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Production list

List of abbreviations

c/n type history fate/notes
700DH60X MOTHG-AABACrashed into North Sea 8.3.29
701DH60X MOTHG-UABC C-PMAC CR-MAC ZS-ABCDestroyed Queenstown .30
702DH60X MOTHG-AABLCrashed Kingsbury 15.10.30
703DH66 HERCULESG-AARYWritten off 12.35
704AIRCO DH9JG-AASCScrapped .31
706DH75A HAWK MOTHVH-UOYForce landed Archerfield Qld 12.5.35 dbf
707DH75A HAWK MOTHG-CYVLCrashed Longueil 27.6.31
709DH75A HAWK MOTHnot completed
711DH60M MOTHVH-UKCCrashed Nyngan NSW 4.5.30 Restored as LN-KFM
712DH60M MOTHVH-ULLCrashed Modbury SA 26.11.29
713DH60M MOTHRCAF as 66Crashed Borden 12.2.31
714DH60M MOTHRCAF as 64 CF-CFX RCAF as A.109SOC 1.9.44
715DH60M MOTHRCAF as 65 CF-CFN RCAF as A.119 CF-CFNWfu 5.2.47
716DH60M MOTHRCAF as 67 CF-CFR RCAF as A.123 CF-CFRDbr in forced landing nr Dorset Ont 18.9.46
717DH60M MOTHRCAF as 68 CF-AVF RCAF as A.123Traded to RCAF for CF-CFR
718DH60M MOTHRCAF as 69to Univ of Toronto as inst a/f
719DH60M MOTHRCAF as 70 CF-CFM RCAF as A.111SOC 13.9.46
720DH60M MOTHRCAF as 71Dbr Borden 4.6.36
721DH60M MOTHRCAF as 72 CF-CFS RCAF as A.107SOC 12.4.45
722DH60M MOTHRCAF as 74 CF-CGCsold 3.41
723DH60M MOTHRCAF as 73SOC 31.3.36
724DH60M MOTHRCAF as 75 CF-CFZ RCAF as A.108SOC 15.5.48
725DH60M MOTHRCAF as 76Crashed Borden 31.5.29
726DH60M MOTHRCAF as 77 then A.16SOC 24.1.42
727DH60M MOTHRCAF as 78Crashed Borden 14.8.29
728DH60M MOTHRCAF as 79Crashed Borden 28.9.31
729DH60M MOTHCF-CAADbr landing Toronto 23.10.40
730DH60M MOTHCF-CABCrashed Montreal 8.7.29
731DH60M MOTHCF-CAHDbr Calgary 24.4.29
732DH60M MOTHCF-CADU/c collapsed Hamilton 15.6.33
733DH60M MOTHCF-CAEDbr Regina 18.10.31
734DH60M MOTHRCAF as 80 CF-CEUCrashed on takeoff Regina Sask 1.5.36 rts
735DH60M MOTHRCAF as 81SOC 21.10.38
736DH60M MOTHRCAF as 82Crashed Borden 6.4.29
737DH60M MOTHRCAF as 83SOC 26.9.30
738DH60M MOTHRCAF as 84 CF-CELOverturned in forced landing Compton PQ 20.7.39
739DH60M MOTHRCAF as 85 CF-CDOWfu 11.3.42
740DH60M MOTHRCAF as 102 then A.4SOC 13.9.46
741DH60M MOTHRCAF as 103Crashed Vancouver 29.8.29
742DH60M MOTHRCAF as 104Crashed Vancouver 23.7.31
743DH60M MOTHRCAF as 105 then A.19SOC 22.7.46
744DH60M MOTHRCAF as 106 then A.7SOC 27.2.41
745DH60M MOTHRCAF as 107SOC 29.12.38
746DH60M MOTHRCAF as 86 CF-CDPStalled and spun Brantford Ont 21.7.35
747DH60M MOTHRCAF as 87 CF-CEHCollided with G-CALE landing Halifax NS 19.1.38
748DH60M MOTHRCAF as 88Crashed Everett 5.7.29
749DH60M MOTHRCAF as 89 CF-CEIHit trees landing Kingston Ont 27.2.39
