Civil Aircraft Register - Canada

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
CF-ALLCurtiss-Reid Rambler III1031CF-ALLCurtiss-Reid Aircraft25.10.311061To Hong Kong 09.09.34
CF-ALMCurtiss-Reid Courier1032CF-ALMG Algarsson /Montreal22.01.321085Crashed on test flight after rebuild Montreal PQ 17.6.33
CF-ALNBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.251CF-ALNCurtiss-Reid FS10.06.321148Wfu 9.6.33
CF-ALOCurtiss-Reid Rambler I1034CF-ALOCurtiss-Reid FS11.09.351623Hit cable on landing during airport construction Dorval PQ 5.7.41
CF-ALPCurtiss-Reid Rambler I1035CF-ALPCurtiss-Reid FS24.08.361779Dived into ground Cartierville PQ 20.5.40
CF-ALQCurtiss-Reid Rambler1036Curtiss-Reid FSntu
CF-ALRCurtiss-Reid Rambler1037Curtiss-Reid FSntu
CF-ALSCurtiss-Reid Rambler1038Curtiss-Reid FSntu
CF-ALTNieuport-Delage ND.39111CF-ALTCie Aerienne Franco-Canadienne05.04.30834Returned to France?
CF-ALUNicholas-Beazley NB-3 > NB-3G82NC124N CF-ALUAeronautical Corp of Canada >Red Line Ltd >J Charleson >J Wade31.03.30829Forced landing on takeoff due engine failure Annapolis Royal NS 2.7.34 (AKA Barling NB-3)
CF-ALVDH.60M MothDHC119CF-ALVConsolidated Mining & Smelting Co of Canada>T Fooks >Calgary AC >W Campbell09.05.30857rebuild of CF-AAJ c/n 793. Wfu 19.3.42
CF-ALWJunkers A50 ce Junior(CF-ALW) CF-ANJntu - became CF-ANJ
CF-ALWPietenpol Air Camper3CF-ALWJS Baxter /Sudbury >J Laberge03.01.361645Stored 26.6.39
CF-ALXJunkers F13 gle2050CF-ALXAir Land Manufacturing Co >V Spencer27.05.30883Lost altitude and hit trees on takeoff 120m N Takla Landing BC 23.7.33
CF-ALYCurtiss C-1 Robin664NC763M CF-ALYConsolidated Mining & Smelting Co of Canada28.04.30838Fuselage broke during salvage Great Slave Lake NWT 1.7.30
CF-ALZCurtiss C-1 Robin666NC765M CF-ALZConsolidated Mining & Smelting Co of Canada >Mackenzie AS >G Dalziel >Peace River AW >G Dalziel >E Callison/Casair AW28.04.30839Wfu and RTS 19.7.41
CF-AMACurtiss C-1 Robin670NC769M CF-AMAConsolidated Mining & Smelting Co of Canada >J McIntosh28.04.30840Hit trees in forced landing due poor weather Pelican Mts Alta 6.2.41
CF-AMBStearman 4-EM Junior Speedmail4016CF-AMBCanadian AW Ltd/Montreal02.06.30861Wfu 2.2.33
CF-AMCStearman 4-EM Junior Speedmail4017CF-AMCCanadian AW Ltd/Montreal02.06.30862Pilot parachuted in fog after fuel used up nr Dunnville Ont. 19.12.31
CF-AMDStinson SM-1FS DetroiterM523CF-AMDYarrow Aircraft Corp (temp reg only) for Dominion AW23.05.30B17Hit trees on overshoot Butedale BC 16.7.30
CF-AMETravel Air E-40001382CF-AMEWalter M Lowney Ltd >D Saunders >G Johnson28.04.30837Overturned in swamp after engine falure Moose RIver Mines NS 15.10.37
CF-AMFStinson SM-8A JuniorM-4101CF-AMFHG Marpole -lsd Flying & Services Ltd >Quebec Stinson Aircraft Agency Ltd >Aero Services Ltd >A Darling03.05.30849Dbr Ste. Rose PQ 31.7.32
CF-AMGHenderson-Glenny HSF.II Gadfly II2G-AARJ CF-AMGR Foley22.04.30835Dbf Kitchener Ont. 25.8.31
CF-AMHFairchild KR-2110317340 CF-AMHFairchild Aircraft Ltd >A Racicot >F Parker-Reilly >T Jones >B Jones >J Jones >J Noble >I Kerr >R Murray14.05.30855Wfu after accident 10.1.42 Sold .46
CF-AMIFairchild KR-21A1033CF-AMID Shaw >Fairchild Aircraft >J Lynds >J Wade >J Burchell >T Young >W Golden >B Robb >T Carr >E Warren22.07.30900Sold 2.47 fate unknown
CF-AMJNicholas-Beazley NB-3 > NB-3G81123N CF-AMJAeronautical Corp of Canada >R Sprott/Sprott-Shaw School of Avn16.05.30859Hit tree after takeoff Douglas Lake BC 1.10.31 (AKA Barling NB-3)
CF-AMKFairchild 71C34ntu
CF-AMLBellanca PM-300 Pacemaker162NC870M CF-AMLCommercial AW/Edmonton >Canadian AW Ltd14.05.30880Stalled in bad weather and crashed in river Lac du Bonnet Man. 24.2.33
CF-AMMThomas-Morse S4C536CF-AMMS Sinclair >C Patch01.05.30844Certificate lapsed .31
CF-AMNAlexander Eaglerock A-2677NC148E CF-AMNRL Coote/Chilliwack28.06.30891Wing hit ground avoiding trees on takeoff nr 70 Mile House BC 3.7.31
CF-AMOBellanca CH-300 Pacemaker177NC192N CF-AMOBellanca Aircraft of Canada >McIntyre Porcupine Mines >Hennessy & Hennessy >Baillie-Maxwell Ltd>W Chicken >Wings Ltd >Austin AW09.10.341489Engine failure on takeoff due carb icing Nakina Ont. 11.1.45 Dbr
CF-AMPBoeing-Canada 40H-4CB5CF-AMPBoeing Aircraft of Canada Ltd -lsd Canadian AW Ltd >(New Zealand AW) >Columbia Avn12.09.30945Engine failure on takeoff due carb icing Peerles Lake Alta 6.3.36 Dbf
CF-AMQBoeing-Canada 40H-4CB6CF-AMQBoeing Aircraft of Canada Ltd -lsd Canadian AW Ltd >(New Zealand AW) >Columbia Avn >Associated AS >H Freeman >United AT24.11.311064Flew into hill at 2500' in fog 25m S Dawson Creek BC 13.8.37
