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This page is simply an index to names appearing in the main database of Officers and aircrew, to enable search engines to find this site. The full database contains multiple detailed entries for each individual and provides a reference to other sources of information.

The database can be accessed here.

Initials + SurnameFirst Names + Surname
W La Band
PE La Belle
EE La BerceEdwin Eugene La Berce
JC La BergeJoseph Celeste La Berge
A La Blanc
JD La Bonte
W La Brum
GR La CeciliaGeorge Rube La Cecilia
GF La ClocheGeorge Francis La Cloche
RE La DouceurRomeo Emile La Douceur
ER La Fleche
MP La FleurMaynard Potter La Fleur
R La Fountain
PEM La Gallais
RG La MotteRoscoe George La Motte
BCA La Pierre
ECA La Pierre
JH La Pierre
H La PlaceHarry La Place
DM La Praike
AW La Roche
EA La Roche
LDG La Roche
E La RoseEdmund La Rose
JM La RoseJoseph Martin La Rose
LG La Rush
FJBde La Terriere
FJBdeS La Terriere
FJBdS La TerriereFrancis James Bulmer de Sales La Terriere
DC La VergneDe C La Vergne
MA La VoieMarc A La Voie
S LabanSidney Laban
WHE LabattWilfrid Henry Ernest Labatt
FR LabhartFrederick R Labhart
FR LabhartFrederick Reginald Labhart
LV LabrowLeonard Vincent Labrow
MA LacayoMark Antony Lacayo
AC Lace
GR LaCecilia
JF Lacelles
AO Lacey
CS Lacey
CV LaceyCharles Victor Lacey
EG Lacey
FC LaceyFrederick C Lacey
FPS LaceyFrank Philip Sleigh Lacey
G LaceyGeorge Lacey
GC LaceyGerald Christopher Lacey
GE LaceyGuy Ernest Lacey
GER Lacey
GF Lacey
GS LaceyGilbert Sidney Lacey
J LaceyJohn Lacey
JB Lacey
MB Lacey
SJ LaceySolomon James Lacey
WG LaceyWilliam George Lacey
HD LackeyHerbert David Lackey
J Lackie
CE Lacoste
De Lacroix
AO Lacy
JB Lacy
HE LaddHarold E Ladd
HE LaddHarold Edward Ladd
JA LaddJoseph A Ladd
LS LaddLeslie Scrivener Ladd
H LaddsHarry Ladds
GW LadkinGeorge William Ladkin
WC LadkinWilliam C Ladkin
RE LaDouceur
LH LaffoleyLaurence Herbert Laffoley
A LaflinArthur Laflin
A LaftsArthur Lafts
JB LagadecJean Baptiste Lagadec
AG LagdenArthur George Lagden
CHR Lagesse
JJM LagesseJean Joseph Michel Lagesse
RE LagrangeRobert Eugene Lagrange
NH LahayeNoel Hilton Lahaye
F Lahiff
ASD LaidlawArchibald Stanley Duffield Laidlaw
AW LaidlawAdam Watson Laidlaw
AY LaidlawAlexander Young Laidlaw
D Laidlaw
GH Laidlaw
HS LaidlawHarold Sharp Laidlaw
M LaidlawMichael Laidlaw
RW LaidlawRobert Wilfred Laidlaw
TA Laidlaw
WE Laidlaw
JML LaidlayJohn Melville Lauriston Laidlay
JML LaidlayJohn Melville Lawriston Laidlay
N LaidlayNigel Laidlay
HE LaidlerHarold E Laidler
NC LaidlerNorman Clementson Laidler
SJ LaidlerSidney J Laidler
SJ LaidlerSidney James Laidler
W LaidlerWalter Laidler
HC LaidmanHarry Clifford Laidman
JW LaidmanJohn William Laidman
FG LaightFrancis George Laight
FJ LainFrederick John Lain
EJ LainchburyErnest John Lainchbury
RL LaineRonald Leslie Laine
A LaingArthur Laing
AC LaingArthur Campbell Laing
ADMG Laing
AT Laing
CM LaingCharles Mcmenamen Laing
CMcM Laing
D LaingDouglas Laing
DE LaingDonald Ewen Laing
DPM LaingDavid P M Laing
DPM LaingDavid Park McNair Laing
DPMcN Laing
FA Laing
FG LaingFrederick Gordon Laing
G LaingGeorge Laing
GW Laing
HM LaingHarry Moir Laing
HS LaingHerbert Stanley Laing
HVD Laing
IA LaingIan A Laing
IA LaingIan Alastair Laing
J LaingJames Laing
J LaingJohn Laing
JA Laing
JD LaingJohn Darg Laing
JI LaingJames Innes Laing
JJ LaingJohn Joseph Laing
JW Laing
K Laing
KH Laing
KJP LaingKenneth Joseph Price Laing
L LaingLeonard Laing
LA Laing
MMCW LaingMc M C W Laing
P LaingPhilip Laing
R Laing
RG Laing
RR LaingRichard Ross Laing
T LaingThomas Laing
TE LaingThomas E Laing
TE LaingThomas Elliot Laing
TG LaingTom Graham Laing
TH LaingThomas Harry Laing
VC LaingVictor Charles Laing
WAB LaingWilliam Arthur Baird Laing
WE LaingWilliam Ernest Laing
WM LaingWilliam McDonald Laing
FW Lainsbury
RD LainsonReginald Denis Lainson
AB LairdArchibald Burns Laird
AC LairdAndrew Clark Laird
AH Laird
AS Laird
DAA LairdDouglas Alfred A Laird
DP LairdDouglas Pringle Laird
GS Laird
H Laird
HJ Laird
HW Laird
IG LairdIan Gladstone Laird
J LairdJohn Laird
JH Laird
JS LairdJames Swan Laird
RA LairdRobert A Laird
RH Laird
SA LairdStuart A Laird
SA LairdStuart A. Laird
SA LairdStuart Aitchison Laird
SA LairdStuart Atchison Laird
SW LairdStanley Wilson Laird
TS LairdThomas Stewart Laird
TW LairdThomas Warring Laird
RA LaitReginald Arthur Lait
J Laithwaite
LG Lajoie
AH LakeAlbert Henry Lake
C LakeCecil Lake
CB LakeCyril Boswell Lake
CL Lake
EM LakeErnest Millar Lake
ER Lake
F LakeFred Lake
FG LakeFrederick George Lake
FH LakeFrederick Hubert Lake
FW LakeFrederick W Lake
HC LakeHarold Caldecott Lake
HE Lake
HH LakeHenry Herbert Lake
J Lake
JJ LakeJoseph J Lake
JW LakeJohn W Lake
LB LakeLawrence Barrett Lake
MBC LakeMaurice Bartham Cassap Lake
MBC LakeMaurice Barthram Cassap Lake
ME LakeMaurice Edward Lake
R LakeRussel Lake
WB LakeWalter Beecher Lake
WE LakeWilliam Edwin Lake
WH Lake
WHG LakeWilliam Henry George Lake
CWB LakemanCharles Whiting Bartlett Lakeman
L Lakeman
CAE Laker
EW LakerEdward William Laker
FA LakerFrederick Arthur Laker
FL Laker
HC LakerHarold Cuthbert Laker
TT LakerTrevor Tenterden Laker
R LakeyRobert Lakey
TH LakinThomas Henry Lakin
V LakinVernon Lakin
WH LakinWilfred Harold Lakin
GH LakingGeorge Harold Laking
PD L'Albner
HP Lale
LDG LalimeLouis De Gonzague Lalime
LO Lalliwell
CF Lally
CT LallyConrad T. Lally
CT LallyConrad Tolendal Lally
ST Lally
GLF LalondeGaston Le Febvre Lalonde
JA Lalonde
JPR Lalonde
LA LalondeLeon Arthur Lalonde
TFC LalorThomas Frederick Clarence Lalor
PAH LalouettePeter Alfred Harry Lalouette
WS Lalron
JW Lalumier
WO LalyWilliam Orvine Laly
D LamDavid Lam
CJG LamacraftCyril John Gawden Lamacraft
AL Laman
RA LamarqueReginald Alvin Lamarque
A LambAlfred Lamb
AC LambArthur Charles Lamb
AGR LambArthur George Reynolds Lamb
AJJ LambAlfred John Joseph Lamb
AJO LambAlfred John Oliver Lamb
AM Lamb
AP Lamb
AR LambAlexander Raymond Lamb
B Lamb
BT LambBenjamin T Lamb
C LambCharles Lamb
CF LambCyril Frank Lamb
CH Lamb
CL LambCyril Leonard Lamb
CW Lamb
D Lamb
DG LambDouglas George Lamb
DW Lamb
E LambEdward Lamb
ES LambErnest Stanley Lamb
EWP LambEdward Woollard Penistone Lamb
F Lamb
FC LambFrancis Cardno Lamb
FT LambFrederick Thomas Lamb
GE LambGeorge Edward Lamb
GES LambGeorge Eric Severn Lamb
GPK Lamb
HA LambHarold A Lamb
HA LambHarold Alfred Lamb
HHG LambHerbert Harold Gladstone Lamb
HJ LambHerbert Joseph Lamb
HN Lamb
J LambJames Lamb
JC LambJames Charles Lamb
JE LambJames Ernest Lamb
JH LambJoseph Herbert Lamb
JL LambJohn Leslie Lamb
JV LambJohn V Lamb
JW LambJohn William Lamb
JWR LambJohn William Robert Lamb
LL Lamb
M Lamb
NW LambNorman Willie Lamb
PCC LambPercy Cecil Chalmers Lamb
R LambReginald Lamb
R LambRobert Lamb
RF Lamb
RM LambReginald Musgrave Lamb
RMR LambRoger Montague Radcliffe Lamb
RN LambRichard Nathaniel Lamb
RP LambReginald Phipps Lamb
RSC LambRoy St C Lamb
SC Lamb
SE Lamb
SEC LambStanley Edward Cecil Lamb
T LambThomas Lamb
TC Lamb
TE Lamb
TH LambThomas Hamilton Lamb
TH LambThomas Henry Lamb
TJ LambTerence John Lamb
TL Lamb
TM LambThomas Mortimer Lamb
TMG LambTheodore Mitchell George Lamb
TW Lamb
VW LambVernon Waghorn Lamb
W LambWilliam Lamb
WD LambWilliam Dudley Lamb
WE Lamb
WEG LambWilliam Ernest George Lamb
WF Lamb
WG LambWilliam George Lamb
WHB LambWilliam Henry Broome Lamb
WR Lamb
BM LambachBernhart Moritz Lambach
JHL LambartJulian Harrold Legge Lambart
OFW LambartOliver Ford Westropp Lambart
FJ Lambarth
CG LambdinCecil G Lambdin
C LambeCyril Lambe
CL LambeCharles Laverock Lambe
G Lambe
HJ Lambe
J LambeJohn Lambe
L LambeLawrence Lambe
PPC Lambe
TF Lambe
A LambertAlbert Lambert
A LambertArchie Lambert
AE LambertAlbert E Lambert
AF LambertAlexander Fane Lambert
AFC Lambert
AG LambertAlfred George Lambert
AG LambertArthur George Lambert
AH Lambert
AJ LambertAlfred John Lambert
AL Lambert
AT Lambert
B Lambert
BV LambertBernard Vincent Lambert
C LambertCharles Lambert
CW LambertCharles Walter Lambert
D Lambert
DR LambertDonald Rudolph Lambert
E LambertEmily Lambert
EA Lambert
EC LambertEdwin Christie Lambert
EF LambertEdward Frank Lambert
EH Lambert
EP Lambert
ER Lambert
ES LambertEric Stephen Lambert
EW Lambert
F LambertFrank Lambert
FA Lambert
FAR Lambert
FGW LambertFrancis George White Lambert
FL LambertFrank L Lambert
FL LambertFrank Lambert Lambert
FP LambertFrank Percival Lambert
FR LambertFrank Ralph Lambert
GE LambertGeorge Edward Lambert
GET LambertGeorge Edwin Thomas Lambert
GFW Lambert
GW LambertGeorge W Lambert
GW LambertGeorge Wrake Lambert
H Lambert
HA LambertHarry Adelphus Lambert
HA LambertHenry Albert Lambert
HF LambertHenry Francis Lambert
HG LambertHarry Gordon Lambert
HT Lambert
HWJ LambertHerbert William James Lambert
J LambertJohn Lambert
JHL Lambert
K Lambert
LE Lambert
LF Lambert
LG Lambert
MJ LambertMichael J Lambert
ND LambertNoel Dudley Lambert
P Lambert
PG Lambert
PH LambertPercival Horne Lambert
R Lambert
RD LambertRobert D Lambert
RW Lambert
S LambertSamuel Lambert
S LambertSidney Lambert
S LambertStanley Lambert
SA LambertSidney Austin Lambert
SC LambertSidney Clarence Lambert
TR Lambert
VS Lambert
W LambertWilliam Lambert
WC LambertWilliam Carpenter Lambert
WC LambertWilliam Clement Lambert
WE LambertWalter Ernest Lambert
WF LambertWilliam F Lambert
WH LambertWilliam Henry Lambert
WR LambertWilliam R Lambert
YJB Lambert
GE Lambert-GibsonGeorge Edward Lambert-Gibson
W LambertonWilliam Lamberton
HA Lambertsmith
EP LambethEdward Percy Lambeth
GE LambethGeorge E Lambeth
GE LambethGeorge Edward Lambeth
J LambieJames Lambie
PS LambkinPercy St-George Lambkin
WT LambkinWilliam Thomas Lambkin
FG Lamble
TB LambleThomas Bentley Lamble
JB Lambler
H Lambon
G LambourneGilbert Lambourne
H LambourneHerbert Lambourne
W LambourneWilliam Lambourne
C LambrinudiConstantine Lambrinudi
PSB Lambshead
JF LambsonJohn Frederick Lambson
RC LambsonRonald Cannon Lambson
PE LambtonPercy Evelyn Lambton
G Lamburn
GA LamburnGerald Arthur Lamburn
AA Lamdin
AD LamdinArthur David Lamdin
F Lamdin
VE Lamert
H LamertonHenry Lamerton
A LamingArthur Laming
LW LamingLeonard Walter Laming
C LammasCornelius Lammas
CS LammimanCharles Sidney Lammiman
CS LammimanCharles Sydney Lammiman
J LammingJohn Lamming
SR Lamon
JF LamonbyJoseph F Lamonby
JF LamonbyJoseph Fell Lamonby
JH Lamonby
A LamondAlexander Lamond
AW LamondAlexander William Lamond
F LamondFrederick Lamond
G LamondGeorge Lamond
J Lamond
JUG LamondJames Urquhart Guy Lamond
MW Lamond
RL Lamond
A LamontAlexander Lamont
AB LamontAlfred Brisbane Lamont
AMC LamontA M Colin Lamont
B Lamont
C Lamont
CF LamontCharles Ferguson Lamont
ER Lamont
EW LamontEdward Wallace Lamont
G LamontGordon Lamont
HN Lamont
HP LamontHenry Parkyn Lamont
HR LamontHarold Ross Lamont
J Lamont
JA Lamont
MN Lamont
SC Lamont
W LamontWilliam Lamont
A Lamothe
JM Lamouveux
AH LampardAustin Heyd Lampard
FG LampardFrederick G Lampard
PCD LampenPercival Claude Dudley Lampen
W LampenWilliam Lampen
JH Lampert
A LampittAlbert Lampitt
GH LampittGeorge Henry Lampitt
CW Lampkin
AG Lamplough
O LamploughOrville Lamplough
RG LamploughRobert Galboone Lamplough
RG LamploughRobert Golborne Lamplough
AG LamplughAlfred Gilmer Lamplugh
S Lamplugh
SC LamplughSydney C Lamplugh
SC LamplughSydney Clifford Lamplugh
F Lamport
FSS Lamprey
CR LamrockCuthbert Robert Lamrock
HH LamrockHarry Hatfield Lamrock
FC LamsdaleFrederick Chesterton Lamsdale
DL LamsonDaniel Leo Lamson
HV L'AmyHenry Vernon L'Amy
EP LanabeEdward Payne Lanabe
AB LanbridgeArthur Bracy Lanbridge
AE LancashireArthur Edward Lancashire
E LancashireErnest Lancashire
H LancashireHarry Lancashire
H LancashireHerbert Lancashire
AH LancasterAndrew Hinchcliffe Lancaster
CBJ LancasterCyril Benedict Joseph Lancaster
CJB LancasterCyril J B Lancaster
DA LancasterDouglas Arthur Lancaster
DHT LancasterDent Hugh Turner Lancaster
E LancasterErnest Lancaster
F LancasterFred Lancaster
FW LancasterFrank W Lancaster
FW LancasterFrederick W Lancaster
FW LancasterFrederick William Lancaster
G LancasterGeorge Lancaster
GK LancasterGeorge Keith Lancaster
H LancasterHerbert Lancaster
H LancasterHugh Lancaster
HE LancasterHugh E Lancaster
HH Lancaster
J LancasterJohn Lancaster
J LancasterJoseph Lancaster
JK LancasterJack Kelvin Lancaster
JK LancasterJohn Kenneth Lancaster
O LancasterOswald Lancaster
P LancasterPercy Lancaster
R Lancaster
TE LancasterThomas E Lancaster
WH LancasterWilliam H Lancaster
WJ Lancaster
WL LancasterWilliam Loris Lancaster
WN LancasterWilliam Newton Lancaster
WP LancasterWalter Penrhyn Lancaster
WW LancasterWilliam Womack Lancaster
OT Lance
WG LanceWilliam George Lance
CI LancefieldCharles Irwin Lancefield
G LancefieldGeorge Lancefield
P Lancefield
HFCG LanceleyHerbert Frederick Charles George Lanceley
L LanceyLeonard Lancey
L LanchesterLlewellyn Lanchester
R Lanchlan
VA Lancs
CEJS Lanctot
JJ LanctotJean Jacques Lanctot
JR Lanctot
EJ LandEric James Land
H LandHarold Land
LR Land
S Land
WH Land
LT Landais
J Landall
CF Lan-DavisCyril F Lan-Davis
CF Lan-DavisCyril Frederick Lan-Davis
A LandellsAlexander Landells
JKR LandellsJohn Kerr Ritchie Landells
A LandenArthur Landen
MD LandensonMorgan Douglas Landenson
A LanderAlbert Lander
A LanderAndrew Lander
AJ LanderArthur John Lander
CB LanderCharles Brooke Lander
CE LanderCharles Edward Lander
ETW LanderEwart Thomas William Lander
FC LanderFrederick Charles Lander
GSM Lander
H LanderHerbert Lander
LE LanderLeonard Edward Lander
RH LanderRichard H Lander
TE LanderThomas Eaton Lander
W Lander
WD Lander
CW Landerkin
DU Landgate
RF Landis
RT LandisReed Tresham Landis
M LandlessMaurice Landless
EG LandonEdward G. Landon
EG LandonEdward Guy Landon
JHA LandonJoseph H. A. Landon
JHA LandonJoseph Herbert Arthur Landon
T LandonThomas Landon
WG LandonWilliam Grinnell Landon
GE Landor
CJ Landreville
W Landrigan
AE Landry
JR LandryJoseph Robert Landry
LNA LandryLeo Noe Alfred Landry
PA LandryPierre Alfred Landry
R LandryRobert Landry
W Landry
WA LandryWilfred Andrew Landry
J LandsbergJoseph Landsberg
AL LandsbertAlbert Leslie Landsbert
AM Landsborough
WT Landsdon
W LandyWilliam Landy
HA Landymore
A Lane
AC Lane
AD LaneAlexander Danvers Lane
AEL LaneArthur Edward Lane Lane
AG LaneAlfred George Lane
AGH LaneAmbrose Godfrey H Lane
AGH LaneAmbrose Godfrey Horneck Lane
AJ LaneAlexander James Lane
AS LaneAlan Sidney Lane
AW LaneAubrey William Lane
CF LaneClaud F Lane
CF LaneClaude Francis Lane
CG LaneCharles George Lane
CH LaneCecil Horace Lane
CH LaneCharles H Lane
CJ LaneCharles John Lane
CW LaneCharles William Lane
D Lane
DL Lane
DW LaneDouglas Wakefield Lane
E Lane
EA Lane
FC LaneFrederick C Lane
FF LaneFrancis Fredrick Lane
FH LaneFrancis Henry Lane
G LaneGeorge Lane
GA LaneGeorge Arthur Lane
GD LaneGeorge Douglas Lane
GE LaneGeorge Edward Lane
GED Lane
GF LaneGeorge Frederick Lane
GG LaneGeoffrey George Lane
GH Lane
GNS LaneGerald Nassau Stewart Lane
GNS LaneGerald Nasseau Stuart Lane
H LaneHerbert Lane
HB LaneHerbert B Lane
HC LaneHenry C Lane
HC LaneHenry Colin Lane
HD LaneHenry Douglas Lane
HFD LaneHarry Francois Dawe Lane
HG LaneHenry Garbutt Lane
HH LaneHarry H Lane
HJ LaneHenry James Lane
HJT LaneHarry J T Lane
HM Lane
HPD LaneHenry Percival Douglas Lane
HTG Lane
HW LaneHarry Wilfred Lane
IJC Lane
J LaneJoseph Lane
JA LaneJohn Alexander Lane
JAB LaneJames Arthur Batchelor Lane
JG Lane
JH LaneJames H Lane
JH LaneJohn H Lane
JH LaneJohn Henry Lane
JW Lane
KB Lane
LA LaneLawrence Amor Lane
LC LaneLeslie Charles Lane
LF LaneLeonard Frank Lane
LJ Lane
LR LaneLeslie Richard Lane
LV LaneLeslie Vernon Lane
ME LaneMarwood E. Lane
ME LaneMarwood Elton Lane
NE LaneNorman Esgate Lane
NJ Lane
O LaneOwen Lane
PD Lane
R LaneReuben Lane
RA LaneRobert Alan Lane
RB LaneRonald Basil Lane
RC LaneRobert Charlton Lane
RE LaneRonald Epey Lane
RF Lane
RH LaneRussell Harrison Lane
RJH LaneRupert James Howard Lane
RRH LaneReginald Reuben Henry Lane
RV LaneRoland Victor Lane
RW LaneReginald W Lane
RW LaneReginald William Lane
RW LaneRex Willington Lane
S LaneSydney Lane
SA LaneSydney A Lane
SA LaneSydney Archibald Lane
SG LaneStanley Gavin [or Stanley Garvin] Lane
SJ Lane
TP LaneThomas Percy Lane
TW LaneThomas Willington [or Thomas Willing] Lane
W LaneWalter Lane
WA LaneWilliam Arbuthnot Lane
WB LaneWalter Bertram Lane
WC LaneWilliam C Lane
WF LaneWalter Frederick Lane
WF LaneWilliam Frederick Lane
WH Lane
WIE LaneWilliam Ivor E Lane
WJE Lane
JC Lane-Clayson
WW Laner
AJ LanevilleAlphonse Josephe Laneville
SH LanfearStanley Herbert Lanfear
A LangAndrew Lang
ABD LangAugustus Bernard Dashwood Lang
AF LangAlbert F Lang
AF LangAlbert Frank Lang
AT Lang
C LangCharles Lang
CAM LangCharles Andrew Mitchell Lang
CD LangChristopher Donovan Lang
CG LangClifford Gordon Lang
CS Lang
DW LangDouglas Walter Lang
DW LangDouglas Willoughby Lang
FE Lang
FG Lang
FH Lang
GSC LangGilbert Stephens Campbell Lang
JAM LangJames A. M. Lang
JAM LangJames Arthur M Lang
JG Lang
JH LangJohn Horace Lang
JM LangJ McD Lang
JR Lang
LR LangLaurence Russell Lang
LR LangLawrence Russell Lang
OW LangOswald Wyndham Lang
R LangRonald Lang
RJ LangReginald J Lang
RSH LangReginald S H Lang
T Lang
TE Lang
TW Lang
WB LangW Baird Lang
WH LangWilliam Henry Lang
WL LangWilliam Laurie Lang
WW LangWilliam Warner Lang
J Langabeer
J Langan
JRS LanganJohn Richard Stafford Langan
TA LanganThomas Alphonsus Langan
PA Langan Byrne
HMA LangbeckHarold Minden Amand Langbeck
HMA LangbeckHarold Minton Arnand Langbeck
AM LangdaleAlbert Marmaduke Langdale
CR LangdaleCharles Richard Langdale
CV Langdon
CW LangdonCharles William Langdon
EG Langdon
ES LangdonEdwin S Langdon
ET LangdonEdwin Thomas Langdon
EW Langdon
GB LangdonGeorge Bernard Langdon
GE LangdonGeorge Ellis Langdon
H LangdonHenry Langdon
HCT LangdonHenry Charles Theodore Langdon
JH LangdonJohn Henry Langdon
RT LangdonRalph Thomas Langdon
SB Langdon
T Langdon
WF LangdonWalter F Langdon
WF LangdonWilliam Frederick Langdon
WM LangdonWilliam Morgan Langdon
WW LangdonWilliam Windcatt Langdon
WW Langdon Thomas
WW Langdon-Thomas
HW Langdown
ARL LangeAndre Raphael Louis Lange
GE LangeGeorge Eugene Lange
OJ LangeOscar Jacob Lange
R LangeRichard Lange
WA Lange
WH LangeWilliam Henry Lange
WM LangeWalter Mason Lange
A Langer
FA Langerman
SH Langfear
GJ LangfieldGeorge J Langfield
AE Langford
CG LangfordCyril George Langford
E Langford
EW LangfordErnest Walton Langford
GC LangfordGrover Cameron Langford
GE Langford
GF LangfordGeoffrey Ferns Langford
GK LangfordGilbert Knowles Langford
GS LangfordGeorge S Langford
H LangfordHarold Langford
HF LangfordHalton Frederick Langford
JC LangfordJames Charles Langford
JE Langford
LJ Langford
OB LangfordOscar Benyon Langford
PS LangfordPercy Stanley Langford
RE LangfordRichard Ernest Langford
SB Langford
SC Langford
STC Langford
TC Langford
VHE LangfordValentine Henry Eleves Langford
VHE LangfordValentine Henry Elmes Langford
WC Langford
WF LangfordWalter Frederick Langford
WF LangfordWilliam F Langford
WG LangfordWilliam George Langford
TA Langford-Sainsbury
CW Langham
HF Langham
HJ LanghamHarry James Langham
AW LanghorneArchibald W Langhorne
