Civil Aircraft Register - Germany

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
D-AAAFHeinkel He111F-15013D-AAAF
D-AABAMesserschmitt Bf161 V-1811D-AABAE-stelle Rechlin09.03.38
D-AABFMesserschmitt Me210 V-12100001D-AABF CE+BY00.09.39
D-AABNFokker Avia F.VIIb-3m5OK-ABN D-AABN00.11.39Sold to Croatia
D-AABOFokker Avia F.VIIb-3m7OK-ABO D-AABO00.04.40Sold to Croatia
D-AABPFokker Avia F.VIIb-3m9OK-ABP D-AABP00.00.39Sold to Croatia
D-AABRFocke-Wulf Fw200 C-3D-AABRDLH
D-AABSFokker Avia F.VIIb-3m19OK-ABS D-AABS00.04.40Sold to Croatia
D-AABUFokker Avia F.VIIb-3m21OK-ABU D-AABU00.02.39
D-AABYJunkers Ju52/3mD-AABY
D-AACSJunkers Ju288 V-1/A2880001D-AACS00.11.40Destroyed by fire 3.41
D-AADIJunkers Ju86 D0D-AADIDVL[D-1 per BV]
D-AADODornier Do17 E-2D-AADO
D-AAFBFokker Avia F.VII-3m2OK-AFB D-AAFB00.01.39
D-AAFCFokker Avia F.VII-3m12OK-AFC D-AAFC00.03.37
D-AAFDFokker Avia F.VII-3m13OK-AFD D-AAFD00.03.38
D-AAFGFokker Avia F.IXD16OK-AFG D-AAFG00.04.39Sold to Croatia
D-AAFUJunkers Ju86 B860015D-AKOP D-AAFU
D-AAGIJunkers Ju52/3mgeD-AAGIDVL00.08.37
D-AAHIMesserschmitt Bf110 V-5 A-0911D-AAHI
D-AAHQDornier Do17D-AAHQ
D-AAIBDouglas DC-2-115K1582OK-AIB D-AAIB OH-DLA OH-LDA 'Voima' DO-2 'Isoo-Antti'DLH
D-AAICDouglas DC-2-2001562OK-AIC D-AAIC OH-DLB OH-LDB 'Sisu' DO-3 'Pikku-Lassi'DLH
D-AAIDDouglas DC-2-2111565OK-AID D-AAID VG+FJDLH >Luftwaffe
D-AAIGDouglas DC-3-220B2095OK-AIG D-AAIGDLHAccident Lyon 28.8.42
D-AAIHDouglas DC-3-2201973OK-AIH D-AAIHDLHCrashed Tempelhof 20.10.40
D-AALAJunkers Ju52/3m5824D-AALA R-344 LV-AAB LV-AAG
D-AALGJunkers Ju52/3mg4eD-AALGDVS00.01.39
D-AALOHeinkel He111D-AALO
D-AALUJunkers Ju90 V-14913D-AALUJunkers 'Der Grosse Dessauer'00.08.37parts from Ju89 v3 which was never built. Crashed during test flight Dessau 7.2.38
D-AAMYJunkers Ju52/3mD-AAMY
D-AANAFocke-Wulf Fw187 V-2950D-AANA[V1?]
