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c/n type history fate/notes
1600DH60M MOTHK1860 G-AFWJ W9368 RN
1601DH60M MOTHK1861SOC 8.8.34
1602DH60M MOTHK1862 1002M115Sqn ATC Peterborough
1603DH60M MOTHK1863SOC 14.7.36
1604DH60M MOTHK1864Dbr 5.1.35
1605DH60M MOTHK1865Crashed 5.1.35
1606DH60M MOTHK1866SOC 23.3.34
1607DH60M MOTHK1867SOC 23.3.34
1608DH60M MOTHK1868SOC 27.1.34
1609DH60M MOTHK1869SOC 5.5.33
1610DH60M MOTHK1870Crashed Henlow 13.12.32
1611DH60M MOTHK1871SOC 5.5.33
1612DH60M MOTHK1872SOC 12.7.34
1613DH60M MOTHK1873SOC 22.8.32
1614DH60M MOTHK1874SOC 5.5.33
1615DH60M MOTHK1875SOC 8.8.34
1616DH60M MOTHK1876Crashed Upminster 6.8.38
1617DH60M MOTHK1877SOC 20.7.39
1618DH60M MOTHK1878 707M
1619DH60M MOTHK1879SOC 26.6.34
1620DH60M MOTHK1880SOC 8.8.34
1621DH60M MOTHK1881 817M
1622DH60M MOTHK1882Crashed Penrhos 12.6.37
1623DH60M MOTHK1883Crashed on takeoff Ansty 31.1.39
1624DH60M MOTHK1850 772MReduced to produce 29.4.44
1625DH60M MOTHK1851 1297MReduced to produce .39
1626DH60M MOTHK1852 1314M
1627DH60M MOTHK1853 815M
1628DH60M MOTHK1854SOC 12.1.32
1629DH60M MOTHK1855Crashed nr Brackley 19.1.35 two killed
1630DH60M MOTHK1856 1393M
1631DH60M MOTHK1857SOC 18.3.37
1632DH60M MOTHK1858Hit ground during loop Pebblecombe Hill 18.7.37 pilot killed
1633DH60M MOTHK1859 1390M
1634DH60M MOTHK1884 1240M
1635DH60M MOTHK1885SOC 12.8.37
1636DH60M MOTHK1886 1295M
1637DH60M MOTHK1887 1391MReduced to produce
1638DH60M MOTHK1888 1299MReduced to group assemblies 14.4.39
1639DH60M MOTHK1889 1287M
1640DH60M MOTHK1890Crashed nr Barton 22.7.38
1641DH60M MOTHK1891Crashed nr Eastchurch 21.12.34
1642DH60M MOTHK1892 1253MReduced to produce 31.12.43
1643DH60M MOTHK1893Lost wings during aerobatics nr Sheikh Othman 11.1.38 two killed
1644DH60M MOTHK1894 1306M
1645DH60M MOTHK1895Crashed nr Khormaksar 23.6.37 after rudder bar disconnected. pilot killed
1646DH60M MOTHK1896 1208M
1647DH60M MOTHK1897 1307MReduced to group assemblies 30.4.41
1648DH60M MOTHK1898 RN
1649DH60M MOTHK1899Crashed Mildenhall 8.3.35
1650DH60M MOTHK1900 1310MReduced to produce 31.12.43
1651DH60M MOTHK1901 1593M
1652DH60M MOTHK1902 1296M
1653DH60M MOTHK1903Overturned and dbr Northolt 18.11.36
1654DH60M MOTHK1904 RN
1655DH60M MOTHK1905 1289MReduced to produce 31.12.43
1656DH60M MOTHK1906SOC Iraq 14.6.41
1657DH60M MOTHK1907 G-AFMY X5051Crashed on takeoff Millom 19.5.42
1658DH60M MOTHK1825Undercarriage collapsed Sutton Bridge 29.5.37
1659DH60M MOTHK1826 618M
1660DH60M MOTHK1827SOC 21.12.34
1661DH60M MOTHK1828 G-ADLK VT-AJOMadras FC. Canc 14.7.42
1662DH60M MOTHK1829SOC 8.5.34
1663DH60M MOTHto ArgentinaAerofotos
1664DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1665DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1666DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1667DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1668DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1669DH60M MOTHVP-KAI G-ADEZ AX794Dbr in gale Prestwick 20.11.40
1670DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1671DH60M MOTHSE-ACNSeaplane. Crashed Stockholm 4.11.34
1672DH60T MOTH TRAINERE-3 G-ABKUReduced to redundant stock DH 12.31
1673DH60M MOTHArgentina as R195 LV-CFA LV-RZRCrashed Pasco 30.11.64 rebuilt
1674DH60M MOTHDe Havilland
1675DH60M MOTHIraqi AF as 1
1676DH60M MOTHIraqi AF as 2
1677DH60M MOTHIraqi AF as 3
1678DH60M MOTHIraqi AF as 4
1679DH60M MOTHIraqi AF as 5 HK906
1680DH60M MOTHG-ABHN X5130Used as decoy
1681DH60M MOTHJ9107replacement for crashed original J9107 DH60X c/n 514
1682DH60M MOTHDanish AF as 145Destroyed by sabotage .43
1683DH60M MOTHDanish AF as 146Dismantled
1684DH60M MOTHDanish AF as 147Destroyed by sabotage .43
1685DH60M MOTHG-ABHY VH-UQHDestroyed in cyclone Winning Pool Station WA 22.3.53 on rebuild
1686DH60M MOTHSwedish AF as Fv552
1687DH60M MOTHPK-SAF LX-SAFDestroyed during WWII
1688DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1689DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1690DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1691DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1692DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1693DH60M MOTHto ArgentinaAerofotos
1694DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1695DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1696DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1697DH60M MOTHto Shanghai
1698DH60M MOTHG-ABMX to Transjordan to PalestineUsed as instructional a/f Tel Aviv
1699DH60M MOTHto Shanghai