Civil Aircraft Register - France

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
F-AFBABreguet-Latecoere 14 Torpedo 201F-AFBALatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Paris00.01.231005Destroyed 10.31
F-AFBBBreguet-Latecoere 14 Torpedo 202F-AFBBLatecoere /Toulouse00.01.231006Crashed 25.5.25 Canc 6.25
F-AFBCBreguet-Latecoere 14 Torpedo 203F-AFBCLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 00.01.231007
F-AFBDBreguet-Latecoere 14 Torpedo 204F-AFBDLatecoere /Toulouse00.01.231008Canc 11.24
F-AFBEBreguet-Latecoere 14 Torpedo 205F-AFBELatecoere /Toulouse >CGEA /Toulouse00.01.231009Destroyed by Maures tribesmen 17.10.26 Canc 11.26
F-AFBFBreguet-Latecoere 14 Torpedo 206F-AFBFLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 00.01.231010Wfu 10.33
F-AFBGBreguet-Latecoere 14 Torpedo 207F-AFBGLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 00.01.231011Wfu 10.33. Reported as crashed 1.9.25 if so probably repaired
F-AFBHBreguet-Latecoere 14 Torpedo 208F-AFBHLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 00.01.231012Canc/reforme 12.29
F-AFBIBreguet-Latecoere 14 Torpedo 209F-AFBILatecoere /Toulouse00.01.231013Crashed 20.7.25
F-AFBJBreguet-Latecoere 14 Torpedo 210F-AFBJLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 00.01.231014Wfu 10.33
F-AFBKNieuport 809344F-AFBKPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly 00.01.231015Canc 4.28 [Ni 81 per ICAN25/304]
F-AFBLNieuport 8111045F-AFBLPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly 00.01.231016Canc 4.28 [c/n also 1105]
F-AFBMNieuport 81 > 81 Bis9763F-AFBM F-AINLPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly00.01.231017Canc 4.28
F-AFBNNieuport 809412F-AFBNPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly 00.01.231018Canc 4.28 [Ni 81 per ICAN25/304]
F-AFBONieuport X.A2 > 2310565F-AFBOPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.01.231019Canc as Destroyed 11.29 [c/n 10365 per ICAN25/393]
F-AFBPBreguet 14.A2 5180F-AFBPPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.01.231020Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AFBQCaudron G.37430F-AFBQPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.01.231021Canc as Destroyed 1.30
F-AFBRBreguet 14.A26136F-AFBRPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.01.231022Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AFBSNieuport 81 > 81 Bis9801F-AFBSPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.01.231023Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AFBTCaudron C.61 > C.61 Bis5307.5F-AFBTLatecoere /Toulouse >M Caudron /Issy >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.01.231024Crashed Streble/Czech. 3.7.26
F-AFBUSpad VII142F-AFBUPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.02.231025Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AFBVSpad VII167F-AFBVPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.02.231026Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AFBXCaudron C.61 > C.61 Bis5308.6F-AFBXLatecoere /Toulouse >M Caudron /Issy >Cie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.02.231027Canc as Destroyed 11.29 (believed on 13.9.24)
F-AFBYSpad VII11535F-AFBYM Nungesser /Orly00.02.231028Canc as Destroyed 5.29 [same c/n as AHEZ]
F-AFBZNieuport 81 > 81 Bis104F-AFBZM Nungesser /Orly >SAFMAN /Orly >M Bonino /Orly >M Camplan /Bordeaux00.02.231029Canc as Discarded 5.29 [c/n 105 ICAN362]
F-AFCANieuport 81 > 81 Bis105F-AFCAM Nungesser /Orly >SAFMAN /Orly >M Bonino /Orly >M Camplan /Bordeaux00.02.231030Canc as Discarded 5.29 [c/n 104 in ICAN143/362]
F-AFCBNieuport 81F-AFCBM Nungesser /Orly00.02.231031Canc as Destroyed 5.29
F-AFCCNieuport 81F-AFCCM Nungesser /Orly00.02.231032Canc as Destroyed 5.29
F-AFCDNieuport 81F-AFCDM Nungesser /Orly00.02.231033Canc as Destroyed 5.29
F-AFCEBleriot-Spad 423522.4F-AFCEM Bequet /Buc >Soc.Bleriot Aeronautique /Buc >Aero-Club d'Oranie /Oran00.03.231034
F-AFCFLiore-Gourdou-Leseurre 22.ET125F-AFCFMission Bapt. /Le Bourget00.03.231035Wfu 12.31
F-AFCGLiore-Gourdou-Leseurre 22.ET131F-AFCGMission Bapt. /Le Bourget00.03.231036Wfu 12.31
F-AFCHLiore-Gourdou-Leseurre 22.ET138F-AFCHMission Bapt. /Le Bourget00.03.231037Wfu 12.31
F-AFCICaudron C.595367.265F-AFCIMission Bapt. /Le Bourget >M Caudron /Issy00.03.231038
F-AFCJDorand AR.2SRAT.2F-AFCJReseau Aerien Transafricain /Alger >Cie Aerienne Francaise /Le Bourget 00.03.231039Canc 11.27
F-AFCKDorand AR.2SRAT.6F-AFCKReseau Aerien Transafricain /Alger00.03.231040Canc 5.23
F-AFCLFarman F.706F-AFCLCie Aerienne Francaise /Le Bourget 00.03.231041Wfu 12.31
F-AFCMBleriot-Spad 425F-AFCMMarcel Bapt. /Le Bourget00.03.231042Canc 8.24
F-AFCNCaudron C.61 > C.61 Bis5365.9F-AFCNCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.04.231043Canc/reforme 9.28