D-AANEDornier Do18 V-7 F677D-AANE NK+NUDLH 'Zyklon' >DLV >Luftwaffe11.06.37
D-AANIJunkers Ju86M-1860261D-AANIBlindflugschule Celle
D-AANUHeinkel He111 ED-AANU
D-AAOVMesserschmitt Bf110 BD-AAOV
D-AAPBFocke-Wulf Fw200C-42000112D-AAPB NT+BL
D-AAPYMesserschmitt Bf110 B-0D-AAPYTestplane for the 30mm MK101
D-AAQHDornier Do17D-AAQH
D-AAQUDornier Do17 M V-3D-AAQUpossibly WNr. 684 but see D-AFOU
D-AAREDornier Do18D-AARE
D-AATMMesserschmitt Bf110D-AATM
D-AAYFJunkers Ju52/3mgeD-AAYF
D-AAZIHeinkel He111 B-22181D-AAZI
D-AAZIMesserschmitt Bf110 B-06919D-AAZI
D-ABABSavoia Marchetti SM.7330028OK-BAB D-ABAB00.04.39
D-ABACSavoia Marchetti SM.7330029OK-BAC D-ABAC00.02.40
D-ABADSavoia Marchetti SM.7330030OK-BAD D-ABAD00.06.40
D-ABAESavoia Marchetti SM.7330038OK-BAE D-ABAE00.00.39
D-ABAFSavoia Marchetti SM.7330039OK-BAF D-ABAF00.00.39
D-ABAHJunkers Ju52/3mD-ABAH
D-ABAIDornier Do J Wal639D-ABAILuftwaffe
D-ABAKDornier Do23D-ABAK
D-ABALJunkers Ju52/3mD-ABALCanc 2.38
D-ABANJunkers Ju52/3mge4044D-3382 D-ABANDLH 'Emil Thuy' >EurasiaSold China
D-ABAPJunkers Ju52/3mgeD-ABAPLorenz AG/Berlin00.06.36
D-ABAQJunkers Ju52/3m4066D-ABAQ GC+AEManfred v. Richthofen' Luftwaffe -Goering's travelling aircraft00.00.35Crashed Ssalsk 1.43
D-ABARJunkers G31 > fo3007D-1770 D-ABARDLH 'Preussen' >RLMCanc 7.38
D-ABASDornier Do J Wal IId 16a-Bis250D-3021 D-ABASDLH >Erprobungsstelle Travemunde
D-ABASJunkers Ju52/3mD-ABAS
D-ABATJunkers Ju52/3mge5155D-ABAT
D-ABAUDornier Do J Wal IId 16a-Bis247D-3018 D-ABAUErprobungsstelle Travemunde
D-ABAVDornier Do J Wal644D-ABAVLuftwaffe
D-ABAZHeinkel He59D-ABAZ
D-ABBEFocke-Wulf Fw187D-ABBE
D-ABBFDouglas DC-3-194F2110PH-ASR VE+RR D-ABBFLuftwaffe00.05.40Written off Madrid 9.12.42
D-ABBHHeinkel He111D-ABBH
D-ABBIHeinkel He115 V-5 A-011862D-ABBI TI+HDE-stelle Travemunde
D-ABBODornier Do215D-ABBO
D-ABBSJunkers Ju52/3mg4eD-ABBSDVS00.01.39[ABRS?]
D-ABDBDornier Do217 ED-ABDB
D-ABDEDornier Do217v6 A-02704D-ABDE CO+JJ
D-ABDGJunkers Ju90 A1 >Ju290 V12900001D-ABDG KH+XC GF+GB D-ABDGDLH 'Wurttemberg' >Luftwaffe00.02.39Handed over to Allied forces 5.45 [In source B0124 as a B-1 (v10)]
D-ABDHHeinkel He111D-ABDH
D-ABDOJunkers Ju52/3mg4eD-ABDO
D-ABDSHeinkel He111D-ABDS
D-ABEFDornier Do J II d Bis247D-3018 D-ABEF
D-ABELDornier Do11D-ABELDeutsche Reichsbahn
D-ABEMFocke-Wulf Fw58 V-1451D-ABEM
D-ABEOMesserschmitt Me210 V-22100002D-ABEO WL-ABEO
D-ABEQDouglas DC-2-115D1318.3PH-AKF(1) D-ABEQ SP-ASJDLH00.12.34Sold Poland 2.37 Crashed Bulgaria 23.11.37
D-ABERDornier Do J Wal IId 16a-Bis218|248D-3019 D-ABERErprobungsstelle Travemunde >DVS
D-ABESJunkers Ju52/3mge5026D-ABESDLH 'Fritz Roth' and 'Herrmann Thomsen' >Luftwaffe00.09.34Destroyed .42
