Civil Aircraft Register - Canada

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
CF-BYYLockheed 12 Junior Electra(CF-BYY)E Ahr22.03.45ntu
CF-BYZLockheed 12 Junior Electra(CF-BYZ)E Ahr22.03.45ntu
CF-BZJStinson HW-75 Voyager7177NC23730 CF-BSF RCAF3483 CF-BZJWinnipeg FC >C Graffo >S Agarand >N Lowe >R Taylor >Virden Aviation >L Heroux20.05.453154Wfu 3.12.66
CF-BZKStinson HW-75 Voyager7081NC22505 CF-BSX RCAF3472 CF-BZKWinnipeg FC >C Graffo >E Johnson12.06.453155Hit rock and overturned on landing Sylvan Man 9.5.56
CF-BZLStinson HW-75 Voyager7175NC22578 CF-BSJ RCAF3480 CF-BZLWinnipeg FC >C Graffo >W Davidson >G Johnson >N Chadderton11.08.453192
CF-BZMLockheed 12A Junior Electra1222NC18125 CF-BRQ RCAF7837 (CF-BZM) NC18125 N18125McInnes Products00.04.45ntu due wing corrosion 4.45
CF-BZNLockheed 12A Junior Electra1241NC18947 CF-BRA RCAF7641 (CF-BZN) NC18947 N18947 CF-HRNMcInnes Products00.04.45Sold USA as NC18947 .45
CF-BZOCessna T-50 CraneE Ahr13.04.45ntu
CF-BZPCessna T-50 CraneE Ahr13.04.45ntu
CF-BZQCessna T-50 CraneE Ahr13.04.45ntu
CF-BZRCessna T-50 CraneE Ahr13.04.45ntu
CF-BZSCessna T-50 Crane1141RCAF7698 CF-BZSE Ahr >Algoma AT >Inter Provincial AS >Lawrence Motors >W Easton27.04.453136Wfu 28.1.51 Dismantled
CF-BZTCessna T-50 Crane228242-13618 RCAF8732 CF-BZTE Ahr >Algoma AT >Inter Provincial AS >W Easton27.04.453137Scrapped 10.12.48
CF-BZUCessna T-50 CraneE Ahr13.04.45ntu
CF-BZVCessna T-50 CraneE Ahr13.04.45ntu
CF-BZWNoorduyn Norseman VI82545-41741 CF-BZWEldorado Mining & Refining20.04.453134Overturned in slush on landing Leith Point NWT 20.11.48
CF-BZXDH.82C Tiger MothDHC1761RCAF8959 CF-BZXT Senior19.06.453195Stalled and crashed nr Brantford Ont 21.11.45
CF-BZZDH.82C Tiger MothDHC1768RCAF8966 CF-BZZT Senior >C Lee >J Lee >W Johnston >R Robson >A Watson19.06.453196Dbf London Ont 12.2.55
CF-CAADH.60M Moth729CF-CAADept of National Defence -Toronto FC08.05.29592Dbr landing Toronto 23.10.40
CF-CABDH.60M Moth730CF-CABDept of National Defence -Montreal Light AC19.04.29694Crashed Montreal 8.7.29
CF-CACDH.60M Moth752CF-CACDept of National Defence -Winnipeg FC20.05.29617Dbr Winnipeg 18.8.30
CF-CADDH.60M Moth732CF-CADDept of National Defence -Hamilton AC19.04.29695U/c collapsed Hamilton 15.6.33
CF-CAEDH.60M Moth733CF-CAEDept of National Defence -Regina FC16.05.29610Dbr Regina 18.10.31
CF-CAFDH.60M Moth753CF-CAFDept of National Defence -Saskatoon FC16.05.29611Crashed landing Saskatoon 29.12.29
CF-CAGDH.60M Moth754CF-CAGDept of National Defence -Moose Jaw AC16.05.29608Crashed landing Moose Jaw 26.6.37
CF-CAHDH.60M Moth731CF-CAHDept of National Defence -Calgary AC14.05.29599Dbr Calgary 24.4.29
CF-CAIDH.60M Moth755CF-CAIDept of National Defence -Granby AC10.05.29609Dbr Granby 12.5.29
CF-CAJAvro 594B Avian IVMR3/CN/289CF-CAJDept of National Defence -Ottawa FC01.06.29687Rudder jammed in turn due support failure nr Ottawa Ont 8.5.30
CF-CAKDH.60G Gipsy Moth861CF-CAKHamilton AC >E Ferguson >A Elmhirst >R Deachman28.01.29551
CF-CALDH.60M Moth773CF-CALMoose Jaw FC >W Betts >Moose Jaw FC >G Burroughs15.05.29607to Tech school as inst a/f .41
CF-CAMDH.60M Moth774CF-CAMRegina FC16.05.29606Crashed on landing Regina Sask 16.12.29
CF-CANDH.60M Moth775CF-CANSaskatoon AC16.05.29605Collided with car Saskatoon 5.7.29
CF-CAODH.60M Moth776CF-CAODept of National Defence -Calgary AC >Calgary AC >A Berry >Beaulieu Yellowknife Mines15.05.29603Derelict Yellowknife 6.2.47
CF-CAPDH.60M Moth766CF-CAPBorder Cities AC >A Elmhirst >A Johnston >C Roper13.05.29598Hit shoal landing on lake nr Torrance Ont 15.8.41
CF-CAQAvro 594 Avian IVR3/CN/221CF-CAQOttawa FC30.04.29688Dbr Ottawa Ont .30 pts used to build CF-CAR
CF-CARAvro 594 Avian IVR3/CN/222CF-CAROttawa FC16.04.29689Dbr Ottawa Ont 28.6.31
CF-CASDH.60M Moth1303CF-CASDept of National Defence -Fort William FC27.05.29632Stalled landing Fort William 17.2.30
CF-CATDH.60M Moth1305CF-CATDept of National Defence -Fort William FC27.05.29633Dbr Fort William Ont 9.9.30
CF-CAUDH.60M Moth1306CF-CAUDept of National Defence -Kingston FC06.06.29641Stalled on overshoot Kingston 3.7.30
CF-CAVDH.60M Moth794CF-CAVDept of National Defence -Saint John FC06.06.29640Dbr Saint John 14.6.31
CF-CAWDH.60M Moth1307CF-CAWDept of National Defence -St Catherines FC >M Gain >G Schuyt >Kitchener-Waterloo FC >Cub Aircraft >L Gregory08.06.29648Hit trees nr Acton Ont 9.8.42
CF-CAXDH.60M Moth1308CF-CAXDept of National Defence -Kingston FC08.06.29647Crashed nr Kingston Ont 4.10.30
CF-CAYAvro 594B Avian IVMR3/CN/285CF-CAYDept of National Defence -Cape Breton FC06.07.29680Rts for CF-CAZ 1.6.32