F-AFCOSopwith 1.A2520F-AFCOM Pelagaud /Lyon Bron00.04.231044Canc 5.24
F-AFCPCaudron C.61 > C.61 Bis5366.10F-AFCPCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.04.231045Written off 4.5.23
F-AFCQCaudron C.61 > C.61 Bis5377.11F-AFCQCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.04.231046Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AFCRCaudron C.61 > C.61 Bis5378.12F-AFCRCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.04.231047Canc/reforme 9.28
F-AFCSSpad VII7055F-AFCSPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.04.231048Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AFCTSpad VII3390F-AFCTPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.04.231049Canc as Destroyed 11.29 [c/n 3380 in ICAN393]
F-AFCUSpad VII11310F-AFCUPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.04.231050Canc 11.26 restored 3.28 Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AFCVSpad VII11432F-AFCVPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly00.04.231051Canc 2.26
F-AFCXSpad VII1756F-AFCXPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.04.231052Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AFCYCaudron G.42219F-AFCYM Gervies /Issy >R.Caudron /Issy13.04.231053Wfu 10.31
F-AFCZLiore et Olivier H.13A3F-AFCZLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse00.04.231054Canc 12.27
F-AFDADorand AR.2SRAT.7F-AFDAReseau Aerien Transafricain /Alger >Cie Aerienne Francaise /Le Bourget 00.04.231055Wfu 01.06.32
F-AFDBCaudron G.3F-AFDBGeorges Pouget /Bergerac >M Lheureux /Bergerac00.04.231056Crashed 21.01.24
F-AFDCCaudron G.32551F-AFDCMelle Bolland /Issy >M Caudron /Amberieu >Aero-Club de l'Oise /Crepy >Gaston Prevost /Rouen00.04.231057Preserved Brussels Air Museum [quotes false c/n 6561. ICAN38/168 quote 2531]
F-AFDDNieuport Delage 29490F-AFDDSoc.Nieuport Astra /Issy00.05.231058Wfu 10.31
F-AFDEZodiac HG 600 Balloon127/202F-AFDESoc.Zodiac /Puteaux00.05.231059Reregd [CoR 3463] 14.5.46
F-AFDFZodiac Balloon127F-AFDFSoc.Zodiac /Puteaux00.05.231060[Note duplicated c/ns FDE/F/I]
F-AFDGLiore et Olivier H.136F-AFDGLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Paris00.05.231061Wfu 10.31 (convert from amphibian to hydro 4.24) [c/n also 26]
F-AFDHLiore et Olivier H.13A7M-ABAB F-AFDHLatecoere /Toulouse00.05.231062Destroyed 14.8.25. Canc 10.25 (convert from amphibian to hydro 4.24) [c/n also 24 see M-ABAB c/n 7]
F-AFDIZodiac 1240m3 Balloon127F-AFDISoc.Nieuport Astra /Billancourt >M.Ch Dolfus /Puteaux00.05.231063[PB has c/n 184]
F-AFDJLiore et Olivier H.138F-AFDJCie l'Aeronavale /Antibes >Air Union-Aeronavale /Antibes00.05.231064
F-AFDKLiore et Olivier H.13 > H.13210F-AFDKLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Marignac00.05.231065Wfu 12.34
F-AFDLLiore et Olivier H.1311F-AFDLLatecoere /Toulouse00.05.231066Canc 9.25
F-AFDMBreguet-Latecoere 14.A2 20F-AFDMPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly00.05.231067Canc 2.26
F-AFDNBreguet-Latecoere 14.A2 21F-AFDNPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.05.231068Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AFDOBreguet-Latecoere 14.A2 22F-AFDOPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.05.231069Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AFDPBreguet-Latecoere 14.A2 23F-AFDPPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.05.231070Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AFDQBreguet-Latecoere 14.A2 25F-AFDQPL Richard /Orly00.05.231071Canc 8.24
F-AFDRBreguet 14.A2 6028F-AFDRPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly00.05.231072Canc 7.26
F-AFDSBreguet 14.A2 8150F-AFDSPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly00.05.231073Canc 10.25 in error Canc 12.27
F-AFDTBreguet 14.A2 10012F-AFDTPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.05.231074Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AFDUBreguet 14.A2 76459F-AFDUPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.05.231075Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AFDVSpad VII11120F-AFDVPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.05.231076Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AFDXSpad VII13144F-AFDXPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.05.231077Canc as Destroyed 11.29 [c/n 1344 in ICAN393]
F-AFDYSpad XVI4132F-AFDYPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.05.231078Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AFDZGourdou-Leseurre1F-AFDZCie Aeronautique Francaise d'Extreme Orient /Paris (based Saigon) 00.05.231079Canc as Destroyed 5.29 [PB has type as Levy Georges R]
F-AFEAZodiac Balloon130F-AFEASoc.Zodiac /Puteaux00.05.231080
F-AFEBZodiac HG 600 Balloon137F-AFEBM Cormier /Paris (based Puteaux) 00.05.231081[c/n 136?]
F-AFECZodiac HG 600 Balloon136F-AFECSoc.Zodiac /Puteaux00.05.231082[c/n 137?]
