Civil Aircraft Register - South Africa

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
ZS-AAADH.60 Moth362G-UAAA ZS-AAA(1)Port Elizabeth Lightplane Club00.04.271Written off
ZS-AABDH.60X Moth435G-UAAB ZS-AABEast London Light AC00.09.272Written off Butterworth 15.6.31 [gives CoR 1221 which is CoA]
ZS-AACAvro 594 Avian IIR3/AV/122G-UAAC ZS-AAC(1)Capetown FC00.08.27Canc [gives CoR 1192 which is CoA]
ZS-AADDH.60X Moth432G-EBTJ G-UAAD ZS-AADJohannesburg Lightplane Club00.10.27Written off .29
ZS-AAEDH.60G Gipsy Moth1061ZS-AAENational Bank of South Africa >Strand Aviation Ltd /Cape Town >F Jamar00.04.2932Rebuilt with fuselage c/n 1221 Written off
ZS-AAFDH.60X Moth440G-UAAF ZS-AAFAfrican Aerial Travels >JR King00.11.276Written off Potchesfstroom 1.3.29
ZS-AAGAvro 594 Avian II303ZS-AAGM Brink /Cape Town00.00.2934Written off
ZS-AAHWestland Widgeon IIIWA1693G-UAAH ZS-AAHPort Elizabeth Lightplane Club >RW Tuckett00.00.278Wfu .38 Canc 27.06.47
ZS-AAIDH.60X Moth479G-UAAI ZS-AAIDurban Lightplane Club00.02.289Written off 10.39 [quotes CoR 1251 which is CoA]
ZS-AAJKlemm L27 IIIG-UAAJ ZS-AAJSWA Aviation Co /Windhoek00.00.28Scrapped 3.31
ZS-AAKAvro 594 Avian IIIaR3/CN/200G-UAAK ZS-AAKR Blake /Cape Town00.00.2830Written off Clanwilliam 24.2.29
ZS-AALDH.60X Moth502G-UAAL ZS-AALLady Bailey >SA Air Force Aircraft Club00.03.2812Written off Muldersdrift 6.12.37
ZS-AAMBoulton Paul P.9P9-2G-EASJ G-UAAM ZS-AAMJ.Williamson00.01.2813Written off 22.9.31 (gives CoR 393 which is CoA)
ZS-AANAvro 594 Avian II124G-EBTP ZS-AAN OO-GL Bateman /Johannesburg00.00.2929To Belgian Congo 4.31
ZS-AAODH.60X Moth422G-EBSR G-UAAO ZS-AAOJohannesburg Light Plane Club00.08.2815Written off Baragwanath 1.2.29
ZS-AAPDH.60X Moth625G-UAAP(2) ZS-AAP(1)R Blake /Cape Town00.05.2919 33Written off
ZS-AAQDH.60X Moth534G-UAAQ ZS-AAQJohannesburg Light Plane Club >Rhodesian Aviation Co Ltd /Bulawayo00.06.2816Written off Roodepoort 5.6.28 [shown in ICAN356 as ZS-AAQ but probably never re-registered]
ZS-AARAvro 594 Avian IIIR3/CN/113G-EBWP G-UAAR ZS-AARBB Melvill >CW Petchell /Durban00.07.28Written off Stamford Hill 18.2.30
ZS-AASAvro 594 Avian IIIR3/CN/109G-UAAS ZS-AASDurban Lightplane Club00.07.2817Written off Durban 22.9.28
ZS-AATAvro 594 Avian IIIaR3/CN/167G-UAAT ZS-AAT VP-YACJohannesburg Light Plane Club >Rhodesian Aviation Co Ltd /Bulawayo00.10.2823Sold 22.09.28
ZS-AAUAvro 594 Avian IIIaR3/CN/168G-UAAU ZS-AAU(1) VP-YAG ZS-AEZJohannesburg Light Plane Club >Rhodesian Aviation Co Ltd /Bulawayo00.10.2824Sold 3.31
ZS-AAVAvro 594 Avian IVR3/CN/225G-UAAV ZS-AAVM Brink /Cape Town >J Williamson >J Sikes00.00.2831Written off
ZS-AAWDH.60X Moth607G-UAAW ZS-AAW VP-YAO ZS-AFOJH Veasey /Johannesburg >Port Elizabeth Lightplane Club00.06.2818Sold 2.34 [quotes CoR 1450 which is CoA]
ZS-AAXDH.60X Moth587G-UAAX ZS-AAXLen Oates >Bloemfontein Aero Club00.00.2820Dbf in hangar fire Bloemfontein 22.4.30
ZS-AAYDH.60X MothG-UAAY ZS-AAYStrand Aviation Syndicate00.00.2831Written off Baragwanath 7.9.30
ZS-AAZAvro 594 Avian IIIaR3/CN/159G-UAAZ ZS-AAZCape Town FC00.09.2822Canc 27.06.47
