Civil Aircraft Register - South Africa

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
ZS-AJMAir CarZS-AJM00.00.37Wfu Canc
ZS-AJNAeronca C-3A-678ZS-AJN00.02.37Canc 30.7.47
ZS-AJOAeronca C-3A-679ZS-AJO00.01.38Canc 30.7.47
ZS-AJPAeronca C-3A-683ZS-AJP00.02.37Canc 30.7.47
ZS-AJRAeronca C-3A-684ZS-AJR00.02.37Canc 30.7.47
ZS-AJSRearwin 7000 Sportster520SZS-AJS SAAF1594 ZS-AJS00.03.37Impressed .40 restored 25.8.46 Scrapped 11.3.54
ZS-AJTRearwin 8500 Sportster521SZS-AJT VP-YBL ZS-AMK00.05.37
ZS-AJUDH.60G III Moth MajorZS-AJU09.08.37Written off Klerkdorp 26.6.38
ZS-AJVDH.82A Tiger MothZS-AJV SAAF152600.03.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-AJWDH.60G Gipsy MothZS-AJW SAAF144420.07.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-AJXDH.60G Gipsy MothZS-AJX SAAF143220.07.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-AJYBucker Bu131B JungmannZS-AJY00.05.37Written off 20.9.37
ZS-AJZBucker Bu131B JungmannZS-AJZ SAAF155400.05.37Impressed 3.40 [possibly c/n 816]
ZS-AKADH.87B Hornet Moth8113ZS-AKA SAAF1450 (ZS-AUE)28.06.37Impressed 3.40 Scrapped Wonderboom .48
ZS-AKBDH.82A Tiger MothZS-AKB00.03.37Written off Lyttleton 2.2.38
ZS-AKCDH.82A Tiger Moth3590ZS-AKC SAAF145900.03.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-AKDDH.82A Tiger MothZS-AKD SAAF152900.04.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-AKEDH.82A Tiger MothZS-AKE SAAF1530Johannesburg Light Plane Club00.04.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-AKFDH.87B Hornet Moth8118ZS-AKFP Campbell03.05.37Written off Hilton College 5.6.37
ZS-AKGDH.87B Hornet Moth8117ZS-AKG SAAF1591 ZS-AKG VP-YIW ZS-DIH ZS-ROYMrs W Carrick30.11.37Impressed 3.40 restored 7.45 Sold Rhodesia 10.50
ZS-AKHDH.87B Hornet Moth8123ZS-AKH SAAF1568 ZS-AKHVan den Heeven14.07.37Impressed 3.40 restored Written off Grand Central 10.10.53
ZS-AKIPercival P.3 Gull SixD.67ZS-AKI SAAF1430Shell Company of South Africa04.01.38Impressed .40 SOC .44 Canc 30.7.47
ZS-AKJDH.60G Gipsy Moth1149G-AAKC ZS-AKJ SAAF143530.04.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-AKKStinson HW-757092ZS-AKK SAAF200300.10.39Impressed 3.40
ZS-AKLBucker Bu131B JungmannZS-AKL SAAF155800.12.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-AKMBucker Bu131B JungmannZS-AKM SAAF155900.11.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-AKNDH.60G Gipsy Moth1195C-PMAB CR-MAB ZS-AKN20.05.37Written off Kimberly 14.08.38
ZS-AKODH.60G Gipsy MothZS-AKO30.04.37Written off Doringpoort 2.4.40
ZS-AKPRyan STA145ZS-AKP SAAF144600.06.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-AKRRyan STA146ZS-AKR SAAF148100.06.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-AKSDH.82A Tiger MothZS-AKS00.06.37Midair collision with SAAF Tutor nr Roberts Heights 5.10.38
