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This page is simply an index to names appearing in the main database of Officers and aircrew, to enable search engines to find this site. The full database contains multiple detailed entries for each individual and provides a reference to other sources of information.

The database can be accessed here.

Initials + SurnameFirst Names + Surname
F Cabbarn
F CabburnFrank Cabburn
AFH Cabeldu
AH CabelduAlfred Herbert Cabeldu
AH CabelduAlfred Hubert Cabeldu
AG Cable
EJ CableErnest Joseph Cable
HJ CableHenry John Cable
I Cable
JE CableJames Ewen Cable
L CableLeonard Cable
TF CableThomas Frederick Cable
CW CackettClarence William Cackett
E CadburyEgbert Cadbury
E CadburySir Egbert Cadbury
CP Caddell
WB CaddellWalter Buckingham Caddell
WB CaddellWalter Burkingham [or Walter Buckingham] Caddell
J Caddick
WG Caddick
AH Caddy
JW CaddyJohn Wesley Caddy
WEH CaddyWilliam Ernest Hancock Caddy
WJ Caddy
A Cade
AE CadeAlfred Edgar Cade
F CadeFrank Cade
JE CadeJohn Edwin Cade
WZ CadeWilliam Zachariah Cade
SA Cades
J CadgerJames Cadger
R CadgerRobertson Cadger
JA Cadieux
AP CadmanAlfred Parkes Cadman
C CadmanChristopher Cadman
H CadmanHerbert Cadman
IR CadmanIsaac Robert Cadman
J CadmanJames Cadman
N CadmanNorman Cadman
R CadmanRichard Cadman
T CadmanThomas Cadman
V Cadman
VV CadmanVictor Vincent Cadman
VV CadmanVincent Victor Cadman
CE CadoganCharles Edward Cadogan
RJE CadoganRoger John Edward Cadogan
GA Cadogan-CowperGerald Audry Cadogan-Cowper
H Cadwalader
H CadwaladrHarry Cadwaladr
KJ CadwalladerKenneth James Cadwallader
KJ CadwallerKenneth James Cadwaller
CG CadyClement G Cady
CG CadyClement George Cady
GLJ CadyGeoffrey L J Cady
GLJ CadyGeoffrey Lionel James Cady
J CadyJames Cady
R Cadzon
R CadzowRobert Cadzow
BJ Caffaery
JP CafferkeyJames Patrick Cafferkey
R CaffertyRichard Cafferty
T CaffertyThomas Cafferty
JV Caffery
J Caffey
P Caffey
CM CaffynChaloner Mccrae Caffyn
CMcCHM Caffyn
CMCH CaffynC Mc C H Caffyn
CMHM CaffynC. McC. H. M Caffyn
CMHM CaffynChallenor McCrae Humphrey Mannington Caffyn
CMM CaffynChalmer McCrae Mannington Caffyn
EE Caffyn
H Caffyn
HF CaffynHerbert F Caffyn
HM Caffyn
HR CaffynHarold Robert Caffyn
MA Caffyn
J Cagliari
DD CagneyDavid Daniel Cagney
SJ CagneyStandish John Cagney
MJ CahalaneMichael John Cahalane
CH CahillCharles Howard Cahill
CL CahillCharles Lawrence Cahill
H CahillHenry Cahill
H CahillHorace Cahill
J CahillJoseph Cahill
JE Cahill
LV CahillLawrence Victor Cahill
W CahillWilliam Cahill
MG Cahill-Byrne
MGM Cahill-Byrne
MGMcL Cahill-Byrne
SOD Cahoou
EB CahusacEdmund Barry Cahusac
JJ CaigerJohn Jeffrey Caiger
B Caillard
CPMB CaillardCamille P M B Caillard
HV Cailsley
AA CainAlbert Arthur Cain
AF Cain
BS CainBasil Sawley Cain
C CainCharles Cain
DWJ CainDouglas W J Cain
DWT Cain
F CainFrederick Cain
GT CainGeorge Turner Cain
HM CainHenry Matthew Cain
J Cain
JM CainJohn M Cain
R Cain
RC CainRichard Claude Cain
W CainWilliam Cain
CV CaineCyril Victor Caine
JFK CaineJohn Frederick Kneale Caine
KE CaineKenneth Ernest Caine
T CaineThomas Caine
CA Caines
ET Caines
JW CainesJames Walter Caines
LGD CainesLeslie Gladstone Durston Caines
JA CairJohn Anthony Cair
AH CairdAndrew Hector Caird
G CairdGeorge Caird
KF CairdKarl Francis Caird
E CairncrossErnest Cairncross
A CairnduffAndrew Cairnduff
A Cairn-Duff
