Civil Aircraft Register - Canada

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
CF-AWIWaco YKC3976CF-AWIW Sanderson >Eclipse AW >Capreol & Austin AS >Fleet Aircraft >A Jarvis >Algoma AT >E Ahr >Leitch Gold Mines >Salmita Northwest Mines17.11.341494Gas from blow pot inside cabin ignited fabric Yellowknife NWT 15.10.46
CF-AWJWaco YKC3934CF-AWJW Sanderson >Millar Mineral Expl >Auric Ltd >A Farrington >Skylines Express >British American Oil >Wings Ltd10.10.341476Wfu 7.3.41
CF-AWKWaco YKC-S4239CF-AWKW Sanderson >Dominion Skyways >A Racicot >Spillsbury & Hepburn >Queen Charlotte AL >Babb (Canada) >Northland Avn27.05.351567Forced landing on city street South Porcupine Ont 8.8.49
CF-AWLWaco YKC-S4238CF-AWLH Pugh >Wings Ltd >A Cheesman >Northland AW >Fleet Aircraft >W Dyson >BC AT >Ginger Coote AW20.05.351592Use for spares Winnipeg Man 18.2.43
CF-AWMWaco YKC-S4261CF-AWMAir Trails Ltd/Huntsville06.07.351596Dbf while welding in hangar South Porcupine Ont 19.9.40
CF-AWNFairchild 71C21CF-OAN CF-AWNR Irvine >Wings Ltd17.08.331441Hit trees on lake edge due ice on wings Lac du Bonnet Man 16.4.36
CF-AWOStinson SR-5A Reliant9341-ACF-AWOGeneral Airways Ltd10.10.341497Took off on own after passenger hit throttle getting out - climbed to 200' and dived into lake Simcoe Ont 7.3.36
CF-AWPFairchild 51/7128CF-AWPJ Fauquier >Austin AW30.10.341487Stalled on takeoff and hit shore of Lake Cordingly nr Nakina Ont 17.6.49
CF-AWQVultee V-1A16NC14247 CF-AWQ NC22077Canadian Colonial AW01.03.351538Exported to US 2.39
CF-AWRBellanca 66-70 Aircruiser719CF-AWRMacKenzie AS >Eldorado Gold Mines >Canadian AW Ltd14.03.351601Forced landing due fuel starvation 130m NE Soux Lookout Ont 24.1.47
CF-AWSFairchild 71C29CF-AWSCanadian AW Ltd05.12.341500Hit by twister while taxying - floats failed Lake Mistassini PQ 16.3.37
CF-AWTNeste MonoplaneCF-AWTK Neste/TompkinsFabric tore away and wing failed in flight nr Eastend Sask 26.12.35
CF-AWUFairchild 71C30CF-AWUC Troup >Dominion Skyways22.12.341509Dbf during salvage after went through ice Lake Pipmoukin 130m NE Roberval PQ 2.2.40
CF-AWVFairchild 71C31CF-AWVCanadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >Fletcher AT >Great Northern Skyways >Carl Millard Ltd >Petersens AS >Northland Fish Producers22.01.351537Forced landing in poor weather 40m S Summit Lake BC 19.10.56
CF-AWWFairchild 71C32CF-AWWFairchild Aircraft >Starratt AW11.02.351518Dbr nr Savant Lake Ont 8.4.36
CF-AWXFairchild 71C33CF-AWXWings Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL04.03.351539Floats collapsed on landing after engine failure Deschambault Lake Sask 4.7.43
CF-AWYRyan B-5 Brougham247NC12852 CF-AWYseized by RCMP >C MacKenzie >lsd General Airways Ltd >L Bisson >Karl Springer Exploration >Springer-Sturgeon Gold Mines04.02.351547Overshot lake and landed on shore Biscotasing Ont 12.39
CF-AWZMassy BiplaneCF-AWZR MasseyForced landing due engine failure on test flight Longueil PQ 10.8.40
CF-AXAFairchild 8235CF-AXAProspectors AW >Wings Ltd >British Yukon Navigation >Yukon Southern AT12.08.351750Reduced to spares 16.3.44
CF-AXBFairchild 8236CF-AXBDominion Skyways Ltd09.08.351754Hit trees on landing Tench Lake PQ 21.8.41
CF-AXCFairchild 8238CF-AXCBritish Yukon Navigation28.09.351752Over-ran airport boundary in heavy snow Dawson YT 15.11.36 Rebuilt as CF-AXK
CF-AXDFairchild 82A39CF-AXDStarratt AW20.12.351755Dbf after engine backfired after landing Ferland Ont 14.2.41
CF-AXEFairchild 82A40CF-AXECanadian AW Ltd >Arrow AW >Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian PAcific AL >Central Northern AW >Associated Air Taxi >H Knights >Uranium Corp of BC >Cascade AS08.02.361751Floats torn off after hitting object on takeoff Harrison Lake BC 12.8.55
CF-AXFFairchild 82A41CF-AXFWings Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >Dominion Skyways20.06.361749Hit trees on takeoff Lake Pipmaukin PQ 12.9.42
CF-AXGFairchild 82A42CF-AXGStarratt AW >Canadian Pacific AL11.09.361803Hit shore on takeoff after engine cut due icing Abram Lake Ont 2.11.42
CF-AXHFairchild 82B43CF-AXHMacKenzie AS >Canadian AW Ltd04.09.361835U/c collapsed on landing after severe downdraft McAree Lake Ont 5.8.38
CF-AXIFairchild 82A44CF-AXIWings Ltd19.09.361827Caught fire while heating engine under hood Schist Lake Man 29.1.39 Dbf
CF-AXJFairchild 82A48CF-AXJBritish Yukon Navigation05.01.371897Hit trees after takeoff nr Dawson YT 31.1.41
CF-AXKFairchild 82A60CF-AXKBritish Yukon Navigation26.04.371957Rebuilt with parts from CF-AXC Crashed in Lake Laberge YT 9.11.39
CF-AXLFairchild 82A61CF-AXLStarratt AW >Ontario Central AL >J Landells >Aviation Services >R Eastman >Airmart Courier & Sales >E Lobe >Airmart Courier & Sales >Alberta Fish Products >Canadian Pacific Railway Co01.03.371893Gift to Natl Avn Museum Ottawa Ont .66