CF-AMRBoeing-Canada 40H-4CB7CF-AMR (ZK-ADY) VH-ACLNew Zealand AW >R Parer/New GuineaWritten off due enemy action New Guinea 11.3.42
CF-AMSBoeing-Canada 40H-4CB8CF-AMS ZK-ADX VH-ADXNew Zealand AW >K Farmer >R Parer/New GuineaDbr nr Black Cat mine New Guinea 21.9.39 Dbr
CF-AMTBoeing-Canada 40H-4CB9CF-AMT(New Zealand AW) >Columbia Avn >United ATGift to Calgary Inst Tech .38
CF-AMUDixie FlyerCF-AMU(1)M BoisvertDbr on test flight Cartierville PQ 13.6.30
CF-AMUAlexander Eaglerock Combo-Wing248NC1246 CF-AMU(2)RCMP-seized for cigarette smuggling >J Chandler10.01.382160Hit tree in downdraft nr Noelville Ont 22.3.38 Dbr
CF-AMVTravel Air B-40001391CF-AMV(1)Continental Aero Corpntu
CF-AMVPietenpol Air Camper2CF-AMV(2)JR Friesen >F O Sava07.05.351557Caught fire during rebuild Winnipeg Man .58
CF-AMWFairchild KR-34C802CF-AMW CF-CCE CF-AMWDept of National Defence -Civil Aviation Branch >Fleet Aircraft >WJ McDonough >Brockton Ltd >MacDonald Bros >K Johannesson >L Waite09.06.30879Forced landing at Dore Lake Sask 3.39 rts 12.39
CF-AMXJunkers F13 lov663CF-AMXAir Land Manufacturing Co >Pacific AW29.05.30884Wfu 24.10.36 Sold as scrap .38
CF-AMYNew Standard D-25106NC9761 CF-AMYCanadian FS >A Austin07.08.30907Seized by US Customs for liquor smuggling .31 Handed to US Coast Guard .34
CF-AMZJunkers W34 1lov2588CF-AMZO Meyer >JM Garneau/Quebec AL >Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL02.07.30897Dismantled and used as spares for CF-AQW 11.1.45
CF-ANAAmerican Eagle A-129586NC210N CF-ANAManning Airways >A Lunan >Century AW >G Priestley >E Troxel >W McG Brown >Fleet Aircraft >Clark Aircraft Syndicate >L Abbleby16.05.30858Certificate lapsed 18.10.35
CF-ANBHeath ParasolCF-ANBJF Hill /Regina17.05.30863Lost control due lack of flying experience Winnipeg Man 22.6.30 Dbr
CF-ANCFleet 297NC229H CF-ANCB Knight >Latcham AW >Air-Tec FS11.06.30881Stalled in turn landing due engine failure nr Toronto Ont 8.5.35
CF-ANDBellanca CH-300 Pacemaker178193N CF-ANDBellanca Aircraft of Canada Ltd >Coastal AW >General Airways Ltd >Austin AW29.07.30914Dbf while heating engine Nakina Ont 8.2.44 (ex 194N per Canadian records)
CF-ANEStinson SM-8A JuniorM-4102NC228W CF-ANECommercial AW >T Corless20.06.30887Hit trees landing after engine failure 20m W Takla Lake BC 12.6.31
CF-ANFFleet 2294CF-ANFCommercial AW >H McKenzie >A Wilson >L Foggin10.07.30933Crashed during aerobatics nr Boundary Bay BC 13.5.41
CF-ANGFleet 2 > 7296 > 32CF-ANGG Dumulong >Millar Mineral Exploration >Fleet Aircraft >Montreal Light AC >Fleet Aircraft >J Cober >Fliers Ltd >Patterson & Hill Aircraft21.05.341408Cabane struts failed in flight Maple Ont 20.8.41
CF-ANHFleet 2 > 7297 > 31CF-ANHW Deisher >Fleet Aircraft >Montreal Light AC >Lakehead FC02.07.30888Rts parts used to repair CF-CFD .40
CF-ANIMonocoupe 113142NC6739 (CF-ANI)WR Britton /Wawanesa Manntu
CF-ANIMonocoupe 113337NC8970 (CF-ANT) CF-ANIWR Britton /Wawanesa Man31.07.30903Dbf Brandon Man 29.4.31
CF-ANJJunkers A50 ce Junior3525(CF-ALW) CF-ANJAir Land Manufacturing Co >G Hawkridge >R Dion >Brisbane Avn >P Jorgenson26.06.30892Stored .40
CF-ANKAeromarine-Klemm AKL-25A2-53NC55K CF-ANKAnticosti Corp10.07.30895Stalled and hit water Fox Bay Anticosti Is 22.5.31
CF-ANLFleet 21/315CF-ANLAero Club of BC21.08.30923Lost control in cloud and spun into sea at mouth of Fraser River BC 1.10.36
CF-ANMFleet 22/?CF-ANMFleet Aircraft Co of Canada Ltd >Latcham AW >Air-Tec FS >S Coffler >RC Episcopal Corp >A Goglin >E Peene15.07.30922Sold to Bahamas
CF-ANNFleet 23/313CF-ANNDept of National Defence -Aero Club of BC19.08.30915Rts at 33EFTS .40
CF-ANOFleet 24/312CF-ANOJ Hone/Arrow AW >Regina FC >V Yasinsky >Johannesson FS >B Bjornson03.05.30924Hit trees in forced landing due weather nr Berens River Man 9.1.46
CF-ANPRyan B-5 Brougham248CF-ANPYukon AW & ExplorationCanc 8.5.31
CF-ANPPietenpol1CF-ANP(2)M White >C Goddard28.06.351584Scrapped and burnt Winnipeg Man .45
CF-ANQAvro 621 Tutor463CF-ANQ RCAF224 A.45Armstrong-Siddeley Motors >RCAF08.07.30889Rts 20.9.43
CF-ANRKari-Keen CoupeQ-223NC877N CF-ANRDominion Air Industries Ltd >D Kirby >Brisbane Avn15.07.30905Stored .38 (aka Sioux Coupe)
CF-ANSKari-Keen CoupeQ-225NC344V CF-ANSCentral United AW >MO Cipperley /Olds Alta >M Gardner >J Wood29.09.30937Stored 3.5.42 (aka Sioux Coupe)
CF-ANTTaylor E-2 Cub256CF-ANT(2)L Cargill >WC Stiple /Kitchener Ont >J Sharp >W Hancock >J Johnson >A McKimmon09.08.351606Wfu 14.1.46
CF-ANTMonocoupe 113337NC8970 (CF-ANT) CF-ANIW Brittonntu - see CF-ANI
