Civil Aircraft Register - France

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
F-AGFHSchreck FBA 17 HMT23F-AGFHLouis Schreck /Argenteuil28.08.241308Wfu 10.31 [Per PB/GH CoT Schreck FBA.21/1 c/n 3]
F-AGFISchreck FBA 17 HMT28F-AGFILouis Schreck /Argenteuil28.08.241309Wfu 10.31
F-AGFJMorane-Saulnier 50 > 511F-AGFJSoc.Morane-Saulnier /Villacoublay >Marcel Chretien /Villacoublay30.08.241310Wfu 12.31
F-AGFKNieuport Delage 3801F-AGFKSoc.Nieuport Astra /Le Bourget >Cie Aerienne Francaise /Le Bourget00.08.241311Canc 6.25
F-AGFLNieuport Delage 3802F-AGFLSoc.Nieuport Astra /Le Bourget >Cie Aerienne Francaise /Suresnes30.08.241312Wfu 12.31
F-AGFMCaudron C.127 > C.1252F-AGFMRene Caudron /Issy00.08.241313Sold abroad 11.28
F-AGFNCaudron C.168 5614.1F-ESAF F-AGFNM Caudron /Issy00.09.241314Canc 6.25 Rebuilt as 5614.2 [c/n 2 per ICAN151 but AIFM is c/n 2]
F-AGFOCaudron G.34940F-AGFOM Tiriau /Nantes >Aero Club du Havre /Le Havre00.09.241315Destroyed 1.29
F-AGFPSpad VII11701F-AGFPM Camplan /Bordeaux 00.09.241316Canc as Discarded 5.29 [c/n 11761 in ICAN362 Also reported as c/n 11731]
F-AGFQSpad VII11703F-AGFQM Camplan /Bordeaux00.09.241317Canc as Discarded 5.29 [PB has 11702]
F-AGFRSpad VII11679F-AGFRM Camplan /Bordeaux00.09.241318Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-AGFSCaudron C.815550.2F-AGFSCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.10.241319Canc/reforme 12.28
F-AGFTCaudron C.815551.3F-AGFTCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.10.241320
F-AGFUCaudron C.81 > C.81 Bis5552.4F-AGFUCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.10.241321Canc 7.25
F-AGFVHanriot 341F-AGFVHanriot /Villacoublay >Christian Mallet /Clermont-Ferrand >Aero Club de l'Allier /Montlucon08.10.241322Destroyed 5.36
F-AGFXCaudron C.595617.400F-ESAH F-AGFXRene Caudron /Issy (based Amberieu)11.10.241323
F-AGFYLiore et Olivier H.1333F-AGFYLatecoere /Toulouse00.10.241324Destroyed 10.2.25. Canc 5.25
F-AGFZHanriot Dupont 191003F-AGFZHanriot /Villacoublay13.10.241325Wfu 10.31
F-AGGACaudron C.6042F-AGGARene Caudron /Issy00.10.241326Sold abroad 8.25
F-AGGBBreguet 14.A29F-AGGBPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.10.241327Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGGCBreguet 14.A210F-AGGCPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.10.241328Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGGDBreguet 14.A211F-AGGDPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.10.241329Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGGESpad VII11684F-AGGEM Camplan /Bordeaux00.11.241330Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-AGGFCaudron C.815553.5F-AGGFCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.11.241331Canc/reforme 6.28
F-AGGGFarman F.7014F-AGGG P-POZBFarman /Le Bourget >CIDNA00.12.241332Sold Poland 8.25
F-AGGHFarman F.7015F-AGGH P-POZAFarman /Le Bourget >CIDNA00.12.241333Sold Poland 8.25
F-AGGIHanriot Dupont 191004F-AGGIHanriot /Villacoublay31.12.241334Wfu 10.31
F-AGGJHanriot Dupont 191005F-AGGJHanriot /Villacoublay00.12.241335Canc/reforme 12.29
F-AGGKCaudron G.35588.2559F-AGGKM Caudron /Issy >Aero Club des Ardennes /Charleville00.12.241336Destroyed 1.29
F-AGGLCaudron C.125 > C.1275696.32F-AGGLM Gervies /Saigon et Issy >M Caudron /Issy >M Bailly /Le Crotoy >M Berthelot /Malzeville >Bayssieres /Montigny Lencoup S&M >Aero Club du Havre >Georges Pajot /Orly31.12.241337
F-AHAABleriot-Spad 46 > 66F-AHAACIDNA /Le Bourget00.01.251338Canc as Destroyed 5.29
F-AHABCaudron C.595640.412F-AHABRene Caudron /Issy (based Amberieu) 08.01.251339Destroyed 7.12.32
F-AHACDewoitine 1 Ter110F-AHACDewoitine /Toulouse >Soc.Aeron. Francaise /Paris23.01.251340Wfu 10.31 [to 672(HB) or 673?]
F-AHADLiore et Olivier H.1313F-AHADL'Aeronavale /Antibes00.01.251341F-AFGD rebuilt?
F-AHAEDe Monge 1011F-AHAELouis de Monge /Le Bourget00.02.251342Canc 11.27 (Probably the Koolhoven FK.31 H-NACA c/n 203 sold .24 as the De Monge M.101C1. Returned to Holland 2.25 [Koolhoven FK31 c/n 204?])