D-ABETJunkers G24 ce950D-1005 S-AABG SE-ABG D-1005 D-ABETJunkers 'Uppland' >ABA Schweden - used during rescue of 'Italia ' crew in 1928 >AB Flygmateriel >Verbrauchergenossenschaft >Deutsche Arbeitsfront
D-ABEWJunkers Ju52/3mg4e6432D-ABEWDLH 'Rudolf von Thuna' >LuftwaffeDestroyed
D-ABEXDornier Do11 dcD-ABEXDeutsche Verkehrs Fliegerschule
D-ABEZJunkers Ju52/3mD-ABEZ
D-ABFAJunkers Ju52/3m4ge6385D-ABFA TT+LNDLH 'Otto Parschau' >Luftwaffe00.05.39Destroyed .41
D-ABGRJunkers Ju52/3mD-ABGR
D-ABGWCant Z5063026D-ABGW MM60648DLH
D-ABHDFocke-Wulf Fw58D-ABHD
D-ABHOFocke-Wulf Fw58D-ABHO
D-ABIBHeinkel He111D-ABIB
D-ABIDHeinkel He111D-ABID
D-ABIFHeinkel HD59 b L379D-2215 D-ABIF
D-ABIHDornier Do17 V-3 D258D-ABIH00.00.34Pointy nose twin tail
D-ABIKJunkers Ju52/3m4069D-ABIK EU-XXIIDLH 'Manfred v. Richthofen'- Goerings travelling aircraft00.00.35To Eurasia 3.38 Destroyed by Japanese bombing Hong Kong 12.41
D-ABILJunkers G31 fo3008D-1722 D-ABILDLH 'Brandenburg' >RLMCrashed following midair collision with Ju52 D-APUT 5.36
D-ABIMArado Ar77845D-ABIME-stelle Rechlin
D-ABIPJunkers G24 > ge902S-AAAU D-879 D-ABIP [D-AVIX?]'Oberschlesien' AB Flygindustri >OberSchlesische LVG >op by Flygindustri for OLVG DLH 'Pluto' >DVSLimhamn built - first of 2nd batch
D-ABIQDornier Do11D-ABIQ
D-ABIRDornier Do J Wal IIa Bos > J IIa K Bos210D-2069 D-ABIRDLH 'Monsun' >DVS
D-ABISJunkers Ju52/3mge4043D-3356 D-ABIS PP-CAX LV-ZBD T-159DLH 'Kurt Wolff' >Syndicato Condor 'Curupira' >LADE >Argentine AFMuseu Nacionales de Aeronautica
D-ABIVFocke-Wulf Fw58 V-2452D-ABIV
D-ABIYJunkers Ju52/3mD-ABIY
D-ABIZJunkers Ju52/3m4068D-ABIZ D-AFCDDLH 'Erich Albrecht'00.00.35Canc 5.38 [or AFCD = WNr. 5938?]
D-ABLADornier Do217D-ABLA
D-ABMWJunkers Ju86D-ABMW
D-ABNPJunkers Ju86 Z2860016D-ANUV D-ABNPDLH 'Wasserkuppe'00.01.37
D-ABNSJunkers Ju90 V-54917D-ABNS KH+XBJunkers >Luftwaffe00.12.39Military transport prototype. Broken up during WWII [see also ANBS]
D-ABOAJunkers Ju52/3mD-ABOA
D-ABODFocke-Wulf Fw200 A-0/S-103324D-ABOD CB+FBDLH 'Kurmark'00.04.40[or ABDO?]
D-ABOEDornier Do J Wal652D-ABOELuftwaffe
D-ABOFHeinkel He59D-ABOF
D-ABOLDornier Do11 DD-ABOLDornier GmbH
D-ABONJunkers Ju52/3m5237D-ABON SG+BCDLH >Luftwaffe Streckenschule Berlin
D-ABOOJunkers Ju88 D-1860006D-ABOOJunkers Flugzeugwerk AG[also Ju86 V-10 A-0 G-1]
D-ABOPDornier Do23 G352D-ABOP
D-ABOSDornier Do11 da284D-ABOSDeutsche Reichsbahn
D-ABOVJunkers Ju52/3mD-ABOV
D-ABOWDouglas DC-2-115E1365PH-AKS D-ABOW NA+LFDLH00.05.40Written off Berlin 11.2.44
D-ABOYDornier Do17 V-9 E659D-ABOYPre-production prototype pax (WNr. 659 or 660)
D-ABRSJunkers Ju52/3mg4eD-ABRSDVS00.01.39[or ABBS?]