CF-ANUBellanca CH-300 Pacemaker179NC194N CF-ANUH McLean >C Troup >Dominion Skyways22.07.30901Rts 28.2.40
CF-ANVWaco GXE2011NC777E CF-ANVG Baker >various >T Envoldsen (unreg)Engine failed on takeoff Daysland Alta 12.8.34
CF-ANWNew Standard D-25146NC184H (CF-ANW) CF-AOKG Georgentu - see CF-AOK
CF-ANWStinson SR-5A Reliant9321-ACF-ANW(2)K Johannesson >Starratt AW >T Lamb >G Campbell >V Park29.06.351597Wfu 7.9.49
CF-ANXBellanca 31-42 Senior Pacemaker251CF-ANXGeneral Airways Ltd >RC Episcopal Corp of the Mackenzie /NWT >Canadian AW Ltd29.07.351602Dbr Lake du Bonnet Man 3.5.41
CF-ANYDH.60G Gipsy Moth1017G-AADD CF-ANYL Nieuwenhuizen >A Stanley >P Boisvert >H Pugh >Goldair Exploration >R Page >V Besner22.07.30904Overturned Blue Sea Lake nr Maniwaki 5.8.37
CF-ANZMonocoupe 90531NC197K CF-ANZH Sykes >Karels AS >R Karels04.08.30918Crashed in flat spin after rudder failure 7m N McLean Sask 5.7.41 Dbf
CF-AOABellanca CH-400 Skyrocket603NC545V CF-AOATreadwell Yukon Ltd >W Phelps >Treadwell Yukon Ltd01.09.30940Crashed nr Queen Charlotte Is BC 10.41
CF-AOBStandard J-1 SeaplaneCF-AOBB Powell22.06.31999Wfu 10.6.32
CF-AOCFleet 75CF-AOCFleet Aircraft Co of Canada Ltd >Eclipse AW >Capreol & Austin AS >Austin AS >Austin AW >Saskatoon FC >Toronto FC21.08.301074Gift to Toronto Central Tech School 13.8.41
CF-AODFleet 26CF-AODB Boe >W Westeen >C Dalton >C Price15.09.30930
CF-AOEFleet 27CF-AOEDept of National Defence -Kitchener-Waterloo FC19.05.31990Dbr Kingston Ont 4.6.32
CF-AOFFleet 28CF-AOFDept of National Defence -Kitchener-Waterloo FC >A Finlayson >Cub Aircraft Corp >T Fawcett >V Davey >J Langford >T Fawcett >J Ashdown19.05.31991Stored 24.8.61
CF-AOGHeath Parasol1CF-AOG(2)J Davey >S Pickles >W Drummond19.05.331274Wfu .37
CF-AOGduplicate reg of CF-AMI
CF-AOHFairchild KR-34C900CF-AOHFairchild Aircraft Ltd >Ont Provincial AS >L Fletcher >E Dale10.09.30929Floats collapsed after mushed on takeoff Wildcat Lake Ont 29.8.47 salvaged for museum display
CF-AOIWaco GXE785680 CF-AOIE Boffa >Z Leigh >E Boffa >G Rice >R Hay >A Love >K Pollock13.08.30917Spun in during aerobatics North Battleford Sask 25.5.37
CF-AOJGreat Lakes 2T1A76NC815K CF-AOJR Malshinger >East Kootenay AT21.10.30953Dbr Fernie BC 24.5.31
CF-AOKNew Standard D-25146NC184H (CF-ANW) CF-AOKJ Labadie20.08.30916Nft after 3.8.31
CF-AOLBellanca CH-300 Pacemaker144NC694E CF-AOLGeneral Airways Ltd13.10.30948Crashed on shore of lake in bad weather nr Senneterre PQ 23.5.36
CF-AOMCorben Junior AceCF-AOM(2)J Taylor21.06.351581Stored .40
CF-AOMWaco GXE1838NC45E CF-AOMJ BauerDbf Pincher Creek Alta 22.10.30
CF-AONBayamoBM-3CF-AONJ Irwin >Soo Garage >L Hottie16.09.351626Dismantled late .40s
CF-AOOduplicate regn of CF-AOH in error
CF-AOPFairchild 711307CF-AOPCanadian AW Ltd06.08.351622rebuild of CF-AKY with new fuselage Hit motorboat on takeoff Beauchesne Depot Lake Onachiway PQ 20.5.41
CF-AOQAmerican Eagle E-430903NC285N CF-AOQA Craig /Grand Prairie Alta >(Mrs M Muncaster) >E Boffa /Lethbridge Alta19.09.30934Calgary Inst Tech as engine test stand 11.4.36
CF-AORAeronca C-2 CollegianA-92NC650Y CF-AORD Cushing /Montreal >GF Gregory >TH Finney >R Racicot >GD Guy /Orillia Ont >(E Sisler)18.09.30932Dbr during takeoff from snow covered field Kapuskasing Ont 30.5.36
CF-AOSMonocoupe 113360532W CF-AOSAL Croll /Richlea Sask >A Bernhard /Sask >FW Schon /Prince Albert15.10.30941Wfu and stored until at least .45
CF-AOTAeronca C-2 CollegianA-58NC10182 CF-AOTCentury AW Ltd>NA Sandham /Toronto >(DE Buddo) >JE Wood /Trenton >H Sargent /Picton Ont29.09.30936Dbr on landing nr Picton Ont 20.7.37
CF-AOUFairchild FC-2W228G-CAIQ NC4770 CF-AOU(2)seized by RCMP >Fleet Aircraft of Canada>WJ Sanderson /Fort Erie >Arrow Airways Ltd /Flin Flon29.08.331335Hit shore after u/c collapsed on landing Little Churchill River Man. 9.10.38
CF-AOUFairchild 71647NC9198 (CF-AOU)AB Holden /Victoria BCnot imported
CF-AOVFairchild 71648NC9199 (CF-AOV)AB Holden /Victoria BCnot imported
CF-AOWMohawk M1C Pinto5NC297V CF-AOWJM Alexander /Montreal >R Bilodeau /Quebec12.05.321124Spun into ground Quebec PQ 5.9.32
CF-AOXNorthwest Model A102NX533V CF-AOXEve Brothers Ltd /Victoria>FG Edwards /Chilliwack04.10.30938Wfu .40
CF-AOYHeath Parasol1CF-AOYLP Edwards /Chilliwack03.04.361670Wfu .40
CF-AOZBuhl CA-6 Standard Airsedan47NC9632 CF-AOZBrooks Construction & Transportation Co/Prince Albert11.10.30946Structural failure 35m E Norway House Man. 22.9.35
CF-APADH.60M Moth1322G-CYWV CF-APA N1510VDr AG Scott /Bassano Alta >Dr AG Scott & MB Toronto /Bassano >T Envoldsen /Standard Alta20.06.31998Stored 14.6.47 rebuilt .63
