Civil Aircraft Register - Canada

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
CF-AAADH.60M Moth1302CF-AAAAviation League of Canada >Cape Breton FC >C Rogers >R Smith >C McMillan >H Disano15.06.29659
CF-AABDH.60M Moth767CF-AABN Yarrow >Yarrow Aircraft Corp >Northern BC AW >T Jones >B Jones >Columbia Avn >B Jones >W Brett >P Jorgenson18.04.29577Reduced to spares Vancouver 7.45
CF-AACDH.60G Gipsy Moth884CF-AACDominion AW Ltd/Vancouver >Yarrow Aircraft Corp08.02.29553Reduced to spares Vancouver 6.30
CF-AADDH.60G Gipsy Moth882CF-AADAircraft Ltd/Mt Dennis21.02.29557Crashed Milverton 12.12.29
CF-AAEDH.60M Moth770CF-AAEF Trethewey/Toronto25.04.29579Capsized Albany River Ontario 21.6.30
CF-AAFDH.60M Moth764CF-AAFNorthwestern AW/Winnipeg >Northwest Aero Marine29.04.29582Crashed at fair Prince Albert Sask 2.7.30
CF-AAGDH.60M Moth768CF-AAGInternational AW of Canada Ltd/Hamilton >Canadian AW Ltd02.05.29824used with CF-ADD in rebuild as CF-AYZ
CF-AAHDH.60M Moth769CF-AAHInternational AW of Canada Ltd/Hamilton >Canadian AW Ltd >G Pope >C Burke >C Keating >Moncton FC02.05.29823to Moncton Air Cadets 4.6.41
CF-AAIDH.60M Moth792CF-AAIConsolidated Mining & Smelting/Trail18.05.29613Hit tree nr Hot Springs 17.7.34
CF-AAJDH.60M Moth793CF-AAJ (CF-AAS)Consolidated Mining & Smelting/Trail18.05.29614Swamped at moorings Gt Slave Lake 23.8.29
CF-AAKFairchild 71613CF-AAKFairchild Aviation Ltd >Canadian AW Ltd/Montreal04.03.39559Dbr on takeoff Chapleau Ont. 12.12.33
CF-AALLockheed 1 Vega > 230C7895 CF-AAL AN-ABPCommercial AW/Edmonton >Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian PAcific AL18.04.29578to Nicaragua 9.6.44
CF-AAMFokker Super Universal827CF-AAMWestern Canada AW >Consolidated Mining & Smelting >E Wasson >Northern AW19.04.29619Overshot runway in snow Dawson YT 5.12.37
CF-AANFairchild FC-2W2514NC8014 CF-AANDominion Explorers /Tavane Bay Sask >Northern Aerial Minerals Exploration Ltd >Canadian AW Ltd11.02.29554Landed Lake St.John in rough water 5.10.41
CF-AAOFairchild FC-2W2524CF-AAODominion Explorers /Lake Athabaska Sask >Spence-McDonough AT >Canadian AW Ltd11.02.29555Canc 4.8.37
CF-AAPFairchild FC-261C4086 CF-AAPDominion Explorers /Lake Athabaska Sask >National AT11.02.29556Dbf 1.6.32
CF-AAQWaco 101247NC5597 CF-AAQRJ Sprott/Vancouver >A Bennett28.02.29564Force landed due engine failure nr Nanaimo BC 1.7.35
CF-AARAlexander Eaglerock Long-Wing266NC1458 G-CARB CF-AARLeavens Bros Air Service /Belleville Ont >H Honey >J Jeffery21.02.29558Dbr landing Leavens Field Belleville Ont. 1.7.36
CF-AASDuplicate reg of CF-AAJ in error
CF-AATFairchild 71610CF-AATCanadian Transcontinental AW >Canadian AW Ltd04.03.29562Dbr 5m NW Sioux Lookout 12.3.36
CF-AAUCurtiss-Reid Rambler II1000CF-AAUCentury Motors Sales LtdDbr forced landing on delivery flight Gananoque Ont. 21.3.29
CF-AAVCurtiss-Reid Rambler II1001CF-AAVCentury Motors Sales Ltd >Curtiss-Reid FS12.04.29576Dbr practising spins at low altitude Cartierville PQ 16.8.31
CF-AAWMohawk MLV Pinto109NC7296 CF-AAWntu
CF-AAXFairchild 71609NC9750 CF-AAXInternational AW of Canada Ltd >Canadian AW Ltd04.03.29565Dbr 6m E of Greenville Maine en route Montreal 24.12.30
CF-AAYBuhl CA-6 Standard Airsedan41C9627 CF-AAYCherry Red Airline Ltd/Prince Albert12.04.29575Dbr in forced landing due engine failure nr La Ronge Sask 5.10.29
CF-AAZAmerican Eagle A-129513CF-AAZ CF-BGIA Craig /Flaxcombe Sask >J Warren22.05.29624rebuilt as CF-BGI c/n 726
CF-ABABoeing B-1E1073NC117E CF-ABAWestern Canada AW >Canadian AW Ltd15.03.29566Dbr whilst being hoisted from water Ocean Falls BC 4.8.33
CF-ABBBoeing B-1E1075CF-ABBWestern Canada AW >Canadian AW Ltd15.03.29567Returned to spares 11.7.35
CF-ABCSimmonds Spartan I6CF-ABCDominion Aircraft Ltd /Montreal26.04.29580Stalled on landing Quebec PQ 7.11.37
CF-ABDSimmonds Spartan I7CF-ABDDominion Aircraft Ltd /Montreal26.04.29581Returned to spares for CF-ABC 26.11.30
CF-ABETravel Air A-6000-A1024CF-ABEContinental Aero Corp >Skyways28.06.29735Dbr during airport opening ceremony St.Catherines Ont. 14.9.29
CF-ABFTravel Air B-6000998CF-ABFContinental Aero Corp >J Alexander >J Clarke >W Lightall >RW Starratt (Northern Transportation Co) >Starratt AW07.06.29645Dbf after forced landing Lindberg Lake Ont. 24.10.35
CF-ABHTravel Air C-40001015CF-ABHContinental Aero Corp >Skyways14.08.29726Dbf while starting DeLesseps airport Weston Ont. 13.9.31
CF-ABITravel Air BE-40001152CF-ABIContinental Aero Corp >Temiscouta AT >W VanHorne >L Champoux >W Cook >Central AW >L'Abbe J Thibault >Service d'Aviation26.08.29737Dismantled 18.10.46
CF-ABJTravel Air 2000951CF-ABJContinental Aero Corp >J Alexander >J Fectau >R St Cyr >J Fectau >P Levesque >R Fiset28.06.29674Forced landing in snow squall Ste Marie de Beauce PQ 28.7.35
CF-ABKJunkers W34 b12606CF-ABKWestern Canada AW >Canadian AW Ltd14.05.29602Returned to spares 30.6.40 (also reported as to HC-SAA PP-CBO PP-RYW)
CF-ABLFokker Universal442CF-ABLYarrow Aircraft Corp Ltd >Canadian Vickers >Interlake AW13.05.29631Dbr forced landing 1m E of Columbus Ont. 23.6.30
CF-ABMFairchild 71622CF-ABMConsolidated Mining & Smelting >Mackenzie AS >McConachie AT >Northern AW30.05.29662Dbr in forced landing 20m SE of Carcross YT 29.11.40
CF-ABNKreider-Reisner C-2 Challenger245CF-ABNJC Folkins /Woodstock NB17.05.29612Dbf in hangar fire Woodstock NB 12.32
CF-ABOCurtiss-Reid Rambler II1005CF-ABOCurtiss-Reid Aircraft05.04.29568Stalled on approach Cartierville PQ 6.10.30
CF-ABPCurtiss-Reid Rambler II1009CF-ABPCurtiss-Reid FS29.10.29784Wings folded on takeoff due to improper locking Cartierville PQ 30.7.30
CF-ABQCurtiss-Reid Rambler II1010CF-ABQCurtiss-Reid FS10.06.29654Written off 12.2.30
CF-ABRCurtiss-Reid Rambler II1012CF-ABRCurtiss-Reid FS22.08.29806Rebuilt as CF-BIB (c/n 1036?)
