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List of abbreviations

c/n type history fate/notes
95001DH95 FLAMINGOG-AFUE T5357Dbr 4.10.40
95002DH95 FLAMINGOG-AFUF X9317SOC 10.42
95003DH95 FLAMINGOR2764Crashed nr Great Ouseburn 30.4.42
95004DH95 FLAMINGOE-10 R2765Scrapped .44
95005DH95 FLAMINGOE-16 G-AGAZ AE444Scrapped Hendon .44
95006DH95 FLAMINGOR2510Crashed Mill Hill 23.10.40
95007DH95 FLAMINGOG-AFYECrashed Asmara 15.2.43
95008DH95 FLAMINGOR2766 G-AGCC R2766Reduced to spares .45
95009DH95 FLAMINGOG-AFYFScrapped Redhill .50
95010DH95 FLAMINGOG-AFYGCrashed Addis Ababa 18.11.42
95011DH95 FLAMINGOG-AFYH BT312 G-AFYHScrapped Redhill 5.54
95012DH95 FLAMINGOG-AFYICrashed Turkey 13.9.42
95013DH95 FLAMINGOG-AFYJScrapped Redhill .50
95014DH95 FLAMINGOE-17 G-AFYKScrapped Redhill .50
95015DH95 FLAMINGOG-AFYLScrapped Redhill .50
95016DH95 FLAMINGO(G-AFYZ) R2511Not completed
95017DH95 FLAMINGO(G-AFZA) R2512Not completed
95018DH95 FLAMINGOR2513Not completed
95019DH95 FLAMINGOR2514Not completed
95020DH95 FLAMINGOBK822 G-AGBYScrapped Witney .45