Civil Aircraft Register - France

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
F-CMAABreguet 14.T2F-CMAAMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget00.00.20Crashed in bad weather nr Duke of York's School/Swingate Downs Dover 17.1.20 dbf repaired (by 5.21) Damaged Croydon Aerodrome 21.5.21 repaired
F-CMABBreguet 14.A21830F-CMABMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget20.01.2032Wfu 10.31
F-CMACBreguet 14.T1901F-CMACMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget00.05.20545Canc 3.26
F-CMADBreguet 14F-CMADMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget00.05.20Crashed Le Bourget 12.2.21 repaired
F-CMAESalmson 2.A23274F-CMAEMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget18.03.2051Crashed Lympne 26.4.21 presumed repaired Wfu 10.31
F-CMAFBreguet 141835F-CMAFMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget00.06.20110Canc 1.24
F-CMAGBreguet 14.T1836F-CMAGMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget00.10.20291Canc 1.24
F-CMAHBreguet 14.T Limousine 1839F-CMAHLatecoere /Toulouse [ >CMA?]00.04.2045Canc 1.23
F-CMAIBreguet 14.T1837F-CMAIMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget21.08.20304Wfu 10.31
F-CMAJBreguet 14.T8.23F-CMAJMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget00.04.21506Canc 8.23 [c/n presumably 1838]
F-CMAKBreguet 14.T Bis1841F-CMAKMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget13.04.21509Wfu 10.31
F-CMALBreguet 14.T Bis1842F-CMALMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget00.06.21548Crashed Croydon Aerodrome 23.5.21 repaired Canc 3.26
F-CMAMBreguet 14.T1843F-CMAMMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget >Soc.L Breguet /Le Bourget >SA Atel. d'Av. Louis Breguet /Paris23.05.21543Destroyed 10.31
F-CMANSalmson 2.A2423F-CMANMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget00.01.2159Canc 3.26
F-CMAPSopwith 1.A21476F-CMAPAndre Hue /Le Bourget00.00.20259Destroyed 05.08.23
F-CMAQBreguet 14.T Bis1903F-CMAQMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Latecoere /Toulouse00.06.21558Canc 7.27
F-CMARBreguet 14.T Bis1898F-CMARMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget & Toulouse00.06.21557Canc 11.22
F-CMAVSpad 271252F-CMAVMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget00.06.20Struck tree & crashed in Arques Forest France whilst flying low in fog 8.6.21
F-CMAWSpad 271255F-CMAWMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget00.06.20102Canc 3.26 (J Stroud says SA .24)
F-CMAXBreguet 18.T01F-CMAXMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget00.00.19[also Spad? Also reported Stroud as being Breguet 18T Berline/possibly conv to Breguet 14T2]
F-CMAYSpad 271254F-CMAYMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget00.04.20Crashed Breakesbourne Kent 23.6.21
F-CMAZBleriot-Spad 333021.01F-CMAZMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget00.02.21
F-CMOBBreguet 14829F-CMOB
F-CTEASopwith A.2 5444F-CTEACie Transaerienne de l'Est /Strasbourg00.00.20243Canc 7.24
F-CTEBFarman F.401744F-CTEBCie Transaerienne de l'Est /Strasbourg00.00.20280Canc 7.24
F-CTECSopwith 5491F-CTECCie Transaerienne de l'Est /Strasbourg00.00.20327Canc 7.24