CF-ABSCurtiss-Reid Rambler II1013CF-ABSCurtiss-Reid FS11.01.30807Wings folded on takeoff due to improper locking Toronto Ont 13.1.30
CF-ABTCurtiss-Reid Rambler II1014CF-ABTCurtiss-Reid Aircraft Co Ltd15.02.30813Stalled on approach Cartierville PQ 19.10.34
CF-ABUCurtiss-Reid Rambler I1015CF-ABUCurtiss-Reid Aircraft Co Ltd >FE Howe /Rosser Man >D Duval02.05.30843Dbr on landing Gypsumville Man .39
CF-ABVCurtiss-Reid Rambler I1016CF-ABV A.62Skyways Ltd>FF Gillies & G Jewitt /St Kitchener Ont >St Catherines FC >E Vassar >W Welstead >A Sunday >R Roy & A Lanouette /Quebec >RCAF13.05.30860Dbf in hangar fire St Catherines Ont 9.3.47
CF-ABWCurtiss-Reid Rambler seaplane1017CF-ABWCurtiss-Reid Aircraft Co LtdFloats dug in and tore off on landing Cartierville PQ 20.6.30
CF-ABXCurtiss-Reid Rambler I1018CF-ABXCurtiss-Reid Aircraft Co Ltd >Skyways Ltd >GW Jarvis & CW Misener & J Habasinski >T Senior >J Bell >J Crapp29.01.30812Dbr on takeoff nr Lakefield Ont 8.9.37
CF-ABYCurtiss-Reid Rambler I1019CF-ABYMontreal Light AC >Dept of Natl Defence01.03.30825Dbr St Hubert airport PQ 10.8.31
CF-ABZCurtiss-Reid Rambler III1020CF-ABZJ Webster >Curtiss-Reid FS >Montreal Aircraft Ind31.03.31967Collided with CF-AME on takeoff Cartierville PQ 28.5.33
CF-ACACurtiss FledglingB-49CF-ACACurtiss-Reid FS08.07.29683To USA 7.11.29
CF-ACBCurtiss FledglingB-50CF-ACBCurtiss-Reid FS >Chinese Patriotic League of Ontario08.07.29684To China
CF-ACCCurtiss FledglingB-51CF-ACCCurtiss-Reid FS08.07.29685To USA
CF-ACFCurtiss C-1 Robin454CF-ACFCentury Motor Sales >Laurentian Air Express >M Petitclerc >Societe d'Aviation de Quebec >R Smith >A Jarvis >St Maurice AW >A Fectau >F Martel06.07.29691Overturned in squall while taxying LaSarre PQ 5.4.42
CF-ACGCurtiss B-1 Robin385CF-ACGCurtiss-Reid FS >Chinese Patriotic League of Ontario26.06.29670To China
CF-ACHCurtiss B-2 Robin387CF-ACHCurtiss-Reid FS22.06.29706Dbr in hangar collapse Cartierville PQ used in rebuild of CF-AHJ
CF-ACICurtiss-Reid Rambler II1011CF-ACICurtiss-Reid FS20.07.29783Stalled at low altitude Ville St. Laurent PQ 26.5.35
CF-ACJCurtiss C-1 Robin450CF-ACJCurtiss-Reid Aircraft Co Ltd >G Rice06.07.29690Dbr low flying at golf course Winnipeg Man. 25.2.33
CF-ACKCurtiss C-1 Robin388CF-ACKCurtiss-Reid FS17.06.29663Sank through ice Grand Falls Nfld 8.12.31
CF-ACLCurtiss C-1 Robin342CF-ACLCurtiss-Reid AW15.06.29660Capsized whilst taxying St.Felicien PQ 28.10.29
CF-ACMCurtiss C-1 Robin346CF-ACMCurtiss-Reid Aircraft Co Ltd >Anticosti Corp >Consolidated Paper Corp31.05.29652Hot log taxying nr Vaureaul Anticosti Is 20.9.34
CF-ACNFairchild 71641CF-ACNConsolidated Mining & Smelting17.06.29658Engine cut during approach Lac La Ronge Sask 30.6.29
CF-ACOFairchild 71 > 71C627CF-ACOInternational AW of Canada/Montreal >Canadian AW Ltd >Quebec AW Ltd17.06.29661Used to rebuild CF-BJE 9.11.37
CF-ACPCurtiss C-1 Robin310CF-ACPG Rice >Curtiss-Reid Aircraft Co Ltd>A Racicot >BJ Yasinski /Montreal20.05.29615Hit post landing at racetrack Waterloo PQ 22.6.39
CF-ACQCurtiss B-1 Robin315CF-ACQCurtiss-Reid FS22.05.29622Hit hydro pole landing at Curtiss-Reid field Toronto Ont 25.7.29
CF-ACRAlexander Eaglerock A-2 > A-1717CF-ACRAnderson Bros >J Austin >W Calvert >S Brett03.05.29587Flew into trees on mountainside at 4200' 20m E of Hope BC 25.5.41
CF-ACSLiore et Olivier H.19811F-AJBR CF-ACSCie Aerienne Franco-Canadienne07.08.29717
CF-ACTPitcairn PA-6 Super Mailwing25NC483E CF-ACTInternational AW >Canadian AW Ltd14.06.29805Overturned by wind at start of Toronto mail flight Detroit 27.9.30
CF-ACUStinson SM-2AA Junior1063NC8439 CF-ACUUniversal Air Industries /Sask >K Johannesson >L Waite >M&C Aviation >M Maximchuk >D Laurence25.05.29629Hit tree after takeoff Conquest Sask 11.7.48
CF-ACVMonocoupe 113255CF-ACV CF-AUZDuncan Motor Co >National AW >Duncan Motor Co >E Van Valkenburg01.04.29574rebuilt as CF-AUZ
CF-ACWSchreck FBA 17 HT41208.81CF-ACWCie Aerienne Franco-Canadienne10.06.29650
CF-ACXBuhl CA-6 Standard Airsedan44CF-ACXNational AT14.05.29600Dbf after engine caught fire after landing Huntsville Ont. 11.9.33
CF-ACYFairchild 71 > 71C636CF-ACYCanadian Transcontinental AW >Canadian AW Ltd >Quebec AW Ltd08.05.29590
CF-ACZFairchild FC-2W286CF-ACZJ Bailes & Sons >Dominion Explorers >Spence-Marlborough AT08.05.29591