CF-AXMFairchild 82B62CF-AXMlsd MacKenzie AS >Canadian Pacific AL >Ontario Central AL05.03.371907Hit trees on shore after takeoff Kenora Ont 9.1.48
CF-AXNFairchild 82B63CF-AXNlsd MacKenzie AS12.03.371910Broke through ice whilst taxying Big Eddy on Slave River NWT 8.12.38
CF-AXOFairchild 34-42 Niska64CF-AXO CF-MAKFairchild AircraftCv to 82D and reregistered CF-MAK 3.38
CF-AXPFairchild 82B65CF-AXPFairchild AircraftSold to Argentine Navy 2.2.38
CF-AXQFairchild 82D69CF-AXQMacKenzie AS >Canadian Pacific AL >Waite FisheriesHit ice in turn after windscreen iced 3m from Ile a la Crosse Sask 28.1.47
CF-AXRreserved for Fairchild A/c Ltd - ntu
CF-AXSreserved for Fairchild A/c Ltd - ntu
CF-AXTreserved for Fairchild A/c Ltd - ntu
CF-AXUreserved for Fairchild A/c Ltd - ntu
CF-AXVreserved for Fairchild A/c Ltd - ntu
CF-AXWreserved for Fairchild A/c Ltd - ntu
CF-AXXreserved for Fairchild A/c Ltd - ntu
CF-AXYreserved for Fairchild A/c Ltd - ntu
CF-AXZreserved for Fairchild A/c Ltd - ntu
CF-AYAPage MonoplaneCF-AYAL Duquette24.07.351600Wfu 23.7.36
CF-AYBAeronca C-3A-580CF-AYB G-ADSPC Murray13.08.351616Sold to UK 11.10.35
CF-AYCAeronca C-3A-579CF-AYC G-ADSOC Murray13.08.351617Sold to UK 14.10.35
CF-AYDPietenpol Air CamperCF-AYDW West/HopewellNot passed as airworthy 20.7.36
CF-AYEDH.89A Rapide6304CF-AYEBritish North America AW >Quebec AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >Central Northern AW >Queen Charlotte AL11.04.361689Dismantled Vancouver 24.8.51
CF-AYFDH.90 Dragonfly7506CF-AYFW Archibald >Consolidated Mining & Smelting16.07.361758Dbr in heavy landing Kimberley 12.10.46
CF-AYGDH.87A Hornet Moth8031CF-AYG N8969Consolidated Mining & Smelting >A Tiede >E Juzak >V Barber27.03.361680
CF-AYHBritish Aircraft Eagle II134CF-AYHG Priestley >J George >O Hallock12.05.361690Ground looped on landing Lethbridge Alta 12.8.48
CF-AYIDH.87B Hornet Moth8061CF-AYI P6788Brett-Trethewey Mines >DHC >RAF13.06.361733To UK Air Ministry 4.39
CF-AYJDH.87B Hornet Moth8062CF-AYJWindsor-Chatham-London Coach Lines >DHC >F Farwell20.10.361830Crashed into high ground in fog nr Caledon Ont 24.8.58
CF-AYKPorterfield 35-70163CF-AYKC Pocock >London FC >Aviaco >W Ward >M Galbraith >S Steinberg >J Godden02.10.351647Wfu 2.6.52
CF-AYLPietenpol Air CamperCF-AYLS Kitchen >A Suddaby >G Kempthorne07.10.351625Wfu due wartime restrictions 22.10.42
CF-AYMMignet HM.14 Pou-du-Ciel1CF-AYMG Millette/Montreal18.03.361662Dived into ground from 50' after engine cut on takeoff St.Hubert PQ 2.7.36
CF-AYNEdwards Guardian30ACF-AYNF Edwards/ChilliwackDamaged on test flight 22.9.36 Stored
CF-AYONoorduyn Norseman I1CF-AYODominion Skyways >Canadian Pacific AL >Cap AW >Gold Belt AS >Mont-Laurier >A Racicot >Orillia AS18.01.361667Crashed on landing approach Round Is Lake Ont 28.8.55
CF-AYPWaco YKS-64458CF-AYPLaurentian AS >P Lewin >T Carr27.06.361761Broke thro ice on landing Burchell Lake Ont 28.4.57
CF-AYQWaco YKS-64451CF-AYQSpeers AW >M&C Aviation >L Bowes23.05.361721Wfu 21.11.48
CF-AYRWaco YKS-64414CF-AYRD&L Aerial Transportation >W Drury >R Redmayne >Great North AS28.04.361692Dbf during repairs Haileybury Ont 27.1.40
CF-AYSWaco YKC-S > ZKS-6 > YKC-S4267CF-AYSArrow AW >Canadian Pacific AL >P Sigurdson >Johannesson FS >J Paul >Aircraft Services (Western) >Central Northern AW >Transair28.12.351644Wfu 5.12.53
CF-AYTWaco YKS-6 > ZKS-64450CF-AYTA Farrington >Wings Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL22.05.361722Ran out of fuel en route Cold Lake-Cooking Lake Alta 13.7.43 Stored
CF-AYUFairchild 711499CF-AYUWings Ltd16.03.361661Built with parts from CF-ATR Forced landing after prop broke off Lac du Bonnet Man 10.4.36
CF-AYVPorterfield 35-70185CF-AYVW Dixon >S McDonald >G Rault03.05.361707Landed on lighted main street after got lost Vegreville Alta 10.5.46 Dbr
CF-AYWStinson SR-7B Reliant9694CF-AYW NC1383General Airways Ltd >J Burke04.05.361735Forced landed on road after engine failure nr Rouyn PQ 9.9.37 sold US
CF-AYXPietenpolCF-AYXA Reynard >K Loud18.07.361745Stored Langley Prairie BC 10.41
CF-AYYTaylor J-2 CubS-558CF-AYYR Gould >C Taylor >Hamilton AC22.05.361694Mid air collision with CF-BHR after takeoff Hamilton Ont 1.7.38
CF-AYZDH.60G Gipsy MothHartwick 1CF-AYZF Hartwick >CE Keating /Moncton NB >Moncton FC >R McCLure >D McClure >A MacDonald30.08.372063Built with parts from CF-AAG and CF-ADD Wfu 12.12.48
CF-AZANoorduyn Norseman II2CF-AZA RCAF695MacKenzie AS >RCAF30.04.361747Rts 20.7.44
CF-AZBFord 4-AT-E Trimotor4-AT-3NC3041 CF-AZBBritish Yukon Navigation21.04.361684Fuselage buckled while tail hit hangar wall during tow Whitehorse YT 8.8.40