F-CTEDSopwith 1.A23200F-CTEDCie Transaerienne de l'Est /Strasbourg >Bernard Artigau /St-Quentin03.09.20328Wfu 10.31
F-CTEESopwith6097F-CTEECie Transaerienne de l'Est /Strasbourg00.00.20329Canc 7.24
F-CTEFSalmson 2.A2 4374F-CTEFCie Transaerienne de l'Est /Strasbourg00.00.20364Canc 7.24
F-DADYCaudron C.635 Simoun342F-DADY F-AZBO
F-ECFBTellier-Levy T-3F-ECFBCie Franco-Bilbaine de Transports Aeriens /Bayonne00.00.20Crashed nr Bermeo 6.4.21
F-EFACCaudron C.445 Goeland8378.60T924 F-EFAC F-BAGF
F-EFADCaudron C.445 Goeland8369.51F-EFAD F-BAMC Fr.AF
F-EHMFFarman F.65 Sport4F-EHMFMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble00.00.2031Canc 8.23
F-EROXCaudron C.4006846.3T003 F-EROXEtat Francais loan Etablissement Metropolitain de la Navigation Aerienne /Paris29.07.354279
F-ESAACaudron C.683094F-ESAA00.00.22
F-ESABCaudron C.741F-ESAB00.00.22
F-ESABCaudron C.159F-ESAB00.00.28
F-ESACCaudron C.271F-ESAC(1)00.00.22
F-ESACCaudron C.925499.1F-ESAC(2) F-AICY00.00.25
F-ESACCaudron C.875491F-ESAC00.00.24
F-ESAECaudron C.271F-ESAE(1)00.00.22
F-ESAECaudron C.611F-ESAE(2)00.00.22
F-ESAFCaudron C.1681F-ESAF F-AGFNRene Caudron /Issy00.09.241314[c/n 5614 in Docavia]
F-ESAGCaudron C.27 > C.1255593.22F-ESAG F-AGFG00.00.22
F-ESAGCaudron C.65F-ESAG(1)00.00.22
F-ESAGCaudron C.1095804.1F-ESAG(2) F-AHFE00.00.25
F-ESAHCaudron C.595617.400F-ESAH F-AGFX00.00.22
F-ESAHCaudron C.671F-ESAH(1)00.00.22
F-ESAHCaudron C.68F-ESAH(2)00.00.22Modified C.67
F-ESAICaudron C.1831F-ESAI F-AGFBRene Caudron /Issy00.08.241302Canc 9.25
F-ESAICaudron C.1011F-ESAI(1)00.00.25?
F-ESAICaudron C.1271F-ESAI(2)00.00.25?
F-ESAICaudron C.1281F-ESAI(3)00.00.30?Modified C.127
F-ESAJCaudron C.81 > C.1835416. >.1F-ESAJ(2) F-AHDO00.00.25
F-ESAJCaudron C.681F-ESAJ(1)
F-ESAJCaudron C.91F-ESAJ00.00.24
F-ESAMFarman F.65 Goliath6899F-ESAM F-AJIL
F-ESANFarman F.2001F-ESAN
F-ESAOFarman F.62 Goliath1F-ESAO
F-ESARFarman F.3X > F.1211F-ESAR F-AGFCHM & D Farman /Toussus le Noble00.00.231303?
F-ESASFarman F.3 Bis1F-ESAS(1)
F-ESASFarman F.4X1F-ESAS(2)
F-ESAUBleriot-Spad 61/6b01F-ESAU
F-ESAVSpad 2501F-ESAVCoupe Michellin
F-ESAXBleriot-Spad 503070.01F-ESAX F-ADAR
F-ESBBBleriot 115 > Bleriot 1351F-ESBB F-AGFABleriot /Buc00.08.241301
F-ESBEBleriot 135F-ESBE
F-ESBHBreguet 20 LeviathanF-ESBH
F-ESBIBreguet 22 LeviathanF-ESBI
F-ESCVMorane-Saulnier 50H > 51 > 12201F-ESCV F-AICG
F-ESCXMorane-Saulnier 4301F-ESCX
F-ESDELatecoere 14 > 17602F-ESDE F-AHFG
F-ESDFLatecoere 8F-ESDFFrance-Espagne-Maroc00.00.21Displayed Paris Salon .21
F-ESDFLatecoere 14 > 26-2-R01 > 651F-ESDF F-AIKXDisplayed Spanish Aero Exhibition .25
F-ESDHLatecoere 21 > 21 Bis72.1F-ESDH F-AIHNService Technique et Industriel de l'Aeronautique /Paris
F-ESDMLatecoere 21F-ESDM
F-ESEEDewoitine 7F-ESEE
F-ESEFAmiot 23F-ESEF(2)
F-ESEGGourdou-Leseurre 21F-ESEG
F-ESEHGourdou-Leseurre 21F-ESEH(1)
F-ESEJLatham L.101F-ESEJSchneider Trophy 9.23 '2'00.00.23
F-ESEKS.P.C.A. 63 Meteore1F-ESEK F-AIFNSoc.Provencale de Constructions Aeronautiques /Paris (based La Ciotat)
F-ESELS.P.C.A. 63 Meteore2F-ESEL F-AIFOSoc.Provencale de Constructions Aeronautiques /Paris (based La Ciotat)
F-ESEMS.P.C.A. 63 Meteore3F-ESEM(1) F-AIPA?