F-AFEDBreguet-Latecoere 14 Torpedo 211F-AFEDLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse00.05.231083
F-AFEEBreguet-Latecoere 14 Torpedo 212F-AFEELatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 00.05.231084Wfu 10.33
F-AFEFBreguet-Latecoere 14 Torpedo 213F-AFEFLatecoere /Toulouse00.05.231085Crashed 5.2.26
F-AFEGBreguet-Latecoere 14 Torpedo 214F-AFEGLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 00.05.231086Wfu 10.33
F-AFEHBreguet-Latecoere 14 Torpedo 215F-AFEHLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 00.05.231087Wfu 10.33
F-AFEIBreguet-Latecoere 14 Torpedo 216F-AFEILatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Paris00.05.231088Wfu 12.34
F-AFEJBreguet-Latecoere 14 Torpedo 217F-AFEJLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 00.05.231089Destroyed 7.29
F-AFEKBreguet-Latecoere 14 Torpedo 218F-AFEKLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 00.05.231090Canc/reforme 12.29
F-AFELBreguet-Latecoere 14 Torpedo 219F-AFELLatecoere /Toulouse00.05.231091
F-AFEMBreguet-Latecoere 14 Torpedo 220F-AFEMLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 00.05.231092Wfu 10.33
F-AFENCaudron G.39412F-AFENM Ronserail /Nimes00.06.231093Canc 10.23
F-AFEOCaudron G.39464F-AFEOM Ronserail /Nimes06.06.231094Wfu 12.31
F-AFEPBalloon 400m33F-AFEPValere Lecomte /Villeneuve-la-Garenne00.06.231095Canc 8.24
F-AFEQZodiac 1260m3 Balloon140F-AFEQM Cormier /Puteaux08.06.231096Destroyed 12.31
F-AFERZodiac Balloon141F-AFERM Moineau /Puteaux00.06.231097
F-AFESZodiac 1260m3 Balloon142F-AFESM Denis /Paris08.06.231098Wfu 01.06.32
F-AFETZodiac BalloonF-AFETSoc.Zodiac /Puteaux00.06.231099
F-AFEUZodiac HG 945 Balloon101F-AFEUM Crombez /Puteaux >Lille08.06.231100[PB has Zodiac HG.900 c/n 101
F-AFEVZodiac 420m3 BalloonF-AFEVSoc.Zodiac /Puteaux15.06.231101
F-AFEXZodiac BalloonF-AFEXSoc.Zodiac /Puteaux00.06.231102
F-AFEYZodiac 630m3 Balloon140F-AFEYM Cormier /Paris15.06.231103Destroyed 12.31 [note same c/n as F-AFEQ]
F-AFEZZodiac BalloonF-AFEZM Lefebvre /Puteaux00.06.231104
F-AFFAZodiac-Lassagne HG 900 Balloon145/183F-AFFASoc.Zodiac /Puteaux15.06.231105[PB has as HG.900 c/n 145/183
F-AFFBBreguet-Latecoere 14 Torpedo 221F-AFFBLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 00.06.231106Canc/reforme 12.29
F-AFFCBreguet-Latecoere 14 Torpedo 222F-AFFCLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 00.06.231107Wfu 10.33
F-AFFDBreguet-Latecoere 14 Torpedo 223F-AFFDLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 00.06.231108Wfu 10.33
F-AFFEBreguet-Latecoere 14 Torpedo 224F-AFFELatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 00.06.231109Wfu 10.33
F-AFFFBreguet-Latecoere 14 Torpedo 225F-AFFFLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 00.06.231110Wfu 10.33
F-AFFGBreguet-Latecoere 14 Torpedo 226F-AFFGLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 00.06.231111Canc/reforme 12.29
F-AFFHCaudron C.685198.6F-AFFHM Caudron /Issy >M Scordel /Chaumont (Hte-Marne) >M.Vacher /Orly00.06.231112[c/n 5198.6 per Docavia]
F-AFFISopwith 1.A27084F-AFFIM Cautin /Le Bourget00.07.231113Canc 8.23
F-AFFJZodiac Balloon126F-AFFJSoc.Zodiac /Puteaux00.07.231114
F-AFFKFarman F.709F-AFFKSoc.du Reseau Aerien Transafricain /Alger >Latecoere /Paris >Generale Aeropostale /Paris00.07.231115Wfu 10.31
F-AFFLZodiac HG 630m3 Balloon146/191F-AFFLM Blanchet /Puteaux00.07.231116[PB has HG.600 c/n 146/191]
F-AFFMZodiac 943m3 Balloon148F-AFFMM Denis /Paris00.07.231117Wfu 01.06.32
F-AFFNZodiac Balloon147F-AFFNSoc.Zodiac /Puteaux00.07.231118
F-AFFOHanriot Dupont 193F-AFFOM Hanriot /Mourmelon-le-Grand >Neuilly-sur-Seine00.07.231119Wfu 10.31 [c/n 2?]
