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c/n type history fate/notes
84000DH82A TIGER MOTHT7603 G-AITIto Saudi Arabia
84001DH82A TIGER MOTHT7604Sold as scrap 2.1.50
84002DH82A TIGER MOTHT7605Sold as scrap 20.7.53
84003DH82A TIGER MOTHT7606SOC 25.5.50
84004DH82A TIGER MOTHT7607Engine cut during acrobatics overturned in forced landing Bucks. 16.6.45
84005DH82A TIGER MOTHT7608 G-APIOCanc 2.4.73
84006DH82A TIGER MOTHT7609 G-AMHLCanc 6.3.51
84007DH82A TIGER MOTHT5921SOC 5.6.50
84008DH82A TIGER MOTHT5952Sold 16.10.53
84009DH82A TIGER MOTHT5953Sold as scrap 27.3.50
84010DH82A TIGER MOTHT5954Dived into ground during low acrobatics Baidarroch Farm Murthly Perthshire 8.10.44
84011DH82A TIGER MOTHT5955Flew into ground low flying and overturned Solway Sands 16.2.43
84012DH82A TIGER MOTHT7610Swung on takeoff and dbr Gosport 27.10.47
84013DH82A TIGER MOTHT7611 G-ALZI ZK-AZOstored Mandeville
84014DH82A TIGER MOTHT7612Stalled at low altitude and hit ground Llangaffo Anglesey 9.11.43
84015DH82A TIGER MOTHT7613SOC 26.7.45
84016DH82A TIGER MOTHT7614SOC 28.12.44
84017DH82A TIGER MOTHT7615Collided with Oxford RR336 and crashed 1m W of Sandridge Herts. 17.10.46
84018DH82A TIGER MOTHT7616 SAAF2117
84019DH82A TIGER MOTHT7617 SAAF2118
84020DH82A TIGER MOTHT7618 SAAF2119
84021DH82A TIGER MOTHT7619 SAAF2120
84022DH82A TIGER MOTHT7620 SAAF2121
84023DH82A TIGER MOTHT7621 SAAF2122
84024DH82A TIGER MOTHT7622 SAAF2123
84025DH82A TIGER MOTHT7623 SAAF2124
84026DH82A TIGER MOTHT7624 SAAF2125
84027DH82A TIGER MOTHT7625 SAAF2126
84028DH82A TIGER MOTHT7626 SAAF2127
84029DH82A TIGER MOTHT7627 SAAF2128
84030DH82A TIGER MOTHT7651 SAAF2104
84031DH82A TIGER MOTHT5956 G-AMKPSold abroad 25.7.51
84032DH82A TIGER MOTHT5957Taxied into T7102 Kingstown 18.1.44 to 4509M
84033DH82A TIGER MOTHT5958Lost at sea en route SAAF
84034DH82A TIGER MOTHT5959Sold 5.4.51
84035DH82A TIGER MOTHT5960Sold as scrap 27.3.50
84036DH82A TIGER MOTHT7652 SAAF2105
84037DH82A TIGER MOTHT7653 SAAF2106
84038DH82A TIGER MOTHT7654 SAAF2107
84039DH82A TIGER MOTHT7655 SAAF2108
84040DH82A TIGER MOTHT7656 SAAF2109
84041DH82A TIGER MOTHT7657 SAAF2110 ZS-BKFMid air collision 23.5.49
84042DH82A TIGER MOTHT7658 SAAF2111
84043DH82A TIGER MOTHT7659 SAAF2112
84044DH82A TIGER MOTHT7660 SAAF2113
84045DH82A TIGER MOTHT7661 SAAF2114
84046DH82A TIGER MOTHT7662 SAAF2115
84047DH82A TIGER MOTHT7663 SAAF2116
84048DH82A TIGER MOTHT7664 S.RhodesiaDbr in accident 25.10.41
84049DH82A TIGER MOTHT7665 S.RhodesiaSOC 9.8.44
84050DH82A TIGER MOTHT7666 S.RhodesiaSOC 17.8.43