CF-ADADH.60M Moth779CF-ADA RCAFA.114H Marpole >Flying & Services >Leavens Bros >E LeFevre >H Ball >A Racicot >P White >RCAF03.05.29585Reduced to spares 15.6.42
CF-ADBDH.60M Moth782CF-ADBGW Gooderham /Toronto >H Jones >K McKinley07.05.29588Dbr in forced landing Lower Onslow 10.4.36
CF-ADCDH.60M Moth783CF-ADC VH-UQVD Cushing >J Hebert >Qantas14.05.29601K.Ruff Waverley Vic
CF-ADDDH.60M Moth784CF-ADDJB Badgley /Montreal >Flying & Services >L Knight >E Watson >R McCrea07.05.29589used with CF-AAG in rebuild as CF-AYZ
CF-ADEDH.60M Moth785CF-ADEML Williams /Montreal >National AT11.05.29595Sank Rollo Lake 22.10.32
CF-ADFDH.60M Moth772CF-ADFW Archibald >Yarrow Aircraft >Northern BC AW13.05.29597Crashed Trail 4.10.29
CF-ADGDH.60M Moth777CF-ADGProspectors AW >A Elmhirst >Toronto FC03.05.29584Overturned on landing Toronto 2.7.41
CF-ADHDH.60M Moth771CF-ADHDHC >D Findlay >H Parsons >E Brett >I Clarke >P Jorgenson05.07.29677Crashed on takeoff Fraser River 21.10.45
CF-ADIDH.60M Moth781CF-ADIJR Paget >Northwest Aero Marine >J Herriot >Northwest Aero Marine >H Karels >Prairie AW >A Herron >Moose Jaw FC >G Burroughs10.05.29594preserved
CF-ADJDH.60M Moth778CF-ADJSouthern Alberta AL16.05.29604Stalled and spun Lethbridge Alta 1.2.31
CF-ADKDH.60M Moth791CF-ADKR Cockeram /Toronto >Prospectors AW >W Gamble >Speculations Ltd >Leavens Bros AS13.05.29596Crashed on takeoff Toronto 2.2.41
CF-ADLDH.60M Moth795CF-ADLDominion Explorers >Spence-McDonough AT >Canadian AW Ltd >H McConachie >R Coote >Bridge River & Cariboo AW >E Brett >Brisbane Avn20.05.29616used as inst a/f Vancouver
CF-ADMDH.60M Moth796CF-ADMAE McLean /Bathurst >Atlantic AW Ltd >GBR Grant /Vancouver31.05.29635Overturned on takeoff Fernie 6.6.35
CF-ADNDH.60M Moth799CF-ADNNorthwestern AW Ltd >ES Hough /Winnipeg >Northwest Aero Marine Ltd >RE Hadfield /Winnipeg >Winnipeg FC23.05.29625Destroyed in hangar fire Winnipeg 21.3.38
CF-ADODH.60M Moth800CF-ADODHC >Col CH Ackerman /Peterborough >Tom Montgomery Prospecting Syndicate >D Pickering >CK Berry >Murray Aeronautical Corp >GT Record >HJ Parsons /Fort William03.07.29675Dbr by high winds Ontario 5.45
CF-ADPDH.60M Moth1304CF-ADPJR Booth /Ottawa >M Fleming >JEY LeMoine23.05.29626Struck river ice during aerobatics Gracefield 1.1.37
CF-ADQDH.60M Moth797CF-ADQJB Frost /Montreal04.06.29636
CF-ADRDH.60M Moth798CF-ADRGeneral Airways Ltd >GS Burns & AR West >GS Burns /Victoria05.06.29638Crashed Victoria 16.7.35
CF-ADSDH.60G Gipsy Moth863(CF-AQZ) CF-ADSFlying & Services Ltd >J Woodall /Montreal >JL Grant /Montreal >A Racicot /Montreal07.06.29643Dismantled 5.7.41
CF-ADTDH.60M Moth1315CF-ADTFlying & Services >A Racicot >P Winters >H Finestone >C Gordon >E MacDonald >C McEwen >Patterson07.06.29671
CF-ADUDH.60M Moth1314CF-ADUJE Palmer >KO Piper /Calgary >Chinook FS >CN McNeal /Herbert Sask08.07.29682Wfu 18.5.35 (presume rebuilt with fuselage c/n 1342)
CF-ADVDH.60M Moth780CF-ADVAtlantic & Pacific AW05.07.29678
CF-ADWDH.60M Moth1316CF-ADWNorthwestern AW >Northwestern Aero Marine >Brandon FC >J Galatiuk >Graffo FS10.07.29686Dbr landing Russell 9.10.38
CF-ADXDH.60M Moth1301CF-ADXDHC >Halifax AC16.07.29693Capsized at buoy Halifax 2.10.30
CF-ADYDH.60M Moth1300CF-ADYYarrow Aircraft >T Jones >Columbia Avn >Mrs BA Jones >M Lee16.07.29692
CF-ADZDH.60M Moth1313CF-ADZJB Bradgley & WR Pollock >WR Pollock & FH Wilson /Montreal >A Racicot >R Mills >C Burke25.07.29700Dbr Toronto 14.4.41
CF-AEACurtiss HS-2L243A1145 CF-AEA VR-BAAInternational AW >J Clarke >J Sanscartier04.07.30894Sold to Bermuda [c/n 2449 quoted]
CF-AEBWallace Touroplane B117987 CF-AEBLondon AT >W Haddon >T Terry >W Haddon >A Knowles >F Scott >B Dodson21.05.29620[c/n 271 in ICAN]
CF-AECBellanca CH-300 Pacemaker138CF-AECAS Dawes /Montreal >General Airways Ltd >J Mackey >Starratt AW02.05.29583Capsized after landing in high winds Casummit Lake Ont. 28.5.42
CF-AEDAlexander Eaglerock A-3766CF-AEDT Williams06.06.29639Wfu 25.5.33 and stored Crash nr London Ont. in .40s
CF-AEFSchreck FBA 17 HT4122CF-AEFCie Aerienne Franco-Canadienne07.08.29716
CF-AEGSchreck FBA 180DCie Aerienne Franco-Canadiennentu
CF-AEHMonocoupe181CF-AEHC Doyle & JR Hoag /Regina03.05.29586Dbf while under repair 12.9.29
CF-AEITravel Air A-6000-A996CF-AEIContinental Aero Corp >Skyways >Leavens Bros AS23.05.29628Dbr in forced landing in bad weather Orillia-Timmins Ont. 16.3.32