D-ABSEDornier Do17D-ABSE
D-ABUAJunkers Ju52/3mge301?D-ABUADLH >DVL00.00.35CASA352
D-ABUCJunkers Ju86 K7860960D-ABUC Portugal253Junkers00.04.38Ferry registration Portuguese Army
D-ABUGDouglas DC-3-194B1935(PH-ALH) PC+EA D-ABUG
D-ABUIHeinkel He59 D N1510D-ABUI WL-ABUI NO+FUSeenotflugkdo. 4 Seenotflugkdo. 2
D-ABUKJunkers Ju86 V-24902D-ABUKJunkers >DLH00.03.34passenger prototype. Canc 8.38
D-ABULJunkers Ju52/3m
D-ABUOFocke-Wulf Fw58 V-3802D-ABUOFocke-Wulf
D-ABUQJunkers Ju52/3mD-ABUQ
D-ABURJunkers Ju52/3mte5777D-ABURDLH 'Charles Haar' 00.06.37Crashed on approach to Frankfurt 4.1.38
D-ABUTJunkers Ju52/3m5137D-ABUTBlindfluglehrgangs/Celle
D-ABUVBlohm und Voss Bv142 v-2219D-ABUVDLH 'Kastor'
D-ABUXJunkers Ju52/3mWL-ABUX
D-ABVDDornier Do17 Z v12180D-ABVDZ series prototype
D-ABVEHeinkel He111WL-ABVE
D-ABVFJunkers Ju52/3mge5954D-ABVFDLH 'Franz Wagner' >Luftwaffe00.04.38Destroyed .42
D-ABVGJunkers Ju52/3mte6684D-ABVG C-209 PP-SPI PT-AUXSold Colombia
D-ABVKHeinkel He111 PD-ABVK
D-ABVRJunkers Ju52/3mD-ABVR
D-ABWCDornier Do217 V-2688D-ABWC
D-ABWIMesserschmitt Bf110D-ABWI
D-ABWPJunkers Ju288 V-2/A2880002D-ABWP BG+GRJunkers >Luftwaffe00.03.41
D-ABWRJunkers Ju52/3m5930D-ABWR GT+AALuftwaffe- used at E-stelle Rechlin for brake parachutes00.03.42High altitude for Everest expedition. Crashed
D-ABYADornier Do J Wal647D-ABYALuftwaffe
D-ABYEHeinkel He111 C-041831D-ABYEDLHC-03 per Nowara
D-ABYFJunkers Ju52/3mho4045D-ABYFDLH 'E. Schofer'00.09.34Crashed Hallgarten 25.04.35 [or AJYR?]
D-ABYMDornier Do18 V-3 A E661D-ABYME-stelle Travemunde >DLH 'Aeolus'00.05.36Lost after an emergency landing in the Atlantic 31.7.37
D-ABYSJunkers Ju52/3mD-ABYS
D-ABYTJunkers Ju52/3mD-ABYT
D-ABZVHeinkel He115 V-31555(D-ABZV) TI+HBE-stelle Travemunde00.03.38A-series prototype
D-ACAEJunkers Ju52/3mWL-ACAE
D-ACAHHeinkel He111 H-1D-ACAH
D-ACAPJunkers Ju88 V-18880021D-ACAP
D-ACAQDornier Do23D-ACAQ
D-ACARJunkers Ju88 V-16 A-3880008D-ACAR BB+AD
D-ACAWJunkers Ju52/3m rio6700D-ACAWDLH 'Heinrich Mathy'
D-ACAYJunkers Ju52/3mD-ACAY
D-ACBADornier Do17D-ACBA
D-ACBDFocke Wulf Fw200C-4200 0199D-ACBD TA+MA H-500Captured by Soviets
D-ACBEJunkers Ju52/3m6550D-ACBEDLH 'Emil Schofer' >LuftwaffeDestroyed
D-ACBFDornier Do217 V-72707D-ACBF
D-ACBHHeinkel He111 V-17 JD-ACBHand V-23
D-ACBNJunkers Ju88 V-20883058D-ACBN
D-ACBOJunkers Ju52/3mge4059ZS-AFB M-CABO D-ACBO M-CABDDLH 'V. Neubrand' >Iberia 'Mola'Destroyed Salamander 29.3.39
D-ACBOJunkers Ju88 V-21 A-4883113D-ACBO ND+BM 1H+CP