F-AFFPFarman F.707F-AFFPLatecoere /Toulouse00.07.231120Canc 10.25
F-AFFQCaudron C.685653.7F-AFFQM Boillot /Tours >M Froissart /Eaubonne (based Le Bourget) >M.Hauchecorne /Le Havre00.07.231121[c/n also quoted as 5363.7]
F-AFFRPotez VIII362.6F-AFFRM Roques /Villacoublay >M Bodu /Colombes (based Velizy-Villacoublay) 00.07.231122Destroyed 2.29
F-AFFSPotez VIII7F-AFFSH Potez /Villacoublay >Aero Club de Bourgogne /Chalon-sur-Saone >M David /Montredon Marseille (based Marignane) >Melle Lydie Pottelette /Orly >Pierre Dosch /Le Bourget >A (or F) Obry /Paris >J Chaix /Brazzaville AEF00.07.231123
F-AFFTVernanchet 480m3 Balloon37F-AFFTVernanchet /Paris (based Rueil) >Association Aeronautique du Nord de la France /Lille00.07.231124
F-AFFUVernanchet 400m3 BalloonF-AFFUVernanchet /Paris (based Rueil) >Association Aeronautique du Nord de la France /Lille00.07.231125
F-AFFVVernanchet 290m3 Balloon39/75F-AFFVVernanchet /Paris (based Rueil) 00.07.231126
F-AFFXHanriot Dupont 1513F-AFFXM Haegelen /Chaville (based Villacoublay) 00.07.231127Canc/reforme 2.29
F-AFFYHanriot Dupont 1910F-AFFYSoc.Hanriot /Mourmelon-le-Grand >M.Hanriot /Neuilly-sur-Seine00.07.231128Wfu 10.31
F-AFFZLiore et Olivier H.1312F-AFFZSoc.Aeronavale /Antibes00.07.231129Canc 1.24 [c/n 15?]
F-AFGAPotez VIII11F-AFGAM de Gaillard /Villacoublay >Etablissements Schneider /Velizy-Villacoublay00.08.231130Sold abroad 6.28
F-AFGBNieuport 217031F-AFGBPL Richard /Marseille00.08.231131Canc 4.24
F-AFGCZodiac 2200m3 Balloon133F-AFGCSoc.Zodiac /Puteaux >Aero Club de France /Paris (based Puteaux) 00.08.231132
F-AFGDLiore et Olivier H.1313F-AFGDSoc.Aeronavale /Antibes00.08.231133Canc 7.24. Rebuilt as F-AHAD (c/n 12?)
F-AFGELiore et Olivier H.1315F-AFGELatecoere /Toulouse00.08.231135(convert from amphibian to hydro 4.24) [c/n 7 in ICAN94]
F-AFGFPotez VIII.A > VII5F-AFGF F-AJGFM Desmazieres /Bethune >Jean Clerc /Le Havre >Rene Couzinet /Orly00.08.231136Sold abroad 3.29
F-AFGGPotez VIII.A10F-AFGGF Segretain /Paris (based Buc) >Ecole Alerion /St Cyr >Roger Bourgine /Niort00.08.231137
F-AFGHCaudron G.39495F-AFGHE Duval /Rouen00.08.231138Canc 10.24
F-AFGIFarman F.708F-AFGISoc.du Reseau Aerien Transafricain /Villacoublay (later Toulouse) >Latecoere /Paris >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 00.09.231139Canc/reforme 2.29
F-AFGJLiore et Olivier H.13 > H.13216F-AFGJLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse00.09.231140Canc/reforme 12.29
F-AFGKLiore et Olivier H.1317F-AFGKLatecoere /Toulouse00.09.231141Canc 6.25 (convert from amphibian to hydro 4.24) [c/n 30?]
F-AFGLSpad VII1762F-AFGLSA Bleriot Aeronautique /Buc 00.09.231142Wfu 12.34 [c/n 1782?]
F-AFGMSpad VII11569F-AFGMMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay00.09.231143
F-AFGNZodiac 2200m3 Balloon134F-AFGNSoc.Zodiac /Puteaux00.09.231144
F-AFGOZodiac 2280m3 Balloon135F-AFGOSoc.Zodiac /Puteaux00.09.231145Wfu 10.31
F-AFGPLiore et Olivier H.13A18F-AFGPLatecoere /Toulouse00.09.231146Lost at sea 11.4.25 (convert from amphibian to hydro 4.24) [c/n 31?]
F-AFGQLiore et Olivier H.1314F-AFGQSoc.Aeronavale /Antibes >Air-Union Aeronavale /Antibes00.09.231147
F-AFGRSpad VII3014F-AFGRMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay >PL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly00.09.231148Canc as Destroyed 11.29 [c/n also 3074.8126]
F-AFGSBreguet-Latecoere 14 Torpedo 227F-AFGSLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeroposatale /Toulouse00.09.231149Canc 2.28
F-AFGTFarman F.71 > F.75 > F.1997001.?> 2>2F-AFGTHM & D Farman /Toussus-le-Noble >Soc.Generale Aeronautique /Paris00.10.231150Destroyed 2.37
F-AFGUFarman F.717002F-AFGUHM & D Farman /Toussus-le-Noble 03.10.231151Destroyed 7.12.32
F-AFGVFarman F.71 > F.75 > F.1997003.?> 3>3F-AFGVSoc Av. HM & D Farman /Toussus-le-Noble >Soc.Generale Aeronautique /Paris03.10.231152Destroyed 2.37
F-AFGXFarman F.717004.64|4F-AFGXHM & D Farman /Toussus-le-Noble >Soc.Air Service /Paris03.10.231153Destroyed 1.37
F-AFGYFarman F.717005.65F-AFGYSoc Av. HM & D Farman /Toussus-le-Noble 03.10.231154Destroyed 6.36 [PB has c/n 65/7005 - probably 5/7005
F-AFGZNieuport 8018?F-AFGZM Camplan /Bordeaux 00.10.231155Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-AFHANieuport 80F-AFHAM Camplan /Bordeaux 00.10.231156Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-AFHBNieuport 80F-AFHBM Camplan /Bordeaux 00.10.231157Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-AFHCNieuport 81F-AFHCM Camplan /Bordeaux 00.10.231158Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-AFHDNieuport 81F-AFHDM Camplan /Bordeaux 00.10.231159Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-AFHENieuport 81F-AFHEM Camplan /Bordeaux 00.10.231160Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-AFHFSpad VII5149.10F-AFHFM Camplan /Bordeaux00.10.231161Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-AFHGSpad VII7092.11F-AFHGM Camplan /Bordeaux00.10.231162Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-AFHHSpad VII11296.8F-AFHHM Camplan /Bordeaux 00.10.231163Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-AFHISpad XVI6926.9F-AFHIM Camplan /Bordeaux00.10.231164Canc as Discarded 5.29 [Spad VII c/n 6921 in ICAN362]
