Civil Aircraft Register - United States
Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate/Comments
NC9478Arrow Sport391 ? NC9478Not built?
NC9478Fairchild 22C-7D908NC947800.00.34
NC9479Arrow Sport392 ? NC9479Not built?
NC9479Fairchild 22C-7D909NC947900.00.34
NC9480Arrow Sport393 ? NC9480Not built?
NC9480Fairchild 22C-7D910NC948000.00.34
NC9481Arrow Sport394 ? NC9481Not built?
NC9481Fairchild 22C-7D911NC948100.00.34
NC9482Arrow Sport395 ? NC9482Not built?
NC9482Fairchild 22C-7D912NC948200.00.34
NC9483Arrow Sport396 ? NC9483Not built?
NC9483Aeromarine-Klemm AKL-26B87NC9483 XB-AIUaka Uppercu AKL-26B
NC9484Arrow Sport397 ? NC9484Not built?
NC9484Fairchild 22C-7E1607NC9484
NC9485Arrow Sport398 ? NC9485Not built?
NC9485Fairchild 22C-7E1608NC948500.07.34
NC9486Arrow Sport399 ? NC9486Not built?
NC9486Fairchild 22C-7E1609NC9486
NC9487Metal Flamingo G-2-W11NC9487Mason & Dixon AL/Cincinnatti >United States AW/Kansas City
NC9488Metal Flamingo G-2-W12NC9488Mason & Dixon AL/Cincinnatti >United States AW/Kansas City
NC9489Metal Flamingo G-2-W13NC9489Mason & Dixon AL/Cincinnatti >United States AW/Kansas City
NC9490Metal Flamingo G-2-W14NC9490 TI-20United States AW/Kansas CitySold Costa Rica 2.37
NC9491Metal Flamingo G-2-W15NC9491Suspect
NC9491Franklin PS-2 glider201NC9491
NC9492Hall A (OX-5) ? Lindsay OKNC9492
NC9493Kreutzer K-2 Air Coach103NC9493
NC9494Kreutzer K-3 Air Coach105NC9494
NC9495Reveley R-2 (Lawrance)R-2NC9495Clinton OK
NC9496Thompson T-4875 (Anzani)T-1 ?NC9496Independence MO
NC9497Dare Sport (Henderson)100 ?NC9497Enid OK
NC9498HarvEd Monoplane (OX-5)4 ?NC9498Racine WI
NC9499Aeromarine 39B288NC9499
NC9499Willoughby Biplane (Hisso)11 ?NC9499FL
NC9500Waco DSO > ASOA-26NC9500
NC9501Waco GXE1553NC9501
NC9502Waco GXE1891NC9502
NC9503Waco DSOA-24NC9503
NC9504Waco DSOA-32NC9504
NC9505Waco GXE1854NC9505
NC9506Waco GXE1896NC9506
NC9507Waco GXE1831NC9507
NC9508Waco GXE1880NC9508
NC9509Waco 1251479NC9509
NC9510Waco GXE1833NC9510
NC9511Waco GXE1868NC9511
NC9512Waco DSOA-31NC9512
NC9513Waco 1251477NC9513
NC9514Waco GXE1875NC9514
NC9515Waco GXE1842NC9515
NC9516Waco DSOA-38NC9516
NC9517Waco GXE1890NC9517
NC9518Waco DSOA-36NC9518
NC9519Waco GXE1772NC9519
NC9520Waco GXE1840NC9520
NC9521Waco GXE1814NC9521
NC9522Waco GXE1806NC9522
NC9523Waco GXE1853NC9523
NC9524Waco GXE1841NC9524
NC9525Waco GXE1781NC9525
NC9526Waco GXE1830NC9526
NC9527Waco DSO811NC9527
NC9528Waco GXE1861NC9528
NC9529Waco GXE1884NC9529
NC9530Waco GXE1873NC9530
NC9531Waco 10 (Warner) > RNF1902NC9531
NC9532Waco ASOA-30NC9532
NC9533Waco GXE1733NC9533
NC9534Waco GXE > ATO > CTO > ASOA-29NC9534
NC9535Waco ATO > CTOA-48NC9535
NC9536Waco DSOA-35NC9536
NC9537Waco ATOA-43NC9537
NC9538Waco DSOA-25NC9538
NC9539Waco DSO > ASOA-37NC9539
NC9540Waco GXE1870NC9540
NC9541Waco ASOA-41NC9541
NC9542Waco DSO > ASOA-38BNC9542
NC9543Waco GXE1734NC9543
NC9544Waco 10 (Warner) > GXE1908NC9544
NC9545Waco ATOA-42NC9545
NC9546Waco DSO > 10 (Jacobs)A-53NC9546
NC9547Waco DSOA-34NC9547
NC9548Waco GXE1876NC9548
NC9549Waco GXE1590NC9549
NC9550Waco GXE1754NC9550
NC9551Waco GXE1658NC9551
NC9552Waco 125935NC9552
NC9553Waco ATO > ASOA-44NC9553