CF-APBDH.60M Moth1321G-CYWW CF-APBDHC >Capt ML Douglas /Kitchener >Kitchener-Waterloo FC >(Cub Aircraft Corp) >FF Gillies /Toronto13.06.31996Reduced to spares 6.7.43
CF-APCDH.60X Moth758G-CYXG CF-APCKG Southam /Toronto >GAR Cowan /Toronto >(FR Kenney)21.07.321168Crashed in lake at Jellicoe 14.1.35 but salvaged
CF-APDDH.80A Puss MothDHC220CF-APDCapt H Spooner /St Lambert PQ >LP Goyette /Montreal >R Simard /St Lambert >C Powell /Westmount >E Reynolds /Montreal >MAC Smith /St Hubert >JE Gauthier /Ste Therese (3.3.51)21.12.311068Stored St Laurent .59
CF-APEDH.80A Puss MothDHC221CF-APEWJ Holland /Edmonton >Independant AW Ltd >(RC Reed) >Edmonton & Northern Alberta AC >RC Reed /Lacombe Alta >RM Halfpenny /Edmonton >(Fleet Aircraft of Canada)30.03.311108Reduced to spares Fort Erie 23.6.37
CF-APFDH.83 Fox Moth4037CF-APFCanadian AW Ltd >Yorkton AW Ltd>JE Cosco /Sioux Lookout24.02.331254Destroyed in fire after sparks ignited fabric Sioux Lookout 28.10.39
CF-APGDH.83 Fox Moth4038CF-APGCanadian AW Ltd24.02.331255Dbr in gale Cartierville 24.9.42 rts
CF-APHDH.83 Fox Moth4050CF-APHCanadian American Coaches >Northern Skyways Ltd >DHC >AH Farrrington /Sioux Lookout19.06.331296Heater caused fire in flight East Bug Lake 21.12.36
CF-APIDH.83 Fox Moth4000G-ABUO CF-APIGeneral Airways Ltd >Ginger Coote AW >Fleet Aircraft >United AT >F Baillie >Leavens Bros AS09.05.331290Dbr in gale Larder Lake 14.1.50 rebuilt as CF-EVK
CF-APJDH.84 Dragon6024CF-APJCanadian AW Ltd13.05.331288Reduced to spares Montreal 23.10.42 pts used in CF-AVD
CF-APKDH.80A Puss Moth2049CF-APKS/L H Hinkler29.04.31980Bert Hinkler Canada-England. Flew into Alps on England-Australia flight 7.1.33 Hinkler killed
CF-APLDH.60T Tiger Moth1726G-ABNI CF-APL DHC >C Austin >W Deisher >Toronto FC16.09.311048Toronto Tech School as inst a/f 5.10.42
CF-APMDH.60M Moth1341G-CYYM CF-APMR Stephenson >K Johannesson >A Edwards >N Walker09.05.31986Rebuild of G-CYYM c.n 494. Wfu 3.10.36
CF-APNDH.60M MothDHC132CF-APNJ Ruce >L Scott >G Record >L Walker26.06.341424Crashed Haileybury 13.7.42 remains to snowmobile
CF-APODH.83 Fox Moth4052CF-APOA Farrington >R Starratt >Starratt AW >Konnie Johannesson Flying Service >M&C Aviation >Waite Fisheries >C McNeal06.09.331331Wfu .41
CF-APPnot allotted
CF-APQCommand-Aire 3C3504CF-APQZ Leigh >M Patterson >W Purdy >P Muncaster >W Purdy20.02.31958Wfu 30.4.37
CF-APRFleet 2141NC418K CF-APRAF & K Head /Hagersville >PL Jackson /Dunnville >Cub Aircraft Ltd >Leavens Bros Air Services /Toronto15.11.30947Stalled and spun at low altitude nr Brampton Ont 7.5.39
CF-APSCanadian Cub100CF-APSGW Saynor & RN Bell /Montreal20.11.30944Stalled on takeoff after engine failure Toronto Ont 10.10.31
CF-APTDH.60X MothCF-APTC Mercer /Sault Ste Marie >DJ Miller & H Saunders /Camp Borden >(CL Murray /Toronto) >LB Connor /Windsor17.11.30952Rebuilt with parts from CF-AGZ Wfu .22.7.42 scrapped .50
CF-APUIreland P-2 Privateer64NC95K CF-APUCFM Chambers & JS Rowntree /Montreal >Aircraft Distributors Ltd >LA MacLaren /Montreal >A Racicot /Montreal18.12.30954Wfu 3.8.39 offered to RCAF inst a/f (aka Amphibions P-2 Privateer)
CF-APVHeath Centre-WingCF-APVSG Woodstock /Kingston Ont17.12.30955Wfu .32
CF-APWLaird LC-B200193CF-APWWestern Canada AW Ltd>Canadian AW Ltd14.02.31969Dbf in hangar fire Winnipeg Man 4.3.31
CF-APXLaird LC-B200195CF-APXWestern Canada AW Ltd>Canadian AW Ltd02.03.31970Dbf in hangar fire Winnipeg Man 4.3.31
CF-APYLaird LC-B200196CF-APYCanadian AW Ltd >K Johannesson /Winnipeg >JT Dart /Wilton Grove Ont14.03.31968under rebuild
CF-APZAeromarine-Klemm AKL-25A2-21NC163H CF-APZSociete d'Aviation de Quebec >PT Legare /Quebec >J Fecteau /Bergerville PQ13.02.31956Hangar destroyed in forest fire Lake Temiscouata PQ 5.32
CF-AQAMcVean V-3 ValkyrV-3CF-AQAHayes Wheel & Forgings Ltd /Chatham>(GB Stewart & CW Burgess) >(MJ Wilson) >FH Armitage /Hamilton >T Senior /Brantford >RM Armstrong /Sudbury19.02.31957Stalled and spun while low flying 6.11.39
CF-AQBJunkers W33 f > W34 f2586CF-AQBJH St Martin /Longueuil >(M Charbonneau) >A Fecteau /Senneterre PQ >Riverton AW Ltd >Pacific Western AL Ltd>Skyway Air Services Ltd /Langley02.03.31959Wfu 10.8.59
CF-AQCAeronca C-3A-113CF-AQCAero Corp of Canada >GF Gregory /Montreal20.03.31965Forced landing due engine failure on takeoff Montreal PQ 7.7.31
CF-AQDParamount Cabinairedetails unknown
