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c/n type history fate/notes
De Havilland New Zealand (Rongotai)
DHNZ1DH82A TIGER MOTH[Hatfield c/n 82713] NZ751 ZK-ATNunder restoration North Shore
DHNZ2DH82A TIGER MOTH[Hatfield c/n 82840] NZ752 ZK-AIFAccident Mangere 20.4.52
DHNZ3DH82A TIGER MOTH[Hatfield c/n 82714] NZ753Damaged in gale Ashburton 1.2.43
DHNZ4DH82A TIGER MOTH[Hatfield c/n 82837] NZ754Accident Harewood 10.6.44
DHNZ5DH82A TIGER MOTH[Hatfield c/n 82836] NZ755 ZK-ARCAccident nr Stratford 23.3.58
DHNZ6DH82A TIGER MOTH[Hatfield c/n 82397] NZ756 ZK-ASNDamaged in gale Waipukurau 27.7.57
DHNZ7DH82A TIGER MOTH[Hatfield c/n 82395] NZ757 ZK-AJADbr Charlton 22.4.64
DHNZ8DH82A TIGER MOTH[Hatfield c/n 82396] NZ758Accident nr Harris Field 8.12.41
DHNZ9DH82A TIGER MOTH[Hatfield c/n 82841] NZ759 ZK-AKIAccident Waikaia 19.11.55
DHNZ10DH82A TIGER MOTH[Hatfield c/n 82839] NZ760Accident nr Taieri 9.11.42
DHNZ11DH82A TIGER MOTH[Hatfield c/n 82838] NZ761Accident Momona 17.12.41
DHNZ12DH82A TIGER MOTH[Hatfield c/n 82715] NZ762Mid air collision with NZ1438 Harris Field 1.11.43
DHNZ13DH82A TIGER MOTH[Hatfield c/n 82944] NZ763Accident nr Harewood 19.10.42
DHNZ14DH82A TIGER MOTH[Hatfield c/n 82945] NZ764 ZK-APVAccident nr Hauturu 30.3.57
DHNZ15DH82A TIGER MOTH[Hatfield c/n 82946] NZ765 ZK-AUEB.Lynch North Shore
DHNZ16DH82A TIGER MOTH[Hatfield c/n 82947] NZ766Accident nr Mosgiel 16.2.42
DHNZ17DH82A TIGER MOTH[Hatfield c/n 82948] NZ767 ZK-ANMAccident Te Ore Ore 19.3.48
DHNZ18DH82A TIGER MOTH[Hatfield c/n 82949] NZ768 ZK-ARBAccident Waikite Valley 7.11.56
DHNZ19DH82A TIGER MOTH[Hatfield c/n 83077] NZ769Accident Gore 11.6.42
DHNZ20DH82A TIGER MOTH[Hatfield c/n 83078] NZ770Accident Harewood 22.3.44
DHNZ21DH82A TIGER MOTH[Hatfield c/n 83079] NZ771under restoration Warkworth
DHNZ22DH82A TIGER MOTH[Hatfield c/n 83080] NZ772 ZK-ASGunder restoration Warkworth
DHNZ23DH82A TIGER MOTH[Hatfield c/n 83081] NZ773 ZK-ASUAccident Orua Bay 14.3.53
DHNZ24DH82A TIGER MOTH[Hatfield c/n 83082] NZ774Accident Omata 23.12.41
DHNZ25DH82A TIGER MOTH[Cowley c/n 83202] NZ775 ZK-AINMuseum of Transport & Technology Auckland
DHNZ26DH82A TIGER MOTH[Cowley c/n 83203] NZ776Written off .41
DHNZ27DH82A TIGER MOTH[Cowley c/n 83204] NZ777 ZK-AQQDamaged in gale Mossburn 30.9.48 then Dbf on railway wagon 6.10.48
DHNZ28DH82A TIGER MOTH[Cowley c/n 83205] NZ778Mid air collision with NZ1411 nr Harewood 25.7.42
DHNZ29DH82A TIGER MOTH[Cowley c/n 83206] NZ779 ZK-AJLAccident Georgetown 9.10.57
DHNZ30DH82A TIGER MOTH[Cowley c/n 83207] NZ780 ZK-BLYAccident Paparoa 14.4.58
DHNZ31DH82A TIGER MOTH[Cowley c/n 83379] NZ781 ZK-AUDunder restoration Auckland
DHNZ32DH82A TIGER MOTH[Cowley c/n 83380] NZ782Accident nr Waimakariri River 2.9.42
DHNZ33DH82A TIGER MOTH[Cowley c/n 83381] NZ783 ZK-ANVAccident Hastings 23.10.47
DHNZ34DH82A TIGER MOTH[Cowley c/n 83382] NZ784Mid air collision with NZ789 nr Momona 25.8.43
DHNZ35DH82A TIGER MOTH[Cowley c/n 83383] NZ785 ZK-ARNAccident Hikumutu 12.3.54
DHNZ36DH82A TIGER MOTH[Cowley c/n 83384] NZ786 ZK-ASVB.Dunn Wellington
DHNZ37DH82A TIGER MOTH[Cowley c/n 83385] NZ787 ZK-AIUAccident Mahoe 13.11.49 reduced to spares
DHNZ38DH82A TIGER MOTH[Cowley c/n 83386] NZ788Mid air collision with NZ733 Outram 7.11.42
DHNZ39DH82A TIGER MOTH[Cowley c/n 83387] NZ789Mid air collision with NZ784 nr Momona 25.8.43
DHNZ40DH82A TIGER MOTH[Cowley c/n 83388] NZ790Accident nr Helensville 28.3.41
DHNZ41DH82A TIGER MOTH[Cowley c/n 83389] NZ791 ZK-ANOAccident Cust 6.3.48
DHNZ42DH82A TIGER MOTH[Cowley c/n 83390] NZ792 ZK-ASQReduced to spares .61
DHNZ43DH82A TIGER MOTH[Cowley c/n 83391] NZ793sold
DHNZ44DH82A TIGER MOTH[Cowley c/n 83392] NZ794 ZK-AJJDbf in hangar Bell Block 15.1.52
DHNZ45DH82A TIGER MOTH[Cowley c/n 83393] NZ795 ZK-APS ZK-BUOCanterbury Helicopters Wanaka
DHNZ46DH82A TIGER MOTH[Cowley c/n 83394] NZ796 ZK-BCCAccident Porangahau 3.9.60
DHNZ47DH82A TIGER MOTH[Cowley c/n 83395] NZ797 ZK-AIXAccident Rongotai 25.2.54 burnt
DHNZ48DH82A TIGER MOTH[Cowley c/n 83396] NZ798 ZK-ARYAccident Kaipaki 14.7.51
DHNZ49DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ799 ZK-AIJAccident Twyford 1.12.46
DHNZ50DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ800Accident Eyre River 12.12.41
DHNZ51DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ801Accident nr Waimakariri River 6.6.42