NC9554Waco ATOA-45NC9554
NC9555Waco GXE1612NC9555
NC9556Waco GXE1855NC9556
NC9557Waco GXE1812NC9557
NC9558Waco ATOA-40NC9558
NC9559Waco GXE1874NC9559
NC9560Waco GXE1835NC9560
NC9561Waco GXE1637NC9561
NC9562Waco GXE1872NC9562
NC9563Waco GXE > DSO1879NC9563
NC9564Waco GXE1727NC9564
NC9565Waco GXE1778NC9565
NC9566Waco GXE1724NC9566
NC9567Waco GXE1629NC9567
NC9568Waco GXE1784NC9568
NC9569Waco GXE > DSO1652A > 1562NC9569
NC9570Waco GXE1741NC9570
NC9571Waco GXE1759NC9571
NC9572Waco GXE1834NC9572
NC9573Waco GXE1846NC9573
NC9574Waco GXE1636NC9574
NC9575Waco GXE1877NC9575
NC9576Waco DSOA-59NC9576
NC9577Waco ATOA-47NC9577
NC9578Waco GXE1856NC9578
NC9579Waco GXE1871NC9579
NC9580Waco ATOA-55NC9580
NC9581Waco ATOA-39NC9581
NC9582Waco GXE1779NC9582
NC9583Waco GXE1738NC9583
NC9584Waco GXE1740NC9584
NC9585Waco GXE1886NC9585
NC9586Waco GXE1725NC9586
NC9587Waco GXE1844NC9587
NC9588Waco GXE1807NC9588
NC9589Waco GXE1851NC9589
NC9590Waco GXE1744NC9590
NC9591Waco ATOA-46NC9591
NC9592Waco GXE1857NC9592
NC9593Waco GXE1826NC9593
NC9594Waco GXE1712NC9594
NC9595Waco GXE1591NC9595
NC9596Waco ASOA-54NC9596
NC9597Waco GXE1608NC9597
NC9598Waco GXE1662NC9598
NC9599Waco GXE1839NC9599
NC9600Stinson SM-1DA > SM-1DX > SM-1D300D303NC9600Thompson AC >Transamerican AW
NC9601Stinson SM-1DAD304NC9601Tanner Motor Livery/ Los Angeles
NC9602Stinson SM-2K1029NC9602
NC9603Stinson SM-21030NC9603
NC9604Stinson SM-21035NC9604
NC9605Stinson SM-21032NC9605
NC9606Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-4NC9606 AN-AAQ HI-3 N9606TAT >TWA 'City of Columbus' later 'City of New York' >WK Scott >Fairchild Aerial Surveys >Texas Petroleum Co24.11.28Accident Greencastle IN 24.11.30 repaired Sold Nicaragua .42 restored 31.7.48 Destroyed Montana 6.5.53
NC9607Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-5NC9607TAT >TWA22.11.28Accident Port Columbus OH 16.2.32 Destroyed Quay NM 29.8.33
NC9608Ford 4-AT-B4-AT-51NC9608 NR9608 NC9608 IM-4Curtiss FS/NY >WI Marsalis /Long Island >Carolina AT /Burlington >J & H McClintock /Pittsburgh >F Reimers /Lafayette >CC Stratton /Ballinger TX >CH Babb22.05.29Accident Hickory NC 22.10.39 Sold Cuba 18.1.43
NC9609Ford 4-AT-B4-AT-52NC9609Curtiss FS/NY (later Miami) >Curtiss-Wright FS/Valley Stream NY (later Pittsburgh) >WW Martin /Dallas >EL Fulton /Dallas04.06.29Blown over in hurricane Tamaulipas Mexico
NC9610Ford 4-AT-B4-AT-53NC9610Curtiss FS/Garden City NY (later Chicago) >HS Johnson /Chicago >AE Loving & FG Clark /Richmond VA >CH Babb Co >CW Murchison /Dallas >Air Tours /OH14.05.29Crashed Kelleys Island Ohio 3.7.54
NC9611Ford 4-AT-E4-AT-54NC9611Pennsylvania AL >Pittsburgh AW/Bettis Field13.03.29Crashed Jennerstown PA 20.12.30
NC9612Ford 4-AT-E4-AT-55NC9612Mamer FS/Spokane >RG Pattinson & W Parmenter /St Elmo >K-T Flying Service /Honolulu30.03.29Extant
NC9613Ford 4-AT-E4-AT-56NC9613Sky View Lines /Buffalo >J Wood /Mount Prospect IL >Air Tours /Chicago >Air Flights /IL >Louisville FS >H Hamer /Champaign IL >CE Bradbury Jr /Champaign >H Hamer /La Salle IL >W Vogel /La Salle >Aircraft Export Corp /NY11.07.29Accident Beaumont TX 28.02.32 Turned over in gale Corpus Christi 8.3.42
