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c/n type history fate/notes
85100DH82A TIGER MOTHT6831Sold 29.3.51
85101DH82A TIGER MOTHT6854 4074MDbr in heavy landing Brough 18.5.43 not repaired and to 4074M 20.8.43
85102DH82A TIGER MOTHT6855Sold as scrap 27.3.50
85103DH82A TIGER MOTHT6856 G-AIVVWfu 11.50
85104DH82A TIGER MOTHT6857Sold 18.9.53
85106DH82A TIGER MOTHT6859 G-ALWT ZK-BCF ZK-BGSMissing Cook Strait 28.11.57
85107DH82A TIGER MOTHT6860Hit trees low flying stalled and crashed nr High Post 19.5.43
85108DH82A TIGER MOTHT6861Sold as scrap 27.3.50
85109DH82A TIGER MOTHT6862Wrecked in gale Gransden Lodge 30.1.43
85110DH82A TIGER MOTHT6863cv Queen Bee Shot down off Manorbier 11.12.43
85111DH82A TIGER MOTHT6864 G-AHLD ZK-AUYAccident Eketahuna 17.10.54
85112DH82A TIGER MOTHT6865 5450M
85113DH82A TIGER MOTHT6866Hit tree low flying 1m W of Burpham Essex 11.5.51
85114DH82A TIGER MOTHT6867cv Queen Bee Shot down off Manorbier 10.9.43
85115DH82A TIGER MOTHT6868 EI-AGSCrashed Maynooth Eire 30.9.56
85116DH82A TIGER MOTHT6869Undercarriage collapsed on landing Tarrant Rushton 17.5.45
85117DH82A TIGER MOTHT6870Hit pole low flying at night and crashed on searchlight co operation Alcester Warks. 12.10.42
85118DH82A TIGER MOTHT6871Undershot practice forced landing and overturned Burnfoot FLG 17.7.44
85119DH82A TIGER MOTHT6872Sold 4.9.53
85120DH82A TIGER MOTHT6873 4692M
85121DH82A TIGER MOTHT6874Engine cut after takeoff overshot forced landing into river nr Dauntsey Wilts. 10.2.45
85122DH82A TIGER MOTHT6875Stalled during practice acrobatics and crashed in St.Athan village 17.9.48
85123DH82A TIGER MOTHT6876 Indian AF VT-ATFCanc 03.04.47
85124DH82A TIGER MOTHT6877SOC 5.6.50
85125DH82A TIGER MOTHT6878Engine cut stalled off turn and hit ground Bawli Bazar South 12.3.44 DBF
85126DH82A TIGER MOTHT6897SOC 19.5.44
85127DH82A TIGER MOTHT6898To Admiralty 11.11.44
85128DH82A TIGER MOTHT6899 G-AMIYScrapped Portsmouth .51
85129DH82A TIGER MOTHT6900Bounced on landing and crashed Brough 3.8.44 Dbr
85130DH82A TIGER MOTHT6901 G-AIAK PH-UAW PH-AAB N8691[wrongly as PH-UAY in some sources]
85131DH82A TIGER MOTHT6902Sold 5.4.51
85132DH82A TIGER MOTHT6903 G-ANMU D-ECORDestroyed by 9.65
85133DH82A TIGER MOTHT6904 G-AOBR E-17 D-EDARWritten off 4.10.59
85134DH82A TIGER MOTHT6905SOC 14.7.44
85135DH82A TIGER MOTHT6906Swung on takeoff and overturned Foulsham 13.5.45 Dbr
85136DH82A TIGER MOTHT6907SOC 5.6.50
85137DH82A TIGER MOTHT6908Sold as scrap 19.12.49
85138DH82A TIGER MOTHT6909 G-AOEF D-EMUSDestroyed 10.5.67
85139DH82A TIGER MOTHT6910Collided with T5982 and crashed Elmdon 11.5.45 DBF
85140DH82A TIGER MOTHT6911 Dutch AF as A-53Written off 7.7.49
85141DH82A TIGER MOTHT6912 G-AKXACrashed Barton 8.10.49
85142DH82A TIGER MOTHT6913 G-AHNDCrashed Biggin Hill 8.4.66
85143DH82A TIGER MOTHT6914 G-AMIZBurnt Hamsey Green 5.11.56
85144DH82A TIGER MOTHT6915Dived into ground 1 1/2m E of Cambridge airfield 19.8.42 each pilot thought other in control
85145DH82A TIGER MOTHT6916Sold 5.4.51
85146DH82A TIGER MOTHT6917 G-AOIVcv Thruxton Jackaroo Scrapped .65
85147DH82A TIGER MOTHT6918 G-AOIWcv Thruxton Jackaroo Crashed Thruxton 23.4.64
85149DH82A TIGER MOTHT6920 G-AMEF Thai Navy
85150DH82A TIGER MOTHT6921 [A-50 OO-ANY]?Spun into ground Aligarh 4.4.45 DBF cause not known
85151DH82A TIGER MOTHT6942 G-AMMO ZK-BAXAccident nr Wairoa .58?