F-AFHJSpad VII3126F-AFHJMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay00.10.231165Canc 3.24
F-AFHKFarman F.717009F-AFHKMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble >Entreprise Generale de Photographie /Toussus-le-Noble >Francois Moreau ta Entreprise de Photo Aerienne /Le Bourget05.11.231166
F-AFHLPotez VIII.A371F-AFHLM Bellat /Villacoublay 00.11.231167Destroyed 2.29
F-AFHMSpad VII1032F-AFHMMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay >PL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly00.11.231168
F-AFHNBreguet-Latecoere 14 162F-AEEM F-AFHNLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse00.11.231169Crashed. Canc 2.28
F-AFHOSpad VII3448F-AFHOM Camplan /Bordeaux 00.12.231170Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-AFHPSpad VII3456F-AFHPM Camplan /Bordeaux00.12.231171Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-AFHQSpad VII3716F-AFHQM Camplan /Bordeaux00.12.231172Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-AFHRSopwith 1.A2 [B.2?]F-AFHRM Camplan /Bordeaux >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.12.231173Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AFHSSpad VII5944F-AFHSMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay >PL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.12.231174Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AFHTSpad VII11487F-AFHTMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay >PL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.12.231175Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGAAFarman F.7010F-AGAASoc.du Reseau Aerien Transafricain /Alger >Latecoere /Paris >CGEA /Toulouse00.01.241176Canc 11.26
F-AGABHanriot Dupont 1911F-AGAB F-ALVQM Hanriot /Mourmelon-le-Grand >Neuilly-sur-Seine14.01.241177Wfu 10.31. See F-ALVQ
F-AGACHanriot Dupont 141009F-AGACHanriot /Mourmelon-le-Grand >M Cassuli /Moissac T&G (based Orly) 00.01.241178Canc 12.26
F-AGADLiore et Olivier H.13 Hydro19F-AGADSoc.Aeronavale /Antibes >Air Union Aeronavale /Antibes00.01.241179
F-AGAESpad VII3518F-AGAEMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay >PL Richard /Orly00.01.241180Regn cld 11.25
F-AGAFLiore et Olivier H.13 Hydro9F-AGAFClement Bayard /Le Dattier (Var) >L'Aeronavale /Antibes >Air Union Aeronavale /Antibes00.01.241181
F-AGAGCaudron C.605536.21F-AGAG O-BAJA OO-AJA F-AGAGMaurice Finat /Orly00.01.241182Sold 8.27 [c/n 5526 per Belgian reg]
F-AGAHCaudron C.605537.22F-AGAHMaurice Finat /Orly >Soc. Pour le Developpement de l'Aviation /Orly >Marcel Avignon /Montpellier >Jean Parker /Marseille >Leon Serailler /Marignane30.01.241183Wfu 11.34
F-AGAINieuport 247108F-AGAIMaurice Finat /Le Bourget00.01.241184Canc 5.25
F-AGAJNieuport 24 Bis7099F-AGAJMaurice Finat /Le Bourget00.01.241185Canc 8.25
F-AGAKNieuport 247111F-AGAKMaurice Finat /Le Bourget >Soc. Pour le Developpement de l'Aviation /Le Bourget30.01.241186
F-AGALBreguet-Latecoere 14.A23F-AGALPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.02.241187Canc as Destroyed 1.30
F-AGAMCaudron C.605532.20F-AGAMM Gorvies /Issy >M Caudron /Issy >Gilbert Leleu /St Inglevert00.02.241188Canc 11.27
F-AGANSpad VII11578F-AGANM Camplan /Bordeaux 00.02.241189Canc as Discarded 5.29 [c/n 11579 in ICAN 362]
F-AGAOSpad VII11589F-AGAOM Camplan /Bordeaux 00.02.241190Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-AGAPCaudron C.27 > C.1275533.7F-AGAPMlle A Bolland /Villacoublay (later Marignane) 27.02.241191
F-AGAQCaudron C.27 > C.1275534.8F-AGAQMlle A Bolland /Villacoublay (later Le Bourget) >Vinchon Bolland /Paris >Aristide Lombard /Paris27.02.241192
F-AGARSchreck FBA 17 HE21F-AGARLouis Schreck /Argenteuil28.02.241193Wfu 10.31 (>FBA 21/1 c/n 2 per GH)
F-AGASSchreck FBA 17 HE22F-AGAS G-CAJSLouis Schreck /Argenteuil >M Sadi Lecointe /Paris >Cie Aerienne Francaise /Le Bourget 28.02.241194Canc 8.26
F-AGATHanriot Dupont 191002F-AGATMarcel Bloch /Villacoublay 00.03.241195Canc/reforme 2.29
F-AGAUCaudron C.27 > C.1255535.9F-AGAUM Delmotte /Villacoublay >Soc.Nord Aviation /Berck-Plage >SA des Avions Caudron /Issy > Vulgarisasion Aeronautique /Issy06.03.241196
F-AGAVBreguet-Latecoere 14.A21F-AGAVPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.03.241197Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGAXSchreck FBA 17 HE24F-AGAXRene Caudron /Le Crotoy >Francois Villiers ta Ecole Villiers /Paris (based Cap Ferrat) 12.03.241198Wfu 01.06.32