D-ACBPJunkers Ju88 V-22 A-4883152D-ACBP ND+CF
D-ACBQJunkers Ju52/3mW5965D-ACBQ TJ+HYDLH >DVL
D-ACBSHeinkel He111 V-14 G-3 or L1884D-ACBS
D-ACDAJunkers Ju52/3mg8e7490|7390CK+QO OH-LAP D-ACDA VK+PJLuftwaffe >Aero O/Y 'Petsamo' >LuftwaffeHanded over to US Army and destroyed .45
D-ACDEDornier Do217v3689D-ACDE CN+HK
D-ACDFHeinkel He111v15 G-3D-ACDF
D-ACEEDornier Do17D-ACEE
D-ACEPJunkers Ju52/3m6386D-ACEPDLH 'Adolf von Tutscheck' >LuftwaffeDestroyed
D-ACETDornier Do215D-ACETAlso reported as D-ACFT
D-ACIQHeinkel He111 H-23246D-ACIQFlugber. /Luftgau Kdo VII Casablanca
D-ACKNHeinkel He111WL-ACKN
D-ACLAHeinkel He111 H-1D-ACLA
D-ACLCHeinkel He111D-ACLC
D-ACLQHeinkel He111 H-53246D-ACLQFlugber.Lg.Kdo.XII Casablanca Waffenstillstandskommission
D-ACLWHeinkel He111D-ACLWAccident Casablanca 30.9.42
D-ACLXHeinkel He111 HD-ACLXKontrollinspektion Afrika as courier aircraft
D-ACLZHeinkel He111D-ACLZ
D-ACNBJunkers Ju52/3mD-ACNB
D-ACONFocke-Wulf Fw200 V-1(S-1)2000D-AERE D-ACONDLH 'Condor A-A'
D-ACPBJunkers Ju88 V-22/A-43132D-ACPB[also WNr. 3152 ND+CF]
D-ACQBJunkers Ju52/3m5965D-ACQB
D-ACTFJunkers Ju288 V-3/A2880003D-ACTF BG+GSJunkers >Luftwaffe00.04.41
D-ACVHFocke-Wulf Fw200 Vb3098D-ACVH WL-ACVH AC+VH NK+NMRLM 'Grenzmark' -private plane minister Ribbentrop
D-ACWGFocke-Wulf Fw200 D-2 b2000020D-ACWG NA+WM F8+GLDLH >3./KG 40 K.Gr.z.b.V.200.00.41[one source says NA+WK]
D-ACWGFocke-Wulf Fw200 V-4/B-12000001D-ACWG BS+AFVersuchstelle fur Hohenflugge00.00.39
D-ADAAJunkers Ju86 A1/V-12860055D-ADAAJunkers00.09.36BMW132 engine test aircraft [AADA?] V9 per Nowarra
D-ADACDornier Do215D-ADAC
D-ADAEJunkers Ju52/3mD-ADAE
D-ADAGHeinkel He111D-ADAG
D-ADAIHeinkel He59 C-2D-ADAI
D-ADALJunkers Ju52/3mge4046D-ADALDLH 'Karl Allmenroder' >Deruluft 'Flamingo' >lsd Luftwaffe00.05.34
D-ADAMJunkers Ju52 (CASA352.L)CASA168D-ADAM T.2B-275 G-BFHFSpanish AF
D-ADANDornier Do11 daD-ADANDeutsche Reichsbahn
D-ADAPHeinkel He111 V-1713D-ADAPE-stelle Rechlin
D-ADAQDornier Do23D-ADAQ
D-ADAQDornier Do23D-ADAQ
D-ADARJunkers G31 fi > fo3006D-1523 D-ADARDLH 'Nordmark' >RLMCanc 10.38
D-ADATDornier Do23D-ADAT
D-ADAYJunkers Ju52/3mD-ADAY
D-ADAZJunkers Ju52/3mD-ADAZ
D-ADBADornier Do18 GV841D-ADBA WL-ADBA TJ+HPE-stelle TravemundeG type prototype
D-ADBDDornier Do217 C2710D-ADBD[WNr. also 2703]
D-ADBEFocke-Wulf Fw187D-ADBE
D-ADBEJunkers Ju52/3mD-ADBE
D-ADBKDouglas DC-2-115E1355PH-AKI D-ADBK NA+LDDLH00.05.40
D-ADBOJunkers Ju52/3m4ge6387D-ADBODLH 'Otto v. Beaulieu-Marconay' >LuftwaffeDestroyed
D-ADBOJunkers Ju88D-ADBO