EJB LanghorneEdward John Bailey Langhorne
G Langis
CH Langland
JW LanglandJohn Willie Langland
C Langlands
CK LanglandsCairns Ker Langlands
CW LanglandsCecil Walter Langlands
D LanglandsDavid Langlands
J LanglandsJames Langlands
L Langlands
R LanglandsRobert Langlands
A LangleyAlgernon Langley
AS LangleyArthur Sidney Langley
AS LangleyArthur Sydney Langley
B Langley
C LangleyCharles Langley
CHM LangleyCharles H M Langley
CW LangleyCharles W Langley
CW LangleyCharles Woollaston Langley
E Langley
EM LangleyEric Morgan Langley
EW LangleyEric Woollaston Langley
F Langley
GH LangleyGeorge Harold Langley
GH LangleyGordon Harrison Langley
GMB LangleyGerald M B Langley
J Langley
JA Langley
JBR LangleyJohn Basil Robert Langley
JMR Langley
JN LangleyJoseph N Langley
JR Langley
MJ LangleyMatthew John Langley
O Langley
P Langley
RL Langley
RM LangleyReginald M Langley
RM LangleyReginald Martin Langley
RS LangleyReginald Septimus Langley
S Langley
T LangleyThomas Langley
JP Langlois
FH LangmaidFrederick Harold Langmaid
LH LangmaidLeslie Harford Langmaid
RW LangmaidRonald Walter Langmaid
W LangmaidWilliam Langmaid
CJ LangmanCecil James Langman
CW Langman
LRG Langmead
LW Langmead
RG LangmeadRalstone George Langmead
RG LangmeadRolstone George Langmead
JR LangmuirJames Ritchie Langmuir
JW LangmuirJohn William Langmuir
KM Langmuir
JP LangoisJoseph Peter Langois
AB LangridgeArthur Bracy Langridge
E LangridgeErnest Langridge
EF LangridgeErnest Frank Langridge
EJ LangridgeEdwin Joseph Langridge
HRJ Langridge
J Langridge
JUJ LangridgeJames Ugolo Jennings Langridge
RA Langridge
RJ LangridgeReginald James Langridge
HR LangrishHercules Ralph Langrish
HR LangrisheHercules Ralph Langrishe
TH LangrisheTerence Hume Langrishe
WT LangsdonWalter Thomas Langsdon
R Langstaff
WC LangstaffWilliam C Langstaff
E LangstonErnest Langston
RG Langston
WT Langston
G LangstoneGilbert Langstone
HC LangstoneHarold Charles Langstone
S Langstone
SF Langstone
CC LangstrothCecil Craven Langstroth
GS Langstroth
CE Langsworth
AR LangtonAubrey Richard Langton
AT LangtonArthur Thomas Langton
ESW LangtonEdwin Simmons Wright Langton
F LangtonFred Langton
FEP LangtonFrederick Edward Palmer Langton
FH LangtonFrank Harper Langton
FK LangtonFred Kettlewell Langton
GB LangtonGeorge Bernard Langton
HB LangtonHarold Bennett Langton
HJ LangtonHerbert James Langton
HPW Langton
J LangtonJoseph Langton
JG LangtonJoseph George Langton
JL LangtonJoseph Lawrence Langton
JT LangtonJohn T Langton
JT LangtonJohn Thomas Langton
SV LangtonSydney V Langton
SV LangtonSydney Victor Langton
W LangtonWalter Langton
WE LangtonWalter Eric Langton
WT LangtonWilliam Thomas Langton
H Langtree
AC LangtryArthur Charles Langtry
CA Langtry
HW Langtry
T LangwillTrevor Langwill
LHN LangworthyLionel Horace Norton Langworthy
TE Lanier
LW LaniganLeonard W Lanigan
WL LaniganWilliam Leonard Lanigan
EW LankasterEdward W Lankaster
EW Lankester
C LankinCyril Lankin
CG Lankin
F LankshearFrank Lankshear
A LanmanAllan Lanman
A Lanmont
J LanningJohn Lanning
GNS Lano
VA LanosVictor Adolphi Lanos
JP Lanphier
FW LansburyFrederick William Lansbury
JW Lansbury
EC LansdaleErnest Conway Lansdale
H LansdaleHerbert Lansdale
JH LansdellJohn Harvey Lansdell
ND LansdownNorman Dale Lansdown
G LansdowneGeorge Lansdowne
Z LansdowneZacheray Lansdowne
B Lansley
A LantArthur Lant
HFO LantHumphrey Frederick Oven Lant
C Lanti
GD LanyonGordon Dingley Lanyon
J Lanyon
RJ Lanzer
EA LapeEwing Alexander Lape
JE LapesJoseph Ernest Lapes
HC LaphamHerbert Charles Lapham
LWV Lapham
JL LaphenJohn Lewis Laphen
TW LapidgeThomas W Lapidge
JH LapierreJoseph Honoreus Lapierre
P LapinPhilip Lapin
H LapishHubert Lapish
M LapishMarian Lapish
JDS Lapland
AJ Laplante
JJC Lapointe
L Lapointe
JSR Laporte
AR LappAustin Ross Lapp
WH LappWilfred Howard Lapp
JPB Lappin
DF LapraikD Fairlie Lapraik
DF LapraikDouglas Fairlie Lapraik
DM LapraikDavid McGeachie Lapraik
AB Lapsley
AS Lapsley
HEW Lapthorne
GT Lapworth
EFD Laramy
RM LarawayRupert Merrill Laraway
FW LarbeyFrederick W Larbey
A LarbyAlbert Larby
EW LarbyErnest Wilson Larby
G LarbyGeorge Larby
AE LarcombeArthur E Larcombe
FG LarcombeFoster G Larcombe
SJ Larcombe
MW Larconde
VW LardarsVernon William Lardars
GSM LarderGeorge Stourton Mainwaring Larder
MG LarderMarguand Garnet Larder
GA Lardner
GC Lardner
GS LardnerGriffith Seymour Lardner
R Lardner
RS LardnerReginald Seymour Lardner
AF Large
BJ LargeBenjamin John Large
CB LargeCharles Bruce Large
GA LargeGeorge Alexander Large
GE Large
HR LargeHeber R Large
HR LargeHeber Roan Large
ILR LargeIvan Leigh Roderick Large
JW Large
PF LargePercy F Large
RC LargeRobert Colin Large
SF LargeStanley Frederick Large
T LargeThomas Large
TS LargeThomas S Large
WJ LargeWilliam James Large
WM Large
AEC LargenAlbert Edward Charles Largen
JH Larghay
GAG LarinGeorge Arthur Gustave Larin
H Larkey
TH Larkey
CG LarkinCyril Gaisford Larkin
DC Larkin
EJ LarkinEdgar John Larkin
H Larkin
HJ LarkinHerbert Joseph Larkin
HR Larkin
JJ LarkinJames Joseph Larkin
JP LarkinJohn Peter Larkin
L LarkinLeonard Larkin
RS LarkinReginald Stanley Larkin
SB LarkinSidney Bernard Larkin
APA LarkingArthur Patrick Alfred Larking
JC LarkingJack Cuthbert Larking
DM LarkinsDouglas Molyneux Larkins
GI LarkinsGeoffrey Ingham Larkins
GJ LarkinsGeoffrey J Larkins
J LarkinsJohn Larkins
WA LarkmanWilliam Arthur Larkman
F LarmanFrancis Larman
GA Larman
JB LarmanJoseph Buller Larman
AA Larmer
AC LarmuthAlfred Churchill Larmuth
GO LarnerGordon Oliver Larner
JS LarnerJohn Samuel Larner
EAW LarpentElbert Adrian William Larpent
FL Larque
ECP LarrabeeEdward Compers Payne Larrabee
EP Larrabee
R Larrabee
FC Larraclough
AD Larrad
SG LarrardSidney George Larrard
HE LarsenHarold Ernest Larsen
JF Larsen
C Larsh
E Larson
HR Larson
JA Larson
JF LarsonJens Frederick Larson
JP Larson
JT Larson
C LarterCharles Larter
DE LarterDouglas Ewen Larter
EG LarterErnest G Larter
EJ Larter
NI LarterNorman Ivan Larter
WH Larton
J Larven
JA LarwillJames Alfred Larwill
VC LarymoreVictor Christian Larymore
NE Lasbrook
S Lascaris
EH LascellesEvelyn Herbert Lascelles
FA Lascelles
GA LascellesGeorge Arthur Lascelles
GA LascellesGerald Alfred Lascelles
GJ Lascelles
GJH LascellesGeoffrey John Henry Lascelles
GJW Lascelles
HL LascellesHarold Leslie Lascelles
JE LascellesJohn Eaton Lascelles
JF LascellesJohn Frederick Lascelles
JH Lascelles
RG LascellesRonald George Lascelles
EP LashEdward Paul Lash
PS Lash
NE LashbrookNorman Edward Lashbrook
VC LashfordVincent Clarke Lashford
AF LashmarAllan Frank Lashmar
RO LashmarRalph Oliver Lashmar
MS Lashmore
OT LashmoreOwen Theodore Lashmore
MF LaskerMyles Frank Lasker
RS LaskerRobert Sydney Lasker
A LaskeyAlfred Laskey
G Laskey
GN LaslettGeorge Newman Laslett
CE Last
FH LastFrank Howard Last
H Last
LS LastLeslie Sydney Last
MJ LastMarcus John Last
RH Last
WR LastWilliam Richard Last
WWJ Last
CT LatchCyril T. Latch
CT LatchCyril Telford Latch
CP LatchfordCharles P Latchford
JH LatchfordJohn Henry Latchford
RW LatchfordRichard Walter Latchford
WT Latchford
HA LatesHarry Augustus Lates
JA Lathaen
A LathamAlfred Latham
AR LathamArchie Robert Latham
C Latham
CC LathamClaude C Latham
CJ Latham
CS LathamClarence Stewart Latham
E Latham
EE LathamEric Edward Latham
EG LathamEmil Gustave Latham
EJ LathamErnest Joseph Latham
ER LathamEdgar Reteif Latham
ER LathamEdgar Retief Latham
F LathamFred Latham
F LathamFrederick Latham
FE LathamFrank Eaton Latham
GA Latham
GH LathamGodfrey Holland Latham
HG LathamHarold George Latham
HW Latham
J LathamJack Latham
JA Latham
JC LathamJohn Christmas Latham
JD Latham
JF Latham
JHV LathamJohn Howard Vincent Latham
JR LathamJohn Redvers Latham
L LathamLambert Latham
LS LathamLeslie Sawyer Latham
NE LathamNorman Ernest Latham
PW Latham
R LathamRobert Latham
RE LathamReginald Edward Latham
RH LathamRaymond Hugh Latham
S LathamStanley Latham
SA Latham
SF LathamSamuel Frank Latham
T LathamThomas Latham
W LathamWilliam Latham
WG LathamWilliam Gladstone Latham
EG LathanEdgar George Lathan
JC LathanJohn Christmas Lathan
R Lathan
HJ LatheHarold Jordan Lathe
JA LatheanJames A Lathean
A LatimerAlfred Latimer
A LatimerArchibald Latimer
CF LatimerCharles Frederic Latimer
CF LatimerCharles Frederick Latimer
D LatimerDennis Latimer
F LatimerFrank Latimer
GHT Latimer
GWT LatimerGeorge Wilfred Tyzock Latimer
HB LatimerHenry Benjamin Latimer
MA Latimer
OW LatimerOwen William Latimer
OWRG LatimerOwen William Reginald Graham Latimer
R Latimer
WH LatimerWilliam H Latimer
WO Latimer
EJ Latkin
AP Latour
RLT LatourRaymond Lucien Thomas Latour
JWPR Latrielle
D Latta
J LattaJohn Latta
JD LattaJames D. Latta
JD LattaJames Douglas Latta
B LatterBenjamin Latter
EA LatterEric Arthur Latter
FW LatterFrederick W Latter
JR Latter
W LatterWalter Latter
RT LatteyRobert T. Lattey
RT LatteyRobert Tabor Lattey
FH LattimerFrederick Havelock Lattimer
EC LattoEdward Campbell Latto
BM LaubachBernhardt Morritz Laubach
JH LaubenburgJohn Hiley Laubenburg
R LauchlanRobert Lauchlan
R LauchlandRobert Lauchland
FE Lauder
H Lauder
HK LauderHorace Kingsworth Lauder
JAG Lauder
LE LauderLeonard Edward Lauder
W LauderWalter Lauder
WD LauderWilliam Delavedre Lauder
WDL LauderWilliam De L Lauder
H LaudinHugh Laudin
FW LaudrethFrank William Laudreth
WW Lauer
AE Laugher
R Laughlan
J LaughlandJames Laughland
FA LaughlinFrederick Andrew Laughlin
GM Laughlin
HJ Laughlin
NJ LaughlinNorman James Laughlin
SM Laughlin
BD LaughtonBertram Douglas Laughton
E Laughton
F LaughtonFrank Laughton
HPW LaughtonHarry Phillip Walter Laughton
HPW LaughtonHenry Philip Walter Laughton
HPW LaughtonHenry Phillip Walter Laughton
JL Laughton
PS LaughtonPercy Stothard Laughton
WM LaughtonWilliam Muir Laughton
GW Launchberry
EJ Launchbury
LW LaunchburyLeslie William Launchbury
RT LaunderRichard T Launder
EH Launderville
H Laundy
B LaurenceBertie Laurence
C LaurenceColin Laurence
EF Laurence
FH LaurenceFrederick Hope Laurence
GM Laurence
J LaurenceJames Laurence
J LaurenceJoseph Laurence
SW Laurence
TB Laurence
WH Laurence
AJ LaurensAlbert Joshua Laurens
JFT LaurensJohn Francis Thomas Laurens
HD Laurenson
MD LaurensonMorgan Douglas Laurenson
H Laurent
PE Laurent
EG Laurente
EP Laurente
A LaurieAlexander Laurie
AW LaurieArchibald William Laurie
C LaurieChristopher Laurie
D LaurieDavid Laurie
D LaurieDouglas Laurie
E Laurie
EA LaurieEdward Albert Laurie
F Laurie
FJE Laurie
GHN Laurie
HA LaurieHerbert Archibald Laurie
HW LaurieHenry W Laurie
J Laurie
JL Laurie
JS Laurie
KS LaurieKenneth Somerville Laurie
L Laurie
RCH Laurie
RCM LaurieRobert Charles Michael Laurie
SH Laurie
T LaurieThomas Laurie
W LaurieWilliam Laurie
WEG Laurie
WT LaurieWilliam Tilford Laurie
R LaurierRobert Laurier
Des Lauriers
JLD LauriersJoseph L D Lauriers
JE Laurin
JRF Laurin
EJA LautEdward John Allan Laut
JW Laut
J LavalleJohn Lavalle
P Lavallee
ET LavarackErnest Theodore Lavarack
PJV LavarackPhilip James Vaughan Lavarack
JHA LavaseurJoseph Herman Adelard Lavaseur
P Lavasseur
AR LavellAlonzo Richard Lavell
DS Lavelle
J Lavelle
SD LavelleSidney D Lavelle
TF Lavelle
TH Lavelle
P Lavellee
C LavenderClarence Lavender
F Lavender
H LavenderHarry Lavender
H LavenderHerbert Lavender
LA LavenderLouis A Lavender
S LavenderSooney Lavender
WCL LavenderWalter Charles Lewis Lavender
A LaverArnold Laver
CG LaverCecil George Laver
E LaverErnest Laver
FK LaverFrancis Kenneth Laver
FR LaverFrancis Reginald Laver
FR LaverFrancis Reynell Laver
J LaverJohn Laver
RR LaverReginald Rayner Laver
WW LaverWilliam Wood Laver
FJV Laverack
J Laverick
W Laverick
WF Lavering
A LaversAlbion Lavers
CR LaversClaude Reginald Lavers
CST LaversCharles Stewart Tauzeau Lavers
CST LaversCharles Stewart Towzeau Lavers
HA LaversHarry Allison Lavers
SH Lavers
SK LaversStanley Keith Lavers
FK LavertonFrederick King Laverton
HM LavertonHerbert M Laverton
A LavertyAlexander Laverty
AH LavertyAugustus Harold Laverty
E Laverty
GT LavertyGeorge Thomas Laverty
S LavertySamuel Laverty
W LavertyWilliam Laverty
A LaveryAlexander Lavery
H LaveryHugh Lavery
P LaveryPhilip Lavery
S Lavery
VM LaveryVaughan Metcalfe Lavery
WD LaveryWilliam Dunlop Lavery
WJ Lavery
GH Laves
AB LaveyAlan Berriman Lavey
JL LavigneJoseph Louis Lavigne
JS Lavigne
W LavilleWilliam Laville
CC LavinCharles Christopher Lavin
GE LavinGeorge Ebenezer Lavin
J LavinJoseph Lavin
LL LavinLancelot Llewellyn Lavin
AJ LavingtonAlbert James Lavington
GW LavingtonGeoffrey Wykeham Lavington
LF Lavington
LFE LavingtonLawrence Frederick Esperendien Lavington
LJ LavingtonLawrence James Lavington
EWB LavisErnest Walter Brokington Lavis
M LavoieMarc-Antoine Lavoie
MA LavoieMare-Antoine Lavoie
W Lavoie
A LawAlexander Law
A LawAlfred Law
AC LawAlfred Charles Law
AG Law
AH LawAlfred H Law
AM LawAlfred Moss Law
C LawCharles Law
C LawChris Law
CA LawCharles Arkley Law
CB LawCharles Bernard Law
CD LawCarl Douglas Law
CH Law
CJ Law
DW LawDonald William Law
EA LawEdmund Alton Law
EA LawEdward Alan Law
ER LawEdgar R Law
ER LawEdgar Rowand Law
ER LawEdgar Rowland Law
FC Law
FHR LawFrancis Henry Richard Law
FR/GR LawF R [or G R] Law
G LawGeorge Law
GA Law
GB LawGodfrey Birch Law
GF Law
H LawHarold Law
H LawHarry Law
H LawHubert Law
H LawHugh Law
HA LawHerbert August Law
HD Law
HF LawHoward Frederic Law
HMB LawHenry Merrick Burrell Law
HMB LawHenry Merrik Burrell Law
HR Law
J LawJohn Law
JA Law
JC Law
JK LawJames Kidston Law
JP LawJames Pringle Law
JR LawJames R Law
JR LawJohn R Law
JRLC LawJohn Rhodri Letchworth Cotgrave Law
JW LawJames William Law
LO Law
M Law
NR LawNeil Ramsay Law
PF LawPercy Frank Law
PG LawPercy George Law
R LawRalph Law
R LawRobert Law
RA LawRobert Andrew Law
RD LawRichard Densclow Law
RD LawRichard Denselow Law
RH LawRichard H Law
RL Law
RMG LawReginald Markham Gascoigne Law
RS Law
S LawStewart Law
T LawThomas Law
TP Law
W LawWalter Law
W LawWilliam Law
WD LawWilliam Donald Law
WJ Law
WM LawWilbert Maurice Law
W Lawcher
CE Lawder
W Lawder
HG Lawdham
AG LaweAlfred George Lawe
JW Lawe
A Lawes
AV LawesAubrey Victor Lawes
EV LawesErnest Vincent Lawes
GW LawesGordon William Lawes
H LawesHubert Lawes
JP LawesJohn Pater Lawes
JP LawesJohn Porter Lawes
JR LawesJohn Raphael Lawes
RV Lawes
WG LawesWilliam Gerald Lawes
WH Lawes
WR LawesWalter Robert Lawes
AL LawfordArthur Loraine Lawford
AN LawfordArthur Niven Lawford
EH LawfordEardley H Lawford
EH LawfordEardley Haydon Lawford
EN Lawford
C LawieCharles Lawie
FM LawledgeFrancis Matt Lawledge
AT Lawler
D LawlerDennis Lawler
DA LawlerDenis Anthony Lawler
E Lawler
FN LawlerFrederick Norman Lawler
FT Lawler
JW Lawler
L Lawler
LA LawlerLeonard Andrew Lawler
LW Lawler
TW LawlerThomas Wilson Lawler
HJ LawlessHenry James Lawless
HJL LawlessHenry John Lawrence Lawless
J Lawless
P LawlessPercy Lawless
R Lawless
A LawleyAlfred Lawley
C Lawley
E Lawley
G Lawley
HS LawleyHarold Stephen Lawley
HV LawleyHenry Vassar Lawley
A Lawlor
AT LawlorAnthony Teasdale Lawlor
DA LawlorDenis Anthony Lawlor
FJ Lawlor
GA LawlorGeorge Augustine Lawlor
JT LawlorJohn Thomas Lawlor
JW Lawlor
JWS LawlorJohn William Southwell Lawlor
LM LawlorLeonard Milton Lawlor
T Lawlor
TW LawlorThomas Wilson Lawlor
HA LawnHarold Alfred Lawn
JF LawnJohn Frederick Lawn
AE LawranceAlexander Earnshaw Lawrance
WA LawranceWilliam Arthur Lawrance
EE Lawrason
A LawrenceAlexander Lawrence
AB LawrenceAndrew Bruce Lawrence
AF LawrenceArthur F Lawrence
AG Lawrence
AH LawrenceAlbert Henry Lawrence
AH LawrenceAlexander Houston Lawrence
AR LawrenceArchibald Romsey Lawrence
AT Lawrence
B Lawrence
CAW LawrenceChristopher A W Lawrence
CD LawrenceCyril Davies Lawrence
CH LawrenceColin Hudoon Lawrence
CH LawrenceColin Hudson Lawrence
CJ Lawrence
CJL LawrenceCharles James Leslie Lawrence
CW Lawrence
CWJ LawrenceCharles William Johnson Lawrence
D LawrenceDennis Lawrence
DR Lawrence
E LawrenceEdward Lawrence
E LawrenceEdwin Lawrence
EA LawrenceErnest A Lawrence
EF LawrenceEdward Franklin Lawrence
EJ LawrenceEdwin J Lawrence
EW LawrenceErnest Willam Lawrence
EW LawrenceErnest William Lawrence
F LawrenceFrank Lawrence
FA LawrenceFrancis Albert Lawrence
FC LawrenceFrederick Charles Lawrence
FC LawrenceFredrick Charles Lawrence
FE LawrenceFrederick Ernest Lawrence
FH Lawrence
FW LawrenceFrederick W Lawrence
FW LawrenceFrederick William Lawrence
G Lawrence
GAK LawrenceGeorge A K Lawrence
GAK LawrenceGeorge Aubrey Kennedy Lawrence
GC LawrenceGeorge Charles Lawrence
GE Lawrence
GK Lawrence
GM LawrenceGeorge Morton Lawrence
GS Lawrence
H LawrenceHalford Lawrence
HAJ Lawrence
HC LawrenceHiram Cyrus Lawrence
HJ Lawrence
HW Lawrence
IH LawrenceIan Hamish Lawrence
IV LawrenceIra Vincent Lawrence
J LawrenceJames Lawrence
J LawrenceJohn Lawrence
J LawrenceJoseph Lawrence
JA LawrenceJohn Arthur Lawrence
JC LawrenceJohn Charles Lawrence
JC LawrenceJohn Clive Lawrence
JG LawrenceJames Gibson Lawrence
JK LawrenceJohn Kempton Lawrence
JM Lawrence
JT LawrenceJohn T Lawrence
LES LawrenceLawrence Ernest Shaw Lawrence
LJ LawrenceLawrence Joseph Lawrence
LT LawrenceLionel Theodore Lawrence
M LawrenceMortimer Lawrence
MLF LawrenceMelvin La Fontaine Lawrence
NA LawrenceNorman Alan Lawrence
O LawrenceOliver Lawrence
P LawrencePercy Lawrence
PC LawrencePercy Claude Lawrence
PWB LawrencePercival William B Lawrence
PWB LawrencePercival William Bernard Lawrence
R LawrenceReuben Lawrence
R LawrenceRichard Lawrence
R LawrenceRobert Lawrence
RD LawrenceRussell Dale Lawrence
REC LawrenceRobert Edward Cecil Lawrence
RRH Lawrence
RT LawrenceRedvers Thomason Lawrence
S Lawrence
SD LawrenceStephen David Lawrence
SE LawrenceSydney E Lawrence
SE LawrenceSydney Eggington Lawrence
SL LawrenceSydney L Lawrence
SV LawrenceStanley Victor Lawrence
TA LawrenceThomas Albert Lawrence
TB LawrenceThomas Bowery Lawrence
TH LawrenceThomas Henry Lawrence
TR LawrenceThomas Reginald Lawrence
V LawrenceVernon Lawrence
VH LawrenceVictor Henry Lawrence
W LawrenceWalter Lawrence
WA LawrenceWilliam A Lawrence
WD Lawrence
WG LawrenceWilliam George Lawrence
WH LawrenceWilliam Henry Lawrence
WJ LawrenceWilfred Joseph Lawrence
WR LawrenceWalter Roger Lawrence
WV Lawrence
AJ LawrensAlbert J Lawrens
FE LawrensFrancis E Lawrens
CA Lawrenson
MD Lawrenson
VPA LawrensonVictor Percival Albert Lawrenson
A Lawrey
C LawreyCharles Lawrey
A Lawrie
AE Lawrie
E Lawrie
EA Lawrie
GHN Lawrie
IG LawrieIan Gray Lawrie
JA Lawrie
JCF Lawrie
P LawriePeter Lawrie
R Lawrie
T LawrieThomas Lawrie
WEG LawrieWilliam Edwin Griffiths Lawrie
WG LawrieWalter Gray Lawrie
AF LawryAnthony Fred Lawry
AE LawsArthur Edwin Laws
AT LawsArthur Thurlow Laws
FCV LawsFrederick C V Laws
FCV LawsFrederick Charles Victor Laws
FG LawsFrederick George Laws
GHP LawsGilbert Henry Powell Laws
HA LawsHarold A Laws
HA LawsHarold Augustus Laws
HE Laws
HJ LawsHenry John Laws
HM LawsHenry Miller Laws
HS LawsHoward Stracey Laws
HV Laws
LG LawsLeslie Gilbert Laws
R Laws
RA LawsRichard Arthur Laws
WE Laws
A Lawson
AE Lawson
AHS LawsonAlfred Herbert Stanton Lawson
AM Lawson
AR LawsonAlbert Ross Lawson
AV LawsonArthur Vernon [or Alexander Vernon] Lawson
AWR LawsonArthur William Rupert Lawson
B LawsonBenjamin Lawson
BH Lawson
CF LawsonChandos Frederick Lawson