CF-AEJTravel Air SA-6000-A1040CF-AEJContinental Aero Corp >Curtiss-Reid AW >R Starratt >Starrat AW >Canadian Pacific AL >G Campbell >Severn Ent >Central BC AW >Pacific Western AL25.07.29704Sold to USA
CF-AEKTravel Air SA-6000-A1075CF-AEKContinental Aero Corp >Curtiss-Reid AW25.07.29703Dbr 15m from Chibougamau PQ found 30.12.30
CF-AELHeath ParasolCF-AELEC Dau/Three Hills Alta10.05.29593
CF-AEMCessna AW164CF-AEMDuncan Motor Co >A Von Ferber >E Fletcher18.05.29627Dbf after landing due fire in air 20m E Berens River Man. 3.1.37
CF-AENDH.60 Moth234G-EBMU CF-AENMrs EF Knight/Montreal31.05.29637Dbr St Jovite Quebec 20.7.29
CF-AEODH.89A Rapide6279CF-AEOQuebec AW Ltd >Canadian AW Ltd11.07.351599Dbf after hit ground on takeoff Moncton 18.7.35
CF-AEPSwallow1004C6190 CF-AEPChas Skinner /Sask >E Andrus22.05.29623Stalled at low altitude nr Nipawin Sask 12.7.37
CF-AEQAmerican Eagle A-1370CF-AEQW Del Bigio/Trans Canada AW26.06.29646Spun in on local flight Winnipeg Man. 13.10.29
CF-AERTravel Air B-60001021CF-AERContinental Aero (unreg) >Obalski-Chibougama Mining (unreg) >Northern AT >Central AW >E Cooke >Wings Ltd25.02.321176Dbf in storage .41
CF-AESArrow A-2-L-60 Sport313NC554 CF-AESN Thomson >W Kistler >W Hall19.06.29667Dbf in hangar fire Chatham Ont. .46
CF-AETFairchild 71 > 71C652CF-AETQuebec & Eastern Avn >Canadian AW Ltd14.06.29656Sank in Island Lake Man 6.10.34
CF-AEUFairchild 71653CF-AEUQuebec & Eastern Avn14.06.29655Dbr on landing Lac a la Tortue PQ 10.10.30
CF-AEVRyan B-5 Brougham189C9231 CF-AEVCanadian Aerial Explorations Ltd /Haileybury Ont00.05.29Crashed 10.10.30
CF-AEWFokker Super UniversalCV.133CF-AEWGeneral Airways Ltd/Toronto28.12.29804Exhaust flames ignited fabric after starting Amos PQ 25.7.30
CF-AEXFokker Super UniversalCV.134CF-AEXCanadian Vickers Ltd00.00.29Hit high tension lines after takeoff Nun's Is nr Montreal PQ 20.6.29
CF-AEYMonocoupe 113282NC7858 CF-AEY NC7858E Johnson/Roseland Ont06.06.29630Sold 14.1.32
CF-AEZAvro 594B Avian IVMR3/CN/288CF-AEZOttawa Car Manufacturing Co01.06.294GAHit trees on takeoff avoiding people on runway Chatham NB 28.6.29
CF-AFADH.60X Moth530G-CAKH G-CYXI CF-AFARCAF >Dept of National Defence -Civil Avn Branch >St John FC19.07.30899Destroyed hangar fire Fredericton 2.47
CF-AFBDH.60M Moth1310CF-AFBDept of National Defence -Post Office Dept06.07.29679Reduced to spares .32
CF-AFCCurtiss JN-4CF-AFCC Nash15.07.29713Wfu 22.8.30
CF-AFDWaco 101976CF-AFDLondon AT >Leavens Bros >K Hopkinson13.02.30814Lapsed 15.8.37
CF-AFEWaco 101968CF-AFELondon AT >W Haddon26.07.29705Overturned in forced landing 4.32 sold
CF-AFFStinson SM-2AA Junior1091CF-AFFUnited AS >M&C Aviation26.08.29739Ground looped on landing Emma Lake Sask 12.4.39
CF-AFGTravel Air 2000720C6281 CF-AFGJanney Aircraft & Boats >J Aspden >J Hamilton >H Smith >W Hodgston >K Hopkinson10.09.29751on rebuild
CF-AFHTravel Air 2000724C6285 CF-AFHJanney Aircraft & Boats >S Cole10.09.29752
CF-AFITravel Air 2000934CF-AFIContinental Aero >WM Lowney Ltd /Montreal >JF Finnie /Westmount PQ >E Champagne >W Cogswell >B Elkin >St Lawrence Aircraft Assn >C Forbell17.07.29698Crashed in lake St.Jovite PQ 27.8.39
CF-AFJWaco 101985CF-AFJA Bielby >M&C Aviation >J Edworthy >R Mayson >F Montgomery >D Smith17.06.29664Converted to snowmobile 26.8.41
CF-AFKWaco 101988CF-AFKA Bielby19.06.29665Stalled and spun on local barnstorming flight Lloydminster Sask 11.7.31
CF-AFLFokker Super UniversalCV.131G-CYXA CF-AFLWestern Canada AW09.08.29733Went through ice Sydney Lake Man 12.33
CF-AFMFokker Super UniversalCV.132CF-AFMWestern Canada AW20.08.29734Hit rock on landing run and crashed Reykjavik Man 22.9.29
CF-AFNPietenpol Air CamperCF-AFNG McLaren/Noranda12.02.351527
CF-AFOAmerican Eagle A-1376NC845E CF-AFOGillies AS >F Gillies >A Phillips19.06.29668Damaged on landing nr Welland Ont 10.7.36
CF-AFPAlexander Eaglerock A-2892CF-AFPT Williams >F Kipp24.07.29709Gifted to Galt Aircraft Training school 28.5.32
CF-AFQAvro 594 Avian IIIAR3/CN/150CF-AFQR Foley >A Vola >R Foley >G Wheeler >C Bomberger >S Ring03.07.29676Undercarriage collapsed on landing Wadena Sask 28.6.36
CF-AFRDuplicate regn of CF-ACN in error
CF-AFSFokker Super UniversalCV.135CF-AFSPigeon Timber >D McLeod >M Brocklebank >S Cheesman24.07.29746Ran into Motor launch 'Gladys' on landing Port Arthur Ont 8.7.39