D-ADBPJunkers Ju52/3m6038D-ADBP GT+AD 1Z+EQLuftwaffe - Rechlin Unit E4
D-ADBQJunkers Ju52/3mD-ADBQ
D-ADBSHeinkel He1112762D-ADBS TH+HUE-stelle Travemunde
D-ADBTHeinkel He115 B1873D-ADBT TI+HHE-stelle Travemunde
D-ADBWJunkers Ju52/3m6650D-ADBWDLH 'Emil Thuy' >Luftwaffe00.00.39Destroyed
D-ADBXHeinkel He1113365D-ADBX
D-ADBYJunkers Ju88 V-51880066D-ADBY CO+OGJu188 prototype
D-ADCAJunkers Ju52/3mD-ADCA
D-ADCCJunkers Ju252 V-12520001D-ADCCJunkers >Luftwaffe00.06.42Ju252 prototype -used for Ju352-V1 construction
D-ADCFHeinkel He111 V-15 G-3 or L1885D-ADCF
D-ADCNJunkers Ju88 V-9 A-0880001D-ADCNDVL00.10.38
D-ADCUHeinkel He111 D-12346D-ADCU[or WNr. 2364]
D-ADEAJunkers Ju52/3mD-ADEA
D-ADEDJunkers Ju52/3mge6046D-ADEDDLH 'Viktor Neubrand' >lsd Luftwaffe00.08.38
D-ADEFJunkers Ju52/3m4070D-ADEFDLH 'Adolf Schirmer' >RLM >Luftwaffe00.00.35Crashed 3.2.44
D-ADEGHeinkel He116 A3054D-ADEG
D-ADEHJunkers Ju52/3mD-ADEH GS+ANDVL CASA352 used at Rechlin for Radio Navigation Tests
D-ADEKJunkers Ju52/3m5278D-ADEKDLH 'Anton Schulz' >lsd Luftwaffe00.00.35
D-ADELJunkers Ju52/3mgeD-ADELDVS00.08.34
D-ADENDornier Do J Wal IId 16a-Bis251D-3022 D-ADENDLH >Erprobungsstelle Travemunde
D-ADERJunkers Ju52/3m5120D-ADER PP-CBE LV-ZBMDLH 'Hans Wende'00.00.35To Brasil .38
D-ADESJunkers Ju52/3mD-ADESDVS Streckenschule Berlin00.00.35
D-ADEXJunkers Ju52/3m5029D-ADEX
D-ADFGDornier Do18 HV901D-ADFG TJ+HQE-stelle TravemundeDestroyed by enemy action 19.5.44
D-ADFJJunkers Ju90 A V-7/Z2 >Ju290 V-3900003D-ADFJ GF+GA DJ+YEDLH 'Baden' >Luftwaffe00.03.39Destroyed during air raid at Grosetto Italy 20.5.43 (Nowarra has GF+GH)
D-ADFMDornier Do17D-ADFM
D-ADFNFocke-Wulf Fw58 V-9D-ADFN
D-ADFOJunkers Ju52/3mg4e6060D-ADFO AD+FOHansa Luftbild >Luftwaffe00.09.38Burnt during attack at Oslo 5.40
D-ADFRJunkers Ju288 V-42880004D-ADFR BG+GT00.05.41
D-ADHFJunkers Ju52/3m6066D-ADHFDLH 'W. Hohndorf' >Luftwaffe00.00.39Destroyed .43
D-ADHRFocke-Wulf Fw200 A-0/S-12893D-ADHR GF+GF F8+CUDLH >Luftwaffe
D-ADIFJunkers Ju52/3m5102D-ADIFStreckenschule Berlin
D-ADIGHeinkel He111D-ADIG
D-ADIHJunkers Ju52/3mgeD-ADIHStreckenschule Berlin
D-ADILJunkers G24 ge908S-AAAW D-880 D-ADILHermes' AB Flygindustri >Aero Lloyd op for Junkers LVAG >DLH >DVS >DLH >DVSLimhamn built
D-ADINJunkers G31 de3002D-1310 D-ADINDLH 'Herrmann Kohl' >RLM
D-ADIPDornier Do24D-ADIP
D-ADIPJunkers Ju52/3m5102D-ADIPStreckenschule Berlin
D-ADIRDornier Do18 V-2 C254D-ADIR DA+NF
D-ADISJunkers Ju52/3mgeD-ADIS
D-ADITJunkers Ju52/3mgeD-ADIT
