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List of abbreviations

c/n type history fate/notes
1700DH60T MOTH TRAINERG-ABKM Swedish AF as Fv5103
1701DH60T MOTH TRAINERG-ABKN Swedish AF as Fv5104 SE-AZWCrashed 6.12.50
1702DH60T MOTH TRAINERG-ABKO Swedish AF as Fv5105
1703DH60T MOTH TRAINERG-ABKP Swedish AF as Fv5106
1704DH60T MOTH TRAINERG-ABKR Swedish AF as Fv5107
1705DH60T MOTH TRAINERE-4 G-ABKSReduced to redundant stock DH 12.31
1706DH60M MOTHG-ABNR X9296Used as decoy
1707DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1708DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1709DH60M MOTHA-78 A-18 OE-TBE Austrian AF as 414
1710DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1711DH60M MOTHG-ABNA VT-ACW MA949Crashed on takeoff Jodhpur 3.6.44
1712DH60M MOTHG-ABPA to Middle East
1713DH60M MOTHVT-ABXUnited Provinces FC Lucknow. Written off 11.36
1714DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1715DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1716DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1717DH60M MOTHBelgian Air Attache MX643to Belgian AF?
1718DH60T MOTH TRAINERSwedish AF as Fv5108 to Fv558 SE-BFIFlygvapenmuseum Malmo
1719DH60T MOTH TRAINERSwedish AF as Fv5109
1720DH60T MOTH TRAINERSwedish AF as Fv5110 to Fv560 SE-BFHstored
1721DH60T MOTH TRAINERSwedish AF as Fv5111
1722DH60T MOTH TRAINERSwedish AF as Fv5112
1723DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1724DH60T TIGER MOTHG-ABNY probably to Chinese Nationalist AF
1725DH60T TIGER MOTHG-ABNG probably to Chinese Nationalist AF
1726DH60T TIGER MOTHG-ABNI CF-APL Toronto Tech School as inst a/f 5.10.42
1727DH60T TIGER MOTHG-ABNJ E-5 Swedish AF as Fv6562
1728DH60T TIGER MOTHG-ABNK probably to Chinese Nationalist AF
1729DH60T TIGER MOTHG-ABNL probably to Chinese Nationalist AF
1730DH60T TIGER MOTHG-ABNM probably to Chinese Nationalist AF
1731DH60T MOTH TRAINERto Shanghai
1733DH82 TIGER MOTHE-6 G-ABRC BB723prototype. Probably burnt 11.56
1734DH60T MOTH TRAINEREgyptian AF as E-105
1735DH60T MOTH TRAINEREgyptian AF as E-104
1736DH60T MOTH TRAINEREgyptian AF as E-103
1737DH60T MOTH TRAINEREgyptian AF as E-102
1738DH60T MOTH TRAINEREgyptian AF as E-101
1739DH82 TIGER MOTHK2567 2049M3FTS Grantham. SOC 6.12.41
1740DH82 TIGER MOTHK2568 1008M3FTS Grantham
1741DH82 TIGER MOTHK25693FTS Grantham. SOC 27.5.35
1742DH82 TIGER MOTHK25703FTS Grantham. SOC 10.7.34
1743DH82 TIGER MOTHK25713FTS Grantham. SOC 7.8.34
1744DH82 TIGER MOTHK25723FTS Grantham. SOC 17.8.34
1745DH82 TIGER MOTHK25733FTS Grantham. SOC 4.9.37 as deteriorated
1746DH82 TIGER MOTHK25743FTS Grantham. SOC 7.8.34
1747DH82 TIGER MOTHK2575 897M3FTS Grantham
1748DH82 TIGER MOTHK2576 896M3FTS Grantham
1749DH82 TIGER MOTHK25773FTS Grantham. SOC 7.8.34
1750DH82 TIGER MOTHK2578 898M3FTS Grantham
1751DH82 TIGER MOTHK25793FTS Grantham. SOC 10.11.37
1752DH82 TIGER MOTHK25803FTS Grantham. SOC 7.8.34
1753DH82 TIGER MOTHK25813FTS Grantham. SOC 6.2.35 as time expired
1754DH82 TIGER MOTHK2582 1134MCFS Display Team Wittering
1755DH82 TIGER MOTHK2583 1118MCFS Display Team Wittering
1756DH82 TIGER MOTHK2584CFS Display Team Wittering. SOC 12.11.37 as deteriorated
1757DH82 TIGER MOTHK2585 1157MCFS Display Team Wittering
1758DH82 TIGER MOTHK2586 1156MCFS Display Team Wittering
1759DH82 TIGER MOTHK2587 5983MCFS Display Team Wittering. RNAS. Serial worn by replica G-BJAP
1760DH82 TIGER MOTHK2588Lost Singapore 1.42
1761DH82 TIGER MOTHK2589SOC 24.10.38
1762DH82 TIGER MOTHK2590Lost Singapore 1.42
1763DH82 TIGER MOTHK2591SOC 4.2.35
1764DH82 TIGER MOTHK2592Crashed Singapore 16.12.40
1765DH82 TIGER MOTHK2593SOC 9.4.42
1766DH82 TIGER MOTHK2594Sold to Herts & Essex Aero Club
1767DH82 TIGER MOTHK2595Scrapped 28.3.50
1768DH82 TIGER MOTHK2596SOC 9.3.46
1769DH82 TIGER MOTHK2597Scrapped 4MU Cowley 24.4.40
1770DH82 TIGER MOTHK2598Scrapped 29.12.49
1771DH82 TIGER MOTHK2599SOC 15.7.40
1772DH82 TIGER MOTHK2600 (1942M)Scrapped 23.1.41
1773DH82 TIGER MOTHK2601Sold BST Hamble 17.1.50
1774DH82 TIGER MOTHS1675Seaplane
1775DH82 TIGER MOTHS1676Seaplane
1776DH60M MOTHIraqi AF as 6Crashed nr Jerusalem 26.1.32
1777DH60M MOTHIraqi AF as 7
1778DH60M MOTHIraqi AF as 8 HK904
1779DH60M MOTHIraqi AF as 9 HK905
1780DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1781DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1782DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1783DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1784DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1785DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1786DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1787DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1788DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1789DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1790DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1791DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1792DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1793DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1794DH60M MOTHG-ABRFCrashed Norwich 2.9.37
1795DH60M MOTHVT-ACKCanc 7.3.34
1797DH60M MOTHVT-ACM V4730
1798DH60M MOTHG-ABTF BK829SOC 1.4.42
1799DH60T MOTH TRAINEREgyptian AF as E-106