Civil Aircraft Register - United States
Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate/Comments
NC9000Funk B2NX90 NC9000
NC9001Travel Air 2000802NC9001
NC9002Travel Air 2000803NC9002
NC9003Travel Air 2000804NC9003
NC9004Travel Air 2000805NC9004
NC9005Travel Air S-2000 > 2000806NC9005
NC9006Travel Air W-4000807NC9006
NC9007Travel Air W-4000808NC9007
NC9008Travel Air S-2000820NC9008
NC9009Travel Air 2000810NC9009
NC9010Travel Air 2000811NC9010
NC9011Travel Air 2000812NC9011
NC9012Travel Air 2000813NC9012
NC9013Travel Air 6000814NC9013 XB-AHJSold Mexico
NC9014Travel Air 6000815C9014BraniffModel A-6000-A?
NC9015Travel Air A-6000816NC9015Wallace Beery
NC9016Travel Air W-4000817NC9016
NC9017Travel Air A-4000 > 4000 > 4-U818X9017Cv to 4-U by Timm
NC9018Travel Air 2000819NC9018
NC9019Travel Air 2000822NC9019
NC9020Travel Air 2000809NC9020
NC9021Travel Air 2000 > 4000821NC9021
NC9022Travel Air 2000824NC9022
NC9023Travel Air 3000825NC9023
NC9024Travel Air S-2000 > 2000826NC9024
NC9025Travel Air 2000827NC9025
NC9026Wilson Cadet (Blue Streak)C-1NC9026Wichita
NC9027Travel Air 2000 > S-2000828NC9027
NC9028Travel Air 2000829NC9028
NC9029Travel Air 2000830NC9029
NC9030Travel Air 2000831NC9030
NC9031Travel Air 2000832NC9031Air Carriage Inc/Chicago
NC9032Travel Air 2000 > 4000833NC9032
NC9033Travel Air 2000834NC9033
NC9034Travel Air 2000835NC9034
NC9035Travel Air 2000836NC9035
NC9036Travel Air 4000837NC9036
NC9037Travel Air 6000 > S-6000-B838NC9037
NC9038Travel Air 6000839NC9038
NC9039Travel Air 2000852NC9039
NC9040Travel Air 4000 > D-40008809040
NC9041Travel Air 2000 > S-2000 > 3000842NC9041
NC9042Travel Air 2000 > 4000843NC9042
NC9043Travel Air 2000844NC9043
NC9044Travel Air 2000845NC9044
NC9045Travel Air 2000846NC9045
NC9046Travel Air 2000 > S-2000 > 2000847NC9046
NC9047Travel Air 2000848NC9047
NC9048Travel Air W-4000849NC9048
NC9049Travel Air W-4000 > 4000850NC9049
NC9050Stearman C-3B198NC9050
NC9051Stearman M-21001C9051Varney AL/Portland '14'00.01.29
NC9052Stearman M-21002C9052Varney AL/Portland
NC9053Stearman M-21003C9053Varney AL/Portland
NC9054Stearman M-21004C9054Varney AL/Portland '17'
NC9055Stearman M-21005C9055Varney AL/Portland
NC9056Stearman C-3B197NC9056
NC9057Stearman C-3MB > C-3B205C9057American AW
NC9058Stearman C-3MB201C9058American AW
NC9059Stearman C-3MB210C9059
NC9060Stearman C-3MB211C9060
NC9061Stearman C-3MB212C9061American AW
NC9062Stearman C-3B > C-3MB157NC9062American AW
NC9063Stearman C-3B199NC9063
NC9064Stearman C-3B206NC9064
NC9065Stearman C-3B200NC9065
NC9066Stearman C-3B203NC9066
NC9067Stearman C-3B204NC9067 X-ABDCSold Mexico
NC9068Stearman C-3B209NC9068 X-ABDDCia Mexicana de Aviacion
NC9069Stearman C-3B213NC9069Cia Mexicana de Aviacion
NC9070Travel Air 2000851NC9070
NC9071Travel Air 2000853NC9071
NC9072Travel Air 2000854NC9072