CG LawsonCuthbert Gray Lawson
CS LawsonC Sexius Lawson
D LawsonDavid Lawson
DB Lawson
DF LawsonDavid Forbes Lawson
DHM LawsonDenis Hugh MacDonald Lawson
DL Lawson
E LawsonEdmund Lawson
E LawsonEdward Lawson
E LawsonErnest Lawson
EA Lawson
EAC LawsonEdward Archibald Charley Lawson
EAC LawsonEdward Archibald Chorley Lawson
EB LawsonEric Bowman Lawson
EP Lawson
ER LawsonEdward Robert Lawson
F LawsonFrank Lawson
FA LawsonFrank Allan Lawson
FH Lawson
G LawsonGeorge Lawson
G LawsonGilbert Lawson
GEB LawsonGeorge Edgar Bruce Lawson
GM LawsonGeorge Maxwell Lawson
GW LawsonGeorge Wilson Lawson
H LawsonHarold Lawson
HA LawsonHuban A Lawson
HD Lawson
HH LawsonHugh Hint Lawson
HM Lawson
HP LawsonHarold Paul Lawson
J LawsonJack Lawson
J LawsonJames Lawson
J LawsonJohn Lawson
J LawsonJoseph Lawson
JA LawsonJohn Alexander Lawson
JD LawsonJohn David Lawson
JE Lawson
JF LawsonJohn Francis Lawson
JHE LawsonJohn Hubert Elliott Lawson
JL LawsonJohn Lawrence Lawson
JM LawsonJohn McIntosh Lawson
JM LawsonJoseph Manson Lawson
JMC LawsonJohn Miller Cochrane Lawson
JWGH LawsonJames William George Hynd Lawson
LB Lawson
LC LawsonLeslie Charles Lawson
LR Lawson
LWJ LawsonLionel Wilfrid John Lawson
OH Lawson
PE LawsonPhillip Edmund Lawson
PH LawsonPercy Harold Lawson
PH LawsonPhillip H Lawson
R LawsonRobert Lawson
RG LawsonRobert Gordon Lawson
RL LawsonRaymond Lewis Lawson
RL LawsonRobert Louis Lawson
S LawsonSidney Lawson
S LawsonSydney Lawson
SM Lawson
T LawsonThomas Lawson
T LawsonTom Lawson
TW LawsonThomas William Lawson
VW LawsonVincent Wade Lawson
W LawsonWilliam Lawson
WB LawsonWalter Brogdin Lawson
WE LawsonWilliam Egerton Lawson
WG LawsonWilliam G Lawson
WH LawsonWilliam H Lawson
WS LawsonWilliam Scott Lawson
WS LawsonWilliam Sinclair Lawson
JHH Lawson-Walton
M Lawson-WilliamsMalcolm Lawson-Williams
J Lawten
W LawtherWilliam Lawther
A LawtonAlbert Lawton
E LawtonErnest Lawton
ER LawtonEdward Roberts Lawton
EW LawtonEustace William Lawton
FH Lawton
FL LawtonFrederick Lorne Lawton
GW Lawton
H LawtonHerbert Lawton
HT LawtonHerbert Taylor Lawton
HV LawtonHerbert Valentine Lawton
J LawtonJohn Lawton
JA LawtonJames Allsop Lawton
JB LawtonJohn Bennett Lawton
JH LawtonJames Henry Lawton
JHB LawtonJohn Henry Blois Lawton
L LawtonLawrence Lawton
NK LawtonNoel Keith Lawton
PCF LawtonPhilip Charles Fenner Lawton
R LawtonRalph Lawton
RD Lawton
S Lawton
T Lawton
TJ Lawton
WE LawtonWilliam Edward Lawton
E Lawue
E Lax
L LaxLeonard Lax
MB LaxMartin Bernard Lax
J LaxdalJoseph Laxdal
J Laxdale
SS Laxter
CF LaxtonCharles Fraser Laxton
FC LaxtonFrank Charles Laxton
H LaxtonHarry Laxton
NOL LaxtonNoel Oliver Lowe Laxton
AP LayArthur Percival Lay
C LayClaude Lay
E Lay
EG LayErnest Gordon Lay
GW LayGeorge William Lay
H Lay
HD LayHoward Deighton Lay
HFD LayHarold Frank Douglas Lay
SC LayStanley C Lay
WG LayWilliam G Lay
AR LayardArthur Raymond Layard
RJ LayardRaymond Julius Layard
TAE LaybornThomas Alex Edwin Layborn
PG LaybournPercy George Laybourn
TW LaybourneThomas Walter Laybourne
AC LaycockArthur C Laycock
AC LaycockArthur Coulten Laycock
CS LaycockCharles Stanley Laycock
E LaycockEdward Laycock
EA Laycock
FL Laycock
GH Laycock
H LaycockHarry Laycock
HA LaycockHarold Aidan Laycock
J Laycock
JF Laycock
JH LaycockJoseph Hayes Laycock
JS Laycock
M LaycockMaurice Laycock
RJ Layden
RLA Laye
RLH Laye
R Layer-ParkerRobert Layer-Parker
HD LayfieldHenry Draper Layfield
RH LayfieldRichard Heaton Layfield
WL LayfieldWilfrid Lawson Layfield
AD LaylandArthur Diener Layland
FP LaylandFrank Percival Layland
FR LaylandFrank Reginal Layland
TC Laylor
GF LayneGeorge Frank Layne
WH LayneWilliam Henry Layne
FH Laynes
H Laynes
RR LayteRalph Richmond Layte
AE LaytonAlfred Edgar Layton
AJ Layton
AV Layton
DM LaytonDouglas Meredith Layton
EC LaytonEdgar Charles Layton
EN LaytonEdwin N. Layton
EN LaytonEdwin Noel Layton
FC LaytonFrederick Charles Layton
GAF Layton
JC Layton
JGG LaytonJohn Gregory Graham Layton
L Layton
LE LaytonLeslie Ewart Layton
WD LaytonWilliam Delos Layton
WP Layton
W LayzellWalter Layzell
C Layzell-AppsColin Layzell-Apps
E LazardEdward Lazard
RJ Lazard
E Lazarus
I LazarusIsaac Lazarus
M LazarusMichael Lazarus
S LazarusSimon Lazarus
A Lazarus-Barlow
AJ Lazarus-Barlow
HC LazellHorace Charles Lazell
EE Lazenby
FO LazenbyFrancis Oswald Lazenby
GC Lazenby
GW LazenbyGeorge Wray Lazenby
H LazenbyHorace Lazenby
J LazenbyJames Lazenby
JAL LazenbyJames Arthur Lee Lazenby
JAL LazenbyJames Arthur Leonard Lazenby
JALS LazenbyJames Arthur Leonard Smith Lazenby
JW Lazenby
TW LazenbyThomas William Lazenby
FRE Lazier
FRL LazierFrederick Redvers Lingham Lazier
HE Lazlehurst
R LazzariRaoul Lazzari
C Lazzell-AppsColin Lazzell-Apps
RF Le BaillyRobert Francis Le Bailly
KS Le BaronKarl Shuleff Le Baron
D Le Bas
OS Le Bas
OV Le BasOwen Vincent Le Bas
OV Le BasOwen Vincent Le Bas
CA Le BeufCaliffe Armand Le Beuf
A Le BlancAlfred Le Blanc
EJC Le BlancErnest Joseph Clifford Le Blanc
EP Le BlancEdgar P. Le Blanc
FW Le BlancFontelle Welles Le Blanc
JA Le Blanc
M Le Blanc SmithMaurice Le Blanc Smith
N le Blanc Smith
M Le Blanc-SmithMaurice Le Blanc-Smith
M Le Blane-Smith
HW Le BlondHarry William Le Blond
LG Le Blount-CrokeLewis George Le Blount-Croke
GE Le Boer
OC Le BontillierOlive Colin Le Bontillier
OC Le Boutillier
R Le BrasseurRobin Le Brasseur
RHH Le BrasseurRobert Henry Hubert Le Brasseur
EJ Le BruggeEdward John Le Brugge
JG Le BrunJohn G Le Brun
JG Le BrunJohn Greve Le Brun
JG Le BrunJohn Greve [or John Greir] Le Brun
RR Le CapelainRobert Redvers Le Capelain
LCGM Le ChampionLoftus Claude Gerald Moller Le Champion
RA Le Chausseur
EHL Le ClegioEugene Henry Leon Le Clegio
JW Le Clere
JE Le CourtJoseph Edmund Le Court
E Le CouteurErnest Le Couteur
RN Le CronRobert N Le Cron
R Le Fame
PE Le Febvre
WE Le Feuve
F Le Feuvre
HA Le FeuvreHenry Albert Le Feuvre
WE Le FeuvreWilliam Ernest Le Feuvre
BC Le FevreBryan Clement Le Fevre
FE Le FevreFrank Ewart Le Fevre
PEM Le Galais
JE Le GallaisJohn Edwin Le Gallais
PEM Le GallaisPhilip Edmund Mark Le Gallais
PEM Le GallaisPhillip Edmund Mark Le Gallais
PM Le Gallais
RG Le Gallais
RW Le GallaisReginald W Le Gallais
RW Le GallaisReginald Walker Le Gallais
RW Le GallaisReginald Walter Le Gallais
A Le GaultAlbert Le Gault
JL Le Gault
RM Le Grand
JA Le GrangeJohannes Adolf Le Grange
AC Le GriceAlfred Charles Le Grice
JD Le GroveJohn David Le Grove
JE Le GroveJoseph Edmund Le Grove
W Le Grye
J Le Hunte Sheddon
F Le Huray
FHDB Le JeuneFrank H David Benwell Le Jeune
H Le JeuneHubert Le Jeune
FL Le LievreFrank Lyndon Le Lievre
RH Le Lievre
RHL Le LievreR.H. Le Lievre
W Le LorraineWilliam Le Lorraine
WJ le Lorraine
DG Le MaitreDonald George Le Maitre
LC Le MaitreLeonard Carlyle Le Maitre
DH Le MarchantDenis Hannarelle Le Marchant
EHC Le Marchant
MG Le MarchantMax George Le Marchant
RG le Marchant
MG Le MarchmantMax George Le Marchmant
JJM Le May
WK Le MayWilliam Kent Le May
WST Le MayWilliam Stafford T Le May
WST Le MayWilliam Stafford Thorniley Le May
JM Le MeeJohn M Le Mee
JMJ Le MeeJohn Marie Joseph Le Mee
GA Le Meine
CN Le MercierCharles Norman Le Mercier
P Le MerlePhillippe Le Merle
RP Le MerleRomney Philip Le Merle
T Le MessurierThomas Le Messurier
F Le Mesurier
TF Le MesurierThomas Frederick Le Mesurier
CM Le MoineClaude Melvin Le Moine
GAA Le MoineGerard Alphonsus Anthony Le Moine
AG Le Page
BG Le PageBasil George Le Page
RN Le PageRichard Norman Le Page
FV Le PavouxFrank Vivian Le Pavoux
F Le Peuvre
HL Le Pot
HL Le RoyHarold Lowther Le Roy
JA Le RoyerJohn Achilles Le Royer
NJ Le Sarge
ED Le SauvageErnest Davies Le Sauvage
AE Le SeuerAlfred Ernest Le Seuer
CA Le Strange
AWP Le Sueur
RWG Le SueurRaymond Walter Giles Le Sueur
A Lea
AE LeaArthur Edmund Lea
AJ Lea
AL Lea
BF LeaBaden Fred Lea
CJS LeaCecil James S Lea
CJS LeaCJ Stadden Lea
E LeaErnest Lea
F LeaFrank Lea
FC LeaFrederick Charles Lea
G LeaGwynne Lea
H LeaHerbert Lea
HF LeaHector Frederick Lea
HW LeaHarry Windsor Lea
J LeaJohn Lea
JC Lea
JE LeaJohn Edmund Lea
JH LeaJames Hewitt Lea
JH LeaJohn H Lea
JW LeaJohn W Lea
L LeaLeonard Lea
LH LeaLeslie Harold Lea
N LeaNorman Lea
R Lea
RFG LeaRobert Francis Gore Lea
RH Lea
S Lea
SC Lea
SFB LeaSamuel Frederick Baden Lea
TH LeaThomas Henry Lea
W LeaWilliam Lea
WAE LeaWilliam Albert Edward Lea
WE LeaWilliam Elmer Lea
AEB Leaby
JF LeabyJames Francis Leaby
A LeachAnthony Leach
AG LeachAlbert George Leach
AW LeachArthur Wilfred Leach
C Leach
CW LeachCecil Walter Leach
DW LeachDonald Watson Leach
EC LeachErnest Charles Leach
EJ Leach
F LeachFred Leach
FE LeachFrank Edward Leach
FE LeachFrederick Edward Leach
FW LeachFrank William Leach
G Leach
H LeachHarry Leach
HB LeachHenry Blackwell Leach
HR LeachHarold Roy Leach
J LeachJames Leach
J LeachJesse Leach
J LeachJoseph Leach
JB LeachJames Blakey Leach
JC Leach
JH LeachJoseph Harold Leach
JM LeachJames Morton Leach
JO LeachJohn Owen Leach
JW Leach
O Leach
P Leach
R LeachRoland Leach
RH Leach
RJHC LeachReginald J H C Leach
RR Leach
RS Leach
RW LeachRobert W Leach
ST LeachSidney Thomas Leach
V Leach
W LeachWilliam Leach
WA LeachWilliam Anster Leach
WA LeachWilliam Austin Leach
WC LeachWilliam C Leach
WF LeachWalter Forest Leach
WF LeachWilliam Filmore Leach
WG LeachWilfred George Leach
WH LeachWilfred Howard Leach
WR LeachWillaford Ransom Leach
WW Leach
PAO Leack
J LeacroftJohn Leacroft
H LeadbeaterHenry Leadbeater
J Leadbeater
P LeadbeaterPercy Leadbeater
WHC LeadbeaterWilliam Henry Charles Leadbeater
CG LeadbetterCharles Gordon Leadbetter
E LeadbetterEdmund Leadbetter
GV Leadbetter
N LeadbetterNicholas Leadbetter
TR Leadbetter
CF LeaderCharles Frederick Leader
EL LeaderEustace Lionel Leader
J LeaderJohn Leader
S LeaderStanley Leader
SS LeaderSidney S Leader
WH Leader
H LeadleyHenry Leadley
JC LeadoxJames Charles Leadox
EH LeafEdwin Henry Leaf
WH LeafWilliam Henry Leaf
A LeafeArthur Leafe
AH Leafe
HH LeageHorace Hamilton Leage
LWE LeageLeonard Walter Edmund Leage
AC Leah
EH LeahErnest Hayden Leah
LH Leah
AEB Leahy
CB LeahyCharles Barry Leahy
JD Leahy
JF Leahy
JT LeahyJohn Thomas Leahy
RA LeahyRichard Armstrong Leahy
T Leahy
W Leahy
WG LeahyWilliam George Leahy
AE LeakAlbert Edward Leak
AJ Leak
EF Leak
AC Leake
AJ Leake
EE Leake
EG LeakeEric Gilbert Leake
EJ Leake
FH Leake
KH LeakeKenneth Harper Leake
NK Leake
R LeakeRobert Leake
RC LeakeRobert Cecil Leake
SWD LeakeSamuel Walter Douglas Leake
W LeakeWilliam Leake
WS Leake
AJ Leakey
W LeakyWilliam Leaky
G LealGeorge Leal
H Lealand
ER LealleyEric Ralph Lealley
CE Leaman
GE LeamanGeorge Edward Leaman
HJ LeamanHenry J Leaman
J Leaman
WJ LeamanWalter J Leaman
A Leaman-BerryAlfred Leaman-Berry
HJ LeamonHenry J Leamon
A Leamon-BerryAlfred Leamon-Berry
AD Leamy
JS LeanJohn Stewart Lean
L Lean
R LeanRobert Lean
RF LeanRosevear Frank Lean
ESR Leanard
HK Leane
HJ Leanett
CP Leaney
F Leaper
F LearFrederick Lear
FAL Lear
FH LearFrederick Howard Lear
JS Lear
TA Lear
W LearWilliam Lear
WJ LearWilfred J Lear
WJ LearWilfred John Lear
DI LearedDonald Ivan Leared
GE Learman
GT LearmondGeorge Thomas Learmond
GV LearmondGeorge Victor Learmond
LW Learmont
RK LearmontRobert Kennedy Learmont
BL Learmonth
LW LearmonthLeonard Wright Learmonth
J Learmount
LW LearmountLeonard W. Learmount
LW LearmountLeonard Wright Learmount
B LearmouthBasil Learmouth
BL Learmouth
EL Learmouth
J LearmouthJames Learmouth
R Learmouth
W LearmouthWilliam Learmouth
GA LearnGerald Alfred Learn
WJ Learned
CH Learner
M Learner
WR LearnerWilliam Robert Learner
DI Learod
JE LearonJohn Esmond Learon
FD Learoyd
PD LearoydPhillip Digby Learoyd
VAB LearoydVivian Alexander Brook Learoyd
VB Learoyd
A Leart
AE LearyAlbert Edward Leary
AG LearyArthur Gerald Leary
AW LearyAlfred William Leary
J LearyJohn Leary
JM Leary
RE LearyRaymond Edward Leary
I LeashIsaac Leash
HG Leask
HS Leask
J LeaskJohn Leask
JG LeaskJames Gordon Leask
KMSCG LeaskK.M.St.C.G. Leask
KMSCG LeaskKenneth Malise St Clair Graeme Leask
KMStCG Leask
PAO LeaskPatrick Alexander Ogilvie Leask
PAO LeaskPatrick Alexander Orgilvie Leask
R LeaskRalph Leask
H LeaterHarry Leater
CE Leath
WJ Leath
JA LeathartJames Anthony Leathart
B Leather
CRJ Leather
E LeatherErnest Leather
EH LeatherErnest Henry Leather
F LeatherFrank Leather
GV LeatherGuy Victor Leather
RF LeatherRonald Fishwick Leather
RJ Leather
RT LeatherRalph Towleiton Leather
RT LeatherRalph Towlerton Leather
WJ LeatherWilliam Johnson Leather
TR LeatherdaleThomas Ryan Leatherdale
E LeatherlandEdwin Leatherland
WHDeM Leathes
F Leathey
F LeathleyForde Leathley
F LeathlyForde Leathly
JE LeatonJohn Edmond Leaton
JE LeatonJohn Esmond Leaton
J LeavensJohn Leavens
BF Leaver
EF LeaverErnest Frank Leaver
HC LeaverHenry Carlton Leaver
J Leaver
THA LeaverThomas H A Leaver
THA LeaverThomas Henry Arthur Leaver
AH LeaversArchibald Henry Leavers
EF Leavers
EH LeaversEvered Herbert Leavers
JH LeavesleyJames Howard Leavesley
RH LeaveyRonald Herbert Leavey
HJ LeavittHenry Joseph Leavitt
AT LeavoldAlbert Thomas Leavold
S Leawood
RG LebeauRussell Godfrey Lebeau
TG Lebeau
D LebentalDavid Lebental
P Le-Blanc
JD Lebonte
PRJ LeborgnePaul Richard Joseph Leborgne
RPJ LeborgneRobert Paul Joseph Leborgne
EW LebuttEdward Worthley Lebutt
R Lechance
PL LechenePierre Louis Lechene
G Lechie
RBH LechmereRonald Berwick Hungerford Lechmere
DJM LeckD'Arcy James Murdock Leck
R Leckelt
JG LeckenbyJohn George Leckenby
L LeckenbyLewis Leckenby
J Leckey
ER Leckfold
AV LeckieArchibald Verner Leckie
CM LeckieCharles Malcolm Leckie
CP LeckieClaude Perrin Leckie
G LeckieGraham Leckie
GA LeckieGeorge Arthur Leckie
GG Leckie
J LeckieJohn Leckie
JC LeckieJames Carlyle Leckie
JN LeckieJames Newton Leckie
JS LeckieJohn Stuart Leckie
LH LeckieLawrence Hastings Leckie
R LeckieRobert Leckie
RH LeckieRobert Hunter Leckie
W LeckieWilliam Leckie
AN Leckillr
AN Leckler
LS Leclair
JW LeclercJoseph Wilfrid Leclerc
MJGAM Leclere
AP Leclus
LS Lecombe
EC LecomberEdward Charles Lecomber
GW LecomberGeorge Walseling Lecomber
GW LecomberGeorge Walteling Lecomber
HR LecomberHarold R. Lecomber
HR LecomberHarold Roger Lecomber
HR LecomberHarold Rogers Lecomber
SB LedbetterSydney Bert Ledbetter
JWN LedburyJoseph W N Ledbury
J Leddell
W Leddell
EA Ledden
W LeddraWilliam Leddra
WGC LeddyWilliam George C Leddy
AP Ledeboer
JH LedeboerJohn Henry Ledeboer
LA LederLouis Alfred Leder
LdL LederLouis de Lorme Leder
DO LedgarDonald Oswald Ledgar
TH LedgarThomas Hector Ledgar
A Ledgard
FA LedgardFrederick Ashton Ledgard
PK Ledgate
SW Ledgecock
A LedgerAubrey Ledger
AP LedgerArthur Percy Ledger
B LedgerBruce Ledger
HF LedgerHarold Farthington Ledger
HMC LedgerHorace Martin Capon Ledger
HP LedgerHarold Partington Ledger
IR Ledger
N LedgerNorman Ledger
RA LedgerRupert A Ledger
RG Ledger
S Ledger
T LedgerThomas Ledger
WE LedgerWilliam E Ledger
WH LedgerWilliam Henry Ledger
A LedgerwoodAndrew Ledgerwood
GHB Ledigo
A LedinghamAlexander Ledingham
CT Ledingham
JG LedinghamJames Geddes Ledingham
RJ Ledingham
ER LedlieEdwin Reade Ledlie
W LedlieWilliam Ledlie
WE LednorWilliam E Lednor
EH LedouxErnest Harold Ledoux
H LedshamHugh Ledsham
E LeducEucher Leduc
JCR LeducJean-Charles Romuald Leduc
JCR LeducJohn C R Leduc
JCR LeducJohn Charles Romuald Leduc
LA Leduc
RJC Leduc
KH Ledward
A LeeAlbert Lee
A LeeAlistair Lee
A LeeArthur Lee
AA LeeAlbert Ammerman Lee
AC LeeAlbert C Lee
AE LeeAlbert E Lee
AEE LeeAlbert Edward Eaton Lee
AG Lee
AH LeeArthur Henderson Lee
AJ Lee
AM Lee
AP LeeAustin Percival Lee
AR LeeArthur Raymond Lee
AS LeeArthur Stanley Lee
ASG LeeArthur Stanley Gould Lee
AT LeeAlan Trevelyan Lee
B LeeBert Lee
B LeeBertram Lee
BR LeeBernard Richards Lee
C LeeCharles Lee
CB LeeClaude Benjamin Lee
CE LeeCharles E Lee
CE LeeCharles Edward Lee
CF LeeCharles Frederick Lee
CG LeeCarlton George Lee
CH LeeCharles H Lee
CH LeeCharles Henry Lee
CJ LeeCharles J Lee
CP LeeCharles Percy Lee
CR LeeCyril Riches Lee
DF Lee
DH LeeDonald Henry Lee
DH LeeDonovan Henry Lee
DJ LeeDaniel Joseph Lee
E LeeEdward Lee
E LeeEric Lee
EA Lee
EAR LeeEdward Arthur Richard Lee
EB LeeEverett Baining Lee
EC LeeEric Charles Lee
EF LeeEdgar Francis Lee
ER LeeErnest Reginald Lee
ES Lee
ET LeeEdward Thomas Lee
EWT LeeErnest William Tullock Lee
F LeeFred Lee
F LeeFreeman Lee
FC LeeFrancis Cecil Lee
FC LeeFrederick Charles Lee
FE LeeFrank Ewart Lee
FJ LeeFrederick Joseph Lee
FJF LeeFrancis John Freeman Lee
FT Lee
FW LeeFrancis W Lee
FW LeeFrank Walton Lee
G LeeGeorge Lee
GA LeeGeorge A Lee
GE Lee
GH LeeGeorge Henry Lee
GS LeeGeorge S Lee
GS LeeGeorge Spencer Lee
GT LeeGeoffrey Thomas Lee
H LeeHarry Lee
H LeeHenry Lee
H LeeHerbert Lee
H LeeHugh Lee
HB LeeHenry Boswell Lee
HB LeeHerbert Bradley Lee
HC LeeHarold Chandos Lee
HC LeeHerbert C Lee
HC LeeHerbert Cleave Lee
HC LeeHerbert Cyril Lee
HD Lee
HE LeeHarold Ernest Lee
HG LeeHarold George Lee
HJ LeeHarold James Lee
HJ LeeHerbert John Lee
HM LeeHerbert Malachi Lee
HM LeeHubert Malachi Lee
HN LeeHerman Neville Lee
HP LeeHerbert P Lee
HP LeeHerbert Patrick Lee
HV LeeHarold Vivian Lee
HV LeeHerbert Vaughan Lee
HW LeeHenry Welby Lee
HW LeeHenry Willy Lee
I Lee
J LeeJohn Lee
JA LeeJohn Alfred Lee
JB Lee
JC Lee
JH LeeJohn Hamilton Lee
JH LeeJohn Hulme Lee
JL Lee
JM LeeJames McCarthy Lee
JMcC Lee
JMcE Lee
JO LeeJohn Owen Lee
JP LeeJames Percival Lee
JR LeeJames Roy Lee
JV LeeJames Victor Lee
JV LeeJohn V Lee
JV LeeJohn Varley Lee
JW LeeJohn William Lee
L LeeLeonard Lee
LC LeeLeslie Charles Lee
LH Lee
LN LeeLeslie Norman Lee
LV Lee
M LeeMatthew Lee
MC Lee
MG LeeMaurice G. Lee
MG LeeMaurice George Lee
N LeeNorman Lee
NG Lee
NM Lee
OB Lee
OM Lee
OV LeeOwen Vincent Lee
P LeePeter Lee
PC Lee
PG LeePercy George Lee
PH Lee
PN LeePhilip N Lee
PR Lee
PSL LeePercy Stuart Ledger Lee
R LeeRichard Lee
RA LeeReginald Augustus Lee
RC LeeRobert Carswell Lee
RE Lee
RF LeeRichard Francis Lee
RG LeeRobert G Lee
RHD LeeRichard Henry Driffield Lee
RJ Lee
RL Lee
RN Lee
RS Lee
RT LeeRichard Thomas Lee
S LeeSidney Lee
SA Lee
SB LeeStanley B Lee
SB LeeStanley Burdett Lee
SBD LeeStanley Burdett Dickinson Lee
SF Lee
SFB LeeSidney Francis Bastow Lee
SH LeeStockley Herbert Lee
SJ LeeSamuel John Lee
SJ LeeSidney John Lee
SS Lee
T LeeThomas Lee
TA Lee
TO LeeThomas O'Gorman Lee
TV Lee
V LeeVictor Lee
VB LeeVictor Beadle Lee
W LeeWilliam Lee
WC LeeWilliam Charles Lee
WE LeeWilliam E Lee
WE LeeWilliam Ernest Lee
WG LeeWilliam G Lee
WH LeeWilliam Harry Lee
WJ LeeWilliam Joseph Lee
WW Lee
WWH LeeWilliam Walter Hains Lee
WWH LeeWilliam Walter Hanis Lee
ZY LeeZee Yee Lee
GW Lee BarberGeorge Welham Lee Barber
R Lee MitchellRobert Lee Mitchell
CA Lee SteereCharles Augustus Lee Steere
ME LeebMercer Eric Leeb
G Lee-Barber
GW Lee-Barber
WJ Lee-BirdWilliam John Lee-Bird
JG LeebodyJohn Galway Leebody
CA Leece
ES LeeceEdwin Stanley Leece
FD Leece
GS Leece
A LeechArthur Leech
AF LeechAlfred Frank Leech
AG Leech
CE LeechCuthbert Ernest Leech
D LeechDouglas Leech
EJ LeechEdgar James Leech
FHP LeechFrancis Henry Pope Leech
GWRJ Leech
HS LeechHorace S Leech
J LeechJohn Leech
JC LeechJohn Cyril Leech
JO Leech
LV LeechLeslie Vincent Leech
N LeechNewall Leech
NH LeechNorman Henry Leech
RAW LeechReginald Arthur William Leech
WF LeechWilliam Frederick Leech
