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c/n type history fate/notes
83900DH82A TIGER MOTHT7471 G-AJHUCanc 4.4.02
83901DH82A TIGER MOTHT7472 Dutch AF as A-31Destroyed 20.6.47
83902DH82A TIGER MOTHT7473Dbr in hangar fire Hullavington 24.5.50
83903DH82A TIGER MOTHT7474Control lost during aerobatics East Carlton Northants. 28.6.42
83904DH82A TIGER MOTHT7475 G-AHMFDestroyed in hangar fire Broxbourne 23.6.47
83905DH82A TIGER MOTHT7476Sold as scrap 19.12.49
83906DH82A TIGER MOTHT7477 S.Rhodesia SAAF
83907DH82A TIGER MOTHT7478 S.RhodesiaHit HT wires and crashed 14m SE of Salisbury 12.6.41
83908DH82A TIGER MOTHT7479 S.RhodesiaStalled on landing and Dbr Induna 25.8.41
83909DH82A TIGER MOTHT7480 S.RhodesiaCollided with DE270 and crashed 2m SE of Pendennis SR 4.11.43
83910DH82A TIGER MOTHT7481 S.Rhodesia SAAF
83911DH82A TIGER MOTHT5901 G-AJVFSold abroad 19.11.51
83914DH82A TIGER MOTHT5904 SAAF558
83915DH82A TIGER MOTHT5905 SAAF559
83916DH82A TIGER MOTHT7482 S.RhodesiaSOC 17.10.45
83917DH82A TIGER MOTHT7483 S.RhodesiaSOC 15.4.44
83918DH82A TIGER MOTHT7484 S.RhodesiaSOC 17.10.45
83919DH82A TIGER MOTHT7485 S.RhodesiaSOC 5.1.45
83920DH82A TIGER MOTHT7509 S.RhodesiaCrashed Pendennis RLG 21.10.43 Dbr
83921DH82A TIGER MOTHT7510 S.RhodesiaSwung on takeoff stalled and wing hit ground Induna 13.6.41
83922DH82A TIGER MOTHT7511 S.RhodesiaSOC 2.11.45
83923DH82A TIGER MOTHT7512 S.RhodesiaCollided with T7938 and crashed nr Mount Hampden 14.5.43
83924DH82A TIGER MOTHT7513 S.RhodesiaSOC 9.8.44
83925DH82A TIGER MOTHT7514 S.RhodesiaSOC 17.10.45
83926DH82A TIGER MOTHT7515 S.RhodesiaDbr 5.3.43
83927DH82A TIGER MOTHT7516 S.RhodesiaCrashed Nondwene LG 28.6.44 Dbr
83928DH82A TIGER MOTHT7517 S.RhodesiaSOC 17.10.45
83929DH82A TIGER MOTHT7518 S.RhodesiaSOC 5.6.42
83930DH82A TIGER MOTHT7519 S.RhodesiaSwung on landing hit fence and overturned Induna 8.10.41 Dbr
83931DH82A TIGER MOTHT7520 S.RhodesiaSold 12.3.47
83932DH82A TIGER MOTHT7521 S.RhodesiaSOC 17.10.45
83933DH82A TIGER MOTHT7522 S.RhodesiaSOC 17.10.45
83934DH82A TIGER MOTHT7523 S.RhodesiaSOC 17.10.45
83935DH82A TIGER MOTHT5906 SAAF560
83936DH82A TIGER MOTHT5907 SAAF561Crashed 30.9.42
83937DH82A TIGER MOTHT5908 SAAF562
83938DH82A TIGER MOTHT5909 SAAF563
83939DH82A TIGER MOTHT5910 SAAF564
83940DH82A TIGER MOTHT7524 S.RhodesiaSOC 17.10.45
83941DH82A TIGER MOTHT7525 S.RhodesiaSOC 17.10.45
83942DH82A TIGER MOTHT7526 S.RhodesiaSOC 2.11.45
83943DH82A TIGER MOTHT7527 S.Rhodesia VP-RANCanc .53
83944DH82A TIGER MOTHT7528 S.RhodesiaSOC 4.12.45
83945DH82A TIGER MOTHT7529 S.Rhodesia SAAF
83946DH82A TIGER MOTHT7530 S.RhodesiaSOC 14.7.44
83947DH82A TIGER MOTHT7531 S.RhodesiaDbr 26.7.43 NFD
83948DH82A TIGER MOTHT7532 S.RhodesiaSOC 7.5.43
83949DH82A TIGER MOTHT7533 S.RhodesiaSOC 7.6.43
83950DH82A TIGER MOTHT7534 S.RhodesiaStalled in practice forced landing and spun into ground Larne FLG Gwelo 5.12.41
83951DH82A TIGER MOTHT7535 S.Rhodesia SAAF
83952DH82A TIGER MOTHT7536 S.RhodesiaSOC 28.5.41
83953DH82A TIGER MOTHT7537 S.RhodesiaCrashed Caravan Mine Bulawayo 14.11.41
83954DH82A TIGER MOTHT7538 S.Rhodesia VP-YHD VP-RBO?