F-ESEMVilliers IV02F-ESEM(2)
F-ESEODe Monge 7/3F-ESEO
F-ESEPDewoitine D72F-ESEP(1) J-TEXCCanc pre 6.22
F-ESEPLevasseur TO 3F-ESEP(2)00.06.22
F-ESFDCAMS 3801F-ESFD00.00.23Schneider Trophy 9.23
F-FARAFarman F.406864F-FARAMM Farman >HM & D Farman /Toussus-le-Noble05.08.20288
F-FARBFarman F.406814F-FARBMM Farman >HM & D Farman /Toussus-le-Noble19.08.20299Sold abroad 12.35
F-FARCFarman F.416858F-FARCMM Farman >HM & D Farman /Billancourt19.08.20300Wfu 10.31
F-FARDFarman F.706900.1F-FARDMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble00.00.20447Canc 11.23
F-FAREFarman F.80 F-FAREMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble00.00.21463
F-FARGFarman F.901F-FARG00.08.21[see F-ESAM]
F-FARHFarman F.60 Goliath25F-FARHMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble (Op 4.22-6.22 by Messageries Aeriennes)00.00.21540Canc 10.23
F-FARIFarman F.60 Goliath > F.60bis > F.63 Bis Goliath26F-FARIMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble (Op 3.22-5.22 by Messageries Aeriennes) >Soc.Generale de Transports Aeriens /Le Bourget00.00.21541Destroyed 10.29
F-FARJFarman F.65 Sport6897F-FARJMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble00.00.21538Canc 8.23 [c/n also 5897]
F-FARKFarman F.65 Sport6909F-FARKMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble00.00.21539Canc 8.23
F-FARYFarman F.60 GoliathF-FARY
F-FHMAFarman F.466874F-FHMAMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble > Soc.Av.HM & D Farman /Billancourt09.07.20239Wfu 10.31
F-FHMEFarman F.406868F-FHMEMarcel Chretien /Paris22.07.20263Wfu 12.31
F-FHMIFarman F.406875F-FHMIMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble >Ste Gen de Transport Aerienne /Toussus00.00.20264Canc 11.27
F-FHMOFarman F.60 Goliath6842.19F-FHMOMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble (op 4.22-5.22 by Messageries Aeriennes) >Ste Gen de Transport Aerienne /Toussus00.00.20265Canc 11.27
F-FHMUFarman F.60 Goliath6843.20F-FHMUCie des Grands Expresses Aeriennes /Le Bourget00.04.21266Prob Canc pre .22
F-FHMYFarman F.60 Goliath > F.63 Bis Goliath6844.21F-FHMYMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble >Cie des Grands Expresses Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget 'Picardie'00.04.21267Crashed after tailplane failed Marden Kent 10.02.30
F-FRAAPotez VII106F-FRAACie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.07.20246Canc 3.26
F-FRABPotez VII107F-FRABCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.20247Crashed .23
F-FRACPotez VII108F-FRACCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.20248 or 308
F-FRADPotez VII109F-FRADCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.20309Destroyed Prague 26.08.23
F-FRAEPotez VII110F-FRAECie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.20310Canc 4.24
F-FRAFPotez VII111F-FRAFCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.20311Damaged .23 Canc 12.23
F-FRAGPotez VII112F-FRAGCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.20312Canc 12.23
F-FRAHPotez VII113F-FRAHCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.20313Canc 4.24
F-FRAIPotez VII114F-FRAICie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.20314?
F-FRAJPotez VII115F-FRAJCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.20315?
F-FRAKPotez VII116F-FRAKCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.20316?
F-FRALPotez VII117F-FRALCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.20355Destroyed 12.23
F-FRAMPotez VII118F-FRAMCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.20356?
F-FRANPotez VII119F-FRANCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.20357Damaged .23 Canc 12.23
F-FRAOPotez VII120F-FRAOCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.20358?