CF-CAZAvro 594B Avian IVMR3/CN/284CF-CAZDept of National Defence -Cape Breton FC06.07.29681Dbr in heavy landing nr Sydney NS 28.6.37
CF-CBAAvro 594B Avian IVMR3/CN/293CF-CBADept of National Defence -Brant-Norfolk AC27.07.29707Ground looped on landing run Brantford Ont 16.7.31
CF-CBBAvro 594B Avian IVMR3/CN/301CF-CBBDept of National Defence -Brant-Norfolk AC >Ottawa FC29.07.29710Wfu 21.5.39 Rts
CF-CBCAvro 594B Avian IVMR3/CN/300CF-CBCDept of National Defence -Brandon Aero Assn >Brandon FC16.08.29730Wfu 18.5.37 Dismantled
CF-CBDAvro 594B Avian IVMR3/CN/298CF-CBDDept of National Defence -Brandon Aero Assn >H Austin >R Joberty >P Atkin16.08.29731Wfu 16.6.41
CF-CBEDH.60M Moth1318CF-CBEDept of National Defence -Border Cities AC24.06.29669Stalled Walkerville Ont 1.6.30
CF-CBFDH.60M Moth1319CF-CBFDept of National Defence -St Catherines FC28.06.29673Dbr St Catherines Ont 29.4.34
CF-CBGDH.60M Moth1311CF-CBGDept of National Defence -Saint John FC15.08.29729Fuselage corroded 4.33
CF-CBHDH.60M Moth1326CF-CBHDept of National Defence -Halifax AC17.10.29771Lost control in cloud nr Halifax NS 26.9.30
CF-CBICurtiss-Reid Rambler I1039CF-CBIDept of National Defence -Montreal Light AC16.04.30836Stalled in turn after engine failure on takeoff Montreal PQ 6.12.30
CF-CBJAvro 594B Avian IVM322CF-CBJDept of National Defence -Ottawa FC >J Noury >L Ethier21.05.30870Wfu due wartime restrictions 3.10.39 (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-CBKDH.60M Moth1489CF-CBKDept of National Defence -Toronto FC05.05.30848Crashed nr Fisherville Ont 31.10.34
CF-CBLDH.60M Moth1490CF-CBLDept of National Defence -Regina FC >Kitchener-Waterloo FC >Brant-Norfolk AC >Cub Aircraft >P Anten >A Watts >Patterson & Hill >I Nelson09.05.30854Wfu 8.4.43
CF-CBMDH.60M Moth1492CF-CBMDept of National Defence -Fort William AC >E Farlinger02.05.30853Donated to Dept National Defence 24.7.40
CF-CBNDH.60M Moth1499CF-CBNEdmonton & Northern Alberta AC >L Shears >W Seddon >C Graffo >Winnipeg FC >C Graffo >F Powell >O Erickson25.04.30847Stalled after takeoff Rice Lake Man 29.6.47
CF-CBODH.60M Moth1498CF-CBOSaskatoon AC02.05.30866Stalled on approach Saskatoon 5.5.40
CF-CBPDH.60M Moth1497CF-CBPFort William AC30.04.30845Stalled in forced landing Fort William Ont 30.6.36
CF-CBQDH.60M MothDHC128CF-CBQHalifax AC22.04.31972Stalled during forced landing nr Elgin 21.6.35
CF-CBRDH.82A Tiger Moth3478CF-CBRDept of National Defence -Moose Jaw FC05.08.361765to Dir of Youth Training as inst a/f 6.12.41
CF-CBSDH.82A Tiger Moth3481CF-CBSDept of National Defence -Calgary AC >Moose Jaw FC17.08.361773to Saskatoon Tech College as inst a/f 15.8.41
CF-CBTDH.82A Tiger Moth3479CF-CBTDept of National Defence -Hamilton AC24.07.361764Dbf on engine start Hamilton Ont 16.4.40
CF-CBUDH.82A Tiger Moth3480CF-CBUDept of National Defence -Kingston FC >Toronto FC >Kingston FC >Dept of Transport >Johannesson FS >B Bjornson17.08.361777Overturned landing on lake in snow nr Elliott Lake Man 20.2.46
CF-CBVnot allotted
CF-CBWAvro 594B Avian IVM323CF-CBWDept of National Defence -London FC09.09.30926Stalled on takeoff during training flight nr London Ont 19.3.34 (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-CBXDH.60M MothDHC124CF-CBXDept of National Defence -Edmonton & Northern Alberta AC28.05.30875to 16EFTS as Inst a/f 19.3.40
CF-CBYDH.60M MothDHC123CF-CBYDept of National Defence -Saskatoon FC28.05.30876Stalled and spun nr Saskatoon 15.11.33
CF-CBZDesoutter IID.33G-ABCV CF-CBZDept of National Defence -Winnipeg FC08.11.30950Dbf in hangar fire Winnipeg Man 21.3.38
CF-CCABeech D17S203CF-CCA(2)Dept of Transport >Bradley AS >Spartan AS >I Sanders14.04.382211Wfu 7.12.58
CF-CCADH.75A Hawk Moth343G-AAFW CF-CCA G-CYVDDept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn >RCAF16.07.30911SOC 8.10.35
CF-CCBCurtiss-Reid Rambler I1041CF-CCB CF-AUODept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn >Fleet Aircraft15.07.30912Rebuilt as CF-AUO
CF-CCCDH.80A Puss MothDHC216CF-CCCDept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn27.05.31987Reduced to spares 28.7.36
CF-CCDDH.60M MothDHC110RCAF154 CF-CCD RCAF154 CF-CFT RCAFA.105Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn >RCAF09.02.331242SOC 21.12.44
CF-CCEFairchild KR-34C802CF-AMW CF-CCE CF-AMWDept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn21.07.30879
CF-CCFDH.80A Puss MothDHC204RCAF172 CF-CCFDept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn25.09.331353Dbf during refuelling Edmonton 3.9.34
CF-CCGStearman 4-C Junior Speedmail4013CF-CCGDept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn03.04.30830Hit soft spot on landing and overturned Salmo BC 1.5.34 Rts for CF-CCH