DS CairnesDouglas Stein Cairnes
J Cairnes
TAE CairnesThomas A. E. Cairnes
TAE CairnesTom Alex Elliot Cairnes
TAE CairnesTom Algar Elliot Cairnes
TAE CairnesTom Algar Elliott Cairnes
WJ CairnesWilliam Jameson Cairnes
DS Cairness
A CairnieAlexander Cairnie
J Cairnie
AF CairnsAlbany Francis Cairns
AJ CairnsAlbert J Cairns
BM CairnsBernard Moverly Cairns
D CairnsDavid Cairns
DS Cairns
H CairnsHugh Cairns
HF Cairns
J CairnsJames Cairns
J CairnsJohn Cairns
JA CairnsJohn A Cairns
JA CairnsJohn Arthur Cairns
JH CairnsJames Herbert Cairns
JH CairnsJohn H Cairns
JS CairnsJames Storey Cairns
JW CairnsJames William Cairns
P CairnsPercival Cairns
R CairnsRobert Cairns
T CairnsThomas Cairns
TAE Cairns
WD CairnsWilliam David Cairns
WJ CairnsWilliam Jordan Cairns
WTS Cairns
WTT Cairns
A CaisleyArthur Caisley
PT CaisterPledge Thomas Caister
LT CaithnessLaurence Theordore Caithness
G CakebreadGordon Cakebread
S CalamSidney [or Sydney] Calam
TSS Calander
AD Calbright
J CalcluthJohn Calcluth
GA CalcottGeorge Albert Calcott
SJE Calcott
E CalcuttErnest Calcutt
H CalcuttHarold Calcutt
HEA CalcuttHarold Ernest Albert Calcutt
RH CalcuttRichard Henry Calcutt
AB CaldecottArch B Caldecott
AB CaldecottArchibald B Caldecott
R CaldecottRandolph Caldecott
A CalderAlexander Calder
A CalderArthur Calder
AJ Calder
CR CalderCharles Robert Calder
CW CalderCharles William Calder
DH CalderDonald Henry Calder
DM CalderDonald McDonald Calder
DM CalderDonald McRae Calder
DP CalderDavid Pitkithly Calder
FCC CalderFrederick Charles Clement Calder
GM CalderGeorge McKay Calder
GMK CalderGeorge McKay Calder
HWL CalderHerbert William Leslie Calder
J CalderJohn Calder
JA Calder
JCS CalderJames Cunningham Sarcall Calder
NS CalderNoel Stewart Calder
PB CalderPaul Bancroft Calder
PM Calder
RC CalderRobert Cargill Calder
SP Calder
SW Calder
TR Calder
Van Calder
W Calder
WJ CalderWilliam James Calder
WP CalderWilliam P Calder
D Calderwood
DB CalderwoodDouglas Boyd Calderwood
DD Calderwood
DM CalderwoodDavid Millar Calderwood
J CalderwoodJames Calderwood
R Calderwood
RC CalderwoodRonald Cecil Calderwood
WJ CalderwoodWalter James Calderwood
AR CaldicottArthur Richard Caldicott
FW Caldicott
J Caldicott
JM Caldicott
KE CaldicottKenneth Edmund Caldicott
P CaldronPercy Caldron
AS CaldwellAnthony Steel Caldwell
C CaldwellColin Caldwell
CC CaldwellCyril Cassidy Caldwell
CC/C CaldwellCyril Cassidy [or Cassicky] Caldwell
DM CaldwellDonald Malcolm Caldwell
DT CaldwellDavid Thomas Caldwell
EL Caldwell
EVJL CaldwellEdward Vaughan James Lyndale Caldwell
F CaldwellFrancis Caldwell
GA CaldwellGavin Allen Caldwell
GW CaldwellGeorge Whitechurch Caldwell
H CaldwellHenry Caldwell
HD Caldwell
HE CaldwellHarold Ernest Caldwell
J CaldwellJames Caldwell
JH CaldwellJames H Caldwell
JH CaldwellJohn H Caldwell
JH CaldwellJohn Hay Caldwell
JM CaldwellJames McDowall Caldwell
JM CaldwellJohn Martin Caldwell
JR CaldwellJohn Ralston Caldwell
KL CaldwellKeith Logan Caldwell
LD CaldwellLyonel David Caldwell
LG Caldwell
PG CaldwellPercy Graham Caldwell
PR Caldwell
RA CaldwellRobert Allen Caldwell
RL CaldwellRobert Leonard Caldwell
RR CaldwellRussell Robert Caldwell
RR CaldwellRussell Roberts Caldwell
S CaldwellStuart Caldwell
WF CaldwellWilliam Frederick Caldwell
AH CaleyArthur Henry Caley
FR Caley
JAP Caley
MC CaleyMalcolm Clement Caley
PR Caley