F-FRAPPotez VII121F-FRAPCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.00.20359Canc 3.26
F-FRAQPotez VII122F-FRAQCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.20361Canc 12.23
F-FRAUBleriot-Spad 33F-FRAU[Unlikely-poss FREU]
F-FRAUPotez IX151F-FRAUCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget
F-FRAVPotez VII133F-FRAVCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.20397Crashed nr Trutnov Czechoslovakia 30.10.22 Canc 1.23
F-FRAXPotez VII134F-FRAXCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.00.20398Canc 3.26 (as FRAW in ICAN192)
F-FRBASalmson 2.A24341F-FRBACie Franco-Roumaine /Prague >CIDNA /Douai00.00.20317Canc/reforme 12.29
F-FRBESalmson 2.A24362F-FRBECie Franco-Roumaine /Prague >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.00.20318Canc 3.26
F-FRBISalmson 2.A24398F-FRBI F-FRBJCie Franco-Roumaine /Prague >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.00.20319Canc 3.26
F-FRBOSalmson 2.A24365F-FRBOCie Franco-Roumaine /Prague >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.00.20320Canc/reforme 12.29
F-FRBUSalmson 2.A24387F-FRBUCie Franco-Roumaine /Prague00.00.20346Canc 12.23
F-FRBYSalmson 2.A21522F-FRBYCie Franco-Roumaine /Prague >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.00.20347Destroyed .27 Canc 1.28
F-FRCASalmson 2.A24409F-FRCACie Franco-Roumaine /Prague >CIDNA /Prague00.00.20348Canc/reforme 12.28
F-FRCESalmson 2.A24403F-FRCECie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.20450Canc 12.23
F-FRCISalmson 2.A24368F-FRCICie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.00.20451Canc/reforme 12.28
F-FRCOSalmson 2.A21088F-FRCOCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.00.20452Canc/reforme 12.29
F-FRCUSalmson 2.A2F-FRCUCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.20453?
F-FRCYSalmson 2.A24394F-FRCYCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.20454Canc 12.23
F-FRDASalmson 2.A2 745F-FRDACie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.20455Canc 12.23
F-FRDISalmson 2.A2 4357F-FRDICie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.20456Canc 12.23
F-FREABleriot-Spad 33 > 46 > 663032.17F-FREACie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.00.21514Canc/reforme 10.29 [Note - F-ADAF was c/n 12/3032 - possibly 3035?]
F-FREBBleriot-Spad 33 18F-FREBCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.21515Canc 11.24
F-FRECBleriot-Spad 3319F-FRECCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.21516?
F-FREDBleriot-Spad 33 > 46 > 663038.20F-FREDCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.00.21517Destroyed 10.29
F-FREEBleriot-Spad 33 21F-FREECie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.21518Canc 9.23
F-FREFBleriot-Spad 33 > 6622F-FREFCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.00.21519Canc 5.27
F-FREGBleriot-Spad 33 23F-FREGCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.21520Canc 2.23
F-FREHBleriot-Spad 33 24F-FREHCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.21521Canc 9.23
F-FREIBleriot-Spad 3325F-FREICie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.21522?
F-FREJBleriot-Spad 33 > 6626F-FREJCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.00.21523Crashed 24.8.25
F-FREKBleriot-Spad 33 > 46 > 6627F-FREKCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget04.05.21524Wfu 12.31
F-FRELBleriot-Spad 33 > 46 > 6628F-FRELCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.00.21525
F-FREMBleriot-Spad 33 > 46 > 663053.29F-FREMCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.00.21526Canc 7.25 [c/n 3153.29 in ICAN121]
F-FRENBleriot-Spad 33 > 663054.30F-FRENCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget04.05.21527Destroyed 12.31
F-FREOBleriot-Spad 3331F-FREOCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.21528?