CF-CCHStearman 4-C Junior Speedmail4014CF-CCH CF-BSQDept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn >L Coughtry03.04.30831
CF-CCIDH.80A Puss MothDHC203RCAF171 CF-CCIDept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn25.10.321203Forcelanded on Lake Matchi-Manitou 28.3.35
CF-CCJDH.80A Puss MothDHC209RCAF177 CF-CCJDept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn28.06.331300Destroyed in hangar fire Toronto 12.11.35
CF-CCKDH.80A Puss MothDHC210RCAF178 CF-CCKDept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn28.03.341379Reduced to spares 8.4.36
CF-CCLDH.80A Puss MothDHC207RCAF175 CF-CCLDept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn25.01.351514Reduced to spares 6.36
CF-CCMDH.80A Puss MothDHC213RCAF181 CF-CCMDept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn26.11.341493to Calgary Inst of Tech 9.36
CF-CCNFairchild 24C-8E2801CF-CCNDept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn >Leavens Bros AS >Maritime Central AW19.05.361691Sold USA 1.11.43
CF-CCOFairchild 24C-8E2802CF-CCODept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn10.06.361709Sold USA 6.43
CF-CCPWaco YKS-64410CF-CCPDept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn09.04.361672Damaged in fire Edmonton Alta 7.4.39 Gift to Calgary Inst Tech
CF-CCQWaco YKS-64411CF-CCQDept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn >Zodiac Mining >Fleet Aircraft30.03.361673Sold to USA as NC34214 7.8.43
CF-CCRStinson SR-7B Reliant9695CF-CCRDept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn28.03.361674Stalled on landing and u/c collapsed South River Airport Ont 11.5.37
CF-CCSWaco YKS-64530CF-CCSDept of Transport19.11.361883Dbf in hangar fire Winnipeg Man 21.3.38
CF-CCTLockheed 12A Junior Electra1219CF-CCTDept of Transport10.05.371965Natl Aviation Museum Ottawa Ont 22.10.63
CF-CCUWaco ZQC-6 > AQC-64591CF-CCU CF-ECQDept of Transport >Superior AW03.04.371986
CF-CCVWaco ZQC-64590CF-CCVDept of Transport03.04.371987Dbf in hangar fire Ottawa Ont 9.9.37
CF-CCWWaco ZQC-6 > AQC-64646CF-CCWDept of Transport >J Murray >W Malpass >BC Airlines >H Pickup13.10.372097
CF-CCXDH.60M Moth1309G-CYWY RCAF212 CF-CCX RCAFA.128Dept of Transport >RCAF18.12.372447
CF-CCYDH.60M Moth1334RCAF117 CF-CCY RCAFA.113Dept of Transport >RCAF18.12.37SOC 19.9.47
CF-CCZnot allotted
CF-CDADH.60M MothDHC129CF-CDADept of National Defence -McGill Light AC06.05.31978Dbf nr Montreal 13.9.32
CF-CDCDH.60M MothDHC131CF-CDCDept of National Defence -Halifax AC05.05.31977Fuselage corroded 23.10.33
CF-CDDDH.60X Moth485G-CYYS CF-CDDDept of National Defence -Border Cities AC02.08.311038Seaplane. Dbr on takeoff Walkerville 4.11.32
CF-CDEAvro 594B Avian IVMR3/CN/310RCAF129 CF-CDEDept of National Defence -Cape Breton FC22.07.331315U/c collapsed on landing when bolt failed New Glasgow NS 10.6.37
CF-CDFAvro 594B Avian IVMR3/CN/297RCAF125 CF-CDFDept of National Defence -Cape Breton FC21.10.311051Stalled on landing Sydney NS 24.3.34
CF-CDGAvro 594B Avian IVMR3/CN/307RCAF126 CF-CDGDept of National Defence -Cape Breton FC21.10.311053Dbr in hard landing by student Sydney NS 15.8.37
CF-CDHAvro 594B Avian IVMR3/CN/309RCAF128 CF-CDHDept of National Defence -Brandon FC21.10.311052To 19EFTS Virden Man as inst a/f .41
CF-CDIAvro 594B Avian IVMR3/CN/296RCAF132 CF-CDIDept of National Defence -Brandon Aero Assn05.11.311057Dived too close to ground for recovery Brandon Man 6.6.33
CF-CDJAvro 594B Avian IVMR3/CN/313RCAF133 CF-CDJDept of National Defence -Brant-Norfolk AC07.10.311045Dbf Brandon Man 22.5.33
CF-CDKAvro 594B Avian IVM319RCAF142 CF-CDKDept of National Defence -Ottawa FC >J Noury >F Cybulskie >W Galbraith >J Belway10.12.311065Hit tree in forced landing due engine failure Blue Sea Lake PQ 17.3.40 (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-CDLAvro 594B Avian IVM321RCAF144 CF-CDLDept of National Defence -Brant-Norfolk AC >Ottawa FC >R Marchand >J Berry >J Noury >W Sparrow >G Levy07.10.311046Wfu 15.7.40 (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-CDMDH.80A Puss MothDHC219CF-IOL CF-CDMImperial Oil >Toronto FC28.03.341377Hit by Dragonfly CF-BBD Toronto 19.4.37 cv snowmobile
CF-CDNDH.80A Puss MothDHC212RCAF180 CF-CDNDept of National Defence -Toronto FC24.03.341376to Central Tech School as inst a/f 24.8.40
CF-CDODH.60M Moth739RCAF85 CF-CDODept of National Defence -Fort William AC >Lakehead FC >W Collins01.08.341438Wfu 11.3.42
CF-CDPDH.60M Moth746RCAF86 CF-CDPDept of National Defence -Brant-Norfolk AC01.08.341439Stalled and spun Brantford Ont 21.7.35