ZS-AKTDH.89A Dragon Rapide6380ZS-AKT SAAF1560 ZS-AKT OO-CJU 9O-CJU 9Q-CJU11.10.37Impressed .40 restored 13.3.46 Sold 5.8.57
ZS-AKURyan STA155ZS-AKU SAAF148200.07.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-AKVDH.60G Gipsy Moth999G-AAFY ZS-AKV SAAF149113.01.38Impressed 3.40
ZS-AKWDH.60G Gipsy Moth1001C-PMAA CR-MAA ZS-AKW SAAF....20.07.37
ZS-AKXRearwin 8500 Sportster525SZS-AKX00.06.37Written off
ZS-AKYJunkers Ju52/3msa15351D-ABAL ZS-AKYSouth African AW 'Earl of Caledon'00.06.37Written off Rand 14.6.37
ZS-AKZRyan STA158ZS-AKZ SAAF150600.07.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-ALADH.87B Hornet Moth8121ZS-ALA SAAF2007 ZS-ALA09.07.37Impressed 3.40 restored 4.3.46 Canc 3.74 To SAAF Museum .81 as 'SAAF2007'
ZS-ALBDH.82A Tiger MothZS-ALB SAAF146000.09.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-ALCDH.82A Tiger MothZS-ALC00.08.37Written off 29.11.37
ZS-ALDAirspeed AS.6J Envoy III44SAAF251 ZS-ALD SAAF251Air Survey Flight /Zwartkop00.07.37Reverted to SAAF 251
ZS-ALEAirspeed AS.6J Envoy III49SAAF252 ZS-ALE SAAF252Air Survey Flight /Zwartkop00.07.37Reverted to SAAF 252
ZS-ALFAirspeed AS.6J Envoy III50SAAF253 ZS-ALF SAAF253Air Survey Flight /Zwartkop00.07.37Reverted to SAAF 253
ZS-ALGBucker Bu131A JungmannZS-ALG00.07.37Written off Pinedene 27.3.39
ZS-ALHBucker Bu133C Jungmeister1005ZS-ALH SAAF154400.08.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-ALIBucker Bu131B JungmannZS-ALI SAAF155600.07.37Impressed 3.40 [possibly c/n 821]
ZS-ALJBucker Bu131B JungmannZS-ALJ00.07.37Written off in mid-air collision with ZS-AMS Rand 30.11.39
ZS-ALKRearwin 9000L Sportster563DZS-ALK00.09.37Canc
ZS-ALLDH.85 Leopard Moth7008G-ACKK ZS-ALL VP-YCB28.07.37Sold Rhodesia 9.10.39
ZS-ALMTipsy S234OO-ASH ZS-ALM SAAF1480Pretoria Light Aircraft Co Pty00.07.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-ALNJunkers Ju86 Z-5860304ZS-ALN SAAF650South African AW 'President Boshof'00.12.37Canc 30.7.47
ZS-ALOJunkers Ju52/3msa15893ZS-ALO SAAF666South African AW 'Jan van Reibeek' and 'Willem A van der Stel'00.01.38Canc 30.7.47
ZS-ALPJunkers Ju52/3msa15902ZS-ALP SAAF667South African AW 'Lord Charles Somerset' and 'Louis Botha'00.01.38Canc 30.7.47
ZS-ALRJunkers Ju52/3msa15905ZS-ALR SAAF668South African AW 'Simon van der Stel' and 'Paul Kruger'00.03.38Canc 30.7.47
ZS-ALSJunkers Ju52/3msa15908ZS-ALS SAAF669South African AW 'Sir Harry Smith' and 'Thomas Halstead'00.01.38Canc 30.7.47
ZS-ALTMiles M.14 Hawk Trainer III514ZS-ALT SAAF263Aircraft Industries Pty00.01.38
ZS-ALUJunkers Ju52/3msa15911ZS-ALU SAAF670 ZS-ALUSouth African AW 'Sir Peregrine Maitland'00.04.38Canc 30.7.47