NC9614Ford 4-AT-E4-AT-57NC9614 NR9614Firestone Tire and Rubber Co >Stout Metal Airplane Co >CE Corson /Stratford CT >New England and Western Air Transportation /Stratford >CE Corson >Plane Speaker Corp /NY29.05.29Ground accident Hasbrouck Ht NJ 14.9.29 repaired. Dbf in hangar fire Roosevelt Field NY 2.6.33
NC9614Alexander Eaglerock A-1NC9614New England & Western AT/Mass.ATC57
NC9615Stinson SM-21034NC9615
NC9616Stinson SM-21031NC9616
NC9617Stinson SM-1DA > SM-1DD306NX9617[c/n M306 > SM-1D300]
NC9618Stinson SM-1DC > SM-1DBD307NC9618International AT /Brownsville TX c/n M307
NC9619Stinson SM-21033NC9619
NC9620Stinson SM-21036NC9620 X-BACGSold Mexico
NC9621Stinson SM-21039NC9621
NC9622Rankin RBM-3 > RBM-4 (Wright 220)3 ?NC9622A.Rankin/Wayne MI
NC9623Stinson SM-21040NC9623
NC9624Stinson SM-21038NC9624
NC9625Stinson SM-5X-11NC9625low-wing
NC9626Buhl CA-8A40NC9626
NC9627Buhl CA-641C9627 CF-AAYSold Canada 4.29
NC9628Buhl CA-6 Special42C9628Spokane Sun God
NC9629Buhl CA-643C9629
NC9630Buhl CA-3D Special46NC9630
NC9631Buhl CA-645NC9631CA-3D per Juptner
NC9632Buhl CA-647C9632 CF-AOZSold Canada 10.30
NC9633Buhl CA-6 > CA-6W48NC9633
NC9634Buhl CA-650NC9634 XB-AAT
NC9635Buhl CA-3D > CA-6D Special49NC9635
NC9636Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-10NC9636Maddux AL04.01.29Crashed San Diego CA 21.4.29
NC9637Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-11NC9637 XA-BCC NM-22 AN-AAJ HI-3 NX/N1269M XB-KUI XA-HIL N1629M N9637 N76GC N9637Pan American AW10.12.28Sold Mexico 5.29
NC9638Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-16NC9638 F-32 LG-AALMaddux AL >TWA16.01.29Sold Colombia 5.4.35
NC9639Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-17NC9639 OA-AAA CB-CAMMaddux AL >TWA >Pan American Grace AW 'San Fernando' (P27)09.02.29Sold Peru 6.36
NC9640Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-18NC9640 LG-AAI AN-AAL XA-FUPMaddux AL >TWA >Grand Canyon AL >Grand Canyon Boulder Dam Tours26.02.29Sold TACA 11.12.37
NC9641Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-19NC9641 TI-51Maddux AL >TWA >LG Mulzer >Mulzer FS05.03.29Sold Costa Rica 3.39
NC9642Ford 4-AT-E4-AT-58NC9642 NR9642 NC9642 NR9642Mohawk AW/Schenectady NY >JA Haraden & J Kovacs >Link Aeronautical Corp /Endicott NY >Johnson FS/Missoula MT18.04.29Crashed nr Townsend MT 19.6.56 restored .79
NC9643Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-6NC9643 CF-31TAT >TWA (fn 612)28.11.28Sold Colombia 5.4.35
NC9644Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-7NC9644 XH-T? LG-AAJ AN-AATTAT >TWA >Grand Canyon AL >Grand Canyon Boulder Dam Tours18.01.29Sold TACA 11.12.37
NC9645Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-8NC9645 AN-AAS XA-FUB XB-NET N58996 N9645TAT >TWA (fn 608) >GE Ruckstell >Grand Canyon Boulder Dam Tours18.01.29Sold TACA 11.12.37
NC9646Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-9NC9646 YV-MGOTAT >TWA >Gulf Oil Co >Mene Grande Oil Co18.01.29Sold Venezuela 30.10.37
NC9647Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-21NC9647TAT >TWA01.04.29Crashed Harrisburg PA 14.8.31 (or 27.1.31?)