WR Leech
D LeedDavid Leed
DK LeedDonald Kenneth Leed
RH LeedRandolph Henry Leed
R LeedalReginald Leedal
GH Leeden
CH Leeder
EE LeederEdward Ernest Leeder
A LeedhamArthur Leedham
F Leedham
GW LeedhamGeorge William Leedham
H LeedhamHugh Leedham
WF LeedhamWilliam Frederick Leedham
GO Leeding
EJ LeedleErnest James Leedle
OJ Lee-JonesOwen John Lee-Jones
RW Lee-JonesReginald Wynne Lee-Jones
HT Leek
PA LeekPhilip Arthur Leek
W Leek
WH Leek
WW Leek
CR LeekeCyril R Leeke
CR LeekeCyril Reginald Leeke
LL Leeke
DC Leeke-RoeDunstan Charles Leeke-Roe
C LeemanCharles Leeman
GE Leeman
F LeemingFrancis Leeming
H LeemingHubert Leeming
L LeemingLouis Leeming
WS LeemingWalter Spencer Leeming
JE LeemingtonJohn Edward Leemington
R Lee-Mitchell
WA LeerWilliam Arthur Leer
A LeesAlan Lees
A LeesAler Lees
A LeesAlexander Lees
AHM LeesAlan Harry Maxwell Lees
AL LeesArthur Luke Lees
AR LeesAlexander Robertson Lees
AS Lees
ATO LeesAubrey Trevor Oswald Lees
BG LeesBernard George Lees
C Lees
DH LeesDennis Harding Lees
DW LeesDavid William Lees
E Lees
F LeesFrederick Lees
FE Lees
FJ LeesFrederick John Lees
G LeesGeorge Lees
GM LeesGeorge Martin Lees
GSE Lees
H LeesHarry Lees
HC LeesHarold Christie Lees
HW LeesHarold Westmoreland Lees
HWF Lees
IG Lees
J LeesJohn Lees
JC Lees
JG LeesJohn Ganley Lees
JG LeesJohn Granley Lees
JH Lees
JR Lees
JW Lees
L Lees
LS LeesLawrence Stephen Lees
LT Lees
LW Lees
LWW LeesLawrence Wemer Wyld Lees
LWW LeesLawrence Werner Wyld Lees
MD Lees
N LeesNewton Lees
ND LeesNorman D Lees
ND LeesNorman Davies Lees
ND LeesNorman Dempster Lees
OC LeesOswald Campbell Lees
RB Lees
RG Lees
RH Lees
RM LeesRobert Milne Lees
RP LeesRobert Percy Lees
RV Lees
S LeesSamuel Lees
SD LeesSidney Donald Lees
SEG LeesSydney Esdaile Gordon Lees
T LeesThomas Lees
TOH LeesThomas Orde Hans Lees
W LeesWilliam Lees
WA Lees
WF Lees
WH Lees
WK Lees
WR LeesWilliam R Lees
WW Lees
YC Lees
HS Lees SmithHenry Sidney Lees Smith
GS Lees-Courties
CA LeeseCyril Arthur Leese
F LeeseFrank Leese
HC LeeseHenry Clifford Leese
W LeesmoreWilliam Leesmore
AL LeesonAlexander Leve Leeson
AN LeesonAlexander Neve Leeson
BE LeesonBrian Ernest Leeson
C LeesonCharles Leeson
D LeesonDavid Leeson
F Leeson
G Leeson
GA LeesonGeorge Arthur Leeson
NA LeesonNevill Ashby Leeson
PG LeesonPatrick George Leeson
RH LeesonRobert Howard Leeson
HS Lees-SmithHenry Sydney Lees-Smith
CN Leeston-SmithCyiil Napier Leeston-Smith
CN Leeston-SmithCyril Napier Leeston-Smith
FF LeetFinley Fraser Leet
BM Leete
BMTS LeeteBernard Morc Troughton Shute Leete
BMTS LeeteBernard More Troughton Shute Leete
EM LeeteEdward Mason Leete
MH Leete
SJ LeeteSydney John Leete
SM Leete
WH LeeteWilliam Hubert Leete
WW LeeteWilliam Wilfred Leete
WW LeeteWilliam Wilfrid Leete
CR Leetham
CRH LeethamClaude Richard Harbord Leetham
HAH LeethamHorace Arthur Harbord Leetham
WH LeethamWilliam Herbert Leetham
AH Leeves
RH LefebureRene Hector Lefebure
RH Lefebvere
H LefebvreHercules Lefebvre
PE LefebvrePhillipe Ernest Lefebvre
RH LefebvreRene Hector Lefebvre
HA LefeuvreHenry Albert Lefeuvre
WE LeFeuvre
FE Lefevre
RH Lefevre
H LefflerHereward Leffler
L LefflerLaurentz Leffler
LJW LefflerLeonard John Wilfred Leffler
RD LefflerRay Dumont Leffler
EGA LefrereEdouard Gordon Aubin Lefrere
EC Lefrers
CB Lefroy
CBH LefroyChristopher Benjamin Henry Lefroy
FCB LefroyFrancis Charles Bruce Lefroy
H Left
WV LeftleyWilliam Victor Leftley
HE Lefton
J LeftwichJoseph Leftwich
PEM LeGallais
RW LegallaisReginald Walter Legallais
JH Legan
DAH LegardDigby Algernon Hall Legard
JF LegardJames Frederick Legard
TF LegardThomas Francis Legard
TJ LegateThomas J Legate
TJ LegateThomas Jerrold Legate
J Legatt
JL LegaultJoseph Lawrence Legault
JLR Legault
JWA Legee-Willis
AA LegerAime Antoine Leger
HL LegerHarold Larnath Leger
IR Leger
JAA Leger
AF LeggAdrian Foulke Legg
AW LeggAlbert W Legg
D LeggDonald Legg
EG LeggEdward George Legg
F LeggFred Legg
FS Legg
FW Legg
GC Legg
GP LeggGeorge P Legg
J LeggJames Legg
JV LeggJoseph Vincent Legg
L Legg
S Legg
SF LeggStanley Frank Legg
VC LeggVictor Clucas Legg
VH LeggVernon Howes Legg
WA LeggWilliam Andrew Legg
WH Legg
WIL LeggWilliam Ivor Lionel Legg
WW LeggWilfred Willey Legg
A Leggat
M LeggatMatthew Leggat
R Leggat
A LeggattArthur Leggatt
AE LeggattArthur Ernest Leggatt
AF LeggattAllen Fermor Leggatt
AFS Leggatt
CA LeggattCharles Andrew Leggatt
CF LeggattCharles F Leggatt
CW LeggattCyrie Wilmer Leggatt
CW LeggattCyril Wilmer Leggatt
EH LeggattEverett Humphrey Leggatt
EW LeggattEdward W. Leggatt
EW LeggattEdward Wilmer Leggatt
G LeggattGeorge Leggatt
G LeggattGuy Leggatt
GW Leggatt
J LeggattJohn Leggatt
M Leggatt
EC Legge
F Legge
FV Legge
GH Legge
GHW LeggeGerald Herbert Walter Legge
GT LeggeGeoffrey Thomas Legge
HC LeggeHeneage Cecil Legge
HD LeggeH Dormer Legge
HD LeggeHarold D Legge
L LeggeLawrence Legge
SF LeggeStanley Frederick Legge
W LeggeWilliam Legge
WH Legge
WJ LeggeWilliam James Legge
A Leggett
CW Leggett
FJ Leggett
HE LeggettHerbert Edgar Leggett
JC LeggettJoseph Cecil Leggett
SL LeggettSydney Leonard Leggett
ST Leggett
TJ Leggett
WHG LeggettWalter Henry George Leggett
AD Legge-Wilkinson
LC Legge-WilkinsonLeonard Charles Legge-Wilkinson
JWA Legge-WillisJohn William Arthur Legge-Willis
JM Leggie
AE LeggoAlbert Edward Leggo
AR LeggoAyton Richey Leggo
DF Legh
H LeghHarvey Legh
P LeghPeter Legh
HJF LegoodHugh James Felce Legood
ATS Leguen-De-LacroixAlexander Thomas S Leguen-De-Lacroix
J LeguiaJohn Leguia
J LeguiaJuan Leguia
HD Lehhan
HD LehmannHenry David Lehmann
HMT LehmannHenry Maurice Talbot Lehmann
HMT Lehrmann
E LeicesterErnest Leicester
C Leichseuring
CA Leicht
WAM LeidigWilliam Albert Michael Leidig
A Leigh
AP Leigh
B Leigh
CE LeighClarence E Leigh
DM LeighDawson Montague Leigh
FD LeighFrederick D Leigh
FG Leigh
H Leigh
HC LeighHenry Clifford Leigh
HC LeighHoward Clifford Leigh
HdV LeighHumphrey de Verd Leigh
HP LeighHerbert Payntz Leigh
HP LeighHubert Poyntz-Gaynor Leigh
J LeighJohn Leigh
JW Leigh
JWD LeighJohn Walker D Leigh
JWD LeighJohn Walker Dickenson Leigh
OES LeighOswald Edward Stanley Leigh
OSM LeighOswald Stanley Mosley Leigh
P LeighPercival Leigh
P LeighPercy Leigh
PH LeighPercival Henry Leigh
PS LeighPatrick Sylvester Leigh
R Leigh
RL LeighReginald Lea Leigh
RL LeighRowland Llewellyn Leigh
S LeighStanley Leigh
SM Leigh
TJ LeighThomas James Leigh
TW Leigh
V LeighVictor Leigh
W LeighWilliam Leigh
WE LeighWilliam Edward Leigh
WS LeighWilliam Shepherd Leigh
EP Leigh BennettErnest Pendardes Leigh Bennett
D Leigh Pemberton
RD Leigh Pemberton
EP Leigh-Bennett
OA Leigh-GoodeOtto Alan Leigh-Goode
CD LeighhuntCyril Dysart Leighhunt
T Leigh-Mallory
TL Leigh-MalloryTrafford Leigh Leigh-Mallory
D Leigh-Pemberton
RD Leigh-PembertonRobert Douglas Leigh-Pemberton
CE LeighsClarence E Leighs
TJ LeighsThomas James Leighs
CA Leight
SM Leight
A LeightonAlfred Leighton
A LeightonArchibald Leighton
B LeightonSir B Leighton
BB Leighton
BBM Leighton(Bart) Leighton
BBM LeightonBryan B M Leighton
BBM LeightonSir B. B. M. Leighton
BBM LeightonSir Bryan Baldwin Mawddy Leighton
BBM LeightonSir Bryan BM Leighton
E LeightonErnest Leighton
EJH LeightonEric James Harlow Leighton
GR LeightonGeorge Roy Leighton
HJ LeightonHerbert John Leighton
JBT LeightonJohn B T Leighton
JBT LeightonJohn B. T. Leighton
JBT LeightonJohn Burgh Talbot Leighton
JTB Leighton
KAW LeightonKenneth Alfred William Leighton
PL LeightonPercy Lewis Leighton
RT LeightonRichard Thel Leighton
RT LeightonRichard Tier Leighton
S LeightonSydney Leighton
SS LeightonSidney Stanley Leighton
WH LeightonWilliam Hastings Leighton
RS Leighton-BaileyRaymond Samuel Leighton-Bailey
W Leinard
A LeiperAlexander Leiper
IW LeiperIsaac Wryper Leiper
IW LeiperIsaac Wyper Leiper
J LeiperJames Leiper
JH LeiperJames Hamilton Leiper
JW Leiper
W LeirWilliam Leir
A Leis
GE Leishmam
D LeishmanDouglas Leishman
ED LeishmanErnest David Leishman
G Leishman
GE LeishmanGeorge Edward Leishman
A LeitchAlfred Leitch
AA LeitchAlfred Alexander Leitch
AW LeitchAlexander Wallace Leitch
BM LeitchBruce Maymon Leitch
CA Leitch
DSC LeitchDougald St Clair Leitch
G Leitch
GP LeitchGeorge Patrick Leitch
H LeitchHugh Leitch
J LeitchJohn Leitch
JM LeitchJohn Muir Leitch
RS LeitchRobert Stanley Leitch
SR Leitch
TJ Leitch
W Leitch
WFR LeitchWalter Frederick Robert Leitch
AH Leith
AR Leith
HM LeithHector MacDonald Leith
JL LeithJames Leith Leith
M LeithMontague Leith
MP Leith
S LeithSidney Leith
SA LeithSydney A Leith
SA LeithSydney Angus Leith
SC LeithSydney Campbell Leith
TG LeithThomas Geoffrey Leith
W LeithWilliam Leith
TN LeitheadThomas Norman Leithead
W LeitheadWilliam Leithead
L LeiversLeslie Leivers
H LejeuneHubert Lejeune
HE LejeuneHubert Edmond Lejeune
CH LelandCharles Henry Leland
LL LeleuLionel Louis Leleu
RH LelievreRoger Horace Lelievre
LL Lelon
LDG Leluire
F LemFrederick Lem
HJ Lemaire
MJ LemaireMaurice James Lemaire
CM LemanCyril Mountain Leman
L Leman
LLL Leman
M Leman
P Lemay
WST Le-MayWilliam Stafford Thorniley Le-May
P Lemay de la PlanePaul Lemay de la Plane
T LemessurierThomas Lemessurier
SJ Lemin
EW Lemire
HA Lemmerick
AM LemmonAlfred M Lemmon
DS LemmonDouglas Sawers Lemmon
G LemmonGeorge Lemmon
R LemmonRobert Lemmon
CE Lemoine
CM LemoineClaude Melvin Lemoine
AC Lemon
BB LemonBrian Bertie Lemon
CF Lemon
CO LemonCharles Oscar Lemon
GA LemonGratham A Lemon
HC LemonHerbert Charles Lemon
HC LemonHubert Charles Lemon
J Lemon
LC Lemon
LD Lemon
RB Lemon
RC Lemon
RH LemonReginald Henry Lemon
S Lemon
SR Lemon
FC LempriereFrank C Lempriere
JF LenahanJohn Francis Lenahan
JH LenahanJohn Harold Lenahan
LA LendisLouis A Lendis
WW LendonWarwick William Lendon
GE/GA LendumG E [or G A] Lendum
FM Lenel
F LeneyFrank Leney
JA Lenford
RL Lenford
AT Leng
CG Leng
CH LengCharles Harold Leng
CWJ LengCecil William James Leng
JA Leng
WF Leng
WH LengWilliam Hardcastle Leng
R Lenham
RW LenhamRaymond William Lenham
JH LenihenJohn Harold Lenihen
SJ Lenin
G LeningtonGeorge Lenington
RW Lenkeit
IH Lenkins
F LennFrank Lenn
L LennanLloyd Lennan
EEGB LennardEric Evelyn Gordon Barrett Lennard
ESR LennardEdward Stuart Russell Lennard
J Lennie
TM LennieThomas Murray Lennie
W Lennie
H LennonHubert Lennon
T LennonThomas Lennon
WC LennonWilliam Cook Lennon
A LennoxAlexander Lennox
AD LennoxAlexander Dick Lennox
AM LennoxAlbert Mitchell Lennox
BM LennoxBernard Milton Lennox
J LennoxJames Lennox
JS LennoxJames Scott Lennox
R Lennox
TC LennoxThomas Craig Lennox
WR LennoxWilliam Robertson Lennox
JGS LennstrandJohn Guy Sweet Lennstrand
TM Lenny
JE LensonJohn Edward Lenson
JH Lent
H LentonHarold Lenton
L LentonLeslie Lenton
W LentonWilliam Lenton
WA Lenton
AS Leo
BR Leo
HJ Leo
HV Leo
NM Leo
C Leon
NE Leon
A Leonard
BN Leonard
C LeonardCharles Leonard
C LeonardCornelius Leonard
CH LeonardCecil Harris Leonard
DS LeonardDaniel Stuart Leonard
EN Leonard
F LeonardFrederick Leonard
FC LeonardFrederic Charles Leonard
FC LeonardFrederick Charles Leonard
GH LeonardGeorge Henry Leonard
GH LeonardGordon Hare Leonard
H Leonard
J LeonardJohn Leonard
JA LeonardJohn Albert Leonard
JB Leonard
JJ LeonardJohn James Leonard
LD Leonard
LG LeonardLeon G Leonard
M LeonardMichael Leonard
MPG LeonardMartin Patrick Grange Leonard
R LeonardRobert Leonard
TLW LeonardThomas Laurence Washington Leonard
W LeonardWilliam Leonard
WH LeonardWilliam Harold Leonard
WL Leonard
WT LeonardWilliam Thomas Leonard
YK LeongYin Khean Leong
AV LeopoldAugustus Victor Leopold
E Leopold
TT LeopoldTrusshaw Thomas Leopold
AR Leos
WW Leoto
CCA LeppanClifford Charles Angus Leppan
HA LeppanHilton Angus Leppan
JW LeppanJohn William Leppan
VA LeppanVincent Angus Leppan
CH LepperCharles H Lepper
WA Lepper
DF Lepraik
MPJ Leproha
EM LeprovostEnius Martel Leprovost
G Lermond
H LerouxHemanus Leroux
LE Leroux
PJ LerouxPetrus Johannes Leroux
W Leroux
HL LeroyHarold L Leroy
JA LeRoyer
GH LerpiniereGeorge Henry Lerpiniere
O Lerwell
FW LerwillFrank William Lerwill
FWH LerwillFrancis W. H. Lerwill
FWH LerwillFrancis William Henry Lerwill
O LerwillOtto Lerwill
OHO Lerwill
JEP LerynsJohn Edward Philpott Leryns
JL Lesage
ED Lesauvage
JW LeschJohn W Lesch
GT Leser
JF Leser
RAV LesforgeoisRaymond Alfred Victor Lesforgeois
EH Lesh
RS LeskerRobert Sydney Lesker
SR LesleySidney Reginald Lesley
A Leslie
AA LeslieAndrew Arthur Leslie
AM Leslie
AP LeslieArthur Purves Leslie
AR LeslieAdolph R Leslie
CS LeslieColin S Leslie
CS LeslieColin Slaton Leslie
EC Leslie
FB LeslieFrank Bedford Leslie
G LeslieGordon Leslie
G LeslieGraham Leslie
GB LeslieGeorge Buchanan Leslie
GH Leslie
GL Leslie
GS Leslie
H Leslie
HG LeslieHerbert Godfrey Leslie
HJS LeslieHerbert John Sherwood Leslie
HT LeslieHarold Thompson Leslie
HT LeslieHarold Thomson Leslie
JL Leslie
JS LeslieJames Smith Leslie
JW LeslieJohn William Leslie
KC LeslieKenneth C Leslie
KC LeslieKenneth Chapelow Leslie
M Leslie
NRAD LeslieSir N.R.A.D. Leslie
NW LeslieNorval W. Leslie
NW LeslieNorval Wilfred Leslie
P LesliePotter Leslie
RA LeslieRay Andrew Leslie
RFS LeslieReginald Frederick Stewart Leslie
RFS LeslieReginald Frederick Stuart Leslie
S LeslieStuart Leslie
TL Leslie
W LeslieWilliam Leslie
WA LeslieWilliam Alexander Leslie
WB LeslieWilliam Bettesworth Leslie
WJ LeslieWalter John Leslie
A Leslie MooreArthur Leslie Moore
A Leslie-Moore
SR Lesly
A Lessard
AA Lessard
J LesserJoseph Lesser
W Lessey
AC LesterArthur Cecil Lester
AG LesterAnthony George Lester
AM LesterAbert Michael Lester
AM LesterAlbert Michael Lester
AM LesterAlfred Molineux Lester
AM LesterAshton Major Lester
BC Lester
CJF LesterCharles James Fyfe Lester
CR Lester
CW LesterCarl Watson Lester
ES LesterEdmund Stanley Lester
FG Lester
FJ LesterFrederic John Lester
FJ LesterFrederick John Lester
GHS LesterGeorge Henry Samuel Lester
GW LesterGeorge W Lester
GW LesterGordon William Lester
HLP LesterHugh Lewis Pugo Lester
HW LesterHerbert Walter Lester
HW LesterHubert Walter Lester
JA LesterJohn A Lester
JF LesterJohn Frederick Lester
JH LesterJoseph Harold Lester
JH LesterJoseph Harry Lester
JJ Lester
JR LesterJohn Russell Lester
LHR Lester
LJ LesterLouis John Lester
NA LesterNorman Arthur Lester
NHR LesterNorman Harrington Reader Lester
PA Lester
RJ LesterRoy Justin Lester
TE LesterTerrence E Lester
WR LesterWilliam R Lester
WC Lester Jones
WP Lester Jones
WP Lester-JonesWilliam Poole Lester-Jones
S LestradeSchuyler Lestrade
C LestrangeCharles Lestrange
CA LeStrange
H Lestrange
C L'EstrangeCyril L'Estrange
CHN L'EstrangeCharles Henry Noel L'Estrange
J L'EstrangeJulian L'Estrange
CJ L'Estrange MaloneCecil John L'Estrange Malone
CJ L'Estrange-MaloneCecil John L'Estrange-Malone
AA Letch
H LetchHarry Letch
HA LetchHarold Alexander Letch
JAC LetcherJames Arthur Clifford Letcher
ESL Letchford
RW LetchfordRichard Walter Letchford
DF Leth
B LethbridgeBenjamin Lethbridge
BS Lethbridge
CJ Lethbridge
JG LethbridgeJohn George Lethbridge
JW LethbridgeJoseph Watts Lethbridge
T LethbridgeTyndale Lethbridge
T LethbridgeTyndall Lethbridge
TAM Lethbridge
TJ LethbridgeThomas J Lethbridge
TJ LethbridgeThomas James Lethbridge
WPC LethbridgeSir W.P.C Lethbridge
WR Lethbridge
NG LethleanNorman George Lethlean
R Letour
HS Letoysky
LG Letroy
JM LetsonJames Moore Letson
ARC LettArthur Robert Cecil Lett
F Lett
FP LettFrederick Partington Lett
GO LettGeorge Odell Lett
HN LettHarry Nelson Lett
WH LettWilliam Henry Lett
FL LettenFrank Lewis Letten
HF LettenHorace Frank Letten
HS Letten
GK Lettenhove
EA Letter
N Letter
A LettersAndrew Letters
RT Lettey
AE LettingtonArthur Edward Lettington
J Lettley
A Letts
ABD LettsArthur Bertram Davies Letts
AE Letts
AKR Letts
AM Letts
AMR LettsArthur Matthew Rolf Letts
DA LettsDennis Ashworth Letts
EA Letts
EE LettsErnest E Letts
EM LettsEgerton Michael Letts
JHT LettsJohn Herbert Towne Letts
LC LettsLeslie Charles Letts
FJ LetzerFrank James Letzer
SC LetzerSydney Charles Letzer
JH LeucharsJames Harold Leuchars
P Levasseur
HJ Leve
MVE LeveauxMontagu V E Leveaux
MVE LeveauxMontagu Vivian Ellis Leveaux
EE Levell
C LevenCharles Leven
GC LevenGeorge Charles Leven
T LeveneTobias Levene
FG LevensFrederick G Levens
J Levens
M LevensonMark Levenson
M LevensonMorris Levenson
M LevenstenMaurice Levensten
RS LeventonRaymond Sylvester Leventon
F LeverFrederick Lever
GG LeverGraham George Lever
HC Lever
HP LeverHarry Preston Lever
WE LeverWilliam Edward Lever
JA LeveriaJoseph Andrew Leveria
AR Leveridge
JH Leveridge
JR Leveridge
TA LeveridgeThomas A Leveridge
TAW Leveridge
WF Levering
C Leverke
L Leverque
M LeverrierMaxime Leverrier
AH LeversArchibald Henry Levers
DEG Levers
OST Levers
RL Levers
HJ Leverseed
ELHL Leverson-Gower
B LevertonBertie Leverton
HP LevertonHarry P Leverton
HT LevesleyHerbert T Levesley
E Leveson-Gower
ELM Leveson-Gower
JGE Levesque
AT LevettAlfred Thomas Levett
BF LevettBasil Fitz-William Levett
BFitz-W Levett
CF Levett
HH Levett
T Levett
TH LevettTheophilus Henry Levett
J LeveusJohn Leveus
A Levey
AR LeveyArthur Robert Levey
BA LeveyBernard Alexander Levey
F Levey
HW Levey
M Levey
B LeviBertie Levi
BL LeviBarnet Louis Levi
CJ LeviCyril J Levi
CJ LeviCyril Joseph Levi
RS LeviReginald Stanley Levi
RSL LeviReginald Stanley Leman Levi
A LevickAlbert Levick
A LevickAlfred Levick
C LevickCyril Levick
GC LevickGeoffrey Carlton Levick
AC LevinAlexander C Levin
EM LevinEdgar Marcus Levin
EMS LevinEdgar Marcus Septimus Levin
HH LevinHarry Herbert Levin
D Levine
MJ LevineMyer Joseph Levine
S Levine
HO LevingsHerbert Oliver Levings
DH Levingston
WD Levin-RawWilliam Douglas Levin-Raw
AV LevinsonArthur Victor Levinson
HJ LeviseurHerbert John Leviseur
EF LevittEdgar Frank Levitt
ETH Levitt
F Levitt
H Levitt
T LevittTom Levitt
JA Levoie
A LevyAaron Levy
AF LevyAlfred Falk Levy
AG LevyAlwyn Gordon Levy
AR Levy
AS LevyAlexander Sydney Levy
B LevyBertie Levy
BA LevyBernard Alexander Levy
BW LevyBen Wolf Levy
C LevyCharles Levy
E LevyEdward Levy
E LevyErnest Levy
EH LevyEmile Harry Levy
EI LevyEdward Isaac Levy
EL LevyEdgar Lionel Levy
FD LevyFrederick David Levy
FW LevyFrederick Walter Levy
H LevyHyman Levy
HS LevyHerbert Samuel Levy
HW LevyHorace Walter Levy
I LevyIsaac Levy
J LevyJoseph Levy
JA LevyJulius A Levy
JG LevyJose Gerald Levy
JMD LevyJohn Martin D'Arcy Levy
JMD'A LevyJohn Martin D'Arcy Levy
L LevyLewis Levy
M LevyMyer Levy
MH LevyMoses Harris Levy
P Levy
PG LevyPercy Gordon Levy
RA Levy
RF LevyRichard Francis Levy
TS Levy
VI LevyVictor I Levy
JEP LevynsJohn Edward Philpot Levyns
W LevynsWalter Levyns
WL LevynsWalter L Levyns
HWC LewallHerbert William Cecil Lewall
JF LewallJames Farnham Lewall
SC Leware
SC LewarsSidney Corbon Lewars
AK Lewdes
IW LewellinIvor W Lewellin
GBB Lewen
GA Lewenden
CR LewerCharles Robert Lewer
C LewerkeClarence Lewerke
DW Lewes
L LewesLlewellyn Lewes
MV Lewes
A LewinAlbert Lewin
AC LewinArthur Cooper Lewin
AG Lewin
BAS Lewin
CJ LewinClaude Jocelyn Lewin
CJ LewinClaude Joselyn Lewin
G LewinGeorge Lewin
GD LewinGeorge Douglas Lewin
GFA LewinGilbert Frederick Ashley Lewin
GJ LewinGeoffrey James Lewin
HS LewinHorace Squier Lewin
LO LewinLeonard Owen Lewin
MJ Lewin
MS LewinMichael S Lewin
MS LewinMichael Soloman Lewin
PLT LewinPercival Lionel Thomas Lewin