F-AHAFFarman F.4X > F.120T > F.3X Jabiru1F-AHAFCIDNA /Le Bourget21.02.251343Wfu 12.31 but crashed Balaci Romania 29.5.25 and scrapped? [Per PB originally F.4-X >F.120T prior to F.3X]
F-AHAGFarman F.4X Jabiru2F-AHAGCIDNA /Le Bourget00.02.251344Canc 7.25
F-AHAHFarman F.4X Jabiru3F-AHAHCIDNA /Le Bourget00.02.251345Canc/reforme 9.28
F-AHAIFarman F.4X Jabiru4F-AHAICIDNA /Le Bourget00.03.251346Canc/reforme 9.28
F-AHAJCaudron C.127 > C.1255642.24F-AHAJM Caudron /Issy >M Pabiou /Aulnat >M Durand /Vienne00.03.251347Canc 10.27 [Originally C.27 per Docavia]
F-AHAKFarman F.71 > F.75 > F.1997044.4 >4 >4F-AHAKHM & D Farman /Toussus >Soc.Generale de Transports Aeriens /Toussus-le-Noble >Soc.Generale Aeronautique /Paris >Soc. des Avions HM & D Farman /Billancourt >Societe Commerciale d'Aviation /Toussus-le-Noble18.03.251348[c/n 7004 per ICAN139]
F-AHALLiore et Olivier H.13 >H.13434 >2F-AHALLatecoere /Toulouse >CGEA /Toulouse00.03.251349Canc 11.26
F-AHAMPotez 27 [25.A2?]1F-AHAMH Potez /Villacoublay00.03.251350Canc 10.26
F-AHANBreguet 14.A217F-AHANPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.03.251351Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AHAOBreguet 14.A218F-AHAOPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.03.251352Destroyed 12.29
F-AHAPBreguet 14.A219F-AHAPPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.04.251353Dbf crash landing Marignane 4.26
F-AHAQBreguet 14.A220F-AHAQPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.04.251354Canc as Destroyed 1.30
F-AHARHanriot Dupont 142F-AHARL'Albrion /St Cyr >Jean Hennequin /Marignane07.04.251355[also F-AIAD]
F-AHASZodiac 630m3 Balloon154F-AHASAero Club du Sud-Ouest /Bordeaux17.04.251356
F-AHATCaudron C.595770.523F-AHATM Caudron /Issy >M Bechard /Neuilly sur-Seine (based Issy) 00.04.251357Destroyed 1.29
F-AHAUBreguet 14.A221F-AHAUPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.04.251358Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AHAVBreguet 14.A222F-AHAVPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.04.251359Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AHAXBreguet 14.A223F-AHAXPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.04.251360Canc 10.26
F-AHAYHanriot Dupont 14161F-AHAYClub d'Aviation de Valenciennes >M Saublin /Valenciennes00.04.251361Destroyed 2.29
F-AHAZDewoitine 1 ter C1 111F-AHAZDewoitine /Toulouse >Marcel Doret /Le Bourget29.04.251362Wfu 12.34 [also D274 c/n 1 - to Dewoitine 274 per PB]
F-AHBABleriot-Spad 541F-AHBABleriot Aeronautique /Buc >Aero Club de Picardie /Amiens >Marcel Favriel (Fairiel?) /Alencon >Andre Duneau /Courville sur Eure E&L01.05.251363
F-AHBBBleriot-Spad 543325.2F-AHBBBleriot Aeronautique /Buc >Club Aeronautique Gilbert Thomain /Asnieres (Seine) >Aero Club d'Argenteuil /Argenteuil01.05.251364
F-AHBCBleriot-Spad 543F-AHBCBleriot Aeronautique /Buc >Leon Dufrenois /Neuilly-sur-Seine01.05.251365
F-AHBDBleriot-Spad 54 Bis3424.5F-AHBDBleriot Aeronautique /Buc 01.05.251366
F-AHBEBleriot-Spad 54/1 > 54/5a > 54/4b > 54/4c8F-AHBEBleriot Aeronautique /Buc >Paul Elion /Paris01.05.251367
F-AHBFLiore et Olivier H.1333F-AHBFLatecoere /Toulouse00.05.251368Destroyed 19.12.25
F-AHBGLiore et Olivier H.1331F-AHBGLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Paris (based Oran) 08.05.251369Wfu 12.34
F-AHBHLiore et Olivier H.1332F-AHBHLatecoere /Toulouse00.05.251370Canc 7.25
F-AHBILiore et Olivier H.1334F-AHBILatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse00.05.251371Crashed in sea nr Almeria 2.1.28
F-AHBJBleriot-Spad 61/21F-AHBJBleriot Aeronautique /Buc00.05.251373
F-AHBKMorane-Saulnier 502F-AHBKMorane Saulnier /Villacoublay 12.05.251374Destroyed 10.31
F-AHBLZodiac 500m3 Balloon153F-AHBLSoc.Koto /Paris (based Puteaux)12.05.251375
F-AHBMBreguet 14.A216F-AHBMPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.05.251376Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AHBNBreguet 14.A224F-AHBNPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.05.251377Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AHBOBreguet 14.A225F-AHBOPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.05.251378Destroyed 12.29