NC9648Ford 5-AT-C5-AT-57NC9648 NR9648TAT >TWA >Republic Oil Co03.07.29Crashed Anchorage 21.8.37 pts used by Wien Alaska AL
NC9649Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-20NC9649TAT14.06.29Crashed Mount Taylor NM 3.9.29
NC9650Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-37NC9650TAT22.05.29Accident St Louis MO 16.1.30 Crashed Amarillo TX 14.12.32
NC9651Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-34NC9651 NX9651TAT >TWA >RCA Manufacturing Co >Aircraft Exporting Corp >Star Air Lines16.05.29Accident LaLande NM 22.5.30 Ground looped Fairbanks 8.43 stored under restored 26.6.64
NC9652Ford XB-906NC9652Accident Dearborn MI 19.9.31
NC9653Ford 5-AT-D5-AT-108NC9653 C-203Pacific AT 'Abbot' >United AL >Boeing School of Aeronautics >United AL >G Biederman /NYC27.05.31Sold Colombia 16.8.35
NC9654Ford 5-AT-D5-AT-113NC965431.03.32Sold Bolivia 9.32 [Also reported as c/n 5-AT-109 which became BuA9205]
NC9655Ford 5-AT-D5-AT-110NC9655Pacific AT 'Glacier' > United AL >Hanfords Tri-State AL10.06.31Accident Cochrane WI 2.9.34
NC9656Ford 4-AT-F4-AT-71NC9656 EC-W10 EC-RRA 42-8 EC-BABConcesionaires de Lineas Aereas Subvencionadas SA/Madrid Spain07.08.31Sold Spain 8.31
NC9657Ford 5-AT-D > 5-AT-DS5-AT-114NC9657National AT/Chicago >Pacific AT >United AL >G Biederman /NYC19.03.32Sold Colombia 5.6.35
NC9658Ford 5-AT-D5-AT-115NC9658Pan American AW01.05.33Sold China 8.35
NC9659Ford 5-AT-D5-AT-116NC9659Pan American AW17.06.33Sold China 8.35
NC9660Ford 14-ATNC9660Ford Motor Co00.02.32Never flew. Canc 6.33
NC9661Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-12NC9661 M-SCAN X-ABCB XA-BCB XA-BCO?Cia Mexican de Aviacion22.01.29Sold Mexico 6.2.29
NC9662Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-29NC9662EP Halliburton (Southwest Air Fast Express) >Southern Air Fast Express >American AW19.03.29Crashed Cincinnati OH 9.8.31
NC9663Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-14NC9663 XH-? LG-AAHRobertson Aircraft Corp >Universal Aircraft Corp >Colonial AT >American AW >AB & KC Clark >Grand Canyon Boulder Dam Tours05.02.29Sold TACA 11.12.37
NC9664Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-23NC9664Pan American AW25.03.29Crashed El Aceituno Honduras 2.10.32 [also reported as David Panama 29.7.31]
NC9665Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-24NC9665EP Halliburton (Southwest Air Fast Express) >Southern Air Fast Express >TWA01.03.29Crashed Pittsburgh PA 19.8.31
NC9666Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-25NC9666EP Halliburton (Southwest Air Fast Express) >Southern Air Fast Express >TWA05.03.29Destroyed in emergency landing after fire Bakersfield CA 10.2.33
NC9667Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-13NC9667 AN-AARSouthwest Air Fast Express (fn 1) >American AW >Aviation Manufacturing Corp14.02.29Sold TACA 6.6.36
NC9668Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-15NC9668 XH-TAWStout AS >National AT/Chicago >Pennsylvania AL25.02.29Sold TACA 21.1.36
NC9669Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-26NC9669 XH-TAS LG-TAS LG-AAG XH-TAXStout AS >National AT/Chicago >Pennsylvania AL24.04.29Sold TACA 21.1.36
NC9670Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-27NC9670 XA-BCD NV9670 XA-BCU NM-25Cia Mexican de Aviacion >Pan American AW07.03.29Sold Mexico 7.3.29 restored 2.12.29 Sold Mexico 19.7.32
NC9671Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-28NC9671 XH-TAK LG-TAK LG-AAEEP Halliburton (Southwest Air Fast Express) >Southern Air Fast Express >American AW >Aviation Manufacturing Corp19.03.29Sold TACA 6.6.36 [also reported as XH-TAX]
NC9672Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-22NC9672 XA-BCA NC9672 C-205Pan American AW >Pan American Grace AW 'San Antonio' >South American Gulf Oil Co05.03.29Sold Mexico 5.3.29 restored 19.7.32
NC9673Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-31NC9673 XA-BCE NC9673 XA-BCV TI-44 AN-AAE XA-FOH XA-FANCia Mexican de Aviacion >Pan American AW28.03.29Sold Mexico 28.3.29 restored 19.5.30 Sold Mexico 6.7.33
NC9674Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-32NC9674Ford Motor Co00.03.29Crashed 5 days after first flight at Ford factory 19.3.29
