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c/n type history fate/notes
83400DH82A TIGER MOTHT5685Sold as scrap 5.6.50
83401DH82A TIGER MOTHT5686Sold as scrap 25.5.50
83402DH82A TIGER MOTHT5687Hit by N9153 while landing Denton 18.5.44
83403DH82A TIGER MOTHT5688Dbr 18.3.52 no details SOC 18.4.52
83404DH82A TIGER MOTHT5689Hit cables on approach hit ground and overturned Desford 2.10.40
83405DH82A TIGER MOTHT5690SOC 5.6.50
83406DH82A TIGER MOTHT5691Abandoned in spin Bradgate Park nr Newton Linford Leics. 8.4.41
83407DH82A TIGER MOTHT5692Abandoned in spin and crashed 1m N of Worcester 24.6.41
83408DH82A TIGER MOTHT5693Sold as scrap 19.12.49
83409DH82A TIGER MOTHT5694Engine cut stalled in forced landing Markfield Leics. 28.8.40
83410DH82A TIGER MOTHT5695To Admiralty 11.12.46
83411DH82A TIGER MOTHT5696 6283M (R Norwegian AF)SOC 26.6.47
83412DH82A TIGER MOTHT5697 G-AIZFCrashed Gaydon 21.2.64
83414DH82A TIGER MOTHT7044Sold as scrap 27.3.50
83415DH82A TIGER MOTHT7045To Admiralty 15.2.43
83416DH82A TIGER MOTHT7046Dbr in heavy landing Kirton-in-Lindsey 25.11.52
83417DH82A TIGER MOTHT7047Hit HT cable recovering from spin Lympsham Somerset 17.1.41
83419DH82A TIGER MOTHT5698Sold 30.3.51
83420DH82A TIGER MOTHT5699 G-AMTT ZK-BCOBiplane Adventures Wanaka
83421DH82A TIGER MOTHT5700 6724MCaught fire starting up Cottesmore 27.2.50 to 6724M
83422DH82A TIGER MOTHT5701Sold 31.3.51
83423DH82A TIGER MOTHT5702 6924M
83424DH82A TIGER MOTHT5703 G-AMES N5300
83425DH82A TIGER MOTHT5704SOC 8.6.50
83426DH82A TIGER MOTHT5705Hit ground while low flying Pailton nr Rugby Warks. 27.7.41 DBF
83427DH82A TIGER MOTHT5706SOC 20.5.44
83428DH82A TIGER MOTHT5707Sold 7.3.50
83429DH82A TIGER MOTHT5708Stalled during forced landing Houghton Tower Farm nr Hale Lancs 9.4.44
83430DH82A TIGER MOTHT5709Sold 7.3.50
83431DH82A TIGER MOTHT5710Dbr in accident 1.8.41 NFD
83432DH82A TIGER MOTHT5711Bounced on landing and swung into boundary Denham 16.9.44
83433DH82A TIGER MOTHT5712Hit balloon cable and crashed Clifford Bridge nr Walsgrave Coventry 16.5.41
83434DH82A TIGER MOTHT5713Spun into ground low flying 2m SE of Wolvey Warks. 8.8.41
83435DH82A TIGER MOTHT5714 G-ANUDCrashed Fairoaks 29.7.60
83436DH82A TIGER MOTHT5715Dbr in air raid Fairoaks 8.4.41
83437DH82A TIGER MOTHT5716 G-AODXDbf Nympsfield 7.5.73
83438DH82A TIGER MOTHT5717Sold 4.11.53
83439DH82A TIGER MOTHT5718SOC 8.6.50
83440DH82A TIGER MOTHT5749Stalled on takeoff by civilian non-pilot on unauthorised flight Fairoaks 1.9.42
83441DH82A TIGER MOTHT7049Engine did not pick up on approach to practice forced landing hit tree nr Braunstone 9.10.45
83442DH82A TIGER MOTHT7050Collided with T5374 on take off Sealand 29.4.43
83443DH82A TIGER MOTHT7051 SAAF2476 (ZS-BBP)
83444DH82A TIGER MOTHT7052To 6721M 9.2.50
83445DH82A TIGER MOTHT7053Flew into hill in cloud Wardlaw Hill nr Muirkirk Ayrshire 13.1.41
83446DH82A TIGER MOTHT7054To Admiralty 11.1.43
83447DH82A TIGER MOTHT7055SOC 5.6.50
83448DH82A TIGER MOTHT7085SOC 7.6.45
83449DH82A TIGER MOTHT5814 Dutch AF as A-15 N5444?
