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c/n type history fate/notes
83300DH82A TIGER MOTHT5607 VP-YJT ZS-EUVCanc 1.5.79
83301DH82A TIGER MOTHT5608Hit HT cable low flying Chilmark Wilts. 9.6.42 DBF
83302DH82A TIGER MOTHT5609Abandoned in spin Dibbet Vale Papplewick Derbyshire 16.5.41
83303DH82A TIGER MOTHT5610 G-AKCMSold abroad 18.10.50
83304DH82A TIGER MOTHT5611Bounced on landing and hit wall in attempted overshoot Sibson 9.2.41
83305DH82A TIGER MOTHT5612Engine cut stalled in forced landing and hit ground Bishops Stortford Herts. 6.10.45
83306DH82A TIGER MOTHT5613Inadvertently took off while taxying stalled and spun into ground Hucknall 7.1.44 DBF
83307DH82A TIGER MOTHT5614Sold 29.3.51
83308DH82A TIGER MOTHT7027SOC 19.2.45
83309DH82A TIGER MOTHT7028SOC 15.6.44
83310DH82A TIGER MOTHT7029Sold as scrap 27.3.50
83312DH82A TIGER MOTHT7031 S.Rhodesia (VP-YDT)Rts
83313DH82A TIGER MOTHT5615Sold as scrap 30.3.50
83314DH82A TIGER MOTHT5616 cv Thruxton Jackaroo G-APAJ VH-KRK
83315DH82A TIGER MOTHT5617 G-AHVYCrashed Christchurch 12.10.58
83316DH82A TIGER MOTHT5618SOC 11.12.44
83317DH82A TIGER MOTHT5619Sold 29.9.48
83318DH82A TIGER MOTHT5620 Malayan AAFSOC 30.4.55
83319DH82A TIGER MOTHT5621To Admiralty 11.1.43
83320DH82A TIGER MOTHT5622Caught in downdraught and hit tree Lord Baynes Park Burwarton Salop. 10.12.41 Dbr
83321DH82A TIGER MOTHT5623Sold 24.5.48
83322DH82A TIGER MOTHT5624Flew into ground when pilots thought other in control Naunton nr Upton-upon Severn Worcs. 22.7.41
83323DH82A TIGER MOTHT5625 G-AIDR ZK-BEFHawkes Bay AC Waipukurau
83324DH82A TIGER MOTHT5626Sold as scrap 27.3.50
83325DH82A TIGER MOTHT5627Engine cut spun into ground Whitehall Cheltenham 4.9.40
83326DH82A TIGER MOTHT5628Stalled in haze and side-slipped into ground overturned Kirklington Oxon. 8.1.42
83327DH82A TIGER MOTHT7021 G-ANOGDerelict Panshanger .54
83328DH82A TIGER MOTHT7022Sold 28.3.51
83330DH82A TIGER MOTHT7024To 5282M 27.6.45
83331DH82A TIGER MOTHT5629Abandoned in low cloud Portland House Aldridge Staffs. 17.2.43
83332DH82A TIGER MOTHT5630Collided with T6396 on take off Denton 28.1.42
83333DH82A TIGER MOTHT5631Overturned in long grass on takeoff Oulton 28.5.45
83334DH82A TIGER MOTHT5632Spun into ground 1m S of Cambridge 8.10.40
83335DH82A TIGER MOTHT5633Sold 27.8.47
83336DH82A TIGER MOTHT5634Sold 24.10.53
83337DH82A TIGER MOTHT5635Sold 28.3.51
83338DH82A TIGER MOTHT5636Sold 30.3.51
83339DH82A TIGER MOTHT5637Sold 7.3.50
83340DH82A TIGER MOTHT7032Hit wires and crashed on river bank Lowerlodd Lane Tewkesbury Glos. 19.8.40
83341DH82A TIGER MOTHT7033SOC 21.2.46
83342DH82A TIGER MOTHT7034To Admiralty 23.8.42
83343DH82A TIGER MOTHT7035 G-ANDB ZK-BFHCroydon Airservices Gore
83344DH82A TIGER MOTHT7036Abandoned after controls jammed nr Ratcliffe 16.9.43
83345DH82A TIGER MOTHT5638Overshot forced landing while lost and hit hedge Hilgay nr Downham Market Norfolk 28.9.41
83346DH82A TIGER MOTHT5639 G-AMEX ZK-AYAunder restoration Christchurch
83347DH82A TIGER MOTHT5669 G-AMISBurnt Hamsey Green 5.11.56
83348DH82A TIGER MOTHT5670Collided with T7843 on landing Brough 1.8.42 Dbr
83349DH82A TIGER MOTHT5671 Malayan AAF
