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c/n type history fate/notes
5200DH82B QUEEN BEEK8667Crashed into sea after launch Watchet 6.7.38
5201DH82B QUEEN BEEK8668Crashed on delivery flight Hatfield 16.12.36
5202DH82B QUEEN BEEK8669Hit wall on landing Kidsdale 7.4.42
5203DH82B QUEEN BEEK8670Crashed into sea 31.8.38
5204DH82B QUEEN BEEK8671Crashed 21.6.38
5205DH82B QUEEN BEEK8672Shot down into sea off Manorbier 3.6.42
5206DH82B QUEEN BEEK8673 1182M
5207DH82B QUEEN BEEL5888Crashed into sea off Cleave 15.12.42
5208DH82B QUEEN BEEL5889Shot down in sea off Burrow Head 11.9.40
5209DH82B QUEEN BEEL5890Shot down in sea off Burrow Head 26.7.41
5210DH82B QUEEN BEEL5891Crashed into sea off Burrow Head 13.4.42
5211DH82B QUEEN BEEL5892Shot down in sea off Burrow Head 1.10.40
5212DH82B QUEEN BEEL5893Crashed into sea off Manorbier after catapult launch 18.12.41
5213DH82B QUEEN BEEL5894Shot down off Weybourne 18.6.41
5214DH82B QUEEN BEEL5895Shot down off Aberporth 24.9.42
5215DH82B QUEEN BEEL5896Shot down off Pentre Gwyddef 25.7.42
5216DH82B QUEEN BEEL5897Stalled and spun in nr Aberporth 24.9.42
5217DH82B QUEEN BEEL5898Dbr in heavy landing Cleave 17.11.42
5218DH82B QUEEN BEEL5899Crashed into sea off Manorbier after catapult launch 4.4.41
5219DH82B QUEEN BEEL5900Dived into sea off Burrow Head 4.12.41
5220DH82B QUEEN BEEL5901Crashed into sea nr HMS Suffolk off Singapore 21.3.39
5221DH82B QUEEN BEEL5902Lost at Singapore 2.42
5222DH82B QUEEN BEEL5903Lost at Singapore 2.42
5223DH82B QUEEN BEEL5904SOC 22.8.41
5224DH82B QUEEN BEEL5905Crashed 1.7.38
5225DH82B QUEEN BEEL5906Crashed 20.10.38
5226DH82B QUEEN BEEL5907Crashed 13.10.38
5227DH82B QUEEN BEEL5908Shot down by HMS Coventry 22.3.39
5228DH82B QUEEN BEEL5909Crashed 25.10.38
5229DH82B QUEEN BEEL5910Crashed 11.10.38
5230DH82B QUEEN BEEL5911Crashed 21.6.38
5231DH82B QUEEN BEEL7720Overturned landing in rough sea Singapore 19.7.41
5232DH82B QUEEN BEEL7721SOC 31.3.43
5233DH82B QUEEN BEEL7722Lost at Singapore
5234DH82B QUEEN BEEL7723Floats collapsed landing off Malta 24.10.39
5235DH82B QUEEN BEEL7724Lost at Singapore
5236DH82B QUEEN BEEL7725Lost at Singapore
5237DH82B QUEEN BEEL7726Lost at Singapore
5238DH82B QUEEN BEEL7727Glided into cliff after hit by AA nr Aberporth 16.6.41
5239DH82B QUEEN BEEL7728Shot down into sea off Watchet 3.8.39
5240DH82B QUEEN BEEL7729Overturned after landing on sea 9.9.38
5241DH82B QUEEN BEEL7745Shot down into sea off Burrow Head 7.4.41
5242DH82B QUEEN BEEL7746Shot down into sea off Burrow Head 26.3.41
5243DH82B QUEEN BEEL7747Shot down by HMS Coventry 23.3.39
5244DH82B QUEEN BEEL7748Stalled on landing Cleave 28.8.42
5245DH82B QUEEN BEEL7749Crashed into sea 20.6.39
5246DH82B QUEEN BEEL7750Hit by AA and crashed into sea nr Watchet 25.3.39
5247DH82B QUEEN BEEL7751Control lost after takeoff nr Aberporth 4.8.42
5248DH82B QUEEN BEEL7752Overturned on landing and sank 4.7.39
5249DH82B QUEEN BEEL7753Overshot and hit hangar landing Kidsdale 24.4.41
5250DH82B QUEEN BEEL7754Crashed 8.11.38
5251DH82B QUEEN BEEL7755Crashed into sea in storm off Cleave 15.10.40