F-AGAYBleriot-Spad 46 > 663437.28F-AGAYCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.03.241199Canc as Destroyed 5.29 [c/n 3347 in ICAN362. Also reported as Spad 33 F-FRES rebuilt]
F-AGAZPotez VIII389F-AGAZH Potez /Villacoublay >Aero-Club de Bourgogne /Chalon-sur-Saone15.03.241200Wfu 11.34
F-AGBACaudron G.32558F-AGBAJ de l'Epee /Villacoublay >M Caudron /Issy00.03.241201Canc 12.25 [c/n also 2588]
F-AGBBBreguet-Latecoere 14.A22F-AGBBPL Richard /Orly00.03.241202Canc 11.24
F-AGBCBreguet-Latecoere 14.A24F-AGBCPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.03.241203Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGBDSpad XVI9598F-AGBDPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.03.241204Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGBESpad XVI9662F-AGBEPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.03.241205Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGBFBreguet-Latecoere 14.A2 5F-AGBFPL Richard /Orly00.04.241206Canc 11.24
F-AGBGBreguet-Latecoere 14.A2 6F-AGBGPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.04.241207Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGBHCaudron C.971F-AGBH R-215 LV-CBAJC Bernard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly >Maurice Vermande /Ivry02.04.241208
F-AGBICaudron G.310001F-AGBIEtat Francais loaned to L'Aeronautique Club de France /Orly00.04.241209Destroyed 1.29 [c/n 1001 in ICAN347]
F-AGBJZodiac 1200m3 Balloon149F-AGBJM Crombez /Lille07.04.241210
F-AGBKZodiac 945m3 Balloon150F-AGBKM Fleury /Elbeuf07.04.241211Wfu 10.31
F-AGBKCaudron C.811F-AGBK[Regn Suspect]
F-AGBLZodiac 1260m3 Balloon151F-AGBLAero Club de Touraine /Tours07.04.241212
F-AGBMBreguet-Latecoere 14.A2 228F-AGBMLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 08.04.241213Wfu 10.33
F-AGBNBreguet-Latecoere 14.A2 229F-AGBNLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 08.04.241214Crashed .27 Canc 11.27
F-AGBOBreguet-Latecoere 14.A2 230F-AGBOLatecoere /Toulouse08.04.241215Canc 3.26
F-AGBPBreguet-Latecoere 14.A2 231F-AGBPLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 08.04.241216Wfu 10.33
F-AGBQBreguet-Latecoere 14.A2 301F-AGBQLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 08.04.241217Wfu 10.33
F-AGBRBreguet-Latecoere 14.A2 302F-AGBRLatecoere /Toulouse08.04.241218
F-AGBSBreguet-Latecoere 14.A2 303F-AGBSLatecoere /Toulouse >CGEA /Toulouse 08.04.241219Destroyed by Maures tribesmen 11.11.26. Canc 12.26
F-AGBTBreguet-Latecoere 14.A2 304F-AGBTLatecoere /Toulouse08.04.241220Abandoned in Sahara .26. Canc 5.26
F-AGBUBreguet-Latecoere 14.A2 305F-AGBULatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Paris (based Buenos Aires) 08.04.241221Wfu 12.34
F-AGBVBreguet-Latecoere 14.A2 306F-AGBVLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Rio de Janeiro 08.04.241222Wfu 12.34
F-AGBXBreguet-Latecoere 14.A2 307F-AGBXLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Rio de Janeiro 08.04.241223Wfu 12.34
F-AGBYBreguet-Latecoere 14.A2 308F-AGBYLatecoere /Toulouse08.04.241224Abandoned in Sahara .25. Canc 3.26
F-AGBZBreguet-Latecoere 14.A2 309F-AGBZLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 08.04.241225Canc 11.27
F-AGCABreguet-Latecoere 14.A2 310F-AGCALatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 08.04.241226Wfu 10.33
F-AGCBBreguet-Latecoere 14.A2 311F-AGCBLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 08.04.241227Wfu 10.33
F-AGCCBreguet-Latecoere 14.A2 312F-AGCCLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 08.04.241228
F-AGCDBreguet-Latecoere 14.A2 313F-AGCDLatecoere /Toulouse08.04.241229Abandoned in Riffian territory 21.6.25 Canc 7.25
F-AGCEBreguet-Latecoere 14.A2 314F-AGCELatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Rio de Janeiro 08.04.241230Wfu 12.34
F-AGCFBreguet-Latecoere 14.A2 315F-AGCFLatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 08.04.241231Wfu 12.34
F-AGCGHanriot Dupont 3201F-AGCGHanriot /Orly >Aero Club de Bourgogne /Dijon >M Michaut /St Galmier (Loire) >Les Ailes Lyonnaises /Lyon12.04.241232Destroyed 4.34
F-AGCHGourdou-Leseurre B.2> B.643>1F-AGCHSoc.des Ateliers & Chantiers de la Loire /Parc St Maur >Etablissements Gourdou-Leseurre /Le Bourget18.04.241233
F-AGCICAMS 30.T Hydravion1F-AGCIChantiers Aeromaritimes de la Seine /Sartrouville26.04.241234Wfu 10.31
F-AGCJVernanchet 170m3 Balloon41F-AGCJVernanchet /Paris >M.Dollfus /Paris (based Puteaux) 29.04.241235
F-AGCKBleriot-Spad 343131.12F-AEAJ F-AGCKBleriot Aeronautique /Buc 30.04.241236Destroyed 11.31
F-AGCLVernanchet 780m3 Balloon42F-AGCLVernanchet /Paris02.05.241237
F-AGCMNieuport 8019F-AGCMM Camplan /Paris (based Bordeaux-Teyna) 00.05.241238Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-AGCNNieuport 8118F-AGCNM Camplan /Paris (based Bordeaux-Teyna) 00.05.241239Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-AGCOBalloon Libre 475m3 F-AGCOSoc.Peugeot /Levallois00.05.241240