NC9073Travel Air 2000855NC9073
NC9074Travel Air 2000 > S-2000856NC9074
NC9075Travel Air 2000857NC9075
NC9076Travel Air S-2000 > 2000 > 3000 > 4000 > E-4000858NC9076
NC9077Travel Air 2000859NC9077
NC9078Travel Air 6000860NC9078
NC9079Travel Air 3000 > E-4000861C9079
NC9080Travel Air 4000862NC9080
NC9081Travel Air 4000863NC9081 R-161 R-67 LV-DACSold Argentina 7.30
NC9082Travel Air A-6000-A840NC9082
NC9083Travel Air 6000 > S-6000-B864NC9083
NC9084Travel Air 6000 > S-6000-B865NC9084 N9084Phillips Petroleum Co
NC9085Travel Air 6000-B > S-6000-B866NC9085 XB-AJCSold Mexico
NC9086Travel Air 2000867NC9086
NC9087Travel Air 2000 > 4-U > J4-4000868NC9087
NC9088Travel Air 2000 > C-4000869NC9088 N9088Moore Aviation/Arizonacrop duster
NC9089Travel Air 2000 > 4-U870NC9089
NC9090Knoll KN-1100NC9090
NC9091Cessna AW151NC9091
NC9092Cessna AW152NC9092
NC9093Cessna AW153NC9093
NC9094Cessna AW154NC9094
NC9095Cessna AW155NC9095
NC9096Swallow F-281022NC9096
NC9097Swallow TP103NC9097
NC9098Swallow TP104NC9098
NC9099Swallow TP106NC9099
NC9100New Standard D-25111NC9100
NC9101New Standard D-25110NC9101
NC9102New Standard D-24112NC9102
NC9103New Standard D-25120NC9103
NC9104Fairchild FC-2NC9104
NC9105Sikorsky S-38B114-4NC9105JC Willson >Obaro Corp >Despatch Corp00.00.29
NC9106Sikorsky S-38B114-5NC9106Pan American Petroleum Co 'Pan Am'00.00.29
NC9107Sikorsky S-38B114-6NC9107 C-46 F-46NYRBA >Pan American AW00.00.29To Colombia
NC9108Fairchild 71623NC9108British Guiana AS 'The Lotus'
NC9109Fairchild 71626NC9109Pennsylvania AL
NC9110Curtiss P-6 Hawk17NC9110Jess Bristow 1939 aerobatic mod
NC9111Fairchild 71624NC9111
NC9112Bird A1006NC9112
NC9113Ryan B-1 Brougham61NC9113
NC9114Fairchild 71628NC9114
NC9115Bird A1007NC9115
NC9116Fairchild 71629NC9116
NC9117Fairchild 71630NC9117 X-BAFJSold Mexico
NC9118New Standard D-25115>115ANC9118
NC9119New Standard D-25 > D-27122NC9119
NC9120Fairchild FC-2 > Model 51171NC9120
NC9121New Standard D-27114NC9121Clifford Ball /Pennsylvania AL
NC9122New Standard D-27116NC9122Clifford Ball /Pennsylvania AL
NC9123New Standard D-27117NC9123Clifford Ball /Pennsylvania ALAccident Pittsburgh PA 28.11.31
NC9124New Standard D-27118NC9124Clifford Ball /Pennsylvania AL
NC9125New Standard D-25121NC9125
NC9126New Standard D-25119NC9126
NC9127Fokker Super Universal845NC9127Universal AL >American AW00.04.29Crashed New Orleans 28.12.32
NC9128Fokker Super Universal846NC9128 X-BAHRUniversal AL >American AW00.04.29Sold Mexico (X-BAHR/S/T)
NC9129Fokker Super Universal847NC9129Universal AL >American AW >Cavender > CC Hughes >TP Fitzgerald >Atlantic Coast AW/Nicaragua00.04.29Crashed Bluefields Nicaragua 24.5.34
NC9130Fokker Super Universal848NC9130Universal AL00.04.29Dbf in hangar fire Chicago IL 25.06.30
NC9131Fokker Super Universal849NC9131Universal AL >Southern AT FS >TAT Flying Service >American AW >Southern Transcontinental AW >American AW (92) >DM Heywood00.05.29