RW LewinRaymond Wolton Lewin
WJ Lewin
WR LewinWilfred Roy Lewin
HJ Lewings
G LewingtonGeorge Lewington
GL LewingtonGeorge Longley Lewington
LC LewingtonLeonard Cecil Lewington
LF LewingtonLeonard Francis Lewington
WJ LewingtonWilfred John Lewington
LA LewintonLeonard Alfred Lewinton
SA Lewinton
A LewisAlexander Lewis
A LewisAlfred Lewis
A LewisArchibald Lewis
AC Lewis
ACF LewisArthur Charles Freer Lewis
AD LewisAlan Dix Lewis
ADM LewisAlfred Douglas Murray Lewis
AE LewisAlbert E Lewis
AE LewisAlbert Edward Lewis
AG LewisArnold Glenn Lewis
AG LewisArthur Gordon Lewis
AJ LewisArchibald J Lewis
AJL LewisArthur John Llewellyn Lewis
AL LewisAllen Lorne Lewis
AM LewisArcher Mansell Lewis
AM LewisArchie Mansel Lewis
AP LewisAlfred P Lewis
AR LewisArthur Robert Lewis
AT LewisArthur Tudor Lewis
AV LewisAlan Vivian Lewis
AW LewisAlfred William Lewis
AW LewisArthur William Lewis
B LewisBenjamin Lewis
BJ Lewis
BJC LewisBenjamin John Charles Lewis
C LewisCromwell Lewis
CA LewisCecil A. Lewis
CA LewisCecil Arthur Lewis
CA LewisCharles Ambrose Lewis
CC LewisCecil Charles Lewis
CDS LewisColonel Donald Swain Lewis
CE LewisCuthbert E Lewis
CEE Lewis
CET Lewis
CF LewisCharles Frederick Lewis
CF LewisCyril Frederic Lewis
CG LewisCharles George Lewis
CGR LewisCharles G R Lewis
CGR LewisCharles Gerwyn Rice Lewis
CH LewisCharles Henry Lewis
CH LewisCuthbert Hector Lewis
CH LewisCyril Hugh Lewis
CJ LewisCharles John Lewis
CJ LewisCyril Jack Lewis
CL LewisClement Lester Lewis
CR LewisCecil R Lewis
CT LewisClement Thomas Lewis
CW LewisCyril William Lewis
D LewisDartrey Lewis
DA LewisDavid Albert Lewis
DF Lewis
DG LewisDavid Greswolde Lewis
DG LewisDudley George Lewis
DH LewisDaniel Hill Lewis
DJ LewisDavid John Lewis
DS LewisDonald S Lewis
DS LewisDonald S. Lewis
DS LewisDonald Swain Lewis
DV Lewis
E LewisEdward Lewis
E LewisEdwin Lewis
E LewisEli Lewis
E LewisErnest Lewis
E LewisEvan Lewis
EB LewisEdward Benjamin Lewis
EC LewisErnest Charles Lewis
EE LewisEvan Elwin Lewis
EE LewisEvan Elwyn Lewis
EF Lewis
EH Lewis
EJM LewisEwart John McCarr Lewis
EL LewisEdmond Llewelyn Lewis
EL LewisEdmund Llewelyn Lewis
EM LewisEric Maple Lewis
EP LewisEdward Pugh Lewis
EP LewisEdward Pujh Lewis
ER Lewis
ES LewisEdward Stanley Lewis
ES LewisEric Sydney Lewis
EW Lewis
F LewisFrank Lewis
F LewisFrederick Lewis
FA LewisFrancis Alexander Lewis
FA LewisFrank Alphonse Lewis
FA LewisFrank Arthur Lewis
FA LewisFrederick Albert Lewis
FC LewisFrancis Charles Lewis
FC LewisFrank Concanen Lewis
FC LewisFrank Concannon Lewis
FC LewisFrank Concanon Lewis
FG LewisFrederick Gordon Lewis
FH Lewis
FI Lewis
FL LewisFrancis Lauriston Lewis
FM LewisFrank Marshall Lewis
FR Lewis
FSG LewisFrancis Stewart Goodie Lewis
FVR Lewis
FW LewisFrederick Wallis Lewis
FW LewisFrederick Walton Lewis
G LewisGarrell Lewis
G LewisGeorge Lewis
GA Lewis
GB Lewis
GE Lewis
GEA LewisGeorge Edward Andrew Lewis
GF LewisGeorge F Lewis
GG LewisGilbert Gordon Lewis
GGL Lewis
GH LewisGeorge H Lewis
GH LewisGeorge Henry Lewis
GH LewisGordon Humphrey Lewis
GH LewisGwilym Hugh Lewis
GH LewisGwilyn Hugh Lewis
GJ Lewis
GM Lewis
GR Lewis
GS LewisGeorge Stanley Lewis
GTM LewisGeorge Thomas Montague Lewis
GVL LewisGranville V L Lewis
GVL LewisGranville Vernon Loch Lewis
GW LewisGeorge William Lewis
H LewisHarold Lewis
H LewisHarry Lewis
H LewisHerbert Lewis
H LewisHugh Lewis
HA LewisHarry Arnold Lewis
HBV Lewis
HC LewisHenry Charles Lewis
HD LewisHenry Dan Lewis
HD LewisHulton Dudley Lewis
HE LewisHarold Emmanuel Lewis
HE LewisHerbert Edward Lewis
HE LewisHorace Egerton Lewis
HFG Lewis
HG LewisHenry Guther Lewis
HH LewisHenry Haseldon Lewis
HH LewisHerbert Henry Lewis
HHB Lewis
HJ LewisHubert John Lewis
HM LewisHarold Morgan Lewis
HM LewisHugh Morlais Lewis
HO LewisHerbert Owen Lewis
HP LewisHarry Parker Lewis
HR LewisHenry Ryan Lewis
HS LewisHenry Stewart Lewis
HS LewisHenry Stuart Lewis
HV LewisHarold Victor Lewis
HVP LewisHorace Vernon Parkhouse Lewis
HW Lewis
HWT LewisHerbert William Thomas Lewis
HY LewisHarry Yarwood Lewis
J LewisJack Lewis
J LewisJohn Lewis
JA LewisJack Arthur Lewis
JA LewisJohn Antony Lewis
JAC LewisJohn A C Lewis
JAC LewisJohn Aicken Carleton Lewis
JAC LewisJohn Aitken Carleton Lewis
JB LewisJ Bernard Lewis
JC LewisJames Clifford Lewis
JC LewisJohn Charles Lewis
JD Lewis
JDH LewisJohn Digby Hugh Lewis
JE LewisJack E Lewis
JE LewisJohn Edward Lewis
JE LewisJohn Eric Lewis
JF LewisJohn Fitzpatrick Lewis
JF LewisJohn Frederick Lewis
JH LewisJoseph Harding Lewis
JHE LewisJoseph Henry Edwin Lewis
JL LewisJames Lauriston Lewis
JM Lewis
JN Lewis
JP Lewis
JS LewisJames S Lewis
JS LewisJames Scourfield Lewis
JT Lewis
JV LewisJohn Vincent Lewis
KB Lewis
KVC LewisKenneth Vivian Chesters Lewis
KVC LewisKenneth Vivian Chivers Lewis
L LewisLimburg-de-Burgh Lewis
LA LewisLeslie Allin Lewis
LB LewisLeonard Bryant Lewis
LC LewisLeonard Cyril Lewis
LH Lewis
LM LewisLionel Morley Lewis
LN LewisLeslie Norman Lewis
LR Lewis
LT LewisLlewelyn Teifi Lewis
M LewisMark Lewis
M LewisMartin Lewis
M LewisMostyn Lewis
MB LewisMartin Bonnell Lewis
MB LewisMartin Bonnett Lewis
MB LewisMeredith B Lewis
MB LewisMeredith B. Lewis
MHH LewisMortimer Hicks Herman Lewis
MP LewisMaynold Pearce Lewis
MP LewisMaynors Pearce Lewis
NR LewisNorman Russell Lewis
OG LewisOwen Gower Lewis
P LewisPaul Lewis
PA LewisPryce Albany Lewis
PC LewisPerley Chase Lewis
PG LewisPercival George Lewis
PH LewisPercy H Lewis
PH LewisPercy Henderson Lewis
PI LewisPhilip Ivor Lewis
R LewisRichard Lewis
R LewisRobert Lewis
RDO LewisReginald Daniel Oliver Lewis
RE LewisRichard E Lewis
RE LewisRichard E. Lewis
RE LewisRichard Edward Lewis
RF LewisReginald F Lewis
RF LewisRichard Francis Lewis
RG LewisRhys Glyndore Lewis
RG LewisRhys Glynowr Lewis
RJ Lewis
RL Lewis
RS LewisRandolph Shirley Lewis
RS LewisRobert Stedman Lewis
S Lewis
SC Lewis
SE LewisStanley Egerton Lewis
SE LewisStanley Evlyn Lewis
SE LewisSydney Edward Lewis
SE LewisSydney Edwards Lewis
SG Lewis
SH Lewis
SR LewisSydney Reynolds Lewis
SVR LewisStakesby Vyvian Reginald Lewis
SW LewisStuart William Lewis
SWE LewisStanley William Edwards Lewis
T LewisThomas Lewis
TA LewisThomas Albert Lewis
TAMS LewisThomas Archibald Melford Stuart Lewis
TC LewisThomas Charles Lewis
TD LewisThomas Douglas Lewis
TGV LewisThomas Guynne Victor Lewis
TH LewisThomas Herbert Lewis
THL LewisThomas Hugh Lloyd Lewis
TJ Lewis
TL LewisTudor Llewellyn Lewis
TW LewisThomas W Lewis
TW LewisThomas William Lewis
V Lewis
VGEL LewisVictor George Eustace Laureate Lewis
VT LewisVernon Thomas Lewis
W LewisWilliam Lewis
W LewisWillie Lewis
W LewisWyndham Lewis
WA LewisWilliam Alfred Lewis
WB LewisWilliam Byron Lewis
WE LewisWilliam Ernest Lewis
WE LewisWilliam Evans Lewis
WEL LewisWilliam Edward Lawley Lewis
WF Lewis
WH LewisWilfred Harry Lewis
WH LewisWilliam H Lewis
WH LewisWilliam Hardwick Lewis
WH LewisWilliam Henry Lewis
WJ LewisWilliam James Lewis
WL LewisWilliam L Lewis
WL LewisWilliam Leonard Lewis
WM LewisWilliam Myrddin Lewis
WP LewisWalter P Lewis
WP LewisWalter Prothero Lewis
WR LewisWilliam R Lewis
WR LewisWilliam Reginald Lewis
WR LewisWilliam Robert Lewis
WT LewisWalter T Lewis
WT LewisWalter Trevor Lewis
WT LewisWilfred Thomas Lewis
WT LewisWilliam T Lewis
WTS LewisWilliam T S Lewis
WTS LewisWilliam Thomas Samuel Lewis
WWL Lewis
AO Lewis Roberts
AO Lewis-Roberts
G Lewis-WilliamsGeorge Lewis-Williams
ACF LewnsArthur Charles Freer Lewns
J Leworthy
CH Lewry
RJ LewryReginald John Lewry
A Lewsey
HWT LewseyHarold William Thomas Lewsey
W Lewsey
H LewsleyHenry Lewsley
FG LewtasFrank Gordon Lewtas
GE LewtasGeorge Edward Lewtas
GS LewtasGeorge Selby Lewtas
LI Lewthian
SW LewySeliq Walter Lewy
CE Lexius-LawsonCharles Ernest Lexius-Lawson
CFA LeyChristopher Francis Aden Ley
RH LeyRichard Halse Ley
T Ley
WJ LeyWilliam John Ley
FHA Leyborne-PophamF Hugh Alexander Leyborne-Popham
PW LeycesterPhilip Wrey Leycester
R LeycesterRobert Leycester
RO Leycester
AL Leycester-PenrhynArthur Leycester Leycester-Penrhyn
E Leycock
H LeydenHerrick Leyden
HPG LeydenHerrick Peter Gladstone Leyden
RG Leyden
RWG LeydenRobert William Gladstone Leyden
AMW LeyfieldAlbert Martin William Leyfield
A Leyland
FP Leyland
HW LeylandHerbert Walker Leyland
J LeylandJames Leyland
L Leyland
R LeylandRalph Leyland
RC LeylandRobert Cecil Leyland
SL Leyland
T Leyland
WE LeylandWilliam Ernest Leyland
JG Leynon
DT LeyshonDigby Thomas Leyshon
FS Leyshon
BWD LeysonB W De Leyson
BWDB LeysonBurr Watkin De Bassette Leyson
BWdeB Leyson
DT Leyston
EC Leyton
LN Leyton
LJ L'Heureaux
JL L'Heureux
LH L'HollierLeslie Howard L'Hollier
CH liaiseClive Harold liaise
FCE Liardet
FE Liardet
F LibbyFrederick Libby
L LibbyLuther Libby
W LibermanWilliam Liberman
WJ LibertyWilliam James Liberty
AS LicenceAlfred Samuel Licence
FG LicenceFrederick George Licence
JN Licence
CH LickCecil H Lick
CH LickCecil Havelock Lick
S Licker
C Lickes
BR Lickfold
ER LickfoldEdmund Richard Lickfold
H LickleyHerbert Lickley
N LiddallNorbray Liddall
RJ LiddallRobert John Liddall
WGB LiddamoreWilliam George Bray Liddamore
HJ Liddard
AH Liddell
AJ LiddellArthur Jones Liddell
DA Liddell
DW LiddellDavid Westau Liddell
E Liddell
EM Liddell
H LiddellHenry Liddell
HA Liddell
HJ LiddellHenry James Liddell
HS Liddell
JA LiddellJames Austin Liddell
JA LiddellJohn Aidan Liddell
JC Liddell
JG LiddellJohn Gillespie Liddell
JRH LiddellJohn Robert Hugh Liddell
KR Liddell
MHG LiddellMatthew Henry Goldie Liddell
RW Liddell
W LiddellWilliam Liddell
WJ Liddell
WKR LiddellWilliam Ken Robertson Liddell
WKR LiddellWilliam Kerr Robertson Liddell
D Lidderdale
JH LidderdaleJohn Henry Lidderdale
EW LiddiardEdgar Walter Liddiard
HJ LiddiardHarold James Liddiard
J LiddiardJack Liddiard
JC Liddiard
RC LiddiardReginald Charles Liddiard
JE LiddiattJoseph Edward Liddiatt
HL Liddington
SA LiddingtonStanley Arthur Liddington
DA LiddleDavid Alexander Liddle
DAFE LiddleDavid Alec Frederick Ernest Liddle
DG LiddleDouglas G Liddle
EM LiddleEdward Marcus Liddle
EN Liddle
J LiddleJohn Liddle
JC LiddleJohn Charles Liddle
JG LiddleJohn Gould Liddle
JHR Liddle
TR LiddleT. Robson Liddle
TR LiddleThomas Robson Liddle
WH LiddleWilliam H Liddle
CJ Liddy
JFF LiddyJoseph Francis Frederick Liddy
MPH LiddyMatthew Patrick Henry Liddy
AJ Lidell
WJA LidgateWilliam James Austen Lidgate
JE LidiardJohn Edwin Lidiard
WA Lidiard
HL LidingtonHarold Lionel Lidington
A Lidlow
WJ LidseyWilliam J Lidsey
WJ LidseyWilliam John Lidsey
WL LidsterWilliam Louis Lidster
HW Lidstone
TA LidstoneThomas Arthur Lidstone
PA LiebenbergPetrus Albertus Liebenberg
OS LiebergOwen Stanley Lieberg
GE LiebertGeorge Emil Liebert
EA Liegrist
K Liell
W LienardWalter Lienard
A Lieper
JW Lieper
EN Liersch
AD LieshmanAlbert D Lieshman
AW Lietch
GP Lietch
L Lievers
GT LiffenGeorge Tideswell Liffen
HCG LigertwoodHenry Cormack Grant Ligertwood
M LiggettMalcolm Liggett
AG Liggins
EA LigginsErnest Arthur Liggins
EJ Liggins
A LightAllan Light
A LightArthur Light
AD LightAlan Douglas Light
FL LightFrederick Laurence Light
FLP LightFrederick Lionel Percival Light
GA Light
GHI LightGeorge Herbert Inglefield Light
HE LightHoward Edward Light
HJ LightHenry J Light
J LightJesse Light
JW LightJames William Light
LDA Light
LF Light
SA Light
SC LightSydney Charles Light
WS Lightall
FF Lightbody
JD LightbodyJohn Douglas Lightbody
NR LightbodyNorman Reid Lightbody
RR LightbodyRobert Renwick Lightbody
RS LightbodyRobert Smith Lightbody
T LightbodyThomas Lightbody
GO LightbournGilbert Ord Lightbourn
GO LightbourneGilbert Ord Lightbourne
H LightbourneHarry Lightbourne
BI LighterBertram Isaac Lighter
L LighterLeon Lighter
C LightfootCecil Lightfoot
F LightfootFrancis Lightfoot
G LightfootGeorge Lightfoot
GLS LightfootGeorge Lionel Spencer Lightfoot
H LightfootHenry Lightfoot
J LightfootJames Lightfoot
LJ Lightfoot
TE LightfootThomas Enoch Lightfoot
TI LightfootTrollope I Lightfoot
WA LightfootWilliam Arthur Lightfoot
WS LighthallWilliam Schuyler Lighthall
AL Lightheart
WA LightheartWilliam A Lightheart
GO Lighthouse
WT LightlyWilliam Thomas Lightly
FL LightningFrederick Lawrence Lightning
J LightollerJohn Lightoller
HT Lighton
AL LightowlerArthur Laurence Lightowler
AL LightowlerArthur Lawrence Lightowler
L Lightowler
LC Lightowler
S Lightstone
E Liguette
RD LikelyRobert Donald Likely
WT lilakeWilfrid Theodore lilake
GL Lilburn
J LilburnJohn Lilburn
P LilicoPercy Lilico
C LillCharles Lill
JH LillJohn H Lill
A LilleyArthur Lilley
CT LilleyCecil Thurston Lilley
EB Lilley
FV LilleyFrancis Vaughan Lilley
GH LilleyGeorge Harry Lilley
HB LilleyHomer Beach Lilley
HC LilleyHenry Charles Lilley
JE LilleyJohn Eric Lilley
LM LilleyLeonard Moore Lilley
MB LilleyMark B Lilley
RB LilleyRichard Bridge Lilley
GE LillicoGordon Evert Lillico
C Lillicrap
EHC LillicrapErnest Henry Claude Lillicrap
FW LillicrapFrederick William Lillicrap
C Lillicrun
EGG Lillingston
B LillingstoneBertrand Lillingstone
MA Lillis
MAA Lillis
MMA LillisMartin Michael Arthur Lillis
MMA LillisMerton Michael Arthur Lillis
R Lillis
A Lilly
CO LillyCharles Otto Lilly
FC Lilly
HF LillyHoward Frederick Lilly
WH Lilly
EL LillystoneEdgar Lawrence Lillystone
B LillywhiteBryant Lillywhite
J LillywhiteJames Lillywhite
RJ LillywhiteRobert John Lillywhite
AOM LimbAllan Oswald Millington Limb
WM LimbWilliam Millington Limb
FC Limbrick
LA LimbrickLeslie Alfred Limbrick
PC LimbrickPercival Clifford Limbrick
V LimerickVictor Limerick
Z Limes
AS LimmerArthur S Limmer
HA Limmerick
GA LimouzinGeorge Alfred Limouzin
AB LimpusAllan Brownlow Limpus
SN Limsell
AFR Linaker
GS LinakerGeoffrey Sidney Linaker
P LinakerPeter Linaker
WG LinakerWilliam George Linaker
AJ Linay
REM Linay
CL Linberg
F Linch
RF LinchRichard Faulkner Linch
P LinchamPatrick Lincham
AG LincolnArthur Gardner Lincoln
C LincolnCharles Lincoln
ERW LincolnEdward Robert Wingrove Lincoln
FH LincolnFrederick H Lincoln
FH LincolnFrederick Hugh Lincoln
FH LincolnFredrick Hugh Lincoln
H Lincoln
HL Lincoln
JA LincolnJohn Alfred Lincoln
LV Lincoln
R LincolnRobert Lincoln
RHR LincolnRobert Hector Rose Lincoln
W Lincoln
CE LindCarson Elliott Lind
CE LindCorson Elliott Lind
CF Lind
JV LindJohn Vincent Lind
M Lind
RN Lind
WG LindWebster Gerald Lind
GJC Lindala
VW LindarsVernon William Lindars
C LindbergCharles Lindberg
CL LindbergCharles Leonard Lindberg
GM Linde
HF Linde
LL Linde
M LindeMax Linde
EW LindebergErik William Lindeberg
RSF LindellRonald Severin Frank Lindell
GN LindemanGerald Norman Lindeman
NV LindemereNorman Victor Lindemere
AV Linden
F LindenFrederick Linden
HJ LindenHarry John Linden
JF Linder
RE LinderRoger Edward Linder
RH LinderRichard H Linder
VW Linders
PM LindesayPhilip Manleverer Lindesay
PM LindesayPhilip Mauleverer Lindesay
AAE LindfieldAlfred A E Lindfield
H Lindfield
HS LindfieldHarry Stephen Lindfield
JA LindfordJames A Lindford
CG LindlayCharles Guy Lindlay
D Lindlay
A LindleyArthur Lindley
BL LindleyBryant Lutellus Lindley
CG LindleyCharles Guy Lindley
D LindleyDonald Lindley
E LindleyEdward Lindley
EW LindleyErnest William Lindley
G Lindley
H Lindley
L LindleyLeonard Lindley
NA LindleyNathaniel Alexander Lindley
SW LindleyShirley William Lindley
PE LindnerPhilip Edward Lindner
PE LindnerPhillip Edward Lindner
GM LindoGeoffrey Marcus Lindo
HF LindoHugh Francis Lindo
AE LindonAlfred Edwin Lindon
AV LindonArthur Vere Lindon
JA Lindon
A Lindop
AHE LindopAdrian Horatius Erskine Lindop
ECC LindopEdwin Charlton Clode Lindop
KJ LindopKenneth James Lindop
L LindopLevi Lindop
TE LindopThomas Evans Lindop
VSE LindopVictor SE Lindop
VSE LindopVictor Somerset Erskine Lindop
W LindopWilliam Lindop
WJ LindopWilliam James Lindop
O LindquistOskar Lindquist
GM Linds
A LindsayAlexander Lindsay
AB Lindsay
AJ LindsayAlfred James Lindsay
AS LindsayAlfred Stewart Lindsay
AS LindsayAndrew Stuart Lindsay
AT Lindsay
ATW LindsayArchie Thomas William Lindsay
AW LindsayArchibald Wallace Lindsay
BL Lindsay
BT LindsayBruce Thomson Lindsay
C LindsayCharles Lindsay
CC LindsayCharles Conyers Lindsay
CW LindsayCharles Wilkie Lindsay
CW LindsayCharles William Lindsay
D LindsayDuncan Lindsay
DK LindsayDouglas Kidd Lindsay
DV LindsayDonal V Lindsay
E LindsayErnest Lindsay
EC LindsayEdgar Chant Lindsay
EE Lindsay
F LindsayForrest Lindsay
G LindsayGeorge Lindsay
GCD LindsayGeorge Calder Douglas Lindsay
GCD LindsayGeorge Carter Douglas Lindsay
GK LindsayGeorge Kenyon Lindsay
GM Lindsay
GWT LindsayGeorge Walter Thomas Lindsay
H Lindsay
HEA LindsayHarry Edith Arthur Lindsay
HEA LindsayHenry E. A. Lindsay
HEA LindsayHenry E.A Lindsay
HEA LindsayHenry Edith Arthur Lindsay
HW LindsayHarold William Lindsay
IW LindsayIan W Lindsay
J LindsayJames Lindsay
J LindsayJohn Lindsay
JF LindsayJoseph F Lindsay
JFAH LindsayJohn Frederick Augustus Homer Lindsay
JH Lindsay
JN LindsayJoseph Nicoll [or Nicol] Lindsay
JPAH Lindsay
JS LindsayJames Stanley Lindsay
LL LindsayLionel Lodge Lindsay
N Lindsay
PM LindsayPhilip Mauleverer Lindsay
R LindsayReginald Lindsay
R LindsayRobert Lindsay
R LindsayRoy Lindsay
RB LindsayRobert Bruce Lindsay
RE LindsayRobert Edmond Lindsay
RE LindsayRobert Edward Lindsay
RE LindsayRonald Ernest Lindsay
RG LindsayRobert Govan Lindsay
S LindsayStuart Lindsay
W LindsayWilliam Lindsay
WC Lindsay
WE LindsayWilliam Edward Lindsay
WJ LindsayWilliam John Lindsay
HF Lindsay-Alexander
C Lindsay-CampbellCharles Lindsay-Campbell
LH Lindsay-Young
LHL Lindsay-Young
LK Lindsay-YoungLawrence Kingston Lindsay-Young
CE LindsellCharles Ernest Lindsell
GE Lindsell
HC LindsellHarry Count Lindsell
RS LindsellReginald Stuart Lindsell
A Lindsey
BT Lindsey
F Lindsey
HW LindseyHarold William Lindsey
JEV LindseyJohn Evelyn Vesey Lindsey
LFW LindseyLionel Frederick Walter Lindsey
S LindseySamuel Lindsey
WE Lindsey
JW LindsleyJames W Lindsley
R Lindsley
E LindupErnest Lindup
GH LindupGeorge H Lindup
PL LindupPercy Leonard Lindup
HW Line
J LineJames Line
JA Line
JK LineJames K Line
JK LineJames Kelleway Line
LP LineLeonard Parker Line
NW LineNorman Wallace Line
RE Line
RH Line
TC Line
A LinesAubrey Lines
C LinesCharles Lines
GF LinesGeorge Frederick Lines
GT LinesGeorge Thomas Lines
HE LinesHarold Edward Lines
HT LinesHarold Thomas Lines
PF LinesPhilip Franklin Lines
TA Lines
TH LinesTheodore Herbert Lines
WH LinesWilliam H Lines
Z Lines
CJ LinfieldCharles J Linfield
E Linfield
F LinfieldFrederick Linfield
H LinfieldHarry Linfield
F Linfoot
J LinfootJames Linfoot
WH Linfoot
AL LinfordAlbert Louis Linford
BOM LinfordBernard Owen Mordaunt Linford
CT LinfordCedric T Linford
CT LinfordCedric Treganna Linford
RD LinfordRobert Dudley Linford
S Linford
OJ LinforthOliver James Linforth
AL Ling
EM LingEdward Matthew Ling
FC Ling
GM Ling
GW LingGeorge W Ling
JS LingJohn S Ling
PA Ling
W Ling
WB Ling
WFE LingWilliam Frederick Edward Ling
WH LingWilliam H Ling
WH LingWilliam Hardcastle Ling
WHGM LingWilliam Harold Godfrey Mackwood Ling
AF LingardAsa Foster Lingard
AL LingardAubrey Lawrence Lingard
F Lingard
H LingardHorace Lingard
JR LingardJohn Robinson Lingard
M Lingard
VB LingardVerner Bracegirdle Lingard
W LingardWilliam Lingard
PDM LingemanPaul Donald MacAlister Lingeman
