Civil Aircraft Register - France

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
From 1921 a new prefix letter was commenced each year up to the F-AI series 
i.e. F-AB.. = 1920 F-AD.. = 1921 F-AE.. = 1922 etc except for F-AK.. and F-ES.. which were for prototypes 
Construction numbers are shown in the format aaaa.[bbb].[ccc] 
where aaaa is the aaath machine produced by that manufacturer 
bbb is the bbbth machine of that model and ccc is the cccth military machine of that variant 
-Farman F.46 1-M Durafour00.00.20128
F-ABABVoisin IX 5014F-ABABM Touraud /Le Bourget00.00.20103Canc 5.25
F-ABACVoisin IX5016F-ABACM Touraud /Le Bourget11.05.20104Wfu 12.31
F-ABADMorane-Saulnier XXX AI1667F-ABADMorane-Saulnier >M.Fronval & Boissier /Villacoublay00.00.20108[c/n 1874 in ICAN9/115 and also 2059 quoted]
F-ABAECaudron G.34565F-ABAEM Guichard /Le Bourget22.05.20111Wfu 10.31
F-ABAGCaudron G.37430F-ABAGM Leclair /Le Bourget >PL Richard /Orly00.00.20127Canc 1.23 [also given as Nieuport 29]
F-ABAKCaudron G.32009F-ABAKM de Lavillette /Bordeaux10.06.20138Destroyed 10.31
F-ABANNieuport 8110498F-ABANM Trabaud /Le Bourget >M Poulin /Paris >M.Brugere /Paris00.06.20208Wfu 10.31
F-ABAOMorane-Saulnier XXX AI2283F-ABAOMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay >M Fronval /Villacoublay >Morane-Saulnier /Villacoublay 25.06.20220Wfu 10.31 [c/n 2059 in ICAN108]
F-ABAPMorane-Saulnier XXX AI2289F-ABAPM Pouillot /Villacoublay >Soc.Pour le Developpement de l'Aviation /Le Bourget00.06.20221Destroyed 11.28
F-ABAQMorane-Saulnier XXX AI2316F-ABAQM Pouillot /Villacoublay >Maurice Finat /Villacoublay00.00.20222Canc 11.22
F-ABARMorane 30A.1 2268F-ABARM Pouillot /Villacoublay >Morane-Saulnier /Villacoublay00.00.20223Canc 3.26
F-ABAUFarman F.404308F-ABAUM Minier /Paris02.07.20230Wfu 12.31
F-ABAVNieuport 29G01F-ABAVSociete Nieuport /Villacoublay00.00.20231Canc 10.24
F-ABAYCaudron G.36921F-ABAYM Poire /Paris (based Le Havre) 00.00.20233Canc as Destroyed 5.29 [c/n same as F-ABDD]
F-ABAZCaudron G.34816F-ABAZM Crouan-Briau /Varades LI >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Boulogne sur-Seine (based Varades LI) 00.07.20234Destroyed 3.29
F-ABCDCaudron G.36919F-ABCDPL Richard >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Boulogne (based Le Bourget) 00.02.2039Canc as Destroyed 1.30
F-ABCECaudron G.36942F-ABCEM Lecerf /Beauval pres Meux00.00.2040Canc 8.24
F-ABCGSopwith 1.A25546F-ABCGM Delmas /Le Bourget00.04.2052Canc 10.22
F-ABCISopwith 1.B21353F-ABCIM Duchereux /Roermond (Hollande) 29.05.20112Wfu 10.31
F-ABCMNieuport 809620F-ABCMPL Richard /Bordeaux00.00.2065Canc 4.23
F-ABCNSopwith 1.B1771F-ABCNM Mayet /Issoudun (based Le Bourget) 00.00.2066Destroyed 1.29
F-ABCQSalmson 2 627F-ABCQM de Boisherbert Op by M Thana /Thuau 5.2000.05.2087Destroyed 8.22
F-ABCRNieuport 81 > 81 Bis9830F-ABCRM Malinvaud /Limoges >Joubert >M Camplan /Bordeaux00.04.2085Destroyed 10.26 Canc 5.29