CF-AFTAeromarine-Klemm AKL-25A2-15NC121H CF-AFTLaurentian Air Express >G Milletts17.07.29696Stalled in turn Hart Lake PQ 26.8.34
CF-AFUCurtiss OrioleCF-AFUJR McCowan /Sydney NSNot passed as airworthy 22.8.39
CF-AFVWallace Touroplane B12NC276K (CF-AFV)Not imported
CF-AFWCurtiss JN-4D3545 CF-AFWUS Army >R Anderson >J DohertyStored 28.8.29
CF-AFXSavoia Marchetti S-56Dominion AT Ltdntu
CF-AFYSavoia Marchetti S-56Dominion AT Ltdntu
CF-AFZMonocoupe 113286NC7847 CF-AFZDuncan Motor Co >HD Card /Melville Sask25.07.29702Fabric caught fire during repair Shaunavon Sask 2.30
CF-AGAMonocoupe 113338NC8972 CF-AGADuncan Motor Co25.07.29701Lost control during aerobatics at low level Hughton Sask 2.8.29
CF-AGBCorben Junior AceCF-AGBG Brown /Brandon Man >A Robinson /Little Longlac Ont20.06.351579Converted to snowmobile 5.6.40
CF-AGCDH.60M Moth1320CF-AGCLoyola College /Montreal >National AT Ltd24.07.29699Wing collapsed nr Barker Field 8.9.35
CF-AGDDH.60M Moth1317CF-AGDW Archibald >Consolidated Mining & Smelting19.10.29774Hit rock on takeoff nr Dismal Lake 7.30
CF-AGEDH.60M Moth1325CF-AGEI Brunelle /St Eustache PQ10.09.29747Wfu 22.7.38
CF-AGFDH.60M Moth1323CF-AGFConsolidated Mining & Smelting >W Harper18.09.29754Wfu Christina Lake BC 28.9.39
CF-AGGDH.60M Moth1324CF-AGGG McIntyre02.10.29760Stalled on takeoff Hamilton 27.8.30
CF-AGHDH.60M Moth1327CF-AGHJ Younghusband >K Southam >Moose Jaw FC >G Burroughs19.10.29775Donated to vocational school Chaplin 17.9.41
CF-AGIDH.60M Moth1328CF-AGIW Christie >H O'Leary >H Cameron >Pictou Country AC >Cape Breton FC >Halifax AC25.10.29776Reduced to spares Halifax 12.7.39
CF-AGJDH.60M Moth1349CF-AGJSouthern Alberta AL >W Sherman >Associated AS >L Foggin >E Eversfield >R Wells06.11.29782Overturned on landing nr Chilliwack 2.1.41
CF-AGKDH.60M Moth1343CF-AGKRadium Hot Springs Flying Service Ltd30.11.29794Dbr in forced landing nr Windermere BC 13.3.40
CF-AGLDH.60M Moth1351CF-AGLDHC >A Sullivan/Newfoundland AW31.05.30877Disappeared northern Newfoundland 30.5.32
CF-AGMDH.60M Moth1331CF-AGMGN Irwin /Whitby >Rev JM Couture /Port Arthur >LJ Bisson /Hull PQ >DF Kidd /Ottawa >TH Finney /VAncouver19.02.30815Crashed Esquimalt Harbour 3.10.38
CF-AGNDH.60M Moth1353CF-AGNJR Paget /Sask08.05.30846Crashed on takeoff Old Wives 4.7.30
CF-AGODH.80A Puss Moth2004CF-AGO RCAFA.50DHC >S Cleverley >W Ward >R Slack >RCAF19.06.30890To Quebec A/c School 15.11.40
CF-AGPDH.60M MothDHC126CF-AGPConsolidated Mining & Smelting >G Heaton >R Tegart >O Hallock04.07.30893Crashed on takeoff Bow Lake 22.12.56
CF-AGQDH.80A Puss Moth2015CF-AGQD Cushing >Leavens Bros AS31.07.30910Structural failure in flight nr St Marys Ont 21.6.37
CF-AGRDH.60M MothDHC125CF-AGRJ Rogers >G Ross >Toronto FC09.07.30896Wfu Toronto 18.12.42
CF-AGSDH.80A Puss Moth2016CF-AGSJR Paget /Sask >J Coyne >E Owen >C Hoover24.07.30906Wfu 10.2.41
CF-AGTDH.80A Puss Moth2018CF-AGTW Archibald >J Connell31.07.30908Cv to snowmobile 24.8.41
CF-AGUDH.80A Puss Moth2017CF-AGU RCAFA.44WC Van Horne >S Foley >R Morency >L Fletcher >St Maurice AW >R Noury >J Albulet >M Viau >RCAF09.08.30909Reduced to spares 8.2.44
CF-AGVDH.80A Puss Moth2019CF-AGV CF-PEI CF-AGVH Marpole >E Jenkins >Canadian AW Ltd >DHC >E Hale >J Copeland >Kitchener-Waterloo FC02.09.30925to Galt A/c Training School as inst a/f 10.11.39
CF-AGWDH.80A Puss Moth2039CF-AGWConsolidated Mining & Smelting >M Muncaster >E Boffa >D Patry >E Darling21.08.30927
CF-AGXDH.60M MothDHC127CF-AGX C-FAGXNorthern Transportation >Starrat AW >Canadian Pacific AL >H Hennessy >A Giaque >A Rayner >E Schoop >W MacDonald >S Reynolds >Central Avn08.11.30943Western Canada Pioneer Museum
CF-AGYDH.80A Puss Moth2048CF-AGYF Trethewey >DHC >Ranchers AL >Prairie AW >A Elliott >G Gibbs >H Hamilton >C Thompson >D Price06.11.30949Cv to snowmobile Indian Head .46
CF-AGZDH.60M MothDHC135CF-AGZBorder Cities AC13.06.31997Crashed nr Walkerville 4.11.31 pts used to rebuild CF-APT
CF-AHAFairchild 71677CF-AHAInternational AW of Canada07.08.29718Crashed on takeoff Moncton NB 31.12.29
CF-AHBnot allotted
CF-AHCFairchild 71665CF-AHCConsolidated Mining & Smelting >Fairchild >Ont Provincial AS23.07.29723Crashed and sank after engine failure on takeoff Arrow Lake Ont. 16.7.31
CF-AHDRyan B-5 Brougham209CF-AHDYukon AW & Exploration17.08.29740Stalled and crashed on takeoff Mayo Landing YT 2.11.29