NC9132Fokker Super Universal850NC9132 X-BAHSUniversal AL >Southern AT FS >TAT Flying Service >Southern Transcontinental AW >American AW (93)00.05.29Sold Mexico (X-BAHR/S/T)
NC9133Fokker Super Universal851NC9133Universal AL >American AW >LM Hunter >JF Conner >RW Benton00.05.29
NC9134Fokker Super Universal852NC9134 X-BAHTUniversal AL >Southern AT FS >TAT Flying Service >American AW00.05.29Sold Mexico (X-BAHR/S/T)
NC9135Fairchild 71631NC9135
NC9136Bird A1008NC9136
NC9137Sikorsky S-38B114-9RNC9137Pan American AW >American AW00.06.29To US Navy. Wfu c.32
NC9138Sikorsky S-38B114-11NC9138Colonial Western AW >Colonial AT >American AW00.00.29To Bolivia .35
NC9139Sikorsky S-38B > S-38C114-13NC9139Standard Oil Co >Sikorsky00.00.29Dismantled .32
NC9140Sikorsky S-38C114-14NC9140Andean National Corp /Colombia 'Ancol'00.00.29Crashed before delivery 6.29
NC9141Bird A > BK1009NC9141
NC9142Curtiss Thrush > Thrush JG-3C9142 NR9142
NC9143Sikorsky S-38B > S-38B Special114-7NC9143Curtiss Flying Service >Curtiss-Wright FS00.00.29To US Navy
NC9144Sikorsky S-38B114-8NC9144Curtiss Flying Service >Curtiss-Wright FS00.00.29
NC9145Fairchild 71632NC9145Dbf Dallas TX 7.12.29
NC9146Savoia Marchetti S-626202I-BBBY NC9146
NC9147Savoia Marchetti S-565603NC9147
NC9148Fairchild 71634NC9148
NC9149Travel Air 6000732NC9149
NC9150Fairchild 71635NC9150
NC9151Sikorsky S-38B114-10NC9151Pan American AW00.05.29To Bolivia .40
NC9152Fairchild 71633NC9152
NC9153Fairchild 71637NC9153
NC9154Fairchild 71 > 71A638NC9154American AWAccident Duncan OK 27.10.29
NC9155Fairchild 71639NC9155 XB-AALSold Mexico
NC9156Loening C-2C Air Yacht224NC9156Thompson Aeronautical >Pan American AW >Kohler Avn/Grand Rapids24.05.29
NC9157Loening C-2C Air Yacht225NC9157New York Suburban AL >Thompson Aeronautical >Transamerican AW20.05.29
NC9158Loening C-2C Air Yacht232NC9158Gorst FS29.06.29Crashed into water en route Bremerton - Seattle
NC9159Loening C-2C Air Yacht221NC9159Marshall Field01.05.29
NC9160Loening C-2C Air Yacht229NC9160Pittsburgh Aircraft Agency Corp13.07.29Hit tug and dived into water Oakland Estuary 2.6.30
NC9161Fairchild FC-2172NC9161
NC9162Fairchild 71640NC9162
NC9163Stampe et Vertongen 18/100101NC9163Belgian-made
NC9164Bird A1010NC9164
NC9165Fokker F-10A1040NC9165
NC9166Fokker F-10A1037NC9166
NC9167Fokker F-10A1039NC9167American AW
NC9168Fokker Super Universal841NC9168Dixie Flying Service00.00.30
NC9169Fokker F-10A1038NC9169American AW
NC9170Fairchild 71 > 71A642NC9170Alaska AW >Pan American AWCrashed Eagle 6.1.34
NC9171Fairchild 71643NC9171
NC9172Fairchild 71644NC9172Alaska AW >Pan American AWCrashed 11.33
NC9173Fairchild 71645NC9173
NC9174Fairchild 71646NC9174
NC9175Aeromarine-Klemm AKL-258C9175
NC9176Aeromarine-Klemm AKL-25A9C9176
NC9177Aeromarine-Klemm AKL-2510C9177