ZS-ABADH.60G Gipsy Moth842G-UABA ZS-ABAMCG Meyer >Johannesburg Light Plane Club00.12.2827Written off Baragwanath 27.12.30
ZS-ABBAvro 594 Avian IIIaR3/CN/175G-UABB ZS-ABBBB Melvill >SA Air Force Aircraft Club00.11.2825Canc 27.06.47
ZS-ABCDH.60X Moth701G-UABC C-PMAC CR-MAC ZS-ABCEast London Light AC 'Enid M'00.10.2826Written off Queenstown .30 [Mozambique regns suspect]
ZS-ABDDH.60X Moth698G-UABD ZS-ABD VP-YAFJH Veasey /Johannesburg00.11.2828Sold 11.30
ZS-ABEDH.60X MothZS-ABEBenoni Light Plane Club 'Lady Betty'21.03.2911Written off Benoni 5.2.38
ZS-ABFDH.60G Gipsy Moth1028G-AADS ZS-ABF VP-YAJ ZS-AFE SAAF1436Nil Desperandum Aviation Co/Rhodesia26.11.29Tfr Rhodesia .32
ZS-ABGDH.60G Gipsy MothZS-ABGJohannesburg Light Plane Club18.03.2935Written off Kinross 26.3.29
ZS-ABHDH.60G Gipsy Moth1107ZS-ABH SAAF1489Union Airways Pty Ltd /Cape Town >Miss MZ Reynolds >Durban Light Plane Club Ltd07.08.2936Crashed 22.6.47 Canc 27.6.47
ZS-ABIDH.60G Gipsy Moth1124ZS-ABIUnion Airways Pty Ltd /Cape Town >Rand Flying Club07.08.2937Written off 29.11.35
ZS-ABJDH.60G Gipsy Moth1125ZS-ABJUnion Airways Pty Ltd /Cape Town >Port Elizabeth Flying Club>Witbank Flying Club >SB Potter /Pietermaritzburg07.08.2938Written off 2.33
ZS-ABKDH.60G Gipsy Moth1143ZS-ABKUnion Airways Pty Ltd /Cape Town07.08.2939Written off Port Nolloth 4.8.30
ZS-ABLDH.60G Gipsy Moth1145ZS-ABLUnion Airways Pty Ltd /Cape Town >GR Haller >BB Melvill07.08.2940Written off Durban 10.7.32
ZS-ABMDH.60G Gipsy Moth1147ZS-ABM SAAF1493Johannesburg Light Plane Club 'Sir Charles Wakefield'11.09.2941Impressed 3.40
ZS-ABNDH.60G Gipsy Moth803G-AAAJ ZS-ABNJH Veasey /Johannesburg >Maj GS Haggie /Johannesburg >R Humble >E Kally-Patterson13.08.2935Written off Steynsburg 6.10.31
ZS-ABODH.60G Gipsy Moth829G-EBYS ZS-ABOCapt SS Halse/Johannesburg >F Eggeling18.11.2942Written off Isipingo 25.5.33
ZS-ABPDH.60G Gipsy Moth1190ZS-ABP SAAF1500Miss Molly Reynolds /Durban18.11.2943Impressed 3.40
ZS-ABQAvro 594 Avian IVm385ZS-ABQVacuum Oil Co of SA Ltd00.06.30Scrapped .33
ZS-ABRFokker Super Universal854NC98K ZS-ABRUnion Airways Pty Ltd00.06.3046Written off Kaysers Beach 31.12.31
ZS-ABSDH.60M Moth1367SAAF502 ZS-ABS SAAF1484JR King /Johannesburg12.12.2947Impressed 3.40
ZS-ABTDH.60M Moth1469ZS-ABTShell Co of SA Ltd08.04.3048Written off Mpika N.Rhodesia 5.6.31
ZS-ABUJunkers F13 he2055ZS-ABU SAAF258F Hoepfner /Windhoek >South African AW 'Cutty Sark' and 'W.A.van der Stel'00.06.3049Impressed .40 Accident 17.5.40
ZS-ABVJunkers A50 du3511ZS-ABVF Hoepfner /Windhoek00.06.3050Written off Marienthal .31
ZS-ABWDH.60G Gipsy Moth1007G-AAGZ ZS-ABW VP-YAL ZS-AOL SAAF1497GS Bouwer >FH Solomon >Capt NR Cooke >Peter Falke23.06.3051Sold Rhodesia 8.4.33
ZS-ABXDH.60G Gipsy Moth1209G-AARW ZS-ABXFR Tuckett >GS Lindsay08.07.3052Written off Baragwanath 3.8.30 (c/n and pi unconfirmed)
ZS-ABYDH.60G Gipsy MothZS-ABYntu
ZS-ABYHeath LNA-40ZS-ABY00.04.34Canc
ZS-ABZWaco CSO3206ZS-ABZ VP-KAP K-1JR King14.11.3054Sold Kenya 2.32 [c/n 3206 in ICAN - current as N688N. NC688N was c/n 3207]
