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De Havilland

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c/n type history fate/notes
De Havilland Canada (Downsview Toronto)
DHC101DH60M MOTHRCAF as 157 CF-CGA RCAF as A.117SOC 9.9.44
DHC102DH60M MOTHRCAF as 158 CF-CFV RCAF as A.112 then A.158SOC 12.12.42
DHC103DH60M MOTHRCAF as 159Destroyed after fire in air Borden 15.7.31
DHC104DH60M MOTHRCAF as 160 CF-CFO RCAF as A.110SOC 13.9.46
DHC105DH60M MOTHRCAF as 161Cat C Borden 13.7.31
DHC106DH60M MOTHRCAF as 162 then A.21SOC 14.2.45
DHC107DH60M MOTHRCAF as 151SOC 12.9.33
DHC108DH60M MOTHRCAF as 152 then A.17SOC 17.5.45
DHC109DH60M MOTHRCAF as 153 then A.437SOC 22.7.45
DHC110DH60M MOTHRCAF as 154 CF-CCD RCAF as 154 CF-CFT RCAF as A.105SOC 21.12.44
DHC111DH60M MOTHRCAF as 155 CF-CFU RCAF as A.106SOC 25.5.44
DHC112DH60M MOTHRCAF as 156SOC 18.11.36
DHC113DH60M MOTHRCAF as 163 then A.8SOC 19.9.47
DHC114DH60M MOTHRCAF as 164 CF-CFKCrashed at fair Moosomin Sask 1.7.38
DHC115DH60M MOTHRCAF as 165 CF-CFY RCAF as A.122SOC 9.11.44
DHC116DH60M MOTHRCAF as 166 CF-CFP RCAF as A.121SOC 14.9.44
DHC117DH60M MOTHRCAF as 167 CF-CFQ RCAF as A.118SOC 9.9.44
DHC118DH60M MOTHRCAF as 168Dbr Borden 3.8.34
DHC119DH60M MOTHCF-ALVrebuild of CF-AAJ c/n 793. Wfu 19.3.42
DHC120DH60M MOTHCF-OAEReduced to spares 18.5.45
DHC121DH60M MOTHCF-OAGDbr in forced landing Pinei Lake to White River Ont 21.7.34 parts to c/n DHC134
DHC122DH60M MOTHCF-OAFDbr in hurricane Toronto 14.12.54
DHC123DH60M MOTHCF-CBYStalled and spun nr Saskatoon 15.11.33
DHC124DH60M MOTHCF-CBXto 16EFTS as Inst a/f 19.3.40
DHC125DH60M MOTHCF-AGRWfu Toronto 18.12.42
DHC126DH60M MOTHCF-AGPCrashed on takeoff Bow Lake 22.12.56
DHC127DH60M MOTHCF-AGX C-FAGXWestern Canada Pioneer Museum
DHC128DH60M MOTHCF-CBQStalled during forced landing nr Elgin 21.6.35
DHC129DH60M MOTHCF-CDADbf nr Montreal 13.9.32
DHC130DH60M MOTHused in rebuild of G-CAPC
DHC131DH60M MOTHCF-CDCFuselage corroded 23.10.33
DHC132DH60M MOTHCF-APNCrashed Haileybury 13.7.42 remains to snowmobile
DHC133DH60M MOTHCF-AVF RCAF as 223 CF-CGB RCAF as A.120 then A.223? CF-CGBWfu 6.8.46
DHC134DH60M MOTHCF-OAOrebuild of CF-OAG c/n DHC121. Stalled on takeoff White Otter Lake Ont 31.8.42
DHC135DH60M MOTHCF-AGZCrashed nr Walkerville 4.11.31 pts used to rebuild CF-APT
DHC141DH61 GIANT MOTHCF-OAKbuilt using parts from G-CARD. Hit rock on landing Gander Lake Ont 23.5.35
DHC201DH80A PUSS MOTHRCAF as 169 RCMP as 651SOC spares 14.1.37
DHC202DH80A PUSS MOTHRCAF as 170SOC spares 14.1.37
DHC203DH80A PUSS MOTHRCAF as 171 CF-CCIForce-landed on Lake Matchi-Manitou 28.3.35
DHC204DH80A PUSS MOTHRCAF as 172 CF-CCFDbf during refuelling Edmonton 3.9.34
DHC205DH80A PUSS MOTHRCAF as 173SOC spares 12.8.36
DHC206DH80A PUSS MOTHRCAF as 174 then A.5SOC spares 8.2.44
DHC207DH80A PUSS MOTHRCAF as 175 CF-CCLReduced to spares 6.36
DHC208DH80A PUSS MOTHRCAF as 179Scrapped and burnt Camp Borden 9.36
DHC209DH80A PUSS MOTHRCAF as 177 CF-CCJDestroyed in hangar fire Toronto 12.11.35
DHC210DH80A PUSS MOTHRCAF as 178 CF-CCKReduced to spares 8.4.36
DHC211DH80A PUSS MOTHRCAF as 176SOC spares 14.1.37
DHC212DH80A PUSS MOTHRCAF as 180 CF-CDNto Central Tech School as inst a/f 24.8.40
DHC213DH80A PUSS MOTHRCAF as 181 CF-CCMto Calgary Inst of Tech 9.36
DHC215DH80A PUSS MOTHG-CYUS RCAF as A.6Scrapped Trenton .37
DHC216DH80A PUSS MOTHCF-CCCReduced to spares 28.7.36
DHC218DH80A PUSS MOTHG-CYUTWing failed in flight Ottawa 21.3.32
DHC219DH80A PUSS MOTHCF-IOL CF-CDMHit by Dragonfly CF-BBD Toronto 19.4.37 cv snowmobile
DHC220DH80A PUSS MOTHCF-APDStored St Laurent .59
DHC221DH80A PUSS MOTHCF-APEReduced to spares Fort Erie 23.6.37
DHC222DH80A PUSS MOTHuntracedprobably spares or test
DHC224DH80A PUSS MOTHCF-AVBCv to snowmobile Port Menier 2.47