F-AGCPSchreck FBA 17 HT2 F-AGCPLatecoere /Toulouse00.05.241241Canc 10.24
F-AGCQSpad VII1F-AGCQPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.05.241242Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGCRSpad VII2F-AGCRPL Richard /Clermont-Ferrand >Soc.France Aviation /Billancourt (based Aulnat) >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Clermont Ferrand 00.05.241243Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGCSSpad VII3F-AGCSPL Richard /Clermont-Ferrand00.05.241244Canc 6.25
F-AGCTSpad VII4F-AGCTPL Richard /Clermont-Ferrand >Soc.France Aviation /Billancourt (based Aulnat) >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Clermont Ferrand 00.05.241245Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGCUSpad VII5F-AGCUPL Richard /Clermont-Ferrand >Soc.France Aviation /Billancourt (based Aulnat) >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Clermont Ferrand 00.05.241246Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGCVSpad VII6F-AGCVPL Richard /Clermont-Ferrand >Soc.France Aviation /Billancourt (based Aulnat) >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Clermont Ferrand 00.05.241247Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGCXSpad VII7F-AGCXPL Richard /Angers >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Angers00.05.241248Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGCYSpad VII8F-AGCYPL Richard /Chalon-sur-Saone >Soc.France Aviation /Billancourt (based Chalon-sur-Saone) >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Chalon-sur-Saone00.05.241249Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGCZSpad VII9F-AGCZPL Richard /Chalon-sur-Saone >Soc.France Aviation /Billancourt (based Chalon-sur-Saone) >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Chalon-sur-Saone00.05.241250Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGDASpad VII10F-AGDAPL Richard /Chalon-sur-Saone >Soc.France Aviation /Billancourt (based Chalon-sur-Saone) >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Chalon-sur-Saone00.05.241251Canc as Destroyed 1.30
F-AGDBSpad VII11F-AGDBPL Richard /Chalon-sur-Saone >Soc.France Aviation /Billancourt (based Chalon-sur-Saone) >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Chalon-sur-Saone00.05.241252Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGDCSpad VII12F-AGDCPL Richard /Chalon-sur-Saone >Soc.France Aviation /Billancourt (based Chalon-sur-Saone) >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Chalon-sur-Saone00.05.241253Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGDDSpad VII13F-AGDDPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Lyon00.05.241254Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGDEFarman F.70 > F.7311>1F-AGDEM Farman /Le Bourget >Soc.Generale de Transports Aeriens /Billancourt00.05.241255Canc 3.28
F-AGDFPotez XV > 27354 > 913F-AGDFH Potez /Villacoublay >Soc.Potez /Villacoublay 00.05.241256Canc as Destroyed 1.30 (see F-AIAB)
F-AGDGCaudron C.59 .377F-AGDGM Caudron /Le Crotoy00.05.241257Canc 8.24 (Presumably to CH-125)
F-AGDHCaudron C.605586.42F-AGDHM Landiech /Brazzaville Congo >Cie Miniere du Congo Francais /Brazzaville Congo Francais 'Tan-Phe-Pah'00.05.241258Canc as Destroyed 5.29
F-AGDIBreguet-Latecoere 14.A27F-AGDIPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.05.241259Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGDJCaudron C.59 > C.605590.378F-AGDJLouis Coulie /Douai & Arras >M Delattre /Arras >Henri Fourcaud /Brayelle03.06.241260Destroyed 12.33 [c/n 379 in ICAN99]
F-AGDKSpad VII14F-AGDKPL Richard /Bordeaux >Soc.France Aviation /Billancourt (based Bordeaux) >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Boulogne (based Bordeaux) 00.06.241261Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGDLSpad VII15F-AGDLPL Richard /Marseille >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Marseille00.06.241262Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGDMSchreck FBA 17 HMT2F-AGDML Schreck /Argenteuil00.07.241263Canc 8.24
F-AGDNNieuport 247092F-AGDNMaurice Finat /Orly00.07.241264[c/n also 7093 Also reported as Ni21]
F-AGDONieuport 247110F-AGDOMaurice Finat /Orly >Ste pour le Developpement de l'Aviation /Orly00.07.241265Canc 12.27 [c/n also 7084 Also reported as Ni21]
F-AGDPBreguet 14.A28F-AGDPPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly00.07.241266Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGDQSpad XVI12111F-AGDQPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >M Camplan /Bordeaux 00.07.241267Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-AGDRSpad XVI9624F-AGDRPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.07.241268Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGDSSpad XVI9615F-AGDSPL Richard /Orly >Air Union /Le Bourget >M Bonin /Maison Blanche Alger00.07.241269Canc 5.27