CF-CDQAvro 594B Avian IVMR3/CN/314RCAF134 CF-CDQDept of National Defence -Moose Jaw FC >Winnipeg FC >M Helfrich >C Graffo25.07.321163Gift Natl Avn Mus Ottawa Ont .68
CF-CDRAvro 594B Avian IVMR3/CN/315RCAF135 CF-CDRDept of National Defence -Winnipeg FC25.07.321162To 14EFTS Portage la Prairie Man as inst a/f 11.6.38
CF-CDSCurtiss-Reid Rambler I1024RCAF148 CF-CDSDept of National Defence -Border Cities AC17.02.331257Hit ditch and overturned in downwind takeoff Walkerville Ont 14.5.33
CF-CDTAvro 594B Avian IVM317RCAF138 CF-CDTDept of National Defence -London FC >H Fowler02.02.331243Crashed into trees on takeoff after engine failure St.Thomas Ont 28.1.40 (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-CDUAvro 594B Avian IVMR3/CN/308RCAF127 CF-CDUDept of National Defence -Toronto FC >Ottawa FC20.03.331259To Ottawa Tech School as inst a/f 25.10.39
CF-CDVAvro 594B Avian IVM316RCAF137 CF-CDVDept of National Defence -Calgary AC >Calgary AC >K Pollock09.10.331336Wfu 7.9.43 to Western Canada Pioneer Mus (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-CDWAvro 594B Avian IVM318RCAF141 CF-CDWDept of National Defence -London FC14.11.331342Dbr London Ont 11.34 (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-CDXAvro 594B Avian IVM320RCAF143 CF-CDXDept of National Defence -Regina FC12.10.331340Lost elevator control and dived into ground Regina Sask 20.9.35 (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-CDYCurtiss-Reid Rambler1003G-CYXC CF-CDYDept of National Defence -Brandon AC07.03.321103Stalled during takeoff from farm field Napinka Man 12.7.34 (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-CDZCurtiss-Reid Rambler I1021RCAF145 CF-CDZDept of National Defence -Border Cities AC13.10.331343Engine failed on overshoot Kitchener Ont 7.7.34
CF-CEACurtiss-Reid Rambler I1026RCAF150 CF-CEADept of National Defence -St Catherines FC >J Crapp >C Millard >W Stewart25.10.331469Damaged on landing in field nr Thistletown Ont 8.5.41
CF-CEBDH.60X Moth486G-CYYR CF-CEBDept of National Defence -Edmonton & Northern Alberta AC17.08.341445Seaplane. new fuselage c/n 1344. Crashed nr Calgary 25.7.35
CF-CECDH.60M Moth760G-CYYY CF-CECDept of National Defence -Winnipeg FC26.10.341474Dbr Winnipeg 22.11.36
CF-CEDDH.60X Moth488G-CYYL CF-CEDDept of National Defence -Cape Breton FC06.09.341454Seaplane. Stalled Sydney NS 17.6.40
CF-CEEnot allotted
CF-CEFDH.60X Moth490G-CYYJ CF-CEFDept of National Defence -Saint John AC06.09.341453Seaplane. Hit truck landing Saint John NB 31.7.36
CF-CEGDH.60X Moth757G-CYXE CF-CEGDept of National Defence -Hamilton AC >Leavens Bros AS >W Steele05.10.341470Cat A Demaine 21.1.30 but rebuilt
CF-CEHDH.60M Moth747RCAF87 CF-CEHDept of National Defence -Halifax AC17.10.341478Collided with G-CALE landing Halifax NS 19.1.38
CF-CEIDH.60M Moth749RCAF89 CF-CEIDept of National Defence -Kingston FC20.10.341479Hit trees landing Kingston Ont 27.2.39
CF-CEJDH.60M Moth750RCAF90 CF-CEJDept of National Defence -London FC25.05.351570Crashed in snowstorm Port Burwell Ont 12.2.36
CF-CEKDH.60M Moth751RCAF91 CF-CEKDept of National Defence -Brant-Norfolk AC12.10.351632Destroyed in hangar fire Brantford Ont 10.3.41
CF-CELDH.60M Moth738RCAF84 CF-CELDept of National Defence -St Catherines FC >H Halliday >C Gordon21.10.351633Overturned in forced landing Compton PQ 20.7.39
CF-CEMFleet 7B62CF-CEMDept of National Defence -AC of BC >Moose Jaw FC26.05.361701To Moose Jaw Tech Coll as inst a/f 15.8.41
CF-CENFleet 7B66CF-CENDept of National Defence -Edmonton & Northern Alberta AC >lsd 2AOS Edmonton >DND13.06.361712To 12 Air Cadet Sqn Edmonton 20.5.34
CF-CEOFleet 7B65CF-CEODept of National Defence -Regina FC >Moose Jaw FC12.06.361711To Dept Education Calgary Alta 7.8.41
CF-CEPFleet 7B64CF-CEPDept of National Defence -Winnipeg FC01.06.361703Dbf in hangar fire Winnipeg Man 28.9.37
CF-CEQFleet 7B68CF-CEQDept of National Defence -London FC >Toronto FC >R Chesney >T Fawcett >Severn Enterprises >E Richards >D Allen >E Richards15.06.361731Wfu 14.4.50
CF-CERFleet 7B67CF-CERDept of National Defence -Montreal Light AC >Brandon FC >Moose Jaw FC >Edmonton & Northern Alberta AC15.06.361732To Letherbridge Coll Inst as inst a/f 15.1.42
CF-CESFleet 7B63CF-CESDept of National Defence -Halifax AC >Moncton FC01.06.361704Stalled in turn after engine failure on takeoff Moncton NB 7.4.41
CF-CETFleet 7B61CF-CETDept of National Defence -Toronto FC02.05.361685To Central Tech School as inst a/f 13.8.41
CF-CEUDH.60M Moth734RCAF80 CF-CEUDept of National Defence -Regina FC24.05.361698Crashed on takeoff Regina Sask 1.5.36 rts