F-AHBPMorane-Saulnier XXX AI3627F-ADBZ F-AHBPPL Richard /Orly >Maurice Finat /Le Bourget >Charles Spiessert /Marseille (based Marignane) 00.05.251379Canc 6.27 [same c/n as F-ADBZ]
F-AHBQBreguet 14.A212F-AHBQPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.05.251380Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AHBRBreguet 14.A213F-AHBRPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.05.251381Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AHBSHanriot Dupont 14 > 1411F-AHBSPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Boulogne sur-Seine (based Orly >Clermont Ferrand) >Jean Terriet /Le Havre >Francois Palfray /Le Havre26.05.251382
F-AHBTHanriot Dupont 14 > 1412F-AHBTPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Suresnes (based Orly >Marignane) >Pierre Blanchet /Marseille26.05.251383
F-AHBUHanriot Dupont 14 > 3213F-AHBUPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.05.251384Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AHBVLiore-Gourdou-Leseurre 31.C11F-AHBVServ. Techn. de l'Aeronaut (loan Soc.des Ateliers et Chantiers de la Loire) /Villacoublay26.05.251385Sold to STAe 1.35
F-AHBXMorane-Saulnier 451F-AHBXMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay >M de Vizcaya /Villacoublay >Pierre Blanchet /Marseille27.05.251386
F-AHBYDewoitine 71F-AHBY00.05.251387Annuled 5.25
F-AHBZHanriot Dupont 14S > 40S14F-AHBZSoc.Hanriot /Neuilly-sur-Seine (based Villacoublay) >Cie des Avions Hanriot /Arcueil28.05.251388Wfu 1.35
F-AHCACaudron C.275375.6F-AHCAM Caudron /Le Crotoy >M Faillant /Reims >Aero Club de Vichy /Vichy (based Chalons-sur-Saone) 00.05.251389[also reported as c/n 5376]
F-AHCBCaudron G.34566F-AHCBM Caudron /Le Crotoy00.05.251390
F-AHCCCaudron G.34572F-AHCCM Caudron /Le Crotoy00.05.251391Canc 1.28
F-AHCDCaudron G.34585F-AHCDM Caudron /Le Crotoy00.05.251392Canc 1.28
F-AHCECaudron G.34589F-AHCEM Caudron /Le Crotoy00.05.251393Canc 1.28
F-AHCFCaudron G.34590F-AHCFRene Caudron /Le Crotoy 00.05.251394Canc as Destroyed 6.29
F-AHCGCaudron G.34593F-AHCGM Caudron /Issy (based Le Crotoy >Amberieu) 00.05.251395
F-AHCHCaudron G.34607F-AHCHM Caudron /Le Crotoy >Association Amicale des Aviat. De Toulouse /Toulouse (based Amberieu) 28.05.251396Destroyed 10.31
F-AHCICaudron G.34805F-AHCIM Caudron /Issy (based Le Crotoy >Amberieu) 00.05.251397
F-AHCJSchreck FBA 17 HMT2 22 >1F-AHCJL Schreck /Argenteuil28.05.251398Wfu 10.31 [per PB - to Schreck FBA.210.HMT.6 c/n 1 and per GH was FBA 21 HMT5 c/n 1]
F-AHCKHanriot 361F-AHCKSoc.Hanriot /Carrieres sur-Saone (based Villacoublay) 00.05.251399Canc as Destroyed 1.30
F-AHCLFarman Moustique F-AHCLHM & D Farman /Toussus-le-Noble >Billancourt28.05.251400Wfu 10.31
F-AHCMZodiac 1260m3 Balloon155F-AHCMM Auger /Puteaux29.05.251401
F-AHCNZodiac HG 900 Balloon (945m3)156F-AHCNSoc.Zodiac /Puteaux29.05.251402
F-AHCOSopwith 1.A23361F-AHCOM Caudron /Le Crotoy00.06.251403Canc 5.27
F-AHCPCaudron C.595078F-AHCPM Caudron /Le Crotoy00.06.251404Canc 12.27 (SFA No.12) [recorded as Sopwith 1.B1 in ICAN151/285]
F-AHCQZodiac 630m3 Balloon158F-AHCQAerostat-Club de la Seine /St-Ouen10.06.251405
F-AHCRAmiot 120.BN202F-AHCRService Technique de l'Aeronaut (loan SECM) /Villacoublay10.06.251406Destroyed 10.31 [SECM Amiot 12BN]
F-AHCSZodiac 945m3 Balloon159F-AHCSAerostat-Club de la Seine /St-Ouen10.06.251407
F-AHCTNieuport 27 > 24F-AHCTMaurice Finat /Le Bourget >Soc.pour le Developpement de l'Aviation /Le Bourget00.06.251408Destroyed 9.29
F-AHCUCaudron G.33.26F-AHCUM Griffon /Bordeaux >M Moench /Nancy 00.06.251409
F-AHCVFarman F.7016F-AHCVMM Farman /Le Bourget00.06.251410Canc 2.26
F-AHCXFarman F.70 > F.7317F-AHCXMM Farman /Le Bourget >Soc.Generale de Transports Aeriens /Le Bourget26.06.251411Wfu 01.06.32
F-AHCYSchreck FBA 19 HMT326F-AHCYL Schreck /Argenteuil >Air Union27.06.251412Wfu 10.31
F-AHCZZodiac 945m3 Balloon160F-AHCZM Cormier /Puteaux03.07.251413
F-AHDAMorane-Saulnier XXXV AR > AR.35C2393.1F-AHDAMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay00.07.251414Canc/reforme 2.30 [same c/n as F-ABGQ]
F-AHDBCAMS 33.C1|2F-AHDBSoc.des Chantiers Aeromaritime de la Seine /Saint-Denis05.08.251415Sold to S.T.Ae 12.34 [c/n 2 per PB]
