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Production list

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c/n type history fate/notes
100DH51G-EBIM G-AUIM VH-UIMOverturned landing Sydney Harbour 3.2.31
101DH51G-EBIQScrapped Hanworth .33
102DH51G-EBIR (G-KAAA) VP-KAA G-EBIRThe Shuttleworth Collection
103DH53 HUMMING BIRDG-AUAC VH-UACto Samoa 20.5.37
105DH37G-AUAA VH-UAACrashed into sea off Crowdy Head 25.3.32
107DH53 HUMMING BIRDJ7268 G-EBRWScrapped .37
108DH53 HUMMING BIRDJ7269 G-EBRJScrapped Woodley .30
109DH53 HUMMING BIRDJ7270 G-EBRASold abroad 1.30
110DH53 HUMMING BIRDJ7271 G-EBXNDestroyed in hangar fire Hooton Park 8.7.40
112DH53 HUMMING BIRDJ7273 G-EBRKWritten off 3.32
113DH53 HUMMING BIRDJ7325 G-EBXMWfu 8.31
114DH53 HUMMING BIRDJ7326 G-EBQPM.C.Russell t/a Russavia Collection
115DH42B DINGO IIJ7007Not flown. To RAE 16.11.26
116DH50AG-EBIW G-AUER VH-UERForce landed in sea off Caloundra 8.12.35
117DH53 HUMMING BIRDto Prague
118DH53 HUMMING BIRDto AustraliaBurnt at Perth Tech College .64
119AIRCO DH9A rebuildH3617 J7302
120AIRCO DH9A rebuildH3581 J7303
121AIRCO DH9A rebuildF2828 J7304Hit H82 Abu Sueir 22.5.25
122AIRCO DH9A rebuildH3595 J7305
123AIRCO DH9A rebuildE8710 J7306
124AIRCO DH9A rebuildE8700 J7307
125AIRCO DH9A rebuildE8699 J7308
126AIRCO DH9A rebuildE8702 J7309
127DH50AG-AUEL VH-UELDamaged Morwell 10.4.38 not repaired
128DH50AG-AUEM VH-UEMHit power lines after takeoff Coode Is 28.1.40 dbf
129DH50AG-AUEI VH-UEICanc 10.7.35 metal parts used in VH-UEM
130DH50AG-AUEJForce landed and Dbf Methul 9.6.32
131DH50AG-AUEK VH-UEKCrashed landing Wau NG 28.5.36
133DH50AG-EBKZCrashed Plymouth 23.10.28
134DH50RAAF as A8-1
135DH50ANZ135 VH-UQXCrashed Ramu NG 21.3.37
136DH50AG-EBQIScrapped 4.33
137DH50AG-AUAY VH-UAYDestroyed by enemy action New Guinea 31.1.42
138AIRCO DH4BUS Naval AttacheUS Embassy London
139AIRCO DH4BUS Military AttacheUS Embassy London
140AIRCO DH9A rebuildE8694Taxied into J7876 at night 27.8.28
141AIRCO DH9A rebuildE9951rebuilt as c/n 231
142AIRCO DH9A rebuildF2818
143AIRCO DH9A rebuildJ561
144AIRCO DH9A rebuildH3541
145AIRCO DH9A rebuildH3550Crashed .27
146AIRCO DH9A rebuildJ7034
147AIRCO DH9A rebuildF979
148AIRCO DH9A rebuildH3506
149AIRCO DH9A rebuildE8725Crashed Rohri NWF 28.5.38
150AIRCO DH9A rebuildH138Hit fence on takeoff 31.3.26
151DH54 HIGHCLEREG-EBKIDestroyed Croydon 1.2.27
152DH53 HUMMING BIRDto Russia as RR-ALA
153AIRCO DH9A rebuildE828Dived into ground Miramshah 14.2.28
154AIRCO DH9A rebuildE8655
155AIRCO DH9A rebuildE8744Crashed Aboukir 4.2.27 rebuilt as ER8744
156AIRCO DH9A rebuildE8805rebuilt as c/n 310
157AIRCO DH9A rebuildE8758
158AIRCO DH9 rebuildH9289 G-EBJRFloatplane. British & Egyptian Tea Co
159AIRCO DH9A rebuildH3630
160AIRCO DH9A rebuildH88Collided in formation 8.7.29
161AIRCO DH9A rebuildE8761
162AIRCO DH9A rebuildJ7117
163AIRCO DH9A rebuildE9918
164AIRCO DH9A rebuildJ7038
165AIRCO DH9A rebuildH3566
166AIRCO DH9A rebuildE777
167AIRCO DH9A rebuildE770
168DH60 MOTHG-EBKTCrashed nr Stanmore 21.8.27
169DH60 MOTHG-EBKUHit wire landing Lahore India 2.4.27
170AIRCO DH9A rebuildF2842
171AIRCO DH9A rebuildE805
172AIRCO DH9A rebuildE911
173AIRCO DH9A rebuildE8755
174AIRCO DH9A rebuildE8589
175AIRCO DH9A rebuildE887
176AIRCO DH9A rebuildE875
177AIRCO DH9A rebuildE8637[also said to be E8627]
178AIRCO DH9A rebuildE8754
179AIRCO DH9A rebuildH3643
180AIRCO DH9A rebuildJ7030
181DH9JG-EBLHCrashed White Waltham 12.5.27
182DH56 HYENAJ7780AAEE 12.26
183DH60 MOTHG-EBLICrashed Stanmore 9.10.27
184DH60 MOTHG-EBLRCrashed Sale 12.6.27
185DH60 MOTHG-EBLSCrashed Sherburn 8.2.28
186DH60 MOTHG-EBLTDestroyed by arson Witney 27.10.36
187DH60 MOTHG-EBLUHit hedge landing Stag Lane 8.1.26
188DH60 MOTHG-EBLVBAE Systems (Operations) Ltd
189DH60 MOTHG-EBLWCrashed Shirley 3.11.29
190DH60 MOTHG-EBLXCrashed Blythe 20.5.31
191DH60 MOTHG-EBLYCrashed Cramlington 22.2.27
192DH60 MOTHG-AUAE VH-UAE RAAF as A7-88 VH-UAEstored
193DH60 MOTHG-EBME G-AUMECrashed Essendon Vic 26.12.28
194DH60 MOTHG-EBMFScrapped Gatwick .48
195DH56 HYENAJ7781RAE to 24.5.28
196DH60 MOTHto Chile
197DH60 MOTHG-EBMOto India. Crashed Shellong Assam 18.7.27
198DH60 MOTHG-EBMP S-AACD SE-ACDCrashed nr Myckelsjo 5.5.41
199DH60 MOTHRAAF as A7-1