CF-AZCStinson SR-7B Reliant9697-SCF-AZCDominion Gas Service >Canadian Western Natural Gas Light Heat & Power Co Ltd >McConachie AT27.05.361725Wfu 7.12.38
CF-AZDMignet HM.14 Pou-du-CielToronto FCntu
CF-AZENoorduyn Norseman II3CF-AZER Cockeram >United AT >British Columbia AT >Ginger Coote AW28.05.361740Forced landed on water after fire in air nr Nanaimo BC 29.10.40 Dbf
CF-AZFTaylor J-2 CubS-560CF-AZFW Beaulac >O Rouette >M Greenberg >W MacRitchie >I Shore18.05.361727u/c collapsed on landing Glace Bay NS 28.2.39
CF-AZGTaylor J-2 Cub798CF-AZGB Powers >D McTavish >Ottawa FC >T Roberts >D Snelgrove >Pettus & Maynes >St Thomas FC >G Maynard03.09.361838Wfu 20.3.51 Damaged in windstorm
CF-AZHStinson SR-7B Reliant9699-SCF-AZHGeneral Airways Ltd >Turnbull Fishing Co25.06.361782Engine backfired after forced landing 100m from South Reindeer Sask 20.12.38 Dbf
CF-AZIStinson SR-8EM Reliant9725CF-AZIMcIntyre-Porcupine Mines >Stinson Canadian Sales >Canadian Car & Foundry >lsd Amos AS >lsd R Norwegian NAF25.06.361781Broke from moorings and battered against seawall Toronto Harbour Ont 26.11.40
CF-AZJFairchild 24C-8ES2816NC16355 CF-AZJJ Rogers >lsd Patterson & Hill >Western Aircraft Supply >McKenzie Island Prospectors >Spinwood-Sportland AW16.06.361742Forced landing after engine cut 95m N Red Lake Ont 27.3.48 salvaged and stored
CF-AZKTaylor J-2 Cub791CF-AZKCub Aircraft Ltd >F Hawthorne >F McTavish >Cub Aircraft >L Force >F Maracle >F Gillies >Chinook FS >R Hess >C Webster >D Murray25.06.361757Overturned in high wind while staked out Stettler Alta 1.6.49
CF-AZLTaylor J-2 Cub793CF-AZLCub Aircraft Ltd >Aviaco Ltd >DA Dwyer & A Marshall >DW Siple >N Doherty >F Maracle >FF Gillies >HS Simon >Leavens Bros AS >RM Alemeny09.07.361824Wfu 27.3.48
CF-AZMWaco ZQC-6 Custom4449CF-AZMWJ(Jack) Sanderson/Fort Erie Ont >GWG McConachie /Edmonton07.07.361791Broke thro ice and sank Watson Lake YT 22.11.38
CF-AZNWaco YKS-64461CF-AZNAir Travel & Transport >British Columbia AT >Ginger Coote AW27.06.361760Reduced to spares for CF-AWL 22.4.41
CF-AZOWaco ZQC-6 Custom4472CF-AZOH McLean29.07.361790Destroyed in hangar fire Toronto Ont 10.4.37 Dbf
CF-AZPWaco ZQC-6 Custom4481CF-AZPWJ (Jack) Sanderson /Fort Erie >Wings Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >P Sigurdson >Johannesson >L Roluf >Parks Transportation22.09.361846Engine failed en route Nestor Falls-Atikawa Lake Ont 6.6.52
CF-AZQWaco YKS-64525CF-AZQDept of Lands & Mines >Dept of Transport >Curtiss-Reid FS >M&C Aviation >Dept of Natural Resources >Sask Govt AW >Aklavik FS04.10.361833Overturned on landing 45m N Aklavik NWT 9.3.50
CF-AZRWaco ZQC-6 Custom4489CF-AZRWings Ltd07.11.36TempHit trees on landing after engine cut Berens River Man 10.12.36
CF-AZSNoorduyn Norseman II4CF-AZSStarratt AW & Transportation Ltd02.07.361805Hit trees and flipped on landing Red Lake Bay Ont 16.6.37
CF-AZTFairchild 24C-8E2825NC16805 CF-AZTCanadian Import Co >Dept of Munitions & Supply >W Harris >J Murray >S Reynolds >J Rennie >Central Aviation >R Skocdopole >P Swainson06.08.361789U/c collapsed on landing after hitting badger hole Portreene Sask 2.9.57
CF-AZUPietenpol Air CamperCF-AZUH Johnson >A Ewer26.06.361724Overturned in high wind Innisfail Alta 23.10.39
CF-AZVStinson SR-8CM Reliant9733CF-AZVCanadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >W Plummer >Eco Exploration >G Ingebrigtson >Arctic Wings >Western Aero Sprays >C Robinson >Superior AW23.07.361784Wfu 26.6.65
CF-AZWGAL ST.25 Monospar UniversalST25/81CF-AZWMaritime AL18.06.361734Wfu 15.12.39
CF-AZXStinson SR-8CM Reliant9749CF-AZX TF-AZXCanadian AW Ltd >A Eliasson31.07.361788Sold to Iceland 23.10.43
CF-AZYLockheed 10A Electra1063CF-AZY RCAF1529Canadian AW Ltd >Trans-Canada AL29.09.361814To RCAF 23.10.39 Stored 2.5.46
CF-AZZStinson SR-8DM Reliant9750CF-AZZGeneral Airways Ltd03.08.361792Engine backfired on shutdown at dock after landing Rouyn PQ 5.6.38 Dbf
CF-BAAPietenpol Sky ScoutCF-BAAR Wong >R Gillis07.07.361746Stored 31.7.44
CF-BABJunkers F13 de732D-345 P-PALR SP-AAU CF-BABBishop G Breynat >A Schneider >BJ Yasinski /Roberval PQ17.07.362093Wfu 14.7.40
CF-BACJunkers F13 de731D-344 P-PALO SP-AAW CF-BACFather Schulte >A Schneider >JH St Martin /St Felicien Quebec >A Fecteau07.01.382180Stored 6.1.39
CF-BADDH.82C Tiger MothDHC1772RCAF8970 CF-BADT Senior >F Ashton >W Connop >V Francisco19.06.453194Spun in during aerobatics Brantford Ont 14.12.47
CF-BAEStinson HW-75 Voyager7107NC22527 CF-BSN RCAF3476 CF-CIS CF-BAEOntario Country FCDbf in hangar fire Barker field Ont 17.8.45
CF-BAFLockheed 10A Electra1064CF-BAF RCAF1528 N16222Canadian AW Ltd >Trans Canada AL >RCAF29.08.361821Sold to USA