NC9178Aeromarine-Klemm AKL-25 > 25A11C9178
NC9179Aeromarine-Klemm AKL-25A12C9179
NC9179Fernic FT-10NC9179
NC9180Aeromarine-Klemm AKL-25A13C9180
NC9181Bird A1011NC9181
NC9182Burnelli RB-1RB-2NC9182
NC9183Fairchild [41?>] 41A > 42NC9183
NC9183Fairchild FC-217NC9183questionable
NC9184Bird A > BK1013NC9184
NC9185Bird A1014NC9185
NC9186Bird A1012NC9186
NC9187Bird A1017NC9187
NC9188New Standard D-25127NC9188
NC9189New Standard D-25124NC9189
NC9190New Standard D-25 > D-25A135NC9190Alaskan AW/Fairbanks
NC9191New Standard D-25129NC9191
NC9192New Standard D-25126NC9192
NC9193New Standard D-25132NC9193Alaskan AW/Fairbanks
NC9194New Standard D-25133NC9194
NC9195New Standard D-29 > D-29A1001NC9195
NC9196New Standard D-25131NC9196
NC9197New Standard D-25134NC9197
NC9198Fairchild 71647NC9198 (CF-AOU)Fairchild Airplane Mfg Corp /NY
NC9199Fairchild 71648NC9199 (CF-AOV)Fairchild Airplane Mfg Corp /NY
NC9200Curtiss Robin B > C-1273NC9200
NC9201Curtiss Robin B274NC9201
NC9202Curtiss Robin B275NC9202
NC9203Curtiss Robin B277NC9203
NC9204Curtiss Robin B278NC9204
NC9205Curtiss Robin B279NC9205
NC9206Curtiss Robin C276NC9206
NC9207Curtiss Robin C280NC9207
NC9208Curtiss Robin B281NC9208
NC9209Curtiss Robin B282NC9209
NC9210Curtiss Robin B283NC9210
NC9211Curtiss Robin C284NC9211
NC9212Curtiss Robin B285NC9212
NC9213Curtiss Robin B286NC9213
NC9214Curtiss Robin B287NC9214
NC9215Curtiss Robin C288NC9215
NC9216Curtiss Robin B289NC9216
NC9217Curtiss Robin B > M290NC9217
NC9218Curtiss Robin B291NC9218
NC9219Curtiss Robin C292NC9219
NC9220Curtiss Robin B293NC9220
NC9221Curtiss Robin B294NC9221
NC9222Curtiss Robin B295NC9222
NC9223Curtiss Robin C296NC9223
NC9224Curtiss Robin B297NC9224
NC9225Curtiss Robin B298NC9225
NC9226Curtiss Robin B299NC9226
NC9227Curtiss Robin C300NC9227 X-ABDB XA-BDBSold Mexico
NC9228Curtiss Robin B301NC9228
NC9229Curtiss Robin C302NC9229
NC9230Ryan B-5 Brougham188C9230
NC9231Ryan B-5 Brougham189C9231 CF-AEVMahoney-Ryan Aircraft Corp /San DiegoSold Canada
NC9232Ryan B-5 Brougham190C9232
NC9233Ryan B-5 Brougham191C9233
NC9234Ryan B-5 Brougham192C9234National Airlines Systems00.00.34
NC9235Ryan B-5 Brougham193C9235
NC9236Ryan B-5 Brougham194C9236
NC9237Ryan B-5 Brougham195C9237
NC9238Ryan B-5 Brougham196C9238
NC9239Ryan B-5 Brougham197C9239
NC9240Ryan B-5 Brougham198NC9240
NC9241Curtiss Robin B303NC9241
NC9242Curtiss Robin C304NC9242
NC9243Curtiss Robin B >J-1305NC9243'Wrong Way' Corrigan
NC9244Curtiss Robin C306NC9244
NC9245Curtiss Robin B307NC9245
NC9246Curtiss Robin C308NC9246
NC9247Curtiss Robin B309NC9247
NC9248Curtiss Robin B313NC9248
NC9249Curtiss Robin B311NC9249
NC9250Curtiss Robin C-1312NC9250
NC9251Curtiss Robin C314NC9251
NC9252Curtiss Robin C316NC9252
NC9253Curtiss Robin B317NC9253
NC9254Curtiss Robin C-1318NC9254
NC9255Curtiss Robin B319NC9255