ZS-ALVJunkers Ju86 Z-5860321ZS-ALV SAAF651South African AW 'General Hendrik Potgieter'00.04.38Wfu Stored Germinston Scrapped Canc 30.7.47
ZS-ALWDH.60G Gipsy MothZS-ALW09.09.37Written off
ZS-ALXDH.60G III Moth MajorZS-ALX SAAF144124.09.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-ALYRyan STA168NC17363 ZS-ALY00.11.37Written off
ZS-ALZRyan STA169ZS-ALZ SAAF143700.11.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-AMADH.82A Tiger MothZS-AMA SAAF151200.01.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-AMBDH.82A Tiger MothZS-AMB SAAF145100.01.38Impressed 3.40
ZS-AMCTaylor J-2 Cub994ZS-AMC00.03.38Written off
ZS-AMDDH.87A Hornet Moth8017VP-KBM ZS-AMD SAAF158500.12.37Impressed 3.40 SOC 26.1.45
ZS-AMEDH.89A Dragon Rapide6387ZS-AME SAAF1402 ZS-AME VP-KHJ ZS-DFL CR-ADHAnglo American Trading Corp of SA22.12.37Impressed .40 restored Sold Kenya 29.10.49
ZS-AMFWaco ZKS-54635ZS-AMF SAAF140900.09.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-AMGRearwin 9000L Sportster555SZS-AMG SAAF156500.12.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-AMHRearwin 6000M Speedster571DZS-AMH SAAF156600.12.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-AMIRearwin 6000M Speedster303ZS-AMI00.03.38Written off
ZS-AMJRearwin 6000M Speedster305ZS-AMJ SAAF156100.03.38Impressed 3.40
ZS-AMKRearwin 8500 Sportster521SZS-AJT VP-YBL ZS-AMK00.01.38Canc
ZS-AMLFairchild 45A4002ZS-AML SAAF1423 ZS-AML00.10.37Scrapped 14.10.51
ZS-AMMFairchild 24G2939ZS-AMM SAAF142213.01.37Impressed 3.40 [Possibly ex NC19141 but it had c/n 2989]
ZS-AMNDH.82A Tiger Moth3626ZS-AMN SAAF1447 ZS-AMN00.10.37Impressed .40 restored Written off 28.2.50
ZS-AMODH.82A Tiger Moth3631ZS-AMO SAAF1465Natal Aviation Pty00.11.37
ZS-AMPArrow Sport F77NC18714 ZS-AMP00.11.37Canc
ZS-AMRMiles M.14A Hawk Trainer III490ZS-AMR SAAF1476Aircraft Industries Pty00.11.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-AMSMiles M.14A Hawk Trainer III491ZS-AMS SAAF1479Aircraft Industries Pty00.11.37Midair collision with ZS-ALJ Rand 30.11.39
ZS-AMTMiles M.14A Hawk Trainer III492ZS-AMT SAAF1505Aircraft Industries Pty00.11.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-AMUMiles M.14A Hawk Trainer III493ZSAMU SAAF1448Aircraft Industries Pty00.11.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-AMVMiles M.14A Hawk Trainer III511ZS-AMVAircraft Industries Pty00.12.37Written off Randfontein 17.2.40
ZS-AMWMiles M.14A Hawk Trainer III512ZS-AMW SAAF1483Aircraft Industries Pty00.12.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-AMXDH.60G Gipsy Moth1898G-ABWM ZS-AMX SAAF143414.02.38Impressed 3.40
ZS-AMYMiles M.14A Hawk Trainer III513ZS-AMY SAAF1485Aircraft Industries Pty00.02.37