F-ABCSSopwith 1.A2831F-ABCSM Nungesser /Orly00.00.2086Canc 1.23
F-ABCTSopwith A.2 3482F-ABCTChas Weill /Le Bourget00.00.2088Canc 7.24
F-ABCVNieuport 27 5702F-ABCVM Laborde-Castex00.00.2091Destroyed 8.22 [F-ABCW per AB]
F-ABCZSopwith 1.B26032F-ABCZM Duchereux /Le Bourget >PL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly00.05.2094Canc/reforme 2.30
F-ABDASpad VII1288F-ABDAM Chemindouce >PL Richard /Orly00.09.20366Canc 10.25 [c/n 7288 in ICAN9/168 and also 1298]
F-ABDBLevy Georges RF-ABDB00.00.20
F-ABDDCaudron G.36921F-ABDDM Berger /Le Bourget >M Richard >M Sardier /Aulnat >Aero Club d'Auvergne /Aulnat00.07.20276Canc/reforme 6.29 [c/n same as F-ABAY but 6021 in ICAN368]
F-ABDECaudron G.34538F-ABDECaudron /Issy00.07.20274Canc/transforme into taxi-plane 2.30
F-ABDFNieuport 8010667F-ABDFM Peuillot /Le Bourget00.07.20277Canc as Destroyed 6.29
F-ABDHSopwith A.2 5158F-ABDHM Pajet /Le Bourget00.00.20281
F-ABDISopwith 1.A2F-ABDI00.00.20
F-ABDJNieuport 818221F-ABDJPL Richard >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly05.08.20287Canc as Destroyed 1.30
F-ABDKSpad 292962.01F-ABDKM Dubonnet /Neuilly (based Buc)00.00.20289Destroyed 2.29 [PB reported as c/n 962.01]
F-ABDMNieuport 803433F-ABDMM Helen /Villacoublay00.08.20294Canc 6.25
F-ABDOCaudron G.3F-ABDO00.00.20296?
F-ABDPNieuport 80 10665F-ABDPM Paillard /Angers00.00.20297Canc 8.24
F-ABDQCaudron G.33594F-ABDQM Caudron /Le Crotoy00.08.20298Canc 1.28
F-ABDRSopwith 1.A25249F-ABDRM de LaMothe /Villacoublay20.08.20301Wfu 12.31
F-ABDTCaudron C.334891.1F-ABDTM Caudron /Issy >M.Maicon /Villefranche sur-Mer (later Nice)21.08.20303Destroyed 12.31
F-ABDUCaudron G.36186F-ABDUSoc.Francaise d'Aviation et de Publicite Aerienne /Troyes (based Brienne le Chateau) 00.08.20305Destroyed 1.29
F-ABDVSopwith 1.B2393F-ABDVSoc. d'Aviation de Lyon /Bron00.08.20307Canc 3.28
F-ABDXCaudron G.32827F-ABDXAero Club d'Auvergne /Clermont-Ferrand31.08.20326Destroyed 10.31
F-ABDZNieuport 80 type 2310862F-ABDZPL Richard >Soc.France Aviation /Billancourt (based Avrille -Angers) >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Orly 00.09.20330Canc as Destroyed 1.30 [c/n 10682 per BV/ICAN9/403]
F-ABEAFarman F.40 > F.41 > F.466802F-ABEAM Bienaime /Toussus-le-Noble >M Gougenheim /Etampes (based Toussus-le-Noble) >M Quemin /Toussus-le-Noble07.07.20235Wfu 01.06.32
F-ABEBFarman F.401721F-ABEBM A Cohen /Paris08.07.20236Wfu 10.31
F-ABEDDorand AR.1509F-ABEDM Martin-Jaubert /Le Bourget10.07.20240Wfu 10.31
F-ABEGMorane-Saulnier XXXV AR > AR.35C2392.18F-ABEG F-AIPXMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay >Maurice Finat /Orly >Morane-Saulnier /Villacoublay >Ste pour le Developpement de l'Aviation /Orly00.07.20244Canc 12.27
F-ABEHSalmson 2.A21293F-ABEHSoc.des Moteurs Salmson /Billancourt13.07.20245Wfu 12.34
F-ABEISpad VII11090F-ABEIAndre Herbelin /Mulhouse13.07.20249Wfu 01.06.32