ZS-ACADH.80A Puss Moth2008ZS-ACAJohannesburg Light Plane Club 'Alpha II'13.10.30Written off Vereeniging 11.11.34
ZS-ACBDH.80A Puss Moth2060ZS-ACB VP-YBCSouth African AW14.11.30Sold S.Rhodesia 14.10.35
ZS-ACCDH.80A Puss Moth2058ZS-ACCGlen Bateman /Baragwanath23.10.3057Written off Tandjesberg 5.5.31
ZS-ACDDH.80A Puss Moth2110ZS-ACDRH Marshall 'Springbok' >Union Airways Pty Ltd03.11.3058Written off St Lowry's Pass 13.11.31
ZS-ACEDH.80A Puss Moth2103ZS-ACE VP-RAE15.12.30Sold Rhodesia 3.36
ZS-ACFDH.80A Puss Moth2065G-ABDJ ZS-ACF SAAF2009De Havilland Aircraft Co of South Africa (Pty) Ltd >Hon AJM Stuart15.12.30Impressed 3.40
ZS-ACGDH.80A Puss Moth2126ZS-ACG SAAF2017Johannesburg Aeronautical Association20.02.3161Impressed 3.40
ZS-ACHDH.80A Puss Moth2131ZS-ACH G-ACIV ES954Maj PFS Haggie >R Humble 'Thistle'16.04.3162Sold 11.32
ZS-ACIKlemm L25ZS-ACIK Seiler00.01.3163Dbf Canc .31
ZS-ACJJunkers A50du3583ZS-ACJ SAAF2034Southwest African AW>South African AW00.02.3164Impressed 3.40 Wfu 7.44 scrapped Canc 27.6.47
ZS-ACKJunkers A50du3584ZS-ACK SAAF1551Southwest African AW>South African AW00.02.3165Impressed 3.40 Wfu 12.43 scrapped Canc 27.6.47
ZS-ACLJunkers A50du3585ZS-ACL SAAF2035Southwest African AW>South African AW00.02.3166Impressed 3.40 Wfu 7.44 scrapped Canc 27.6.47
ZS-ACMDH.60G Gipsy MothZS-ACM SAAF1443Miss D Evans03.01.3167Impressed 3.40 Canc 27.6.47 (poss c/n 1803)
ZS-ACNDH.60G Gipsy MothZS-ACNJohannesburg Light Plane Club >Johannesburg Aeronautical Association03.03.3168Written off (poss c/n 1803)
ZS-ACODH.60G Gipsy Moth1844ZS-ACO SAAF1539Johannesburg Light Plane Club >W Lloyd Shiers>GDB Williams30.05.3169Impressed 3.40
ZS-ACPDH.80A Puss Moth2152ZS-ACP CR-AAOGlen Bateman22.05.3170Sold Mozambique 3.38
ZS-ACQDH.80A Puss MothZS-ACQF Beamish00.00.3176[possibly error for ZS-ACW]
ZS-ACRDH.80A Puss Moth2165ZS-ACR SAAF2019PE Hunt29.07.3171Impressed 3.40 SOC 22.11.44
ZS-ACSDH.80A Puss Moth2169ZS-ACS VP-YAP ZS-AGY SAAF2025 IS210Christowitz Air Services20.07.3172Sold S.Rhodesia 2.34
ZS-ACTDH.80A Puss Moth2181ZS-ACT VP-YAN OO-CAC ZS-AGZ SAAF2024Rhodesian Aviation Co06.08.3173Sold S.Rhodesia 3.35
ZS-ACUDH.80A Puss Moth2197ZS-ACU SAAF2018RD Blake /Cape Town14.09.3174Impressed 3.40
ZS-ACVDH.80A Puss Moth2195ZS-ACV VP-YARChristowitz Air Services 'Nyasa III'14.08.3175Sold 2.34
ZS-ACWDH.80A Puss Moth2198(ZS-ACW) VP-YAH ZS-AFF SAAF1588 IS20600.07.31ntu
ZS-ACWDH.60G Gipsy Moth1888ZS-ACW(2) SAAF1498De Havilland Aircraft Co of South Africa (Pty) Ltd08.03.32Impressed 3.40
ZS-ACXDH.80A Puss Moth2208ZS-ACXDe Havilland Aircraft Co of South Africa (Pty) Ltd>Shell Co of South Africa Ltd11.11.3177Written off in sea off East London 10.4.38
ZS-ACYDH.60G Gipsy Moth1895ZS-ACYDe Havilland Aircraft Co of South Africa (Pty) Ltd17.06.3278Written off 6.32
ZS-ACZDH.60G Gipsy Moth1834ZS-ACZ OO-ANG?De Havilland Aircraft Co of South Africa (Pty) Ltd>F Jamar /Leopoldville 'Congo Belgique'28.05.3179Sold abroad 4.32
ZS-ADADH.60G Gipsy Moth1255G-AAZZ ZS-ADA SAAF1490Durban Light Plane Club Ltd17.07.3180Impressed
ZS-ADBDH.60G Gipsy Moth1849ZS-ADB G-ACBU EI-AAWVC Smith24.08.3181Sold UK 1.33