CF-BAGStinson SR-8DM Reliant9762CF-BAGGeneral Airways Ltd >B Yasinski >O Weiben >Superior AW >S Richards15.08.361801Caught fire during repairs Kopka Lake Ont 2.43 Sold South America
CF-BAHGAL ST.25 Monospar UniversalST25/89CF-BAH G-AGDNEastern Canada AL31.10.361837Sold to UK 2.12.38
CF-BAIGAL ST.25 Monospar UniversalST25/90CF-BAIEastern Canada AL14.11.361841Returned to UK 2.12.38
CF-BAJGAL ST.25 Monospar UniversalST25/91CF-BAJEastern Canada AL24.10.361842Nosed up after landing in snow on wheels Moncton NB 2.2.37 to Fairchild but not repaired
CF-BAKGAL ST.25 Monospar UniversalST25/92CF-BAKEastern Canada AL24.10.361843U/c wiped off on landing Parrsboro NS 4.3.37 to Fairchild but not repaired
CF-BALFairchild 71C14(CF-ATF) CF-OAL CF-BAL VO-AFGH Pasmore >Ont Provincial AS >Great Lakes AW >Fairchild Aircraft >UK Sec of State for Air19.12.341496Exported to Newfoundland 5.36
CF-BAMNoorduyn Norseman III5CF-BAM RCAF694 CF-BZMNoorduyn Aircraft Ltd >MacKenzie AS >RCAF >Johannesson FS05.09.361793
CF-BANNoorduyn Norseman IV8CF-BAN RCAF697 CF-CRUGeneral Airways Ltd >MacKenzie AS >RCAF >Canadian Pacific AL26.01.371900Stored 8.5.46
CF-BAOGAL ST.25 Monospar UniversalST25/86CF-BAOEastern Canada AL05.11.361844Dbr in forced landing en route Halifax-St.John NB 4.3.37 to Fairchild but not repaired
CF-BAPTaylor J-2 Cub797CF-BAP CF-RCJP Jackson >Leavens Bros AS >D Fewster >E Smith >E Brooks >M Winans >L Smale >P Scheid >W Johnston >D Knight >D McAlpine >S Misener >A Wikston >D Wilton28.09.361834
CF-BAQStinson SR-8B Reliant9800CF-BAQ NR18562JE Arrowsmith (Maritime AL) /St John >Blocktube Controls of Canada25.09.361847Sold to USA
CF-BARPercival P.10 Vega GullK.35CF-BARToronto FC12.01.371892Forced landing due engine failure on takeoff Toronto Ont 24.9.39 Dbr
CF-BASStinson SR-8E Reliant9808CF-BASA Purvis >Stinson Canadian Sales Co19.10.361826Engine backfired while taxying on water Toronto Air Harbour 2.8.38 Dbf
CF-BATAeronca LC2046NC16548 CF-BATMurray Aero Corp >F Gilbert >Gilberts FS >Brisbane Avn >C Wheadon >R Martyn >E Fleming >V Deeks >Port Alberni AW >A Burnett06.02.371934Ran into rear of Fleet 80 Canuck CF-EBO during takeoff Vancouver BC 1.8.52 Gift to Oakalla Prison Farm
CF-BAUNoorduyn Norseman IV6CF-BAUNoorduyn Aircraft >Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >Central Northern AW >Arctic Wings13.11.361887Right ski outrigger failed on landing York Factory Man 20.4.51 Scrapped
CF-BAVNoorduyn Norseman IV7CF-BAV RCAF2494 CF-DERWings Ltd >RCAF >Imperial Oil12.12.361886
CF-BAWNoorduyn Norseman IV9CF-BAWE&M Air Transport >Arrow AW >Canadian Pacific AL19.03.371918Caught fire in nose hangar Tellowknife NWT 3.1.44
CF-BAXTaylor J-2 CubC-838CF-BAXG Munro20.10.361851Dbf in hangar fire Toronto Flying Club 10.4.37
CF-BAYTaylor J-2 Cub1100CF-BAYJ Innes30.10.361891Dbf in hangar fire Toronto Flying Club 10.4.37
CF-BAZTaylor J-2 CubC-906CF-BAZC LaMothe08.02.371894Dbf in hangar fire Toronto Flying Club 10.4.37
CF-BBAStinson HW-75 Voyager7097NC22570 CF-BSE RCAF3484 (CF-BBA) CF-BHFS Bernardo22.06.45ntu
CF-BBBBeech C17R113CF-BBBMacKenzie AS >Aircraft Repair >Northwest Industries >Severn Enterprises >Millard Auto-Air-Marine >P Hoeberg >East Coast AW >LaTuque AS23.12.361913Stalled on takeoff due incorrect loading Windigo PQ 21.10.55
CF-BBCDH.89A Rapide6307CF-BBCCanadian AW Ltd >Quebec AW Ltd02.11.361840Forced landing on ice nr Mont Joli 18.12.46
CF-BBDDH.90 Dragonfly7522CF-BBD CF-MPC RCAF7628 CF-BXURCMP >RCAF >Johannesson FS24.10.361836Dbr in forced landing Thorhild Alta 23.12.45
CF-BBEDH.87B Hornet Moth8052CF-BBEConsolidated Mining & Smelting >R Laidman >L&M Air Service >T Clark >M Mooney >A Allen >J Love24.03.371911Wfu 14.3.58
CF-BBFBritish Aircraft Eagle II139CF-BBFA Graydon15.05.371975Hit wires at edge of field on takeoff Windsor Ont 5.6.37
CF-BBGDH.89A Rapide6354CF-BBGThe Globe & Mail10.06.371985Caught fire while refuelling Toronto Air Harbour 21.8.37
CF-BBHDH.89A Rapide6370CF-BBHConsolidated Mining & Smelting >Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL26.08.372067Stalled on takeoff Pentecost 19.3.47
CF-BBIStinson SR-8C Reliant9810CF-BBICanadian Colonial AW04.11.361855Sold to USA
CF-BBJBellanca P-200A Airbus702NC785W CF-BBJHennessey AL >British North American AW >Wings Ltd08.01.371964Lost control due fin mounting bolt failure nr Long Lake Man 23.3.38 (Juptner has BBJ as Bellanca 66-75 c/n 722: see BKV)
CF-BBKNault MonoplaneCF-BBKM NaultDbf after engine backfired on test flight Cartierville PQ 4.1.38
CF-BBLPietenpol Air Camper1CF-BBLM Galbraith17.12.361869Nft 8.38
CF-BBMPietenpol Air CamperCF-BBMR Smith24.11.372156Stalled after takeoff in downdraft Hamilton Ont 23.1.38
CF-BBNWaco ZQC-6 Custom4470CF-BBNWings Ltd03.12.361896Wfu 7.5.42 Stored