F-ABEJSpad VII11124F-ABEJAndre Herbelin /Mulhouse13.07.20250Wfu 01.06.32
F-ABEKNieuport 8010678F-ABEKRoger Ronserail /Besancon13.07.20251Wfu 12.31
F-ABELFarman F.402675F-ABELRoger Ronserail /Besancon >Andre Herbelin /Mulhouse13.07.20252Wfu 01.06.32
F-ABEMFarman F.402866F-ABEMM Bucciali /Hardelot-Plage >M Lhuillery /Bonneval (E&L)00.07.20253Destroyed 1.29
F-ABENCaudron G.45495.4031F-ABENM Bretonnieres /Paris Plage15.07.20254Wfu 10.31
F-ABEPSopwith A.2 1 1/2 Strutter 3541F-ABEPDudley L Hill /Le Bourget17.07.20211Sold JE Arnott /UK Canc 7.24
F-ABEQSopwith 1.A21559F-ABEQMarcel Serre /Le Bourget00.00.20367Canc as Discarded 5.29
F-ABERNieuport 80 9640F-ABERM Trabaud00.00.20256Destroyed 8.22
F-ABESNieuport 819826F-ABESM Lecerf /Le Bourget >M Bonin -Aero Club de l'Est /Setif00.09.20257Canc 3.26
F-ABEUFarman F.40 6861F-ABEUM Closset /Toussus-le-Noble00.00.20269Canc 3.24
F-ABEVCaudron G.3 4500F-ABEVAero Club de l'Ouest /Avrille00.07.20270Canc 7.24
F-ABEWCaudron G.34902F-ABEWM Caudron /Issy >Jean Montagnon /Nevers >Louis Tremblay /Villefranche s-Saone >Aero-Club de Villefranche Sur Saone /Villefranche s-Saone >SA des Avions Caudron /Issy >Rene Caudron /St Cloud24.07.20272[c/n 492 in ICAN567]
F-ABEXCaudron G.3 6914F-ABEXM Caudron /Issy00.08.20271Canc 7.24 [Per Docavia this is c/n 3416 SFA C6160 - see F-ABEY]
F-ABEYCaudron G.33416F-ABEYM Caudron /Le Crotoy00.07.20273
F-ABEZCaudron G.32993.4903F-ABEZLouis Vinay /Paris09.10.20Destroyed 10.31 [or F-ABFZ? c/n 2998 - PB quoted as c/n 4903|2993]
F-ABFBSopwith 1.B23282F-ABFBM Caudron /Le Crotoy >M Druyck /Paris04.09.20333Destroyed 12.31
F-ABFCSopwith 1.B23124F-ABFCM Caudron /Le Crotoy00.09.20334Canc 12.27
F-ABFDSopwith 1.B2522F-ABFDM Caudron /Le Crotoy00.09.20335Canc 5.27
F-ABFESopwith 1.A2437F-ABFEM Caudron /Le Crotoy00.09.20336Wfu 7.26 Canc 5.27
F-ABFHSopwith 1.A21590F-ABFHM Caudron /Le Crotoy00.09.20339Canc 12.27
F-ABFISopwith 1.B24075F-ABFIM Caudron /Le Crotoy04.09.20340Destroyed 12.31
F-ABFJSopwith 1.A25406F-ABFJM Caudron /Le Crotoy00.09.20341Canc 12.27
F-ABFLSopwith 1.A25252F-ABFLM Caudron /Le Crotoy00.09.20343Wfu 7.26 Canc 5.27
F-ABFNSopwith 1.A27218F-ABFNM Caudron /Le Crotoy00.00.20345Canc 12.27
F-ABFONieuport 80 10659F-ABFOM Levee /Villacoublay00.00.20350
F-ABFPNieuport 10.A2 10330F-ABFPM Azais /Foulery00.00.20352Canc 8.24
F-ABFRLiore et Olivier 4.11F-ABFRLiore et Olivier /Villcoublay00.09.20360Wfu 4.25
F-ABFSNieuport X.A2F-ABFSM Nieuport /Villacoublay >Soc.Nieuport-Astra /Issy18.09.20365Wfu 10.31
F-ABFTDorand AR.1505F-ABFTMaurice Finat /Le Bourget00.00.20368Canc 10.22 [c/n also 585]
F-ABFVNieuport 23 [10.A2]10365F-ABFVAero Club de Bourgogne >M Richard /Paris00.00.20381Canc 1.23
F-ABFWCaudron G.3822F-ABFWM Camplan /Bordeaux00.00.20383Canc 11.23 [c/n 5722 ICAN69]
F-ABFXCaudron C.59400F-ABFX00.00.20[rebuilt as C.109 F-ALGQ c/n 18/6221 per PB?]