85152DH82A TIGER MOTHT6943Collided with BB730 on landing Wolverhampton 23.11.44 Dbr
85153DH82A TIGER MOTHT6944SOC 5.6.50
85154DH82A TIGER MOTHT6945 G-ANLC cv Rumpler CV replica JY-ACN
85155DH82A TIGER MOTHT6946SOC 30.1.50
85156DH82A TIGER MOTHT6947 SAAF VP-YDIWritten off 24.05.48
85157DH82A TIGER MOTHT6948 G-AHDF VR-HEMStalled low flying nr Clyffe Pypard 6.8.44
85159DH82A TIGER MOTHT6950Sold as scrap 27.3.50
85161DH82A TIGER MOTHT6952 SE-ANLSpun into ground Shellingford 23.6.44
85162DH82A TIGER MOTHT6953 G-ANNIA.R.Brett
85163DH82A TIGER MOTHT6954Collided with T7999 in cloud and crashed 1 1/2m SE of Groby Leics. 27.5.44
85164DH82A TIGER MOTHT6955 Dutch AF as A-45Crashed 9.10.50
85165DH82A TIGER MOTHT6956 SRAF as SR-18
85166DH82A TIGER MOTHT6957Sold 5.4.51
85168DH82A TIGER MOTHT6959
85169DH82A TIGER MOTHT6960 G-AMJABurnt Hamsey Green 5.11.56
85170DH82A TIGER MOTHT6961 Dutch AF as A-54 Navy as 21-104
85171DH82A TIGER MOTHT6962Lost at sea en route SAAF
85172DH82A TIGER MOTHT6963SOC 5.6.50
85173DH82A TIGER MOTHT6964 Dutch AF as A-46Crashed 7.7.54
85174DH82A TIGER MOTHT6965Engine would not pick up hit ground in turn trying to force land Murthly Perthshire 15.8.44
85175DH82A TIGER MOTHT6966Stalled off turn after takeoff Kirkpatrick RLG 21.3.43
85176DH82A TIGER MOTHT6967Sold 24 5.48
85177DH82A TIGER MOTHT6968 G-AMJBBurnt Hamsey Green 5.11.56
85178DH82A TIGER MOTHT6969 4682M
85179DH82A TIGER MOTHT6970Sold 29.3.51
85180DH82A TIGER MOTHT6971Stalled and wing hit ground on landing Perth 24.5.48 Dbr
85181DH82A TIGER MOTHT6972To Admiralty 14.12.41
85182DH82A TIGER MOTHT6973Hit N6800 on takeoff and undercarriage collapsed on landing Perth 24.11.44
85183DH82A TIGER MOTHT6974Collided with T7273 and broke up Borelands nr Coupar Angus Perthshire 28.8.45
85184DH82A TIGER MOTHT6975 G-AMMP ZK-BCAWfu 23.12.57
85185DH82A TIGER MOTHT6976To Admiralty 15.12.41
85186DH82A TIGER MOTHT6977To Admiralty 14.12.41
85187DH82A TIGER MOTHT6978Sold 5.4.51
85188DH82A TIGER MOTHT6979Bounced on landing and tipped up Heany 11.9.51
85190DH82A TIGER MOTHT6981Sold 5.4.51
85191DH82A TIGER MOTHT6982Sold 24.5.48
85192DH82A TIGER MOTHT6983 SAAF2480
85193DH82A TIGER MOTHT6984SOC 29.12.48
85194DH82A TIGER MOTHT6985 SAAF2457
85195DH82A TIGER MOTHT6986Hit tree on overshoot to practice forced landing Waltham St.Lawrence 16.10.43
85196DH82A TIGER MOTHT6987 SAAF2477 ZS-CCN ZU-OLDDbf Benoni 10.11.56 rebuilt
85197DH82A TIGER MOTHT6988Sold 5.4.51
85198DH82A TIGER MOTHT6989Sold 24.5.48
85199DH82A TIGER MOTHT6990 R Hellenic AF