CF-BBOWaco ZQC-6 Custom4497CF-BBOWings Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >BC AL12.12.361928Stalled in steep turn after takeoff in harbour Esquimalt BC 20.9.46
CF-BBPWaco ZQC-6 Custom4499CF-BBPUnited Air Transport01.03.371924Written off landing after ski damaged on takeoff Preston Lake Sask 28.1.41
CF-BBQWaco ZKS-64524CF-BBQ N330TCFleet Aircraft Ltd >M&C Aviation >Waite Fisheries Ltd20.03.371908Wfu 31.8.61
CF-BBRWaco ZQC-6 Custom4541CF-BBRDominion Skyways >Canadian Pacific AL13.02.371927Stalled due engine failure after takeoff 40m S Denneterre PQ 18.3.44
CF-BBSallotted to Fleet A/c - ntu
CF-BBTallotted to Fleet A/c - ntu
CF-BBUStinson SR-8B Reliant9793CF-BBUK Johannesson >R Spooner >K Johannesson >Canadian AW Ltd28.11.361898Crashed after wings iced up en route Moncton NB-Halifax NS 15.2.40
CF-BBVStinson SR-8B Reliant9811(CF-BBV) CF-BGWCanadian Colonial AWntu - to CF-BGW
CF-BBWMcWilliams LongsterW Whitneyntu
CF-BBXTaylor J-2 CubC-909CF-BBXT Spence >D Perigoe07.01.371890Dbf in hangar fire Toronto Flying Club Ont 10.4.37
CF-BBYTaylor J-2 CubC-1091CF-BBYJ Bowman >G Culver >F Gillies >Weston Aircraft >W Warren >D Hill >F Kirkpatrick >D Newhouse09.02.371889Dbf in hangar fire St.Catherines Ont 9.3.47
CF-BBZTaylor J-2 CubC-1083CF-BBZH Milligan >R Grant >H Milligan >Cub Aircraft >M Harris >M Forfar >R Henderson >W LeSauvage >J Pringle >E Thomas >Muskoka Air Trails >H MacFarlane >Leavens Bros AS >R Hollister17.02.371899Wfu 11.8.53
CF-BCHallotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCIallotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCJallotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCKallotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCLallotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCMallotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCNallotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCOallotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCPallotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCQallotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCRallotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCSallotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCTallotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCUallotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCVallotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCWallotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCXallotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCYallotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCZallotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BDATaylor J-2 CubC-1089CF-BDAOttawa FC >G Bradley >J Viau >H Finestone >J Beaubien >H Winter >K MacGregor >H Dyck26.02.371902Stalled in turn while hunting fox nr Morden Man 19.1.55 Dbr
CF-BDBTaylor J-2 CubC-1092CF-BDBO Rouette >Cub Aircraft >J Hiltz >F Gillies >Pulsifer Bros >A Farrell >L Graham >J Cunningham >J MacKay >D Ryan >T Smith >E Poirier02.04.371936Exported
CF-BDCNoorduyn Norseman IV10CF-BDCCanadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >Central Northern AW03.05.371958Wrecked in windstorm Hudson Ont 5.8.47
CF-BDDNoorduyn Norseman IV11CF-BDDCanadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL22.04.371978Floats torn off and overturned landing on glassy water Tofino BC 29.12.45
CF-BDENoorduyn Norseman IV12CF-BDE RCAF2493Starratt AW Ltd06.07.372025To RCAF 23.7.40 Rts 18.3.41
CF-BDFNoorduyn Norseman IV13CF-BDFNH Bell >Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >J Gauthier >A Racicot >Gagnon AS >Dolbeau AS20.07.372042
CF-BDGNoorduyn Norseman IV14CF-BDGNoorduyn AIrcraft Ltd >Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL13.09.372088Landed on lake after fire in air Dumas Lake NWT 22.2.42
CF-BDHPietenpol Air CamperCF-BDHH StokkeNft .37
CF-BDICessna C-34 Airmaster320NC15852 CF-BDIW Braid >Prairie AW >Midland AW >R Karels >Superior AW >Nickel Belt AW >Pineland Timber Co >Nickel belt AW >E Cinq-Mars >G Green12.06.372026Forced landing on McInnie Lake nr Sioux Lookout Ont 13.4.52
CF-BDJWaco ZQC-6 Custom > AQC-64543CF-BDJBishop G Breynat >Peace River AW >McInnes Products >Prairie AW >P Sigurdson >Elk Fish Ltd >M Holden08.03.371926Dbr in windstorm Lac du Bonnet Man 6.54
CF-BDKWaco ZKS-64269CF-BDKFleet Aircraft >lsd Skylines Express >Speers AW >Wings Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >C Van12.03.371915converted to snowmobile 7.5.42 (also listed by Juptner as YKS-6 c/n 4537)
CF-BDLWaco ZQC-6 Custom4593CF-BDLSkylines Express >Fleet Aircraft >Canadian Pacific AL >W Brett >Port Alberni >Associated Air Taxi14.04.372031Forced landing in trees due engine failure nr Garibaldi Stn BC 13.4.53