F-ABFYCaudron G.3 [F]77F-ABFYPL Richard /Orly00.10.20386Canc 10.22
F-ABFZCaudron G.32998F-ABFZMartenot de Cordoux /Le Bourget > Louis Vinay /Orly00.10.20388
F-ABGACaudron G.34852F-ABGAMartenot de Cordoux /Le Bourget00.10.20392Wfu 4.25
F-ABGDDe Pischof 112001F-ABGD00.00.20
F-ABGENieuport 818214F-ABGEJean Salis /Grenoble14.10.20391Wfu 10.31
F-ABGFNieuport 80 > 80 BisF-ABGFM Secretain /Le Bourget >Berlioux >PL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Soc.Francaise d'Aviation /Orly00.10.20400Canc/reforme 8.28
F-ABGISopwith 1.A2245F-ABGIM Loiseau /Tours00.10.20401Discarded 3.29 [c/n 1245 per BV25/ICAN9]
F-ABGKNieuport 808177F-ABGK O-BABU F-ABGKPL Richard >Soc.France Aviation /Billancourt (based Avrille -Angers) >Molon /Le Havre >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Boulogne-sur-Seine30.10.20402
F-ABGLNieuport 80F-ABGL00.00.20
F-ABGMFokker D.VII6851/17F-ABGMRoger Ricaud /Paris09.12.20415Wfu 10.31
F-ABGNNieuport 275702F-ABGNM Peuillot /Le Bourget00.11.20404Sold abroad 6.29
F-ABGOCaudron G.34978F-ABGOM Caudron /Issy00.11.20412Canc 3.23
F-ABGPCaudron G.34988F-ABGPM Caudron /Issy00.11.20413Canc 3.23
F-ABGQMorane-Saulnier XXXV AR > AR.35C2393F-ABGQMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay00.12.20418Canc 11.27 [same c/n as F-AHDA]
F-ABGRSalmson 2.A210252|14252|14258F-ABGRSoc.des Moteurs Salmson /Chateaufort19.11.20414Wfu 12.34 [c/n 14252 per Bv25/ICAN9]
F-ABGSMorane-Saulnier XXXV AR > AR.35C2376F-ABGSMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay00.12.20416Canc/reforme 2.30
F-ABGUNieuport 29F-ABGU00.00.20419('Nieuport monoplace')
F-ABGYMorane-Saulnier XXXV AR > AR.35C2364F-ABGYMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay00.12.20422Canc 11.27 [c/n 2384 per BV25/ICAN9/155/280]
F-ABGZMorane-Saulnier XXXV AR > AR.35C2382F-ABGZMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay00.12.20423Canc 11.27
F-ABHAMorane-Saulnier XXXV AR2375F-ABHAMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay > Aero-Sports /Paris14.12.20424Wfu 10.31 [c/n 2275 per Bv25]
F-ABHBMorane-Saulnier XXXVI AS2399.1F-ABHB F-AJHBMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay >Jean de la Vizcaya /Villacoublay >M.Detroyat /Villacoublay00.12.20425Sold abroad 5.29 Reregd F-AJHB 14.6.29 [CoR 2131]
F-ABHCMorane-Saulnier XXXVI AS2400.2F-ABHCMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay >Pierre Vizcaya /Villacoublay00.12.20426Canc 4.28 (PB reported as DH Moth Major - unlikely)
F-ABHDMorane-Saulnier XXXVI AS2401.3F-ABHDMorane-Saulnier >Christian Mallet /Aulnat >Antoine Leglise /Clermont-Ferrand >Paul Lemee /Evreux >Aero Club de l'Eure /Evreux >R Coluenne /Clermont Ferrand >R Georges /Le Havre >A Muller /Strasbourg00.12.20427Reregistered 4.4.28
F-ABHEMorane-Saulnier XXXVI AS2402.4F-ABHEMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay >Pierre Le Nieuthiec /Villacoublay14.12.20428
F-ABHGMorane-Saulnier XXX AI2044F-ABHGMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay00.12.20430
F-ABHIMorane-Saulnier XXX AI2048F-ABHIMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay00.12.20431
F-ABHJMorane-Saulnier XXX AI2067F-ABHJMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay00.12.20432Canc 5.25
F-ABHKMorane-Saulnier XXX AI2099F-ABHKMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay00.12.20433
F-ABHLMorane-Saulnier XXX AI1673F-ABHLMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay00.12.20434
F-ABHMMorane-Saulnier XXX AI1786F-ABHMMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay00.12.20435
F-ABHNSopwith 1.A25571F-ABHNEmile Renaux /Joinville-le-Pont20.12.20439Wfu 10.31 [c/n 571 in BV25/ICAN9]
