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This page is simply an index to names appearing in the main database of Officers and aircrew, to enable search engines to find this site. The full database contains multiple detailed entries for each individual and provides a reference to other sources of information.

The database is in the process of compilation, but preliminary data can be accessed here.

Initials + SurnameFirst Names + Surname
ANB Oabert
BC OadesBenjamin Charles Oades
LA OadesLeonard Augustus Oades
SA OadesSidney A Oades
SA OadesSydney Arthur Oades
AW OakdenAlfred William Oakden
GM OakdenGeorge Marshall Oakden
RW Oakden
D Oake
A OakesArthur Oakes
CH Oakes
EF OakesEdward Francis Oakes
GH Oakes
HA Oakes
J OakesJames Oakes
JJ OakesJohn Joseph Oakes
JPR OakesJohn Percy Roland Oakes
R Oakes
RC OakesRobert Claude Oakes
RF Oakes
TO OakesThomas Owen Oakes
WH OakesWilliam H Oakes
GM OakeshottGeoffrey Morris Oakeshott
L Oakeshott
LE OakeshottLeonard England Oakeshott
QdL OakeyQ de L Oakey
WH OakeyWesley Howard Oakey
AF Oakley
AW OakleyAlbert William Oakley
BA OakleyBrian Arthur Oakley
C OakleyCharles Oakley
CHG Oakley
DH OakleyDenis Hempleman Oakley
F OakleyFrederick Oakley
FE OakleyFrancis Elsworth Oakley
FJ OakleyFrederick J Oakley
GW OakleyGeorge William Oakley
H OakleyHarold Oakley
HW OakleyHarold Walter Oakley
JH OakleyJames H Oakley
JT OakleyJoseph T Oakley
MF OakleyMaurice Ford Oakley
PA OakleyPeter A Oakley
RC OakleyRobert C Oakley
RF OakleyRalph Frederick Oakley
RS OakleyRobert Swinburne Oakley
W OakleyWalter Oakley
WE OakleyWilliam Edward Oakley
WEB OakleyWilliam Edward Bowen Oakley
WG OakmanWilliam G Oakman
HA OaksHarold Anthony Oaks
GM OakshottGeoffrey Morris Oakshott
LE Oakshott
J OastlerJoseph Oastler
F OatenFrederick Oaten
A OatesAlbert Oates
CR Oates
EO OatesEdgar O Oates
GE OatesGeorge Edwin Oates
GNP OatesGeorge Nugent Peregrine Oates
GR OatesGeorge Richard Oates
H OatesHarold Oates
H OatesHarry Oates
H OatesHerbert Oates
HC OatesHenry Collister Oates
J Oates
P OatesPercy Oates
SA Oates
WA OatesWalter Alexander Oates
WH OatleyWilliam Henry Oatley
E O'BeeErnest O'Bee
AJL O'BeirneArthur James Lewis O'Beirne
AJS O'Beirne
FH O'BeirneFrederick Harvey O'Beirne
FHC O'BeirneFrederick Harvey Cooper O'Beirne
J O'Beirne
JEM O'Beirne
JI O'BeirneJames Ingram O'Beirne
JIM O'BeirneJohn Ingram Mullanniffe O'Beirne
JM O'Beirne
R O'Beirne
CF OberhauzerClarence Frederick Oberhauzer
O OberhuberOscar Oberhuber
OE Ober-HuberOscar Edward Ober-Huber
GW Oberlin
CR OberstClair Rutherford Oberst
T O'BoyleThomas O'Boyle
CVDB O'BrennenCharles Van Den Brock O'Brennen
CL O'BrianColin Lewis O'Brian
AHK O'BrienAdrian Helyar Knopp O'Brien
AK O'BrienAdrian Knapps O'Brien
AKH O'Brien
ASH O'BrienAlan Spencer Hurley O'Brien
BTP O'BrienBertram Thomas Patrick O'Brien
CG O'BrienClarence Gerald O'Brien
CJ O'Brien
CR O'BrienCharles Roland O'Brien
CW O'BrienCharles William O'Brien
D O'BrienDenis O'Brien
D O'BrienHon Desmond O'Brien
D O'BrienHonourable Desmond O'Brien
D O'BrienThe Hon Desmond O'Brien
D O'BrienThe Hon. Desmond O'Brien
DJA O'BrienDavid Joseph Aloysius O'Brien
EJC O'BrienEdward James Clement O'Brien
F O'Brien
FA O'BrienFrancis Albert O'Brien
GMF O'BrienGarrett Michail Farrelly O'Brien
GS O'BrienGeoffrey Stuart O'Brien
GT O'BrienGerard Thomas O'Brien
HDS O'BrienHumphrey Donatus Stafford O'Brien
HJ O'BrienHerbert James O'Brien
HJK O'Brien
HSD O'Brien
I O'BrienIsaac O'Brien
J O'BrienJoseph O'Brien
JA O'BrienJoseph Andrew O'Brien
JG O'Brien
JJ O'BrienJoseph James O'Brien
JW O'BrienJoseph White O'Brien
M O'BrienMartin O'Brien
M O'BrienMichael O'Brien
MB O'BrienMaurice Barry O'Brien
P O'BrienPatrick O'Brien
P O'BrienPeter O'Brien
PA O'BrienPatrick A O'Brien
PA O'BrienPatrick Alva O'Brien
PE O'Brien
PJ O'BrienPatrick Joseph O'Brien
R O'BrienRaymond O'Brien
RH O'BrienRobert Henry O'Brien
STP O'Brien
T O'BrienThomas O'Brien
TD O'BrienTerence Donough O'Brien
TJ O'Brien
VJ O'Brien
W O'BrienWilliam O'Brien
WE O'BrienWilfred Edmund O'Brien
WJ O'Brien
AJ O'ByrneAndrew Joseph O'Byrne
AJO O'Byrne
JEG O'ByrneJohn Edward Gerald O'Byrne
CL O'CallaghanClement Loveridge O'Callaghan
GT O'CallaghanGerald Thomas O'Callaghan
M O'CallaghanMichael O'Callaghan
MA O'CallaghanMaurice Alexander O'Callaghan
T O'CallaghanTimothy O'Callaghan
AE O'CarrollAnthony Edward O'Carroll
EJ O'Carroll
WCL O'CarrollWalter Cormac Locke O'Carroll
FS OccomoreFrank Samuel Occomore
KWW OckendenKeith Wallace Wolfe Ockenden
TCA OckendenThomas C A Ockenden
WLW Ockenden
EO Ockerbury
EO OckerbyEdric Oswald Ockerby
CW O'ConnellCharles Wilson O'Connell
ER O'ConnellEdward Raymond O'Connell
ES O'Connell
G O'ConnellGeorge O'Connell
J O'ConnellJohn O'Connell
JH O'ConnellJames Henry O'Connell
JM O'ConnellJohn M O'Connell
JR O'ConnellJay Rutdledge O'Connell
MJ O'Connell
PM O'ConnellPatrick Maurice O'Connell
PM O'ConnellPatrick Morris O'Connell
W O'Connell
H O'Conner
AJ O'Connor
BH O'Connor
BNM O'Connor
C O'ConnorCharles O'Connor
CC O'Connor
CE O'ConnorCecil Edward O'Connor
CJ O'ConnorCharles Joseph O'Connor
CW O'ConnorCharles William O'Connor
DR O'ConnorDenis Roderick O'Connor
E O'Connor
EA O'ConnorEdmund Anthony O'Connor
EF O'Connor
ES O'ConnorEugene Stanislaus O'Connor
FH O'Connor