CF-CEVAvro 594B Avian IVM65259CF-CEVDept of National Defence -Ottawa FC23.05.361699Stalled during aerobatics at low altitude nr Inkerman Ont 1.5.37
CF-CEWAvro 594B Avian IVM65252CF-CEWDept of National Defence -Ottawa FC29.05.361700To Ottawa Tech School as inst a/f 14.4.41
CF-CEXAvro 594B Avian IVM65254CF-CEXDept of National Defence -Border Cities AC25.07.361756Nosed over on landing Walkerville Ont 6.5.39 to Galt A/c School as inst a/f 4.6.41
CF-CEYAvro 594B Avian IVM65255CF-CEYDept of National Defence -Border Cities AC21.07.361748Nosed over during engine runup Walkerville Ont 17.1.39 to Galt A/c School as inst a/f 4.6.41
CF-CEZAvro 594B Avian IVM65256CF-CEZDept of National Defence -Saskatoon AC >F Glass29.06.361728Wfu 6.2.43 Rts
CF-CFAAvro 594B Avian IVM65257CF-CFADept of National Defence -Saskatoon AC >F Glass17.06.361716Ran into fence after passenger hit throttle Prince Albert Sask 19.5.40
CF-CFBAvro 594B Avian IVM65258CF-CFBDept of National Defence -St Catherines AC13.08.361771To Galt A/c School 28.6.39
CF-CFCAvro 594B Avian IVM65249CF-CFCDept of National Defence -St Catherines AC31.07.361759To Galt A/c School 1.2.41
CF-CFDFleet 7B77CF-CFDDept of National Defence -Fort William AC >Lakehead FC29.09.361818Stored 11.3.42 Dbf Fort William Ont .47
CF-CFEFleet 7B78CF-CFEDept of National Defence -Cape Breton FC03.10.361817Pilot lost control and baled out in snowstorm nr Moncton NB 20.3.41 Rebuild abandoned
CF-CFFFleet 7B79CF-CFFDept of National Defence -Saint John FC >Moncton FC >Dept of Transport >E MacDonald >P Arsenault >V Kelner28.10.361864
CF-CFGFleet 7B80CF-CFGDept of National Defence -Brant-Norfolk AC07.10.361823Dbf in hangar fire Brantford Ont 10.3.41
CF-CFHAvro 594B Avian IVM65250CF-CFH A.129Dept of National Defence -Brandon FC04.06.371980To 19EFTS Virden Man 9.6.40 To inst a/f
CF-CFIAvro 594B Avian IVM65251CF-CFIDept of Transport-Brandon FC >W Smith25.06.371988Wfu due wartime restrictions 24.5.40
CF-CFJDH.82A Tiger MothDHC321CF-CFJDept of Transport-Kitchener-Waterloo FC >Toronto FC >Dept of Transport >L Tripp >H Wilston >Ranger Red Lake Mines27.01.382166Wfu 21.11.46
CF-CFKDH.60M MothDHC114RCAF164 CF-CFKDept of Transport-Brandon FC05.04.382214Crashed at fair Moosomin Sask 1.7.38
CF-CFLnot allotted
CF-CFMDH.60M Moth719RCAF70 CF-CFM RCAFA.111Toronto FC >RCAF03.08.392491SOC 13.9.46
CF-CFNDH.60M Moth715RCAF65 CF-CFN RCAFA.119 CF-CFNWinnipeg FC >RCAF >E Richards >H Evans02.10.392542Wfu 5.2.47
CF-CFODH.60M MothDHC104RCAF160 CF-CFO RCAFA.110Halifax AC >RCAF14.08.392501SOC 13.9.46
CF-CFPDH.60M MothDHC116RCAF166 CF-CFP RCAFA.121Montreal Light AC >Kitchener-Waterloo FC >RCAF27.07.392497SOC 14.9.44
CF-CFQDH.60M MothDHC117RCAF167 CF-CFQ RCAFA.118Regina FC >RCAF20.07.392494SOC 9.9.44
CF-CFRDH.60M Moth716RCAF67 CF-CFR RCAFA.123 CF-CFRHamilton AC >RCAF >Leavens Bros AS >E Baxter >Rocky Point AW02.08.392493Dbr in forced landing nr Dorset Ont 18.9.46
CF-CFSDH.60M Moth721RCAF72 CF-CFS RCAFA.107Calgary AC >RCAF27.07.392502SOC 12.4.45
CF-CFTDH.60M MothDHC110RCAF154 CF-CCD RCAF154 CF-CFT RCAFA.105Aero Club of BC >RCAF25.10.392550SOC 21.12.44
CF-CFUDH.60M MothDHC111RCAF155 CF-CFU RCAFA.106Aero Club of BC >RCAF25.10.392551SOC 25.5.44
CF-CFVDH.60M MothDHC102RCAF158 CF-CFV RCAFA.112 then A.158Toronto FC >RCAF03.08.392492SOC 12.12.42
CF-CFWDH.60M Moth788RCAF120 CF-CFW RCAFA.124 CF-CFW RCAFA.136Hamilton AC >RCAF >Patterson & Hill >RCAF12.03.402611SOC 16.6.42
CF-CFXDH.60M Moth714RCAF64 CF-CFX RCAFA.109Halifax AC >RCAF16.08.392508SOC 1.9.44
CF-CFYDH.60M MothDHC115RCAF165 CF-CFY RCAFA.122Montreal Light AC >Hamilton AC >RCAF04.08.392500SOC 9.11.44
CF-CFZDH.60M Moth724RCAF75 CF-CFZ RCAFA.108Calgary AC >RCAF14.08.392528SOC 15.5.48
CF-CGADH.60M MothDHC101RCAF157 CF-CGA RCAFA.117Regina FC >RCAF18.08.392524SOC 9.9.44
CF-CGBDH.60M MothDHC133CF-AVF RCAF223 CF-CGB RCAFA.120 then A.223? CF-CGBWinnipeg FC >RCAF >C Feeney02.10.392541Wfu 6.8.46
CF-CGCDH.60M Moth722RCAF74 CF-CGCHalifax AC11.07.392495sold 3.41
CF-CGFFleet 7B Fawn I12RCAF191 CF-CGF RCAF191 A.207Edmonton & Northern Alberta AC >RCAF >loan Curtiss-Reid FS >RCAF31.10.392552
CF-CGGFleet 7B Fawn I16RCAF195 CF-CGG RCAF195 A.210St Catherines FC >RCAF >loan Patterson & Hill >RCAF21.11.392569
CF-CGHFleet 7B Fawn I17RCAF196 CF-CGH RCAF196 A.211Saskatoon FC >RCAF >loan Leavens Bros AS >RCAF22.11.392574
CF-CGIFleet 7B Fawn I18RCAF197 CF-CGI RCAF197 A.212Brant-Norfolk AC >RCAF13.11.392557
CF-CGJFleet 7B Fawn I21RCAF200 CF-CGJ RCAF200 A.213Moose Jaw FC >RCAF >loan Moose Jaw FC >RCAF16.11.392565