84051DH82A TIGER MOTHT5961Sold 5.4.51
84052DH82A TIGER MOTHT5962Sold as scrap 19.12.49
84053DH82A TIGER MOTHT5963 G-AMIPScrapped Portsmouth .51
84054DH82A TIGER MOTHT5964Sold as scrap 19.12.49
84055DH82A TIGER MOTHT5965Crashed after control lost when each pilot thought other in control Watlington Oxon. 1.6.43
84056DH82A TIGER MOTHT7667 S.Rhodesia SAAF
84057DH82A TIGER MOTHT7668 S.RhodesiaSOC 17.8.43
84058DH82A TIGER MOTHT7669 S.Rhodesia SAAF
84059DH82A TIGER MOTHT7670 S.RhodesiaSOC 9.8.44
84060DH82A TIGER MOTHT7671 S.RhodesiaHit HT wires low flying and overturned Glenara Farm 6.12.41 Dbr
84061DH82A TIGER MOTHT7672 S.Rhodesia SAAF4707 ZS-BKJWritten off Youngsfield 1.5.54
84062DH82A TIGER MOTHT7673 S.RhodesiaCollided with Tiger Moth 608 on landing Mount Hampden 14.5.42
84063DH82A TIGER MOTHT7674 S.Rhodesia SAAF
84064DH82A TIGER MOTHT7675 S.RhodesiaSOC 2.11.45
84065DH82A TIGER MOTHT7676Hit HT cables during practice forced landing and hit hedge Oughterley Cumberland 1.6.42 DBF
84066DH82A TIGER MOTHT7677SOC 9.44
84067DH82A TIGER MOTHT7678Stalled on landing in field and hit hedge Nether Whiteacre Warks. 5.7.45
84070DH82A TIGER MOTHT7681Drifted on landing and hit pole nosed over Tengah 1.2.53 Dbr
84071DH82A TIGER MOTHT5966SOC 14.1.44
84072DH82A TIGER MOTHT5967Stalled at low altitude Thurston Road Irby Cheshire 28.5.45
84074DH82A TIGER MOTHT5969To Admiralty 12.6.41
84075DH82A TIGER MOTHT5970SOC 25.5.50
84076DH82A TIGER MOTHT7682 5987M
84079DH82A TIGER MOTHT7685Wing hit hedge in forced landing in fog 1m W of Shipton Yorks. 31.7.42 Dbr
84080DH82A TIGER MOTHT7686 4764M
84081DH82A TIGER MOTHT7687Hit T6228 on takeoff Digby 20.7.51 Dbr
84082DH82A TIGER MOTHT7688Sold 5.4.51
84083DH82A TIGER MOTHT7689Collided with T7741 on overshoot and crashed Hucknall 10.11.44
84084DH82A TIGER MOTHT7690 Sold 29.5.47
84085DH82A TIGER MOTHT7691 Pakistan AF AP-AKG
84086DH82A TIGER MOTHT7692 G-AIRRCrashed Newtownards 3.4.60
84087DH82A TIGER MOTHT7693To Admiralty 17.6.41
84088DH82A TIGER MOTHT7694SOC 4.10.44
84089DH82A TIGER MOTHT7695To Admiralty 16.6.41
84090DH82A TIGER MOTHT7696To Admiralty 16.6.41
84091DH82A TIGER MOTHT5971Sold 5.4.51
84092DH82A TIGER MOTHT5972SOC 25.5.50
84093DH82A TIGER MOTHT5973SOC 30.4.55
84094DH82A TIGER MOTHT5974SOC 27.3.45
84095DH82A TIGER MOTHT5975SOC 5.6.50
84096DH82A TIGER MOTHT7697Sold as scrap 19.12.49
84097DH82A TIGER MOTHT7698 RNCrashed 22.3.43
84098DH82A TIGER MOTHT7699Sold 29.3.51
84099DH82A TIGER MOTHT7700Hit T5677 while overshooting Sywell 26.5.45