ZS-ADCSimmonds Spartan23G-AAHA ZS-ADCWD Mackay26.09.3182Canc as Written off 10.2.33
ZS-ADDJunkers A50du3553ZS-ADDSouthwest African AW>South African AW00.12.3183Canc
ZS-ADEDH.83 Fox Moth4014(ZS-ADE) G-ABZA UN-SAK YU-SAKDe Havilland Aircraft Co of South Africa (Pty) Ltd00.00.32ntu
ZS-ADEDH.60G Gipsy MothZS-ADE SAAF1488Rand FC 'Lady Lorna'01.02.33Impressed 3.40
ZS-ADFDH.60G III Moth Major5021ZS-ADF SAAF143903.04.33Impressed 3.40
ZS-ADGDH.60G Gipsy Moth1416G-AARL ZS-ADGJR King >Johannesburg Aeronautical Association07.01.3286Written off nr Harrismith .31
ZS-ADHDH.83 Fox Moth4023ZS-ADH VP-YBD VP-RCE VP-YLS ZS-CFPCapt SS Halse >Johannesburg Light Plane Club12.12.3287Sold 2.36
ZS-ADISimmonds Spartan24ZS-ADIFG Mills00.09.3188[c/n suspect]
ZS-ADJDH.60G Gipsy MothZS-ADJDr GC Dalton04.12.3189Written off Benoni 7.4.32
ZS-ADKDH.80A Puss Moth2202ZS-ADK SAAF1569Aircraft Operating Co31.10.3190Impressed 3.40 SOC 13.7.44
ZS-ADLDH.60M MothZS-ADL01.07.33Canc 27.6.47
ZS-ADMAvro 594 Avian IIIa176ZS-ADMAero Services/Capetown00.00.3292Written off Table Mountain 15.5.32
ZS-ADNAltis V1ZS-ADNSV Vine00.12.32Written off Baragwanath 6.1.33
ZS-ADODH.80A Puss Moth2139G-ABIU ZS-ADO G-ABIU DR608Douglas Mail Air Transport (Pty) Ltd04.04.3294Sold 4.33
ZS-ADPSpartan Three-Seater I60G-ABPZ ZS-ADPAero Services/Capetown00.05.3295Written off in Sea Off Cape Town 4.12.33
ZS-ADRJunkers F13 ku2075VH-UPL ZS-ADR SAAF1429Union Airways Pty Ltd00.06.32Crashed Durban Canc .47 pts to SAAF Museum
ZS-ADSWaco QDC3517ZS-ADS SAAF1428African Flying Services >JR King >Messrs N Coughlan & K & W Greenacre >Arrow Air Lines00.11.31Impressed 3.40
ZS-ADTDH.80A Puss MothZS-ADTDurban Light Plane Club16.07.3298Written off 2.11.35 [poss c/n 2115 ex G-ABFY][both ADS and ADT quote CoR 98 in ICAN]
ZS-ADUAmerican Eagle Eaglet B-311108ZS-ADU ZS-UFAJ Shanks00.09.3299Canc .47 Rebuilt As ZS-UFA
ZS-ADVDH.80A Puss MothZS-ADVDr GC Dalton 'Skylark'05.09.32100Written off nr Alberton 29.8.36
ZS-ADWDH.60G Gipsy Moth1010G-AAGI ZS-ADW SAAF1492BE Pollard19.09.32101Impressed 3.40
ZS-ADXKoolhoven Fk.414102G-AAGC ZS-ADX SAAF159800.01.32Impressed 3.40
ZS-ADYDH.60G Gipsy Moth1865G-ABON ZS-ADY SAAF154109.02.34Impressed 3.40
ZS-ADZWaco UEC3653ZS-ADZ VP-KBNAfrican Flying Services00.09.32104Canc 4.35
ZS-AEAJunkers F13 fe2005G-ABDD D-1949 ZS-AEA SAAF259Union Airways Pty Ltd >South African AW 'Hendrik Swellengrebel'00.05.33Canc 27.06.47
ZS-AEBJunkers W34 fi2735ZS-AEBUnion Airways Pty Ltd00.06.33Written off Eshowe 14.12.33
ZS-AECJunkers W34 fi2736ZS-AECUnion Airways Pty Ltd >South African AW 'Aerial' and 'Sir George Grey'00.06.33Written off George 16.10.37
ZS-AEDHeath ParasolZS-AED00.02.33Canc .47
ZS-AEEDH.85 Leopard Moth7004ZS-AEEP Hunt /Johannesburg00.12.33Canc 10.35 Crashed en route India 2.3.36
ZS-AEFDH.84 Dragon6026ZS-AEFAircraft Operating Co28.07.33110Written off Baragwanath 26.9.33
ZS-AEGDH.84 Dragon6030ZS-AEG VP-YBY SRAS260Hon J Stuart >Aircraft Operating Co >African Air Transport28.07.33111Sold 6.38
ZS-AEHDH.84 Dragon6054ZS-AEH SAAF1414 ZS-AEHStewart & Lloyds of SA Ltd 'Corby'21.11.33Impressed 27.3.40 restored?