FJ O'Connor
FN O'Connor
FW O'Connor
GJ O'Connor
H O'ConnorHugh O'Connor
HA O'ConnorHarry Atkinson O'Connor
HJ O'ConnorHerbert John O'Connor
J O'ConnorJohn O'Connor
JB O'Connor
JF O'ConnorJoseph F O'Connor
JH O'Connor
JJ O'ConnorJoseph James O'Connor
JM O'ConnorJames Michael O'Connor
L O'ConnorLeo O'Connor
M O'ConnorMartin O'Connor
M O'ConnorMatthew O'Connor
MA O'ConnorMichael A O'Connor
O O'ConnorOwen O'Connor
P O'ConnorPatrick O'Connor
RV O'ConnorRoderick Vincent O'Connor
SA O'Connor
SCM O'ConnorSt Clair Mannering O'Connor
T O'ConnorThomas O'Connor
TB O'Connor
TH O'ConnorThomas Henry O'Connor
W O'ConnorWilliam O'Connor
WS O'ConnorWilliam Stanley O'Connor
EP O'Connor-Glyn
EP O'Connor-GlynnErnest Patrick O'Connor-Glynn
BJ O'Connor-HanstockBrendon John O'Connor-Hanstock
ECF O'Conor-FentonEdward Charles Faunce O'Conor-Fenton
J O'Crowley
W OdamWilliam Odam
BJP O'DayBrian James Patrick O'Day
ANB OdbertArthur Noel Burchall Odbert
RS OddRichard Sidney Odd
W OddeyWilliam Oddey
GJW OddieGeoffrey Jasper William Oddie
GS OddieGerard Stephen Oddie
JV Oddie
TV OddieThomas Venables Oddie
A OddyArthur Oddy
FR OddyFrank Roland Oddy
FR OddyFrank Rowland Oddy
A OdellArthur Odell
CW OdellCharles Walter Odell
E OdellErnest Odell
JH OdellJames Horace Odell
SA OdellStanley Arthur Odell
TM OdellThomas M Odell
W OdellWilliam Odell
A O'DellArthur O'Dell
W O'DellWalter O'Dell
FS OdgenFrederick Spencer Odgen
FAS OdgersFrederick Arthur Stanley Odgers
H OdleHarold Odle
A Odling
GV Odling
VG OdlingVere Gordon Odling
DGJ OdlumDrelincourt Gilchrist John Odlum
BA O'Donnell
BBJA O'DonnellBryan Bernard Joseph Aloysius O'Donnell
C O'Donnell
CA O'DonnellCharles Aloysius O'Donnell
CG O'Donnell
E O'Donnell
EC O'DonnellEdward Charles O'Donnell
F O'DonnellFrancis O'Donnell
GC O'DonnellGodfrey Cathbar O'Donnell
H O'DonnellHenry O'Donnell
HA O'DonnellHugh Anthony O'Donnell
HC O'DonnellHenry Claud O'Donnell
HD O'DonnellHenry Doyle O'Donnell
HM O'Donnell
HN O'DonnellHugh Neall O'Donnell
HN O'DonnellHugh Niall O'Donnell
J O'DonnellJohn O'Donnell
JC O'Donnell
JF O'Donnell
JL O'DonnellJohn Lawrence O'Donnell
JP O'DonnellJohn Peter O'Donnell
JW O'DonnellJohn Wilfred O'Donnell
M O'DonnellMichael O'Donnell
MCH O'DonnellMichael Casey Hugh O'Donnell
MJ O'Donnell
P O'DonnellPatrick O'Donnell
PE O'DonnellPhyllis Eileen O'Donnell
PJ O'DonnellParkyn Joseph O'Donnell
TP O'DonnellThomas Penswick O'Donnell
W O'DonnellWilliam O'Donnell
HN O'DonnellyHugh Nial O'Donnelly
ARE O'DonoghueAlbert Richard Edward O'Donoghue
J O'DonoghueJames O'Donoghue
J O'DonoghueJoseph O'Donoghue
JH O'DonoghueJames H O'Donoghue
RC O'Donoghue
W O'DonohoeWilliam O'Donohoe
W O'DonoughueWilliam O'Donoughue
FJ O'DonovanFitzgerald Joseph O'Donovan
HW O'DonovanHarold Willoughby O'Donovan
J O'DonovanJohn O'Donovan
RH O'DonovanRichard H O'Donovan
FB O'DowdFrancis Bernard O'Dowd
FBP O'DowdFrancis Bernard Patrick O'Dowd
J O'DowdJohn O'Dowd
FJ O'DriscollFrederick John O'Driscoll
JP O'Driscoll
JA Odston
AB O'DwyerAlleyn Bucher O'Dwyer
JEA O'DwyerJohn Emile Alexander O'Dwyer
M O'Dwyer
AG OeamAlfred George Oeam
St Oegger
FA OelmanFred A Oelman
EP OertelEric Philip Oertel
SH OertelSidney Hislop Oertel
L Oertling
LJF OertlingLewis John Francis Oertling
LJF OerttingLewis John Francis Oertting
WM Oesthuizen
AJJ O'FarrellAugustine John Joseph O'Farrell
EH O'Farrell
EHM O'FarrellErnest Harward Mayhew O'Farrell
GFP O'FarrellGershom Frederic Parkington O'Farrell
GR O'Farrell
NG O'FarrellNorah Grace O'Farrell
PTJ O'FarrellPatrick Theodore Joseph O'Farrell
W O'Farrell
JJ Offat
ETD OfferErnest Tom Denis Offer
FT OfferFrank Thomas Offer
JH OfferJames Herbert Offer
TJ OfferThomas Joseph Offer
H OffermanHenry Offerman
DF OfficerDaniel F Officer
J OfficerJack Officer
FR OffilerFrancis Reginald Offiler
HC OffilerHarry Cecil Offiler
S OffilerSamuel Offiler
SV OffleyStanley Victor Offley
CW OffordCharles William Offord
FR OffordFrancis Revel Offord
FR OffordFrancis Revil [or Revel] Offord
N OffordNorman Offord
WJ OffordWalter John Offord
ALS O'Flahertie
FJTS O'FlahertieFrank J Thomas S O'Flahertie
A O'FlahertyAnthony O'Flaherty
DD O'FlahertyDenis Delmar O'Flaherty
JP O'FlahertyJames Patrick O'Flaherty
C O'FlanaganCharles O'Flanagan
M O'Flanherty
CP O'FlannaganCharles P O'Flannagan
GB O'FlynnGeorge Bernard O'Flynn
PJ O'FlynnPatrick Joseph O'Flynn
TN O'GalliganThomas Nettlefield O'Galligan
TN O'GalliganThomas Nettlerfield O'Galligan
EB O'GaraEdward Bingham O'Gara
C OgdenClifford Ogden
CE Ogden
CP OgdenCharles P. Ogden
CP OgdenCharles Percy Ogden
CRB OgdenCharles Robert Barker Ogden
CV OgdenCecil Victor Ogden
D OgdenDouglas Ogden
DH OgdenDouglas Hartley Ogden
F OgdenFrancis Ogden
G OgdenGranville Ogden
GA OgdenGeorge Alfred Ogden
GW OgdenGuy William Ogden
H OgdenHarold Ogden
H OgdenHenry Ogden
H OgdenHerbert Ogden
J OgdenJohn Ogden
JA OgdenJames Albert Ogden
JM OgdenJohn Merritt Ogden
JM OgdenJohn Morritt Ogden
K OgdenKenneth Ogden
LV OgdenLeonard Vincent Ogden
P OgdenPercy Ogden
RA OgdenRedvers A Ogden
RD OgdenRobert Douglas Ogden
RWH OgdenRobert William Henry Ogden
WA OgdenWilliam Arnold Ogden
WHG OgdenWilliam Harry Gactacre Ogden
GA OggGeorge A Ogg
GA OggGeorge Alexander Ogg
GJ OggGeorge John Ogg
HW OggHerbert William Ogg
J Ogg
