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c/n type history fate/notes
5100DH60G III MOTH MAJORG-ACYD VP-KCP Kenya AAU as K22Spun and crashed Nairobi 12.8.40
5101DH60G III MOTH MAJOREC-W28 Spanish AF as 34-1Aviacion Militar Espanola
5102DH60G III MOTH MAJOREC-W29 Spanish AF as 34-2Aviacion Militar Espanola
5103DH60G III MOTH MAJOREC-W30 Spanish AF as 34-3Aviacion Militar Espanola
5104DH60G III MOTH MAJOREC-W31 Spanish AF as 34-4Aviacion Militar Espanola
5105DH60G III MOTH MAJOREC-W32 Spanish AF as 34-5 G-ADHDM.E.Vaisey
5106DH60G III MOTH MAJOREC-W33 Spanish AF as 34-6Aviacion Militar Espanola
5107DH60G III MOTH MAJOREC-W34 Spanish AF as 34-7Aviacion Militar Espanola
5108DH60G III MOTH MAJOREC-W35 Spanish AF as 34-8Aviacion Militar Espanola
5109DH60G III MOTH MAJOREC-W36 Spanish AF as 34-9Aviacion Militar Espanola
5110DH60G III MOTH MAJOREC-W37 Spanish AF as 34-10Aviacion Militar Espanola
5111DH60G III MOTH MAJOREC-W38 Spanish AF as 34-11Aviacion Militar Espanola Crashed nr Agreda 29.1.35
5112DH60G III MOTH MAJOREC-W39 Spanish AF as 34-12Aviacion Militar Espanola
5113DH60G III MOTH MAJORG-ACZXCrashed Mansfield 21.8.37
5114DH60G III MOTH MAJORZK-ADK NZ508Written off New Plymouth 28.4.41
5115DH60G III MOTH MAJORZK-ADL NZ521 Inst.25Ground collision with NZ514 or NZ745 New Plymouth 6.9.40
5116DH60G III MOTH MAJORK5055 RIAForiginally ordered as Queen Bee. Hit cables during forced landing Lahore 6.1.41 one killed
5117DH60G III MOTH MAJOR(VR-SAK?) VR-SAI Malayan VAFDestroyed 2.42
5118DH60G III MOTH MAJORZK-ADM NZ512Crashed landing New Plymouth 4.9.41
5119DH60G III MOTH MAJORZK-ADN NZ515Written off New Plymouth 22.7.41
5120DH60G III MOTH MAJORZK-ADOCrashed Waiho 20.6.35
5122DH60G III MOTH MAJORG-ADAN W7976Reduced to spares .44
5125DH60G III MOTH MAJOROE-TAM Austrian Army as 415
5126DH60G III MOTH MAJOROE-TEM Austrian Army as 416
5127DH82B QUEEN BEEK5059Dbr 8.6.37
5128DH82B QUEEN BEEK5060Shot down 15.2.36
5129DH60G III MOTH MAJOROE-TIM Austrian AF as 417
5130DH60G III MOTH MAJOROE-TOM Austrian AF as 418
5131DH60G III MOTH MAJOROY-DIKSeized by Germans 12.43
5132DH60G III MOTH MAJORSE-AGFStiftelsen Aerospace Museum
5133DH60G III MOTH MAJORVR-HCUprobably to China. possibly to HK Air Arm .39
5134DH82B QUEEN BEEK5100Crashed 31.7.35
5135DH82B QUEEN BEEK5101Shot down 15.2.36
5136DH82B QUEEN BEEK5102Shot down into sea off Watchet 20.7.38
5137DH82B QUEEN BEEK5103Crashed into sea 19.2.36
5140DH60G III MOTH MAJORVT-AGKBengal FC. Canc 14.6.44
5141DH60G III MOTH MAJOREC-W16 Spanish NAS as M-1Servicio Aereo Naval
5142DH60G III MOTH MAJORVT-AGLBombay FC. Canc 17.3.39 [as EC-W17 M-2? Servicio Aereo Naval ? unlikely]
5144DH60G III MOTH MAJORG-ADFL OE-TAT Austrian Army as 431
5145DH60G III MOTH MAJORG-ADFM OE-TET Austrian Army as 432
5146DH60G III MOTH MAJOROE-TUM Austrian Army as 419