5252DH82B QUEEN BEEL7756Crashed into sea off Burrow Head 8.5.40
5253DH82B QUEEN BEEL7757Crashed 8.11.38
5254DH82B QUEEN BEEL7758Shot down by HMS Coventry 24.3.39
5255DH82B QUEEN BEEL7759SOC 4.8.40
5256DH82B QUEEN BEEL7760Flew out to sea after control lost off Weybourne 8.4.41
5257DH82B QUEEN BEEL7761Hit by AA and overturned on landing in Med 14.6.39
5258DH82B QUEEN BEEL7762Shot down into sea off Malta 5.1.40
5259DH82B QUEEN BEEL7763Dbr in heavy landing on sea 22.6.39
5260DH82B QUEEN BEEL7764Overturned landing on sea off Malta 22.8.39
5261DH82B QUEEN BEEN1818Crashed in Cardigan Bay after radio control lost 1.5.42
5262DH82B QUEEN BEEN1819Shot down by ships AA in Med 15.6.39
5263DH82B QUEEN BEEN1820Shot down by ships AA in Med 26.6.39
5264DH82B QUEEN BEEN1821Shot down by ships AA in Med 16.6.39
5265DH82B QUEEN BEEN1822Crashed off Malta 16.6.39
5266DH82B QUEEN BEEN1823Ran out of fuel and ditched 22.6.39
5267DH82B QUEEN BEEN1824Crashed 4.7.39
5268DH82B QUEEN BEEN1825Engine cut landed in sea and dbr in salvage 5.10.39
5269DH82B QUEEN BEEN1826Hit by AA and dived into sea Anglesey 2.6.41
5270DH82B QUEEN BEEN1827Hit by AA and dived into sea off Watchet 20.6.39
5271DH82B QUEEN BEEN1828Crashed off Ty-Croes after radio control lost 16.8.41
5272DH82B QUEEN BEEN1829Hit by AA and crashed into sea off Cleave 6.5.41
5273DH82B QUEEN BEEN1830Shot down by AA off Malta 5.6.39
5274DH82B QUEEN BEEN1831Dbr in accident 5.7.39
5275DH82B QUEEN BEEN1832Landed in rubber trees after radio control lost Singapore 3.10.40
5276DH82B QUEEN BEEN1833Overturned landing off Manorbier 5.8.39
5277DH82B QUEEN BEEN1834Crashed landing on sea 13.7.39
5278DH82B QUEEN BEEN1835Stalled after catapult launch from HMS Penelope in Med 13.2.39
5279DH82B QUEEN BEEN1836Stalled on landing Aberporth 1.12.40
5280DH82B QUEEN BEEN1837Crashed landing off Burrow Head 20.7.39
5281DH82B QUEEN BEEN1838Crashed into sea after radio control lost 16.2.40
5282DH82B QUEEN BEEN1839Shot down by HMS Sussex in Med 27.6.39
5283DH82B QUEEN BEEN1840Crashed into sea nr HMS Sussex after radio control lost 30.6.39
5284DH82B QUEEN BEEN1841Shot down by AA fire into sea off Watchet 7.6.39
5285DH82B QUEEN BEEN1842Shot down by AA fire off Burrow Head 15.8.39
5286DH82B QUEEN BEEN1843Hit by AA fire and sank off Burrow Head 1.8.39
5287DH82B QUEEN BEEN1844Spun into sea off Weybourne 27.6.39
5288DH82B QUEEN BEEN1845Control lost after aerial hit ground nr Cardigan 29.4.42
5289DH82B QUEEN BEEN1846Hit by AA fire and broke up off Weybourne 2.8.39
5290DH82B QUEEN BEEN1847Crashed into sea off Weybourne after radio control lost 5.7.39
5291DH82B QUEEN BEEP4677Lost at Singapore 1.42
5292DH82B QUEEN BEEP4678Lost at Singapore 1.42
5293DH82B QUEEN BEEP4679Dived into ground Aberporth 5.9.41
5294DH82B QUEEN BEEP4680Crashed landing Cleave 4.4.43
5295DH82B QUEEN BEEP4681Lost at Singapore 2.42
5296DH82B QUEEN BEEP4682Crashed into sea after radio control lost off Cleave 6.9.40
5297DH82B QUEEN BEEP4683Lost at Singapore 1.42
5298DH82B QUEEN BEEP4684Shot down off Watchet 22.7.40
5299DH82B QUEEN BEEP4685SOC 8.1.45