RD CaleyRobert D Caley
RD CaleyRobert Dixon Caley
SA CallStanley Arthur Call
RH Callacutt
AG Calladine
TC CallaganThomas Cecil Callagan
EC Callagham
J CallaghamJohn Callagham
AA CallaghanAlbert Aloysius Callaghan
C CallaghanCornelius Callaghan
CL Callaghan
DJ Callaghan
EC CallaghanEugene C Callaghan
EC CallaghanEugene Cruess Callaghan
GH Callaghan
H CallaghanHenry Callaghan
J CallaghanJames Callaghan
J CallaghanJohn Callaghan
JA CallaghanJames Albert Callaghan
JC CallaghanJoseph C Callaghan
JC CallaghanJoseph Cruess Callaghan
JG CallaghanJames Gordon Callaghan
L CallaghanLeo Callaghan
P Callaghan
SC CallaghanStanislaus C Callaghan
SC CallaghanStanislaus Cruess Callaghan
SC CallaghanStanislause C. Callaghan
SC CallaghanStanislause Cruess Callaghan
SM CallaghanSydney Matthew Callaghan
W CallaghanWilliam Callaghan
WJ CallaghanWilliam J Callaghan
WJ CallaghanWilliam James Callaghan
LK CallahanLawrence K Callahan
WW CallamWalter William Callam
F CallanFrank Callan
RW CallanRobert William Callan
VA Callan
HF Callanan
JF CallananJohn Francis Callanan
A CallandarAlexander Callandar
A CallanderAlexander Callander
LH CallardLeonard Henry Callard
PR CallardPercy Reid Callard
TG CallardThomas Gilbert Callard
TV CallardTom Valliamy Callard
TV CallardToni Vulliamy Callard
F Callaway
FLeM CallawayFrank Le Moignan Callaway
FLM CallawayFrank Le Moignan Callaway
HN CallawayHenry Noah Callaway
JH CallawayJack Harold Callaway
LF CallawayLionel Frank Callaway
WB CallawayWilliam Bertram Callaway
SJE CallcottSydney John Edwin Callcott
AH CallearAlbert H Callear
R CallenRichard Callen
WJ CallenWalter John Callen
AA CallenderAlvin Andrew Callender
GG CallenderGeoffrey Gordon Callender
TS CallenderThomas S Callender
TSS CallenderThomas Spoors Simpson Callender
WTC CalleyWilliam Thomas Chalmers Calley
JL CallieJames Lancaster Callie
JT Callighan
HS CallingHarry S Calling
AJ CallinghamAlbert J Callingham
RR Callingham
WE CallinghamWilliam Ernest Callingham
S Calloghan
AV Callott
AE Callow
DL CallowDonald Leslie Callow
FGB CallowFrederick Grahame Banks Callow
H CallowHarry Callow
JG CallowJohn Garrett Callow
MG CallowMichael Guy Callow
JH CallowayJohn Henry Calloway
CA Callum
JA Callum
TH CallumThomas Hodge Callum
G CallusGuiseppe Callus
VJ CallusVictor J Callus
E CallwoodEdgar Callwood
CT Calmer
F CalnanFrank Calnan
J CalnanJames Calnan
LB CalnanLindley Bell Calnan
TJ CalnanThomas John Calnan
JM Calnek
JM CalnikJohn Maurice Calnik
AE CalowArthur Ernest Calow
C CalowCharles Calow
R CalrowRichard Calrow
FSG CalthorpeFrederick Somerset Gough Calthorpe
FSG CalthorpeThe Hon Frederick Somerset Gough Calthorpe
WT CalthorpeWilliam Thomas Calthorpe
DC CalthropDion Clayton Calthrop
AR Calver
B Calver
BG CalverBertram George Calver
CT CalverCyril Thomas Calver
RHS CalverRobert Henry Sherwood Calver
W CalverWalter Calver
EV CalverleyEdwin Victor Calverley
GW Calverley
L Calverley
OL CalverleyOsbert Leveson Calverley
AN Calvert
CWL CalvertCharles William Leonard Calvert
E CalvertErnest Calvert
EH CalvertEric Hedley Calvert
FLL Calvert
G Calvert
GF CalvertGerald Frederick Calvert
GW CalvertGeorge Walter Calvert
H CalvertHereward Calvert
HB CalvertHerbert Birch Calvert
HC CalvertHarry Campbell Calvert
JC CalvertJames Conan Calvert
JH CalvertJames Henry Calvert
JMO CalvertJohn Michael O'Hagan Calvert