F-AHDBVilliers IV HBF-AHDB[Suspect]
F-AHDCPotez 252F-AHDCH Potez /Le Bourget00.08.251416Crashed nr Reymarstadt Czechoslovakia 12.9.26
F-AHDDNieuport Delage 381|3F-AHDDService Technique de l'Aeronaut. /Suresnes (loaned Cie Aerienne Francaise /Le Bourget) 05.08.251417Wfu 12.31 [per PB c/n 3]
F-AHDELiore et Olivier H.15 1F-AHDECie Aeronavale /Antibes >Liore et Olivier/Antibes00.08.251418Canc 9.25
F-AHDFLiore et Olivier H.13 > H.1344 > 1F-AHDFCie Aeronavale /Antibes 'Clement Bayard' >Maurice Bayard /Paris (based Antibes)00.08.251419Canc as Destroyed 5.29
F-AHDGBleriot-Spad 61/2 > 61 Bis6F-AHDG F-AIKUBleriot Aeronautique /Suresnes06.08.251420Wfu 12.31
F-AHDHBleriot-Spad 61/27F-AHDHBleriot Aeronautique /Suresnes06.08.251421Wfu 12.31
F-AHDIBleriot-Spad 86 > 1261F-AHDICIDNA /Le Bourget15.08.251422Wfu 12.31
F-AHDJSchreck FBA 21/2 HMT501 > 6F-AHDJ OO-ALC(1)L Schreck /Argenteuil00.08.251423[per ABA to OO-ALC 24.6.30]
F-AHDKSchreck FBA 21 HMT5 51F-AHDKL Schreck /Argenteuil00.08.251424Canc 9.25
F-AHDLSchreck FBA 21/1 HMT57F-AHDLL Schreck /Argenteuil >Air Union00.08.251425
F-AHDMLatecoere 15.M502|1F-AHDMLatecoere /Marseille >Generale Aeropostale /Paris19.08.251426Wfu 10.31 [per PB c/n 502]
F-AHDNLiore et Olivier 1213F-AHDNCie Aeronavale /Villacoublay >Etabliss. Liore et Olivier /Levallois22.08.251427Wfu 01.06.32
F-AHDOCaudron C.81 > C.1835416. >.1F-ESAJ(2) F-AHDOCIDNA /Le Bourget00.08.251428Canc/reforme 12.28 [To C.83 per ICAN161]
F-AHDPBreguet 19.GR64F-AHDPLouis Breguet /Velizy (based Villacoublay) 08.09.251429Destroyed 10.31
F-AHDQNieuport Delage 42.C1 > Delage 62.C15F-AHDQSoc.Nieuport Astra /Villacoublay12.09.251430Wfu 1.35
F-AHDRHanriot Dupont 14290F-AHDRJean Salis /Grenoble14.09.251431Wfu 10.31
F-AHDSHanriot Dupont 17 > HD14263F-AHDS M-CAII EC-AIIJean Salis /Grenoble >Aero Club de l'Herault /Montpellier00.09.251432Sold Spain 8.29
F-AHDTHanriot Dupont 144F-AHDT and/or F-AQDMPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.09.251433Canc as Destroyed 1.30
F-AHDUMorane-Saulnier XXX AI25F-AHDUJean Salis /Grenoble14.09.251434
F-AHDVNieuport 81F-AHDVM Camplan /Bordeaux 00.09.251435Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-AHDXSpad XVI12097F-AHDXM Camplan /Bordeaux 00.09.251436Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-AHDYTellier Te.1 1F-AHDYM Albert /Villacoublay00.09.251437Canc 3.28 [c/n also shown as 16]
F-AHDZDe Monge 7.5 1F-AHDZM de Monge /Issy00.09.251438[c/n 16 per PB]
F-AHEACaudron C.605587.42F-AHEAM Caudron /Issy >Charles Spiessert /Marseille (based Marignane) 00.09.251439[c/n 5587.43 per Docavia]
F-AHEBCaudron C.1285925.1F-AHEBM Caudron /Issy >Soc.pour le Developpement de l'Aviation /Issy >Robert Batton /Cormeilles-en-Parisis26.09.251440
F-AHECCaudron C.1285849.2F-AHECM Caudron /Issy >Raymond Mauler & Maurice Baud /Paris >Raymond Mauler /Orly >M Poutheau /Noisy-le-Sec (based Le Havre)00.09.251441Canc as Destroyed 1.30
F-AHEDCaudron G.3F-AHEDM Griffon /Bordeaux > Bechade /Bordeaux30.09.251442Wfu 12.31
F-AHEECaudron C.595847.594F-AHEEM Caudron /Le Crotoy00.10.251443
F-AHEFCaudron C.59 > C.605848.595 >.2F-AHEFRene Caudron /Issy (based Amberieu) >Les Ailes Roannaises /Roanne >Club Aeronautique Universitaire /Paris12.10.251444Wfu 3.35. Reregd 21.11.35 [CoR 4478]
F-AHEGCaudron C.61 > C.61 Bis5364.8F-AHEGCIDNA /Le Bourget00.10.251445Destroyed 8.28
F-AHEHDewoitine 141F-AHEHSoc.Tech. de l'Aeronautique /Chatillon-sous-Bagneux (based Villacoublay) 12.10.251446Wfu 10.31
F-AHEIBreguet-Latecoere 14 232F-AHEILatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Paris15.10.251447Wfu 10.33
F-AHEJBreguet-Latecoere 14 233F-AHEJLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Paris (based Buenos Aires) 15.10.251448Wfu 12.34
F-AHEKBreguet-Latecoere 14 234F-AHEKLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 15.10.251449Wfu 12.34
F-AHELBreguet-Latecoere 14 235F-AHELLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Paris (based Dakar) 15.10.251450
F-AHEMBreguet-Latecoere 14 236F-AHEMLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Paris (based Dakar) 15.10.251451Wfu 12.34. Reported as abandoned in Rio de Oro 22.5.26 (unlikely)
