Note that where a date is shown against a location, i.e. NWAfrica, Malta etc, this is generally the date of a census or return. The aircraft had invariably arrived at that location prior to this date. The exception is when the location appears immediatly after the name of a ship, in which case it is the port/country and date the vessel docked.

Dates recorded in respect of damage are often the date of survey. The accident or incident may have occurred a day or more earlier. Where an accident report or ORB reference is available I have corrected many dates to reflect the date of the actual incident.

Accident entries generally follow the format [description] [place] [damage category] [date] [pilot] [injury].

Entries in square brackets refer to errors or suspect entries contained in official documents or other sources, or are my comments.

Ship names are shown in inverted commas. Note that many ships used code numbers. For example the Operation Torch ships used code numbers in the R.600 series. Code names such as 'Bluff' and 'Hamble' were also used, in this case referring to the destination rather than ship name. 'Hapmat' was the code word for deliveries to the USSR.

The column headings used in the production summary are:

PageCross reference to the web page containing individual aircraft histories
Serial rangeThe start and end serial of each batch. Note that during the war the RAF used  'blackout blocks' within serial ranges in order to disguise the true number of aircraft produced.  Consequently each batch contained blocks of unused serials
QtyThe quantity of aircraft in the range
FacThe factory where the aircraft were produced:
AST(H)Air Service Training (Hamble)
CBCastle Bromwich
COCunliffe Owen
PPPhillips & Powis South Marston (Vickers from 1 April 1943)
ContractThe contract number
CommentsDetails of cancelled batches and other comments

The column headings used in the detailed production list are:

SerialCross reference to the web page containing individual aircraft histories
MarkMark number. Principal prefixes and suffixes used were:
LFLow level fighter
LRLong range tanks fitted
HFHigh level fighter
PRPhoto reconnaissance
aEight machine guns
bFour machine guns and two cannon
cUniversal wing (either machine gun or cannon)
eTwo 20mm cannon + 0.5in machine guns
TTropical version
c/nConstruction number, where known. Generally this is the number appearing in the Supermarine 'production ledger' held by the RAF Museum. This ledger runs to December 1943 and most likely records the works number. The ledger contains some errors, which have been corrected in this list.
FacThe factory where the aircraft was completed/airfield where test flown:
ASTAir Service Training
BHM24Birmingham (CBAF postcode)
CBAFCastle Bromwich Aircraft Factory
CHAChattis Hill
COACunliffe Owen
HPAHigh Post
MMOMorris Motors Oxford
MorrisMorris Motors (CBAF)
PPPhillips & Powis
PPSMPhillips & Powis South Marston
R-RRolls Royce Hucknall (Mk V to IX conversions)
SMPhillips & Powis South Marston
VAHPkVickers Armstrong Hursley Park
WDAWorthy Down Airfield
EngineThe engine model. M=Merlin G=Griffon
HistoryThe unit and squadron history, and fate of the aircraft. Refer to the abbreviations below for an explanation of terms.

Units referred to in the production list:

AAEEAeroplane & Armament Experimental Establishment
AASAir Armament School
ABGSAir Bombing and Gunnery School
ACSEAAir Command South East Asia
ADAircraft Depot
ADFAircraft Delivery Flight
ADUAircraft Delivery Unit
AFDUAir Fighting Development Unit
AFSAdvanced Flying School
AGSAir Gunners School
AHQAirfield Headquarters
ANSAir Navigation School
APCArmament Practice Camp
APSArmament Practice Station
APUAircraft Preparation Unit
ASPAir Stores Park
ASRAir Sea Rescue
ASTAir Service Training
ATAAir Transport Auxiliary
BSDUBomber Support Development Unit
CAACUCivilian Anti-Aircraft Co-Operation Unit
CACFCoast Artillery Co-Operation Flight/Unit
CFECentral Fighter Establishment
CGSCentral Gunnery School
CMUCivil Maintenance Unit
CROCivilian Repair Organisation
CRSCentral Radio School
CRUCivilian Repair Unit
CTUCombat Training Unit
CUConversion Unit
EPEquipment Park
FFSFire Fighting School
FPFerry Pool (ATA)
FPPFerry Pilots Pool Organisation
FRSFlying Refresher School
FS/FGFighter Squadron/Fighter Group (USAAF)
FTSFlying Training School
FTUFerry Training & Aircraft Despatch Unit
FUFerry Unit
GCFGroup Communication Flight
GDCGroup Disbandment Centre
GPGroup Pool
GSUGroup Support Unit
HALHeston Aircraft Ltd
HCUHeavy Conversion Unit
LMSLondon Midland and Scottish Railway (repair depot)
MECCUMiddle East Check and Conversion Unit
MUMaintenance Unit
OADUOverseas Aircraft Despatch Unit
OCUOperational Conversion Unit
OTUOperational Training Unit
PAFU(Pilots) Advanced Flying Unit
PATPPacked Aircraft Transit Pool
PDUPhotographic Development Unit
PRFU(Pilot) Refresher Flying Unit
PRUPhotographic Reconnaissance Unit
RAAFRoyal Australian Air Force
RAERoyal Aircraft Establishment
REAFRoyal Egyptian Air Force
RHAFRoyal Hellenic Air Force
R-RHRolls Royce Hucknall
ROSRepair On Site Parties (Came under the control of MU's)
RSURepair & Salvage Sections/Units
SAAFSouth African Air Force
SCSalvage Centre
SEU/SEPSpecial Erection Unit/Party (Gibraltar)
SGRSchool Of General Reconnaissance
SLGSatellite Landing Grounds
SOTTSchool Of Technical Training
SPStaging Post
SUServicing Unit
TAF2nd Tactical Air Force
TEUTactical Exercise Units

RAF Squadron to French Squadron cross-ref:

326SqGC 2/7 'Nice'
327SqGC 1/3 'Corse'
328SqGC 1/7 'Provence'
329SqGC 1/2 'Cicognes'
340SqGC 4/2 'Ile de France'
341SqGC 3/2 'Alsace'
345SqGC 2/2 'Berry'


F/OFlying Officer
1/OFirst Officer (ATA)
S/OSecond Officer (ATA)
W/OWarrant Officer

Other abbreviations:

1 2 3 4Damage categories
AC CA CB CEDamage categories
AW/CNAwaiting collection
bbocBrought back on charge
berBeyond economic repair
dbfDestroyed by fire
DoIDied of injuries
DoWDied of wounds
e/fEngine failure
FAFlying accident (followed by Damage Category: CE = Writeoff)
FFFirst flew
FHFlying hours
f/lForced landing
FTRFailed to return
GAGround accident (followed by category)
GDAGroup Deposit Account (accounting transfer when aircraft damaged and taken off the books of the squadron)
LSLiner Service (when preceding ship code)
miMajor inspection
mrMajor repair
neaNon effective aircraft
PoWPrisoner of War
PSOCPresumed struck off charge
RAAARepaired and awaiting allotment
RNDARoyal Naval Deposit Account
riwRepaired in works
rosRepaired on site
rtp/rtsReduced to parts/spares
ser injSeriously injured
sasServicing Aircraft Section
slt injSlightly injured
SOCStruck off (RAF) Charge