RC OggRobert Charles Ogg
TF OggThomas Foster Ogg
A OgilvieAlec Ogilvie
A OgilvieAlexander Ogilvie
AGW OgilvieArthur George Wright Ogilvie
BCH OgilvieBrian Charles Herbert Ogilvie
DS OgilvieDavid Shearer Ogilvie
DS OgilvieDavid Shearie Ogilvie
FB Ogilvie
FW Ogilvie
GS OgilvieGlencairn Sholto Ogilvie
JA Ogilvie
JN OgilvieJames Nichol Ogilvie
JN OgilvieJames Nicol Ogilvie
P OgilviePeter Ogilvie
RTM OgilvieR T McI Ogilvie
W OgilvieWilliam Ogilvie
WA OgilvieWilliam Anderson Ogilvie
CC O'GilvieCecil Claude O'Gilvie
J Ogilvie Davis
MF Ogilvie-ForbesMalcolm Francis Ogilvie-Forbes
DP OgilvyDavid Pearson Ogilvy
PR OgilvyPeter Ralph Ogilvy
WF OgilvyWilliam Frank Ogilvy
M Ogilvy-RamsayMax Ogilvy-Ramsay
J O'Giollagain
JG O'GiollagainJohn Gabriel O'Giollagain
GE Ogle
HN Ogle
RH OgleRaymond Henry Ogle
CE OglesbyCharles Earl Oglesby
FL Oglesby
WB OglesbyWalter Bruce Oglesby
J O'Goillagain
ME O'Gorman
MJP O'GormanMervyn Joseph Pius O'Gorman
MJP O'GormanMervyn Joseph Plus O'Gorman
LW O'Gowan
W O'Gowan
JH O'Gradey
CE O'GradyCyril Edward O'Grady
CS O'GradyConn-Standish O'Grady
GdC O'GradyG de C O'Grady
J O'GradyJohn O'Grady
JH O'GradyJames Henry O'Grady
R O'GradyRobert O'Grady
SC O'GradyStandish Conn O'Grady
WE O'Grady
JR Ogston
CR O'HaganCharles Russell O'Hagan
CS O'Hagan
H O'HaganHarry O'Hagan
HB O'HaganHugh Bernard O'Hagan
J O'Hagan
JL O'HaganJack Leo O'Hagan
JL O'HaganJohn Leo O'Hagan
DD O'HahertyDenis Delmar O'Haherty
A O'Halloran
H O'Halloran
J O'HalloranJohn O'Halloran
J O'Hallorman
SE O'HanlonSydney Esmond O'Hanlon
MH O'HannahanMichael Henchy O'Hannahan
E O'HaraErnest O'Hara
HE O'HaraHenry Eyre O'Hara
HF O'Hara
J O'HaraJames O'Hara
JA O'Hara
JE O'Hara
NA O'Hara
TEL O'HaraThomas Edward Leo O'Hara
TJQ O'HaraThomas James Quilgley O'Hara
TL O'Hara
W O'Hara
AH O'Hara WoodArthur Holroyd O'Hara Wood
AH O'Harawood
AH O'Hara-WoodArthur Holroyd O'Hara-Wood
J O'Hare
JB O'HareJames Barnes O'Hare
RH O'Hare
W O'HareWilliam O'Hare
MF/CF O'HeanyM F [or C F] O'Heany
CN O'Heara
HB O'HeirHugh Bingham O'Heir
JW O'Higgens
HC O'Hiler
NE OhmanNils Eric Ohman
AM Ohrt
FM OhrtFrank Millard Ohrt
FMO Ohrt
AH O'HynesArchibald Henry O'Hynes
JAH O'HynesJohn Archibald Henry O'Hynes
P O'KanePatrick O'Kane
PJ O'KanePatrick Joseph O'Kane
HDP OkedenHerbert David Parry Okeden
HGP Okeden
F O'KeefeFrancis O'Keefe
GE O'KeefeGeorge E O'Keefe
GMP O'KeefeGeorge Merlyn Power O'Keefe
PJ O'Keefe
TF O'Keefe
WH O'KeefeWilliam Henry O'Keefe
DC O'KeeffeDesmond Charles O'Keeffe
F O'KeeffeFrancis O'Keeffe
JW O'KeeffeJoseph Wilfred O'Keeffe
WP O'Keeffe
ES O'KellyEdward Shannon O'Kelly
S O'Kelly
H Okey
EGT O'KillEdwin George Thomas O'Kill
HL O'Kill
O Olafson
JAF O'Laine
A O'Laughan
HM O'LaughlinHarry Merrick O'Laughlin
JJ O'Laughlin
AE OldAlbert Edward Old
FJ Old
JW Old
R OldenshawRoss Oldenshaw
JH OldershawJohn Henry Oldershaw
T OldershawThomas Oldershaw
C OldfieldCharles Oldfield
C OldfieldChristopher Oldfield
F Oldfield
HH OldfieldHenry Hammersley Oldfield
HR OldfieldHerbert Rooke Oldfield
J OldfieldJoseph Oldfield
KJ OldfieldKenneth John Oldfield
LL Oldfield
RE OldfieldReginald Edgeley Oldfield
TF OldfieldThomas F Oldfield
W OldfieldWilliam Oldfield
W OldfieldWright Oldfield
WH OldfieldWalter Henry Oldfield
LJ OldfinLeo Joseph Oldfin
AA OldhamArthur Andrews Oldham
H OldhamHarold Oldham
HB OldhamHarold Benjamin Oldham
HH OldhamHarry Hodgkinson Oldham
HW Oldham
J Oldham
JH OldhamJohn Henry Oldham
LO OldhamLloyd O Oldham
R Oldham
GT OldingGeorge Thomas Olding
LA OldingLeo Arundel Olding
VG Olding
WG OldingWalter Godfrey Olding
WA OldisWilliam A Oldis
OW OldlandOsbert Wright Oldland
JW Oldling
HV OldmanHarold Victor Oldman
J Oldman
L OldmanLeslie Oldman
JD Oldmanbrownlee
JHN Oldmeadow
HG OldreyHenry George Oldrey
KWJ OldridgeKenneth William John Oldridge
PH OldridgePeter Henry Oldridge
WF Oldridge
JW Oldroyd
CH Olds
HJ OldsHerbert J Olds
A O'Leary
ASC O'LearyAlwyne St Clair O'Leary
ASC O'LearyAlwynn St C O'Leary
D O'Leary
DA O'Leary
DAH O'LearyDavid Alphonsus Hetherington O'Leary
EL O'LearyEdward Launce O'Leary
EO O'Leary
HB O'LearyHugh Barker O'Leary
JJ O'LearyJohn Joseph O'Leary
JP O'LearyJohn Patrick O'Leary
M O'LearyMichael O'Leary
PL O'LearyPeter Leary O'Leary
WF O'Leary
DFJ Oleburne
PH Oleiff
J Olerenshaw
RE OlerenshawReginald Eric Olerenshaw
WJ OleskieWalter Jerome Oleskie
L Olgivie Davis
PH Olieff
P O'Lieff
PH O'Lieff
PH O'LieffePercy Henry O'Lieffe
G Oliffe
F Oliffe-SmithFred Oliffe-Smith
E Oliphant
J OliphantJames Oliphant
JLM OliphantJohn Leslie McIntyre Oliphant
JLMcI Oliphant
JS OliphantJohn Stanley Oliphant
LL OlisLawrence LeRoy Olis
ACM OliveArthur Cyril Montague Olive
AD Olive
G OliveGeorge Olive
G OliveGilbert Olive
A Oliver
AB OliverAlbert Bertram Oliver
ACB Oliver
AE OliverArthur Eastman Oliver
AG OliverAlan George Oliver
AJ OliverArchibald James Oliver
AR OliverAllan Reid Oliver
AW Oliver
B Oliver
BC OliverBrian Cecil Oliver
C OliverCyril Oliver
CJ Oliver
CK OliverCyril Kingsley Oliver
CL OliverCharles Lowe Oliver
CW Oliver
D OliverDickenson Oliver
DA OliverDouglas Austin Oliver
DC OliverDennis Clare Oliver
DCW Oliver
DH OliverDouglas Harold Oliver
E OliverEdwin Oliver
EA OliverErnest Albert Oliver
EC Oliver
EG OliverEdgar George Oliver
EI OliverEdward Ivan Oliver