ZS-AMZDH.82A Tiger Moth3634ZS-AMZ SAAF1516 ZS-AMZ00.11.37Impressed .40 restored Written off nr Porterville 26.11.50
ZS-ANAJunkers Ju86 Z-58602017ZS-ANA SAAF652South African AW 'Sir Gordon Sprigg'00.09.38Crashed Dalle Canc 30.7.47 [also reported as c/n 485 to SAAF653]
ZS-ANBJunkers Ju86 Z-58602018ZS-ANB SAAF653South African AW 'Sir JC Molteno'00.09.38Crashed nr Zanzibar Canc 30.7.47 [also reported as c/n 486 to SAAF654]
ZS-ANCJunkers Ju86 Z-58602019ZS-ANC SAAF654South African AW 'Cmdt Louw Wepener'00.09.38Hit by AA fire over Yavello and crashed Canc 30.7.47 [also reported as c/n 487 to SAAF655]
ZS-ANDJunkers Ju86 Z-58602020ZS-AND SAAF655South African AW 'Sir Harry Escombe'00.06.39Undercarriage collapsed on landing dbr Canc 30.7.47 [also reported as c/n 488 to SAAF656]
ZS-ANEJunkers Ju86 Z-58602021ZS-ANE SAAF656South African AW 'Onze Jan'00.09.38Crashed Meya Canc 30.7.47 [also reported as c/n 489 to SAAF657]
ZS-ANFJunkers Ju86 Z-58602022ZS-ANF SAAF657South African AW 'Saul Solomon'00.02.39Crashed in Congo 31.7.42 Canc 30.7.47 [also reported as c/n 490 to SAAF658]
ZS-ANGJunkers Ju90 B-1900004D-APZR (ZS-ANG) GF+GE KB+LASouth African AWRes - Ntu Delivered To Luftwaffe (c/n 900002 in German reg)
ZS-ANHJunkers Ju90 B-1900005(ZS-ANH) KB+LBSouth African AWRes - Ntu Delivered To Luftwaffe (c/n 900004 in German reg)
ZS-ANIJunkers Ju86 Z-58602041ZS-ANI SAAF658South African AW 'Lady Ann Barnard'00.05.38Written off [c/n also reported as 860065 ex D-ALOH and to SAAF646]
ZS-ANJDH.82A Tiger MothZS-ANJ SAAF153200.09.38Impressed 3.40
ZS-ANKDH.82A Tiger MothZS-ANK SAAF151000.04.38Impressed 3.40
ZS-ANLDH.82A Tiger MothZS-ANL SAAF145200.03.38Impressed 3.40
ZS-ANMDH.90A Dragonfly7564ZS-ANM SAAF1404 ZS-ANMMiss M Reynolds28.06.38Impressed .40 restored .46 Written off Pietersburg 18.8.49
ZS-ANNDH.87B Hornet Moth8142ZS-ANN SAAF154000.02.38Impressed 3.40
ZS-ANOMiles M.5 Sparrowhawk275G-AELT ZS-ANO SAAF1427 ZS-ANO00.03.38Impressed 3.40 Written off 16.7.43 Canc 30.7.47 restored
ZS-ANPAvro 616 Avian IVmR3.CN/454G-AAWI ZS-ANP SAAF202800.03.38
ZS-ANRDH.82A Tiger Moth3594(ZS-ANR) G-AFDC ZS-ARK SAAF1537 ZS-ARK00.06.37ntu
ZS-ANSDH.82A Tiger Moth3595(ZS-ANS) G-AFDD ZS-ARL SAAF152100.06.37ntu
ZS-ANTWaco UEC3652CR-MAH ZS-ANT SAAF157400.04.38Impressed 3.40
ZS-ANUDH.82A Tiger Moth3663ZS-ANU SAAF1531 ZS-ANU OO-CKS 9O-CKS 9Q-CKS00.04.38Impressed .40 restored .47 Sold 14.7.53
ZS-ANVDH.82A Tiger Moth3672ZS-ANV SAAF1511 ZS-ANV00.06.38Impressed .40 restored Dbf Benoni 10.11.56
ZS-ANWDH.82A Tiger MothZS-ANW SAAF151800.05.38Impressed 3.40
ZS-ANXBucker Bu131D Jungmann850ZS-ANX SAAF155700.04.38Impressed 3.40
ZS-ANYDH.82A Tiger Moth3633ZS-ANY SAAF145500.05.38Impressed 3.40
ZS-ANZDH.82A Tiger MothZS-ANZ SAAF146200.05.38Impressed 3.40