PDMA LingemanPaul Donald Mac Alister Lingeman
H Lingfield
GA LinghamGeorge Alexander Lingham
J LinghamJohn Lingham
OW Lingham
A LingwoodArthur Lingwood
CP LingwoodCharles Percy Lingwood
PW LingwoodPercy William Lingwood
S LingwoodStanley Lingwood
C LiniganChristopher Linigan
W LinikerWilliam Liniker
C Link
CE LinkCharles Ernest Link
CW LinkCarl William Link
FLC LinkFrederick Leslie Cuff Link
G LinkGeoffrey Link
N LinkNorman Link
SM LinkletterSilas Montague Linkletter
C LinleyCharles Linley
E Linley
FK LinleyFred Kay Linley
CH Linn
F LinnFrederick Linn
HL LinnHerbert Lawrence Linn
HGB Linnel
CJ Linnell
FJ LinnellFrances John Linnell
FJ LinnellFrancis John Linnell
HGB LinnellHerbert Geoffrey Battle Linnell
HGB LinnellHubert Geoffrey Battle Linnell
RW LinnellRobert Wallace Linnell
WA LinnellWilliam Allison Linnell
WH LinnellWilliam H Linnell
H LinnettHarry Linnett
W LinningWilliam Linning
Z Linos
HW Linsan
FA Linsdale
AH Linsdell
HC Linsell
SN LinsellSidney Noel Linsell
HE Linsey
E LinskeyEdward Linskey
H/R LinsleyHanley [or Ranley] Linsley
HE LinsleyHorace Edgar Linsley
HG LinsleyHorace Gentles Linsley
JF LinsleyJesse F Linsley
W Linsley
SG LinssenSidney Glanvill Linssen
GH Lintault
PH LinthornePercy Henry Linthorne
PH LinthunePercy Henry Linthune
AE LintonArthur E Linton
CF LintonCharles Frederick Linton
DR LintonDavid Robert Linton
EHB Linton
EHBC LintonErcell Haydn Batho Canina Linton
ES LintonEdward Smith Linton
G Linton
H Linton
PN LintonPhilip Newsom Linton
RL LintonRichard Leighton Linton
WL Linton
HEC Lintott
JNT LintottJames Nicholas Talbot Lintott
JW LintottJohn William Lintott
TE LintottThomas Edward Lintott
A LinwoodArthur Linwood
CE LinwoodCharles Edward Linwood
JI LinzeeJohn Inman Linzee
CJ Linzell
SJ LipetzSamuel Jacob Lipetz
I LipmanIsaac Lipman
A Lippell
A LippettArthur Lippett
GE LippiattGeorge E Lippiatt
GE LippiattGeorge Edward Lippiatt
C Lippincott
L LipschitzLazar Lipschitz
LJ LipscombLancelot Jennings Lipscomb
EW Lipscombe
J LipscombeJames Lipscombe
WE Lipscombe
WJ Lipscombe
GA LipsettGeorge Arthur Lipsett
RS LipsettRobert Sanderson Lipsett
RA Lipsey
LL LipskyLongin L Lipsky
B LipstitzBenjamin Lipstitz
A LiptonAllan Lipton
L LiptonLeonard Lipton
RN LiptrotRoger Norman Liptrot
E Liquette
DR LishmanDonald Robert Lishman
RA Lishman
RC LishmanReginald Chandle Lishman
WE LishmanWilliam Eric Lishman
SEJK Liskin
CF LisleCharles Frederick Lisle
CFJ LisleCharles Frederick Jason Lisle
CFJ LisleCharles Frederick Johnson Lisle
ER Lisle
JA LisleJoseph Allen Lisle
R LisleRobert Lisle
de L'isle Bush
C Lisney
CD Lissaman
GS LissamanGordon Stuart Lissaman
WE LissamanWilliam Ewart Lissaman
WH Lissaman
E LissemanErnest Lisseman
JW LissettJames Wright Lissett
GCR ListGeorge Cecil Rhodes List
WF ListWilliam F List
WF ListWilliam Frederick List
EA Listel
EH Listel
A ListerArthur Lister
AE Lister
AH ListerAlgernon H. Lister
AH ListerAlgernon Hamilton Lister
AR ListerAlan Robertson Lister
BS ListerBernard Stanhope Lister
C ListerCharles Lister
CJ Lister
E ListerEdward Lister
EA ListerEdward A Lister
EA ListerEdward Ashton Lister
EL ListerEdward Leslie Lister
GA ListerGeorge Arthur Lister
GR Lister
H ListerHarold Lister
HJ ListerHerbert James Lister
J ListerJames Lister
JF ListerJames Frederick Lister
JJ ListerJohn James Lister
JO ListerJohn O Lister
JS ListerJames Solly Lister
R ListerRonald Lister
RA Lister
RF ListerRoy Fewkes Lister
RW ListerRobert W Lister
TV ListerThomas Vaughan Lister
WE Lister
WH Lister
WL ListerWalter Leslie Lister
WN ListerWilliam Norman Lister
KA Lister Kaye
KA Lister-KayeKenelon A Lister-Kaye
CHG Lister-Smythe
J Lister-TibbettsJoseph Lister-Tibbetts
A ListonAllan Liston
HHJ/RHJ ListonH H J [or R H J] Liston
WDF ListonWilliam Duncas Faber Liston
AV LitchfieldArthur Vincent Litchfield
CP Litchfield
FG LitchfieldFrederick George Litchfield
RWR LitchfieldRichard William Reginald Litchfield
WG LitchfieldWilliam George Litchfield
R LitcotRacabel Litcot
AG LitherlandArthur George Litherland
EW LitherlandErnest William Litherland
GT LitherlandGeorge Thomas Litherland
I LitherlandIsaiah Litherland
EGR LithgowErnest G R Lithgow
EGR LithgowErnest George Robert Lithgow
DHS LitstorDavid Hood S Litstor
RE LittellRonald E Littell
RE LittellRonald Edward Littell
SM LittenSidney MacKenzie Litten
SMacK LittenSidney MacKenzie Litten
SMcK Litten
AC Little
AS Little
AW LittleArnold Whitchurch Little
AW LittleArnold Whitworth Little
CA Little
CE Little
CH LittleCharles Henry Little
CHM Little
CJ LittleCyril Joseph Little
DL LittleDouglas L. Little
DL LittleDouglas Lovington Little
E Little
EC Little
EH Little
EJR LittleEdmund John Richard Little
EM Little
EP Little
F LittleFrederick Little
FA Little
FP LittleFrank Pierce Little
GE LittleGeorge Edward Little
GJK Little
GM LittleGeoffrey MacMillan Little
GM LittleGeorge Musket Little
H LittleHarold Little
H LittleHarry Little
H LittleHerbert Little
HA Little
HC LittleHerbert Carleton Little
HC LittleHerbert Carlton Little
HG LittleHenry Gratton Little
HR LittleHarold Ross Little
IC LittleIvor Cecil Little
J LittleJohn Little
JAG LittleJohn Arthur Galloway Little
JB LittleJohn Bartholomew Little
JC LittleJohn C Little
JH LittleJames Hayward Little
JJ LittleJohn Johnstone Little
JR LittleJohn R Little
JT LittleJohn Thompson Little
JW LittleJohn W Little
KR Little
L LittleLawrence Little
LE Little
LP LittleLeo Paul Little
N LittleNorman Little
NE LittleNorman Ellwin Little
NS LittleNorman Seymour Little
OA LittleOliver A Little
OB Little
R Little
RA LittleRobert Alexander Little
RE Little
RH LittleRobert H Little
RH LittleRobert Hazen Little
RK LittleReginald Keith Little
SD LittleSamuel D Little
SV LittleStanley Victor Little
T Little
TB LittleThomas Bowman Little
TC Little
TH LittleThomas Henry Little
TRC LittleTom Richard Comley Little
TW LittleThomas W Little
V Little
W LittleWilliam Little
WG LittleWilliam Gillard Little
WH LittleWilliam H Little
WH LittleWilliam Henry Little
WO LittleWilliam Oscar Little
AW Littleales
HW LittlealesHenry William Littleales
FC LittleboyFrederick Charles Littleboy
VH LittleboyVernon Hatherden Littleboy
A LittlefieldAlfred Littlefield
CG Littlefield
E Littlefield
JT LittlefordJames T Littleford
AF LittlejohnAlexander Frances Littlejohn
C LittlejohnCyril Littlejohn
D LittlejohnDonald Littlejohn
E LittlejohnEddie Littlejohn
E LittlejohnEdward Littlejohn
F Littlejohn
FW LittlejohnFrank W Littlejohn
H/J LittlejohnH [or J] Littlejohn
HK Littlejohn
HS LittlejohnHarold Swire Littlejohn
J LittlejohnJack Littlejohn
J LittlejohnJohn Littlejohn
J LittlejohnJohn [or Jack] Littlejohn
JE LittlejohnJames Eglinton Littlejohn
N LittlejohnNorman Littlejohn
NK LittlejohnNorman Kemp Littlejohn
R LittlejohnRobert Littlejohn
TB Littlejohn
W LittlejohnWilliam Littlejohn
WC Littlejohn
AS LittlejohnsAstle Scott Littlejohns
J LittlejohnsJohn Littlejohns
W LittlemoreWilliam Littlemore
A Littler
CE Littler
J LittlerJames Littler
JA Littler
JE Littler
JW Littler
T LittlerTom Littler
W LittlerWilliam Littler
H LittletonHugh Littleton
HA LittletonHugh Alexander Littleton
ST LittletonSimon Thomas Littleton
AGJ LittlewoodAlfred George John Littlewood
B Littlewood
GF LittlewoodGeorge F Littlewood
J Littlewood
JEH LittlewoodJohn Edward Harry Littlewood
LY LittlewoodLeonard Yule Littlewood
RG LittlewoodReginald George Littlewood
SCT LittlewoodSydney Charles Thomas Littlewood
SGT Littlewood
TF Littlewood
W Littlewood
WD LittlewoodWilliam Douglas Littlewood
WSJ LittlewoodWallis St John Littlewood
WStJ Littlewood
WV Littlewood
J LittleyJim Littley
FH LittmanFrederick Harold Littman
AJ LittonArthur J Litton
AJ LittonArthur James Litton
GE LittonGeorge Edward Litton
RV Litton
GT LivelyGeoffrey Thomas Lively
C LiverCecil Liver
H LiverHarold Liver
FAW LivermoreFrank Alfred William Livermore
P LivermorePhillip Livermore
F LiversedgeFrederick Liversedge
HW LiversedgeHoward W Liversedge
ST LiversedgeSydney Tyndall Liversedge
THW LiversidgeThomas Hartley Wood Liversidge
AA LiveseyAlan Anderson Livesey
CW Livesey
J LiveseyJack Livesey
NF LiveseyNicholas Fish Livesey
RA LiveseyRobert Alfred Livesey
WA LiveseyWilliam Alexander Livesey
HCW Livesey-WardleHarold Charles Warren Livesey-Wardle
GH Livesley
J LivesleyJames Livesley
GA LivettGeorge Albert Livett
TH LivettTheophilus Henry Livett
WH Livett
RB Livie
CH LivingClarence Henry Living
FM Livingston
G Livingston
H LivingstonHugh Livingston
HS Livingston
JH LivingstonJohn Hamilton Livingston
LG LivingstonLindsay Gordon Livingston
R LivingstonRobert Livingston
R LivingstonRonald Livingston
RE LivingstonRobert Earl Livingston
SJ Livingston
WHM LivingstonWilliam Henry Morris Livingston
A LivingstoneAlbert Livingstone
AF LivingstoneAlexander Frederick Livingstone
AP LivingstoneArthur Pringle Livingstone
AT LivingstoneAmos T Livingstone
DM LivingstoneDouglas McNeill Livingstone
DMcN Livingstone
ER LivingstoneElmer Russell Livingstone
F Livingstone
FG Livingstone
FI LivingstoneFrancis Iverson Livingstone
FJ LivingstoneFrederick James Livingstone
FJH Livingstone
FM Livingstone
FR Livingstone
G LivingstoneGuy Livingstone
GF LivingstoneGeorge Franklin Livingstone
GP Livingstone
J LivingstoneJames Livingstone
JH Livingstone
JL LivingstoneJames Livingstone Livingstone
JM Livingstone
P LivingstonePeter Livingstone
R LivingstoneRobert Livingstone
RA LivingstoneRobert Archibald Livingstone
RH Livingstone
S Livingstone
A Livingstone-AllanArchibald Livingstone-Allan
A Livingstone-Allen
G Livingstone-Fallon
BB LivinsonBennie Bernard Livinson
EF Livock
ES LivockEric Stuart Livock
GE LivockGerald Edward Livock
JOC Livsett
A LivseyAlbert Livsey
EAE LivseyEverard Alfred Edwin Livsey
G Livsly
S Lizieri
B LlewellynBasil Llewellyn
EP LlewellynErnest Price Llewellyn
FB LlewellynFrank Bell Llewellyn
JH Llewellyn
JL Llewellyn
JW Llewellyn
LD LlewellynLevline David Llewellyn
LJE LlewellynLlewellyn Joseph E Llewellyn
OM LlewellynOliver Mayo Llewellyn
R LlewellynRichard Llewellyn
T LlewellynThomas Llewellyn
TFP LlewellynThomas Frederick Penderell Llewellyn
WW LlewellynWilliam W Llewellyn
G Llewellyn-DaviesGuy Llewellyn-Davies
FMD Llewellyn-JonesFrances Mary Dulcie Llewellyn-Jones
DE LlewelynDavid Eiron Llewelyn
DE LlewelynDavid Evin Llewelyn
LJ LlewelynLynn Joseph Llewelyn
RD Llewelyn
RP LlewelynRichard Penderel Llewelyn
TFP LlewelynThomas Frederick Penderell Llewelyn
AB Llewelyn WilliamsArchibald Bonifare Llewelyn Williams
AB Llewelyn-WilliamsArchibald Boniface Llewelyn-Williams
B Llewwellyn
AB Llew-Williams
DW Llocombe
LD LloyLouis David Lloy
A LloydAlfred Lloyd
AC LloydArthur Caredig Lloyd
AC LloydArthur Cerediq Lloyd
AE LloydAlan Edward Lloyd
AE LloydAlbert E Lloyd
AE LloydAlfred Edward Lloyd
AE LloydArthur E Lloyd
AE LloydArthur Ernest Lloyd
AL Lloyd
AO Lloyd
AT Lloyd
B Lloyd
BA LloydBasil Aloysius Lloyd
BS LloydBenjamin Saunders Lloyd
C LloydCharles Lloyd
CAE LloydCharles Albert Edward Lloyd
CBE LloydCharles Bynon Ellis Lloyd
CC LloydColin Corden Lloyd
CG Lloyd
CH LloydCecil Henry Lloyd
CJ LloydCharles J Lloyd
CL Lloyd
CR Lloyd
DJ LloydDavid John Lloyd
DL LloydDavid Llewellyn Lloyd
DR LloydDavid Rawnsley Lloyd
DRC LloydDavid Rhys Cadogan Lloyd
DRC LloydDavid Rhys Cadongan Lloyd
DRC LloydDavid Rhys Cadwgan Lloyd
E LloydEdward Lloyd
E LloydElias Lloyd
E LloydErnest Lloyd
EA LloydEdgar Allan Lloyd
EA LloydEdward Archibald Lloyd
EA LloydErnest Archibald Lloyd
EAC Lloyd
EAL Lloyd
ER LloydErnest Raymond Lloyd
ETA LloydEvan Thomas Alban Lloyd
EW LloydErnest William Lloyd
F LloydFrank Lloyd
FA LloydFrederick Arthur Lloyd
FC LloydFrederick Chadwick Lloyd
FD LloydFrank Douglas Lloyd
FG LloydFrancis George Lloyd
G LloydGeorge Lloyd
GC LloydGeorge Charles Lloyd
GCB LloydGeorge Charles Baden Lloyd
GD Lloyd
GE LloydGeorge Elsworth Lloyd
GL LloydGeorge Lawrence Lloyd
GN Lloyd
GOB Lloyd
GR Lloyd
GW LloydGeorge W Lloyd
H LloydHarry Lloyd
H LloydHerbert Lloyd
HA LloydHerbert Alan Lloyd
HB Lloyd
HC LloydHorace Carlyle Lloyd
HC LloydHumphrey Clifford Lloyd
HG Lloyd
HH Lloyd
HJ LloydHenry John Lloyd
HL LloydHarry Leonard Lloyd
HP Lloyd
HR Lloyd
HT Lloyd
HW LloydHarold Walford Lloyd
IT LloydIvor Thomas Lloyd
J LloydJohn Lloyd
JA Lloyd
JB LloydJames B Lloyd
JB LloydJames Beresford Lloyd
JDM LloydJoseph David Marshall Lloyd
JF Lloyd
JG Lloyd
JH Lloyd
JJ LloydJohn J Lloyd
JJ LloydJohn James Lloyd
JP Lloyd
JR LloydJohn Raymond Lloyd
JSD Lloyd
JT Lloyd
JW Lloyd
JWE LloydJ W Eyton Lloyd
KB LloydKenneth Buchanan Lloyd
KHMG LloydK H M Grice Lloyd
LBE LloydLionel Bertie Eld. Lloyd
LC LloydLeslie Charles Lloyd
LD LloydLeonard Dawson Lloyd
LH LloydLlewelyn Henry Lloyd
LK LloydLorne Kenneth Lloyd
LN LloydLeonard Neville Lloyd
LRW Lloyd
LSH LloydLewis Sidney Harecourt Lloyd
LW LloydLeonard William Lloyd
LWM LloydLlewellyn Wilfred Medhop Lloyd
M LloydMorris Lloyd
NF LloydNigel F Lloyd
OHP LloydOwen Hugh Parry Lloyd
P LloydPhilip Lloyd
PGW LloydPercy G Whitelock Lloyd
R LloydReginald Lloyd
RA LloydRichard Arthur Lloyd
RAH LloydRobert Aubrey Hastings Lloyd
RAH LloydRobert Audrey Hastings Lloyd
RE LloydRobert Ernest Lloyd
RER Lloyd
RH LloydRichard Hilton Lloyd
RHR Lloyd
RJ LloydRichard John Lloyd
RJ LloydRussell John Lloyd
RL Lloyd
RS LloydRichard Serjeantson Lloyd
RW LloydRichard W Lloyd
S Lloyd
SH LloydSeisyllt Hugh Lloyd
SL LloydSidney Lewis Lloyd
SR LloydSidney Reuben Lloyd
STR LloydSamuel Thomas Reginald Lloyd
SW LloydStanley William Lloyd
T LloydThomas Lloyd
TA LloydThomas Arthur Lloyd
TB LloydThomas Butler Lloyd
TC LloydThomas Chadwick Lloyd
TH LloydThomas Hanbury Lloyd
TIL LloydThomas Ifor Llewellyn Lloyd
TW Lloyd
V LloydVincent Lloyd
W LloydWalter Lloyd
WC LloydWaldon C Lloyd
WD Lloyd
WE Lloyd
WH LloydWalter Henry Lloyd
WJ LloydWalter J Lloyd
WL Lloyd
WM LloydWilliam M Lloyd
WM LloydWilliam Morley Lloyd
WR LloydWalter Rowland Lloyd
H Lloyd Davies
T Lloyd Molloy
RC Lloyd OwenRobert Charles Lloyd Owen
VT Lloyd-DaviesVivian Thornber Lloyd-Davies
JP LloydeJohn Pryse Lloyde
D Lloyd-Evans
RL/RE Lloyd-LottR L [or R E] Lloyd-Lott
GN Lloyd-ReesGilbert Noel Lloyd-Rees
TA Lloyd-ReesTom Arthur Lloyd-Rees
E Lloyd-WaltersElvan Lloyd-Walters
G Lloyd-Whiteleake
H Lloyd-Williams
W Lloyd-WilliamsWynne Lloyd-Williams
AE Loa
JE Loa
FW Loach
WF Loach
E Loader
F Loader
GJ LoaderGeorge James Loader
M Loader
RA LoaderRobert Arthur Loader
S LoaderStanley Loader
TM Loader
WHE LoaderWalter Henry Eric Loader
JH Loames
V Loanes
PD Loaroyd
AG LoatesArthur George Loates
AJT Loates
HG Lobb
HL LobbHarry Lee Lobb
J Lobb
WH LobbWilliam Henry Lobb
P Lobbett Stephens
C Lobhart
RO Lobhouse
C LobleyClifford Lobley
JOH LobleyJohn Olive Hargreaves Lobley
RSP Loby
JH Locey
EG Loch
G Loch
HG LochHugh Granville Loch
HN LochHumphrey Norman Loch
IH Loch
RA LochRichard Anthony Loch
JR LochartJohn R Lochart
WG LocheadWilliam Grant Lochead
RW LocheedRalph William Locheed
GW LochheadGeorge Watt Lochhead
IK LochheadIan K Lochhead
J LochheadJohn Lochhead
JF LochheadJohn Forsyth Lochhead
JH Lochhead
WG LochheadWilliam G Lochhead
WG LochheadWilliam Gemmell Lochhead
AP LochieAndrew Pattison Lochie
JTA LochnerJohn T A Lochner
RF LochoreRonald Forrester Lochore
R Lochridge
C LochrieCharles Lochrie
AD LockAlfred David Lock
AH LockAlfred Henry Lock
AW LockArchibald William Lock
CV LockCharles Vine Lock
F LockFred Lock
F LockFrederick Lock
FM LockFrancis Michael Lock
G Lock
GH LockGeorge H Lock
H LockHarry Lock
H LockHenry Lock
HF Lock
HG LockHenry Gordon Lock
HGW LockHarry George Watte Lock
HGW LockHarry George Watts Lock
HGW LockHenry George Watts Lock
HW Lock
JA LockJohn A Lock
JH LockJohn Henry Lock
JP Lock
M Lock
RA LockRodney A Lock
RG LockRichard Griffith Lock
SH LockSydney Henry Lock
SS LockSamuel Spencer Lock
T LockThomas Lock
TC LockThomas C Lock
V LockVictor Lock
W LockWilliam Lock
WP LockWalter P Lock
AJ Locke
AM LockeArthur Marriott Locke
CJ LockeCharles Joseph Locke
EC Locke
EG LockeEdward George Locke
EP Locke
EW Locke
GH Locke
HW Locke
IKH LockeIvo King Henry Locke
IKH LockeIvo King Hervey Locke
JW LockeJoseph William Locke
L Locke
LH LockeLeslie Harold Locke
LL LockeLawrence Lennard Locke
R LockeReginald Locke
TW Locke
WJ LockeWilliam James Locke
JG Lockenby
AJ LockerArthur J Locker
AJ LockerArthur James Locker
B LockerBert Locker
G LockerGeorge Locker
WJ LockerWilliam Jervis Locker
WJ/AJ LockerW J [or A J] Locker
JA LockerbyJohn Alfred Lockerby
OS Locker-LampsonOliver Shillingfleet Locker-Lampson
OS Locker-LampsonOliver Stillingfleet Locker-Lampson
WT LockertWilliam Theophile Lockert
JN Lockes
CW LockettCecil William Lockett
DP LockettDonald Pinder Lockett
E Lockett
FG LockettFrederick George Lockett
H Lockett
HW Lockett
WC LockettWilliam Corfield Lockett
WOJ Lockett
EA Locke-WatersEvelyn Archer Locke-Waters
AE Lockey
B LockeyBernard Lockey
CO LockeyCharles Oswald Lockey
GF LockeyGeorge Frederick Lockey
HD LockeyHerbert David Lockey
V LockeyVincent Lockey
WR LockeyWilliam Reginald Lockey
AD LockhartArchibald Dinning Lockhart
B Lockhart
CJ Lockhart
CW LockhartCharles William Lockhart
DB Lockhart
GB LockhartGeorge Barclay Lockhart
GE LockhartGeorge Eliott Lockhart
GYD LockhartGeorge Younger D Lockhart
HS Lockhart
J LockhartJames Lockhart
JB Lockhart
JG Lockhart
JH LockhartJames H Lockhart
JHB Lockhart
JR LockhartJohn R Lockhart
JW LockhartJames Watson Lockhart
JW LockhartJohn Whitelaw Lockhart
R LockhartRobert Lockhart
RB LockhartRobert Barclay Lockhart
WE Lockhart
WS LockhartWilliam Stanley Lockhart
A LockheadArchie Lockhead
AG/WG LockheadA G [or W G] Lockhead
DE Lockhead
GW LockheadGeorge Watt Lockhead
IMacK Lockhead
IMK LockheadIan MacGregor Kerr Lockhead
J Lockhead
JF LockheadJohn Forsyth Lockhead
JK Lockhead
M Lockhead
GB Lockheart
JC Lockhurst
J LockieJohn Lockie
K LockieKeith Lockie
EA LockingEric Agar Locking
C Locklay
AN Lockler
A LockleyArthur Lockley
AE LockleyAlbert Edward Lockley
AH LockleyAlexander Hamilton Lockley
WR Lockley
LGD Locklin
OG Lockmund
V LockneyVictor Lockney
R Lockridge
AR LockwoodArthur Rowland Lockwood
CA Lockwood
CD Lockwood
DC LockwoodDouglas Charles Lockwood
DD LockwoodDonald Dawson Lockwood
EE LockwoodErnest E Lockwood
EE LockwoodErnest Edward Lockwood
EG Lockwood
EHA LockwoodErnest H A Lockwood
EHA LockwoodErnest Harvey A Lockwood
F LockwoodFrank Lockwood
FD Lockwood
FF LockwoodFrank Fairfax Lockwood
FG LockwoodFrederic G. Lockwood
FG LockwoodFrederick Gerald Lockwood
GB LockwoodGeorge Bertie Lockwood
H Lockwood
HE LockwoodHarry E Lockwood
HH LockwoodHerbert Henry Lockwood
HTB LockwoodHarold Tennyson Boyce Lockwood
JH LockwoodJohn Herbert Lockwood
JT LockwoodJohn Thomas Lockwood
LDG Lockwood
NP LockwoodNorman Percival Lockwood
PJ LockwoodPercival James Lockwood
RG LockwoodRalph Gregory Lockwood
S LockwoodStanley Lockwood
SC LockwoodSydney Charles Lockwood
SS Lockwood
W LockwoodWalter Lockwood
W LockwoodWilfred Lockwood
W LockwoodWilson Lockwood
WH Lockwood
WW LockwoodWalter Wolfenden Lockwood
BW LockyearBertram W Lockyear
AE Lockyer
AG LockyerAlfred George Lockyer
CE LockyerClarence Edward Lockyer
CEW Lockyer
EV LockyerEric Vernon Lockyer
HJ LockyerHenry J Lockyer
SJ Lockyer
