can be downloaded by clicking below (right click and select 'Save target as..' to download):

Pre Second World War Production

text file   Complete production list in text format (740K)- Part One - Pre War

zip file   Complete production list in zip file format (432K) -  Pre War and Post War

You will need a zipfile extractor to download the files:

Breezip from Microsoft

Alternatively use the following indexes to browse the production list:

Production index by construction number (up to DH95)

Production index by type (up to DH95)

Second World War Production onwards

The Wooden Wonders

The DH98 Mosquito page
DH103 Hornet/Sea Hornettext file  text file (15kb)

Post war transport

DH104 Dove/Devon text file  text file (20kb)
DH114 Herontext file  text file (7kb)

Into the Jet age

DH100 Vampiretext file  text file (105kb)
DH113 Vampire NFtext file  text file (4kb)
DH115 Vampire Ttext file  text file (42kb)
DH112 Venom/Sea Venomtext file  text file (57kb)
DH110 Sea Vixentext file  text file (8kb)

The Jet transports

DH106 Comettext file  text file (12kb)
DH121 Tridenttext file  text file (10kb)
DH125 Business jettext file  text file (53kb)
HS801 Nimrodtext file  text file (5kb)