CF-AQEWaco RNF3444CF-AQEJC Webster /Swift Current Sask >AR Smyth /Regina >CJ McGuinnes /Toronto >Prairie AW Ltd>AR Herron /Coderre Sask >Flt Lt AS Halls /Moose Jaw >HC Moody /Decatur USA28.04.31979Exported to USA 10.42
CF-AQFDH.60G Gipsy Moth910NC431 CF-AQFW Williamson /Windsor >Border Cities AC >Leavens Bros Air Services >(W Steele /Strathroy Ont)10.04.31971Fate unknown
CF-AQGBuhl CA-6J Standard Airsedan56CF-AQGBrooks Construction & Transportation >Brooks AW07.07.311023Dived into lake on test flight Emma Lake Sask 21.6.33
CF-AQHStinson SM-8A ReliantM-4122CF-AQHBrooks AW Ltd /Prince Albert16.04.31973Caught fire while engine being heated 22.12.31
CF-AQIBuhl LA-1 Bull Pup114CF-AQINational Air Transport Ltd01.06.31994Dbf in hangar fire Toronto Ont 12.11.35
CF-AQJFarman F.6513F-AICP CF-AQJCommercial Air Transport Ltd >A Fecteau /Bergerville >M Petitclerc /Quebec11.04.31992Overturned while taxying Quebec PQ 1.11.37
CF-AQKAeronca C-3A-133CF-AQKF Gilbert >L Edwards >R Kelsey >E Eversfield >E Brett >R Wells05.05.31982Stored 5.40
CF-AQLWaco 101028C5020 CF-AQLE Fields /Sandwich Ont23.11.311059Stolen from Walker airport-seized by US Customs Detroit. Stored 21.2.34 (NC5020 is ASO c/n A-3)
CF-AQMAeronca C-2 CollegianA-80NC10314 CF-AQMCentury AW Ltd>L Train /Toronto01.05.31974Dbr 25m N Toronto Ont 11.9.32
CF-AQNAeronca C-2 CollegianA-83NC10317 CF-AQNCentury AW Ltd>A Wilson >H Millar >W Young >T Morrison01.05.31975Dbr nr Orillia Ont .38
CF-AQOAeronca C-2 CollegianA-101CF-AQOCentury AW Ltd>Century FC >Murray Aeronautical Corp01.05.31976Wfu 13.9.37
CF-AQPAeronca C-3A-134CF-AQPCentury AW Ltd>G Sweetnam >C Murray >Murray Aeronautical Corp05.05.31981Elevator cable broke in landing circuit nr Toronto Ont 24.7.37
CF-AQQAeronca C-3A-159CF-AQQModern Light Aircraft >T Finney >A Racicot >W Morgan17.07.311017under restoration
CF-AQRAeronca C-2 CollegianA-88NC10322 CF-AQRCentury AW Ltd>Century FS >Murray Aeronautical Corp30.01.321084Wfu 5.2.38
CF-AQSAeronca C-2 CollegianA-95NC653Y CF-AQSCentury AW Ltd30.01.321083Wfu 26.2.34
CF-AQTLamb MonoplaneCF-AQTH Lamb jr13.05.31984Nft
CF-AQUWaco GXE1386NC7437 CF-AQUE Boffa >A Tudor >G Blake >D Gordon23.05.31989Nosed over on landing Bon Accord Alta 11.36
CF-AQVJunkers W33/342710CF-AQVOaks AW >Canadian AW Ltd12.06.311009Hit trees low flying in poor weather 5m SW Gold Pines Ont 1.9.39
CF-AQWJunkers W33 ff12587CF-AQWCommercial Fisheries & Transport Ltd >Canadian AW Ltd >Central BC AW >Pacific Western AL >Skyway AS05.06.311002Stalled on takeoff avoiding power line Kootenay Lake BC 10.8.59
CF-AQXMonocoupeJ Zybachntu - issued in error - see CF-ARL
CF-AQYLaird LC-2B-200198CF-AQYCanadian AW Ltd19.06.311007Gift to Uni of Saskatchewan 30.11.39
CF-AQZDH.60G Gipsy Moth863(CF-AQZ) CF-ADSntu
CF-AQZCorben Junior AceCF-AQZLH Guthrie /Mystic PQ02.07.361741Wfu 9.10.42
CF-ARATaylor E-2 Cub14CF-ARAAir Craft Agencies Ltd21.08.311030Stored 14.7.39
CF-ARBSaunders-Roe A.19 CloudA.19/1L-4 G-ABCJ CF-ARB G-ABCJW Holt17.06.31995Returned to England .33
CF-ARCWaco GXE13914788 CF-ARCP Moore >C Kullberg >H Hopson >Miss Mirtle L Vinge/Alta24.10.311054Dbf in storage Turner Valley Alta 5.1.32
CF-ARDFairchild 71CM18CF-ARD(2) CF-AUAntu - became CF-AUA
CF-ARDCurtiss-Wright CW-1 Junior1141NC10963 CF-ARDAircraft Industries >J Rae00.12.31TempReturned to USA 29.7.31 Canc 1.12.31
CF-AREHeath ParasolCF-AREA Holmes08.06.31993
CF-ARFBoeing A-213 TotemCB10CF-ARFV Spencer >Canadian AW Ltd >W Dyson16.06.321156Wfu 10.2.42
CF-ARGFairchild 2216/1038CF-ARGH Pasmore >Montreal Light AC >P Laiviere >F Vachon >J Begin >M Dorion >A Vallieres >J Gauthier >A Brown >D Tierany >W Peppler22.09.321191Stored 5.57
CF-ARHPietenpol Air CamperCF-ARHMM Fry /Hartney Man >B Bjarnason >H Sinclair-French15.12.311073Stored Brandon FC 8.11.38
CF-ARIJunkers W34 fi2732CF-ARICanadian AW Ltd24.04.331264Engine failed shortly after takeoff 5m S Waterways NWT 25.1.40
CF-ARJHeath ParasolCF-ARJW Morrell >J Beaubien >N Gillespie07.07.311015Stored .39
CF-ARKStinson S JuniorM-8100CF-ARKBrooks AW >T Jones >L Prosser >W Burnett >T Jones >S Sharp >R Corless >Northwings AS25.06.311014Dbf at moorings Prince George BC 10.10.47
CF-ARLMonocoupe108CSH3531 CF-ARLH Brooker >W Moody >L Hudson >C Couzens04.07.311010Damaged on delivery flight Byng Inlet Ont 10.7.39
CF-ARMJunkers Ju52cao4006D- CF-ARM(2)Canadian AW Ltd26.10.311055Scrapped Winnipeg Man 16.5.47 [also shown as ex D-2133 D-USUS but this was c/n 4002]
CF-ARMLockheed 5B Vega54NC657E (CF-ARM)Coastal AWntu
CF-ARNHeath Parasol1CF-ARN(2)G Pope18.08.311028Dbr Summerside PEI 3.7.33
CF-ARNLockheed 5B Vega94NC974H (CF-ARN)Coastal AWntu