CF-BDMWaco ZQC-6 Custom > AQC-64594CF-BDMSkylines Express >Fleet Aircraft >lsd Yukon Southern AT >M&C Aviation >Sask Govt AW >D Lamb >R Gray >Western Airmotive >G Dalziel14.04.372032Wfu 25.1.54
CF-BDNWaco VKS-74672CF-BDNAustin AW Ltd06.08.372208Dbr due engine failure 8.1.42
CF-BDOWaco ZQC-6 Custom4592CF-BDO N1130Laurentian AS Ltd >E McEachern27.04.372013Exported to USA
CF-BDPWaco ZQC-6 Custom4597CF-BDPN Irwin >Central Aircraft >Sanderson Aircraft >Associated Air Taxi04.06.371995Wfu 10.8.52
CF-BDQWaco ZQC-6 Custom4595CF-BDQFleet Aircraft >Northland AW >Ont Provincial AS >Doherty AS of Muskoka >Aero Tool Works >Lome AW22.05.371984Caught fire while heating engine Babine Lake BC 12.2.49
CF-BDRWaco ZQC-6 Custom4596CF-BDRUnited Air Transport19.05.371993Overturned on landing due gust Wolverine Lake BC 16.6.37
CF-BDSWaco ZQC-6 Custom > AQC-64598CF-BDSFleet Aircraft >Skylines Express Ltd >Fleet Aircraft >C Wragge >Superior AW20.05.371999Damaged due engine failure 20m W Fort William Ont 6.1.51 Rts
CF-BDTWaco ZQC-6 Custom4599CF-BDTPacific Airways03.05.371994Dbr due severe turbulence on landing 7m NW St.James BC 23.5.38
CF-BDUWaco ZQC-6 Custom > AQC-64640CF-BDUHollinger-Consolidated Gold Mines >H Stirk >Towagmac Exploration >L Bowes >Central Northern AW15.06.372117Crashed on takeoff due turbulence Sachigo Lake Man 6.7.58
CF-BDVWaco ZQC-6 Custom4641CF-BDVA Wicks >Nickel Belt AW28.07.372070Dbf 13.8.42
CF-BDWWaco ZQC-6 Custom4643CF-BDWG Ross >Fleet Aircraft >T Fawcett >Northland Avn >J Tait26.02.382190Wfu 9.7.62
CF-BDXFleet 50J Freighter200CF-BDXWings Ltd >Fleet Aircraft -lsd United AT14.04.38TempStalled after takeoff from Laird River Lower Post BC 14.8.38
CF-BDYWaco YKS-74621CF-BDYF Wheeler >H Smith28.05.372001Wfu 21.4.51 Stored till .64
CF-BDZWaco ZQC-6 Custom5000CF-BDZNorthern AW11.01.382167Dbf after engine fire Carcross YT 7.10.49
CF-BEAStinson SR-9DM Reliant5221-SCF-BEATerritories Exploration13.03.371961Sparks from bush fire ignited fabric 45m S Gordon Lake NWT 24.6.37
CF-BEBStinson SR-9DM Reliant5222-SCF-BEBTerritories Exploration >Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL24.03.371962Nosed over after excessive braking y trainee pilot Edmonton Alta 19.8.43
CF-BECStinson SR-9DM Reliant5223-SCF-BEBTerritories Exploration >Canadian AW Ltd24.03.371963Forced landing in back lane after takeoff Prince Albert Sask 9.2.40
CF-BEDTaylor J-2 CubC-1080CF-BEDF Armitage >Cub Aircraft >G Dunbar >P Grant >D Siple >Cub Aircraft >D Merritt >R Street >W Warren >D Hill02.04.371925Wfu 10.6.47
CF-BEETaylor J-2 CubC-1082CF-BEELeavens Bros AS >M Spearing >Leavens Bros AS >F Weeks /Waterdown Ont >Kitchener-Waterloo AC >L Kempel >W Siple03.04.371922Damaged in windstorm at Cartierville PQ 24.9.42
CF-BEFTaylor J-2 CubC-1103CF-BEFR Hay >Cub Aircraft >D Gordon >F Cornell >D Gordon >T Gustafson >Western Aircraft >L MacKenzie10.04.371933Overturned after float dug into rough water S end Minnitaki Lake Ont 24.7.46
CF-BEGTaylor J-2 CubC-1104CF-BEGFlying Associates Ltd21.04.371938Dbf in hangar fire Winnipeg Flying Club 21.3.38
CF-BEHLockheed 10B Electra1066NC16054 CF-BRS RCAF7648 CF-BEH NC16054 N16054Maritime Central AW15.05.45Sold to USA
CF-BEIStinson SR-9EM Reliant5212-SCF-BEIGeneral Airways Ltd28.06.372090Wing separated in flight nr Hudson Ont 12.1.38
CF-BEKDH.82C Tiger MothDHC1498USAAF 42-1159 RAF FH646 RCAF1295 CF-BEK N882EKE Hill >J Stanbra >J Grant >B Polack >L Bertrand >A Gaegebeur25.06.453164Stored 11.64
CF-BELBurnelli LoadmasterCF-BEL
CF-BEMNoorduyn Norseman VN29-5CF-BEMD Cameron Exploration >Artic Wings >Sask Govt AW >La Ronge AS11.07.453224
CF-BENDH.82C Tiger MothDHC480RCAF4150 CF-BEN C-GWKMT Fox >Associated AW >F Tomkow >D Harrington >B Moore >C Mangus19.06.453169Dbr in gale New Liskeard Ont 13.1.55 restored
CF-BEOPietenpol Air CamperCF-BEOJ McKayNot passed as airworthy 3.37
CF-BEPFord 6-ATS-Special Trimotor6-ATS-1G-CYWZ CF-BEPG McConachie >Yukon Southern AT >British Yukon Navigation24.03.371947Scrapped .41
CF-BEQStinson SR-9DM Reliant5217-SCF-BEQImperial Oil >B Paget >lsd R Norwegian NAF >Nickel Belt AW >R Boileau15.04.371952Groundlooped after ski broke off on landing Sandgirt Lake Labrador 2.2.46
CF-BERHottie Biplane2CF-BERL Hottie >A Sunday05.04.371920Fire extinguisher fouled ailerons on landing Sudbury Ont Pts used to build CF-BKR
CF-BESPietenpol Air CamperCF-BESR Francis >A Ewer >W Purdy19.04.371932Stalled in turn Innisfail Alta 1.7.40
CF-BETHoward DGA-878NC14875 CF-BETMercury AS >A Mann28.05.372015Wfu 5.9.53
CF-BEUTaylor J-2 CubC-1005CF-BEULeavens Bros AS >H Thompson21.05.371969Hit tree whilst low flying down street St.Petersburg Fla 21.3.38