5147DH60G III MOTH MAJORG-ADHECrashed Rickmansworth 22.3.58
5148DH60G III MOTH MAJOROE-TAE Austrian Army as 420
5149DH60G III MOTH MAJOROE-TEE Austrian Army as 421
5150DH60G III MOTH MAJOROE-TIE Austrian Army as 422Crashed 5.8.35
5151DH60G III MOTH MAJOROE-TOE Austrian Army as 423Crashed .36
5152DH60G III MOTH MAJOROE-TUE Austrian Army as 424Crashed .36
5153DH82B QUEEN BEEK5104Crashed off Malta 3.2.37
5154DH82B QUEEN BEEK5105Crashed on landing 10.3.36
5155DH82B QUEEN BEEK5106Crashed off Malta 18.2.37
5156DH82B QUEEN BEEK5107Crashed into sea 5.10.37
5157DH82B QUEEN BEEK5108Crashed off Malta 11.2.37
5158DH82B QUEEN BEEK5109Crashed 21.7.38
5159DH82B QUEEN BEEK5110Crashed off Malta 11.2.37
5160DH82B QUEEN BEEK5111Crashed off Malta 18.2.37
5161DH82B QUEEN BEEK5112Dbr 18.6.37
5162DH82B QUEEN BEEK5113Shot down into sea 2.8.37
5163DH82B QUEEN BEEK5114Shot down into sea 4.8.37
5164DH82B QUEEN BEEK5118Crashed 6.8.37
5165DH82B QUEEN BEEK8632Dbr 2.6.37
5166DH82B QUEEN BEEK8633Dbr 31.5.37
5167DH82B QUEEN BEEK8634Blown off catapult 18.10.37
5168DH82B QUEEN BEEK8635Shot down off Malta 31.10.38
5169DH82B QUEEN BEEK8636Crashed 3.6.38
5170DH82B QUEEN BEEK8637Crashed into sea after catapult launch from Penelope 15.2.39
5171DH82B QUEEN BEEK8638Undercarriage collapsed on landing after damage by AA Kidsdale 10.11.39
5172DH82B QUEEN BEEK8639Crashed 16.6.38
5173DH82B QUEEN BEEK8640Shot down by Coventry 21.3.39
5174DH82B QUEEN BEEK8641Shot down 20.8.37
5175DH82B QUEEN BEEK8642Overturned on landing after hit by AA 20.8.37
5176DH82B QUEEN BEEK8643Crashed off Malta 27.1.38
5177DH82B QUEEN BEEK8644Crashed into sea 6.4.38
5178DH82B QUEEN BEEK8645Crashed 1.6.38
5179DH82B QUEEN BEEK8646Crashed into sea 29.9.37
5180DH82B QUEEN BEEK8647Crashed on catapult launch from HMS Warspite 27.4.38
5181DH82B QUEEN BEEK8648Crashed 6.6.38
5182DH82B QUEEN BEEK8649Crashed into sea 5.10.37
5183DH82B QUEEN BEEK8650Crashed 21.9.37
5184DH82B QUEEN BEEK8651Crashed into sea after signal failure 3.6.38
5185DH82B QUEEN BEEK8652Shot down into sea 6.6.39
5186DH82B QUEEN BEEK8653Crashed landing on sea nr HMS Devonshire 14.6.38
5187DH82B QUEEN BEEK8654SOC Witney 25.7.45
5188DH82B QUEEN BEEK8655Crashed 8.6.38
5189DH82B QUEEN BEEK8656Overturned and sank landing off Kalafrana 19.4.39
5190DH82B QUEEN BEEK8657Shot down by HMS Devonshire 10.6.38
5191DH82B QUEEN BEEK8658Crashed on sea landing after AA hit HMS Devonshire 13.6.39
5192DH82B QUEEN BEEK8659Crashed 21.9.37
5193DH82B QUEEN BEEK8660Crashed into sea 5.10.37
5194DH82B QUEEN BEEK8661Crashed on beach after launch Watchet 2.9.37
5195DH82B QUEEN BEEK8662Spun into sea off Alexandria 24.10.38
5196DH82B QUEEN BEEK8663Crashed 5.7.38
5197DH82B QUEEN BEEK8664Shot down into sea off Watchet 25.8.38
5198DH82B QUEEN BEEK8665Crashed on landing nr HMS Devonshire 16.6.38
5199DH82B QUEEN BEEK8666Shot down by HMS Coventry 23.3.39