CF-AROPitcairn PCA-2B-15NC10786 CF-AROH Pasmore10.07.311016Wfu 6.5.35
CF-ARPAeronca C-2 CollegianA-82NC10316 CF-ARPCentury AW >G Kendall >T Finney >C Kent >G Guy >M Fleming >G Ste Marie >H Emard26.01.321080Failed CoA 25.11.37
CF-ARQHeath ParasolCF-ARQJ Brazier >E Weaver >T Burton >N Froebe22.07.311020Stalled and hit ground whilst low flying Carman Alta 20.6.43
CF-ARRHeath ParasolCF-ARRR Hay22.07.311021nft
CF-ARSnot allotted
CF-ARTnot allotted
CF-ARUAlexander Eaglerock A-4818NC764H CF-ARUA Meloche >N Dufour28.08.311037flown 6.47 nft
CF-ARVBellanca(CF-ARV)J Raentu
CF-ARWPietenpol Air Camper1CF-ARWE Fletcher >S Unser >J Mulvenna14.03.331253Dismantled .34
CF-ARXHess H-3 Bluebird5014CF-ARXD Ladonceur >A Lewis >C Smidt20.10.311049Damaged Walkerville Airport Ont 28.2.32
CF-ARYAeronca C-3A-139CF-ARYCentury AW >W Williams >I Nelson >O Morris >G Rice >B Allen >J Meeks >C Millard15.02.321102Stored .41
CF-ARZAlco Junior Coupe(CF-ARZ)E Gabourientu
CF-ASAHeath ParasolCF-ASA CF-KCZD Ross >V Greek23.11.311058Reregistered
CF-ASBPietenpol Air Camper(CF-ASB)F Gibsonntu
CF-ASCFairchild KR-34C391NC222M CF-ASCCentury AW >Century Aircraft Syndicate >C Murray >Murray Aero Corp15.12.311072Wfu 13.9.37
CF-ASDPietenpol Air CamperCF-ASDW Harrison30.01.321093nft
CF-ASEStearman 4-EM4028CF-ASECanadian AW Ltd25.01.321078nft
CF-ASFStearman 4-C > 4-E > 4-CM > 4-EM4010NC770H CF-ASFCanadian AW Ltd >Trans-Canada AL >Northern AW25.01.321079Ran out of fuel 7m S Whitehorse YT 6.9.39 Dbr (c/n 4029 per Juptner)
CF-ASGAlco JuniorLundstrom Brosntu
CF-ASHHeath Parasol1CF-ASHEJ Brousseau /Calendar Ont02.02.321094Fabric caught fire while re-doping Callandar Ont 17.2.35 Rebuilt
CF-ASIJunkers W33 fi2591CF-ASICanadian AW Ltd05.02.321087Crashed on flight from Tashota Ont to Kagianagami Lake Ont 12.3.32
CF-ASJWaco ATOA-99NC8590 CF-ASJ CF-BJMPremier AT >E de Pencier >T Envoldsen19.03.321106Re-registered after rebuild
CF-ASKCraig BiplaneCF-ASKA Craig09.09.321184Wfu 13.3.41
CF-ASLFleet 79CF-ASLAlgoma AT >Karl Springer Exploration >L Bisson & R Spooner >R Spooner >Lakehead FC >Brant-Norfolk AC10.05.321150Wfu 6.9.47
CF-ASMPietenpol Air Camper1CF-ASMJ Comeau24.01.321244Wings damaged in fire 5.6.34
CF-ASNJunkers W34 fi2731CF-ASNCanadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >Central BC AW21.03.331258Wfu after crash 24.6.48
CF-ASOSikorsky S-38C414-19NC28V CF-ASOCanadian AW Ltd12.05.321116Wfu due corrosion 9.5.34
CF-ASPPietenpol Air CamperCF-ASPJ Friesen >I Milne29.04.321115nft
CF-ASQPitcairn PAA-1F-72NC11648 CF-ASQLeavens AS14.05.321120Wfu 28.4.54
CF-ASRDesoutter IID.37VH-UPS CF-ASRI Brunelle >R Karels >Karels AS10.02.331245Caught fire while heating engine Lac LaRonge Sask 20.11.35
CF-ASSnot allotted
CF-ASTEastman E-2 Sea Rover8NC474M CF-ASTH Tyrer >Columbia Development Ltd06.06.321130Wfu 24.9.45
CF-ASUEastman E-2 Sea Rover12NC467M CF-ASUH Tyrer >Columbia Development Ltd >L Staples06.06.321131Hull damaged on landing on Nisutlin River Teslin YT 18.6.36
CF-ASVEastman E-2 Sea Rover15NC470M CF-ASVE Tyrer >W Emery >J MacConnachie06.06.321132Stored .39
CF-ASWEastman E-2 Sea Rover16NC471M CF-ASWE Tyrer >W Emery >J MacConnachie >W Sproule06.06.321133Dbr on takeoff Gibsons Landing Howe Sound BC 7.5.37 derelict on beach
CF-ASXAlexander Flyabout D-23015NC12504 CF-ASXJ Eve >N Coutts14.06.321154Stalled in turn after overshoot Chilliwack BC 25.5.41 Dbr
CF-ASYEastman E-2 Sea Rover17NC472M CF-ASYE Tyrer >Columbia Development Ltd06.06.321134Wfu 15.9.43
CF-ASZFokker Universal444X181H CF-ASZM Nicholson >G Thorne >Wings Ltd21.05.321125Flames from exhaust ignited fabric Ball Lake 44m NE Kenora Ont 10.1.38
CF-ATARyan B-1 Brougham102NC5214 CF-ATAR Coote/Chilliwack01.06.321160Dbf while heating engine Quesnel BC 1.3.33
CF-ATBFairchild 71C10CF-ATB CF-OAMH Pasmore >Ont Provincial AS06.07.321142Re-registered as State aircraft 12.6.33
CF-ATBAmerican Eagle A-1194NC5571 CF-ATB(2)A Carey/Chilliwack04.01.331238Wfu 25.1.41
CF-ATCnot allotted
CF-ATDHeath low-wing monoplaneL Brunellentu
CF-ATEStinson SM-6000-B5017NC11124 CF-ATECanadian Colonial AW10.06.321146Dbf Albany Airport NY 30.1.34
CF-ATFJunkers W34 ffi2718CF-ATFCanadian AW Ltd >Central BC AW >Pacific Western AL >Pacific Wings23.12.321232Gift to Natl Avn Museum Ottawa .62
CF-ATGFairchild FC-2127NC6370 CF-ATGH McKiernan >Northern AW >F Kossman >M&C Aviation >J Clarke >Bob-Joan Mining >G Dalziel >E Callison12.06.321173Grounded by DoT 15.4.43
CF-ATHHeath ParasolCF-ATHJ Ottley15.06.321144Hit ground landing on test flight Brooklyn NS 5.9.32