83955DH82A TIGER MOTHT7539 S.RhodesiaNFT
83956DH82A TIGER MOTHT7540 S.RhodesiaSOC 17.8.43
83957DH82A TIGER MOTHT7541 S.RhodesiaSOC 15.4.44
83958DH82A TIGER MOTHT7542 S.RhodesiaStalled on overshoot and hit ground overturned Mount Hampden 1.9.41
83959DH82A TIGER MOTHT5911Lost at sea en route SAAF
83960DH82A TIGER MOTHT5912Lost at sea en route SAAF
83961DH82A TIGER MOTHT5913 SAAF565
83962DH82A TIGER MOTHT5914Lost at sea en route SAAF
83963DH82A TIGER MOTHT5915Lost at sea en route SAAF
83964DH82A TIGER MOTHT7543 S.Rhodesia SAAF
83965DH82A TIGER MOTHT7544 S.RhodesiaSOC 2.11.45
83966DH82A TIGER MOTHT7545 S.Rhodesia SAAF
83967DH82A TIGER MOTHT7546 S.RhodesiaHit tree in steep turn Ardbennie 25.3.41
83968DH82A TIGER MOTHT7547 S.RhodesiaSOC 31.10.43
83969DH82A TIGER MOTHT7548Lost at sea en route Kenya
83970DH82A TIGER MOTHT7549Lost at sea en route Kenya
83971DH82A TIGER MOTHT7550Lost at sea en route Kenya
83972DH82A TIGER MOTHT7551Lost at sea en route Kenya
83973DH82A TIGER MOTHT7552Lost at sea en route Kenya
83974DH82A TIGER MOTHT7553Lost at sea en route Kenya
83975DH82A TIGER MOTHT7583Lost at sea en route Kenya
83976DH82A TIGER MOTHT7584Lost at sea en route Kenya
83977DH82A TIGER MOTHT7585Lost at sea en route Kenya
83978DH82A TIGER MOTHT7586Lost at sea en route Kenya
83979DH82A TIGER MOTHT7587Lost at sea en route Kenya
83980DH82A TIGER MOTHT7588Lost at sea en route Kenya
83981DH82A TIGER MOTHT7589Lost at sea en route Kenya
83982DH82A TIGER MOTHT7590Lost at sea en route Kenya
83983DH82A TIGER MOTHT5916Lost at sea en route SAAF
83984DH82A TIGER MOTHT5917Lost at sea en route SAAF
83985DH82A TIGER MOTHT5918Lost at sea en route SAAF
83986DH82A TIGER MOTHT5919Lost at sea en route SAAF
83987DH82A TIGER MOTHT5920Lost at sea en route SAAF
83988DH82A TIGER MOTHT7591Lost at sea en route Kenya
83989DH82A TIGER MOTHT7592Lost at sea en route Kenya
83990DH82A TIGER MOTHT7593Lost at sea en route Kenya
83991DH82A TIGER MOTHT7594Lost at sea en route Kenya
83992DH82A TIGER MOTHT7595Lost at sea en route Kenya
83993DH82A TIGER MOTHT7596Lost at sea en route Kenya
83994DH82A TIGER MOTHT7597Lost at sea en route Kenya
83995DH82A TIGER MOTHT7598Lost at sea en route Kenya
83996DH82A TIGER MOTHT7599Lost at sea en route Kenya
83997DH82A TIGER MOTHT7600Lost at sea en route Kenya
83998DH82A TIGER MOTHT7601 S.RhodesiaSold 12.3.47
83999DH82A TIGER MOTHT7602 Dutch AF as A-29 JZ-ACB PI-C586 N522R