83350DH82A TIGER MOTHT5672 G-ALRI ZK-BAB G-ALRIWessex Avn & Transport Dorchester
83351DH82A TIGER MOTHT5673Swung after night landing and attempted to overshoot hit tree Sywell 4.12.40
83352DH82A TIGER MOTHPersian AF
83353DH82A TIGER MOTHPersian AF
83354DH82A TIGER MOTHT5674Engine cut crashed in forced landing Markfield Leics. 21.3.45 Dbr
83355DH82A TIGER MOTHPersian AF
83356DH82A TIGER MOTHT5675Stalled and spun into ground nr Peterborough 25.11.41
83357DH82A TIGER MOTHPersian AF
83358DH82A TIGER MOTHPersian AF
83359DH82A TIGER MOTHPersian AF
83360DH82A TIGER MOTHPersian AF
83361DH82A TIGER MOTHPersian AF
83362DH82A TIGER MOTHPersian AF
83363DH82A TIGER MOTHPersian AF
83364DH82A TIGER MOTHIndo-China as 8 diverted to RAF as T5883Engine cut on takeoff undercarriage collapsed in forced landing and overturned Long Kesh 10.2.45 Dbr
83365DH82A TIGER MOTHIndo-China as 9 diverted to RAF as T5884Bounced on landing and hit ground on attempted overshoot undercarriage collapsed Heany 3.11.50
83366DH82A TIGER MOTHIndo-China as 10 diverted to RAF as T5885Blown over on takeoff Hunsdon 26.10.41 Dbr
83367DH82A TIGER MOTHT7037 Dutch AF as A-42Written off 3.5.48
83368DH82A TIGER MOTHT7038Broke up during aerobatics Ballathie House Farm nr Kinclaven Perthshire 5.12.44
83370DH82A TIGER MOTHT7040Sold 22.9.53
83371DH82A TIGER MOTHT7041Sold as scrap 27.3.50
83372DH82A TIGER MOTHT7042SOC 5.6.50
83373DH82A TIGER MOTHT5676SOC 25.5.50
83374DH82A TIGER MOTHT5677Hit by T7700 while parked Sywell 26.5.45 Dbr
83375DH82A TIGER MOTHT5678 G-ANFNCrashed South Patherton 17.6.60
83376DH82A TIGER MOTHT5679Caught in downdraught and hit ground 6m SW of Alston Cumberland 27.1.43
83377DH82A TIGER MOTHT5680Engine cut on takeoff from forced landing Water Newton Hunts. 29.9.41 DBF
83378DH82A TIGER MOTHT5681Sold as scrap 27.3.50
83379DH82A TIGER MOTH[DHNZ31] NZ781 ZK-AUDunder restoration
83380DH82A TIGER MOTH[DHNZ32] NZ782Accident nr Waimakariri River 2.9.42
83381DH82A TIGER MOTH[DHNZ33] NZ783 ZK-ANVAccident Hastings 23.10.47
83382DH82A TIGER MOTH[DHNZ34] NZ784Mid air collision with NZ789 nr Momona 25.8.43
83383DH82A TIGER MOTH[DHNZ35] NZ785 ZK-ARNAccident Hikumutu 12.3.54
83384DH82A TIGER MOTH[DHNZ36] NZ786 ZK-ASVB.Dunn Wellington
83385DH82A TIGER MOTH[DHNZ37] NZ787 ZK-AIUAccident Mahoe 13.11.49 reduced to spares
83386DH82A TIGER MOTH[DHNZ38] NZ788Mid air collision with NZ733 Outram 7.11.42
83387DH82A TIGER MOTH[DHNZ39] NZ789Mid air collision NZ784 nr Momona 25.8.43
83388DH82A TIGER MOTH[DHNZ40] NZ790Accident nr Helensville 28.3.41
83389DH82A TIGER MOTH[DHNZ41] NZ791 ZK-ANOAccident Cust 6.3.48
83390DH82A TIGER MOTH[DHNZ42] NZ792 ZK-ASQReduced to spares .61
83392DH82A TIGER MOTH[DHNZ44] NZ794 ZK-AJJDbf in hangar Bell Block 15.1.52
83393DH82A TIGER MOTH[DHNZ45] NZ795 ZK-APS ZK-BUOCanterbury Helicopters Wanaka
83394DH82A TIGER MOTH[DHNZ46] NZ796 ZK-BCCAccident Porangahau 3.9.60
83395DH82A TIGER MOTH[DHNZ47] NZ797 ZK-AIXAccident Rongotai 25.2.54 burnt
83396DH82A TIGER MOTH[DHNZ48] NZ798 ZK-ARYAccident Kaipaki 14.7.51
83397DH82A TIGER MOTHT5682Sold as scrap 5.6.50
83399DH82A TIGER MOTHT5684Stalled while inverted during flying display Hullavington 3.8.51