ZS-AOADH.87B Hornet Moth8161ZS-AOA SAAF1584 ZS-AOA VH-? N74ECJR Paget23.08.38Impressed 3.40 restored 22.1.46 Sold abroad 5.10.78
ZS-AOBDH.82A Tiger MothZS-AOB SAAF153300.03.39Impressed 3.40
ZS-AOCBA Double Eagle IV903ZS-AIY ZS-AOC SAAF141526.07.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-AODAirco DH.9SAAF... ZS-AODPretoria Light Aero Club02.07.38Reduced To Spares 5.39
ZS-AOEAirco DH.9SAAF... ZS-AOE SAAF2001Rand Flying Club02.06.38Impressed 3.40
ZS-AOFAeronca 50CC-1348ZS-AOF SAAF154800.11.38Impressed 3.40
ZS-AOGAirco DH.9SAAF... ZS-AOGBorder Flying Club24.08.38Scrapped 4.4.39
ZS-AOHTaylorcraft BC1041ZS-AOH SAAF159600.01.39Impressed 3.40
ZS-AOIAirco DH.9SAAF... ZS-AOI SAAF2005African Flying Services30.06.38Impressed 3.40 Preserved
ZS-AOJAirco DH.9SAAF... ZS-AOJNatal Aviation17.07.38Scrapped
ZS-AOKDH.60G III Moth MajorZS-AOK20.06.38Written off Kimberley 20.2.39
ZS-AOLDH.60G Gipsy Moth1007G-AAGZ ZS-ABW VP-YAL ZS-AOL SAAF149708.08.38Impressed 3.40
ZS-AOMDH.89A Dragon Rapide6411ZS-AOM SAAF1401 ZS-CAB ZS-DDXStewart & Lloyds of SA Ltd30.08.38Impressed 3.40 restored as ZS-CAB .46
ZS-AONBucker Bu131D Jungmann886ZS-AON SAAF148700.06.38Impressed 3.40
ZS-AOOBucker Bu131D Jungmann887ZS-AOO SAAF147200.06.38Impressed 3.40
ZS-AOPBucker Bu131D Jungmann888ZS-AOP SAAF143100.06.38Impressed 3.40
ZS-AORBucker Bu131D Jungmann889ZS-AOR SAAF144500.06.38Impressed 3.40
ZS-AOSDH.87B Hornet Moth8114G-AEWM ZS-AOS SAAF201326.07.38Impressed 3.40 SOC 9.6.44
ZS-AOTDH.87B Hornet Moth8148ZS-AOT SAAF1545 ZS-AOT VP-KEP05.07.38Impressed 3.40 restored Sold Kenya 11.47
ZS-AOUAeronca KCAKCA-11ZS-AOU SAAF200400.08.38Impressed 3.40
ZS-AOVDH.82A Tiger MothZS-AOV SAAF146400.09.38Impressed 3.40
ZS-AOWAeronca 50CC-1418ZS-AOW SAAF201600.01.39Impressed 3.40
ZS-AOXStinson SR-10F Reliant3-5841ZS-AOX SAAF142100.01.39Impressed 3.40
ZS-AOYMiles M.17 Monarch791ZS-AOYAero Services (Pty) Ltd31.12.38Written off Brooklyn Cape Town 12.39 or 19.2.40
ZS-AOZAeronca 50CC-1798ZS-AOZ SAAF147800.01.39
ZS-APAAeronca 50CC-1778ZS-APA SAAF159200.01.39Impressed 3.40
ZS-APBZlin XII241?ZS-APB CR-ABC00.12.38Sold Mozambique .41
ZS-APCGAL ST.25 Monospar JubileeST25/47G-ADMC ZS-APC SAAF1426 IS112Air Taxi Co29.12.38Impressed 19.8.40 SOC .45
ZS-APDDH.87B Hornet Moth8163ZS-APD SAAF1550 ZS-APD21.04.39Impressed 9.40 restored .46 Written off Springs 6.4.55 To SAAF Museum .81
ZS-APEDH.82A Tiger Moth3768(ZS-APE) CR-AAR00.00.39ntu
ZS-APEDH.82A Tiger Moth3771ZS-APE(2) SAAF1527 ZS-APE CR-AETJohannesburg Light Plane Club00.02.39Impressed .40 restored Sold Mozambique 7.55
ZS-APFDH.82A Tiger Moth3769ZS-APF SAAF1519 ZS-APF00.02.39Impressed .40 restored Written off nr Steenberg 7.9.53
ZS-APGAeronca 50CC-2509ZS-APG SAAF159700.04.39