CF-ATIStinson S JuniorJ Hamiltonntu
CF-ATJFokker Super Universal853NC125M CF-ATJMacKenzie AS >Northern AW03.09.321186Hit tree after takeoff Carcross YT 7.11.38
CF-ATKAeronca C-3A-211CF-ATKB Pliske >Limberlost Resorts >D Clark >Century FS >Murray Aero Corp25.08.321185Accident Toronto Ont 16.10.36
CF-ATLAeronca C-3A-138NC11405 CF-ATLL Findlay >A Reynard >L Edwards27.09.321195Wfu 15.4.49
CF-ATMNeys biplaneCF-ATMJ Neys16.08.321181Stored Grand Prairie Alta 23.10.37
CF-ATNBellanca CH-300 Pacemaker131NC3005 CF-ATNGeneral Airways Ltd >Turnbull Fishing Co26.09.321194Flew into storm with 2 canoes on floats 130m N Flin Flon Man 17.6.38 Dbf
CF-ATOFleet 210CF-ATOLondon FC19.09.321193Forced landing due engine failure London Ont 23.8.36 Dbr
CF-ATPCurtiss-Reid Rambler II1008NC779Y CF-ATPL Bleackey23.10.321205Spun out of loop at air show Steinbach Man 14.7.34
CF-ATQFairchild 22B901NC12669 CF-ATQH Pasmore >Saint John FC >A Hazen >L Hatheway08.12.321222Ran into snowsquall and hit hill Plaster Rock NB 25.12.37
CF-ATRFairchild 71683NC25K CF-ATR CF-AYUNorthern AT >Brooks AW >Wings Ltd01.10.321221Rebuilt as CF-AYU with new fuselage
CF-ATSAlco SportCF-ATSC Hoover12.10.331339Wfu 11.10.34
CF-ATTVan Valkenburg monoplaneM-2CF-ATTVan Valkenburg Aircraft04.01.331223Dbr en route Edmonton-Ottawa Ont for tests .33
CF-ATUPietenpol Air CamperCF-ATUT Fox >A Reynard14.11.321208Wfu 16.11.35
CF-ATVDH.83 Fox Moth4011CF-ATVG Irwin >T Fraser >B Watt26.11.321215Dbr in forced landing after cabin heater fire Rameneau 18.9.37
CF-ATWFokker Super Universal811NC340N CF-ATWMacKenzie AS21.11.321218Hit rock on forced landing due fuel shortage Cambridge Bay NWT 20.4.34
CF-ATXDH.83 Fox Moth4049CF-ATXR Cockeram >Capreol & Austin >H Watt >B Watt >E Ruddick >A Fecteau >J Stevenson >P Lariviere >W McQuade27.04.331266Wfu 7.12.51
CF-ATYFairchild FC-2Northwestern Canada ATntu
CF-ATZFairchild 71C17CF-ATZCanadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >A Berry >Territories AS25.02.331246Hit water after stall on takeoff and sank nr Taltheilei Narrows NWT 24.9.49
CF-AUAFairchild 71CM18CF-ARD(2) CF-AUACanadian AW Ltd15.08.331325Built with wings from CF-ARD Dbr in windstorm Senneterre PQ 19.8.34 pts used in CF-AWS
CF-AUBBird BK2023-07NC10367 CF-AUBL Foggin02.05.331299Collided with Tiger RCAF4075 on landing Vancouver BC 30.3.41 Sold .44
CF-AUCWaco UIC3750CF-AUCB Ashley02.06.331313Flew into bad weather and crashed into Lake Ontario off Bronte 10.12.33
CF-AUDFokker AF-14A1421NC844W CF-AUDMacKenzie AS05.06.331289Dbr Edmonton Alta 24.5.34
CF-AUEPietenpol Air CamperG Robinsonntu
CF-AUFLincoln SportCF-AUFGP Gatrell /Vancouver22.05.331275Fate unknown
CF-AUGHeath ParasolCF-AUGS Albulet >W Hodgson >D Willis >V Terry >W Pearce07.06.331280Forced landing due engine failure Calgary Alta 18.9.40
CF-AUHStinson SM-1D-300302NC6762 CF-AUHC Roy >Service AW >Starratt AW08.06.331292Fire in nose hangar Hudson Ont 2.3.37 Dbf
CF-AUIPietenpol Air CamperCF-AUID McEachern05.07.331306Wfu 14.1.37
CF-AUJFairchild Super 7150CF-AUJCanadian AW Ltd05.03.351532Sank after hitting submerged object on takeoff Lost Bay Ont 3.10.40
CF-AUKPietenpol Air CamperCF-AUKG Brown >H Thompson07.07.331310nft
CF-AULSwallow9936179 CF-AULJ Clancey >R Corless31.07.331321Float gear collapsed on takeoff Seton Lake BC 6.36
CF-AUMFairchild 71CMCanadian AW Ltdntu
CF-AUNPietenpol Air CamperCF-AUNC Anderson10.10.331338Damaged on takeoff Edmonton Alta 16.3.35
CF-AUOCurtiss-Reid Rambler I1041CF-CCB CF-AUOLondon FC20.10.331350Stb upper wing not locked - folded after takeoff London Ont 16.3.34
CF-AUPBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.248CF-AUPL Bisson >Rev J Couture /Ontario18.05.341412Wfu 11.10.36
CF-AUQHeath Super Parasol1CF-AUQJ McIntoshControl wire broke causing forced landing Georgian Bay Ont 4.1.35
CF-AURWaco UKC3847CF-AURJ Fauquier >Wings Ltd28.03.341383Wfu 16.1.41
CF-AUSStinson SR Reliant8700NC12191 CF-AUSK Johannesson >T Lamb >C McNeal >M&C Aviation21.12.331357Wfu 30.4.43 (also recorded as SR-7A)
CF-AUTHomebuilt (Warner Scarab)(CF-AUT)J Sherrenntu
CF-AUTFairchild Super 7151(CF-AUT) RCAF665Fairchild Aircraft >RCAFRts 11.4.40
CF-AUUFairchild KR-34C905CF-AUUA X Syndicate >T Bartsch >J Mullholland >T Bartsch >E Darling01.06.341413Calgary TofTA 17.12.38
CF-AUVFokker F.XI-AHB906NC339N CF-AUVW Strong01.07.331311Hit trees on takeoff McDames Lake BC 13.7.35
CF-AUWPietenpol Air Camper CF-AUWL Hottie27.02.341373Wfu 31.3.35
CF-AUXFairchild FC-2 > 51A769G-CAIH CF-AUXBridge River & Cariboo AW28.03.341378Crashed 15m W Port Alberni BC 27.5.38 (also quotes c/n 18)