F-FREPBleriot-Spad 33 > 6632F-FREPCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.00.21529
F-FREQBleriot-Spad 33 33F-FREQCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.00.21530Wfu 1.25
F-FRERBleriot-Spad 33 > 46 > 663058.34F-FRERCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget04.05.21531Wfu 12.31
F-FRESBleriot-Spad 33 35F-FRESCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.12.21532Canc 3.24. Fuselage used to build Spad 46 F-AGAY
F-FRETBleriot-Spad 33 > 46 > 663060.36F-FRETCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.00.21533Destroyed 10.29
F-FRFAPotez IX152F-FRFACie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.00.21565Canc 5.27 [c/n also reported as 158]
F-FRFEPotez IX153F-FRFECie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.00.21566Canc 11.26
F-FRFZPotez IX154F-ADAZ and/or F-FRFZ
F-FYMSBreguet 14.T1826F-FYMSMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Latecoere /Toulouse00.00.195Destroyed 13.3.26 [c/n 1827 in ICAN192 - see F-JEAN]
F-GEAAFarman F.60 GoliathF-GEAA
F-GEABFarman F.60 Goliath5F-GEABCie des Grands Expresses Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget 'Savoie' 04.02.2033Wfu 01.06.32
F-GEACFarman F.60 Goliath8F-GEACCie des Grands Expresses Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget 'Artois' 04.02.2034Wfu 7.12.32
F-GEADFarman F.60 GoliathF-GEADCie des Grands Expresses Aeriennes /Le Bourget00.08.2035?
F-GEAIFarman F.60 Goliath > F.60 CM.924F-GEAICie des Grands Expresses Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget 'Vendee'00.06.21560Canc/reforme 6.29 [also Canc as Destroyed 8.29]
F-GEAOFarman F.60 Goliath32F-GEAOCie des Grands Expresses Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget00.00.21561Dbf after nose landing Croydon 22.01.24
F-GEAVFarman F.50P6803F-GEAVCie des Grands Expresses Aeriennes /Le Bourget00.07.20
F-GLABLatecoere 3 1F-GLABLatecoere /Toulouse00.00.21552
F-HMFAFarman F.406798F-HMFAMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble00.00.2024
F-HMFEFarman F.406797F-HMFEMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble00.00.2025Canc 10.23 [c/n shown as 6868 but this is FHME]
F-HMFIFarman F.406799F-HMFIMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble >HM & D Farman /Toussus-le-Noble >Gaubert /Ville d'Avray22.12.1926Canc 22.12.19
F-HMFOFarman F.50P6851F-HMFOMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble >Soc Av.HM & D Farman /Billancourt22.12.2927Wfu 10.31
F-HMFUFarman F.60 Goliath2F-HMFUMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble >Cie des Grands Expresses Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget 'Ile-de-France'22.12.2928Wfu 1.6.32 Fuselage to Musee de l'Air [c/n 3 per ICAN84]
F-HMFYFarman F.40 > F.416813F-HMFYMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble00.00.2029
F-HPADSEAF-HPAD00.00.20Used on Prague run. Described as 'SEA' type in 'Aeroplane' with 400hp Lorraine-Dietrich (possibly Potez VII F-FRAD)
F-ICGTNieuport 286134F-ICGTGenerale Transaerienne /Le Bourget00.07.20133Canc as Destroyed 5.29
F-IHMFFarman F.406826F-IHMFMM Farman /Toussus le Noble >Soc Av.HM & D Farman /Billancourt26.03.2056Wfu 10.31
F-JAGBBreguet 14.T1831F-JAGBMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget00.00.20
F-JEANBreguet 14.T1827F-JEANMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget(see also F-FYMS)
FL-AFMFarman F.22332FL-AFM
FL-ARIDewoitine 33827F-ARIE FL-ARI
FL-ARMFarman F.222-110L152 FL-ARM
FL-ASMPotez 54242FL-ASM
FL-AYMPotez 62.1FL-AYM
F-MAAGBreguet 14.A2 8348F-MAAGMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget00.00.20212Destroyed 8.22
F-MAPLBreguet 14210.F-MAPLMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget00.00.19photo [c/n 210x]
F-MHFAFarman F.60 GoliathF-MHFAMM Farman00.00.2099
F-MHFEFarman F.406859F-MHFEMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble00.00.20100
F-MHFIFarman F.60 GoliathF-MHFIMM Farman00.00.20216?