NC9256Curtiss Robin C-1320NC9256
NC9257Curtiss Robin B > M321NC9257
NC9258Curtiss Robin C322NC9258
NC9259Curtiss Robin B323NC9259
NC9260Curtiss Robin C324NC9260
NC9261Curtiss Robin C326NC9261
NC9262Curtiss Robin C-2327NC9262
NC9263Curtiss Robin C328NC9263
NC9264Curtiss Robin B325NC9264
NC9265Curtiss Robin B > M329NC9265
NC9266Curtiss Robin C-2330NC9266
NC9267Curtiss Robin B331NC9267
NC9268Curtiss Robin C332NC9268
NC9269Curtiss Robin B333NC9269
NC9270Curtiss Robin C334NC9270
NC9271Curtiss Robin B335NC9271
NC9272Curtiss Robin C-1336NC9272
NC9273Curtiss Robin C-2338NC9273
NC9274Curtiss Robin C-1340NC9274
NC9275Curtiss Robin C-1 > C-2344NC9275
NC9276Curtiss Robin C-1 > C-2360NC9276
NC9277Curtiss Robin C-1348NC9277
NC9278Curtiss Robin C-1350NC9278
NC9279Curtiss Robin C-1352NC9279 R-259 LV-SBA LV-FBMSold Argentina 6.34
NC9280Curtiss Robin C-1354NC9280
NC9281Curtiss Robin C-1356NC9281
NC9282Curtiss Robin C-1358NC9282
NC9283Curtiss Robin B337NC9283
NC9284Curtiss Robin B339NC9284
NC9285Curtiss Robin B341NC9285
NC9286Curtiss Robin B343NC9286
NC9287Curtiss Robin B345NC9287
NC9288Curtiss Robin B347NC9288
NC9289Curtiss Robin B349NC9289
NC9290Curtiss Robin B351NC9290
NC9291Curtiss Robin C-1362NC9291
NC9292Curtiss Robin C-1364NC9292
NC9293Curtiss Robin C-1366NC9293
NC9294Curtiss Robin C-1368NC9294
NC9295Parks P-22951NC9295
NC9296Curtiss Robin B353NC9296
NC9297Curtiss Robin B355NC9297
NC9298Curtiss Robin B357NC9298
NC9299Curtiss Robin B359NC9299
NC9300Curtiss JN-6H37968NC9300
NC9301Lincoln SportLS-1928NC9301
NC9302Heath Super Parasol123NC9302
NC9303Standard J-1999-BNC9303
NC9304Metal Flamingo G-2-H3NC9304United States AW/Kansas Cityc/n 8 in Aerofiles
NC9305DH.60X Moth626G-EBXP G-CAXP NC9305TR Smith /San Diego >TC Ryan Aeronautical Corp /San Diego00.00.30
NC9306Curtiss JN-4D4579NC9306
NC9307Hallas Monoplane (Velie)1 ?NC9307Northville MI
NC9308Irwin LW-3 (Hisso)116NC9308
NC9309Locomotive Biplane (J-5)1 ?NC9309Barrington IL
NC9310Linley-Benson-Pingston LBP Sport (Anzani)M-3 ?NC9310Fordson MI
NC9311Nicholas-Beazley NB-313NC9311
NC9312Nicholas-Beazley NB-3149312
NC9313Nicholas-Beazley NB-3159313
NC9314Nicholas-Beazley NB-3 > NB-3P169314 X9314Marshall FS
NC9315Nicholas-Beazley NB-3179315
NC9316Nicholas-Beazley NB-318C9316
NC9317Nicholas-Beazley NB-319NC9317
NC9318Nicholas-Beazley NB-3 > NB-3V20NR9318
NC9319Nicholas-Beazley NB-321C9319
NC9320Nicholas-Beazley NB-322C9320
NC9321Nicholas-Beazley NB-323NC9321
NC9322Nicholas-Beazley NB-324NC9322
NC9323Curtiss JN-4D44307NC9323
NC9324Arrow Sport340NC9324
NC9325Arrow Sport341NC9325
NC9326Arrow Sport342NC9326
NC9327Arrow Sport343NC9327
NC9328Arrow Sport344NC9328
NC9329Arrow Sport345NC9329
NC9330Arrow Sport346NC9330
NC9331Arrow Sport347NC9331
NC9332Arrow Sport348NC9332
NC9333Arrow Sport 349NC9333
NC9334Arrow Sport350NC9334
NC9335Arrow Sport351NC9335