EL OliverEdward Laurence Oliver
EL OliverEdward Lawrence Oliver
EO Oliver
ER OliverEric Richard Oliver
ERC OliverEdward Robert Crawford Oliver
ET Oliver
F Oliver
FC Oliver
FL OliverFrank Lambton Oliver
FR OliverFrancis Ralph Oliver
G OliverGeorge Oliver
G OliverGordon Oliver
GC OliverGeorge Clavering Oliver
GDW OliverGeorge D'Arcy Wallace Oliver
GJB Oliver
GRC OliverGeorge Robert Cranston Oliver
GRG OliverGeorge R G Oliver
H OliverHarold Oliver
HA OliverHerbert Alfred Oliver
HD OliverHorace Dugdale Oliver
HE Oliver
HF OliverHerbert Frederick Oliver
HG Oliver
HW OliverHerbert Waldimar Oliver
HW OliverHerbert William Oliver
I OliverIsiah Oliver
J OliverJack Oliver
J OliverJames Oliver
J OliverJoseph Oliver
JA OliverJames Alexander Oliver
JA OliverJohn Alexander Oliver
JC OliverJoseph Claude Oliver
JFC OliverJohn Francis Cecil Oliver
JG Oliver
JH Oliver
JM OliverJohn Morgan Oliver
JWN OliverJohn William Napier Oliver
K OliverKenneth Oliver
LR Oliver
LW OliverLeonard William Oliver
MC OliverMilton Campbell Oliver
PA Oliver
R OliverRodger Oliver
RB OliverRichard Bunbury Oliver
RCD OliverRodney Charles Douglas Oliver
RF OliverRobert Frederick Oliver
SJ OliverSiddartha John Oliver
SJ OliverSiddarths John Oliver
SL Oliver
T Oliver
TA OliverThomas Alfred Oliver
TKG OliverThomas Kenneth Graham Oliver
TKM OliverThomas Knowles Melvin Oliver
TL OliverTheodore Llewellyn Oliver
TL OliverThomas Langford Oliver
TR Oliver
TS OliverThomas Sercombe Oliver
W OliverWilliam Oliver
WA Oliver
WC Oliver
WF OliverWilliam Freeland Oliver
WH OliverWalter Herbert Oliver
WH OliverWilliam Herbert Oliver
WJ OliverWalter J Oliver
WJT OliverWalter John Thomas Oliver
WM OliverWalter Moody Oliver
WR Oliver
WS OliverWilliam Smith Oliver
WSV OliverWalter Stanley Victor Oliver
AV Oliver Jones
AV Oliver-JonesAlfred Vernon Oliver-Jones
E OlivierEric Olivier
H OlivierHenri Olivier
RH OlivierRosaire Henri Olivier
F OllenbittleFrederick Ollenbittle
AB OllerenshawAlfred Bernard Ollerenshaw
HT OllerenshawHorace Thomas Ollerenshaw
RE OllerenshawReginald Eric Ollerenshaw
E OllerheadEdwin Ollerhead
AE OlleyArthur Edward Olley
GP OlleyGordon P Olley
GP OlleyGordon Percy Olley
JB Olley
PE OlleyPhilip Edward Olley
SS OlleyStan S Olley
PH Ollieff
JDSC Olliff-LeeJohn Dickson St Clair Olliff-Lee
L OllingtonLeslie Ollington
LFR OllingtonLeslie Foy Rivetia Ollington
C Ollis
WG Ollive
CW OlliverCharles Wolfram Olliver
CW OlliverCharles Wolfran Olliver
CW OlliverCharles Wolfren Olliver
D OlliverDennis Olliver
J OlliverJohn Olliver
VI OlliverVallance Irwin Olliver
WG OlliverWilliam G Olliver
WSV Olliver
GT OlmsteadGeorge Tait Olmstead
ES OlneyErnest Stephen Olney
GH OlneyGeorge Humphrey Olney
JH O'Loane
JN O'Loane
P O'LonePatrick O'Lone
PCS O'LonganPaul Charles Slackfoole O'Longan
PCS O'LonganPaul Charles Stacpoole O'Longan
PCS O'LonganPC Stacpoole O'Longan
AJ OlorenshawArthur John Olorenshaw
J OlorenshawJohn Olorenshaw
WH OlorenshawWilliam H Olorenshaw
HM O'LoughlinHarry Merrick O'Loughlin
JJ O'LoughlinJohn J O'Loughlin
JJ O'LoughlinJohn Joseph O'Loughlin
M O'LoughlinMichel O'Loughlin
EG OlsonEdward George Olson
HD OlsonHarold David Olson
HO OlsonHjaldr Oscar Olson
WM OlsonWalter Munro Olson
HE Olswang
LM OlszewskeLaurence Martin Olszewske
BS OlverBlanchard S Olver
CP OlverCecil Paul Olver
HH Olver
TJ OlverThomas James Olver
WW OlverWilliam Walace Olver
D O'MahonyDaniel O'Mahony
C O'MalleyCharles O'Malley
C O'MalleyConor O'Malley
CC O'MalleyCharles Con O'Malley
GJ O'Malley
HM O'MalleyHarold MacDonnell O'Malley
HMacD O'Malley
HMacI O'Malley
HMcD O'Malley
HMD O'MalleyH. MacD. O'Malley
HMD O'MalleyH.MacD. O'Malley
HMD O'MalleyHarold Mac Donnell O'Malley
HMD O'MalleyHarold MacD. O'Malley
HMD O'MalleyHarold MacDonnell O'Malley
JJ O'MalleyJames Joseph O'Malley
MA O'Malley
TH OmanThomas Hector Oman
H O'Mant
HPA O'MantHedley Percy Angelo O'Mant
J O'Mara
BJ Omeara
AT O'Meara
AV O'MearaAlfred Vivien O'Meara
BJ O'MearaBernard Joseph O'Meara
C O'Meara
JJ O'Meara
RT O'Mears
A Omerod
GL Omerod
LW Omerod
W O'Merod
J Omlyn-Jones
GG OmmanneyGeorge Gascoyne Ommanney
PGN OmmanneyPatrick Gream Nelson Ommanney
JH Omney
OH Omrod
A O'Mullane
FJ O'MullaneFrancis Joseph O'Mullane
JJ O'MullaneJeremiah John O'Mullane
JJ O'MullaneJerome John O'Mullane
RP Onderdonjk
WH O'NeailWilliam Henry O'Neail
PH O'NeansPercy Henry O'Neans
IB O'NeilIgnatius Benedict O'Neil
IH O'Neil
TM O'NeilThomas Michael O'Neil
AJ O'NeillArol John O'Neill
C O'Neill
EW O'Neill
GD O'NeillGeorge D O'Neill
GJ O'NeillGilbert J O'Neill
GL O'Neill
H O'NeillHarry O'Neill
HD O'NeillHenry Duisboynr O'Neill
HJ O'Neill
J O'NeillJames O'Neill
J O'NeillJohn O'Neill
JA O'NeillJoseph Alexander O'Neill
JB O'NeillJames Beadle O'Neill
JD O'Neill
JE O'NeillJohn Earnest O'Neill
JG O'NeillJohn G O'Neill
JG O'NeillJohn Gerald O'Neill
L O'Neill
LW O'Neill
M O'NeillMichael O'Neill
P O'Neill
R O'NeillReuen O'Neill
SWS O'NeillStuckley Wedekind Shane O'Neill
T O'Neill
TM O'NeillThomas Malcolmson O'Neill
TM O'NeillThomas Michael O'Neill
V O'NeillVincent O'Neill
VJ O'NeillVictor Joseph O'Neill
W O'NeillWilliam O'Neill
WF O'NeillWilliam Francis O'Neill
WH O'Neill
WHL O'Neill
WM O'Neill
WR O'NeillWilliam Richard O'Neill
T O'NeilleTerence O'Neille