ZS-AEIDH.84 Dragon6017G-ACDM ZS-AEI SAAF1570 IS13Aircraft Operating Co23.03.34113Impressed 3.40 SOC .43
ZS-AEJDH.85 Leopard Moth7005ZS-AEJ SAAF1407 ZS-AEJ VP-KFM 5Y-KFMJohannesburg Light Plane Club23.03.34Impressed .40 restored 24.1.46 Sold Kenya 16.4.48
ZS-AEKDH.85 Leopard Moth7019ZS-AEK VP-YCH SRAS252de Havilland Aircraft of SA >Durban AC01.03.34Sold S. Rhodesia 16.10.39
ZS-AELErasmus SAA40ZS-AEL00.06.33Written off Somerset East
ZS-AEMDH.60G III Moth MajorZS-AEM SAAF201518.09.33Impressed 3.40
ZS-AENJunkers F13 ge2047G-AAGU ZS-AENUnion Airways Pty Ltd >South African AW00.02.33Written off 29.01.36
ZS-AEOAltis V2 (Homebuilt)ZS-AEO SAAF?00.12.33
ZS-AEPDH.85 Leopard Moth7020ZS-AEPde Havilland Aircraft of SA >S People01.03.34Written off Randfontein 25.6.40
ZS-AERWaco UIC3811ZS-AER SAAF141600.02.33Impressed 3.40
ZS-AESDH.89 Dragon Rapide6256ZS-AES VP-YBZ SRAS302African Air Transport Ltd 'Mau Hea Tom'31.01.35Sold 6.38
ZS-AETDH.85 Leopard Moth7099ZS-AETde Havilland Aircraft of SA >JL Westaway /Grahamestown10.06.35Crashed 2.11.36 Canc 7.47
ZS-AEUComper CLA.7 SwiftS31/4G-ABNH ZS-AEU00.08.34Written off. Canc 15.8.45
ZS-AEVAltis V3 (Homebuilt)ZS-AEV SAAF?00.08.34
ZS-AEWDH.83 Fox Moth4035VP-YAK ZS-AEW SAAF1413 ZS-AEW VP-KDSJohannesburg Light Plane Club?22.06.34Impressed .40 restored Sold 1.47
ZS-AEXStinson SR-5A9288AZS-AEX SAAF142000.11.34Impressed.40
ZS-AEYDH.60G Gipsy Moth844G-EBZR VP-YAM ZS-AEY SAAF1499W Steyn10.08.34Impressed 3.40
ZS-AEZAvro 594 Avian IIIa168G-UAAU ZS-AAU VP-YAG ZS-AEZ00.08.34Written off Hertzogville 12.8.36
ZS-AFAJunkers Ju52/3mge4058ZS-AFA PP-VALSouth African AW 'Jan van Reibeek'00.12.34Sold 10.3.38
ZS-AFBJunkers Ju52/3mge4057ZS-AFBSouth African AW 'Lord Charles Somerset'00.12.34Sold 7.38 [c/n 4059 per some sources]
ZS-AFCJunkers Ju52/3mge4060ZS-AFC D-AGFD M-CABU D-AGFD M-CABU EC-AAISouth African AW 'Simon van der Stel'00.12.34Sold 30.6.38
ZS-AFDJunkers Ju52/3mge4059ZS-AFD M-CABO D-ACBO M-CABOSouth African AW 'Sir Benjiman D'Urban'[see AFB]
ZS-AFDJunkers Ju52/3mge5236ZS-AFD SAAF660South African AW 'Sir Benjamin D'Urban'00.04.35Crashed Jig Jigga Canc 27.6.47 [c/n also quoted as 4061]
ZS-AFEDH.60G Gipsy Moth1028G-AADS ZS-ABF VP-YAJ ZS-AFE SAAF143617.08.34Impressed 3.40
ZS-AFFDH.80A Puss Moth2198(ZS-ACW) VP-YAH ZS-AFF SAAF1588 IS206de Havilland Aircraft of SA >SK & RK Everard /Bonnefoi14.02.35Impressed 3.40 SOC 6.9.44
ZS-AFGDH.80A Puss Moth2177ZS-BBC ZS-AFGJohannesburg Light Plane Club03.12.34Written off Du Toits Kloof 4.8.36
ZS-AFHWaco CJC3915ZS-AFH SAAF141800.01.35Impressed 3.40
ZS-AFIDH.85 Leopard Moth7095ZS-AFI VP-KCO K-12 SAAF2036 ZS-BKETanganyika Diamond & Gold Development Co03.06.35Sold Kenya 25.6.38
ZS-AFJKlemm KL31 a XIV653D-IRUT ZS-AFJ VH-UZM00.07.35Sold 7.36
ZS-AFKWaco UKC3926ZS-AFK SAAF141700.01.35Impressed 3.40
ZS-AFLGbf DartZS-AFL00.03.35Wfu 10.38 Scrapped
ZS-AFMMiles M.2 Hawk Major132G-ACZI ZS-AFM SAAF157600.11.36Impressed 3.40
ZS-AFNDH.85 Leopard Moth7057G-ACOT ZS-AFNFT Neale >Johannesburg Light Plane Club24.01.35Written off Baragwanath 7.4.35
ZS-AFODH.60G Gipsy Moth607G-UAAW ZS-AAW VP-YAO ZS-AFO26.02.35Written off
ZS-AFPKlemm L25D-ELNO ZS-AFP SAAF....00.09.35
ZS-AFRDH.87A Hornet Moth8013ZS-AFR SAAF1525Johannesburg Light Plane Club21.11.35Impressed 3.40
ZS-AFSDH.85 Leopard Moth7112ZS-AFS SAAF141212.09.35Impressed 3.40 Crashed en route Durban 16.10.41
ZS-AFTWaco YKC-54229ZS-AFT VP-YCC OO-CAW00.10.35Sold 5.38
ZS-AFUWaco CUC4303ZS-AFU SAAF140600.10.35Impressed 3.40 Crashed Nairobi
ZS-AFVWaco UEC3677NC13048 ZS-AFV SAAF153700.10.35Impressed 3.40 [or SAAF1573?]