F-ABHOSopwith 1.A25583F-ABHOEmile Renaux /Joinville-le-Pont20.12.20440Wfu 10.31
F-ABHPBreguet 14F-ABHPMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget00.04.21[Spad per MF]
F-ABHRBreguet-Latecoere 14F-ABHR00.00.20
F-ACBOTellier T-2F-ACBOCie Franco-Bilbaine de Transports Aeriens /Bayonne00.00.20[Possibly F-ABCO]
F-ACBUTellier T-2F-ACBUCie Franco-Bilbaine de Transports Aeriens /Bayonne00.00.20[Possibly F-ABCU]
F-ACCPPotez 36.132369(F-ALJM) F-ACCPEtat Francais op Ministere de l'Air /Paris >Etat Francais loan Aero Club de Lille /Lille-Ronchin20.10.312996
F-ACFSTellier T-2F-ACFSCie Franco-Bilbaine de Transports Aeriens /Bayonne00.00.20[unconfirmed]
F-ACGTNieuport 819802F-ACGTGenerale Transaerienne /Le Bourget00.00.2022Canc as Destroyed 5.29
F-ACMABleriot-Spad 50 >33 3022.2F-ACMAMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget00.05.21513Canc/reforme 1.29
F-ACMBBleriot-Spad 33 3023.3F-ACMBMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget00.05.21534
F-ACMCBleriot-Spad 33 3024.4F-ACMCMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget00.05.21535Canc 1.24
F-ACMDBleriot-Spad 33 3025.5F-ACMDMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget00.05.21536Canc pre 22
F-ACMEBleriot-Spad 33 3026.6F-ACMEMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget00.05.21537Canc 12.22
F-ACMFBleriot-Spad 33 > 50 > 333027.7F-ACMFMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget00.05.21542Canc/reforme 1.29
F-ACMGBleriot-Spad 33 3028.8F-ACMGMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget00.05.21549Destroyed nr Abbeville 14.08.23
F-ACMHBleriot-Spad 33 3029.9F-ACMHMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget00.05.21555Crashed in English Channel 3.6.22
F-ACMIBleriot-Spad 33 > 503030.10F-ACMIMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget00.05.21556Canc/reforme 1.29
F-ADAADorand AR.1 1195F-ADAAMaurice Finat /Le Bourget >Soc.Propagande Aeronautique /Le Bourget00.00.21600Destroyed nr Vienne 11.04.24
F-ADABSopwith 1.A2622F-ADABM Hanriot >Soc. des Avions Hanriot /Carrieres-sur-Seine >PL Richard04.06.21601Destroyed 13.10.24 Canc 10.31 [c/n also 614 and 602]
F-ADACSopwith 1.A2614F-ADACM Hanriot >Soc. des Avions Hanriot /Carrieres-sur-Seine04.06.21602Canc 10.31 [c/n also 622 and 601]
F-ADADPotez IX.S157F-ADAD00.00.21603
F-ADAEBleriot-Spad 50 >33 3031.11F-ADAEMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget00.06.21604Canc/reforme 1.29
F-ADAFBleriot-Spad 33 3032.12F-ADAFMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget00.06.21605Canc 3.28
F-ADAGBleriot-Spad 33 3033.13F-ADAGMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget00.07.21606Crashed Brussels 31.10.23
F-ADAHBreguet 14.T1899F-ADAHMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget00.06.21607Canc 8.23
F-ADAIBreguet 14.T21908F-ADAIMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget00.06.21608Lost over Channel 31.5.26 Canc 7.26
F-ADAJBreguet 18.T1947F-ADAJ00.00.21609
F-ADAKNieuport Delage 30T2 > 3101F-ADAK00.11.21610
F-ADALMorane-Saulnier XXXV AR32F-ADALMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay >MM.Giquel & Ledeuil /Neuilly-sur-Seine30.06.21611Wfu 10.31
F-ADAMMorane-Saulnier XXXV AR > AR.35C33F-ADAMMorane-Saulnier /Puteaux30.06.21612bisWfu 10.31
F-ADANMorane-Saulnier XXXV AR > AR.35C34F-ADANMorane-Saulnier /Puteaux30.06.21613bisWfu 10.31
F-ADAOMorane-Saulnier XXXV AR > AR.35C35F-ADAOMorane-Saulnier /Puteaux30.06.21614bisWfu 10.31
F-ADAPMorane-Saulnier XXXV AR > AR.35C36F-ADAPMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay00.00.21615Canc 11.27