TM LockyerThomas Maltby Lockyer
WJS LockyerWilliam James Stewart Lockyer
WJS LockyerWilliam James Stuart Lockyer
A LodderArthur Lodder
AE LoderAlbert Edward Loder
CA Loder
ER LoderEric Raymond Loder
FE LoderFrederick Eric Loder
LF Loder
WG Loder-SymondsWilliam Crawshay Loder-Symonds
FA Lodgard
BH LodgeBernard Hutchings Lodge
CF LodgeChristopher Fryers Lodge
CF LodgeChristopher Fyers Lodge
CR LodgeCharles Robert Lodge
E LodgeErnest Lodge
F LodgeFred Lodge
GF Lodge
GS LodgeGuy Septimus Lodge
L Lodge
LF LodgeLance F Lodge
R LodgeRobert Lodge
RA LodgeRobert Arthur Lodge
RE LodgeReginald Eastwood Lodge
T LodgeThomas Lodge
VA LodgeVerne Arthur Lodge
W LodgeWilliam Lodge
TM Lodgson
E Lodlie
HE Loe
H LoefflerHenrik Loeffler
LL Loewe
AH LofftAlfred Hartley Lofft
E LofquistErnest Lofquist
E Loft
H LoftHarry Loft
HAN LoftHoward A N Loft
NHC LoftNoel Henry Capel Loft
CWB LoftesClarence William Bazil Loftes
A LofthouseAmos Lofthouse
A LofthouseArthur Lofthouse
CH Lofthouse
CW LofthouseCharles Ward Lofthouse
G LofthouseGeorge Lofthouse
HR LofthouseHerbert Reginald Lofthouse
HS LofthouseHerbert Stanley Lofthouse
J LofthouseJohn Lofthouse
JR LofthouseJohn Rushworth Lofthouse
LL LofthouseLeonard Leslie Lofthouse
W Lofthouse
HF LoftinHenry Frederick Loftin
AF LoftingAlfred Fancutt Lofting
A LoftsArthur Lofts
W LoftsWilfred Lofts
DF LoftusDudley Ferrars Loftus
P LoftusPatrick Loftus
A Loftus-BryanSir Loftus-Bryan
AB LoganAubrey Bernard Logan
AG Logan
AW LoganAlfred Watson Logan
CC Logan
CP Logan
D Logan
DC LoganDonald Clement Logan
DS Logan
EF Logan
F Logan
FC LoganFrank Chandler Logan
FD LoganFrederick Dawson Logan
FJ LoganFrank John Logan
FR LoganFrank R Logan
FRH LoganFrank Ramsay Hanson Logan
FWG LoganFrederick Walter Geoffrey Logan
GA LoganGeorge Alfred Logan
GC LoganGeorge Colin Logan
GM LoganGuy Murray Logan
HJW Logan
JB LoganJames Barbour Logan
JE Logan
JEG LoganJoseph Ernest Gordon Logan
JH LoganJohn H Logan
JS Logan
O LoganOliver Logan
OB Logan
PN LoganPhilip N Logan
PN LoganPhilip Norman Logan
R LoganRobert Logan
RA LoganRobert A. Logan
RA LoganRobert Archibald Logan
RG LoganRobert Gordon Logan
RT Logan
TE LoganThomas Edgar Logan
TE LoganTom Edgar Logan
W Logan
WG LoganWilliam G Logan
WR LoganWilliam Russell Logan
FWGL Logen
M LogetteMark Logette
F Logg
JM LoggieJohn Miller Loggie
CCG LogieColin Campbell Gulliland Logie
ED Logie
J LogieJohn Logie
EW LogsdailEdward William Logsdail
WS LogsdonWilliam Stanley Logsdon
J Logue
E LohmeyerEwart Lohmeyer
EN LohmeyerEwart Newman Lohmeyer
OE Lohrke
CG Loisel
JE LoiselleJoseph Emile Loiselle
TJ Loiselle
J Lole
TR LoleThomas Reginald Lole
F Loly
FM LolyFrank Malterman Loly
FM LolyFrank Masterman Loly
VG LolyVictor Golding Loly
M Lomaire
AM LomasArthur Mervyn Lomas
EF Lomas
F LomasFrank Lomas
FG LomasFrank G Lomas
GA LomasGeorge Arthur Lomas
H LomasHarry Lomas
HI Lomas
HJ Lomas
J LomasJames Lomas
J LomasJohn Lomas
LE LomasLewis Edward Lomas
LF LomasLionel Frank Lomas
R LomasRalph Lomas
T LomasTom Lomas
TE LomasThomas Edwin Lomas
W LomasWilliam Lomas
A Lomax
AK LomaxArthur Keeton Lomax
AR Lomax
BB LomaxBenjamin Banks Lomax
C LomaxCecil Lomax
CNL LomaxCharles Norman Lake Lomax
EM LomaxEric Morton Lomax
F LomaxFred Lomax
GS LomaxGerald Stedman Lomax
H LomaxHerbert Lomax
HS Lomax
L LomaxLouis Lomax
LJ LomaxLeslie John Lomax
RHN Lomax
WH LomaxWalter Henry Lomax
W Lombard
GW LombardiGeorge W Lombardi
HG LombergHarry Graham Lomberg
PV/PP LomeP V [or P P] Lome
AGT Lomer
BR LomerBertram R Lomer
HC LomerHorace Clifford Lomer
RJ LomerRoland John Lomer
SFM LomerS F McI Lomer
SFMcI Lomer
NRV Lomton
JK LondJack Kelly Lond
EC Londen
RMW Londen
AH LondonAbraham H London
EG London
HA LondonHorace A London
HE LondonHenry Edward London
HF London
HH London
J LondonJohn London
JC London
JW LondonJoseph William London
R London
RA LondonRichard Arthur London
RB LondonReginald Bertie London
RH London
RMW London
SG London
TC LondonThomas Charles London
WJ LondonWalter John London
GE Londrum
F LoneonFrank Loneon
EG LoneraganErnest G Loneragan
F LonerganFrank Lonergan
JC LonerganJames C Lonergan
RD LonerganRobert Darwin Lonergan
B LonesBenjamin Lones
FE LoneyFrancis Egerton Loney
JRG Loney
BOM Lonford
A LongAlfred Long
A LongArchibald Long
A LongArthur Long
AA Long
AE Long
AER Long
AF LongAlexander Frederic Long
AF LongAlexander Frederick Long
AJ LongAlexander James Long
AL LongArthur Leonard Long
ALD LongAlban Leslie Daniel Long
AP LongAlfred Pocock Long
ASD Long
AV LongAlbert Victor Long
AW LongArthur William Long
BB LongBernard Bath Long
BB LongBernhard Bath Long
BF Long
BV Long
C LongCharles Long
CE Long
CH LongCharles Howell Long
CP LongCharles Percy Long
CR Long
CS Long
CW Long
E LongErnest Long
EJ LongEdward Joseph Long
EJ LongErnest John Long
F Long
FG LongFrederic George Long
FH LongFrederick Harold Long
FM LongFrank Marshall Long
GB Long
GH Long
GM LongGeorge Michael Long
GR LongGeorge Robert Long
H Long
HA LongHoratio Arnold Long
HB LongHugh Barbridge Long
HB LongHugh Burbridge Long
HJ LongHarry James Long
HO LongHoward Oakey Long
HR LongHarry R Long
HS LongHarry S Long
HT LongHerbert Tamplin Long
HV LongHorace Victor Long
HWF LongHerbert William Fortescue Long
J LongJohn Long
JA Long
JB LongJames B Long
JC LongJohn Charles Long
JES LongJohn Edmund Samuel Long
JES LongJohn Edward Samuel Long
JL LongJohn Llewellyn Long
JT LongJohn Thomas Long
JW Long
KC LongKenneth Charles Long
LD Long
MS LongMontague Stanley Long
N LongNorman Long
NM Long
NS LongNorman Stephenson Long
NS LongNorman Stuart Long
PH Long
PJ LongPhilip James Long
R LongRichard Long
R LongRobert Long
RA LongRichard A Long
RC Long
RD Long
RE Long
RJ Long
SG LongSamuel Godfrey Long
SH LongSelden H. Long
SH LongSelden Herbert Long
SH LongSidney Henry Long
VF LongVictor Frederick Long
W LongWalter Long
W LongWilfred Long
WB LongWalter Brian Long
WD LongWilliam Dickson Long
WF LongWilliam Frederick Long
WG LongWilliam George Long
WG LongWilliam Gerry Long
WH Long
WHT LongWilliam Henry Thorp Long
WM LongWalter Meriton Long
WP Long
WS LongWilfred Sydney Long
WT Long
JH Longben
JCB LongbothamJoseph Currer Busfield Longbotham
AW Longbottom
D LongbottomDennis Longbottom
HF LongbottomHarry F Longbottom
C LongcroftCharles Longcroft
CAH LongcroftCharles A. H. Longcroft
CAH LongcroftCharles AH Longcroft
EW LongdenEdward Walter Longden
FJ LongdenFrank J Longden
G Longden
JH LongdenJohn Henry Longden
NP LongdenNoel Percy Longden
R LongdinRoger Longdin
AH Longdon
GJ LongdonGodfrey James Longdon
MP Longdon
GD LongfellowGodfrey Dennis Longfellow
A Longfield
GP LongfieldGeoffrey Phelps Longfield
JN LongfieldJohn Norman Longfield
WD LongfieldWilliam D Longfield
WD LongfieldWilliam Dickson Longfield
WV LongfieldWilliam Vincent Longfield
T Longham
J LongheryJames Longhery
CA LonghurstClaude Arthur Longhurst
ER LonghurstEric Randall Longhurst
FH LonghurstFrederick Hibberd Longhurst
J LonghurstJoseph Longhurst
PH Longhurst
SJ LonghurstSidney J Longhurst
T Longhurst
W LonghurstWilliam Longhurst
BA Longinette
L Longin-LonginovitchLipsley Longin-Longinovitch
EV LonginottoErnest Vincent Longinotto
C LonglandCecil Longland
HH Longland
JW LonglandJohn William Longland
A Longley
AD LongleyArthur Douglas Longley
AE Longley
C LongleyCharles Longley
EA Longley
ES Longley
GC LongleyGeorge C Longley
GC LongleyGeorge Charles Longley
GW LongleyGeorge Wellesley Longley
H LongleyHarold Longley
J LongleyJohn Longley
JA LongleyJames Alfred Longley
JM LongleyJohn Molony Longley
JR LongleyJohn Russell Longley
O LongleyOliver Longley
RF LongleyReginald Frank Longley
TW LongleyTom W Longley
LS LongleysLeonard S Longleys
ES LonglyEdwin Stanley Longly
AF LongmanAlfred Frank Longman
F Longman
FA LongmanFrank A Longman
FA LongmanFrank Augustus Longman
L Longman
R LongmanReginald Longman
RIH LongmanRaymond Ilfred Henry Longman
RP Longman
T LongmanTrumper Longman
WC LongmanWilliam Charles Longman
JT LongmareJohn T Longmare
AE LongmateAlbert Ernest Longmate
BC LongmireBernard Calnek Longmire
AC LongmoreAubrey Cyril Longmore
AM LongmoreArthur M Longmore
AM LongmoreArthur Murray Longmore
FD LongmoreFrank Douglas Longmore
JB LongmuirJohn B Longmuir
PCD Longpre
AB Longridge
RB LongridgeRobert Begbie Longridge
TE LongridgeTheodore E. Longridge
TE LongridgeTheodore Earle Longridge
TE LongridgeTheodore Ernle Longridge
CH Longs
GP Longshaw
J Longshaw
A LongsonArthur Longson
AG LongsonArthur Gerald Longson
F LongsonFrank Longson
B LongstaffBenjamin Longstaff
GW LongstaffGeorge William Longstaff
H LongstaffHarold Longstaff
HSA Longstaff
JL LongstaffJohn L Longstaff
R LongstaffRalph Longstaff
JL LongstaffeJohn Lewis Longstaffe
RD Longstaffe
VCH LongstaffeVictor Charles Hamilton Longstaffe
H LongtonHarold Longton
J LongtonJohn Longton
WH LongtonWalter Hunt Longton
H LongvilleHenry Longville
AA LongworthArchibald Arthur Longworth
PW Longworth
V Longy
HA Lonie
JM LonieJames M Lonie
TC LonieThomas Christie Lonie
RW Lonkeit
LEJ LonnenLeslie Edwin John Lonnen
GH LonnonGeorge H Lonnon
TJ Lonovan
J Lonpinsky
A Lonsdale
CA Lonsdale
FC LonsdaleFrancis Charles Lonsdale
HM LonsdaleHerbert Morris Lonsdale
J LonsdaleJoseph Lonsdale
JS LonsdaleJohn S Lonsdale
SAC LonsdaleSpencer Alfred Charles Lonsdale
VO LonsdaleVictor Oswald Lonsdale
W LonsdaleWilliam Lonsdale
WH LonsdaleWilliam Henry Lonsdale
W Lontz
HW LookHerbert Wynchberrie Look
R Look
EG Looke
W Looke
AD Looker
B Looker
NM LookerNesta Mary Looker
EA LoombesErnest Aisford Loombes
EF LoomesEdgar Ferdinand Loomes
G Loomes
GP LoomesGeorge Preedy Loomes
JH LoomesJoseph Harold Loomes
CB LoomisChristopher Byrne Loomis
WP LoomisWendell Phillips Loomis
H LoomsHenry Looms
M LooneyMichael Looney
WJ LooneyWilliam Joseph Looney
JH Loop
LH Loop
R Loorman
CA Loose
EE LooseErnest Edward Loose
ET LooseEdward T Loose
G Loose
FA Looseley
RE Loosemore
RH LoosemoreRalph Henry Loosemore
H LoosenHarold Loosen
HK LoosenHarold Keith Loosen
FA Loosley
WW Loote
FH Lophua
CCA Loppan
F Lora
DB LoraineDavid Buglass Loraine
EB LoraineEustace B Loraine
JD LoraineJohn Douglas Loraine
R LoraineRobert Loraine
SG Loraine-GrewsSydney George Loraine-Grews
B LoramBert Loram
SA LoramStanley Arthur Loram
JB Loran
T Lorchan
A LordAtherton Lord
AA LordAlfred Arthur Lord
AM Lord
BP LordBaden Powell Lord
C LordClifford Lord
C LordClifton Lord
CF LordCecil Frederick Lord
CG LordCharles George Lord
D Lord
DGA Lord
DGR LordDouglas Gerald Rabson Lord
E LordEdward Lord
E LordErnest Lord
EC LordEdward Cecil Lord
EE Lord
EO LordErnest Owen Lord
F LordFrank Lord
F LordFrederic Lord
FI LordFrederick Ives Lord
FK Lord
GG Lord
GR LordGeorge Raymond Lord
GWN LordGeorge William Nelson Lord
H LordHarry Lord
HB Lord
HG Lord
HH LordHerbert Hampson Lord
HJ LordHerbert James Lord
HP LordHarry Porteous Lord
J LordJames Lord
JSW LordJohn Stone William Lord
JTG LordJoseph Thomas Green Lord
JW LordJohn William Lord
L LordLeonard Lord
LJC LordLionel John Charles Lord
LM LordLawrence McLean Lord
PB Lord
R LordReginald Lord
RR Lord
S LordSamuel Lord
T Lord
TV LordTheodore Vernon Lord
VS LordVivian Spencer Lord
WA Lord
WH LordWilliam Henry Lord
RFJS Lord CamoysRalph Francis Julian Stonor Lord Camoys
JE Lord CarberyJohn Evans-Freke Lord Carbery
GHL Lord DundasGeorge Heneage Lawrence Lord Dundas
GH Lord FoleyGerald H Lord Foley
RWE Lord GrimthorpeRalph William Ernest Lord Grimthorpe
AR Lord Innes-KerAlastair Robert Lord Innes-Ker
RE Lord Innes-Ker
A Lord KennedyAngus Lord Kennedy
REJ Lord Ker
JC Lorden
S Lorenzo
CC LorettoCarlo Claude Loretto
TJ Lorghs
D LorimerDaniel Lorimer
G LorimerGeorge Lorimer
J LorimerJohn Lorimer
JC LorimerJames Crystal Lorimer
DC LorkinDonald Charles Lorkin
ED LormeEmile De Lorme
RS LorneRalph Sinclair Lorne
GH Lorpiniers
DH Lorraine
R Lorraine
SG LorraineSebastian George Lorraine
JH LorrimerJohn Humberstone Lorrimer
HG LortieHector Gauillaumme Lortie
HES LortonHorace Edmund Sanders Lorton
DW LosebyDonald Wakeman Loseby
HE LosebyHarry Edward Loseby
S LosebySidney Loseby
GT LoserGeorge Thomas Loser
G LoskeyGeorge Loskey
JL/JS LoslisJ L [or J S] Loslis
WDG LotanWilliam Desmond Guthrie Lotan
DG Lothbridge
HA LotheringtonHerbert Arthur Lotherington
GI LothianGeorge Inglis Lothian
JW LothianJames W Lothian
LT Lothian
ST Lothian
AG LotonArthur George Loton
AJ LotonAlfred John Loton
CW LottCharles Wilfred Lott
EC LottEdward Charles Lott
NS LottNorman Silvester Lott
NS LottNorman Sylvester Lott
RF LottRaymond F Lott
RLL/RLF LottR L L [or R L F] Lott
CC LotterCyril Charles Lotter
H Lotter
N LotterNorman Lotter
RG LotterReginald Godfred Lotter
RG LotterReginald Godfrey Lotter
AT LotzAndrew Thomas Lotz
NJ LotzNicholas James Lotz
RV LotzReginald Vincent Lotz
ST Lotz
FJ Lotzer
C Louch
J Louchery
HG LouchonHenri Guy Louchon
CW LoucksCharles William Loucks
WNG Loucks
JK LoudJack Kelly Loud
C Louden
J Louden
RMW LoudenRobert Monteith Watson Louden
C LoudonCecil Loudon
JC Loudon
JW LoudonJohn Wilson Loudon
RW Loudon
RWM Loudon
W Loudon
WJ LoudonWalter John Loudon
LG LoudounLancelot George Loudoun
AG LoughAlbert Gordon Lough
C Lough
ET LoughEber Taylor Lough
JJ LoughanJohn James Loughan
L LoughboroughLord Loughborough
AD LoughbroughArthur Donald Loughbrough
H Lougheed
HP Lougheed
H Lougher
HR Lougher
AE LoughheadAlbert Edward Loughhead
HL Loughlan
RJ LoughleenRobert John Loughleen
D LoughlinDouglas Loughlin
FA Loughlin
HC Loughlin
HJ LoughlinHenry James Loughlin
HL Loughlin
JW Loughlin
K LoughlinKenneth Loughlin
NJ Loughlin
LB LoughranLawrence Bennett Loughran
HE LoughtonHenry Ernest Loughton
JJ Loughton
E LouisEdmund Louis
R LouisRonald Louis
TJ Loukanidin
J Loulakakis
L Loultcheff
LEO LoundsLawrence Edward Oliver Lounds
B LounsbroughBen Lounsbrough
GH LounsburyGeorge Holland Lounsbury
J Loupinski
J LoupinskyJacob [or Jakoff] Loupinsky
RM Lousen
T LouthTrevor Louth
G Louther
JA LoutitJohn Albert Loutit
NC Loutitt
WG Loutitt
B LouttitBertram Louttit
WC LouttitWilliam Charles Louttit
JC LouwJacobus Chevalier Louw
T LouwThomas Louw
W Lovall
R LovatRichard Lovat
HA Lovats
BJ LovattBertram James Lovatt
FG LovattFrederick George Lovatt
HGB LovattHarold George Baden Lovatt
J LovattJack Lovatt
L LovattLawrence Lovatt
RGE Lovatt
RJ Lovatt
AE LoveAlexander Edwin Love
AH LoveAlfred Harold Love
AJD LoveAndrew John Dunn Love
B LoveBertie Love
CM LoveCharles Meredith Love
DB Love
FB LoveFrancis Brunton Love
H LoveHarold Love
H LoveHugh Love
HA LoveHarry Albert Love
HB Love
HC Love
HE LoveHarold Ewart Love
HJ LoveHarold James Love
HJ LoveHector Jack Love
HK Love
HN LoveHerbert Nisbet Love
J LoveJames Love
J LoveJohn Love
JB LoveJames Black Love
JC LoveJames Campbell Love
LJ LoveLeslie James Love
M LoveMatthew Love
NB LoveNigel Borland Love
O LoveOliver Love
OC Love
R LoveReginald Love
RC LoveRobert Charles Love
RJ LoveRobert James Love
RS LoveRoy Secord Love
SH LoveSamuel H Love
SH LoveStanley Horace Love
SJ LoveSamuel John Love
WJ Love
A Loveday
AE LovedayAlbert Edward Loveday
AF LovedayArthur Foulger Loveday
AK LovedayArnold Kay Loveday
EA Loveday
F LovedayFrederick Loveday
H Loveday
L Loveday
RR LovedayRonald Redvers Loveday
EM LovegroveEric M Lovegrove
H LovegroveHenry Lovegrove
WE Lovegrove
WJ LovegroveWilliam J Lovegrove
CE Loveick
SCW LovejoySidney Charles William Lovejoy
WW LovejoyWalter William Lovejoy
E LovekinEmanuel Lovekin
HE Lovekin
EP Lovel
F Lovelace
J Lovelace
JCC LovelaceJohn Charles Coleman Lovelace
JG LovelaceJohn Guy Lovelace
LH Lovelace
H LoveladyHerbert Lovelady
C LovelandCharles Loveland
H LovelandHenry Loveland
JG Loveland
WH LovelandWilliam Henry Loveland
HJ LovelessHarry John Loveless
WB LovelessWilliam Bird Loveless
BF LovellBernard F Lovell
CA LovellCharles Alfred Lovell
CEA LovellCharles Ernest Ambrose Lovell
CT LovellCyril Thomas Lovell
E Lovell
F LovellFrederick Lovell
FL LovellFrancis Leonard Lovell
FR LovellFrank Richard Lovell
FS LovellFrederick Stanford Lovell
GE Lovell
GGN LovellGeorge Gilbert Norman Lovell
GH LovellGeorge Harrison Lovell
GS Lovell
GWN Lovell
H LovellHarry Lovell
H LovellHenry Lovell
HF LovellHarold Frederick Lovell
HG Lovell
HJ Lovell
JT LovellJames T Lovell
JTC LovellJohn Thomas Caswell Lovell
JW Lovell
LG LovellLeslie Graham Lovell
MA LovellMaurice Aldons Lovell
MA LovellMaurice Aldous Lovell
PJ Lovell
RC LovellRobert Clifford Lovell
SC LovellSamuel Charles Lovell
SC LovellSydney Charles Lovell
TL LovellThomas Laban Lovell
W Lovell
WL LovellWilliam Leslie Lovell
AAG LovelockAlbert A G Lovelock
EC Lovelock
EG Lovelock
H Lovelock
HG Lovelock
LS Lovelock
ML LovelockMaurice L Lovelock
T Lovelock
CV LovelyCharles Vivian Lovely
GC Lovely
HC Lovely
LH LovelyLionel Hugo Lovely
NB LovemoreNorman Baillie Lovemore
RB LovemoreRobert Baillie Lovemore
H LoverHarry Lover
HP Lover
WE Lover
AA LoveridgeAlfred Allwynne Loveridge
AR LoveridgeArthur R Loveridge
AR LoveridgeArthur Robert Loveridge
E LoveridgeErnest Loveridge
GT Loveridge
JH LoveridgeJames Horace Loveridge
TA LoveridgeThomas Alfred Loveridge
F Loverin
GH Lovering
OC LoveringOswald Comer Lovering
WF LoveringWilliam Frank Lovering
HJ LoverseedHerbert James Loverseed
JE LoverseedJohn Eric Loverseed
AC LovesayAlfred Cyril Lovesay
E Lovesay
JJ LovesayJoseph John Lovesay
RD LovesayRaymond David Lovesay
SES Lovesay
AC LoveseyAlfred Cyril Lovesey
E LoveseyErnest Lovesey
RD LoveseyRaymond David Lovesey
AC LovesyArthur Cornelius Lovesy
A LovettArthur Lovett
AA Lovett
C LovettClarence Lovett
E LovettErnest Lovett
EC LovettEdward Claude Lovett
FC LovettFrank C Lovett
G LovettGeorge Lovett
H LovettHarry Lovett
HA LovettHarold Abbott Lovett
HJB Lovett
PO LovettPercy Octavious Lovett
PO LovettPercy Octavius Lovett
S LovettShaw Lovett
SHW LovettSamuel H W Lovett
T LovettTrevor Lovett
WC LovettWilliam C Lovett
WC LovettWilliam Caleb Lovett
AG Lovett CampbellAlexander George Lovett Campbell
GE Lovett-Campbell
CE LovickCharles Edward Lovick
TC LovieThomas Christie Lovie
A LowAlbert Low
AM LowArchibald M. Low
AM LowArchibald Montgomery Low
AR LowArchibala Reith Low
AR LowArchibald Reith Low
ASM LowAndrew Stuart MacKenzie Low
D LowDavid Low
DA LowDouglas Archibald Low
DB Low
DF LowDavid Fleming Low
EB LowEustace Bertram Low
EHS LowEric Hendy Scott Low
EW Low
GED LowGeorge Edward Douglas Low
GP Low
GS LowGordon Stuart Low
HB Low
HJ LowHarry James Low
HT Low
HV LowHenry Vales Low
J LowJoseph Low
JB LowJohn Brown Low
JH LowJames Hubert Low
JS LowJames Stevenson Low
JS LowJohn Smith Low
LR LowLewis Roy Low
PVC LowPhilip Victor Chabot Low
RL LowRoy Lewis Low
TC Low
WA LowWilliam Alexander Low
RJ LowcockReginald J. Lowcock
RJ LowcockReginald John Lowcock
RL Lowcock
SR LowcockSidney Richard Lowcock
WG LowcockWilliam George Lowcock
GE Lowdell
H LowdenHenry Lowden
JE LowdenJohn Edward Lowden
W Lowden
AK Lowder
J LowderJames Lowder
W LowdonWilliam Lowdon
A LoweAlan Lowe
A LoweAlfred Lowe
A LoweArchibald Lowe
A LoweArthur Lowe
AG Lowe
AL Lowe
AP Lowe
ARA LoweArthur Robert Acton Lowe
ARW LoweArthur Robert W Lowe
AS LoweArthur Sleigh Lowe
B Lowe
C LoweCharles Lowe
C LoweClarence Lowe
CB LoweCharles Bertie Lowe
CE LoweCharles E Lowe
CE LoweCharles Eric Lowe