NC9675Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-33NC9675Colonial AT30.03.29Crashed Boston Harbor MA 5.6.30
NC9676Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-42NC9676 (PH-AKE) PK-AKE PH-AKEStandard Oil Co of Indiana >Northwest AW07.05.29Sold Netherlands 27.4.35
NC9677Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-35NC9677Colonial AT >American AW >Aviation Manufacturing Corp12.04.29Sold Honduras 23.7.36
NC9678Ford 4-AT-E4-AT-61NC9678 G-ABEF VH-UDY A45-2United AT00.02.29Sold UK 19.9.30 [E-338]
NC9679Crosley FiveNC9679
NC9680Travel Air 2000169NC9680
NC9681Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-36NC9681 XH-TAU LG-TAU LG-AAF AN-?Colonial AT >American AW >Aviation Manufacturing Corp06.04.29Sold TACA 18.4.36
NC9682Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-43NC9682 TI-15 AN-AAG Southwest Air Fast Express 'Wichita Falls' (fn 9) >Southern Air Fast Express >Colonial AT >American AW >Aviation Manufacturing Corp08.05.29Sold Costa Rica 15.2.36
NC9683Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-39NC9683 XH-TAK AN-AAP XA-FUE XB-WAR N1124N XB-YIT N7791B N9683EP Halliburton (Southwest Air Fast Express) >Southern Air Fast Express >Colonial AT >American AW >Aviation Manufacturing Corp13.04.29Sold TACA 6.6.36
NC9684Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-40NC9684 X-ABCF D10767XA-BCF NC9684 NM-? N69905Cia Mexican de Aviacion >Pan American AW01.05.29Sold Mexico 1.5.29 restored 1.11.36 Sold Cuba 15.6.38 [reported as NM-25 but see NC9670]
NC9685Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-30NC9685Pan American AW25.03.29Sold to Nicaraguan Govt 31.12.37
NC9686Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-41NC9686Maddux AL >TWA >F Kane & GM Prescott >Charles H Babb20.04.29Sold Guinea AW 28.11.38 used to rebuild c/n 5-AT-60
NC9687Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-44NC9687Southwest Air Fast Express >Southern Air Fast Express >American AW >Aviation Manufacturing Corp14.05.29Sold Columbian Army as '2' 20.2.36
NC9688Ford 5-AT-B5-AT-45NC9688 XA-BCWPan American AW20.05.29Sold Mexico 1.11.34
NC9689Ford 5-AT-C5-AT-46NC9689Maddux AL31.05.29Crashed Oceanside CA 19.1.30
NC9690Ford 5-AT-C5-AT-47NC9690Southwest Air Fast Express >Southern Air Fast Express >American AW >Aviation Manufacturing Corp03.06.29Sold Columbian Army as '3' 31.3.36
NC9691Stinson SM-1FM500NC9691Tanner Motor/ Los Angeles
NC9692Stinson SM-1FM502NC9692TT Pendelton/ Fort Worth
NC9693Stinson SM-1FM501NC9693Col HC Fry jnr/ Pittsburgh
NC9694Stinson SM-2 (Continental) > SM-2K1037NC9694
NC9695Stinson SM-2AA1046NC9695
NC9696Stinson SM-4X-10NC9696Sally Sovereign > K of New HavenAccident Roosevelt Fld NY 31.05.30
NC9697Stinson SM-6A > SM-6B2000NC9697
NC9698Stinson SM-1FM503NC9698To China
NC9699Stinson SM-2AA > SM-2AB1047NC9699
NC9700Fokker F-10A1010NC9700Pan American AW 'Christopher Colombus'00.12.28Crashed Santiago Cuba 13.6.29
NC9701Fokker F-10A1012NC9701Pan American AW00.12.28Scrapped 5.33
NC9702Fairchild FC-2W2533NC970200.00.29
NC9703Loening C-2C Air Yacht > C-2H213NC9703R McCormick >Pan American AW22.11.28
NC9704DH.60G Gipsy Moth814G-AAAM NC9704Moth Aircraft Corp/Lowell00.10.28
NC9705Fokker Super Universal817NC9705Atlantic AcftDbf in hangar fire Chicago IL 25.06.30
NC9706DH.60X Moth444G-EBUS NC9706Ray P Applegate /Palm Beach FL
NC9707DH.60G Gipsy Moth826G-AAAE NC970700.09.29
NC9708Fairchild 71600NC9708Embry Riddle Co
NC9709Fairchild 71601NC9709 X-ABCK X-ABEE NC9709
NC9710Waco GXE1628NC9710
NC9711Fairchild FC-2W2534NC971100.00.29
NC9712Ireland N-2 Neptune19NC9712
NC9713Loening C-2C Air Yacht214NC9713Pan American AW12.12.28Crashed San Jose Costa Rica 01.01.29
NC9715Fairchild FC-2W2 >Model 71532NC9715Pan American Grace AW (P4)00.02.29Sold Peru 10.32
NC9716Fokker F-10A1009NC9716
NC9717Loening C-2C Air Yacht215NC9717Pan American Grace AW (P7)09.01.29To Peruvian AW 7.30
NC9718DH.60G Gipsy Moth886NC9718 X-BABQG Washington jnr/Mendham NJSold Mexico
NC9719Waco GXE1642NC9719
NC9720DH.60G Gipsy Moth885NC9720Heyer Products Co Inc
NC9721Fairchild FC-2W2535NC9721American AW00.00.29
NC9722Fairchild FC-2W2536NC972200.00.29
NC9723Fairchild FC-2W2527NC9723Pan American Grace AW (P3)00.02.29Crashed Mendoza 3.32 [To R-214 LV-BBA?]