CF-AHECurtiss C-1 Robin522CF-AHEAtlantic AW >W Davies >A Lanouette >C Brandt >J Baker14.08.29728In storage 4.8.50
CF-AHFCurtiss C-1 Robin218CF-AHFVance AS >Southern Alberta AL05.09.29743Sparks from welding torch ignited fabric Vauxhall Alta 16.7.30
CF-AHGFairchild FC-2W2 > 71C138NC8004 CF-AHGCanadian FS >Canadian Colonial AW >Dominion Skyways >Keystone Fisheries26.08.29738Exhaust ignited fabric Cold Lake Alta 2.1.47
CF-AHHCurtiss C-1 Robin568CF-AHHCurtiss-Reid AW >Rutledge AS >Commercial AW >Ranchers AL >Mrs FL Heath & GPW Buchan /Calgary >A Hawkins >J Palmer >M Sheppard >E Platt >A Henderson >R Starratt >D Starratt28.08.29742No.3 Wing RCA Cadets Manitoba .50
CF-AHICurtiss C-1 Robin570CF-AHICurtiss-Reid FSWindstorm collapsed hangar Cartiervile PQ 17.5.30
CF-AHJCurtiss B-1 Robin547CF-AHJCurtiss-Reid FS >A Darling18.09.29755Lapsed 8.11.31
CF-AHKCurtiss-Reid FSntu
CF-AHLCurtiss-Reid FSntu
CF-AHMCurtiss-Reid FSntu
CF-AHNCurtiss-Reid FSntu
CF-AHOCurtiss-Reid FSntu
CF-AHPCurtiss-Reid FSntu
CF-AHQCurtiss-Reid FSntu
CF-AHRCurtiss-Reid FSntu
CF-AHSCurtiss-Reid FSntu
CF-AHTCurtiss-Reid FSntu
CF-AHUHeath ParasolJ Chandlerntu
CF-AHVAvro 594B Avian IVMR3/CN/299CF-AHVOttawa Car Manufacturing Co >Winnipeg FC31.07.29712No.4 EFTS Portage la Prairie Man. 12.41
CF-AHWLetherby BiplaneH McQuaig & A St Charles & LJ Letherby/Montreal19.07.29697
CF-AHXAmerican Eagle A-129543NC525H CF-AHXRutledge AS >RW Kiehlbauch /Chipman Alta >B Wallis09.08.29720Dismantled and stored 4.3.39
CF-AHYAmerican Eagle A-129544NC526H CF-AHYRutledge AS09.08.29721
CF-AHZAmerican Eagle A-129545NC527H CF-AHZRutledge AS >Commercial AW >J Palmer >H Koenen09.08.29722Spun and crashed Millet Alta 7.4.38
CF-AIABellanca CH-300 Pacemaker141NC691E CF-AIABellanca Aircraft of Canada >Commercial AW >Canadian AW Ltd25.07.29711Spilled gasoline ignited during warmup Fort McMurray Alta 27.12.35
CF-AIBTravel Air SA-6000-A1100CF-AIBCurtiss-Reid AW >J Maher14.08.29725Fabric tore from wing during low pass Hamilton Ont. 1.7.31
CF-AICTravel Air BE-40001240CF-AICContinental Aero Corp >J Alexander >R Smith >J Arrowsmith >J Comeau >J Arrowsmith26.08.29736Hit rigging of yacht 'Iris II' during takeoff Halifax Harbour NS 9.7.37
CF-AIDTravel Air 20001190CF-AIDContinental Aero Corp >P Thibodeau >Societe d'Aviation de Quebec14.08.29727Caught fire during repairs to u/c Notre Dame du Lac PQ 12.8.33
CF-AIEAvro 594B Avian IVM325CF-AIEG Steeves >T Ahearn >Y LeMoine >M Ogilvie-Forbes >H Finestone >J Macejunas21.07.331323Stalled in turn after engine stalled after takeoff Cartierville PQ 4.11.39 (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-AIFAvro 594B Avian IVM324CF-AIFJ Palmer >E Boffa >G Howard >N Anderson17.08.321177Saskatoon Technical Institute 1.40 (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-AIGFokker F-141401CF-AIGWestern Canada AW Ltd18.10.29772Hit granary in forced landing due fog Pilot Butte Sask 2.1.31
CF-AIHFokker F-141403CF-AIHWestern Canada AW Ltd30.10.29779Dbf at Portage la Prairie Man. 20.2.31 [c/n shown as 1402 in ICAN387]
CF-AIIFokker F-141402CF-AIIWestern Canada AW Ltd25.10.29777Dbf in hangar fire Winnipeg Man. 4.3.31 [c/n shown as 1403 in ICAN387]
CF-AIJFokker F-141405CF-AIJWestern Canada AW Ltd18.11.29787Wrecked in forced landing in fog West Rosser Man. 29.4.30
CF-AIKFokker F-141406CF-AIKWestern Canada AW Ltd26.11.29790Wfu 31.7.32
CF-AILFokker F-141407CF-AILWestern Canada AW Ltd26.11.29791Wfu 23.11.32
CF-AIMBoeing 40B-41163838M CF-AIMWestern Canada AW Ltd20.12.29800Caught fire outside hangar after flight Pembina ND 30.7.32
CF-AINBoeing 40B-41165839M CF-AINWestern Canada AW Ltd02.12.29795Crashed on mail flight Southesk Alta 25.9.30
CF-AIOBoeing 40B-41166840M CF-AIOWestern Canada AW Ltd02.12.29796Hit floodlight post during landing in gusts 12.6.30
CF-AIPConsolidated 20-2 Fleetster3/20CF-AIPWestern Canada AW Ltd09.06.30882Overshot field on landing and hit hangar Calgary Alta 16.11.31 (c/n 1 in some sources)
CF-AIQWestland Widgeon IIIaWA1783G-AALB CF-AIQP Osler >C Pasmore >H Reid >A Carson >A Ingham26.05.30869Converted to snowmobile 3.7.46
CF-AIRVickers Vedette VCV.146CF-AIR G-CYVPCanadian Vickers Ltdntu Sold to RCAF
CF-AISVickers Vedette VCV.147CF-AIS CF-MAGManitoba Govt ASntu Sold to Manitoba Govt Air Service
CF-AITVickers Vedette VCV.148CF-AITCanadian Vickers Ltd21.08.29750Wfu 20.8.30