ZS-AFWMiles M.3B Falcon Six268ZS-AFW SAAF1425African Air Transport00.04.36Impressed 3.40
ZS-AFXDH.85 Leopard MothZS-AFX SAAF141000.12.35Impressed 3.40
ZS-AFYDH.87B Hornet Moth8047ZS-AFY SAAF1535de Havilland Aircraft of SA >Johannesburg Light Plane Club19.02.36Impressed 3.40
ZS-AFZDH.87B Hornet Moth8048ZS-AFZ SAAF1542de Havilland Aircraft of SA >Natal Aviation Pty Ltd00.03.36Impressed 3.40
ZS-AGAAirspeed AS.6D Envoy III39G-ADCD ZS-AGA SAAF254South African AW 'Sir Peregrine Maitland'23.07.36Impressed 10.5.38
ZS-AGBAirspeed AS.6J Envoy III51ZS-AGB SAAF255South African AW 'Sir Hercules Robinson'03.11.36Impressed 4.5.38
ZS-AGCAirspeed AS.6J Envoy III46ZS-AGC SAAF256South African AW 'Piet Retief' (and/or 'General JW Jansens')01.12.36Impressed 10.5.38 Crashed nr Limpopo River 6.6.38
ZS-AGDAirspeed AS.6J Envoy III45ZS-AGD SAAF257South African AW 'Alexander Biggar'00.07.36Impressed 4.5.38
ZS-AGEJunkers Ju86 Z-1860953ZS-AGE SAAF641South African AW 'Andries Pretorius' (and/or 'Louis Trichardt')00.01.38Impressed 9.39 Dbr Debra Tabor [also reported as SAAF642]
ZS-AGFJunkers Ju86 Z-1860954ZS-AGF SAAF642South African AW 'Richard King'00.07.38Impressed 9.39 Wfu stored Germinston Scrapped .47 [also reported as SAAF643]
ZS-AGGJunkers Ju86 Z-1860955ZS-AGG SAAF643South African AW 'Ryk Tulbach'00.05.38Impressed 5.38 Shot down by AA nr Gondar [also reported as SAAF644]
ZS-AGHJunkers Ju86 Z-5860270ZS-AGH SAAF644South African AW 'Sir Harry Smith' (and/or 'David Lindley')00.01.38Impressed 9.39 Crashed Nanyuki [also reported as SAAF645]
ZS-AGIJunkers Ju86 Z-5860275ZS-AGI SAAF645South African AW 'Louis Trichardt' (and/or 'Sir John Cradock')00.02.38Crashed nr Bridae [also reported as SAAF646]
ZS-AGJJunkers Ju86 Z-5860280ZS-AGJ SAAF646South African AW 'General David Baird'00.02.38Impressed Wfu stored Germinstin Scrapped .47 [also reported as SAAF647]
ZS-AGKAvro 594 Avian IVmSAAF.... ZS-AGK SAAF202900.12.35Impressed 3.40
ZS-AGLAvro 594 Avian IVmSAAF.... ZS-AGL SAAF203000.02.36Impressed 3.40
ZS-AGMAvro 594 Avian IVmSAAF.... ZS-AGM SAAF203100.02.36Impressed 3.40
ZS-AGNAvro 594 Avian IVmSAAF.... ZS-AGN SAAF203200.02.36Impressed 3.40
ZS-AGOAvro 594 Avian IVmSAAF.... ZS-AGO00.02.36Scrapped 4.37
ZS-AGPAvro 594 Avian IVmSAAF.... ZS-AGP00.04.37Scrapped 7.37
ZS-AGRAvro 594 Avian IVmSAAF.... ZS-AGR00.12.37Scrapped 11.37
ZS-AGSAvro 594 Avian IVmSAAF.... ZS-AGS SAAF203300.02.36Impressed 3.40
ZS-AGTAvro 594 Avian IVmSAAF.... ZS-AGT00.06.36Scrapped 7.37
ZS-AGUAvro 594 Avian IVmSAAF.... ZS-AGU00.06.36Written off Broolyn 31.10.37
ZS-AGVRearwin 7000 Sportster446ZS-AGV SAAF202100.00.36Impressed 3.40
ZS-AGWRearwin 7000 Sportster447ZS-AGW SAAF202300.00.36Impressed 3.40
ZS-AGXAeronca C-3A.603G-AEAC ZS-AGX CR-ABA ZS-AGX00.00.36
ZS-AGYDH.80A Puss Moth2169ZS-ACS VP-YAP ZS-AGY SAAF2025 IS210de Havilland Aircraft of SA >RW Trollope /Bloemfontein >HW Calderbank /Potchefstroom17.02.36Impressed 3.40
