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Production list

List of abbreviations

c/n type history fate/notes
First DH production Sep 1920:
H9277AIRCO DH9BH9277 K-109 G-EAACcv to DH9J
E44DH14 OKAPIJ1938Hit trees Burnham Beeches 10.2.22
E45DH14 OKAPIJ1939Dbr 4.22
Start of DH production numbers:
1DH18E-52 G-EARICrashed Wallingford 16.8.20
2DH18AE-53 G-EARO J6899SOC 29.12.24
3DH18AE-54 G-EAUF J6900Written off 5.21
4DH18AE-55 G-EAWOCollided with Goliath F-GEAD over Poix 7.4.22
5DH18BE-56 J6899 G-EAWWDitched in sea off Felixstowe 2.5.24 [replaced G-EARO]
6DH18BE-57 J6900 G-EAWXDismantled .23 [replaced G-EAUF]
9DH27 DERBYJ6894RAE for spares 1.2.24
10DH27 DERBYJ6895SOC 3.24
14DH9CG-EAYTused by Alan Cobham for flight to Africa. Crashed into sea off Venice 2.10.22
15DH9CG-EAYUto Hedjaz Govt
17AIRCO DH9A rebuildE8788 G-EBACSold abroad 12.1.22
18AIRCO DH9A rebuildE979
19AIRCO DH9A rebuildE8780
20AIRCO DH9A rebuildH3650
21AIRCO DH9A rebuildE8782
22AIRCO DH9A rebuildE989
23AIRCO DH9A rebuildF2869
24AIRCO DH9A rebuildH3646
25DH9CG-EBAWCrashed 10.9.23
26DH9CG-EBAXWritten off 23.4.24
27DH34G-EBBQCrashed 8.23
28DH34G-EBBRCrashed Belgium 27.5.24
29DH34G-EBBSCrashed nr Ivinghoe Beacon 14.9.23
30DH34G-EBBTScrapped .26
31DH34G-EBBUCrashed Harrow Weald 3.11.22
32DH34G-EBBVScrapped .26
33DH34to Russia as RR-12/RR-UAP
34DH34G-EBBWScrapped .26
35DH34G-EBBXCrashed Purley 24.12.24
36DH34G-EBBYScrapped .26
37DH9Ato Russia(RR Eagle VIII engine)
38DH9CG-EBCZCrashed Newcastle 7.11.23
39DH9CG-EBDDWritten off 6.11.25
40DH34G-EBCXCrashed Croydon 23.9.24
41DH34G-EBCYNot completed
42DH9ARAAF as A1-30
43DH37AG-EBDOCrashed Ensbury Park Bournemouth 4.6.27
44DH16 rebuildG-EAPTWfu 7.7.23
45DH16 rebuildG-EALMCrashed Stanmore 10.1.23
46AIRCO DH9A rebuildE8652
47AIRCO DH9A rebuildE8615
48AIRCO DH9A rebuildE8622
49AIRCO DH9A rebuildE8610
50AIRCO DH9A rebuildJ560
51AIRCO DH9A rebuildJ555
52AIRCO DH9A rebuildH3430
53AIRCO DH9A rebuildH3486
54AIRCO DH9A rebuildJ554
55AIRCO DH9A rebuildH3432Crashed 19.5.28
56DH9Dutch Govt as 476
57DH9Dutch Govt as 477
58DH9Dutch Govt as 482
59DH9Dutch Govt as 479
60DH9Dutch Govt as 480
61DH9Dutch Govt as 481
62DH9Dutch Govt as 478
63DH9Dutch Govt as 483
64DH9Dutch Govt as 484
65DH9Dutch Govt as 485
66DH9JG-EBEZKings Cup race 1923. Scrapped .33
67AIRCO DH9A rebuildH147Force-landed and wrecked in desert Southern Iraq 24.7.24
68AIRCO DH9A rebuildH143Collided with H142 .27
69AIRCO DH9A rebuildH141
70AIRCO DH9A rebuildH145
71AIRCO DH9A rebuildE863
72AIRCO DH9A rebuildE9690
73DH50G-EBFN (G-AUEX) G-AUEY VH-UEYWfu 21.9.33
74DH50G-EBFO rebuilt as VH-UMCCrashed Mia Mia WA 1.3.34
75DH50G-EBFPScrapped .33
76DH9JG-EBFQWfu .33
77DH6G-EAWD?[G-EBFU per DH but this is not a DH6]
78AIRCO DH9A rebuildE8592
79AIRCO DH9A rebuildE925
80AIRCO DH9A rebuildH3520rebuilt as c/n 252
81AIRCO DH9A rebuildE9657
82DH9JG-EBGTCrashed Hatfield 16.10.32
83DH9CG-EBGUSold abroad
84DH42 DORMOUSEJ7005Wfu 12.25
85DH42A DINGO IJ7006Crashed Martlesham 5.6.24
86DH9CG-AUEDCrashed Tambio 24.3.27 Qantas first fatal accident
87DH9CG-AUEFDbr Cloncurry 24.9.26 used for spares
88AIRCO DH9A rebuildH3480 J7008Hit tree 29.8.25
89AIRCO DH9A rebuildE861 J7009rebuilt as c/n 320
90AIRCO DH9A rebuildH3496 J7010
91AIRCO DH9A rebuildH3397 J7011
92AIRCO DH9A rebuildE857 J7012
93AIRCO DH9A rebuildH111 J7013
94AIRCO DH9A rebuildH126 J7014
95AIRCO DH9A rebuildH128 J7015Stalled and crashed Iraq 11.2.25 dbf
96AIRCO DH9A rebuildE859 J7016
97AIRCO DH9A rebuildE960 J7017U/c collapsed hit J7344 11.1.27
98DH53 HUMMING BIRDNo.8 G-EBHXThe Shuttleworth Collection