F-MHFOFarman F.60 Bis Goliath6838F-MHFOMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble00.00.20217Canc 2.24
F-MHFUFarman F.60 Goliath6839F-MHFUMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble00.00.20218Canc 10.23
F-MHFYFarman F.60 Goliath6840F-MHFY O-BRUN(3)MM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble00.00.20219Canc 10.23 [Same c/n as O-BRUN regd 16.7.21]
F-NORDLatecoere 52101F-NORDEtat Francais op Air France-Transatlantique 'Lieutenant de Vaisseau Paris'30.11.354498
F-NUNANieuport 81351F-NUNAM Nungesser /Le Bourget >M Delattre /Orly >SAFMAN /Orly >M Bonino /Vitry (based Orly) >M Camplan /Orly00.00.20237Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-NUNBMorane XXX3514F-NUNBM Nungesser /Orly00.00.20238Canc 1.23
F-NUNCSpad VII2137F-NUNCM Nungesser /Orly00.00.20353Canc 1.23
F-NUNESopwith 2831F-NUNEM Nungesser /Orly >SAFMAN /Orly00.00.20394Canc as Destroyed 5.29
F-NUNFVoisin X3825F-NUNFM Nungesser /Orly00.00.20406Canc 4.23
F-NUNGVoisin IX5013F-NUNGM Nungesser /Orly00.00.20410Canc 4.23
F-NUNGMorane-Saulnier XXX AIF-NUNG
F-NUNHVoisin IX5026F-NUNHM Nungesser /Orly00.00.20408Canc 4.23
F-NUNIVoisin IX5001F-NUNIM Nungesser /Orly00.00.20409Canc 4.23
F-NUNJVoisin IX5090F-NUNJM Nungesser /Orly00.00.20407Canc 4.23
F-NUNKVoisin IX5052F-NUNKM Nungesser /Orly00.00.20411Canc 4.23
F-NUNLNieuport 81102F-NUNLM Nungesser /Villeneuve -Orly >SAFMAN /Orly >M Bonino /Orly >M Camplan /Bordeaux00.00.20441Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-NUNMNieuport 811F-NUNMM Nungesser /Villeneuve -Orly00.00.20442Canc as Destroyed 5.29
F-NUNNNieuport 81103F-NUNNM Nungesser /Villeneuve -Orly >SAFMAN /Orly >M Bonino /Orly >M Camplan /Bordeaux00.00.20443Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-NUNONieuport 81F-NUNOM Nungesser /Villeneuve -Orly00.00.20444Canc as Destroyed 5.29
F-NUNPNieuport 81F-NUNPM Nungesser /Villeneuve -Orly00.00.20445Canc as Destroyed 5.29
F-NUNQNieuport 81101F-NUNQM Nungesser /Villeneuve -Orly >SAFMAN /Orly >M Bonino /Orly >M Camplan /Bordeaux00.00.20446Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-OALSKlemm KL35 B20815F-OALS
F-OCGTSalmson 2.A2 936F-OCGTGenerale Transaerienne /Le Bourget00.00.20283Canc as Destroyed 5.29
F-OHMFFarman F.406824F-OHMFMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble >Soc Av.HM & D Farman /Billancourt26.03.2057Wfu 10.31
F-ONCKBleriot-Spad 292944F-ONCKRene Fonck /Paris25.09.20379Wfu 01.06.32 [or Spad XV/5]
F-PAAASFAN 24F-PAAAAero Club du Rhone et du Sud Est /Bron05.03.371P?Accident Bron 2.5.37
F-PAABSFAN 27F-PAABFed. Populaire des Sports Aeron.21.07.372P?[per BV39]
F-PAACFairchild 24K3316F-ARRC F-PAAC(1)Sternberg de Armella /Paris Buc18.01.393P
F-PAADAeronca K500 1908F-PAADSternberg de Armella /Paris Buc18.01.394P[PB has c/n K50-708]
F-PAAEKlemm L25 a I154.29F-PAAERoger Michel /Lyon-Bron09.03.395P
F-PAAGMignet HM.210 1F-PAAGSA des Aeroplanes Mignet /Isles-les-Villency (S&M)10.03.396P