ZS-AGZDH.80A Puss Moth2181ZS-ACT VP-YAN OO-CAC ZS-AGZ SAAF2024JHN Hobday /Mafeking00.03.36Impressed 3.40 SOC 22.11.44
ZS-AHADH.85 Leopard Moth7116ZS-AHA SAAF1405 ZS-AHA VP-KER 5Y-KER CF-ZJP25.03.36Impressed .40 restored 29.1.46 Sold 30.9.47
ZS-AHBWaco YOC4244ZS-AHB00.03.36Written off 18.4.36
ZS-AHCWaco YOC4278ZS-AHC SAAF141900.03.36Impressed 3.40
ZS-AHDPercival P.3 Gull SixD.64ZS-AHDShell Company of South Africa20.06.36Written off 22.1.37
ZS-AHEGAL ST.4 Monospar 2ST4/26G-ADBY ZS-AHE SAAF1507 IS113H Herman /Cape Town12.06.36Impressed 3.40
ZS-AHFDH.87B Hornet Moth8059ZS-AHF SAAF1522 ZS-AHF29.04.36Impressed 3.40 restored .46 Canc .50
ZS-AHGDH.87B Hornet Moth8060ZS-AHG SAAF1571 ZS-AHG CR-ADNde Havilland Aircraft of SA13.06.36Impressed 3.40 restored 27.2.46 Sold 7.52
ZS-AHHMiles M.2 Hawk Major183G-AEFA ZS-AHHAfrican Air Transport03.07.36Written off Potchefstroom 23.10.39
ZS-AHIDH.82A Tiger Moth3496?ZS-AHI SAAF151300.05.36Impressed 3.40
ZS-AHJDH.82A Tiger Moth3497ZS-AHJ SAAF1469Witwatersrand Technical College00.05.36Impressed 3.40
ZS-AHKDH.60G III Moth MajorZS-AHK12.06.36Canc
ZS-AHLPraga E-114107OK-PGC G-ADXL ZS-AHLOG Davies /Cape Town >H Cooper /Cape Town00.06.36Scrapped Youngfield
ZS-AHMPercival P.6 Mew GullE-22ZS-AHM G-AEXFMaj AM Miller00.00.36Sold UK 10.36
ZS-AHNSteins Noble (Homebuilt)ZS-AHNL Noble00.07.36Not Completed
ZS-AHOPercival P.6 Mew GullE-23G-AEMO ZS-AHOSS Halse/Baragwanath00.09.36Written off Mbeye Rhodesia 30.9.36
ZS-AHPDH.87B Hornet Moth8088ZS-AHP SAAF1587 ZS-AHP (VP-YIX)Hyla Noble13.07.36Impressed 3.40 restored 12.46 Written off Concession 11.10.51
ZS-AHRDesoutter IID.39G-ABIG OO-CAB ZS-AHR SAAF1502Rand FC00.11.36Impressed .40
ZS-AHSRearwin 7000 Sportster487ZS-AHS SAAF154900.10.36Impressed .40
ZS-AHTTaylor J-2 Cub794ZS-AHT CR-AAQ00.12.36Sold 8.9.38
ZS-AHUDH.87B Hornet Moth8103ZS-AHU VP-YBF24.08.36Sold Rhodesia 12.10.36
ZS-AHVDH.90 Dragonfly7523ZS-AHV SAAF1403Vacuum Oil Co of SA Ltd09.02.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-AHWDH.82A Tiger Moth3506ZS-AHW SAAF1463Witwatersrand Technical College00.08.36Impressed 3.40
ZS-AHXRearwin 8500 Sportster473ZS-AHX00.08.36Written off Kroonstad 20.2.40
ZS-AHYDH.60G III Moth MajorZS-AHY SAAF201423.10.36Impressed 3.40
ZS-AHZRearwin 7000 Sportster484ZS-AHZ SAAF202600.10.36Impressed 3.40
ZS-AIATipsy S227OO-AHK ZS-AIA SAAF...00.08.36Impressed
ZS-AIBDH.80A Puss Moth2026G-AAXV ZS-AIB24.10.36Written off 20.2.40
ZS-AICRearwin 7000 Sportster498ZS-AIC SAAF202200.09.36Impressed 3.40
ZS-AIDCessna C-34 Airmaster336ZS-AID SAAF142400.01.36Impressed 3.40
ZS-AIERearwin 6000M Speedster307ZS-AIE SAAF202000.03.38Impressed 3.40
ZS-AIFBucker Bu131A Jungmann44ZS-AIF SAAF148600.12.36Impressed 3.40
ZS-AIGBucker Bu131A Jungmann45ZS-AIG SAAF155500.12.36Impressed 3.40
ZS-AIHBucker Bu133 Jungmeister43ZS-AIH SAAF1504 IS12000.12.36Impressed 3.40 SOC 7.44
ZS-AIIDH.87B Hornet Moth8098(G-ADSL) ZS-AII SAAF1572 ZS-AII VP-YIH00.03.37Impressed 3.40 restored 8.45 Sold Rhodesia 10.2.50