CE LoweCyril Edward Lowe
CH Lowe
CJM LoweCecil J M Lowe
CJM LoweCecil John Mansfield Lowe
CL LoweColin Luke Lowe
CN LoweCyril Nelson Lowe
CP LoweClement Procter Lowe
D LoweDavid Lowe
DC LoweDavid Carlton Lowe
E LoweEdgar Lowe
E LoweEdward Lowe
E LoweErnest Lowe
EGT LoweEdward Gambier Trelawny Lowe
FH LoweFranklin Haydn Lowe
G LoweGeorge Lowe
GC Lowe
GL LoweGeorge Leander Lowe
GO LoweGeorge Osborn Lowe
GP Lowe
GR Lowe
GT LoweGeorge T Lowe
GW Lowe
H LoweHarold Lowe
H LoweHarry Lowe
HA LoweHerbert Angel Lowe
HB Lowe
HE Lowe
HGH LoweHenry George Harold Lowe
HGP LoweHenry Griffith Pagan Lowe
HP LoweHenry Pagan Lowe
HT LoweHerbert Thomas Lowe
J LoweJames Lowe
JC LoweJacobus Chevalier Lowe
JCM LoweJohn Claude Malcolm Lowe
JH LoweJohn Henry Lowe
JM LoweJohn May Lowe
L LoweLinley Lowe
LB Lowe
LF LoweLeslie Francis Lowe
LG LoweLouis Godfrey Lowe
M LoweMaurice Lowe
MT Lowe
P Lowe
PV LowePhilip Vernon Lowe
R LoweReginald Lowe
RA LoweRaymond Alfred Lowe
RA LoweRobert Alfred Lowe
RW Lowe
RWG LoweRobert W G Lowe
RWL LoweReginald William Lewis Lowe
S LoweSidney Lowe
SO Lowe
ST LoweSamuel Thomason Lowe
T Lowe
TC LoweThomas Clelland Lowe
TL LoweTheodore Linley Lowe
TR Lowe
TS Lowe
V LoweVictor Lowe
W LoweWilfred Lowe
WA Lowe
WC LoweWilliam Currie Lowe
WE LoweWilliam Ernest Lowe
WG Lowe
WH LoweWilliam H Lowe
WT Lowe
WW LoweWalter William Lowe
WW LoweWilliam W Lowe
FT LoweinFred Trevor Lowein
JA LowellJohn Alfred Lowell
FW LowenFrederick William Lowen
LW LowenLionel William Lowen
PL LowenhoffPaul Leonard Lowenhoff
JC LowensteinJack Charles Lowenstein
JC LowensteinJohn Charles Lowenstein
AH Lowery
AM LoweryAllan Maxwell Lowery
AM LoweryAllen Maxwell Lowery
RM LoweryRalph Middleton Lowery
A LowesAndrew Lowes
DW Lowes
FJ LowesFrancis J Lowes
JW LowesJohn Wibber Lowes
TF Lowes
TJ LowesThomas J Lowes
CB LowethCecil B Loweth
CB LowethCecil Banks Loweth
H Loweth
LS LowickLeonard Shirley Lowick
WR Lowin
B Lowing
HJ Lowings
LA Lowinton
CE Lowis
FH LowisFrancis Herbert Lowis
GL LowisGeoffrey Littleton Lowis
GL LowisGeoffrey Lyttelton [or Littleton] Lowis
LT Lowis
SW Lowis
WJ LowisWilliam J Lowis
CAJ LowlettCharles Augustus James Lowlett
PC LowmanPhilip Charles Lowman
WH Lowman
HJ LownHerbert James Lown
JCF LownJohn Charles Frederick Lown
J Lowndes
WJ LowndesWilbur James Lowndes
GS LowndsGordon Strafford Lownds
LEO LowndsLawrence Edward Oliver Lownds
RH LowndsReginald H Lownds
RH LowndsReginald Herbert Lownds
RH LowndsReginald Hubert Lownds
B Lownes
A LownsboroughAlphonso Lownsborough
JG Lowrey
DE LowrieDavid Ewart Lowrie
E Lowrie
GV LowrieGustave Victor [or Gaston Victor] Lowrie
JA Lowrie
VWV LowrieVictor William Valette Lowrie
WE LowrieWilliam Edward Lowrie
WG LowrieWilliam George Lowrie
AE LowryAndrew Edward Lowry
AF LowryAnthony Frederick Lowry
AJ LowryAlbert James Lowry
CHM Lowry
CP LowryClaude P Lowry
CP LowryClaude Picton Lowry
DA LowryDalton Ambrose Lowry
F LowryFrank Lowry
HE LowryHugh E Lowry
HR LowryHerbert Richard Lowry
HV Lowry
J LowryJohn Lowry
JC Lowry
JH LowryJames Henry Lowry
L LowryLorne Lowry
RC Lowry
RF LowryRichard Franklin Lowry
RM LowryRobert Murray Lowry
TC LowryThomas Coleman Lowry
W LowryWalter Lowry
SE Lowsley
PS Lowsley-WilliamsPhilip Savile Lowsley-Williams
CPF LowsonCourtenay Patrick Flowerdew Lowson
D LowsonDouglas Lowson
JH LowsonJohn Hugh Lowson
S Lowson
C LowtherCecil Lowther
FA LowtherFrederick Angels Lowther
G LowtherGeorge Lowther
GH Lowther
HL LowtherHerbert Launcelot Lowther
JR LowtherJohn Readman Lowther
WH LowtherWilliam Harrison Lowther
WHG LowtherWilliam Hugh Gerard Lowther
L Lowthian
LI LowthianLeslie Irton Lowthian
W LowthianWilliam Lowthian
TB LowtonThomas Bottomley Lowton
SW Lowy
FE LoxleyFrank E Loxley
GH LoxleyGerald Herbert Loxley
J LoxleyJames Loxley
RVB LoxleyReginald Victor Byron Loxley
HES Loxton
JA Loxton
TA LoxtonThomas A Loxton
GH LoyGeorge Harrison Loy
AT LoydAlwyne Travers Loyd
CL LoydCecil Llewellyn Loyd
CL LoydCecil Llewllyn Loyd
EEF LoydEric Edward Foster Loyd
FF LoydFrancis Fetherstonhaugh Loyd
LC Loyd
LRW LoydLewis Richard William Loyd
RW Loyd
WR Loyd
C Loyett
J Loynd
FH LoynesFrancis H Loynes
OJ LoynesOctavius J Loynes
JORA LozeauJoseph Olivier Romeo Aime Lozeau
JCE LuardJames Charles Eckford Luard
RAE LuardRoger Ashton Eckford Luard
RB LuardRobert Blaine Luard
SW LubaroffSimon Wolfe Lubaroff
ES Lubbers
E Lubbock
EFD LubbockHonourable E F D Lubbock
EFP LubbockEric Fox Pigh Lubbock
EFP LubbockHon EFP Lubbock
EFP LubbockHon Eric Fox Pitt Lubbock
EFP LubbockHon. E. F. P. Lubbock
EFP LubbockThe Hon. E. F. P. Lubbock
EFP LubbockThe Hon. E.F.P. Lubbock
EFP LubbockThe Hon. Eric Fox Pitt Lubbock
Hon EFP Lubbock
I LubbockIsaac Lubbock
TW LubbockThomas William Lubbock
WW Lubelski
J Lubinsky
WC Lubs
A LucasAlfred Lucas
AB Lucas
AE LucasAlbert Edward Lucas
AJ LucasAlbert James Lucas
AJ LucasAlfred James Lucas
AJ LucasArchibald John Lucas
AR LucasAlfred R Lucas
AT LucasAT Lord Lucas
AT LucasLord AT Lucas
AT LucasRight Honourable A. T Lord Lucas
AT LucasRt. Hon. Lord A.T. Lucas
AT LucasThe Right Hon A. T. Lord Lucas
AT Lucasthe Right Hon Airbron T. Lord Lucas
AV LucasAlbert Victor Lucas
B Lucas
BE Lucas
BLR Lucas
C Lucas
CB LucasClaude Bertram Lucas
CE LucasCharles Edward Lucas
CH LucasCharles Henry Lucas
DE Lucas
DL LucasDonald Leslie Lucas
E LucasEdward Lucas
EH LucasEdward H Lucas
EH LucasErnest Henry Lucas
EW Lucas
EWH LucasErnest William Henry Lucas
FR LucasFrederick Richard Lucas
FW LucasFrederick William Lucas
GB LucasGerald Blunt Lucas
GE LucasGeorge Elliot Lucas
GF LucasGeorge Frederick Lucas
GJ LucasGeoffrey John Lucas
GK LucasGeorge Kendall Lucas
GME LucasGeoffrey Morton Ernest Lucas
H LucasHarold Lucas
HH LucasHerbert H Lucas
HH LucasHerbert Henry Lucas
HJ LucasHenry J Lucas
HJ LucasHerbert James Lucas
HW Lucas
HWH LucasHumphrey William Herbert Lucas
HWH LucasHumphry William Herbert Lucas
J LucasJulius Lucas
JA Lucas
JM LucasJocelyn Morton Lucas
JN Lucas
JS Lucas
K LucasKay Lucas
K LucasKeith Lucas
K LucasKirwin Lucas
L LucasLeonard Lucas
L LucasLord Lucas
LG LucasLeslie Gordon Lucas
LS LucasLeonard Strafford Lucas
M Lucas
NVW LucasNorman Victor Wallace Lucas
NW Lucas
O LucasOliver Lucas
PG LucasPhilip Gadesden Lucas
PJ LucasPercy J Lucas
PLR LucasPhilip L R Lucas
R Lucas
RA LucasReginald Arthur Lucas
S LucasStanley Lucas
T LucasThomas Lucas
TCH LucasThomas C H Lucas
TCH LucasThomas Charles Harvey Lucas
TF LucasThomas Farquhar Lucas
TH Lucas
WF Lucas
WN Lucas-ShadwellWilliam Noel Lucas-Shadwell
CR LucateConstantine Rasi Lucate
CA LuceCyril Augustine Luce
FH LuceFrank Henry Luce
G Luce
LW LuceLeonard William Luce
HL Lucena
JL LucenaJames Lancaster Lucena
JS Lucena
HE Luchford
HEG Luchford
HGE LuchfordHarry George Ernest Luchford
W LucioniWilliam Lucioni
AE LuckArchibald Edward Luck
C LuckCharles Luck
EE LuckErnest Evelyn Luck
ER Luck
FW LuckFrederick William Luck
H LuckHenry Luck
HF LuckHarold Featherstone Luck
JA LuckJack A Luck
JA LuckJack Austen Luck
JC LuckJohn C Luck
RF LuckReginald Fielder Luck
S LuckStanley Luck
T Luck
DW LuckeDouglas Webster Lucke
W Lucke
F Lucker
GJ Luckett
HR LuckettHarry Reginald Luckett
JH LuckettJohn H Luckett
HGE Luckford
PFP LuckhamPercy Frederic Price Luckham
PFP LuckhamPercy Frederick Price Luckham
SC Luck-HoranSidney Charles Luck-Horan
GC LuckhurstGeorge Charles Luckhurst
A LuckingAlfred Lucking
DF LuckingDavid Frederick Lucking
HL LuckingHubert Leslie Lucking
R LuckingRobert Lucking
CAJ LuckleyClifford Avery John Luckley
JJ LuckleyJohn James Luckley
CAJ Luckly
F Luckman
GE LucksteadGeoffrey Eric Luckstead
GE LuckstedGeoffrey Eric Lucksted
ES Luckworth
HC LucockHerbert C Lucock
RH LucovichRalph Henry Lucovich
B LucyBrian Lucy
CA LucyClaud Arthur Lucy
D LucyDenis Lucy
DJ LucyDenis Joseph Lucy
HF LucyHenry F Lucy
JW LucyJohn W Lucy
NS Lucy
P LucyPhilip Lucy
RS LucyRichard Spencer Lucy
FCH Ludbrook
GM LudbrookGeorge M Ludbrook
J LudbrookJames Ludbrook
FCH Ludbrooke
D LudfordDaniel Ludford
JE LudfordJohn E. Ludford
CW LudgateChristopher Wilson Ludgate
CWM LudgateChristopher Wilson Mercer Ludgate
DJ LudgateDouglas John Ludgate
H Ludgate
LO LudgateLionel Osborne Ludgate
LO LudgateLionel Osmund Ludgate
TK LudgateTimms Kenneth Ludgate
WF LudgateWilliam F Ludgate
CE LudlamCharles E Ludlam
D Ludlam
FS Ludlam
GH Ludley
BG LudlowBasil Guy Ludlow
BS LudlowBrian Stanley Ludlow
ER LudlowEdgar Robert Ludlow
F LudlowFrank Ludlow
W Ludlow
ER Ludlow-HewittEdgar R Ludlow-Hewitt
ER Ludlow-HewittEdgar R. Ludlow-Hewitt
ER Ludlow-HewittEdgar Rainey Ludlow-Hewitt
ER Ludlow-HewittEdgar Ramsey Ludlow-Hewitt
E LudskiEdgar Ludski
JC Ludski
FC Ludwig
L Ludwig
A Luff
AE LuffAlbert E Luff
CA LuffCharles Alfred Luff
E Luff
EW Luff
FE Luff
P Luff
S Luff
WA Luff
GG LuffmanGordon George Luffman
W Lufond
W LufordWilliam Luford
CE LugardCyril Edward Lugard
EM LugardEdward March Lugard
FD LugardFrederick Douglas Lugard
CC Lugden
FB LugetFollett Britton Luget
HB Luget
A Lugg
GC LuggGeorge Charles Lugg
HJ Lugsden
RW Lugsden
RW LugsdinRobert William Lugsdin
CJ LuizellCecil John Luizell
ACF LukeArthur Charles Frederick Luke
AWG LukeAlbert William George Luke
CM Luke
G LukeGeorge Luke
GF LukeGeorge Frank Luke
GR LukeGeorge R Luke
J LukeJames Luke
J LukeJohn Luke
JW LukeJohn W Luke
LA Luke
RW Luke
T Luke
TC LukeThomas Carlyon Luke
W LukeWalter Luke
W LukeWilliam Luke
WF LukeWilliam F Luke
WJ Luke
FL Lukehurst
WP LukemanWilliam Patrick Lukeman
E Luker
F LukerFrank Luker
FP LukerFrank Percy Luker
HGR LukerHarry George Redvers Luker
MH LukerMalcolm Harry Luker
WS LukerWilliam Seward Luker
AE LukesAlbert Edward Lukes
FE LukesFrederick E Lukes
AJ LukeyAlfred J Lukey
HV Lukey
WHR LukeyWilliam Henry Russell Lukey
EJ Lukins
FWF Lukis
LCF LukisLeofusic Collings Fellowes Lukis
LCF LukisLeofwin Collings Fellowes Lukis
SE LukynStanley Edward Lukyn
A LumbArnold Lumb
AB LumbArthur Bernard Lumb
H Lumb
HD LumbHenry Dixon Lumb
HF LumbHerbert Fearnside Lumb
HH Lumb
HM LumbHarry Malcolmn Lumb
JW LumbJohn William Lumb
SC LumbStanley Clifford Lumb
WH LumbWilliam Henry Lumb
EJ Lumbard
A Lumber
F LumbyFrank Lumby
REA LumbyReginald Evelyn Ashley Lumby
TR Lumby
EA LumleyEdward A Lumley
EA LumleyEric Alfred Lumley
GR Lumley
H Lumley
HR LumleyHenry Ralph Lumley
J LumleyJames Lumley
JG LumleyJoseph George Lumley
SJD Lumley
T Lumley
W LumleyWilliam Lumley
SW LummisSamuel Walter Lummis
CF Lumsdale
AH LumsdenArthur Hall Lumsden
AHE Lumsden
AR LumsdenArchibald Runciman Lumsden
CGHE LumsdenCarlos Gerald Hugh Edward Lumsden
FBP LumsdenFrederick Baden Powel Lumsden
G Lumsden
GL LumsdenGordon Leith Lumsden
GR Lumsden
HB LumsdenHarry Basil Lumsden
HT LumsdenHarry T Lumsden
HT LumsdenHarry T. Lumsden
HT LumsdenHarry Tailyour Lumsden
HT LumsdenHenry Tailyour Lumsden
J LumsdenJames Lumsden
J LumsdenJohn Lumsden
JG LumsdenJames Gordon Lumsden
RHE LumsdenRobert Hector Ewart Lumsden
WN LumsdenWilliam Norman Lumsden
WT LumsdenWilliam Thomas Lumsden
HP LumsdonHarold Percy Lumsdon
WS Lumsdon
AP LunamArthur Patrick Lunam
AD Lunan
J Lunan
KP LunanKenneth Philemon Lunan
W LunardWalter Lunard
D Lund
H LundHarry Lund
HJ LundHarry John Lund
JL LundJohn Leslie Lund
N Lund
PA LundPercival Arthur Lund
R Lund
RA LundRobert Alan Lund
RJB Lund
RJS LundReginald James Spencer Lund
T LundTrygve Lund
W LundWilliam Lund
AE LundieAlbert Edward Lundie
AE LundieArnold Ernest Lundie
DL Lundie
JA Lundie
J LundonJames Lundon
CE LundyCecil Edward Lundy
SL Lunford
CA LunghiCharles Albert Lunghi
CJ Lungley
A Lunn
EG LunnEdward G Lunn
EG LunnEdward Grantham Lunn
F LunnFrank Lunn
FS Lunn
FT LunnFred Thomas Lunn
GH LunnGeorge Hamor Lunn
H LunnHarry Lunn
JW LunnJames Watson Lunn
P LunnPercy Lunn
RD Lunn
T LunnThomas Lunn
W Lunn
WN LunnWalter Noel Lunn
EB Lunney
FH LunnonFrancis Haydn Lunnon
H Lunnon
WE LunnonWalter Edward Lunnon
JM LuntJames Morris Lunt
MC Lunt
P LuntPeter Lunt
PB LuntPercival Bernard Lunt
RR Lunt
S LuntStanley Lunt
J Luntley
JL LuntleyJohn Leopold Luntley
CC Lupine
AE LuptonAlbert Edward Lupton
BC Lupton
CR LuptonCharles Roger Lupton
F LuptonFrank Lupton
GD Lupton
H LuptonHarry Lupton
H LuptonHerbert Lupton
HC LuptonHenry Clifford Lupton
JC LuptonJohn Lupton
JP Lupton
L LuptonLeonard Lupton
NB LuptonNorman Blackwell Lupton
RF LuptonRonald Fort Lupton
S LuptonSydney Lupton
T Lupton
KH LuraasKnute Hansen Luraas
GH LurieGeorge Harry Lurie
VH LurieVictor Herbert Lurie
H LusbyHenry Lusby
WM LusbyWilliam Moet Lusby
EG LuscombeErnest George Luscombe
FW Luscombe
JF LuscombeJohn F. Luscombe
JF LuscombeJohn Francis Luscombe
CG LushCharles George Lush
EJ Lush
FP LushFrederick Peter Lush
GA LushGeorge Arthur Lush
GR LushGeorge Robert Lush
HF LusherHarold Frank Lusher
AR LuskAndrew Robert Lusk
CES LuskCharles Edward Stafford Lusk
LL LuskLouis Lannier Lusk
EJ LussierEmile John Lussier
G Lusted
GJ LustedGeorge J Lusted
GJ LustedGeorge John Lusted
CH LustyClaude Hamilton Lusty
HG LutherHarold George Luther
J LutkinJames Lutkin
DR LutonDavid Rigby Luton
HEW LuttHarold E W Lutt
K Luttman-Johnson
AC LutyensArchibald Charles Lutyens
D LutyensDerek Lutyens
LFD LutyensLionel Francis Derek Lutyens
B Lutz
A LuxAbraham Lux
GF LuxGeorge Frederick Lux
SL LuxfordSidney L Luxford
SL LuxfordSidney Louis Luxford
FL LuxmooreFrancis Logan Luxmoore
FL Luxmore
CG Luxton
H Luxton
HD LuxtonHarold D Luxton
HD LuxtonHarold Daniel Luxton
JHH Luxton
RH LuxtonRalph Hayman Luxton
WH LuxtonWilliam H Luxton
WT Luxton
SL Luxwood
HVC LuytHenry Valentine Colenso Luyt
A LyallAlexander Lyall
F Lyall
FC LyallFrederick Charles Lyall
GHH LyallGeorge Henry Hudson Lyall
H Lyall
J LyallJohn Lyall
JC LyallJohn Coutts Lyall
JR Lyall
K LyallKenelm Lyall
MR/RM LyallMcGregor Robert [or Robert McGregor] Lyall
N LyallNorman Lyall
W LyallWalter Lyall
WH LyallWilliam Hooker Lyall
E Lycett
R LycettRaymond Lycett
RL LycettReginald Lawrence Lycett
SH LycettSydney H Lycett
DW LydallDouglas Wykeham Lydall
E Lydden
HT LydfordHarold Thomas Lydford
HE LydiartHugh Ernest Lydiart
CE Lydiatt
PF Lydon
SF LydonSidney Francis Lydon
SF LydonSydney Francis Lydon
AH LyeArthur Henry Lye
DHC LyeDonovan Henry Charles Lye
HA LyeHenry Arthur Lye
HB LyeHerbert Burford Lye
J LyeJohn Lye
RG LyeRussell Galbraith Lye
WD Lye
CM LyellHon CM Lyell
JE LyellJames Eccles Lyell
JW LyellJohn William Lyell
W Lyell
WH LyellWalter Howden Lyell
AGS LyfordArthur George Seddon Lyford
HA LyfordHerbert Archibald Lyford
FA LygoFrederick Arthur Lygo
GE LygoGeorge Ernest Lygo
H LygonHenry Lygon
H LygonHon H Lygon
H LygonHon H. Lygon
AH Lyle
JV LyleJames Vernon Lyle
JVN LyleJames Vernon N Lyle
LB LyleLeonard Bruce Lyle
M LyleMaurice Lyle
R LyleRobert Lyle
RA Lyle
ST LyleStuart Tennant Lyle
VB Lyle
G LylesGerald Lyles
HS Lyles
HT LylesHarold Thackrach Lyles
HD Lylian
LC Lymburner
LM LymburnerLouis Marcel Lymburner
J LymeJohn Lyme
CR LymmCharles Radfeith Lymm
CR LymnCharles Radfirth Lymn
CR LymnCharles Radforth Lymn
FC LympanyFrederick C Lympany
D Lynakey
P Lynam
HFE LynasHarry Frank Ernest Lynas
A LynchAlfred Lynch
AG Lynch
DT Lynch
E LynchEdward Lynch
EG Lynch
EH Lynch
EJ LynchErnest Joseph Lynch
EW Lynch
F Lynch
FJ LynchFrancis James Lynch
FW LynchFrancis W Lynch
G LynchGeorge Lynch
GA LynchGeorge Anthony Lynch
GH Lynch
GR LynchGerald R Lynch
H LynchHenry Lynch
JB LynchJohn Brayne Lynch
JJ LynchJohn J. Lynch
JJ LynchJohn James Lynch
JS Lynch
M Lynch
ME Lynch
MS LynchMartin Sherry Lynch
P Lynch
R Lynch
RF LynchRichard Faulkner Lynch
RT Lynch
WC LynchWilliam Cornelius Lynch
WH Lynch
WO Lynch
WT Lynch
PW Lynch BlossePatrick Windsor Lynch Blosse
FC Lynch-BlosseFrancis Courtenay Lynch-Blosse
PW Lynch-BlossePatrick Windsor Lynch-Blosse
RC Lynch-BlosseRobert Cyril Lynch-Blosse
FN Lynch-WhiteFrank Norman Lynch-White
EVJ Lyndale-CaldwellEdward Vaughan James Lyndale-Caldwell
AJ LyndeAlfred J Lynde
JD Lynde
J Lyndon
A Lyne
C Lyne
E LyneEdgar Lyne
FC LyneFrederick Charles Lyne
G Lyne
H LyneHarold Lyne
HG LyneHarold George Lyne
HL LyneHarold Leslie Lyne
LP Lyne
P Lyne
R LyneRobert Lyne
R LyneRowland Lyne
RH LyneRobert Henry Lyne
A LynesAlfred Lynes
FJ LynesFrederick John Lynes
HFE LynesHarry Frank Ernest Lynes
J Lynes
DL LynnDennis Leonard Lynn
F LynnFrank Lynn
GM Lynn
GW LynnGeoffrey William Lynn
HG LynnHenry Gibson Lynn
LD LynnLeonard Dennis Lynn
N Lynn
SG LynnSydney Gordon Lynn
SGS LynnSydney Gordon Stemdale Lynn
B Lynn-Kirk
RLM LyntonRichard Leighton Miller Lynton
AG LyonAlan George Lyon
CB LyonCharles Benton Lyon
DL Lyon
EB Lyon
ED Lyon
EJ Lyon
EP LyonEdward Percival Lyon
EP LyonEdward Percy Lyon
FG LyonFrancis George Lyon
FW LyonFrederick W Lyon
G LyonGustavus Lyon
GJ LyonGordon John Lyon
H LyonHector Lyon
HA LyonHenry A Lyon
HA LyonHenry Alva Lyon
HE Lyon
HR LyonHerbert Redmond Lyon
HW LyonHerbert W Lyon
HW LyonHerbert Woodley Lyon
J Lyon
JE LyonJoseph Edward Lyon
JF LyonJames Frederick Lyon
JK LyonJohn Kenneth Lyon
LD Lyon
LDSA LyonLloyd D St A Lyon
LDSA LyonLloyd Diets St Aubyn Lyon
LDStA LyonLloyd Diets St. A. Lyon
M LyonMaurice Lyon
R LyonRoss Lyon
RW Lyon
ST LyonStanley Tom Lyon
W LyonWilliam Lyon
WA LyonWilliam Alexander Lyon
WEB LyonWilliam Edmond Burton Lyon
EH Lyon-HallEdward Huxley Lyon-Hall
AE LyonsAlbert E Lyons
AF LyonsAlbert Frederick Lyons
AWJ LyonsArthur William John Lyons
C LyonsCharles Lyons
CH LyonsClayton Harry Lyons
D LyonsDaniel Lyons
EP Lyons
G LyonsGeorge Lyons
H LyonsHarold Lyons
HC Lyons
HDS Lyons
HFW LyonsHorace F W Lyons
HM LyonsHenry Montagne Lyons
HM LyonsHenry Montague Lyons
J LyonsJohn Lyons
JD LyonsJames Denis Lyons
JE Lyons
JF LyonsJohn Frederick Lyons
JG LyonsJoseph Guardiner Lyons
JJ LyonsJames Joseph Lyons
JO Lyons
M Lyons
S LyonsStephen Lyons
T LyonsThomas Lyons
W LyonsWilliam Lyons
FJ Lyons-DavisFrederick James Lyons-Davis
BS Lyon-WilliamsBenjamin Stewart Lyon-Williams
TL LysaghtThomas Llewellyn Lysaght
WDJ LysaghtWilliam Daniel Joseph Lysaght
HD LysonsHenry Daniel Lysons
RG LysterRonald Guy Lyster
CSG Lyster SmytheCecil St George Lyster Smythe
CStG Lyster Smythe
RL Lyster SmytheRichard Litton Lyster Smythe
C Lyster-Smith
CSG Lyster-SmytheCecil St George Lyster-Smythe
CSt Lyster-Smythe
CStG Lyster-Smythe
GSG Lyster-SmytheG St G Lyster-Smythe
RL Lyster-SmytheRichard Litton Lyster-Smythe
JE LytellJames Edward Lytell
JES Lytell
CJ LythCyril John Lyth
E LythEdward Lyth
ER Lyth
P Lyth
FH LythallFrank Herbert Lythall
F LythgoeFrank Lythgoe
F LythgoeFred Lythgoe
JH LytleJames Hill Lytle
WJ LytleWilliam James Lytle
EC LyttleEric Charles Lyttle
WS Lyttle
WL LyttletonWalter Lubelski Lyttleton
HKL LyttonHarry Kovrigin Lytton Lytton
PA Lytton
PAB LyttonPercy Arthur Bertram Lytton
GA LyusGordon Alfred Lyus
R LyusReuben Lyus
AC LyvassianosAnthony C Lyvassianos
GWG Lywood
OG LywoodOswyn G Lywood
OGW Lywood
OGWG LywoodOswyn George William Gifford Lywood

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Royal Air Force, Royal Flying Corps, R.A.F., R.F.C., Officers, Other ranks, N.C.O.

First World War, Great War, World War One, WW1 WWI

2nd Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Captain, Colonel, Major, Lt-Col, Air Mechanic, 1AM, 2AM, 3AM, AM1, AM2, AM3, Private, Flight Serjeant, Flight Sergeant, Flight Sub Lieutenant, Flight Commander