F-PAAHLacroix-Parret-de-Nazaris Autoplan IF-PAAHDr Parret de Nazaris /Cahors Laberaudie01.04.397P
F-PAAJHuc-Raynaud-Guiraud Coutouli1F-PAAJ9P
F-PAAKDessinis A.1F-PAAK
F-PAALSFAN 26F-PAALAero Club de Provence /Marseille >Aero Club de Soissons /Soissons27.05.398PReregd [CoR 263652] 26.6.50
F-PAANHumbert Guelton F-PAAN
F-PAAOLeopoldoff 32 29F-PAAO
F-PAAPLeopoldoff L.3 28F-PAAP F-OAIO
F-PAATGourdou ES.201F-PAAT
F-PAAVJamme Eugene 5 1F-PAAV
F-PAAZKlemm L25 d VII1038F-PAAZPierre Gros /AvignonReregd [CoR 263666] 22.12.54
F-PAPICaudron C.272 Luciole > C.272/56799.38F-AMMI F-PMMI F-PAPI
F-PBTBMauboussin 120F-PBTB
F-PDJSCaudron C.600 Aiglon7025.1F-ANSA F-BDJS F-PDJS
F-PEVUCaudron C.275 Luciole7676.393F-AQPG F-PEVU
F-PFLBCaudron C.600 Aiglon > C.6017102.18F-ANXX F-BFLB F-PFLB
F-PFLNCaudron C.109 > C.109/16192.6F-AIQI F-PFLN00.00.28
F-PHFKCaudron C.232 > C.232/26486.7F-AJSS F-PHFK
F-PHQMCaudron C.272/5 Luciole > C.276H7207.26F-AOFD F-PHQM G-ATIO
F-PJHBCaudron C.431 Rafale01F-PJHB
F-PJKECaudron C.272/5 Luciole > C.2757153.16F-AOBS F-PJKE F-AZAL
F-PMMICaudron C.272 Luciole > C.272/56799.38F-AMMI F-PMMI F-PAPI
F-PNJYCaudron C.JN-76001F-PNJY
F-PNZECaudron C.600 Aiglon7119.64F-ANZE F-PNZE
F-POITCaudron C.600 Aiglon > Caudron-Peitz C.601 Aiglon2F-BDJT F-POIT
F-PPHOCaudron C.275 Luciole7496.20F-APHO F-PPHO
F-SADINieuport 10.A210396F-SADISadi-Lecointe /Villacoublay >Aero Club de Nice /Nice00.00.20351Destroyed Nice 1.4.23 [c/n 10306 in ICAN9]
F-SCBCMartin 167F Maryland79F-SCBC00.00.4xAccident Brest 31.7.47 [possibly post-war regn]
F-TAMACaudron G.3 HYD4812|4912F-TAMAM Maicon /St Jean-pres Nice00.00.20255Canc 1.23 [c/n 4812 ICAN9 and 4912 ICAN25]
F-TAMBCaudron G.34949F-TAMBM Caudron >M Maicon /Nice >Seguin /Chaillerette (Ch-Inf) (based Rochefort) 00.08.20292
F-TAMCCaudron G.35722F-TAMCM Maicon /Nice00.00.20389Canc 3.26
F-TAMDCaudron G.41865F-TAMDM Maicon /Nice00.00.20390Canc 1.23
F-TAMESchreck FBA 907F-TAMEM Maicon /St Jean Cap Ferrat00.00.20438Canc 1.23
F-TAMFSchreck FBA 897F-TAMFM Maicon /St Jean Cap Ferrat00.00.20437Canc 1.23
F-UCFBFarman F.466804F-UCFBCie Franco-Bilbaine de Transports Aeriens /Bayonne00.00.2080Canc as Destroyed 5.29
F-UCGTSalmson 2.A24238F-UCGTGenerale Transaerienne /Le Bourget00.00.20282Canc as Destroyed 5.29
F-UHMFFarman F.60 Goliath9F-UHMFMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble (Op 4.22-6.22 by Messageries Aeriennes)00.00.2058Canc 2.24
F-URAXCaudron C.4006868.25T025 F-URAXEtat Francais loan Etablissement Regional d'Alger29.07.354280[Per PB to C.410 c/n 2]
F-XHMFFarman F.63 GoliathF-XHMF
F-YAMFFarman F.60 GoliathF-YAMF
F-YCFBFarman F.467209F-YCFBCie Franco-Bilbaine de Transports Aeriens /Bayonne00.00.2079Canc as Destroyed 5.29
F-YHMFFarman F.60 Goliath11F-YHMFMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble (Op 4.22-6.22 by Messageries Aeriennes)00.00.2098Canc 10.23