F-ADAQMorane-Saulnier XXXV AR37F-ADAQMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay00.00.21616Canc 5.25
F-ADARBleriot-Spad 463070.01F-ESAX F-ADARBleriot Aeronautique /Buc >La Mission Bapt /Le Bourget00.00.21617Canc 8.24 [PB reported as ex F-ESAX c/n 01 Also reported as Spad 50]
F-ADASBleriot-Spad 33 Bis > 4701F-ADAS00.00.21618
F-ADATBreguet 14 F-ADATMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget00.00.21619Crashed nr airship mast landing Croydon 18.7.21 b/dgd repaired
F-ADAUBreguet 14.T Bis1910F-ADAUMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget16.06.21620Wfu 10.31
F-ADAVBreguet 14.TF-ADAVMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget00.07.21621
F-ADAXDorand AR.1569F-ADAXM Audenis /Lyon-Bron >Ste d'aviation de Lyon /Bron00.00.21622Canc 3.28
F-ADAYFarman F.60 Goliath > F.63 Bis Goliath6833.39F-ADAYMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget 'Alsace'00.06.21623
F-ADAZPotez IX154F-ADAZ and/or F-FRFZCIDNA /Le Bourget00.06.21624Canc/reforme 9.28
F-ADBAPotez IX159.21F-ADBACIDNA /Le Bourget00.00.21625[c/n clashes-probably 155]
F-ADBASFAN II9F-ADBA(2)Office National Meteorologique /Paris13.08.364825
F-ADBBPotez IXF-ADBB00.00.21626[Probably c/n 156 which crashed Warmbrunn Germany 2.11.20] [Also reported as Breguet 14 hydravion 11/21]
F-ADBCPotez IX157F-ADBCCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.21627Destroyed nr Hlavov Poland 6.6.24 [c/n also 168]
F-ADBFPotez IX 158F-ADBFCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.21630
F-ADBGPotez IX159F-ADBGCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.21631Destroyed nr Zdonskawla Poland 07.06.24
F-ADBHBleriot-Spad 35 > 3314F-ADBHMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget00.08.21632Lost crossing the Channel 29.11.24
F-ADBIBleriot-Spad 35 > 33 3045.15F-ADBIMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget00.07.21633Canc/reforme 8.29
F-ADBJBleriot-Spad 35 > 50 > 3316F-ADBJMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget >M Bertsche /Paris >Air Union /Le Bourget00.07.21634Canc/reforme 1.29
F-ADBLVickers 70 Viking IV1F-ADBLService Technique & Industriel de l'Aeronautique /Villacoublay00.11.21636Canc 3.28
F-ADBMBreguet 14.T Bis1912F-ADBMMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget30.07.21637Wfu 10.31. Reportedly destroyed 29.9.25?
F-ADBNBreguet 14.T BisF-ADBNMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget00.09.21638
F-ADBOBreguet 14.T Bis1914F-ADBOMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget30.07.21639Wfu 10.31
F-ADBPBreguet 14.T Bis1915F-ADBPMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget30.07.21640Wfu 10.31
F-ADBQBreguet 14.T1916F-ADBQMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Soc.Louis Breguet /Villacoublay00.02.22641Canc 8.24
F-ADBRBreguet 14.T BisF-ADBRAir Union00.00.21642
F-ADBTBleriot-Spad 53HF-ADBT00.00.21644
F-ADBVBleriot-Spad 53 > 54 > 54bis3012.2F-ADBVM Bleriot /Fressay > SA Bleriot Aeronautique /Buc00.07.21646[shown as ex 34bis >54 bis ICAN561]
F-ADBXNieuport 2810681F-ADBXGenerale Aeronautique /Le Bourget00.00.21647Canc as Destroyed 5.29
F-ADBYSchreck FBA 1186F-ADBYM Carmier /Argenteuil00.00.21648Canc 11.22
F-ADBZMorane-Saulnier XXX AI3627F-ADBZ F-AHBPPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly00.00.21649Canc 8.23
F-ADCAFarman F.60 Goliath > F.63 Bis Goliath33F-ADCAMessageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget 'Lorraine'00.08.21650
F-ADCBNieuport 245748F-ADCBM Martinet (Martenot?) de Cordoux /Boix-Colombes (Seine) 04.08.21651Wfu 1.6.32
F-ADCCCaudron C.60 > C.57.4 >.1F-ADCCMM Giguel & Ledeuil >Generale Aeronautique /Le Bourget00.00.21652Canc as Destroyed 5.29