NC9336Arrow Sport352NC9336
NC9337Arrow Sport353NC9337
NC9338Arrow Sport354NC9338
NC9339Arrow Sport355NC9339
NC9340Arrow Sport356NC9340
NC9341Arrow Sport357NC9341
NC9342Arrow Sport358NC9342
NC9343Arrow Sport359NC9343
NC9344Curtiss Carrier PigeonK-5015-4C30 NR9344
NC9345DH.60GM Gipsy Moth28NC9345
NC9346DH.60GM Gipsy Moth29NC9346
NC9347DH.60GM Gipsy Moth30NC9347
NC9348DH.60GM Gipsy Moth31NC9348
NC9349DH.60GM Gipsy Moth32NC9349
NC9350DH.4M1ET-3NC9350Edgar Tobin rebuild
NC9351Wilber gliderNC9351
NC9352McConnell Monoplane (Lawrance)M-1 ?NC9352San Jose
NC9353Southern Air BossNC9353
NC9354Kreutzer K-3 Air Coach > K-5104NC9354 ABD-21Sold Guatemala
NC9355Szekely Flying Dutchman10NC9355
NC9356Szekely Flying Dutchman11NC9356
NC9357Mohawk MLB115NC9357
NC9358Coffman Model 3NC9358
NC9359Standard J-11231NC9359
NC9360Hegy-Zunker1 ?NC9360Hartford WImodified Heath Parasol
NC9361Doyle O-2 OrioleA-6NC9361
NC9362Doyle O-2S OrioleA-7NC9362
NC9363Curtiss OrioleNC9363
NC9364Horner Monoplane (Henderson)H-1 ?NC9364Los Angeles
NC9365Irwin MT-21subNC9365
NC9366Heath-Russell MonoplaneNC9366
NC9367Arrow Sport360NC9367
NC9368Arrow Sport361NC9368
NC9369Arrow Sport362NC9369
NC9370Arrow Sport363NC9370
NC9371Arrow Sport364NC9371
NC9372Arrow Sport365NC9372
NC9373Arrow Sport366NC9373
NC9374Arrow Sport367NC9374
NC9375Arrow Sport368 > 370NC9375
NC9376Arrow Sport369NC9376
NC9376Taylor E-2 Cub72NC9376
NC9377Arrow Sport370 ?NC9377Not built?
NC9377Taylor E-2 Cub73NC9377
NC9378Arrow Sport371 ?NC9378Not built?
NC9379Arrow Sport372NC9379Not built?
NC9379Fairchild 22C-7F1700NC9379
NC9380Alexander Eaglerock A-2683NC9380
NC9381Arrow Sport373 ?NC9381Not built?
NC9381Heath Parasol VD-16669CNC9381
NC9382Arrow Sport374 ?NC9382Not built?
NC9382Collier C-4 (Indian)X-18 ?NC9382Wilmington DE
NC9383Arrow Sport375 ?NC9383Not built?
NC9383Fairchild 22C-7E1601NC9383
NC9384Arrow Sport376 ?NC9384Not built?
NC9384Fairchild 24C-8A2514NC9384
NC9385Arrow Sport377 ?NC9385Not built?
NC9385Fairchild 24C-8A2515NC9385
NC9386Arrow Sport378 ?NC9386Not built?
NC9386Fairchild 24C-8A2516NC9386
NC9387Arrow Sport379 ?NC9387Not built?
NC9387Fairchild 24C-8A2517NC9387
NC9388Arrow Sport380 ?NC9388Not built?
NC9388Fairchild 24C-8A2518NC9388
NC9389Arrow Sport381 ?NC9389Not built?
NC9389Fairchild 24C-8A2519NC9389
NC9390Arrow Sport382 ?NC9390Not built?
NC9390Fairchild 24C-8A2520NC9390
NC9391Arrow Sport383 ?NC9391Not built?
NC9391Fairchild 24C-8A2521NC9391
NC9392Arrow Sport384 ?NC9392Not built?
NC9392Fairchild 22C-7E1602NC9392
NC9393Arrow Sport385 ?NC9393Not built?
NC9393Fairchild 22C-7E1603NC939300.01.34
NC9394Arrow Sport386 ?NC9394Not built?
NC9394Fairchild 22C-7E1604NC9394
NC9395Arrow Sport387 ?NC9395Not built?
NC9395Fairchild 22C-7E1605NC939500.02.34
NC9396Arrow Sport388 ?NC9396Not built?
NC9396Fairchild 22C-7E1606NC9396
NC9397Arrow Sport389 ?NC9397Not built?