CF-BEVTaylor J-2 CubC-1006CF-BEVCub Aircraft >Kitchener-Waterloo FC >Cub Aircraft >C Houser >Cub Aircraft >F Gillies28.05.371972Hit boundary wires on approach Barker Field Ont 29.5.41
CF-BEWTaylor J-2 CubC-1111CF-BEWW Avison >Cub Aircraft >B Bowden >G Taylor >L Force >Brant-Norfolk AC25.08.372062Wing broke off after exceeding design limits during loop Brandford Ont 13.10.40
CF-BEXRearwin 9000L Deluxe565DCF-BEXL Crawford-Brown >E Hope >St Maurice AW >P Jackson >E McEachern >F Fowler >R Wilson >G Hulland01.05.371977
CF-BEYRearwin 9000L Deluxe570DCF-BEYSt Catherines FC11.05.372002Wfu 31.3.42
CF-BEZTaylor J-2 CubC-1105CF-BEZBrandon FC >C Leech >J Jeannotte >C Clark >Winnipeg FC >C Clark >J Wood27.07.372044Wfu 9.11.45
CF-BFABellanca CH-300 PacemakerCV.189G-CYVG RCAF608 CF-BFACanadian AW Ltd >Quebec AW Ltd28.05.371982Drifted into bush on takeoff in crosswind Baie Comeau PQ 23.12.42
CF-BFBBellanca CH-300 PacemakerCV.188G-CYVF RCAF607 CF-BFBCanadian AW Ltd22.05.371981Hit ditch during landing in field after engine failed Prince Albert Sask 29.11.40
CF-BFCBellanca CH-300 PacemakerCV.174G-CYVA RCAF604 CF-BFCCanadian AW Ltd05.07.372064Hit snowdrift after heavy landing on glare ice Cumberland Hse Sask 11.12.41
CF-BFDBellanca CH-300 PacemakerCV.175G-CYVB RCAF605 CF-BFDCanadian AW Ltd08.06.372003Forced landing due engine failure Sophie Lake Sask 4.1.38
CF-BFECessna C-37 Airmaster354CF-BFEAircraft Co of Canada >Prairie AW >Canadian Pacific AL08.05.371976Forced landing after prop broke off nr Stalwart Sask 17.3.43
CF-BFFDH.90 Dragonfly7543CF-BFF RCAF7623 CF-BFFConsolidated Mining & Smelting >DHC >lsd Canadian AW Ltd >RCAF >Quebec AW Ltd >DHC >L Sequin >Gold Belt AS20.07.372040Sank on ice Ottawa River 20.12.49
CF-BFGDH.87B Hornet Moth8053CF-BFGConsolidated Mining & Smelting10.06.372011Dbf after engine backfired on startup Thutade Lake BC 11.10.46
CF-BFHDH.87A Hornet Moth8030CF-BFHDHC >Consolidated Mining & Smelting >Trail FC18.06.372010Stalled in turn after takeoff from Arrow Lake 1.5m N Nakuap BC 12.7.53
CF-BFIDH.87B Hornet Moth8134CF-BFI P6787DHCSold RAF 7.39
CF-BFJDH.87B Hornet Moth8126CF-BFJ P6785 G-AHBMDHC18.08.372066P.A. & E.P.Glidden
CF-BFKDH.87B Hornet Moth8127CF-BFK RAF CF-DIPLP Goyette /Montreal >E Bronlund03.04.382207
CF-BFLDH.89A Rapide6373CF-BFLCanadian AW Ltd >Quebec AW Ltd22.10.372110Stalled after takeoff Matane 23.2.38
CF-BFMDH.89A Rapide6371CF-BFM CX-ABIDHC26.11.372130
CF-BFNDH.87B Hornet Moth8135CF-BFN P6786 G-AHBLDHC17.06.382257H.D.Labouchere
CF-BFOallotted in error
CF-BFPDH.89A Rapide6374CF-BFPQuebec AW Ltd23.08.382297Caught fire while starting Walker Lake 5.7.45
CF-BFQDH.94 Moth Minor94003CF-BFQDHC15.08.392543Central Tech School Toronto 29.4.43
CF-BFRNoorduyn Norseman IV15CF-BFR RCAF696 CF-CRTUnited Air Transport >MacKenzie AS14.08.372065To RCAF 24.2.40
CF-BFSNoorduyn Norseman IV16(CF-BFS) CF-MPE CF-MPF00.00.38ntu - to CF-MPE
CF-BFTNoorduyn Norseman IV17CF-BFTHudson Bay AT >Sioux Narrows AW >Parsons AW15.01.382164Wfu 5.6.61
CF-BFUNoorduyn Norseman IV18CF-BFUMetshico >Hudson Bay AT >Sioux Narrows AW >Parsons AW22.05.392463
CF-BFVDH.82C Tiger MothDHC1432USAAF 42-1093 RAF FE229 RCAF1229 CF-BFVWaite Fisheries >Northern AL06.06.453186Reduced to spares Big River Sask 13.5.50
CF-BFWTaylor J-2 CubC-1107CF-BFWR Languerand >G Schwab >G Rice >S Hart >R Hollister >J Low >M Beaudoin21.06.372083Lost control while taxying on water Riviere des Prairies PQ 11.6.54
CF-BFXTaylor J-2 CubC-1108CF-BFXA Merkley >J Delaney >R Redmayne >S Boothby >G Charity >D Walker >Collins Bros09.06.372000Damaged by vandals in storage Sault Ste.Marie Ont 21.2.48
CF-BFYTaylor J-2 CubC-1106CF-BFYToronto FC >Peterborough AS Ltd /Bridgenorth Ont >Cub Aircraft >H Thomas >P Bernier >B Vanier25.06.372012Wfu 10.12.47
CF-BFZTaylor J-2 CubC-1109CF-BFZD Revie >JA Connell >WD Trimble >DR Gill & W Lee >EJ Sanderson /Cranbrook BC17.07.372028Wfu 7.12.42
CF-BGATaylor J-2 CubC-1110CF-BGALeavens Bros AS >G Sheridan >D Pontbriand02.07.372045Stored .50
CF-BGBTaylor J-2 CubC-1112CF-BGBE MacDonald >R Dickie12.10.372096Wfu 13.2.47
CF-BGCTaylor J-2 CubC-1114CF-BGCD Cushing >O Rouette31.07.372050Wfu 16.5.41
CF-BGDTaylor J-2 CubC-1113CF-BGDBrant-Norfolk AC >C McIntosh18.08.372052CoA not issued .44
CF-BGETaylor J-2 CubC-1118CF-BGEFF Gillies >Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >A Watts >Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >C Griffin >WC Siple /Montreal23.10.372108Dbr during windstorm Cartierville PQ 24.9.42
CF-BGFThompson Bros Hot Air Balloon13614828 CF-BGFN Szun jr08.05.371948Bag caught fire Steinbach Man 1.7.37
CF-BGGMonocoupe 90AA-757CF-BGGAviation Service Corp03.09.372071Dbf in hangar fire while being reconditioned Barker Field Ont 17.8.45
CF-BGHRearwin 9000L Deluxe578DF Finnientu