CW O'Neill-ReadyCharles William O'Neill-Ready
H O'Neill-Segrave
PH O'NiansPercy Henry O'Nians
R OnionRaymond Onion
A OnionsArthur Onions
AJ OnionsAlbert J Onions
F Onions
GG OnionsGeorge Gordon Onions
GWA OnionsGeorge William Alexander Onions
I Onions
JE Onions
JH OnionsJohn Henry Onions
L Onions
RB OnionsRichard Braxton Onions
Z OnionsZachariah Onions
T OnishiTakyiro Onishi
AE OnleyAlbert Edward Onley
FSWS OnleyFrederick Somerville Wroth Savill Onley
ACAF OnslowAugustus Charles Albert Foley Onslow
H OnslowHenry Onslow
LT OnslowLeonard Thomas Onslow
DO Onslow CarletonDenzil Onslow Onslow Carleton
DO Onslow-CarletonDenzil Onslow Onslow-Carleton
A Onthwaite
K OnyettKenneth Onyett
WM OosthuizenWilliam Maartens Oosthuizen
ER OpenshawEdward Reginald Openshaw
FE OpenshawFrederick Evelyn Openshaw
H Openshaw
HS OpenshawHerbert Stanley Openshaw
J OpenshawJoseph Openshaw
LP OpenshawLaurence Pratt Openshaw
LP OpenshawLawrence Pratt Openshaw
N OpenshawNorman Openshaw
AH OpieAlfred Henry Opie
F OpieFrancis Opie
J OppenheimJacob Oppenheim
EG OppermanErnest Gordon Opperman
RA Oppermann
JN O'RaffertyJ Niall O'Rafferty
A OramArthur Oram
AG Oram
CM OramCharles Murray Oram
EEM OramEric Edward Millard Oram
F OramFrederick Oram
H Oram
HJ OramHorace James Oram
JW OramJohn W Oram
TH OramThomas Henry Oram
TV Oram
W OramWilliam Oram
JA Orang
HS OrangeHarold Starling Orange
HS OrangeHarold Sterling Orange
J Orange
WE OrangeWilliam E Orange
HGA Orbell
CP Orben
AT OrchardArthur Thomas Orchard
CR OrchardCyril Robertson Orchard
CS OrchardCyril S Orchard
FE OrchardFred Excell Orchard
H OrchardHarold Orchard
JD OrchardJohn Dennis Orchard
LB OrchardLaurence Barnard Orchard
RR OrchardRichard Roderick Orchard
S OrchardSydney Orchard
SJ OrchardSidney J Orchard
ST Orchard
WE OrchardWallace Ernest Orchard
WE OrchardWilliam Edward Orchard
WH OrchardWilliam H Orchard
AC OrchinAlfred Cecil Orchin
MH OrcuttMarcena Hitchcock Orcutt
A Ord
AFT OrdArthur F T Ord
AFT OrdArthur Frederic Trotter Ord
AJ OrdAllen John Ord
B OrdBernard Ord
B OrdBernhard Ord
CE OrdCharles E Ord
G OrdGordon Ord
GCM OrdG C Moon Ord
H OrdHarold Ord
W OrdWilliam Ord
WM OrdWilfred Miller Ord
WM OrdWilfrid Miller Ord
WN OrdWilliam Norman Ord
H Ord SmithHarold Ord Smith
WEP Ord StatterWilliam Ernest Price Ord Statter
CJ OrdeCuthbert J. Orde
CJ OrdeCuthbert Julian Orde
MAH Orde
MAJ OrdeMichael Amyas Julian Orde
MAJ OrdeMichael Amyes Julian Orde
MAJ OrdeMichael Amyos Julian Orde
MAJ OrdeMichel A Julian Orde
RHL OrdeRonald Herbert Lancelot Orde
RHL OrdeRonald Hubert Lancelot Orde
SEH OrdeSimon Edwin Henry Orde
TT OrdeThomas Turnbull Orde
T Orde-Lees
FG OrdersFrederick G Orders
BWA OrdishBernard William Arthur Ordish
JW OrdishJohn William Ordish
WA Ordish
H Ordsmith
H Ord-Smith
WEG Ord-Statter
RS Ordway
B Ore
LL OreLeonard Louis Ore
DJ O'ReganDaniel Joseph O'Regan
JM O'Regan
M O'ReganMaurice O'Regan
AJ O'ReillyArthur John O'Reilly
B O'Reilly
BR O'ReillyB Ralph O'Reilly
DG O'ReillyDenis Gerald O'Reilly
FJ O'ReillyFrederick James O'Reilly
J O'ReillyJames O'Reilly
J O'ReillyJoseph O'Reilly
JC O'ReillyJames Charles O'Reilly
JC O'ReillyJoseph Charles O'Reilly
MP O'ReillyMichael Patrick O'Reilly
N O'ReillyNicholas O'Reilly
P O'ReillyPeter O'Reilly
RH O'ReillyRichard Hamilton O'Reilly
T O'ReillyTerence O'Reilly
TJ O'ReillyTerance Joseph O'Reilly
TJ O'ReillyTerrence Joseph O'Reilly
JC O'Reilly-KingJulien Clare O'Reilly-King
W O'Reilly-PateyWilliam O'Reilly-Patey
WH Orenya
CB OrfeurCharles Bernard Orfeur
ES Orford
F OrfordFrederick Orford
FS Orford
JG Orford
LH OrfordLewis Hadfield Orford
AF OrganAndrew Fuller Organ
AO Organ
E OrganEdwin Organ
LAW Organ
TC OrganThomas Charles Organ
TJ OrganThomas James Organ
W Organ
JC Orimshaw
AS O'RiordonArthur Stanislaus O'Riordon
AH OrlebarAugustus Henry Orlebar
RAB OrlebarRichard Astly Bourne Orlebar
RAB OrlebarRichard Astry Bourne Orlebar
RC OrlebarRalph C Orlebar
RC OrlebarRalph Chaloner Orlebar
RG Orlebar
CJ OrmeCyril James Orme
GM Orme
J OrmeJohn Orme
PWM OrmePeter William Merton Orme
PWN Orme
R OrmeRobert Orme
RS Orme
W OrmeWilliam Orme
A OrmerodAndrew Ormerod
F Ormerod
FA OrmerodFrancis Albert Ormerod
GL OrmerodGilbert Lathan Ormerod
KG OrmerodKenneth George Ormerod
LW OrmerodLeonard William Ormerod
TC OrmerodThomas Clarkson Ormerod
W OrmerodWalter Ormerod
WE OrmerodWilfred E Ormerod
RA OrmesRichard Arthur Ormes
A Ormiston
JA OrmistonJohn Archibald Ormiston
WS OrmistonWilliam Stephenson Ormiston
GS OrmonGeorge Sydney Ormon
WE Ormon
GS OrmondGeorge Stratton Ormond
W Ormond
A OrmondeAndrew Ormonde
E Ormondroyd
AJH Ormonds
OH OrmrodOliver Hugh Ormrod
TC OrmrodThomas C Ormrod
AJ Ormsby
JAN OrmsbyJohn A N Ormsby
JAN OrmsbyJohn Anthony Ninian Ormsby
JH OrmsbyJames Henry Ormsby
RDF Ormsby-ScottRichard Deane Freeman Ormsby-Scott
H OrmstonHudson Ormston
LI Ormston
R OrmstonRobert Ormston
M Orobach
AB Orom
G O'Rooney
FH O'RorkeFitz-James Hastings O'Rorke
J O'RorkeJohn O'Rorke
JW O'Rorke
MS O'RorkeMichael Sylvester O'Rorke
D O'Rourke
J O'RourkeJames O'Rourke
JD O'RourkeJohn D O'Rourke
JP O'RourkeJoseph P O'Rourke
JP O'RourkeJoseph Patrick O'Rourke
W O'RourkeWilliam O'Rourke
CP OrpenClarence Patrick Orpen
HCM OrpenHarold Claude Millerd Orpen
LD OrpenLeslie D'Arcy Orpen
AG Orpwood
CA Orquart