NC9724Fokker Super Universal826NC9724Standard AL >Mid-Continent Air Express >Western Air Express/Burbank (212) >CH Babb >ER Sauls >Corps of Engineers00.12.28
NC9725Ireland N-2 Neptune20NC9725
NC9726Fairchild 71602NC9726 X-ABCFPan American AWSold Mexico
NC9727Fairchild 71603NC9727 X-ABCI X-ABEFPan American AWSold Mexico
NC9728Loening C-2C Air Yacht216NC9728Gorst AT/Seattle31.01.29
NC9729Fokker Super Universal829NC9729Deep Rock Oil Co >Mars Inc >AM Little >Monarch AS00.00.29
NC9730Fairchild 71604NC9730 29-325
NC9731DH.60M Moth341NC9731
NC9732DH.60G Gipsy Moth912NC9732BFW Heyer /Newark NJ
NC9733DH.60G Gipsy Moth913NC9733Moth Aircraft Corp >Skyways Inc/Boston
NC9734Fairchild 71605NC9734
NC9735Rogers RBX Sea Eagle (Wright R-760)1NC9735H Rogers /Long Island
NC9736Ireland N-2 Neptune21NC9736
NC9737Fairchild 71606NC9737 X-ABCGPan American AWSold Mexico
NC9738Fairchild 71607NC9738
NC9739Bird A1002NC9739
NC9740Bird A > BK1001NC9740
NC9741Curtiss-Wright CW-2 Sport Trainer (Anzani)1-CNC9741
NC9742Curtiss-Wright CW-4 Commercial (Siemens)2-CNC9742
NC9743Curtiss-Wright CW-5 Jr Transport (3 Anzani)3-CNC9743
NC9744Bird A1003NC9744
NC9745Fairchild 71611NC9745 X-ABCJAlaska AW >Pan American AWWfu .36
NC9746Fokker Super Universal825NC9746 C-46Aircraft Radio CorpSold Colombia 8.40
NC9747Fairchild KR-211002NC9747
NC9748Fairchild KR-211003NC9748
NC9749DH.60G Gipsy Moth924NC9749Moth Aircraft Corp
NC9750Fairchild 71609NC9750 CF-AAXSold Canada 3.29
NC9751Ireland N-2 Neptune22NC9751
NC9752Fairchild 71608NC9752
NC9753Sikorsky S-38B114-1NC9753Col RR McCormick 'Untin Bowler'00.00.29Crushed by iceberg Cape Chidley Newfoundland 7.29
NC9754Bird A1005NC9754
NC9755Bird A1004NC9755
NC9756New Standard D-25105NC9756
NC9757Fairchild KR-211004NC9757
NC9758Fairchild KR-211005NC9758
NC9759Fairchild KR-211006NC9759
NC9760Ireland N-2 Neptune23NC9760
NC9761New Standard D-25106NC9761 CF-AMYColonial FS/ NY00.00.29Sold Canada 8.30
NC9762Fairchild 71614NC9762
NC9763Fairchild KR-211007NC9763
NC9764Fairchild KR-211008NC9764
NC9765Fairchild KR-211009NC9765
NC9766Fairchild KR-211010NC9766
NC9767Fairchild KR-211011NC9767
NC9768Fokker Super Universal831NC9768 J-BASOAtlantic AcftSold Japan 3.29
NC9769Crescent Model A (W-300)NC9769
NC9770DH.60G Gipsy Moth925NC9770Moth Aircraft Corp >Albany Air Service
NC9771DH.60G Gipsy Moth926NC9771Moth Aircraft Corp >Skyways Inc/Boston
NC9772Loening C-2C Air Yacht219NC9772Bernard McFadden Publications > Westchester Airport Corp >Ray Applegate >Wilmington Catalina AL/Avalon16.03.29Sold TAM Mexico 26.9.33
NC9773Loening C-2H Air Yacht220NC9773Western Air Express >Wilmington Catalina AL/Avalon06.04.29
NC9774Fokker Universal441NC9774Frank Martz Coach Co/PA
NC9775Sikorsky S-38B114-2NC9775NYRBA >Pan American AW >Dade-Miami Co >Palm Beach Aero Corp >Embry-Riddle00.03.29
NC9776Sikorsky S-38B114-3NC9776Pan American AW >Dade-Miami Co >Palm Beach Aero Corp >Embry-Riddle00.03.29
NC9777Fairchild 71618NC9777 X-ABCH NC9777Pan American AW
NC9778Fokker Super Universal828NC9778 C-44Fox Case Corp >Pan American AW00.00.29Sold Colombia 1.31
NC9779Fokker Super Universal838NC9779Radio Marine Corp of America >RCA Victor Corp >Metropolitan Acft >RP Brown >JJ Gore >RP Brown >H Jordan
NC9780Ireland N-2 Neptune24NC9780
NC9781Keystone K-84 Commuter301X9781
NC9782Fairchild 71612NC9782Canadian Colonial
NC9782Loening C-2C Air Yacht218NC9782Thompson Aeronautical Corp09.03.29
NC9783Loening C-2C Air Yacht222NC9783Thompson Aeronautical Corp03.05.29
NC9784Loening C-2C Air Yacht223NC9784Thompson Aeronautical Corp 'Miss Erie' >Pan American AW >Transamerican AW07.05.29To China .31