F-AHENBreguet-Latecoere 14 237F-AHENLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse15.10.251452Wfu 12.34
F-AHEOBreguet-Latecoere 14 238F-AHEOLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Rio de Janeiro 15.10.251453Wfu 12.34
F-AHEPBreguet-Latecoere 14 239F-AHEPLatecoere /Toulouse >CGEA /Toulouse 15.10.251454Canc 12.26
F-AHEQBreguet-Latecoere 14 240F-AHEQLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 15.10.251455Crashed 22.1.28
F-AHERBreguet-Latecoere 14 241F-AHERLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 15.10.251456Wfu 12.34
F-AHESMorane-Saulnier 43 ET.22F-AHESSoc.Morane-Saulnier /Villacoublay 00.10.251457Canc as Destroyed 5.29
F-AHETLiore et Olivier H.1335F-AHETLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 00.10.251458Destroyed 9.28
F-AHEULiore et Olivier H.1336F-AHEULatecoere /Toulouse00.10.251459Lost at sea 13.1.26
F-AHEVLiore et Olivier H.1337F-AHEVLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 00.10.251460Canc/reforme 12.29
F-AHEXNieuport 818F-AHEXPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.10.251461Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AHEYCaudron C.595079F-AHEYPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.11.251462Canc as Destroyed 1.30
F-AHEZSpad VII11535F-AHEZM Camplan /Bordeaux [Caudron/Bordeaux per ICAN172]00.11.251463Canc as Discarded 5.29 [same c/n as AFBY]
F-AHFASpad VII11323F-AHFAM Camplan /Bordeaux 00.11.251464Canc as Discarded 5.29 [c/n 11325 in ICAN362]
F-AHFBSpad VII25059F-AHFBM Camplan /Bordeaux 00.11.251465Canc as Discarded 5.29 [c/n 20059 per ICAN172]
F-AHFCSpad VII2137F-AHFCM Camplan /Bordeaux 00.11.251466Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-AHFDSpad VII3143F-AHFDM Camplan /Bordeaux 00.11.251467Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-AHFECaudron C.109 > C.109/1 > C.1095804.1F-ESAG F-AHFEM Caudron /Issy >M Bastie /Issy >Guerineau /Issy >Guy Bart /Chennevieres-sur-Marne >Andre Lemoine /Reims >Pierre Gaston Lapanne /Nancy06.11.251468
F-AHFFBreguet 19.B2292F-AHFFBreguet /Villacoublay >Etablissements Breguet /Paris10.11.251469Destroyed 10.31
F-AHFGLatecoere 14 > 17602F-ESDE F-AHFGLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Paris20.11.251470Wfu 10.31
F-AHFHWibault 7.C13F-AHFHM Wibault /Le Bourget00.12.251471Canc 2.27
F-AHFIPotez 25.A23F-AHFIH Potez /Villacoublay00.12.251472Canc 12.27
F-AHMFFarman F.40 > F.41 > F.406828F-AHMFMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble >M Larrouze /Paris >Gaubert /Ville d'Avray (based Toussus-le-Noble) 12.01.2030
F-AIAASopwith 11329F-AIAAM Hanriot /Mourmelon le Grand00.00.21464Canc 8.23
F-AIAANieuport Delage 381F-AIAA(2)Cie Aerienne Francaise /Le Bourget >V Bourth (Issy) & R Courregelongue /Paris >M Comby & J Lafumas & E Montmartin /Roanne14.01.261473Accident Compiegne 26.2.37
F-AIABSopwith 1 3084F-AIABM Hanriot /Mourmelon le Grand >M Vinay /Orly00.00.21465
F-AIABPotez 25. H2 Hispano 913F-AIABH Potez /Villacoublay00.01.261474Canc 3.26
F-AIACSopwith 1 3258F-AIAC(1)M Hanriot /Mourmelon le Grand00.00.21466Canc 2.24
F-AIACCaudron G.3F-AIAC(2)M Maicon /Nice22.01.261475Destroyed 12.31
F-AIADHanriot Dupont 142F-AIADM Hanriot /Mourmelon le Grand >M Mollon /Le Havre03.02.21475Destroyed 10.28 [same c/n as F-AHAR]
F-AIAELatecoere 15503F-AIAELatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Paris28.01.261476Wfu 10.31 [previous a/c Canc pre 8.22?]
F-AIAFSopwith 1 3088F-AIAF(1)Societe Bleriot /Buc >Nungesser /Orly00.00.21468Canc 3.24
F-AIAFLatecoere 15504F-AIAF(2)Latecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 28.01.261477Wfu 10.33
F-AIAGSopwith 1.A23250F-AIAGBleriot Aeronautique /Buc >M Molon /Le Havre >M.Verger /Le Havre31.01.21469Wfu 10.31 [c/n also 3258]
F-AIAHSopwith 1.A21529F-AIAHBleriot Aeronautique /Buc >M Nungesser /Orly >SAFMAN /Orly31.01.21470Canc as Destroyed 5.29
F-AIAILatecoere 15505F-AIAILatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 28.01.261478Wfu 10.33
F-AIAIF-AIAI00.00.21471?Canc pre 8.22
F-AIAJSopwith 1.A22292F-AIAJBleriot Aeronautique /Buc >M Nungesser /Orly >SAFMAN /Orly31.01.21472Canc as Destroyed 5.29 [c/n 2295 in ICAN362]