CF-CGKFleet 7B Fawn I23RCAF202 CF-CGK RCAF202Kingston FC >Brant-Norfolk FC >RCAF15.11.392553
CF-CGLFleet 7B Fawn I26RCAF205 CF-CGL RCAF205 A.214Cape Breton FC >Moncton FC >RCAF05.11.392581
CF-CGMFleet 7B Fawn I29RCAF208 CF-CGM RCAF208 A.216London FC >RCAF >loan Curtiss-Reid FS >RCAF00.10.39
CF-CGNFleet 7B Fawn I30RCAF209 CF-CGN RCAF209 A.217Kitchener-Waterloo FC >RCAF >loan Leavens Bros AS >RCAF >loan Patterson & Hill >RCAF27.11.392571
CF-CGOFleet 7C Fawn II84RCAF230 CF-CGOOttawa FC >Patterson & Hill09.12.392582Dbr Toronto Ont 19.10.40
CF-CGPDH.82A Tiger MothDHC302RCAF240 CF-CGP RCAF240Calgary AC >RCAF28.10.392554
CF-CGQDH.82A Tiger MothDHC303RCAF241 CF-CGQ RCAF241Brandon FC >RCAF13.11.392562
CF-CGRDH.82A Tiger MothDHC304RCAF242 CF-CGRRegina FC >Leavens Bros AS >Ranger Red Lake Mines16.11.392564Wfu 11.1.47
CF-CGSDH.82A Tiger MothDHC306RCAF244 CF-CGSWinnipeg FC13.11.392555Spun in during aerobatics nr Balmoral Man 17.9.40
CF-CGTDH.82A Tiger MothDHC307RCAF245 CF-CGTHamilton AC16.11.392566Wfu 26.8.43. Parts used to rebuild CF-BNC in 1950
CF-CGUDH.82A Tiger MothDHC309RCAF247 CF-CGUMontreal Light AC >Curtiss-Reid FS02.12.392577Wfu 24.11.44
CF-CGVDH.82A Tiger MothDHC312RCAF250 CF-CGVHalifax AC >Patterson & Hill >Canadian Pacific AL >Curtiss-Reid FS04.11.392573Wfu 9.9.46
CF-CGWDH.82A Tiger MothDHC316RCAF254 CF-CGWToronto FC25.10.392556Mid air collision with CF-BKX Toronto 8.5.42
CF-CGXDH.82A Tiger MothDHC317RCAF255 CF-CGX RCAF255Moncton FC >RCAF02.11.392572
CF-CGYDH.82A Tiger MothDHC318RCAF256 CF-CGY RCAF256Border Cities AC >RCAF16.11.392578
CF-CGZDH.82A Tiger Moth3348(G-ADHA) CF-AVG RCAF238 CF-CGZ RCAF238Aero Club of BC >loan Edmonton & Northern Alberta AC >loan Moose Jaw FC >RCAF27.12.392583Reduced to produce Trenton 9.2.44
CF-CHADH.82A Tiger MothDHC324RCAF277 CF-CHA RCAF277St Catherines FC >RCAF >loan Patterson & Hill >RCAF00.11.39
CF-CHBDH.82A Tiger MothDHC322RCAF275 CF-CHB RCAF275Brandon FC >RCAF20.01.402590
CF-CHCDH.82A Tiger MothDHC320RCAF258 CF-CHC RCAF258 then A.362Ottawa FC >loan Winnipeg FC >loan Brandon FC >RCAF10.01.402604
CF-CHDDH.82A Tiger MothDHC310RCAF248 CF-CHD RCAF248Moose Jaw FC >RCAF >loan Patterson & Hill >RCAF15.03.402617
CF-CHEFleet 7B Fawn I25RCAF204 CF-CHEKingston FC >Brant-Norfolk FC >Patterson & Hill >J Hawthorne13.03.402618Dbf in hangar fire Toronto Ont 17.8.45
CF-CHFFleet 7C Fawn II58RCAF220 CF-CHF RCAF220 A.195Saskatoon FC >loan Leavens Bros AS >RCAF02.05.402635
CF-DTAWaco ZQC-6 Custom > AQC-65033CF-DTADept of Transport >M Petitclerc >J Gauthier >Gold Belt AS15.07.382286Landed in field on floats due engine failure 5m N Amos PQ 2.7.52
CF-DTBWaco AQC-6 Custom5035CF-DTBDept of Transport >G Whissell >E Callison >Associated AW15.09.382349Hit tree on takeoff Lesser Slave Lake Alta 7.2.52
CF-DTCWaco AQC-6 Custom5036CF-DTCDept of Transport10.03.392394Rts 25.7.43
CF-DTDWaco AQC-6 Custom5037CF-DTD RCAF CF-DTD N2849DDept of Transport >loan RCAF >G Dalziel05.04.392418Sold USA as N2849D 8.56
CF-DTEBeech D17S403CF-DTEDept of Transport >Orillia AS >G Clarke >L Cross >Ferland Construction >Cargair02.04.402621Stored Calgary 19.6.63 Displayed Reynolds Alberta Museum
CF-DTFBeech D17S404CF-DTFDept of Transport >Okanagan Broadcasters >J Capozzi >West Coast AS >Courier Corp08.04.402622Pilot jumped when fuel ran dry 1m SE Northfield Minn 5.5.60
CF-DTGStinson HW-75 Voyager7129NC22547 CF-BSG RCAF3482 CF-DTG RCAF3482Dept of Transport >RCAF04.04.412829
CF-DTHStinson HW-75 Voyager7193NC23742 CF-BSB RCAF3487 CF-DTHDept of Transport >P Huot >Bradley AS >C Bertrand >A Penchuk >A Wells >H Meiteen04.04.412834Wfu 12.1.57
CF-DTIStinson HW-75 Voyager7259NC23781 CF-BSO RCAF3475 CF-DTI CF-BJNDept of Transport04.04.412835
CF-DTJDH.82C Tiger MothDHC681RCAF4351 CF-DTJDept of Transport >A Cote >F Lavoie20.09.433030Failed to recover from spin St Francois de Sales-Sud 23.7.53
CF-DTKFleet 16B Finch275RCAF4408 CF-DTKDept of Transport >S Squires >J Franklin21.12.433099Wing hit ground in forced landing due engine failure nr Summerside PEI 28.12.52
CF-DTLDH.82C Tiger MothDHC724RCAF4394 (CF-DTL) CF-FGLDept of Transportntu-poor condition
CF-DTMAvro 652A Anson VRCAF12321 CF-DTM RCAF12321Dept of Transport >RCAF16.03.443092
CF-DTNDH.82C Tiger MothDHC661RCAF4331 CF-DTN RCAF4331Dept of Transport >RCAF15.06.443063
CF-DTOAvro 652A Anson VRCAF12278 CF-DTODept of Transport05.10.443091Ran off runway on landing - u/c collapsed Ottawa Ont 15.10.48
CF-IOLDH.80A Puss MothDHC219CF-IOL CF-CDMImperial Oil30.06.311013Hit by Dragonfly CF-BBD Toronto 19.4.37 cv snowmobile
CF-MAAVickers Vedette VaCV.149G-CYZF CF-MAAManitoba Govt AS02.06.321137Wfu 15.4.37 Burned