F-ADCDPotez IX160F-ADCDCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.21653Destroyed Le Bourget 6.9.21
F-ADCEPotez IX161F-ADCECie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.00.21654Canc 7.25
F-ADCFPotez IX162F-ADCFCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget00.00.21655Canc 1.23
F-ADCGPotez IX163F-ADCGCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget13.08.21656Destroyed 12.31
F-ADCHPotez IX164F-ADCHCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.08.21657Canc/reforme 9.28
F-ADCIPotez IX165F-ADCICie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.08.21658Canc 3.26
F-ADCJPotez IX166F-ADCJCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.08.21659Crashed on approach to Budapest/Matyasfold 11.5.25
F-ADCKPotez IX167F-ADCKCie Franco-Roumaine /Le Bourget >CIDNA /Le Bourget00.08.21660Canc/reforme 9.28
F-ADCLDorand AR.141F-ADCLSoc.Francaise d'Aviation et de Publicite Aerienne /Troyes (based Brienne le Chateau) 00.00.21661Destroyed 1.29
F-ADCMNieuport 80 > 81 Bis10681F-ADCM F-AINIPL Richard /Orly >Soc.France Aviation /Orly >Cie Francaise d'Aviation /Boulogne-sur-Seine25.08.21662Wfu 10.31 [Note - same c/n as F-AINI]
F-ADCNMorane-Saulnier XXXV AR > AR.35C45F-ADCNMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay25.08.21663Wfu 10.31
F-ADCONieuport 28 6548F-ADCOM Fronval /Villacoublay00.08.21664Canc 8.24
F-ADCPSopwith 1.A22200F-ADCPM de Laviliette /Bordeaux >Soc.Lyonnaise d'Aviation /Lyon-Bron >Aero Club du Rhone et du Sud Est /Lyon-Bron00.08.21665
F-ADCRFarman F.60 Goliath > F.61 > F.636930.34F-ADCRCie Aerienne Francaise /Le Bourget31.08.21667Wfu 4.30?
F-ADCTSpad XIII2989F-ADCTBleriot Aeronautique /Buc00.00.21669Canc 4.24
F-ADCUSpad XIII2990F-ADCUBleriot Aeronautique /Buc00.00.21670Canc 4.24
F-ADCVSpad XIII2991F-ADCVBleriot Aeronautique /Buc00.00.21671Canc 4.24
F-ADCXSpad XIII2992F-ADCXBleriot Aeronautique /Buc00.00.21672Canc 4.24
F-ADCYMorane-Saulnier XXXV AR > AR.35C38F-ADCYMorane-Saulnier /Puteaux04.09.21673bisWfu 10.31
F-ADCZMorane-Saulnier XXXV AR > AR.35C39F-ADCZMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay >Soc.pour le Developpement de l'Aviation /Le Bourget >Office Commercial Aeronautique /Paris >Aero Club du Bas Armagnac /Nogaro (Gers)04.09.21674bis
F-ADDAMorane-Saulnier XXXV AR > AR.35C40F-ADDAMorane-Saulnier /Puteaux04.09.21675bisWfu 10.31
F-ADDBMorane-Saulnier XXXV AR > AR.35C41F-ADDBMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay00.08.22676Canc 10.26
F-ADDCMorane-Saulnier XXXV AR > AR.35C42F-ADDCMorane-Saulnier /Puteaux04.09.21677bisWfu 10.31
F-ADDDMorane-Saulnier XXXV AR > AR.35C43F-ADDDMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay >Soc.pour le Developpement de l'Aviation /Villacoublay04.09.21678bis
F-ADDEMorane-Saulnier XXXV AR > AR.35C44F-ADDEMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay >Soc.pour le Developpement de l'Aviation /Villacoublay >Office Commercial Aeronautique /Paris04.09.21679
F-ADDFMorane-Saulnier XXXV AR46F-ADDFMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay00.00.21680Canc 5.25 [c/n 45?]
F-ADDGMorane-Saulnier XXXV AR47F-ADDGMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay00.00.21681Canc 5.25 [c/n 46?]
F-ADDHMorane-Saulnier XXXV AR48F-ADDHMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay00.00.21682Canc 5.25 [c/n 47?]
F-ADDIMorane-Saulnier XXXV AR > AR.35C49F-ADDIMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay >M Fronval /Villacoublay >Louis Rivera /Bolivia (based Villacoublay)00.09.21683Canc as Sold abroad 5.29 [c/n 48?]