A OrrArthur Orr
BL OrrBasil Longmuir Orr
DMW OrrD M Wishart Orr
DW OrrDonald Wishart Orr
EdL OrrE de L Orr
EJ OrrEric James Orr
EM Orr
FG OrrFrederick Godfrey Orr
G OrrGeorge Orr
GS OrrGeorge Simpson Orr
J Orr
JC OrrJohn Carlisle Orr
JJ OrrJohn J Orr
JL Orr
JR OrrJohn R Orr
JR OrrJohn Richard Orr
KC OrrKenneth Campbell Orr
LFH OrrLionel Frank Hastings Orr
LL Orr
MD OrrMorton Douglas Orr
OJ OrrOsborne John Orr
RB Orr
RBR OrrRobert Baird Rowley Orr
RJ Orr
RS Orr
RSS OrrRobert Seton Scott Orr
SW OrrSydney Wilson Orr
T Orr
W OrrWilliam Orr
WG OrrWilliam G Orr
WNH OrrWilliam Nisbet Halybarton Orr
AJ/AI Orr EwingA J [or A I] Orr Ewing
R Orr Paterson
RR Orr Paterson
JR OrrellJohn Reginald Orrell
JT OrrellJohn Turton Orrell
R Orrell
SJH OrrellSergeant Joseph Harold Orrell
W OrrellWilliam Orrell
BE OrrenBertie Edgar Orren
AF Orr-Ewing
AI Orr-Ewing
HJ Orr-EwingHugh James Orr-Ewing
W OrrillWalter Orrill
TG Orrin
FR OrrisFrederick Russell Orris
S Orris
R Orr-PatersonRichard Orr-Paterson
RR Orr-PatersonRichard R. Orr-Paterson
RR Orr-PatersonRichard Raines Orr-Paterson
FW Orry
O Orten
CC OrthCameron Colin Orth
AC Ortmayer
ER OrtnerEvan Roy Ortner
A OrtonArthur Orton
CS OrtonCharles Stanley Orton
E OrtonErnest Orton
FE Orton
G OrtonGerald Orton
J OrtonJohn Orton
JOC OrtonJohn Overton Cone Orton
JR OrtonJohn Rixon Orton
PJ OrtonPatrick J Orton
RE OrtonRichard E. Orton
RE OrtonRichard Edward Orton
WA/WJ OrtonWilliam Arthur [or W J] Orton
FJ OrtweilerFrederick John Ortweiler
HW OrvisHomar Waitstill Orvis
JJC O'RyanJoseph James Coyne O'Ryan
AE OsbornAlbert Edward Osborn
AJ OsbornArthur J Osborn
AJ OsbornArthur John Osborn
B OsbornBertram Osborn
CCF OsbornCecil Charles Frederick Osborn
CE OsbornCharles E Osborn
CK OsbornCharles Kenelm Osborn
EA OsbornErnest Arthur Osborn
ES OsbornEdward Stanley Osborn
ES OsbornEdwin Stanley Osborn
F OsbornFreeman Osborn
FA Osborn
H OsbornHenry Osborn
HG OsbornHarold Grey Osborn
HG OsbornHenry George Osborn
HHE OsbornHerbert Henry Edward Osborn
JDH OsbornJohn D.H Osborn
JDH OsbornJohn Douglas Hamilton Osborn
JE OsbornJohn Eyles Osborn
MA OsbornMarmaduke Alfred Osborn
R OsbornRichard Osborn
WC OsbornWalter Charles Osborn
WF Osborn
WJ Osborn
AC OsborneArthur Chance Osborne
AC OsborneArthur Clifford Osborne
AJT OsborneArthur Jarratt Tristram Osborne
AW OsborneAlbert W Osborne
AWH OsborneArchibald Wright Howard Osborne
BW Osborne
CA OsborneCharles Alford Osborne
CG OsborneCharles George Osborne
CH OsborneCharles Henry Osborne
CK OsborneCharles K Osborne
CK OsborneCharles Kenelm Osborne
CN OsborneCecil Norman Osborne
CN OsborneCharles Norman Osborne
CW Osborne
D Osborne
DS OsborneDonald Springer Osborne
E OsborneEdward Osborne
E OsborneErnest Osborne
EC OsborneEdward Charles Osborne
ET OsborneErnest Thomas Osborne
FH OsborneFrederick Harvey Osborne
FJ OsborneFrederick James Osborne
FW OsborneFrancis William Osborne
GA OsborneGeorge Anthony Osborne
GW OsborneGeoffrey William Osborne
GW OsborneGeorge W Osborne
H OsborneHarold Osborne
HA OsborneHubert Arthur Osborne
HB Osborne
HC OsborneHerbert Cochran Osborne
HJ OsborneHenry James Osborne
HM OsborneHorace Marshall Osborne
HP OsborneHubert P Osborne
HP OsborneHubert P. Osborne
HW OsborneHugh Walton Osborne
J OsborneJames Osborne
J OsborneJohn Osborne
JA OsborneJames Alan Osborne
JE OsborneJohn Edward Osborne
JG OsborneJack Gifford Osborne
JH OsborneJohn Henry Osborne
JK OsborneJohn Kerrison Osborne
JWT Osborne
LD Osborne
LJ OsborneLawrence Jack Osborne
MR OsborneMaurice Rowell Osborne
NF Osborne
PA OsbornePercy Alexander Osborne
PC Osborne
R OsborneReginald Osborne
RC OsborneReginald Clifford Osborne
RF OsborneRichard Francis Osborne
RR OsborneRedvers Robert Osborne
SA OsborneStanley Alfred Osborne
SJ OsborneSidney J Osborne
SJ OsborneSidney James Osborne
SJ OsborneStephen John Osborne
TH Osborne
TL OsborneTrevor Leonard Osborne
TR OsborneThomas Roy Osborne
TW OsborneTheophilus William Osborne
TW OsborneThomas Walter Osborne
W OsborneWilliam Osborne
WC OsborneWilliam Charles Osborne
WF OsborneWilliam Francis Osborne
WF OsborneWilliam Frederick Osborne
WG Osborne
WGR OsborneWilliam G R Osborne
WGR OsborneWilliam George Richard Osborne
WH OsborneWalter Horace Osborne
WJ Osborne
JT Osborne OakleyJoseph Thomas Osborne Oakley
ES OsbournEdward Standley Osbourn
FE OsbourneFrancis E Osbourne
HA OsbourneHarry Archibald Osbourne
JW Osbourne
S OsbourneSidney Osbourne
TH OsbourneTerence Henry Osbourne
WA OsbourneWilliam Arthur Osbourne
JC OsburneJohn Carr Osburne
WJ OsburyWalter J Osbury
CF OscroftCharles Farrand Oscroft
C OsentonCharles Osenton
FH OsgerbyFrank Hildred Osgerby
AS Osgood
E Osgood
F Osguthorpe
DH O'ShaughneseyDenis Henry O'Shaughnesey
C O'Shaughnessy
CJ O'ShaughnessyCharles Joseph O'Shaughnessy
RV O'Shaughnessy
CP O'ShaugnessyCharles P O'Shaugnessy
HA Oshea
FE O'Shea
FJ O'SheaFrancis Joseph O'Shea
FJ O'SheaFrederick James O'Shea
HA O'SheaHarry Arthur O'Shea
J O'Shea
JD O'Shea
JE O'Shea
JF O'Shea
JJ O'SheaJohn Joe O'Shea
JW O'SheaJohn W O'Shea
PM O'SheaPatrick Maurice O'Shea
RCM O'SheaReginald Cecil Morrell O'Shea
SC O'SheaSidney C O'Shea
SC O'SheaSidney Charles O'Shea
E O'Sher
GS O'SincupGilbert Seymour O'Sincup
H OsiskiHenry Osiski
FGE Osland
ER OslerEric Richard Osler