NC9785Fairchild 71617NC9785
NC9786Fokker Super Universal837NX9786 R-128Pan American AW00.05.29Sold Argentina 8.29 Sank [Brasil?] 26.9.29
NC9787Curtiss Thrush > Thrush JG-2C9787
NC9788Fokker Super Universal838NC9788To Colombia
NC9788Ireland N-2 Neptune25C9788
NC9789Fokker Super Universal830NC9789Standard AL >Western Air Express/Burbank (213) >Mid-Continent Air Express00.03.29Crashed Las Vegas 31.12.33
NC9790Fokker F-10A1036NC9790Transamerican AW
NC9791Mathieu-Heath Parasol4980 ?NC9791Southbridge MA
NC9792Fokker Super Universal840NC9792Goodyear Tire & Rubber >RM McCoy >Northern Western AT >Wien Alaska ALTo Alaskaland Pioneer Air Museum
NC9793Fokker Super Universal879NC9793 T-201 2-Gt-4Atlantic Acft08.01.31Sold Ministry of Marine Argentina 1.31
NC9794New Standard D-24107NC9794
NC9795New Standard D-25108NC9795
NC9796New Standard D-25109NC9796
NC9797DH.60G Gipsy Moth1-ANC9797Detroit Air Yacht Club00.07.30
NC9798Fairchild 71619NC9798Pan American Grace AW (P6)
NC9799Fairchild 71621NC9799
NC9800Travel Air 2000955NC9800
NC9801Travel Air 2000956NC9801
NC9802Travel Air 6000-B > S-6000-B961NC9802
NC9803Travel Air 2000 > S-2000 > 3000 > D-4000958NC9803
NC9804Travel Air 2000959NC9804
NC9805Travel Air 2000960NC9805
NC9806Travel Air 2000841NC9806
NC9807Travel Air S-6000-B > S-6000-B1020NC9807
NC9808Travel Air 6000-B1021NC9808
NC9809Travel Air S-6000-B1022NC9809
NC9810Travel Air 6000-B > S-6000-B1023NC9810
NC9811Travel Air S-6000-B1025NC9811
NC9812Travel Air S-6000-B1026NC9812
NC9813Travel Air 6000-B > S-6000-B1027NC9813
NC9814Travel Air 6000-B1028NC9814
NC9815Travel Air 6000-B > S-6000-B1029NC9815
NC9816Travel Air 6000-B > S-6000-B1030NC9816 X-BAFXSold Mexico
NC9817Travel Air 6000-B > S-6000-B1031NC9817
NC9818Travel Air 6000-B > S-6000-B1032NC9818
NC9819Travel Air 2000727NC9819
NC9820Travel Air A-40001019NC9820
NC9821Travel Air C-4000 > SBC-40001041C9821BC-4000 prototype
NC9822Travel Air B-40001042C9822
NC9823Travel Air W-4000 > 2000 > 2000-T1043NC9823
NC9824Travel Air C-40001044C9824
NC9825Travel Air C-40001045C9825
NC9826Travel Air 2000 > 40001047NC9826
NC9827Travel Air W-40001048NC9827
NC9828Travel Air 20001049NC9828
NC9829Travel Air 20001050NC9829
NC9830Travel Air 20001051NC9830
NC9831Travel Air 20001052NC9831
NC9832Travel Air 2000 > S-20001053NC9832
NC9833Travel Air 2000 > 2000-T1054NC9833
NC9834Travel Air 6000-B > S-6000-B965NC9834
NC9835Travel Air 6000-B > S-6000-B964NC9835
NC9836Travel Air 30001062NC9836
NC9837Travel Air B-40001061NC9837
NC9838Travel Air 2000920NC9838
NC9839Travel Air 2000921NC9839
NC9840Travel Air 6000-B > S-6000-B1033NC9840Pittsburgh AW/Bettis Field
NC9841Travel Air 6000-B1035NC9841
NC9842Travel Air 6000-B > S-6000-B1036NC9842Edo floats
NC9843Travel Air 6000-B > S-6000-B1037NC9843
NC9844Travel Air 6000-B > S-6000-B1034NC9844
NC9845Travel Air 6000-B > S-6000-B1039NC9845
NC9846Travel Air 6000-B > S-6000-B1038NC9846
NC9847Travel Air 20001055NC9847
NC9848Travel Air 20001057NC9848
NC9849Travel Air 20001056NC9849
NC9850Travel Air 20001058NC9850
NC9851Cessna AW186NC9851
NC9852Cessna AW187NC9852
NC9853Cessna AW188NC9853
NC9854Cessna AW189NC9854
NC9855Cessna CPW-6 racer190NC9855
NC9856Cessna AW191NC9856
NC9857Cessna AW192NC9857
NC9858Cessna AW193NC9858
NC9859Cessna AW194NC9859
NC9860Cessna CM-1 racer (MW-1)195 ?NC9860
NC9861Cessna AW196NC9861
NC9862Cessna AW197NC9862
NC9863Cessna DC-6B198NC9863
NC9864Cessna DC-6A199NC9864
NC9865Cessna DC-6 > DC-6B200NC9865
NC9866Cessna DC-6 > DC-6B201NC9866
NC9867Cessna DC-6 > DC-6B202NC9867
NC9868Cessna DC-6 > DC-6B203NC9868
NC9869Cessna DC-6A204NC9869
