Civil Aircraft Register - China

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
EU-IJunkers W33 c2545D-1696 EU-I(1)Eurasia04.02.31Crashed Lanchow 26.08.32
EU-IJunkers W34 gi2738D-5 EU-I(2)Eurasia31.05.33Crashed Lanchow 4.7.35
EU-IIJunkers W33 d2560D-1827 EU-II(1)Eurasia04.02.31Shot down at Lanchow over Mongolia 02.07.31
EU-IIJunkers W34 gi2739D-7 EU-II(2)Eurasia > CATCO Chung No.1631.05.33Crashed at Lanchow 5.33 repaired and finally written off .45
EU-IIIJunkers F130746D-436 EU-III(1)Eurasia02.03.31Forced landing nr Shanghai 15.12.32 [EU-IV in some sources]
EU-IIIJunkers W34 gi2737D-4 (EU-III)Eurasia00.04.33Crashed prior to delivery flight at Traunstein 4.33
EU-IIIJunkers W34 gi2743D-2535 EU-III(2)Eurasia04.09.33Crashed at Lanchow 22.2.35
EU-IIIJunkers W342763D-3118 D-UKAM EU-III(3)Eurasia25.03.35Crashed at Canton 11.5.35
EU-IVJunkers F130747D-600 EU-IVEurasia02.03.31Crashed near Shanghai 12.32 Abandoned Shanghai 17.08.37 [EU-III in some sources]
EU-VJunkers W33 d2561D-1839 ISLAND-I D-OFEZ EU-V(1) D-OFEZEurasia19.06.32To Hansa Flugdienst .35
EU-VJunkers W34 hi2746D-2478 D-UPOL EU-V(2)Eurasia11.03.35Crashed at Sian 27.11.35
EU-VIJunkers W33 d2563D-1855 EU-VI(1)Eurasia16.07.32Crashed at Sian 1.9.32
EU-VIJunkers W34 hi2830EU-VI(2)Eurasia > CNAC25.06.35Impressed 7.37 Destroyed during Japanese Air Raid at Hong Kong 12.41
EU-VIIJunkers W33 d2564D-1894 ISLAND-I EU-VIIEurasia23.02.33Impressed Chinese AF 7.37. Destoyed by Japanese bombing Hong Kong 8.12.41
EU-VIIIJunkers W33 c2543D-1695 EU-VIIIEurasia17.03.33Destroyed by Japanese air raid at Shanghai 15.8.37
EU-XVJunkers Ju52/3m5329D-ANYK EU-XV XT-ABEEurasia 'Shuchou'11.09.35Destroyed by Japanese bombing Kweilin 11.12.41
EU-XVIJunkers Ju160 A-04215D-UVUX EU-XVIEurasia03.10.35Crashed at Shanghai 12.35 but to Germany 3.36 to Luftwaffe
EU-XVIIJunkers Ju52/3m5104D-AGES EU-XVIIEurasia 'Lanchou'24.10.35Strafed by Japanese and dbf Hanchung 6.5.39
EU-XVIIIJunkers Ju52/3m5294D-AMAK EU-XVIIIEurasia29.12.35Destroyed Kunming 1.8.37
EU-XIXJunkers Ju52/3mge5472D-AGEI EU-XIX XT-ATA?Eurasia 'Chengtu'>CATC19.7.36Accident Hong Kong 8.12.41 To CATC 3.43
EU-XXJunkers Ju52/3m5502D-ALUE EU-XXEurasia11.03.37Destroyed during air raid at Chengtu 30.12.40
EU-XXIJunkers Ju52/3mge5087D-ASEV EU-XXIEurasia27.05.37Crashed Hankow 16.7.38
EU-XXIIJunkers Ju52/3m4069D-ABIK EU-XXIIEurasia 'Chungking'14.03.38Destroyed by Japanese bombing Hong Kong 8.12.41 [possibly c/n 4068 ex D-ABIZ]
EU-XXIIIJunkers Ju52/3mge4074D-ASIS EU-XXIIIEurasia 'Chiaotung 1'06.09.38Crashed Weining 12.3.39
EU-XXIVJunkers Ju52/3m4072D-AMIP EU-XXIV XT-AGEEurasia 'Hami'26.08.37Crashlanded at Sian. Destroyed by Japanese bombing Hong Kong 8.12.41
EU-XXVJunkers Ju52/3mte6014D-ASFD EU-XXVEurasia10.10.40Shot down at Kunming during delivery flight China 26.10.40