AC OsmanAlbert Clifford Osman
FL OsmanFred Lionel Osman
FL OsmanFrederick Lionel Osman
FO OsmanFrederick Owen Osman
FW OsmanFrank Walter Osman
GE Osman
LW OsmanLeslie William Osman
WH OsmanWilliam Hibbs Osman
G OsmandGordon Osmand
RS OsmastonRobert Shirley Osmaston
EH OsmentErnest Henry Osment
ET Osment
AG OsmondArthur Gordon Osmond
E OsmondEdward Osmond
EP OsmondEdward Percival Osmond
G Osmond
GE OsmondGeorge Ernest Osmond
LG Osmond
RJ OsmondRoland J Osmond
I Osstrovidoff
L OssulstonLord Ossulston
LC OssulstonLord Charles Ossulston
LCAKB OssulstonLord Charles Augustus Ker Bennet Ossulston
JL OstJohn Lambert Ost
PW Ost
WE OsterburgWilliam Edward Osterburg
WE Osterburgh
VG OsterrothVictor George Osterroth
G Ostick
JL Ostick
WC OstickWilliam Clive Ostick
JGR OstignyJ. G. Rene Ostigny
JGR Ostiguy
CB Ostime
A OstlerAlan Ostler
AH Ostler
C Ostler
H OstlerHenry Ostler
JE OstlerJohn Eric Ostler
WJ Ostler
RG OstromRobert Gordon Ostrom
SJ Ostrorog
JA O'Sulivan
A O'SullivanArthur O'Sullivan
DF O'Sullivan
F O'SullivanFergus O'Sullivan
F O'SullivanFlorence O'Sullivan
FN O'SullivanFergus N. O'Sullivan
GA O'SullivanGerald Austin O'Sullivan
GR O'SullivanGarth Richard O'Sullivan
HC O'SullivanHubert Cornelius O'Sullivan
JA O'SullivanJohn A O'Sullivan
JA O'SullivanJohn Anthony O'Sullivan
JJ O'SullivanJohn Joseph O'Sullivan
LA O'Sullivan
RW O'SullivanRichard Whitelegge O'Sullivan
TJ O'SullivanThomas Joseph O'Sullivan
WBT O'SullivanWilliam Broughton Thomas O'Sullivan
WG O'Sullivan
WJ O'SullivanWilliam Jackson O'Sullivan
D OswaldDavid Oswald
J Oswald
SW Oswald
T OswaldThomas Oswald
BC OswellBenjamin Charles Oswell
HTW OswellHenry Theodore Warren Oswell
WA OswinWilliam Arthur Oswin
D OswoldDavid Oswold
AC OtetelesanuAlexander Constantine Otetelesanu
A OthickArthur Othick
CH OtisClarence Herbert Otis
JF OtisJohn Faxon Otis
LL Otis
B Otley
D Otley
J OtleyJohn Otley
RG Otley
RJS OtleyReginald John Sellars Otley
CJ O'TooleCharles J O'Toole
CP O'TooleCyril Paul O'Toole
JJ O'Toole
MJ O'TooleMichael Joseph O'Toole
TW O'TooleThomas William O'Toole
W O'TooleWilliam O'Toole
CAV OtridgeCharles A V Otridge
JP Ott
A OttawayAlfred Ottaway
H OttawayHarry Ottaway
JA OttawayJames Arthur Ottaway
RJ OttawayRobert John Ottaway
RJ Ottaway-WilsonRobert John Ottaway-Wilson
HA Otten
WE Otten
RW OtterReginald W Otter
WH Otter
CP OttewellCedric Philip Ottewell
D OttewellDraper Ottewell
EC OttewellEdwin Cedric Ottewell
JM OttewellJohn M Ottewell
JM OttewellJohn Miller Ottewell
WH OttewellWilliam Henry Ottewell
RG OtteyRaymond Gascoyne Ottey
S Ottey
SW Ottey
SWT Ottey
BS Ottley
DBT OttleyDennis Brook Taylor Ottley
RBG OttleyReginald Benade Glendower Ottley
RGB Ottley
JH Ottman
AL OttwayAlbert Leslie Ottway
CAC Otway
MH OtwayMiles Hastings Otway
A Oubridge
DJA OubridgeDinsdale John Arthur Oubridge
L Ouellette
LW OuelletteLeo Wilfred Ouellette
HJ OughHarry Jenkins Ough
HR Oughten
R OughtibridgeRobert Oughtibridge
BO OughtonBurchell Ogilvie Oughton
BO OughtonBurchell Ogilvif Oughton
HG OughtonHarry George Oughton
HI Oughton
HJ OughtonHenry John Oughton
HR OughtonHenry Roberts Oughton
JW OughtonJohn W Oughton
W OughtonWilliam Oughton
A Ouimet
JEHE Ouimet
JV OuldJohn Vander Ould
SE OuldSamuel Edward Ould
AEL Oulton
WR OultonWilliam Ronald Oulton
AG Ounder
H OunsworthHorace Ounsworth
A OuseleyAlexander Ouseley
G Ouseley-SmithGerald Ouseley-Smith
J OutenJames Outen
WH OuterbridgeWilliam Herbert Outerbridge
A OuthwaiteAlexander Outhwaite
CRL OuthwaiteCedric Robert Leonard Outhwaite
JE OuthwaiteJames Edgar Outhwaite
B OutramBert Outram
HWS OutramHarold William Sydney Outram
CWD OutredCharles William Deane Outred
TDS Outred
CE Outress
A Ovenden
ACB OvendenArthur Charles Burbridge Ovenden
AFG OvendenArthur Frank Garton Ovenden
CB Ovenden
HGP OvendenHorace Granshaw Payne Ovenden
HR OvendenHenry R Ovenden
JS OvendenJoseph Sedgwick Ovenden
LA OvendenLawrence Albert Ovenden
LE Ovenden
PA Ovenden
VI OvendenVictor Ivan Ovenden
WEC OvendenWilliam Edgar Clawes Ovenden
WEC O'VendenWilliam Edgar Clowes O'Venden
AB OvensAdam Beattie Ovens
AR OvensAlexander Rutherford Ovens
FT OvensFrederick Thomas Ovens
JM Ovens
LC Ovens
P Ovens
W Ovenstone
DS OverDenis Spencer Over
HM OverHarold Montgomery Over
J OverJames Over
RW OverReginald William Over
W Over
AJC OveralAlfred John Clifford Overal
AJ Overall
AJC Overall
CA OverburyCharles Albert Overbury
RF OverburyRichard Fox Overbury
HGP Overdeen
GS OverendGeorge Sidney Overend
RS OverendRobert S Overend
AL OverettArthur Laurie Overett
AS OvergageArchibald Stanley Overgage
R Overing
RGA OveringRobert Guy Alton Overing
C OverkottCharles Overkott
CR OvermassCharles Reginald Overmass
A Overton
AE OvertonArthur Evan Overton
FJ OvertonFrederick J Overton
G OvertonGrosvenor Overton
W OvertonWilliam Overton
WE Overton
CF OveryClement Frost Overy
DH OveryDavid Hughes Overy
WJ OveryWilliam John Overy
WCA OveyWilliam Charles Augustus Ovey
WPJ OvingtonWarwick Parker John Ovington
WJR Owan
JS OwdenJohn Scambler Owden
A OwenArthur Owen
AC Owen
AE Owen
AG OwenArnold Griffith Owen
AG OwenArthur Gordon Owen
AH OwenAlbert H Owen
AK OwenAllen Kenneth Owen
AL Owen
CD OwenClaude D Owen
CS OwenColin Shaw Owen
CV Owen
D Owen
DJ OwenDavid Jenkin Owen