F-ADDJMorane-Saulnier XXXV AR50F-ADDJ and/or F-AJBOMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay00.00.21684Canc 5.25 [c/n 49?]
F-ADDKMorane-Saulnier XXXV AR51F-ADDKMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay00.00.21685Canc 5.25 To Chile? [c/n 50?]
F-ADDLMorane-Saulnier XXXV AR52F-ADDLMorane-Saulnier /Villacoublay00.00.21686Canc 5.25 [c/n 51?]
F-ADDMNordstern Dirigeable L-144(D) F-ADDMEtat Francais /St Cyr00.00.21687Destroyed 12.28
F-ADDNNieuport 819834F-ADDNM Paul Jacottet /Paris09.09.21688Destroyed 10.31
F-ADDOFarman F.61 Goliath > F.60 Goliath6345.13F-ADDOHM & D Farman /Toussus (op 4.22-5.22 by Messageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget)15.09.21689bisWfu 10.31 (c/n 6845 in ICAN9/192)
F-ADDPBleriot-Spad 343107F-ADDP A-9(1)Bleriot Aeronautique /Buc >M de Vaugelas /Vienne00.00.21690Canc 3.24
F-ADDQBleriot-Spad 34> 53 > 54 > 54 Bis3010.1F-ADDQBleriot Aeronautique /Buc 23.09.21691[also Spad 54 per PB/BV31. ex 34bis>54bis per ICAN561]
F-ADDRBleriot-Spad 34> 53 > 54 > 54 Bis3106.3F-ADDRBleriot Aeronautique /Buc >Les Ailes Lyonnaises /Lyon23.09.21692[also Spad 54 per PB/BV31]
F-ADDSFarman F.60 Goliath > F.63 Bis Goliath6933F-ADDSCie des Grands Expresses Aeriennes /Le Bourget 'Verdun' >Air Union /Le Bourget 'Auvergne'00.09.21693
F-ADDTFarman F.60 Goliath > F.63 Goliath6935.228F-ADDTCie des Grands Expresses Aeriennes /Le Bourget >Air Union /Le Bourget 'Languedoc'28.09.21694Wfu 7.12.32
F-ADDUCaudron C.591F-ADDUM Caudron /Issy00.00.21695Canc 4.24
F-ADDVCaudron C.595047.2F-ADDVM Caudron /Issy00.00.21696Canc 10.25
F-ADDXDonnet Dennaut 93018F-ADDXSoc.l'Aeronavale /Antibes >Air Union /Antibes 00.10.21697Canc/reforme 7.28 [Donnet HB.3 in ICAN318]
F-ADDYDonnet Dennaut 93019F-ADDYSoc.l'Aeronavale /Antibes >Air Union /Antibes 00.10.21698Canc/reforme 7.28 [Donnet HB.3 in ICAN318]
F-ADDZDonnet Dennaut 93030F-ADDZSoc.l'Aeronavale /Antibes00.10.21699Canc 9.22 [Donnet HB.3?]
F-ADEAFarman F.801F-ADEAMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble00.10.21700
F-ADEBFarman F.802F-ADEBMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble00.10.21701
F-ADECFarman F.803F-ADECMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble >Soc.Av.HM & D Farman /Billancourt06.10.21702
F-ADEDFarman F.804F-ADEDMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble00.10.21703
F-ADEEFarman F.805F-ADEEMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble00.10.21704Canc 12.23
F-ADEFFarman F.806F-ADEFMM Farman /Toussus-le-Noble00.10.21705
F-ADEGSalmson 2.A2 273F-ADEGM Ernoul /Toulouse00.10.21706Canc 5.25 [c/n 275 in ICAN150]
F-ADEHSalmson 2.A2 449F-ADEHM Ernoul /Toulouse00.10.21707Canc 5.25
F-ADEISalmson 2.A2 4015F-ADEIM Ernoul /Toulouse00.10.21708Canc 5.25
F-ADEIMorane-Saulnier XXVI PF-ADEI00.10.21Suspect
F-ADEJSalmson 2.A2 4030F-ADEJM Ernoul /Toulouse00.10.21709Canc 5.25
F-ADEKSalmson 2.A2 5381F-ADEKM Ernoul /Toulouse00.10.21710Canc 5.25
F-ADELSalmson 2.A2 3306F-ADELM Ernoul /Toulouse00.10.21711Canc 5.25