NC9397Fairchild 24C-8A2522NC9397
NC9398Curtiss Oriole342NC9398
NC9399Alliance Argo103NC9399
NC9400Cocke-Stott gliderNC9400
NC9401NC9401allocated to Hawaii
NC9402NC9402allocated to Hawaii
NC9403NC9403allocated to Hawaii
NC9404Heath Super Parasol1-GTBNC9404
NC9405Belcher (Heath)GTB-2 ?NC9405Honolulu
NC9406NC9406allocated to Hawaii
NC9407NC9407allocated to Hawaii
NC9408NC9408allocated to Hawaii
NC9409Territory of Taylor (LeBlond)1 ?NC9409T Taylor/Honolulu
NC9410Southern Air BossNC9410
NC9411Southern Air BossNC9411
NC9412Simplex K2S Red Arrow > W2S29NC9412
NC9413Great Lakes 2T1GL-69413
NC9414Lincoln-Page PT305C9414
NC9415Lincoln-Page PT306C9415
NC9416Inland S-300 Sport > S-300ES-302NC9416
NC9417Heath-Anderson211P ?NC9417Chicago
NC9418Standard J-121subNC9418
NC9419Laird LC-R300179NC9419
NC9420Curtiss JN-4D0775subNC9420
NC9421Standard J-1WSS-1NC9421
NC9422Bernard 191 GR2908.2NC9422 F-AJGPFrench built
NC9423Doyle O-2 OrioleA-8NC9423
NC9424Lockheed 5B Vega78NC9424US Air Transport >Washington-New York AL >Washington FS >Pan American Grace AW (P14)00.05.29Accident Lima Peru 08.05.35
NC9425Fleet 169NC9425
NC9426Fleet 1 > Fleet 270NC9426
NC9427Fleet 172NC9427
NC9428Fleet 1 > Fleet 284NC9428
NC9429Fleet 177NC9429 X-BACFSold Mexico
NC9430Fleet 178NC9430
NC9431Fleet 179NC9431
NC9432Fleet 180NC9432
NC9433Fleet 281NC9433
NC9434Fleet 282NC9434
NC9435Fleet 283NC9435Crashed Escuintla 8.8.30
NC9436Fleet 176NC9436
NC9437Fleet 185NC9437
NC9438Fleet 286NC9438
NC9439Fleet 188NC9439
NC9440Fleet 287NC9440
NC9441Fleet 289NC9441
NC9442Fleet 190NC9442
NC9443Fleet 291NC9443
NC9444Fleet 1 > Fleet 292NC9444 NPC-To Philippines 5.39
NC9445General 102A Aristocrat12C9445General Tire & Rubber Co00.00.29
NC9446General 102A Aristocrat13C9446General Tire & Rubber Co00.00.29
NC9447General 102A Aristocrat14C9447General Tire & Rubber Co00.00.29
NC9448General 102A Aristocrat15C9448General Tire & Rubber Co00.00.29
NC9449General 102A Aristocrat16C944900.00.29
NC9450Szekely Flying Dutchman12 > 12BNC9450
NC9451Szekely Flying Dutchman13NC9451
NC9452Szekely Flying Dutchman14NC9452
NC9453Szekely Flying Dutchman15NC9453
NC9454Szekely Flying Dutchman16NC9454
NC9455Szekely Flying Dutchman17NC9455
NC9456Szekely Flying Dutchman18NC9456
NC9457Heath Super Parasol129NC9457
NC9458Heath Super Parasol130NC9458
NC9459Heath Super Parasol131NC9459
NC9460Bourdon Kitty Hawk B-48NC9460
NC9461Great Lakes 2T17C9461
NC9462Great Lakes 2T18C9462
NC9463Great Lakes 2T19NC9463
NC9464Great Lakes 2T110NC9464
NC9465Heath Super Parasol125062NC9465
NC9466Stearman-Dezin (OX-5)20-HNC9466
NC9467Heath Parasol101subNC9467
NC9468Heath Super Parasol18NC9468
NC9469Blackhawk Flying Club (C-6)1 ?NC9469Elgin IL
NC9470Curtiss JN-4DC-2subNC9470
NC9472Irwin MT-2NC9472
NC9474Heath Parasol 2246subNC9474
NC9475Airhoppers glider1929 ?NC9475NY
NC9476Standard J-1176NC9476
NC9477Arrow Sport390 ? NC9477Not built?