CF-AIUVickers Vedette VCV.150CF-AIU G-CYWSCanadian Vickers Ltdntu Sold to RCAF
CF-AIVVickers Vedette VCV.151CF-AIV G-CYWRCanadian Vickers Ltdntu Sold to RCAF
CF-AIWGreat Lakes 2T1GL-64NX803K CF-AIWFL Trethewey /Mount Dennis05.09.29744Caught fire while being warmed with electric heater Weston Ont. 17.4.32 [c/n 62 in ICAN382]
CF-AIXAmerican Eagle A-129345CF-AIXW Del Bigio >Winnipeg AC >H McDonald28.08.29758Damaged in windstorm Winnipeg Man. 30.4.33
CF-AIYAeromarine-Klemm AKL-262-32NC53K CF-AIYLaurentian Air Express >Anticosti Corp >Societe d'Aviation de Quebec >J Halle >H Barrot >F Mueller >M Bahr03.09.29741Wfu during war 15.6.42
CF-AIZSambrooke MonoplaneCF-AIZWE Sambrooke /Bassano Alta04.10.29766Stalled and crashed on approach Gleichen Sask 5.10.30
CF-AJAFokker Super UniversalCV.136CF-AJANorthern Transportation >Starrat AW12.05.341399Dbf in workshop fire during overhaul Hudson Ont. 9.2.38
CF-AJBFokker Super UniversalCV.137CF-AJBNorthern Transportation >Starrat AW28.02.341405Reduced to spares 6.11.42
CF-AJCFokker Super UniversalCV.138CF-AJCWestern Canada AW >Canadian AW Ltd >Northern AW25.06.30886Hit tree on takeoff from Dazdeash River 80m W Whitehorse YT 19.6.42
CF-AJDFokker Super UniversalCV.139CF-AJDWestern Canada AW17.06.30885Dbf Winnipeg Man. 27.6.30
CF-AJEFokker Super UniversalCV.140CF-AJEL Ahr/South Porcupine01.05.331272Crashed on lake during landing 3m N Franz Ont. 19.12.37
CF-AJFFokker Super UniversalCV.141CF-AJFInternational AW of Canada >Canadian AW Ltd07.01.30802Wing broke when stb float strut collapsed while taxying Swan Lake 100m E Gods Lake Man. 13.11.36
CF-AJGFokker Super UniversalCV.142CF-AJGInternational AW of Canada08.01.30803Forced landing in fog on mail flight nr Whitby Ont. 7.1.30
CF-AJHFokker Super UniversalCV.143CF-AJHCanadian Vickers Ltd -lsd W McDonough >A Sims op by Dominion Skyways15.05.30872Wfu 26.1.36
CF-AJIFokker Super UniversalCV.144CF-AJIlsd Resort AW26.06.311012Rts fuselage used to rebuild CF-AJE 5.34
CF-AJJFokker Super UniversalCV.145CF-AJJntu
CF-AJKFairchild 71667NC154H CF-AJK NC154HFairchild Aircraft19.09.29756Returned to USA
CF-AJLFairchild KR-34C389C220M CF-AJLFairchild Aircraft07.10.29767Evaluated by RCAF 4.30
CF-AJMVought Corsair576
CF-AJNVought CorsairCanadian AW Ltd/Montrealntu
CF-AJOTravel Air SA-6000-AA6A-2005CF-AJOContinental Aero Corp lsd Canadian AW Ltd17.10.29770Forced landing in bad weather nr Tichborne Ont. 18.3.30
CF-AJPFairchild 71651NC115H CF-AJPAlaska Washington AW of BC Ltd >W Frith >Wells AT11.10.29773Hit water after steep landing approach and sank Anderson Lake BC 15.8.33
CF-AJQBellanca CH-300 Pacemaker142NC692E CF-AJQRutledge AS >Commercial AW >Canadian AW Ltd02.10.29759Dbr Kanauchin Falls Man. 24.2.35
CF-AJRBellanca CH-300 Pacemaker143NC693E CF-AJRRutledge AS >Commercial AW16.10.29769Ski broke on takeoff - SD on landing Fort Resolution NWT 15.3.30
CF-AJSPotez 321592CF-AJSFast Air Service Transport Co Ltd/Montreal02.10.29761Lapsed 19.3.31 stored St. Hubert PS dismantled 12.9.32
CF-AJTPotez 321593F-AMAN CF-AJTFast Air Service Transport Co Ltd/Montrealntu - spare fuselage
CF-AJUPotez 321594CF-AJUFast Air Service Transport Co Ltd/Montreal02.10.29762Forced landing due engine failure Katonah NY 16.4.30 Lapsed 2.10.30
CF-AJVPotez 321595F-ALOL CF-AJVFast Air Service Transport Co Ltd/Montreal02.10.29763Lapsed 2.10.30
CF-AJWPotez 321596F-ALOM CF-AJWFast Air Service Transport Co Ltd/Montreal02.10.29764Lapsed 2.10.30
CF-AJXPotez 321597CF-AJXFast Air Service Transport Co Ltd/Montreal02.10.29765Lapsed 2.10.30
CF-AJYPotez 321598F-ALPA CF-AJYFast Air Service Transport Co Ltd/Montrealntu - spare fuselage
CF-AJZFairchild KR-34C906CF-AJZ(2)H Passmore >W McDonough >Oaks AW >R Spooner29.10.321220Stalled on takeoff and crashed in muskeg Cordingly Lake Ont 19.9.39
CF-AJZFairchild KR-34385Fairchild Aircraftntu
CF-AKAStinson SM-2AB Junior1062NC8434 CF-AKAMrs LE Ahr & HL Penhorwood & ME Whitby/Sault Ste Marie >Algoma AT12.10.29768Workshop caught fire during overhaul South Porcupine Ont 2.12.31
CF-AKBGolden Eagle Chief807NC76N CF-AKBCommercial AW >R Coote >L Milne26.11.29792Lost control during aerobatics Langley Prairie BC 9.10.38
CF-AKCFleet 2198CF-AKCW Sanderson >Pacific AW >H Madden >Cape Breton FC >H Madden >E Webster >E Beardmore >A Racicot >Ottawa FC >W Mulligan >Patterson & Hill >J Lome29.10.29778Wfu 11.44