F-AIAKLatecoere 15506F-AIAKLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 28.01.261479Wfu 10.33
F-AIAKF-AIAK00.00.21473?Canc pre 8.22
F-AIALLiore-Gourdou-Leseurre 32.C1 > 3211F-AIALSoc.des Ateliers et Chantiers de la Loire /Villacoublay00.02.261480
F-AIALSopwith 1.A2F-AIAL00.00.21474?Canc pre 8.22
F-AIAMHanriot Dupont 141F-AIAMM Cossuli /Moissac T&G (based Orly) >Jean Denis /Bures S&O (based Geneve)00.02.261481Sold abroad 4.29
F-AIAMF-AIAM00.00.21483?Canc pre 8.22
F-AIANSopwith 15050F-AIANM Hanriot /Mourmelon le Grand00.00.21487Canc 8.23
F-AIANFarman F.3X > F.1212F-AIAN T-DOXB F-AIANFarman /Le Bourget >Soc.Generale de Transports Aeriens /Le Bourget00.02.261482
F-AIAOSopwith 1 1527F-AIAO(1)M Hanriot /Mourmelon le Grand00.00.21488Canc 2.24
F-AIAOCaudron C.127 > C.1255923.44F-AIAO(2)M Caudron /Issy >Aero-Club de l'Aisne /St-Quentin22.02.261483
F-AIAPCaudron C.127 > C.128 > C.127 > C.605924.45F-AIAPM Caudron /Issy >Louis Delattre /Billy-Montigny Pas de Calais (based Douai & La Brayelle)22.02.261484
F-AIAPF-AIAP00.00.21476?Canc pre 8.22
F-AIAQS.E.M.C.M. Amiot 224F-AIAQSoc.Emboutissage et Constructions Mecaniques /Colombes (based Villacoublay)05.03.261485Sold Abroad 10.31 [possibly also previous a/c -Amiot 22 c/n 01? canc pre 8.22]
F-AIARCaudron C.127 > C.1255951.47F-AIARM Caudron /Issy >Charles Spiessert /Marseille (based Marignane) >Societe pour le Developpement de l'Aviation /Le Bourget >Societe Nord Aviation /Berck-Plage >SA des Avions Caudron /Issy >Societe de Vulgarisasion Aeronautique /Issy15.03.261486
F-AIARF-AIAR00.00.21478?Canc pre 8.22
F-AIASBleriot-Spad 34> 54 > 54bis3001F-AIASM Bleriot /Buc >SA Bleriot Aeronautique /Buc >Aero Club de Moulins /Moulins23.02.21479
F-AIATBleriot-Spad 34> 54 > 54bis3006F-AIATM Bleriot /Buc >Soc.Bleriot Aeronautique /Buc >Georges Dufrenois /Neuilly s-S23.02.21480
F-AIAUFarman F.121 Jabiru F.3X3F-AIAUH&M Farman /Le Bourget >Soc.Generale de Transports Aeriens /Le Bourget00.03.261487
F-AIAUF-AIAU00.00.21481?Canc pre 8.22
F-AIAVBleriot-Spad 34> 54 > 54bis3003F-AIAVM Bleriot /Buc >SA Bleriot Aeronautique /Buc >Aero Club de Picardie /Amiens >Andre Delafont /Paris >Yvon Esteve /Carcassonne >Aero Club de l'Ariege /St Girons (based Autichan)23.02.21482[c/n 3002 in ICAN846]
F-AIAXSopwith 1.A23249F-AIAXM Hanriot /Mourmelon le Grand >Soc des Avions Hanriot /Carrieres-sur-Seine02.03.21490Wfu 10.31
F-AIAYSopwith 1.A23372F-AIAYM Hanriot /Mourmelon le Grand >Soc des Avions Hanriot /Carrieres-sur-Seine02.03.21491Wfu 10.31
F-AIAZSpad 29 2943F-AIAZ(1)Louis Bleriot /Buc >Bleriot Aeronautique /Buc00.00.21489Canc 4.24
F-AIAZBreguet 19.6 GR210F-AIAZ(2)Societe Breguet /Villacoublay00.03.261488Canc 7.26 To Greece [c/n also 21]
F-AIBANieuport 8010675F-AIBAM Martinet (Martenot?) de Cordoux /Boix-Colombes (Seine) 07.03.21495Wfu 01.06.32
F-AIBBNieuport 8010532F-AIBBM Martinet (Martenot?) de Cordoux /Boix-Colombes (Seine) 07.03.21496Wfu 01.06.32
F-AIBCF-AIBC00.00.21Canc pre 8.22?
F-AIBCMorane-Saulnier 43-1 ET.278F-AIBCMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay 00.03.261489Canc as Destroyed 5.29
F-AIBDF-AIBD00.00.21Canc pre 8.22?
F-AIBDMorane-Saulnier 43-1 ET.279F-AIBDMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay 00.03.261490Canc as Destroyed 5.29
F-AIBEF-AIBE00.00.21Canc pre 8.22?
F-AIBEHanriot Dupont 32527F-AIBEHanriot /Carrieres-sur-Seine23.03.261491Wfu 10.31
F-AIBFSopwith 1.A2592F-AIBFSoc.Hanriot /Mourmelon le Grand11.03.21499Canc/reforme 6.28
F-AIBGSopwith 1.A2728F-AIBGSoc.Hanriot /Mourmelon-le-Grand11.03.21500Destroyed 6.28
F-AIBHCaudron G.36024F-AIBHM Niolle /Bergerac22.03.21503Wfu 10.31
F-AIBICaudron C.3901F-AIBIMonaco Race 192100.00.21498?Crashed St.Raphael .21 Canc pre 8.22
F-AIBISchreck FBA 17 HE232F-AIBI(2)M Camplan /Bordeaux00.04.261492Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-AIBJHanriot Dupont 14 > 321 > 1413F-AIBJM Hanriot /Mourmelon-le-Grand >Aero-Club d'Auvergne /Clermont-Ferrand04.04.21507Wfu 1.35
F-AIBKDorand AR.1 3050F-AIBKAero Club de l'Atlantique /Nantes00.00.21505
F-AIBKCaudron C.595122F-AIBKSoc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly >Maurice Vermande /Ivry13.04.261493Destroyed 11.31
F-AIBLF-AIBL00.00.21Canc pre 8.22?