750DH60M MOTHRCAF as 90 CF-CEJCrashed in snowstorm Port Burwell Ont 12.2.36
751DH60M MOTHRCAF as 91 CF-CEKDestroyed in hangar fire Brantford Ont 10.3.41
752DH60M MOTHCF-CACDbr Winnipeg 18.8.30
753DH60M MOTHCF-CAFCrashed landing Saskatoon 29.12.29
754DH60M MOTHCF-CAGCrashed landing Moose Jaw 26.6.37
755DH60M MOTHCF-CAIDbr Granby 12.5.29
756DH60X MOTHG-CYXHSOC 9.12.29
757DH60X MOTHG-CYXE CF-CEGCat A Demaine 21.1.30 but rebuilt
758DH60X MOTHG-CYXG CF-APCCrashed in lake at Jellicoe 14.1.35 but salvaged
760DH60M MOTHG-CYYY CF-CECDbr Winnipeg 22.11.36
761DH60M MOTHCF-OAAused to rebuild CF-OAA c/n 535. Stalled after takeoff Twin Lakes Ont 19.6.46
762DH60M MOTHCF-OACDbr Fort William Ont 8.6.36
763DH60M MOTHG-CAOUused to rebuild G-CAOU c/n 400
764DH60M MOTHCF-AAFCrashed at fair Prince Albert Sask 2.7.30
765DH60M MOTHCF-OADCapsized taxying Cross Lake Ont 4.5.44
766DH60M MOTHCF-CAPHit shoal landing on lake nr Torrance Ont 15.8.41
767DH60M MOTHCF-AABReduced to spares Vancouver 7.45
768DH60M MOTHCF-AAGused with CF-ADD in rebuild as CF-AYZ
769DH60M MOTHCF-AAHto Moncton Air Cadets 4.6.41
770DH60M MOTHCF-AAECapsized Albany River Ontario 21.6.30
771DH60M MOTHCF-ADHCrashed on takeoff Fraser River 21.10.45
772DH60M MOTHCF-ADFCrashed Trail 4.10.29
773DH60M MOTHCF-CALto Tech school as inst a/f .41
774DH60M MOTHCF-CAMCrashed on landing Regina Sask 16.12.29
775DH60M MOTHCF-CANCollided with car Saskatoon 5.7.29
776DH60M MOTHCF-CAODerelict Yellowknife 6.2.47
777DH60M MOTHCF-ADGOverturned on landing Toronto 2.7.41
778DH60M MOTHCF-ADJStalled and spun Lethbridge Alta 1.2.31
779DH60M MOTHCF-ADA RCAF as A.114Reduced to spares 15.6.42
781DH60M MOTHCF-ADIpreserved
782DH60M MOTHCF-ADBDbr in forced landing Lower Onslow 10.4.36
783DH60M MOTHCF-ADC VH-UQVK.Ruff Waverley Vic
784DH60M MOTHCF-ADDused with CF-AAG in rebuild as CF-AYZ
785DH60M MOTHCF-ADESank Rollo Lake 22.10.32
786DH60M MOTHRCAF as 118 then A.13SOC 4.4.41
787DH60M MOTHRCAF as 119 then A.20SOC 14.2.45
788DH60M MOTHRCAF as 120 CF-CFW RCAF as A.124 CF-CFW RCAF as A.136SOC 16.6.42
789DH60M MOTHRCAF as 121Crashed Ottawa 6.10.34
790DH60M MOTHRCAF as 122 then A.12SOC 13.9.46
791DH60M MOTHCF-ADKCrashed on takeoff Toronto 2.2.41
792DH60M MOTHCF-AAIHit tree nr Hot Springs 17.7.34
793DH60M MOTHCF-AAJ (CF-AAS)Swamped at moorings Gt Slave Lake 23.8.29
794DH60M MOTHCF-CAVDbr Saint John 14.6.31
795DH60M MOTHCF-ADLused as inst a/f Vancouver
796DH60M MOTHCF-ADMOverturned on takeoff Fernie 6.6.35
798DH60M MOTHCF-ADRCrashed Victoria 16.7.35
799DH60M MOTHCF-ADNDestroyed in hangar fire Winnipeg 21.3.38