D-ADIUHeinkel He591819D-ADIU DA+MR
D-ADJDMesserschmitt Bf110 BD-ADJD
D-ADJEBlohm und Voss Bv138 A-01148D-ADJE TW+BCE-stelle Travemunde
D-ADJLHeinkel He115 A-051855D-ADJL TI+HGE-stelle Travemunde
D-ADJOJunkers Ju86 Z2860502D-ADJODLH 'Hohenwiel'00.00.39
D-ADLHJunkers Ju90 V-44916D-ADLH KH+XA J4+DH G6+BYDLH 'Schwabenland' later 'Sachsen' >Luftwaffe00.09.38Accident Lyon 25.9.40. Handed over to Allied forces 5.45 [Also wnr 4910]
D-ADLPDornier Do24 V-3 K-1761D-ADLP X-1Transfer regn used on several Do24 aircraft
D-ADNHHeinkel He111 P-22471D-ADNH CA+NA
D-ADNOJunkers Ju52/3mD-ADNO
D-ADNSDornier Do17 PD-ADNS
D-ADOAJunkers Ju86D-ADOA
D-ADOCDornier Do J Wal708D-ADOCLuftwaffe
D-ADOGHeinkel He116A3055D-ADOG
D-ADOMJunkers Ju52/3mce4013D-2201 D-ADOMBoelcke' Winner at International Flightmeeting Zurich DLH >DVS >Flugbereitschaft RLMMidair collision with Udet 12a D-1296 8.32 repaired Canc 1.39
D-ADOOHeinkel He111 ED-ADOO 56+DOO
D-ADORDornier Do J Wal IId 16a-Bis296D-3024 D-ADORRDL >DVS
D-ADOUHeinkel He1111441D-ADOUErpr.St.Rechlin
D-ADOVJunkers Ju52/3mD-ADOV
D-ADOXJunkers G24 > ge927D-1089 D-ADOXDLH 'Hestia' >DVS
D-ADPAMesserschmitt Bf110D-ADPA
D-ADPCJunkers Ju52/3mWL-ADPC
D-ADPQHeinkel He119 V-32404D-ADPQE-stelle Travemundefloatplane (V-5 per Nowarra)
D-ADQAJunkers Ju52/3mD-ADQA
D-ADQNMacchi MC-94 I94002I-ARNO MM60455 D-ADQN
D-ADQOMacchi MC-94 I94003I-LIRI MM60456 D-ADQO
D-ADQPMacchi MC-94 I94004I-TOCE MM60452 D-ADQP
D-ADQQMacchi MC-94 I94005I-SILE MM60457 D-ADQQ
D-ADQRMacchi MC-94 I94006I-NARO MM60453 D-ADQR
D-ADQSMacchi MC-94 II94007I-ENZA MM60459 D-ADQS
D-ADQTMacchi MC-94 II94009I-NETO MM60458 D-ADQT
D-ADQUJunkers Ju52/3m640605D-ADQUDLH 'Karl Noack' >Luftwaffe00.00.43Crashed Lifjeld Mountains Norway due to bad weather 10.44
D-ADQVJunkers Ju52/3m640608D-ADQVDLH 'Hermann Stache'00.00.43Crashed into high ground Hestnuten Mountain 16.10.44 killing 15 [Also wnrJ640605]
D-ADQWJunkers Ju52/3m640610D-ADQWDLH 'Harry Rother' >Luftwaffe00.00.43Crashed Belgrade 1.44
D-ADSZJunkers Ju52/3mD-ADSZ
D-ADTHMesserschmitt Bf110D-ADTH
D-ADUEJunkers Ju52/3mgeATG1368D-ADUE TK+HAE.Stelle Travemunde >DVLATG built
D-ADUFJunkers Ju52/3mkaoD-ADUFJunkers
D-ADUIJunkers Ju52/3mD-ADUI
D-ADULDornier Do11D-ADULDeutsche Reichsbahn
D-ADUMHeinkel He111 V-18 JD-ADUM
D-ADUPJunkers Ju52/3mD-ADUP
D-ADURJunkers G31 fi > fo3009D-1786 D-ADURDLH 'Westmark' >RLMScrapped 4.36
D-ADUTJunkers Ju52/3mD-ADUT
D-ADUUJunkers Ju52/3mgeD-ADUUDVL00.02.37Canc 5.38
D-ADUYJunkers Ju52/3mD-ADUY
D-ADVIJunkers Ju52/3mD-ADVI