CF-AUYCorben Baby AceCF-AUYC Lightheart07.05.341393Wfu 10.9.40
CF-AUZBayamo BA-2M-1BCF-ACV CF-AUZH Laird22.01.371878Built from Monocoupe CF-ACV Dismantled 22.1.37
CF-AVADH.80A Puss MothDHC223CF-AVA N223ECConsolidated Mining & Smelting >C Renfrew22.06.341423
CF-AVBDH.80A Puss MothDHC224CF-AVBA MacLaren >W Deisher >A Denis >L Hudson >C Wiens >J Duguay07.07.341431Cv to snowmobile Port Menier 2.47
CF-AVCDH.80A Puss MothDHC225CF-AVCDHC >Aerovis Ltd /Toronto >RC Jacobsen >W Davies >D Corbett >B Smith04.04.351548Wfu 6.4.58
CF-AVDDH.84 Dragon II6086CF-AVDQuebec AW Ltd >Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL24.01.351522Stalled on takeoff Baie Comeau 26.5.44
CF-AVEDH.83 Fox Moth4095CF-AVEThe Jubilee Syndicate >Borealis Co >Consolidated Mining & Smelting14.05.351565Crashed on takeoff Yellowknife 17.4.42
CF-AVFDH.60M MothDHC133CF-AVF RCAF223 CF-CGB RCAFA.120 then A.223? CF-CGBDHC >RCAF13.07.351595Wfu 6.8.46
CF-AVFDH.60M Moth717RCAF68 CF-AVF RCAFA.123C Mackenzie >G Ste Marie >AJ Smith >Leavens Bros AS >RCAF >Galt Aircraft School30.06.361737Traded to RCAF for CF-CFR
CF-AVGDH.82A Tiger Moth3348(G-ADHA) CF-AVG RCAF238 CF-CGZ RCAF238DHC >RCAF24.08.351609Reduced to produce Trenton 9.2.44
CF-AVHDH.87A Hornet Moth8009CF-AVHMercury AS >J Storie >J Mackay28.10.351630Hit trees on takeoff Clam Lake 13.10.39
CF-AVIDH.84 Dragon II6093CF-AVIConsolidated Mining & Smelting >DHC >H Watt >North Shore AW02.10.351624Washed over dam in gale Godbout 13.1.41
CF-AVJDH.89A Rapide6295CF-AVJCanadian AW Ltd >Quebec AW Ltd24.09.351677Engine fire during warm up Saint John 17.5.39
CF-AVKFairchild 71C25Canadian AW Ltdntu
CF-AVLWaco UKC3863CF-AVLCapreol & Austin AS >Austin AS >Austin AW14.04.341386Overturned after blowing onto a reef in rough water Little Current Ont 24.10.36
CF-AVMPietenpol Air Camper1CF-AVMG Kempthorne20.04.341384Dbr on flight to Sifton Man N Duck Mountain 29.12.37
CF-AVNWaco UKC3869CF-AVNCapreol & Austin AS >Austin AS >Austin AW26.05.341411Sank through ice whilst taxying 25m SW Biscotasing Ont 8.12.42
CF-AVOGibson-Milne MonoplaneCF-AVOJE Smith & J Gibson /Vancouver23.05.341404Wfu 14.7.36
CF-AVPCorben Junior AceCF-AVPJ Fast >B Kopp /Rennie Man21.05.341403Wfu 18.2.41
CF-AVQLincoln SportCF-AVQD Harper >G Kempthorne >J Jeannote07.05.341392Converted to snowmobile .38
CF-AVRWaco UKC3871CF-AVRCanadian Flying Clubs Assn >L Bisson >Rev JM Couture >RJJ Phenix /Hyacinthe PQ05.06.341428Caught fire while being cleaned prior to sale St.Hyacinthe PQ 20.9.44
CF-AVSWaco UKC3872CF-AVSArrow AW >R Smith >J St Martin06.06.341427Hit ground photographing caribou NE St.Felicien PQ 5.3.39
CF-AVTPietenpol Air CamperCF-AVTStettler AC >R Gladden21.05.341417Stalled during landing approach Riley Alta 5.7.41
CF-AVUPietenpol Air CamperCF-AVUB Price09.07.341433Wfu 19.5.42
CF-AVVWaco UKC3931CF-AVVWings Ltd >J Haverluck >Savant AW Ltd >E Ruddick >G Record >Muskoka Air Trails20.07.341435Dbf in hangar fire Toronto Ont 17.8.45
CF-AVWWaco CJC3900CF-AVWHollinger Consolidated Gold Mines >St Maurice AW >A Racicot >Curtiss-Reid FS >M&C Aviation08.08.341460Dbr forced landing on flight from Ile a la Crosse Meadow Lake Sask 10.1.45
CF-AVXHomebuiltM Whitentu
CF-AVYFairchild 71C26CF-AVYConsolidated Mining & Smelting14.07.341437Overturned on landing due glassy water Sylvan Lake Alta 12.10.41
CF-AVZHeath ParasolCF-AVZC Mackenzie11.08.341444Wfu 10.8.35
CF-AWALincoln SportCF-AWAJ BarbourWfu .35
CF-AWBWaco CJC3913CF-AWBH McLean >W Sanderson >A Wicks >Fleet Aircraft >R Kiteley >M&C Aviation >A Fisher >J Alix >Superior AW >Cadi-Lac Insurance31.08.341461Dbr in windstorm Cartierville PQ 25.2.56
CF-AWCWaco UKC3932CF-AWCWings Ltd31.07.341442Caught fire heating engine with blow pot Rice Lake Man 4.3.36
CF-AWDWaco UKC3933CF-AWDWings Ltd >Arrow AW >C Van14.08.341447Converted to snowmobile .44
CF-AWEWaco YKC4201CF-AWER Cockeram >Prospectors AW >Norcan Fisheries Ltd /Toronto25.08.341455Stalled on takeoff from Cordingly Lake 3m N Nakina Ont 2.6.39
CF-AWFTaylor E-2 Cub120CF-AWFLG Cargill >W Nixon >Ottawa FC >RH Fawcett >Cub Aircraft Corp >L Greggory >Cub Aircraft Corp >K Hostein >C Griffin /Hamilton02.10.341466Wfu .42
CF-AWGFairchild 71C27CF-AWGConsolidated Mining & Smelting >lsd Canadian Pacific AL06.10.341483Stalled in poor weather between Ft Smith and Ft Providence Hay River NWT 12.4.43
CF-AWHWaco YKC-S4231CF-AWHG Irwin >Fleet Aircraft >Skylines Express >Fleet Aircraft >Thompson-Lundmark Gold Mines12.03.351555Exported to USA? 24.2.44