F-AIBLCaudron C.51 > C.1255950.46F-AIBLMaurice Finat /Le Bourget >Soc.Pour le Developpement de l'Aviation /Paris >Mme Jeanne Lagrue (dite Lagrue-Gueugnon) /Blanc-Mesnil >Les Ailerons /Enghien-les-Bains13.04.261494
F-AIBMCaudron G.34911F-AIBMM Caudron /Le Crotoy05.04.21508[PB has 4901]
F-AIBNDorand AR.1 1080F-AIBN(1)Aero Club de l'Atlantique /Nantes00.00.21559Canc 7.24
F-AIBNSpad VII11356F-AIBN(2)M Camplan /Bordeaux00.04.261495Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-AIBOHanriot Dupont 1847F-AIBOM Hanriot /Mourmelon >Maurice Finat /Le Bourget >Soc pour le Developpement de l'Aviation >M Javey /Orly23.05.21547Wfu 1.6.32
F-AIBPPotez VIIIR 139F-AIBP(1)A Louvet /Calonne-Ricouart00.00.21553Canc 3.24
F-AIBPNieuport 8025F-AIBP(2)M Camplan /Bordeaux00.04.261496Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-AIBQNieuport 8026F-AIBQM Camplan /Bordeaux00.04.261497Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-AIBRFarman F.1701F-ESAM F-AIBRMM Farman /Le Bourget >Soc.Generale de Transports Aeriens /Le Bourget00.04.261498
F-AIBSFarman F.1702F-AIBSMM Farman /Le Bourget13.04.261499Destroyed 10.31
F-AIBTFarman F.1214F-AIBTMM Farman /Le Bourget00.04.261500
F-AIBUFarman F.3X > F.1215F-AIBUMM Farman /Le Bourget >Soc.Generale de Transports Aeriens /Le Bourget00.04.261501
F-AIBVFarman F.63 Goliath414L467 F-AIBVH&M Farman /Boulogne (based Toussus-le-Noble)00.04.261502Canc/reforme 9.29
F-AIBXFarman F.170 > F.170 Bis3F-AIBXMM Farman /Le Bourget >Soc.Generale de Transports Aeriens /Le Bourget00.04.261503Crashed. Canc 3.28
F-AIBYNieuport 2121F-AIBYMaurice Finat /Le Bourget00.04.261504Rebuild [c/n also 1]
F-AIBZNieuport 81 > 81 BisF-AIBZSoc.France Aviation /Chalon-sur-Seine >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Boulogne (based Chalon-sur-Saone) 00.04.261505Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AICANieuport 81F-AICASoc.France Aviation /Chalon-sur-Seine >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Boulogne (based Chalon-sur-Saone) 00.04.261506Canc as Destroyed 11.29 [Ni21 per iCAN195]
F-AICBBleriot-Spad 333061O-BAHA F-AICBCIDNA /Le Bourget29.04.261507Wfu 12.31
F-AICCBleriot-Spad 333062O-BAHB F-AICCCIDNA /Le Bourget29.04.261508Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AICDBleriot-Spad 333063O-BAHC F-AICDCIDNA /Le Bourget29.04.261509Wfu 12.31
F-AICEFarman F.65 Sport20F-AICEJean de Vizcaya /Orly >Geo. Houillier /Le Havre >M Hauchecorne /Le Havre04.05.261510Destroyed 12.31
F-AICFBreguet 14.A214F-AICFSoc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.05.261511Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AICGMorane-Saulnier 50H > 51 > 12201F-ESCV F-AICGMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay 06.05.261513Wfu 7.34
F-AICHHanriot Dupont 14266F-AICHJean Salis /Canton >Grenoble10.05.261514Wfu 10.31
F-AICINieuport 81 Bis15F-AICISoc.France Aviation /Nimes00.05.261515Canc/reforme 6.28
F-AICJNieuport 81 Bis16F-AICJSoc.France Aviation /Nimes00.05.261516Canc 4.28
F-AICKNieuport 8139F-AICKSoc.France Aviation /Rochefort >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Boulogne (based Rochefort) 00.05.261517Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AICLNieuport 8010F-AICLSoc.France Aviation /Rochefort >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Boulogne (based Rochefort) 00.05.261518Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AICMNieuport 8011F-AICMSoc.France Aviation /Rochefort >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Boulogne (based Rochefort) 00.05.261519Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AICNNieuport 8012F-AICNSoc.France Aviation /Rochefort >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Boulogne (based Rochefort) 00.05.261520Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AICONieuport 8013F-AICOSoc.France Aviation /Rochefort >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Boulogne (based Rochefort) 00.05.261521Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AICPFarman F.65 Sport13F-AICP CF-AQJMM Farman /Buc >Jean de Vizcaya /Paris >Alexis Louis /Paris Buc >M Ferrand /Villacoublay >M Drouhin /Chaville >Maurice Barraut /Orly12.05.261522
F-AICQBleriot 1551F-AICQAir Union /Le Bourget 'Clement Ader'00.05.261523Destroyed 2.10.26
F-AICRFarman F.1704F-AICRSoc.Generale de Transports Aeriens /Le Bourget00.05.261524
F-AICSFarman F.1705F-AICSSoc.Generale de Transports Aeriens /Billancourt (based Le Bourget) 17.05.261526Wfu 9.33
F-AICTCaudron C.595959.680F-AICTCIDNA /Douai >Alexandre Bastien /Houilles >Clement Alfred Henri Brousse /Casablanca20.05.261527
F-AICUCaudron C.595960.681F-AICUCIDNA /Douai >Jean Blezonski /Neuilly-sur-Seine >Louis Bournac /Paris20.05.261528Destroyed 8.36
F-AICVCaudron C.1275961.48F-AICVCIDNA /Douai >Yves de Belarbre /Lille >Frederic Flament /Vaudricourt nr Verquin >Raymond Quilico /Bethune >Jacques Ledoyen /Aire-sur-la-Lys (Pas de Calais)20.05.261529
F-AICXCaudron C.1275962.49F-AICXCIDNA /Douai >Charles Everaere /Lille20.05.261530Accident Escoeuilles 15.5.38
F-AICYCaudron C.925499.1F-ESAC(2) F-AICYRene Caudron /Issy20.05.261531Wfu 7.34
F-AICZNieuport 81 Bis5123.17F-AICZSoc.France Aviation /Nimes >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Boulogne (based Nimes) 00.05.261532Canc as Destroyed 1.30