E OwenEdgar Owen
EB OwenErnest Baden Owen
ECH OwenEdgar Cecil Herbert Owen
ED OwenEmrys Daniel Owen
EE OwenErnest Edward Owen
EF Owen
EH OwenEdward Hugh Owen
EK Owen
EL OwenErnest L Owen
ER OwenEdward Rosser Owen
F OwenFrank Owen
FD OwenFrank Denys Owen
GCF Owen
GL OwenGeoffrey Levy Owen
GL OwenGilfred L Owen
GLT OwenGordon Leslie Turnbull Owen
GN Owen
GP OwenGriffith Philip Owen
GW OwenGeorge Wilfred Owen
H OwenHenry Owen
H OwenHerbert Owen
H OwenHugh Owen
HCR OwenHenry Campbell Roderick Owen
HEM OwenHerbert Ernest Malcolm Owen
HEM OwenHubert Ernest Malcolm Owen
HG OwenHenry George Owen
HL Owen
HLH OwenHenry Leftwyth Haddon Owen
HR OwenHarold Reynolds Owen
HR OwenHarold Rolfe Owen
HW OwenHorace William Owen
IR OwenI.ap R. Owen
IR OwenIorwerth ap Roland Owen
IR OwenIorwerth Roland Owen
J OwenJames Owen
JA OwenJohn Arthur Owen
JA OwenJoseph Alan Owen
JaR OwenJorwerth ap Roland Owen
JCF OwenJames Collins Farish Owen
JF Owen
JH OwenJohn Howard Owen
JK OwenJohn Kerr Owen
JN OwenJohn Norrie Owen
JP Owen
JR Owen
JT OwenJohn Thomas Owen
JV OwenJohn V Owen
JW Owen
K OwenKenneth Owen
KB Owen
L OwenLawrence Owen
LA OwenLeonard A Owen
LA OwenLeonard Arthur Owen
LC OwenLeslie Carr Owen
LE OwenLeslie Edward Owen
LG OwenLeslie Glanmor Owen
LS Owen
M OwenMorgan Owen
N OwenNorman Owen
NAW OwenNigel Ambler Wilding Owen
OH OwenOwen H Owen
OL OwenOwen Llewellyn Owen
OW OwenOwen William Owen
P OwenPercival Owen
PSJ OwenPhilip Sidney John Owen
PSJ OwenPhilip Sydney John Owen
R OwenRobert Owen
RA Owen
RD OwenRalph D Owen
RD OwenRalph David Owen
RE OwenRobert Emrys Owen
RH OwenRalph Hill Owen
RJ OwenRobert Johnstone Owen
RS OwenReginald Sankey Owen
RT OwenRobert Tranter Owen
S OwenSidney Owen
SE Owen
SR OwenStanley Roberts Owen
SS OwenSidney Smith Owen
T OwenThomas Owen
TC OwenThomas Clifford Owen
TE OwenThomas Emrys Owen
TF OwenTristram Ford Owen
TH OwenTegwill Hart Owen
TJ OwenThomas James Owen
TJ OwenThomas John Owen
W OwenWilliam Owen
WD OwenWilliam Davies Owen
WD OwenWilliam Davis Owen
WEF Owen
WFL Owen
WH OwenWilliam H Owen
WH OwenWilliam Harold Owen
WJE OwenWilliam James Edmund Owen
WJE OwenWilliam James Edward Owen
WJR OwenWilliam James Rees Owen
WL OwenWilliam Lewis Owen
WN OwenWilliam Norman Owen
WO OwenWilliam Owen Owen
WT OwenWilliam Thomas Owen
JE Owen-Holdsworth
JP Owen-HoldsworthJames Philip Owen-Holdsworth
NH Owen-HoldsworthNigel Herbert Owen-Holdsworth
AR Owens
AV OwensArthur Vernon Owens
E OwensEugene Owens
EC OwensEugene Charles Owens
ED OwensErnest Daniel Owens
FW Owens
HC Owens
J Owens
JEE OwensJohn Ernest Edward Owens
JP OwensJoseph Patrick Owens
LL OwensLeonard Leslie Owens
ONH OwensOwen Narrys Harrington Owens
R OwensRidland Owens
RH OwensReuben Hirst Owens
RH OwensReuben Hurst Owens
RWH OwensRennie William Heath Owens
SH OwensStanley Herbert Owens
T Owens
VRW OwensVincent Richard William Owens
WA OwensWilliam Arthur Owens
WEF Owens
WL Owens
EA OwersErnest Arthur Owers
WH OwersWilfred H Owers
FA OwganFrancis Albyn Owgan
FH OwlerFrank Henderson Owler
S OwlerStewart Owler
ET OwlesErnest Trafford Owles
WEF Ownes
A OwridAlfred Owrid
WJ OwstonWilliam James Owston
CB OxberryColin Braithwaite Oxberry
AF OxborrowArthur Fincham Oxborrow
W OxburyWalter Oxbury
C Oxby
PC OxenballPeter C Oxenball
PC OxenballPeter Christian Oxenball
M Oxenbould
H Oxenburg
CE OxendaleClarence Edward Oxendale
JH Oxendale
AJ Oxenham
FL Oxenham
GV OxenhamGordon Vincent Oxenham
HA OxenhamHarold Athelstone Oxenham
HA OxenhamHerbert A. Oxenham
HA OxenhamHerbert Anselm Oxenham
HA OxenhamHerbert Anseln Oxenham
HAV Oxenham
HC OxenhamHerbert Charles Oxenham
VG Oxenham
FG Oxer
EH OxfordEdgar Herbert Oxford
GB OxfordGilbert Braithwaite Oxford
MN OxfordMaxwell Norman Oxford
CH OxladeCharles Herbert Oxlade
R Oxland
RD OxlandRobert Dickinson Oxland
RD OxlandRobert Dickman Oxland
WHL OxlandWilliam Harry Lionel Oxland
WHL OxlandWilliam Henry Lionel Oxland
JF OxleeJack Francis Oxlee
A OxleyAlexander Oxley
AC OxleyAlbert Campbell Oxley
AE OxleyAlfred Edgar Oxley
AE OxleyArthur E. Oxley
AE OxleyArthur Ernest Oxley
AEC OxleyAlbert Edward Campbell Oxley
AL Oxley
AR OxleyA Rice Oxley
CA Oxley
D OxleyDonald Oxley
EES OxleyEric Ernest Sherwood Oxley
ES OxleyEdward Sidney Oxley
FWH OxleyFrederick William Hall Oxley
GKR OxleyGeorge Kenneth Rice Oxley
GL OxleyGilbert Leonard Oxley
H OxleyHubert Oxley
HH OxleyHerbert Hearfield Oxley
JB OxleyJohn B Oxley
JF Oxley
KLC OxleyKenneth Leonard Charles Oxley
MGM OxleyMalcom Guy Macdonald Oxley
MSM Oxley
R OxleyRowland Oxley
TC OxleyThomas Cyril Oxley
W OxleyWilliam Oxley
WL OxleyWillis Lee Oxley
EH Oxley-BoyleEric Hardy Oxley-Boyle
FW OxspringFrederick William Oxspring
R OxspringRobert Oxspring
GA OxtobyGeorge Alfred Oxtoby
RA Oyanne
HA OyenhamHarold Athelstone Oyenham
A Oyler
WM Oynes
H OzanneHarri Ozanne
AJM OzmondArthur Joseph Maurice Ozmond

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Royal Air Force, Royal Flying Corps, R.A.F., R.F.C., Officers, Other ranks, N.C.O.

First World War, Great War, World War One, WW1 WWI

2nd Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Captain, Colonel, Major, Lt-Col, Air Mechanic, 1AM, 2AM, 3AM, AM1, AM2, AM3, Private, Flight Serjeant, Flight Sergeant, Flight Sub Lieutenant, Flight Commander