ZS-APHDH.82A Tiger MothZS-APH SAAF146800.03.39Impressed 3.40
ZS-APIDH.82A Tiger Moth82143ZS-API SAAF1520 ZS-API00.08.39Impressed .40 restored Written off nr Swakopmund 19.1.47
ZS-APJWaco UIC3834VP-YAS ZS-APJ SAAF157500.02.39Impressed 3.40 [also reported as SAAF 1576: see ZS-AFM]
ZS-APKTaylorcraft BL1166ZS-APK SAAF156300.05.39Impressed 3.40
ZS-APLTaylorcraft BL1165ZS-APL SAAF...00.05.39
ZS-APMTaylorcraft BL1168ZS-APM SAAF158900.05.39Impressed 3.40
ZS-APNTaylorcraft BL1164ZS-APN SAAF156400.05.39Impressed 3.40
ZS-APOTaylorcraft BL-651167ZS-APO SAAF2002 ZS-APO ZS-VPC00.05.39Impressed .40 restored Rereg 24.2.86
ZS-APPAeronca 50CC-2639ZS-APP SAAF157800.04.39Impressed 3.40
ZS-APRAeronca 50CC-2649ZS-APR SAAF157700.04.39Impressed 3.40
ZS-APSAeronca 50CC-2659ZS-APS SAAF157900.04.39Impressed 3.40
ZS-APTAeronca 50CC-2669ZS-APT SAAF158000.04.39Impressed 3.40
ZS-APUAeronca 50CC-2679ZS-APU SAAF158200.04.39Impressed 3.40
ZS-APVAeronca 50CC-2689ZS-APV SAAF147100.04.39Impressed 3.40
ZS-APWAeronca 50CC-2699ZS-APW SAAF147700.04.39Impressed 3.40
ZS-APXMiles M.2H Hawk Major176G-ADLA ZS-APX SAAF200800.02.39Impressed 3.40
ZS-APYAeronca 65CC-2879ZS-APYTyre Kickers Syndicate /Virginia17.05.39
ZS-APZAeronca 65CC-5079ZS-APZ SAAF202700.03.39Impressed 3.40
ZS-ARAAeronca 65CC-4299ZS-ARA00.08.39Written off 6.40
ZS-ARBAeronca 65CC-4499ZS-ARB SAAF.... ZS-ARBJMF Henn /Lanseria19.08.39
ZS-ARCAeronca 65CC-4509ZS-ARC SAAF154900.08.39Impressed 3.40 [also reported as SAAF1599]
ZS-ARDAeronca 65CC-4689ZS-ARD SAAF1581 ZS-ARD ZS-DGB00.08.39Impressed 3.40
ZS-AREDH.94 Moth Minor94005ZS-ARE SAAF147414.07.39Impressed 3.40
ZS-ARFDH.94 Moth Minor94011ZS-ARF SAAF201210.08.39Impressed 3.40
ZS-ARGDH.82A Tiger Moth82144ZS-ARG SAAF1461 ZS-ARG00.07.39Impressed .40 restored Written off Wonderboom 3.9.54
ZS-ARHDH.82A Tiger MothZS-ARH SAAF153400.01.40Impressed 3.40
ZS-ARIDH.60G III Moth MajorZS-ARI SAAF153612.03.40Impressed 3.40
ZS-ARJTaylorcraft BL-651811ZS-ARJ SAAF2006 ZS-ARJ00.00.39Impressed .40 restored Written off Lydenburg 15.8.48
ZS-ARKDH.82A Tiger Moth3594(ZS-ANR) G-AFDC ZS-ARK SAAF1537 ZS-ARK00.04.39Impressed .40 restored Written off nr Vrede 6.48
ZS-ARLDH.82A Tiger Moth3595(ZS-ANS) G-AFDD ZS-ARL SAAF152100.08.39Impressed 3.40
ZS-ARMDH.82A Tiger Moth(ZS-ARM)00.00.39ntu
ZS-ARNBucker Bu131D2 JungmannZS-ARN SAAF155300.07.39Impressed 3.40 [c/n 972 or 973]
ZS-AROBucker Bu131D2 JungmannZS-ARO SAAF155200.07.39Impressed 3.40 [c/n 972 or 973]
ZS-ARPPiper J-4A Cub Coupe4-726ZS-ARP SAAF159500.08.39Impressed 3.40
ZS-ARRAeronca 65CC-5059ZS-ARR SAAF160000.09.39Impressed 3.40
ZS-ARTAeronca 65CC-5459ZS-ART SAAF147300.06.40
ZS-ARUDH.60G III Moth MajorZS-ARU SAAF144003.06.40Canc 30.7.47
ZS-ARVAeronca 65CC-5049ZS-ARV SAAF147500.10.39Impressed 3.40