CF-AKDPotez 361571CF-AKDCommercial AT >Fast Air Service Transport Co Ltd /Montreal00.00.29Fate unknown
CF-AKEPotez 361575CF-AKEFast Air Service Transport Co Ltd /Montreal07.10.29Fate unknown
CF-AKFPotez 361576CF-AKFFast Air Service Transport Co Ltd /Montreal07.10.29Damaged St Hubert Airport PQ 8.8.30
CF-AKGFairchild 71658NC141H CF-AKGCanadian Colonial AW Ltd03.12.29797Rts 26.1.33
CF-AKHNicholas-Beazley NB-359NC887M CF-AKHAeronautical Corp of Canada >C Grant /St Boniface >JP George /Winnipeg05.11.29786Converted to snowmobile 22.8.42 (AKA Barling NB-3)
CF-AKIBellanca CH-300 Pacemaker169NC34N CF-AKICommercial AW >Canadian AW Ltd18.11.29788Overturned in forced landing due snowstorm Lake Athabasca Sask 26.3.36
CF-AKJNicholas-Beazley NB-358NC886M CF-AKJAeronautical Corp of Canada >Froebe Bros >D Froebe25.11.29793Stalled in turn on test flight after rebuild Homewood Man 2.2.33 (AKA Barling NB-3)
CF-AKKnot allotted
CF-AKLSavoia Marchetti S-569NC323N CF-AKLFlying & Services Ltd24.01.30809Sank at moorings North Bay Ont 18.10.30
CF-AKMHeath ParasolD-101CF-AKMT Dietrich19.12.29799Wfu 8.6.33
CF-AKNFairchild 71668NC156H CF-AKNFairchild Aircraft Ltd >Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co of Canada Ltd >MacKenzie AS23.01.30808Ran into shore landing on ice covered lake 11m N Yellowknife YT 22.3.38
CF-AKOMonocoupe 113317NC8947 CF-AKODuncan Motor Co >CW Tweed & A Fraser08.07.311018Caught fire while wing under repair Lethbridge Alta 10.4.36
CF-AKPMcVean V-2 Valkyr1CF-AKPO & W McVean Ltd /Desden Ont>P Alexander14.05.30856Dbf in hangar fire Chatham Ont .46
CF-AKQStearman B-24ntu
CF-AKRFairchild KR-231021CF-AKRFairchild Aircraft07.03.30822Dbr during demonstration flight Rockcliffe Ont 12.3.30
CF-AKSStearman B-24Dept of Defencentu
CF-AKTFairchild FC-2W2516NC8028 CF-AKTCanadian AW Ltd >Quebec AW Ltd >Canadian AW Ltd24.04.30864Overturned in forced landing 40m NW Watson Lake YT 20.8.43
CF-AKUTravel Air BM-40001368CF-AKUInternational AW >Canadian AW Ltd >J Fecteau >R Roy >A Shamess04.04.30833Flew into trees on overshoot Senneterre PQ 11.1.38
CF-AKVTravel Air BM-40001390CF-AKVInternational AW >Canadian AW Ltd >J Folkins >L Bisson >A McKee >Philroy Air Express >Sky Advertising >A Racicot01.03.30826Hit hangar on landing Montreal PQ 27.8.39
CF-AKWHeath ParasolCF-AKWR Hadfield >A Brazier >R Parrett >G Whyte04.03.30821Test flown 15.10.41 fate unknown
CF-AKXFairchild 71669NC186H CF-AKXDominion Explorers28.02.30816Stalled on landing Hunter Bay Great Bear Lake 12.7.30
CF-AKYFairchild 71679NC5K CF-AKYDominion Explorers >Spence-McDonough AT >Canadian AW Ltd28.02.30817Ran into towline of tug 'Nanoose' on harbour landing Vancouver BC 6.5.35 rebuilt as CF-AOP c/n 1307
CF-AKZFairchild 71684NC26K CF-AKZDominion Explorers >Spence-McDonough AT28.02.30818Wingtip hit ground during landing in whiteout Moose Bay Man 3.1.33
CF-ALABoeing C-204 ThunderbirdCB1CF-ALABoeing Aircraft of Canada Ltd >Coast AT >Canadian AW Ltd10.04.30966Rts 1.3.37
CF-ALBBoeing C-204 ThunderbirdCB2CF-ALBBoeing Aircraft of Canada Ltd27.06.311026Broke from moorings after forced landing due engine failure Long Beach Van 24.8.32
CF-ALCBoeing C-204 ThunderbirdCB3CF-ALCBoeing Aircraft of Canada Ltd >W Wells >Pioneer AW >T Jones08.07.311027Wfu due cracked spar and scrapped 26.7.39
CF-ALDBoeing C-204 ThunderbirdCB4CF-ALDPacific AW >Pioneer AW16.03.351542Dbr Alta Lake BC 30.7.35
CF-ALECurtiss JN-4C1303 G-CABQ CF-ALEC McNeill >R Groome >Anderson Bros >F Jensen20.03.30827Dbf while in storage Wayne Alta .42
CF-ALFAlco Junior1J Ovingtonntu
CF-ALGGeneral 102A Aristocrat10NC8658 CF-ALGGarvie Van Buskirk Ltd >F Shute /Fredericton NB >Eastern AW >D Saunders >F Hartwich >W Davis >J Folkins >Fleet Ac >W Deisher >R Karels25.02.30820Wfu .42
CF-ALHCurtiss-Reid Rambler I1027CF-ALHJR Morgan /Winnipeg >Northwest Aero Marine >R Giguere >W Fair >A Palmer03.05.30852Wfu 28.6.43
CF-ALICurtiss-Reid Rambler I1028CF-ALIJR Morgan /Winnipeg >Curtiss-Reid FS25.09.30935Dbr in heavy landing Cartierville PQ 14.8.32
CF-ALJCurtiss-Reid Rambler I1029CF-ALJW Drury17.05.30867Engine failed during landing - stalled in turn St.Catherines Ont. 27.5.33
CF-ALKCurtiss-Reid Rambler II1030CF-ALKE McK Dupuis09.08.30920Stalled and crashed Victoriaville PQ 11.3.31