F-AIDANieuport 81 Bis5120.18F-AIDASoc.France Aviation /Nimes >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Boulogne (based Nimes) 00.05.261533Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AIDBTellier 12F-AIDBM Albert /Orly00.05.261534Canc 3.28
F-AIDCBleriot-Spad 56/21F-AIDCBleriot Aeronautique /Buc >Air Publicite /Paris Buc22.05.261535Wfu 1.37
F-AIDDNieuport Delage 337F-AIDDSoc.Nieuport-Astra /Villacoublay 00.06.261536Canc as Destroyed 1.30
F-AIDENieuport 81F-AIDESoc.France Aviation /Angers >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Boulogne (based Angers) 00.06.261537Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AIDFBreguet 14.A215F-AIDFSoc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.06.261538Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AIDGFarman F.1706F-AIDGSoc.Generale de Transport Aeriens /Le Bourget00.06.261539
F-AIDHBreguet 14.A2F-AIDHSoc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.06.261540Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AIDICaudron C.59 > C.60 > C.1275697.456 >.2 >.F-AIDIRene Caudron /Le Crotoy >Les Ailes Roannaises /Roanne >Aero Club Populaire de la Region Lyonnaise /Saglas25.06.261541Wfu 3.35 Reregd 21.11.35 [CoR 4479] Accident Roanne 31.1.37
F-AIDJFarman F.65 Sport > F.2101F-AIDJMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble (later Orly)00.06.261542[c/n also 4]
F-AIDKMorane-Saulnier 136 > 1372F-AIDKM Peluso /Marignane >M Gabriel /Nimes >Roger de Bimard /Avignon (based Nimes) >M Millot /Velizy >Victor Vennier /Paris28.06.261543Destroyed 2.35
F-AIDLSpad VII11729F-AIDLM Camplan /Bordeaux 00.06.261544Canc as Discarded 5.29 [c/n also 11726]
F-AIDMSpad VII11738F-AIDMM Camplan /Bordeaux 00.06.261545Canc as Discarded 5.29 [c/n also 11138]
F-AIDNLatecoere 15507F-AIDNCGEA /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 28.06.261546Wfu 10.33
F-AIDOLatecoere 15508F-AIDOCGEA /Toulouse28.06.261547Canc 5.27
F-AIDPLatecoere 15509F-AIDPCGEA /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 28.06.261548Wfu 10.33
F-AIDQLatecoere 15510F-AIDQCGEA /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 28.06.261549Wfu 10.33
F-AIDRNieuport 80F-AIDRSoc.France Aviation /Rochefort >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Boulogne (based Rochefort) 00.06.261550Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AIDSLiore-Gourdou-Leseurre 23.TS2F-AIDSAteliers et Chantiers de la Loire /Villacoublay >Louis Vinay /Villacoublay >Alphonse Bilger /Rouen >Malvinaud /Limoges08.07.261551
F-AIDTFarman F.1707F-AIDTSoc.Generale de Transports Aeriens /Billancourt (based Le Bourget) 08.07.261552Destroyed 10.31
F-AIDULiore et Olivier H.20.BN33F-AIDULiore & Olivier /Villacoublay00.07.261553[c/n 1 per ICAN220]
F-AIDVHanriot Dupont 14145F-AIDVEmile Bonin /Maison-Blanche Algerie08.07.261554Destroyed 12.31
F-AIDXLiore-Gourdou-Leseurre 32.C13F-AIDXAteliers et Chantiers de la Loire /Villacoublay16.07.261555Wfu 10.31
F-AIDYHanriot 351F-AIDYM Hanriot /Villacoublay (later Chalon-sur-Saone) >M.Outhenin-Chalandre /Paris16.07.261556Destroyed 01.06.32
F-AIDZPander Type D 10H-NACM F-AIDZJacques Roques & Henri Lefolcalvez /Le Bourget20.07.261557[c/n 10 and ex H-NACM per PB-c/n 11 per ICAN211]
F-AIEANieuport Delage 29.ET11F-AIEASoc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.07.261558Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AIEBBleriot 1552F-AIEBAir Union /Le Bourget 'Wilbur Wright'00.07.261559Crashed in Kent Canc 8.26
F-AIECSopwith 1.A23533.274F-AIECSoc.France Aviation /Nimes >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Boulogne-sur-Seine (based Chalon-sur-Saone) 02.08.261560Destroyed 6.34 [c/n also 3522]
F-AIEDSopwith 1.A25134F-AIEDSoc.France Aviation /Nimes >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Billancourt (based Lyon) >Aero-Club Rhone et Sud-Est /Lyon >Aero Club du Haut Bugey /La Cluse (Ain)02.08.261561
F-AIEEBleriot-Spad 56/3 > 56/44211.1F-AIEEAir Union /Le Bourget >Vicolas Cendre /Rethel Ardennes02.08.261562Destroyed 12.35
F-AIEFNieuport 81 Bis1F-AIEFSoc.France Aviation /Nimes >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Boulogne (based Nimes) 00.08.261563Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AIEGLatecoere 17 > 17-3.R601F-AIEGCGEA /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Paris02.08.261564Wfu 10.33
F-AIEHLatecoere 17 > 25-2.R > 25-1603F-AIEH R-211 LV-EABCGEA /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse (loaned to Cie Aeroposta Argentina /Buenos Aires) >Air France /Paris02.08.261565Wfu 11.35 [Per PB 25-1.R >25-2.R >25-3.R]
F-AIEILatecoere 17 > 25-3.R608F-AIEICGEA /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse >Air France /Paris >Generale de Transports Aeriens au Maroc /Casablanca02.08.261566Wfu 4.36 Reregd 8.8.36 [CoR 4813]
F-AIEJLatecoere 17 > 25-3.R609F-AIEJCGEA /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse02.08.261567Canc as Destroyed 1.30 (also reported as ADEJ)
F-AIEKLatecoere 17 > 25-2.R610F-AIEKCGEA /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Rio de Janeiro >Air France /Paris02.08.261568Wfu 8.34
F-AIELLatecoere 17 > 17-3.R > 25-3.R611F-AIELCGEA /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse >Air France /Paris >Cie Nantaise /Nantes02.08.261569