ZS-ARWDH.60G III Moth MajorZS-ARW SAAF149908.06.40
ZS-ARXTaylorcraft BL1357ZS-ARX SAAF156200.10.39Impressed 3.40
ZS-ARYTaylorcraft BL1354ZS-ARY SAAF1567 ZS-ARY00.11.39Impressed .40 restored Scrapped 9.50
ZS-ARZTaylorcraft BL1356ZS-ARZ SAAF1593 ZS-ARZ09.10.39Impressed .40 restored Written off Krugersdorp 30.10.93
ZS-ASATaylorcraft BL1353ZS-ASA SAAF159000.09.39Impressed 3.40
ZS-ASBPiper J-4A Cub Coupe4-728ZS-ASB SAAF1508 ZS-ASB N2576500.04.40Sold pre .71 [c/n and thus subsequent identity suspect]
ZS-ASCPiper J-4A Cub Coupe4-894ZS-ASC SAAF150300.11.40Impressed 3.40
ZS-ASDDH.82A Tiger Moth82932?ZS-ARS SAAF145700.05.40Impressed .40
ZS-ASEDH.82A Tiger Moth82933?ZS-ASE SAAF145400.05.40Impressed .40
ZS-ASFDH.82A Tiger Moth82936ZS-ASF SAAF1514 ZS-ASF00.05.40Impressed .40 restored Written off Pelican Point 21.1.59
ZS-ASGDH.82A Tiger Moth82934?ZS-ASG SAAF1528 ZS-ASG00.05.40Impressed .40 restored Canc 30.7.49
ZS-ASHDH.82A Tiger Moth82935?ZS-ASH SAAF151500.05.40Impressed .40
ZS-ASIDH.82A Tiger Moth82937?ZS-ASI SAAF143800.05.40
ZS-ASJLockheed 18-08 Lodestar2015ZS-ASJ SAAF231 AX685South African AW 'King Richard'00.10.40SOC 31.12.47
ZS-ASKLockheed 18-08 Lodestar2016ZS-ASK SAAF232 AX686South African AW00.10.40SOC 26.2.48
ZS-ASLLockheed 18-08 Lodestar2017ZS-ASL SAAF233 AX687South African AW 'Andries Pretorius'00.10.40Belly-landed 1m N of Bilbeis 18.9.42 dbr
ZS-ASMLockheed 18-08 Lodestar2019ZS-ASM SAAF237 CR-ADJSouth African AW 'Sir Harry Smith'00.12.40To Mozambique. Wfu .64
ZS-ASNLockheed 18-08 Lodestar2026ZS-ASN SAAF1372 ZS-ASNSouth African AW 'Andries Pretorius'00.12.40Wfu. Preserved
ZS-ASOLockheed 18-08 Lodestar2029ZS-ASO SAAF1370 ZS-ASO VP-KHV N65CSouth African AW 'Lord de Villiers' and 'Lord Charles Somerset'00.12.40Sold 30.8.50
ZS-ASPLockheed 18-08 Lodestar2030ZS-ASP SAAF234 ZS-ASP N667South African AW 'Richard King'00.12.40Sold 20.7.55
ZS-ASRLockheed 18-08 Lodestar2032ZS-ASR SAAF235 ZS-ASRSouth African AW00.12.40Used for spares Canc 30.6.47 [also reported as SAAF1371: per Scamble this was AVS]
ZS-ASSLockheed 18-08 Lodestar2033ZS-ASS SAAF236South African AW 'Daniel Lindlay'00.12.40Crashed Malakal Sudan 12.11.41
ZS-ASTLockheed 18-08 Lodestar2034ZS-ASTSouth African AW00.12.40Written off Elands Bay 28.3.41
ZS-ASULockheed 18-08 Lodestar2035ZS-ASU SAAF1373 ZS-ASU VP-KHW ZS-DHK SE-CDR N6064V N102VSouth African AW 'Piet Retief'00.01.41Sold 6.9.50
ZS-ASVLockheed 18-08 Lodestar2036ZS-ASV SAAF1377 ZS-ASVSouth African AW 'Sir J Gordon Sprigg' and 'Simon van der Stel'00.01.41Written off in sea nr Scottburgh 1.2.59
ZS-ASWLockheed 18-08 Lodestar2037ZS-ASW SAAF238 ZS-ASWSouth African AW 'Sir JC Molteno' and 'Sir Benjiman D'Urban'00.01.41Dbr Palmietfontein 5.1.48