CF-BGIAmerican Eagle A-129726CF-AAZ CF-BGIJ Warren >D Rehm08.06.372038Dismantled 28.7.44
CF-BGJStinson SR-9F Reliant5705CF-BGJH McLean >Irving Oil Co >Ont Provincial AS >W Starratt >Ball Lake Transportation >Ontario Central AL >Northland Fish Ltd >Lau-Goma AW >Orleans AS >J Parnham26.06.372098Fire in engine compartment after landing on lake Orillia Ont 19.6.64 Dbf
CF-BGKPietenpol Air CamperCF-BGKJS Thornton /Toronto26.08.392522Wfu 7.42
CF-BGLHeath ParasolCF-BGLEH Thomas /Drummondville PQDbr before licenced Drummondville PQ 6.39
CF-BGMStinson SR-9FM Reliant5701CF-BGMBritish North America AW >Ont Provincial AS >Dept of Transport >Ball Lake Transportation >Ontario Central AW >Lakeland AW21.06.372140
CF-BGNStinson SR-9FM Reliant5702CF-BGNBritish North America AW >Ont Provincial AS >Dept of Transport >G Green >Green AW25.06.372115
CF-BGOStinson SR-9CM Reliant5152-SCF-BGOCanadian Car & Foundry >Canadian AW Ltd01.06.372008Stored Royal Norwegian AF Toronto 27.3.41
CF-BGPStinson SR-9EM Reliant5261-SCF-BGPCanadian Car & Foundry >Canadian AW Ltd04.08.372091Stored Royal Norwegian AF Toronto 18.7.41
CF-BGQArrow Sport F40NC18097 CF-BGQF BaillieReturned to USA 10.37
CF-BGRTaylor-Young A192CF-BGRK Johannesson FS >S Addeman >L Cyr12.08.372143Wfu 31.10.41
CF-BGSStinson SR-9F Reliant5713CF-BGSAB Purvis >Dept of Transport >Chukuni AW >Ontario Central AL >Sioux AW >H Parsons >J Theriault21.07.372122Forced landed due fuel starvation 8m E Chapleau Ont 29.6.61 Dbr
CF-BGTMignet HM.14 Pou-du-CielCF-BGTR & R & R Thatcher /Timmins Ont28.08.37Damaged on test flight Timmins Ont 18.10.38 repaired but not flown
CF-BGUTaylorcraftJ Innesntu
CF-BGVPorterfield CP-40 Zephyr510CF-BGVJ Dunkelman >P Anten >Ukranian Central FS >W Zaleschook >W Hultay >F Gillies >D Quinn >J White10.07.372024Wfu 30.8.42
CF-BGWStinson SR-8B Reliant9811(CF-BBV) CF-BGWLamb AW >M&C Aviation06.01.382138Dbf Emma Lake Sask 28.6.44
CF-BGXBeech 18A169Starratt AWDbr before delivery 17.9.37
CF-BGYBeech 18A172CF-BGYStarratt AW30.12.372223Pilot lost control due suspected CO poisoning Bruce Lake Ont 7.1.41
CF-BGZFleetwings F-401 Sea BirdF-401NC16793 CF-BGZNorthern Ventures >lsd E Hale14.09.372118Sold in USA
CF-BHABeech E17B160CF-BHANoorduyn Aircraft >Merkley AS >Noorduyn Aviation >Hudsons Bay Co >Noorduyn Aviation28.08.372119Sold in USA
CF-BHBCessna C-37 Airmaster374CF-BHBMid-Canadian Aircraft >O Wieben >Superior AW >M Smerchanski27.08.372109Dbf due air lock in fuel supply 10m E Lac du Bonnet Man 31.10.45
CF-BHCPietenpol Sky ScoutCF-BHCG Frost >G Breckenridge19.08.372053Dismantled due wartime restrictions 22.9.43
CF-BHDFairchild 45-80 Sekani101CF-BHDFairchild AircraftWfu .38 Dismantled
CF-BHEFairchild 45-80 Sekani102CF-BHEFairchild Aircraft >MacKenzie AS00.01.38TempWfu 23.4.38
CF-BHFallotted to Fairchild - ntu
CF-BHGallotted to Fairchild - ntu
CF-BHHallotted to Fairchild - ntu
CF-BHIallotted to Fairchild - ntu
CF-BHJallotted to Fairchild - ntu
CF-BHKallotted to Fairchild - ntu
CF-BHLallotted to Fairchild - ntu
CF-BHMallotted to Fairchild - ntu
CF-BHNTaylor J-2 CubC-1115CF-BHNA Denis >K Hopkinson >C Marshall >K Spratley >J Broadfoot >R Scotten >J Reid06.01.382158Wfu 22.10.56
CF-BHOTaylor J-2 CubC-1116CF-BHOSt Catherines FC05.11.372120Fabric torn from wing after flew into line squall St.Catherines Ont 19.5.40
CF-BHPTaylor J-2 CubC-1117CF-BHPYorkton AWStructural failure in air Yorkton Sask 29.5.38
CF-BHQTaylor J-2 CubC-1120CF-BHQSt Maurice AW >A Smith20.01.382168Stalled in turn at low altitude Champlain PQ 11.8.40
CF-BHRTaylor J-2 CubC-1119CF-BHRHamilton AC >Cub Aircraft >G Wilson >D Hossack >O Sitter >M Bolt >H Buchner >LeR Sitzen >J McDonald >J Jackson >R Scotten14.01.382161Damaged in severe windstorm Toronto Ont 1.52
CF-BHSallotted to Cub Aircraft - ntu
CF-BHTallotted to Cub Aircraft - ntu
CF-BHUallotted to Cub Aircraft - ntu
CF-BHVallotted to Cub Aircraft - ntu
CF-BHWallotted to Cub Aircraft - ntu
CF-BHXallotted to Cub Aircraft - ntu
CF-BHYallotted to Cub Aircraft - ntu
CF-BHZallotted to Cub Aircraft - ntu
CF-BIAPietenpol Air CamperCF-BIAJ Jacobson08.09.372081Aileron cable broke in flight Vancouver BC 10.3.40
CF-BIBCurtiss-Reid Rambler III1036CF-ABR CF-BIBCurtiss-Reid FS >J Smith20.05.382239Stalled in turn after engine failure on takeoff St.Johns PQ 26.9.46
CF-BICTaylor-Young A297CF-BICA Finlayson >L Summerhayes07.10.372142Overshot field during landing St.Marys Ont 13.7.41 Rts
CF-BIDFokker UniversalMcC-1CF-BIDO Brieve23.09.372114Build using airframe from c/n 441 Wfu 12.1.40
CF-BIETaylor-Young A307CF-BIEW Nixon >U Powers >London FC >Leavens Bros AS >L Roluf >K Bowes >C Graffo >A Bartlett06.10.372145Damaged during forced landing and Wfu 5.2.49