ZS-AIJKlemm KL31 a XIV536D-2505 D-IBEN ZS-AIJ CR-LAS00.03.38Sold Angola 3.38
ZS-AIKDH.90 Dragonfly7535ZS-AIK SAAF1408 ZS-AIKWitwatersrand Technical College18.12.36Impressed 3.40 restored Written off Rustenburg 31.5.51
ZS-AILDH.82A Tiger Moth3525ZS-AIL SAAF1453 ZS-AIL00.01.37Written off Pietersburg 31.5.61
ZS-AIMDH.82A Tiger Moth3526ZS-AIM SAAF145800.01.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-AINDH.82A Tiger Moth3522ZS-AIN SAAF146600.02.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-AIODH.82A Tiger Moth3523ZS-AIO SR204 SAAF4710 ZS-BJF00.02.37Impressed in Rhodesia 10.39 Restored as ZS-BJF .52 Crashed Van Dyk Mine Transvaal 28.10.56
ZS-AIPDH.82A Tiger Moth3528ZS-AIP00.03.37Written off Randfontein 18.4.38
ZS-AIRDH.82A Tiger Moth3529ZS-AIR SAAF....00.03.37Canc 27.6.47
ZS-AISDH.82A Tiger MothZS-AIS00.11.36Written off North Italy 4.37
ZS-AITRearwin 8500 Sportster513ZS-AIT SAAF150100.12.36Impressed 3.40
ZS-AIURearwin 8500 Sportster516ZS-AIU SAAF150900.05.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-AIVDH.85 Leopard MothZS-AIV SAAF141101.12.36Impressed 3.40 Crashed Nairobi 15.5.41 [possibly c/n 7129]
ZS-AIWPorterfield 35-W305ZS-AIW00.02.37Canc
ZS-AIXCessna C-34 Airmaster340ZS-AIX00.03.37Written off Heilelberg 25.3.40
ZS-AIYBA Double Eagle IV903ZS-AIY ZS-AOC SAAF141500.00.37Rereg 7.37
ZS-AIYDH.82A Tiger Moth3674G-AFFO ZS-AIY(2) SAAF1517 ZS-AIY00.00.37Impressed .40 restored Written off Rustenburg 14.1.50
ZS-AIZRyan STA142ZS-AIZ00.06.37Written off Harrismith 14.3.38
ZS-AJADH.82A Tiger Moth3604ZS-AJA SAAF1524 ZS-AJAJohannesburg Light Plane Club00.09.37Impressed 3.40 restored 7.46 Written off Kranskop 19.6.58
ZS-AJBDH.82A Tiger MothZS-AJB SAAF154300.09.37Impressed 3.40
ZS-AJCDH.82A Tiger MothZS-AJC00.09.37Canc
ZS-AJDDH.82A Tiger MothZS-AJD00.09.37Written off nr Kloof 20.3.38
ZS-AJEJunkers Ju86 Z-5860258ZS-AJESouth African AW00.07.37Forced landed 70ml E of Juha on delivery flight 29.7.37
ZS-AJEJunkers Ju86 Z-5860320ZS-AJE SAAF647South African AW 'Gert Maritz' and 'Sarel Cilliers'00.09.38Crashed into hillside Pakhuis Canc 27.6.47
ZS-AJFJunkers Ju52/3m5773ZS-AJF SAAF661South African AW 'Earl of Caledon' and 'Andries Pretorius'00.07.37Canc 27.6.47
ZS-AJGJunkers Ju52/3m5789ZS-AJG SAAF662South African AW 'Erasmus Smit' and 'Piet Retief'00.10.37Canc 27.6.47
ZS-AJHJunkers Ju52/3m5792ZS-AJH SAAF663South African AW 'Sir John Craddock'00.10.37Canc 27.6.47
ZS-AJIJunkers Ju52/3m5896ZS-AJI SAAF664South African AW 'Major Warden' and 'President Burgers'00.09.37Canc 27.6.47
ZS-AJJJunkers Ju52/3m5899ZS-AJJ SAAF556South African AW 'Sir George Grey' and 'Sir Henry Pottinger'00.11.37Canc 27.6.47
ZS-AJKJunkers Ju86 Z-5860255ZS-AJK SAAF648South African AW 'President Pretorius'00.11.37Wfu Canc 27.6.47
ZS-AJLJunkers Ju86 Z-5860301ZS-AJL SAAF649South African AW 'Cecil John Rhodes' and 'Daniel Lindley'00.11.37Wfu Canc 27.6.47