ZS-ASXLockheed 18-08 Lodestar2038ZS-ASX SAAF239 ZS-ASX VP-KHX N94550South African AW 'Kmdt Louw Wepner' and 'Willem Adriaan van der Stel'00.01.41Sold 1.6.50
ZS-ASYLockheed 18-08 Lodestar2044ZS-ASY SAAF240 ZS-ASY N669South African AW 'Harry Escombe' and 'Sir Harry Smith'00.01.41Sold 20.7.53
ZS-ASZLockheed 18-08 Lodestar2045ZS-ASZ SAAF241South African AW 'Onze Jan'00.01.41Crashed Dodo River Nigeria 17.6.41
ZS-ATALockheed 18-08 Lodestar2046ZS-ATA SAAF1374 ZS-ATA N670South African AW 'Jan van Riebeck' and 'Alexander Biggar'00.01.41Sold 20.7.55
ZS-ATBLockheed 18-08 Lodestar2047ZS-ATB SAAF242 ZS-ATB VP-KHY N94547 N56MSouth African AW 'Lord Charles Somerset' and 'President Brand'00.01.41Sold 9.5.50
ZS-ATCLockheed 18-08 Lodestar2048ZS-ATC SAAF1375 ZS-ATC VP-KHZ N94548 CF-FYRSouth African AW 'Simon van der Stel' and 'Hendrik Swellengrebel'00.01.41Sold 2.4.50
ZS-ATDLockheed 18-08 Lodestar2050ZS-ATD SAAF243 ZS-ATD VP-KIA ZS-DHL VP-WCNSouth African AW 'Sir Benjiman D'Urban' 00.01.41Sold 13.9.50
ZS-ATELockheed 18-08 Lodestar2051ZS-ATE SAAF244 ZS-ATE VP-KIB N94546 N57M N777ZSouth African AW 'Earl of Caledon' and 'Ryk Tulbach'00.01.41Sold 7.6.50
ZS-ATFLockheed 18-08 Lodestar2052ZS-ATF SAAF245 ZS-ATF CR-AEP KA-31South African AW 'Erasmus Smit' and 'Sir Hercules Robinson'00.01.41Sold 16.11.54
ZS-ATGLockheed 18-08 Lodestar2053ZS-ATG SAAF246 ZS-ATG N....South African AW 'Sir John Craddock'00.01.41To USA
ZS-ATHLockheed 18-08 Lodestar2054ZS-ATHSouth African AW 'President Burgers'00.04.41Crashed Wingfield on delivery 26.4.41
ZS-ATILockheed 18-08 Lodestar2055ZS-ATI SAAF249 ZS-ATI N671 XB-MARSouth African AW 'Gerrit Maritz' and 'General JW Jassens'00.04.41Sold 9.55
ZS-ATJLockheed 18-08 Lodestar2056ZS-ATJ SAAF247South African AW 'Thomas Halstead'00.04.41Crashed Wadi Seidna 13.4.43
ZS-ATKLockheed 18-08 Lodestar2057ZS-ATK SAAF248South African AW 'Major Warden'00.04.41Crashed Lake Victoria 19.12.42
ZS-ATLLockheed 18-08 Lodestar2058ZS-ATLSouth African AW 'Jan van Riebeek' >Comair00.04.41Wfu. To SAAF Museum
ZS-ATMLockheed 18-08 Lodestar2066ZS-ATM SAAF1376 ZS-ATM VP-YWY 9J-RBM VP-WCNSouth African AW 'Sir John Craddock'00.04.41Sold .64
ZS-ATNDH.82A Tiger Moth3886G-AFNV ZS-ATN SAAF1456 ZS-ATN00.00.41Written off Rand 29.4.51
ZS-ATODH.82A Tiger Moth3885G-AFNU ZS-ATO SAAF1467Witwatersrand Technical College00.00.41
ZS-ATRDH.60G III Moth MajorZS-ATR SAAF144200.00.41
ZS-ATTDH.60G III Moth MajorZS-ATT SAAF143300.00.41
ZS-BBCDH.80A Puss Moth2177ZS-BBC(1) ZS-AFGO Thaning00.07.3163Rereg 3.12.34
ZS-BBCBeech B17L18ZS-BBC(2)O Thaning11.12.34Crashed Johannesburg (or Luanda) 9.36
ZS-BBCBeech C17L124ZS-BBC(3) Finnish AF as BC-1 OH-PKAO Thaning29.01.37Sold .39 Crashed Halli 3.12.47