D-ADVIMesserschmitt Bf162D-ADVI
D-ADVOMesserschmitt Bf110 B-0918D-ADVO
D-ADVRJunkers Ju288 V-4/A4D-ADVR BG+GTLuftwaffe
D-ADVTCant Z5063631I-DITO MM60474 D-ADVT
D-ADWBJunkers Ju52/3m6650D-ADWB
D-ADYAJunkers Ju52/3mD-ADYAStreckenschule Berlin
D-ADYBDornier Do17 PD-ADYB
D-ADYFJunkers Ju52/3mD-ADYFFitted with Jumo 211 9.37 and with Jumo 222 .40
D-ADYLJunkers Ju52/3mce4015D-2202 D-ADYLDLH 'Richthofen' >DVS >Flugbereitschaft RLM
D-ADYSDornier Do J Wal II f bos Wal299D-ADYSDLH 'Tornado'Crashed in South Atlantic 15.01.36
D-ADYUHeinkel He59 D1831D-ADYU TH+HME-stelle Travemunde
D-ADZAJunkers Ju52/3mD-ADZA
D-ADZFHeinkel He70 G-1D-ADZF
D-AEACJunkers Ju52/3mg8e7493D-AXVA OH-LAO D-AEAC CK+QR SE-BUD VH-BUV VH-GSSAero O/Y >DLH >LuftwaffeWfu and broken up at Madang .60
D-AEAFJunkers Ju86 B0D-AEAF
D-AEAGJunkers Ju88 V-17880017D-AEAG DI+MW JU+SE
D-AEANDouglas DC-2-115E1363PH-AKQ D-AEAN SG+KV
D-AEAOJunkers Ju52/3m6670D-AEAODLH 'R. Fritschke' >LuftwaffeDestroyed
D-AEAVDornier Do24 N-174D-AFBT KD+GA D-AEAVE-stelle Travemunde[also wnr1]
D-AEAVHeinkel He59D-AEAV
D-AEAWSavoia Marchetti SM.83 T34021I-ARIS D-AEAW[WNr. also 34022]
D-AEBAHeinkel He111D-AEBA
D-AEBGJunkers Ju52/3mWL-AEBG
D-AEBTJunkers Ju52/3m6401D-AEBTJunkersflying testbed for DB603A
D-AEDGJunkers Ju88 V-33883153D-AEDG ND+DAA-4 prototype
D-AEDOMesserschmitt Bf110 V-7 B-0912D-AEDO
D-AEDSJunkers Ju90 A / Z2900005D-AEDS GF+GEDLH 'Preussen' >Luftwaffe00.04.39Handed over to Allied forces scrapped in England 5.45
D-AEEEDornier Do17 R V-1D-AEEEUsed for bomb sight testing never produced
D-AEEOHeinkel He111WL-AEEO
D-AEFRSiebel Si204v1D-AEFR[also reported as D-OEFR]
D-AEFVJunkers Ju52/3mD-AEFV
D-AEHEJunkers Ju52/3mgeD-AEHEDVS
D-AEHFHeinkel He115 V-11553D-AEHFE-stelle Rechlin00.08.37mod early 1938 for record breaking purposes
D-AEHOJunkers Ju52/3mgeD-AEHODVL00.10.37
D-AEHPJunkers Ju52/3m6993D-AEHP PB+KADLH >Luftwaffe
D-AEKDJunkers Ju52/3mD-AEKD
D-AEKOJunkers Ju52/3mD-AEKO
D-AEKUJunkers Ju52/3mD-AEKU
D-AELEDornier Do17 M V-1691D-AELE GL+ALE-stelle Rechlin >DLH
D-AELUHeinkel He111WL-AELU
D-AENFJunkers Ju52/3mge5283D-AENF PP-CBA D-AENF OA-HHD HC-SAD 42-52883 TI-60DLH Sudamerika 'Aconcagua'00.04.37
D-AEOLHeinkel He111 H-1D-AEOL
D-AEPBHeinkel He111WL-AEPB
D-AEPOLockheed L10D-AEPO
D-AEQAHeinkel He111 V-12 G-012534D-AEQADLH
D-AEQPFocke-Wulf Fw200 (civil)2000009OH-CLA D-AEQP
D-AEREFocke-Wulf Fw200 V-12000D-AERE D-ACONDLH
D-AERJHeinkel He111 P-22598D-AERJ TH+HVE-stelle Travemunde
D-AERVDornier Do24D-AERV