CF-MABVickers Vedette IICV.71G-CYYD CF-MABManitoba Govt AS02.06.321138Wfu 9.5.34 Rts
CF-MACVickers Vedette IICV.76G-CYYA CF-MACManitoba Govt AS02.06.321139Wfu 23.5.35
CF-MADVickers Vedette IICV.90G-CYXZ CF-MADManitoba Govt AS02.06.321135Wfu 23.5.35
CF-MAEVickers Vedette IICV.72G-CYYC CF-MAEManitoba Govt AS02.06.321136Wing ignited after engine shutdown at dock Cranberry Portage Man 28.7.32
CF-MAFVickers Vedette IICV.93G-CAUT CF-MAFCanadian Vickers >lsd Western Canada AW >Manitoba Govt AS14.05.351568Wfu 16.4.37 Burned
CF-MAGVickers Vedette VCV.147CF-AIS CF-MAGManitoba Govt AS21.07.341448Dbr 7.9.37
CF-MAHFairchild FC-297NC5576 G-CARE CF-MAHNorthern Aerial Minerals Exploration >L Stewardson >Manitoba Govt AS02.04.351549Spark ignited gasoline while at dock Lac du Bonnet Man 28.5.43
CF-MAIFairchild 82 > 82A37CF-MAIManitoba Govt AS >Central Northern AW >Associated Air Taxi >Granduc Mines17.08.351753Hit downdraft while dropping supplies Salmon Galcier nr Stewart BC 28.7.56
CF-MAJStinson SR-9DM Reliant5252-SCF-MAJManitoba Govt AS >J Tait >L Rogerson >R Downing07.07.372009Engine caught fire on takeoff Lower Twin Lake Ont 17.7.54 Dbf
CF-MAKFairchild 82D64CF-AXO CF-MAKManitoba Govt AS >Northland Fish >C McAvoy >McAvoy AS25.03.382202Disappeared on local flight nr Contwoyto Lake NWT 9.6.64
CF-MPADH.90 Dragonfly7530CF-MPA RCAF7626RCMP >RCAF01.05.371945Reduced to spares 28.1.43
CF-MPBDH.90 Dragonfly7531CF-MPB RCAF7627 CF-BZARCMP >RCAF29.05.371974Dismantled 8.10.49
CF-MPCDH.90 Dragonfly7522CF-BBD CF-MPC RCAF7628 CF-BXURCMP >RCAF15.07.372019Dbr in forced landing Thorhild Alta 23.12.45
CF-MPDDH.90 Dragonfly7538CF-MPD CF-BPDRCMP >Noorduyn Aircraft26.06.372017Groundlooped on takeoff Edmonton 13.4.43
CF-MPENoorduyn Norseman IV16(CF-BFS) CF-MPE CF-MPFRCMP18.08.382304Rebuilt with new fuselage as CF-MPF
CF-MPFNoorduyn Norseman IV27CF-MPFRCMP >Halls AS >A Racicot >Gold Belt AS >Kapuskasing FS >White River AS >Ignace AW28.06.402666Wfu 10.5.68
CF-OAADH.60X Moth535G-CAJW CF-OAAOnt Provincial AS23.02.29561Crashed on takeoff Twin Lake Ontario 19.6.46
CF-OAADH.60M Moth761CF-OAAOnt Provincial AS10.06.29used to rebuild CF-OAA c/n 535. Stalled after takeoff Twin Lakes Ont 19.6.46
CF-OABVickers Vedette VCV.129CF-OABOnt Provincial AS07.08.29715Damaged East Bay on Lake Nipigon 30.8.40 Further damage on landing at Orient Bay Ont Used to rebuild G-CAND
CF-OACDH.60M Moth762CF-OACOnt Provincial AS10.06.29649Dbr Fort William Ont 8.6.36
CF-OADDH.60M Moth765CF-OADOnt Provincial AS17.07.29714Capsized taxying Cross Lake Ont 4.5.44
CF-OAEDH.60M MothDHC120CF-OAEOnt Provincial AS >A Guest >A Berry01.05.30841Reduced to spares 18.5.45
CF-OAFDH.60M MothDHC122CF-OAFOnt Provincial AS >W Millar >Mercury AS >M Millar >R Hayashi14.05.30873Dbr in hurricane Toronto 14.12.54
CF-OAGDH.60M MothDHC121CF-OAGOnt Provincial AS01.05.30842Dbr in forced landing Pinei Lake to White River Ont 21.7.34 parts to c/n DHC134
CF-OAHHamilton H-47 Metalplane61NC371H CF-OAHOnt Provincial AS09.05.30850Sold to USA 7.45
CF-OAIHamilton H-47 Metalplane67NC877H CF-OAIOnt Provincial AS09.05.30851Dbr nr Fort Frances Ont 18.8.31
CF-OAJHamilton H-47 Metalplane65NC875H CF-OAJOnt Provincial AS11.08.30913Sold to USA 7.45
CF-OAKDH.61 Giant MothDHC141CF-OAKOnt Provincial AS14.06.321145Built using parts from G-CARD. Hit rock on landing Gander Lake Ont 23.5.35
CF-OALFairchild 71C14(CF-ATF) CF-OAL CF-BAL VO-AFGH Pasmore >lsd Ont Provincial AS >Great Lakes AW >Fairchild Aircraft >UK Sec of State for Air09.07.321157
CF-OAMFairchild 71C10CF-ATB CF-OAMOnt Provincial AS07.06.321142Crashed on takeoff at Rankin location nr Sault Ste.Marie Ont 6.3.35 Rebuilt as CF-OAP
CF-OANFairchild 71C21CF-OAN CF-AWNR Irvine08.08.331324
CF-OAODH.60M MothDHC134CF-OAOOnt Provincial AS03.05.351558Rebuild of CF-OAG c/n DHC121. Stalled on takeoff White Otter Lake Ont 31.8.42
CF-OAPFairchild 71C1204CF-OAPOnt Provincial AS >Twin City Industrial Equipment18.05.351564Rebuild of CF-AOM with new fus Wfu 15.4.49 Rts
CF-OAQBuhl CA-6M Standard Airsedan1CF-OAQOnt Provincial AS08.05.371950Capsized during severe windstorm Caribou Lake Ont 23.7.45
CF-OARBuhl CA-6M Standard Airsedan2CF-OAROnt Provincial AS >L Fletcher08.05.371951Floats parted in heavy landing due gust Mishabashu Lake Ont 23.10.45
CF-OASBuhl CA-6M Standard Airsedan3CF-OASOnt Provincial AS >A Mann >M Richards15.05.371959Wfu 27.4.49 Scrapped .51
CF-OATBuhl CA-6M Standard Airsedan4CF-OATOnt Provincial AS14.06.372006Crashed while landing n small lake at night Haw Lake Ont 22.6.40
CF-OAUDH.60X Moth508G-CAPC CF-OAUOnt Provincial AS14.06.372007Wfu