DHNZ52DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ802 ZK-ASCAccident Punakitere Valley 17.5.57
DHNZ53DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ803Accident Harewood 21.6.45
DHNZ55DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ805Accident Momona 14.1.43
DHNZ56DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ806Accident Taieri 26.2.42
DHNZ57DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ807 ZK-AKHAccident Waimate 31.3.75
DHNZ58DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ808 ZK-AKDLost into sea Golden Bay 16.11.46
DHNZ60DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ810to Marlborough AC as spares 21.9.48
DHNZ61DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ811Written off 16.1.46
DHNZ62DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ812Accident nr Harewood 12.7.43
DHNZ63DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ813 ZK-ASDAccident nr Hastings 20.8.49 reduced to spares
DHNZ64DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ814 ZK-AITAccident nr Eketahuna 30.6.55
DHNZ65DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ815 ZK-AOUAccident Pouto 12.5.53
DHNZ66DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ816 ZK-AROAccident Meremere 8.2.52
DHNZ67DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ817to Hawkes Bay & East Coast AC as spares 26.5.50
DHNZ68DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ818 ZK-AKEAccident nr Fielding 13.9.61
DHNZ69DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ819Dbf Ashburton 8.11.42
DHNZ71DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ821 ZK-ARIAccident Wairamarama 2.2.57
DHNZ72DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ822 ZK-AIHAccident Rongotea 3.6.51
DHNZ73DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ823 ZK-ATQAccident Awakino 29.4.53
DHNZ74DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ824 ZK-AJUAccident Opotiki 31.10.54
DHNZ75DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ825 ZK-AIBunder restoration Gore
DHNZ76DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ826Dbf Rongotai 25.9.46
DHNZ77DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ827Accident nr Harewood 20.10.43
DHNZ78DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ828 ZK-ANI ZK-APLAccident nr Paraparaumu 24.12.47
DHNZ79DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ829Accident nr Harewood 3.3.42
DHNZ80DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ830 ZK-AONY.Lamb Syndicate Dubai
DHNZ81DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ831 ZK-AID ZK-AVDReduced to spares 24.6.58
DHNZ82DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ832Mid air collision with NZ871 nr Taieri 22.3.44
DHNZ83DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ833Accident nr Harewood 15.5.45
DHNZ84DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ834to Auckland AC as spares 4.3.49
DHNZ85DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ835 ZK-AVOAccident Pukerau 14.4.51
DHNZ86DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ836 ZK-AYFAccident Gore 1.4.56
DHNZ87DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ837 ZK-AOQAccident nr Oamaru 21.9.55
DHNZ89DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ839Mid air collision with NZ1429 Harris Field 27.7.42
DHNZ90DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ840Accident nr Bell Block 26.1.42
DHNZ91DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ841 ZK-ALMKing/Doherty/Newland Syndicate Auckland
DHNZ92DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ842 ZK-ATLMissing nr Napier 28.9.58
DHNZ93DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ843 ZK-AQNAccident nr Highbank 16.1.49
DHNZ94DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ844Accident Tokirima 7.3.42
DHNZ95DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ845Accident nr Mayfield 10.10.44
DHNZ96DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ846 ZK-AJTAccident Kaimai Ranges 31.12.48
DHNZ97DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ847 ZK-AKCAllied Press Dunedin
DHNZ98DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ848 ZK-AJGAccident Thames 19.1.58
DHNZ99DH82A TIGER MOTHNZ849 ZK-ARU VH-BNO ZK-ARUAccident Conway River Mouth 30.3.55