NC9870Cessna DC-6 > DC-6B210NC9870
NC9871Swift 4000 (OX-5)2 ?NC9871Wichita
NC9872Travel Air 2000 > 40001059NC9872 N9872Parks AL Inc
NC9873Travel Air 20001114NC9873
NC9874Travel Air E-40001060C987400.00.29
NC9875Travel Air 20001113NC9875
NC9876Travel Air 6000-B1070NC9876
NC9877Travel Air 20001108NC9877
NC9878Travel Air 20001107NC9878
NC9879Travel Air 20001106NC9879
NC9880Travel Air 2000 > 40001105NC9880
NC9881Swallow TP181NC9881
NC9882Swallow TP182NC9882
NC9883Swallow TP183NC9883
NC9884Swallow TP184NC9884
NC9885Swallow TP185NC9885
NC9886Swallow TP186NC9886
NC9887Swallow TP > TP-K187NC9887
NC9888Swallow TP > TP-K188NC9888
NC9889Swallow TP189NC9889
NC9890Swallow TP190NC9890
NC9891Swallow TP191NC9891
NC9891Savage 1 gliderNC9891
NC9892Swallow TP-K192C9892
NC9893Swallow TP-K193C9893
NC9894Swallow TP-K194C9894
NC9895Swallow TP-K195NC9895
NC9896Swallow TP-K196C9896
NC9897Swallow TP-K197C9897
NC9898Swallow TP-K198C9898
NC9899Swallow TP199NC9899TP-K per Juptner
NC9900Swallow TP-K200C9900
NC9901Travel Air D-3000 > 30001063NC9901
NC9902Travel Air 2000 > 40001115NC9902
NC9903Travel Air 2000 > S-20001116NC9903
NC9904Travel Air B-40001064C9904
NC9905Travel Air 6000-B > S-6000-B1072NC9905
NC9906Travel Air 6000-B1073NC9906
NC9907Travel Air 2000 > S-20001117NC9907
NC9908Travel Air 2000 > S-20001118NC9908
NC9909Travel Air 20001119NC9909
NC9910Travel Air 20001120NC9910
NC9911Travel Air 20001121NC9911
NC9912Travel Air 2000 > 40001122NC9912Parks Air College
NC9913Travel Air A-6000-A1078NC9913
NC9914Travel Air 6000-B > S-6000-B1079NC9914 X-BAFESold Mexico
NC9915Travel Air B9-40001101NC9915 XB-ACYSold Mexico
NC9916Travel Air B9-4000 > 4-D1102NC9916
NC9917Travel Air B9-40001103NC9917
NC9918Travel Air E-40001104NC9918
NC9919Travel Air 2000 > S-20001109NC9919
NC9920Travel Air 2000 > C-40001110C9920
NC9921Travel Air B-40001065NC9921
NC9922Travel Air W-40001066NC9922
NC9923Travel Air W-4000 > 40001067NC9923
NC9924Travel Air W-40001068NC9924
NC9925Travel Air W-40001069NC9925
NC9926Travel Air 6000-B > S-6000-B1071NC9926
NC9927Travel Air 6000-B > S-6000-B1074NC9927
NC9928Travel Air 20001111NC9928
NC9929Travel Air 6000-B1080NC9929
NC9930Travel Air 6000-B > S-6000-B1081NC9930Delta AS>Southern Fast Air Express
NC9931Travel Air 6000-B > S-6000-B1082NC9931
NC9932Travel Air 6000-B > S-6000-B1083NC9932
NC9933Travel Air A-6000-A1084NC9933Northwest AW (fn 46)
NC9934Travel Air 6000 > S-6000-B1089NC9934
NC9935Travel Air 6000-B1087NC9935
NC9936Travel Air S-6000-B1088NC9936
NC9937Travel Air 6000-B1086NC9937
NC9938Travel Air 6000-B > S-6000-B1085NC9938
NC9939Travel Air 2000 > A-40001123NC9939
NC9940Travel Air 20001124NC9940
NC9941Travel Air 2000 > 40001125NC9941
NC9942Travel Air 20001126NC9942
NC9943Travel Air 2000 > D-40001127NC9943
NC9944Travel Air S-2000 > 2000 > 40001128NC9944
NC9945Travel Air 2000 > 30001129NC9945
NC9946Travel Air 20001130NC9946
NC9947Travel Air 2000 > 30001131NC9947
NC9948Travel Air 20001132NC9948
NC9949Travel Air 2000 > 40001133NC9949
NC9950Knoll KN-3204NC9950
NC9951Bowlby Sunbeam (Velie)101 ?NC9951Wichita KS
NC9952Travel Air E-40001150NC9952
NC9953Travel Air BE-4000 > E-40001151NC9953
NC9954Travel Air BE-4000 > E-40001157NC9954
NC9955Travel Air E-40001153NC9955
NC9956Travel Air BE-40001154NC9956
NC9957Travel Air BE-4000 > E-40001155NC9957
NC9958Travel Air BE-4000 > E-40001156NC9958
NC9959Travel Air BE-4000 > E-40001158C9959
NC9960Travel Air BE-4000 > E-40001159NC9960
NC9961Travel Air B9-4000 > 4-D Special1160NC9961
NC9962Travel Air K-40001161NC9962
NC9963Travel Air K-4000 > 4-U > 40001162NC9963Cv to 4-U by Timm