83450DH82A TIGER MOTHT5815Dived into ground Burrelton Perth 19.10.42
83451DH82A TIGER MOTHT5816SOC 5.6.50
83452DH82A TIGER MOTHT5817Flew into ground low flying nr Murthly Perthshire 7.3.44
83453DH82A TIGER MOTHT5818SOC 5.6.50
83454DH82A TIGER MOTHT5819 G-AMFN ZK-BJQUnder restoration Rotorua
83455DH82A TIGER MOTHT5820 Dutch AF as A-11 PH-NDF PH-NFD OO-GDFCrashed 18.4.57
83456DH82A TIGER MOTHT5821Stalled on approach to practice forced landing and spun into ground 4m E of Heany Junction 21.9.50
83457DH82A TIGER MOTHT5822Hit hut on overshoot Booker 30.9.48 to 6611M 11.48
83459DH82A TIGER MOTHT5750 NZ657Collided on takeoff with NZ887 Harewood 23.6.41
83460DH82A TIGER MOTHT5751 NZ658Abandoned in Singapore 2.42
83461DH82A TIGER MOTHT5752 NZ659Accident Stratford 12.10.41
83462DH82A TIGER MOTHT5753 NZ660 ZK-AIW N7966J.Thomason Sonoma
83463DH82A TIGER MOTHT5754 NZ655 ZK-AJCstored Mandeville
83464DH82A TIGER MOTHT5755 NZ664 ZK-AJEAccident Otago Harbour 5.6.52
83465DH82A TIGER MOTHT5756 NZ668 ZK-AIKAccident Port Charles 8.1.50
83466DH82A TIGER MOTHT5757 NZ656 ZK-APWAccident Te Anga 11.12.51
83467DH82A TIGER MOTHT5758 NZ667Accident Waimakariri River Mouth 29.1.42
83468DH82A TIGER MOTHT5759 NZ669 ZK-AIIstored Auckland
83469DH82A TIGER MOTHT5760 NZ665 ZK-AIMAccident Swannanoa 3.3.51
83470DH82A TIGER MOTHT5761 NZ666Accident nr Darfield 28.10.43
83471DH82A TIGER MOTHT7086Swung into building on takeoff and overturned Wittering 22.6.48
83473DH82A TIGER MOTHT7088Stalled taking avoiding action on approach and dived into ground Clyffe Pypard 5.4.43
83474DH82A TIGER MOTHT7089 G-AKMXScrapped Broxbourne 4.49
83475DH82A TIGER MOTHT7090 G-AMFE Thai Navy
83476DH82A TIGER MOTHT7091Sold as scrap 27.3.50
83477DH82A TIGER MOTHT7092Hit HT cables low flying 1m NW of Princes Risborough Bucks. 13.3.42
83478DH82A TIGER MOTHT7093 G-AMMX ZK-BANunder restoration Lilydale Vic Australia
83479DH82A TIGER MOTHT7094 G-AMDW Thai Navy
83480DH82A TIGER MOTHT7095Sold as scrap 2.10.50
83481DH82A TIGER MOTHT5824 RNCrashed after colliding with Swordfish L2801 9.8.42
83482DH82A TIGER MOTHT5825 RNCrashed Stretton .46
83483DH82A TIGER MOTHT5826 G-AOSDCrashed Syerston 30.3.58
83484DH82A TIGER MOTHT5827SOC 24.4.45
83485DH82A TIGER MOTHT5828Swung on takeoff and hit obstruction Honiley 28.8.52 DBF
83486DH82A TIGER MOTHT5829Hit by downdraught on approach and hit ground Northop Flint 28.8.41 Dbr
83487DH82A TIGER MOTHT5830Dbr 20.10.41 NFD
83488DH82A TIGER MOTHT5831Sold 5.4.51
83489DH82A TIGER MOTHT5832 G-AIDVDestroyed in hangar fire Broxbourne 23.6.47
83490DH82A TIGER MOTHT5833Blown off runway and hit bank Miranshah 24.1.44 Dbr
83491DH82A TIGER MOTHT5762 NZ663 ZK-AJDAccident nr Bridge Pa 13.10.46
83492DH82A TIGER MOTHT5763 NZ662 ZK-AIE VQ-FAG DQ-FAG NZ662RNZAF Historic Flight
83493DH82A TIGER MOTHT5764 NZ661 ZK-AILstored Auckland
83494DH82A TIGER MOTHT5765 NZ670Accident Muriwai Beach 4.3.41
83495DH82A TIGER MOTHT5766 NZ671 ZK-AST VH-BPXCrashed Innisfail Qld 24.1.62
83496DH82A TIGER MOTHT5767 NZ674Accident Ashburton 7.10.43
83497DH82A TIGER MOTHT5768 NZ677 ZK-ANNC.H.R. Liddell
83498DH82A TIGER MOTHT5769 NZ675 ZK-ANDAccident Franz Josef Glacier 23.4.50
83499DH82A TIGER MOTHT5770 NZ676 ZK-ALJKapiti Districts AC