F-AGDTSpad VII16F-AGDTPL Richard /Orly00.07.241270Canc 7.25
F-AGDUSpad VII17F-AGDUPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.07.241271Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGDVSpad VII18F-AGDVPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.07.241272Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGDXSpad VII19F-AGDXPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.07.241273Canc as Destroyed 1.30
F-AGDYSpad VII20F-AGDYPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.07.241274Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGDZSpad VII21F-AGDZPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.07.241275Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGEASpad VII22F-AGEAPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.07.241276Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGEBSpad VII23F-AGEBPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.07.241277Destroyed 10.28
F-AGECSpad VII24F-AGECPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.07.241278Destroyed 1.29 [c/n 22 in ICAN347]
F-AGEDSpad VII25F-AGEDPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.07.241279Canc as Destroyed 1.30
F-AGEEFarman F.70 > F.7312F-AGEEM Farman /Le Bourget >Soc.Generale de Transports Aerienne /Le Bourget 00.07.241280
F-AGEFFarman F.70 > F.7313F-AGEFM Farman /Le Bourget >Soc.Generale de Transports Aerienne /Le Bourget 08.07.241281
F-AGEGSchreck FBA 17 HE214F-AGEGM Caudron /Le Crotoy00.07.241282Canc 5.25
F-AGEHSopwith 1.A25111F-AGEHSAFMAN /Orly00.07.241283Canc as Destroyed 5.29
F-AGEIZodiac 945m3 Balloon152F-AGEISoc.Zodiac /Puteaux12.07.241284[PB has 152/187]
F-AGEJNieuport 811F-AGEJPL Richard /Orly00.07.241285Canc 7.25
F-AGEKNieuport 812F-AGEKPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.07.241286Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGELNieuport 813F-AGELPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.07.241287Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGEMBleriot 115 > Bleriot 115 Bis1F-AGEMSTAe (for use by Air Union) /Le Bourget >Soc.Generale de Transports Aeriens /Le Bourget00.08.241288Canc 8.26
F-AGENBleriot XI886F-AGENArmand Schemmel /Paris02.08.241289Wfu 10.31
F-AGEOBleriot-Spad 56/1 > 751F-AGEOSTAe (for use by Cie Franco-Roumaine) /Le Bourget04.08.241290Destroyed 12.31 [PB has CoT to Spad 75]
F-AGEPNieuport 81 > 81 Bis4F-AGEPPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Boulogne-sur-Seine04.08.241291Wfu 10.31
F-AGEQNieuport 81 > 81 Bis5F-AGEQPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.08.241292Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGERPotez VIII306.29F-AGERLafon /Villacoublay >H Potez /Villacoublay00.08.241293Canc 10.25
F-AGESCaudron C.605619.43F-AGESRene Caudron /Le Crotoy 13.08.241294Wfu 10.31 [C.59 per Docavia]
F-AGETNieuport 81 > 81 Bis6F-AGETPL Richard /Orly00.08.241295Canc 7.25
F-AGEUNieuport 81 > 81 Bis7F-AGEUPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.08.241296Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGEVSopwith 1.A2270F-AGEVPL Richard /Orly >Ste France Aviation >Aero Club de l'Oranie /Oran00.08.241297Destroyed 10.29
F-AGEXSopwith 1.A2271F-AGEXPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Billancourt (based Chalon sur-Saone) >Aero-Club de la Cote d'Or /Dijon >Louis Lacaille /Chaumont >Rene Laruppe /Auxonne (Cote d'Or) 13.08.241298Wfu 4.35
F-AGEXMauboussin 12F-AGEX[Suspect]
F-AGEYSopwith 1.A2272F-AGEYPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly >Les Ailes Lyonnaises /Lyon13.08.241299Destroyed 4.34
F-AGEZSopwith 1.A2273F-AGEZPL Richard /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.08.241300Canc as Destroyed 11.29
F-AGFABleriot 135 1F-ESBB F-AGFABleriot /Buc00.08.241301
F-AGFACaudron C.275592.21F-AGFAPer Docavia
F-AGFBCaudron C.183 1F-ESAI F-AGFBRene Caudron /Issy00.08.241302Canc 9.25
F-AGFCFarman F.3X > F.1211F-ESAR F-AGFCHM & D Farman /Toussus le Noble >Service Technique de l'Aeronautique /Le Bourget (loan to HM Farman)00.08.241303Sold abroad 8.25
F-AGFDBleriot-Spad 46 > 663066.1F-AGFDCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.08.241304Destroyed 11.28
F-AGFELiore et Olivier H.1332F-AGFELatecoere /Toulouse >Generale Aeropostale /Toulouse 26.08.241305Wfu 8.33 [c/n also 38]
F-AGFFPotez VIII383F-AGFFH Potez /Villacoublay00.08.241306Canc 10.25
F-AGFFSchreck FBA 1703F-AGFF[Suspect]
F-AGFGCaudron C.27 > C.1255593.22F-ESAG F-AGFGRene Caudron /Le Crotoy >J de l'Epee /Villacoublay >Coyco /Bordeaux >Jean Vanlaere /Reims >Armand Gerard /Chartres >Germain Bras /Blanc-Mesnil >Aero Club des Cotes du Nord /St Brieuc27.08.241307Destroyed 2.37