CF-OAVStinson SR-9FM Reliant5703CF-OAVOnt Provincial AS10.07.372107Overturned after wing dug during takeoff Severn River Ont 27.5.48
CF-OAWStinson SR-9FM Reliant5704CF-OAWOnt Provincial AS >E Dale >Airdale Ltd >Ptarmigan AW20.07.372137
CF-OAXStinson SR-9FM Reliant5731CF-OAXOnt Provincial AS28.04.382280Wfu 3.5.45 Rts
CF-OAYStinson SR-9FM Reliant5732CF-OAYOnt Provincial AS >Chukuni AW >Northern Canada Evangelical Mission >Ontario Central AL >A Gaffray28.04.382281
CF-OAZStinson SR-10F Reliant7-5941CF-OAZOnt Provincial AS01.10.402747Stalled on approach and overturned in water Biscotasing Ont 23.8.43
CF-PEIDH.80A Puss Moth2019CF-AGV CF-PEI CF-AGVH Marpole >E Jenkins >Canadian AW Ltd >DHC >E Hale >J Copeland >Kitchener-Waterloo FC13.02.321216to Galt A/c Training School as inst a/f 10.11.39
CF-SAAVickers Vedette IICV.52G-CYZK CF-SAAGovt of Saskatchewan01.06.331285Wfu 23.5.35
CF-SABVickers Vedette IICV.50G-CYZM CF-SABGovt of Saskatchewan01.06.331286Wfu 28.5.37
CF-SACVickers Vedette VCV.125G-CYYZ CF-SACGovt of Saskatchewan19.08.331326Wfu 21.5.36
CF-SADVickers Vedette IICV.34G-CYGY CF-SADGovt of Saskatchewan05.05.361682Wfu 5.5.37
CF-SAEVickers Vedette IICV.53G-CAGA G-CYGA CF-SAEGovt of Saskatchewan27.09.341480Pilot baled out after a/c inverted due turbulence Stony Lake Sask 27.5.36
CF-TCALockheed 10A Electra1112CF-TCA RCAF1526 CF-TCA CF-BTD NC79237 N79237 N1285 N79237 CF-TCATrans Canada AL >RCAF >Dept of National Defence >RCAF06.10.372104Preserved
CF-TCBLockheed 10A Electra1113CF-TCB RCAF1527 CF-TCA RCAF1527Trans Canada AL >RCAF >Dept of National Defence >RCAF09.10.372105Rts 17.8.44
CF-TCCLockheed 10A Electra1116CF-TCC N3749Trans Canada AL >Dept of Transport >Matane AS28.10.372106Sold to USA 8.3.69
CF-TCDLockheed 14-H2 Super Electra1429CF-TCD G-AKPDTrans Canada AL >Montreal AS12.05.382232Sold to UK 6.47 Preserved Air Canada
CF-TCELockheed 14-H2 Super Electra1430CF-TCE PT-AKTTrans Canada AL >Photographic Survey Co >Kenting Avn12.05.382233Sold 11.51
CF-TCFLockheed 14-H2 Super Electra1450CF-TCFTrans Canada AL24.06.382264Dbr nr Moncton NB 27.2.45
CF-TCGLockheed 14-H2 Super Electra1451CF-TCG N66577 OB-LBV-296 OB-QAG-338Trans Canada AL >Photographic Survey Co >Kenting Avn24.06.382265Sold to USA 16.5.52
CF-TCHLockheed 14-H2 Super Electra1471CF-TCH N66578 CF-TCHTrans Canada AL >British American Oil >USA >Kenting Avn >Photographic Survey Co >Hunting Survey Corp30.08.382306Wfu 5.1.62 Rts
CF-TCILockheed 14-H2 Super Electra1472CF-TCITrans Canada AL >H Morris >Argosy Oil and Gas >H Fuller >Sparling Tank >Associated AW30.08.382307Crashed on test flight due overloading nr Winterburn Alta 7.6.55
CF-TCJLockheed 14-H2 Super Electra1473CF-TCJTrans Canada AL07.09.382316Dbf nr Turtle Creek NB 2.9.46
CF-TCKLockheed 14-H2 Super Electra1474CF-TCKTrans Canada AL >Photographic Survey Co >Kenting Avn07.09.382317Swung during takeoff for survey operation Palisadoes Jamaica 22.3.49
CF-TCLLockheed 14-H2 Super Electra1475CF-TCLTrans Canada AL21.09.382323Hit ground landing in poor visibility nr Regina Sask 18.11.38
CF-TCMLockheed 14-H2 Super Electra1476CF-TCM OO-APM SE-BTWTrans Canada AL >Montreal AS21.09.382324Sold 5.47
CF-TCNLockheed 14-H2 Super Electra1499CF-TCNTrans Canada AL >Montreal AS >G Fairley >Central Northern AW >Argosy Gas and Oil >Commander Avn >G Godsall Equipment >G Moore >Execaire (Quebec)27.05.392482Wfu 27.3.66 Rts
CF-TCOLockheed 14-H2 Super Electra1500CF-TCO N14126Trans Canada AL >Photographic Survey Co >Kenting Avn >Photographic Survey Co >Hunting Survey >Kenting Avn24.07.392498
CF-TCPLockheed 14-H2 Super Electra1501CF-TCPTrans Canada AL24.07.392509Crashed on approach Armstrong Ont 6.2.41
CF-TCQLockheed 14-H2 Super Electra1502CF-TCQTrans Canada AL02.08.392514Crashed after engine failure nr Winnipeg Man 17.1.47
CF-TCRLockheed 14-H2 Super Electra1503CF-TCR CF-CPC NC41815Trans Canada AL >Yukon Southern AT14.08.392515Reregistered 17.11.42
CF-TCSLockheed 14-H2 Super Electra1504CF-TCS CF-CPDTrans Canada AL18.08.392516Crashed Mt.William Knight 20.12.42
CF-TCTLockheed 18-10 Lodestar2059CF-TCTTrans Canada AL (fn 42)07.01.41
CF-TCULockheed 18-10 Lodestar2060CF-TCUTrans Canada AL07.01.41
CF-TCVLockheed 18-10 Lodestar2061CF-TCV N655KCTrans Canada AL07.01.41
CF-TCWLockheed 18-10 Lodestar2062CF-TCWTrans Canada AL13.02.41
CF-TCXLockheed 18-10 Lodestar2063CF-TCXTrans Canada AL13.02.41
CF-TCYLockheed 18-10 Lodestar2064CF-TCYTrans Canada AL13.02.41Awaiting restoration Langley Airport
CF-TCZLockheed 18-10 Lodestar2065(CF-TCZ) USN4250(Trans Canada AL)13.02.41ntu
DHC=de Havilland Aircraft of Canada Ltd /Toronto 
ntu=Not taken up