L CalvertLawrence Calvert
RD CalvertRevel Duke Calvert
SE CalvertSydney Evans Calvert
SW Calvert
T CalvertThomas Calvert
TL CalvertThomas Lowes [or Lawes] Calvert
TW CalvertThomas William Calvert
W CalvertWilliam Calvert
WE CalvertWalter Edward Calvert
WP CalvertWilliam P Calvert
WP CalvertWilliam Percival Calvert
FM Calverwell
LEG Calves
HC CalveyHarold Charles Calvey
RA Calwell
AJ CamArthur James Cam
EJ CamEdward Joseph Cam
WH CamWalter Halcraft Cam
WH CamWalter Holcroff Cam
WR CambageWalter Ridley Cambage
WF CambellWilliam Forbes Cambell
WC CambrayWilliam Charles Cambray
AE CambridgeArthur Edward Cambridge
AJ CambridgeAlbert Joseph Cambridge
CA CambridgeCharles Arthur Cambridge
EH CambridgeEdgar H Cambridge
EH CambridgeEdgar Hastings Cambridge
FH Cambridge
W Cambridge
A Cambron
H Cambrook
AE Camburn
JW Camden
A CameronAlexander Cameron
A CameronAndrew Cameron
A CameronAngus Cameron
AA CameronAndrew Austin Cameron
ACG CameronAlpin Charles G Cameron
AD Cameron
AG CameronAlan Graham Cameron
AJ CameronAlistair John Cameron
AM CameronAlan McGillivray Cameron
AP CameronAlexander Park Cameron
AS CameronAllan Somerville Cameron
AW CameronAlexander William Cameron
BL Cameron
C Cameron
CA CameronCharles Alexander Cameron
CC CameronColin Campbell Cameron
CH CameronCharles Hughie Cameron
CL CameronCharles Logie Cameron
CW CameronCharles Wilson Cameron
D CameronDawson Cameron
D CameronDonald Cameron
D CameronDugald Cameron
D CameronDuncan Cameron
DE/E CameronDouglas Euan [or Ewan] Cameron
DF CameronDonald Findley Cameron
DGS CameronDudley Granville Sayer Cameron
DH CameronDavid Hugh Cameron
DH CameronDonald Hay Cameron
DH CameronDouglas Hope Cameron
DK CameronDudley Keith Cameron
DM CameronDavid Mackay Cameron
DN Cameron
DP CameronDonald Phillips Cameron
DR CameronDavid R Cameron
E CameronEwen Cameron
EA Cameron
ED CameronEwart Dryden Cameron
EF CameronEdward Frankland Cameron
ET Cameron
EW CameronErnest William Cameron
F CameronFrancis Cameron
F CameronFrank Cameron
F CameronFrederick Cameron
G CameronGeorge Cameron
G CameronGregor Cameron
GA CameronGordon Arthur Cameron
GG CameronGeorge Grant Cameron
GS Cameron
H CameronHugh Cameron
HD Cameron
HJ CameronHamish Johnstone Cameron
HM Cameron
HS CameronHerbert Seddon Cameron
ID CameronIan Donald Cameron
IE CameronIan Ernest Cameron
IG CameronIan Gilmour Cameron
J CameronJames Cameron
J CameronJohn Cameron
JA CameronJohn Alistair Cameron
JCA CameronJohn Charles Alexander Cameron
JG Cameron
JH Cameron
JHM Cameron
JHV CameronJohn Hedley Vicar Cameron
JJ Cameron
JS CameronJames Steel Cameron
JT CameronJames T Cameron
JT CameronJames Thomson Cameron
K CameronKenneth Cameron
LF CameronLeslie Fergus Cameron
MG Cameron
MJ CameronMaurice John Cameron
NCG CameronNapier Charles Gordon Cameron
NJG CameronNeville JG Cameron
NJG CameronNeville John Gordon Cameron
NM Cameron
NOM Cameron
NS CameronNorman Scot Cameron
NS CameronNorman Scott Cameron
PF Cameron
PG CameronPercy Grant Cameron
PG CameronPhilip Garrett Cameron
PM Cameron
PR Cameron
R CameronRobert Cameron
RB CameronRobert Barton Cameron
RC CameronRobert Campbell Cameron
RK Cameron
RM CameronRonald M Cameron
RM CameronRonald Mathews Cameron
RT CameronRobert Thomson Cameron
RW CameronRalph Walker Cameron
S Cameron
SW CameronStephen W Cameron
T CameronThomas Cameron
TH Cameron
TWM CameronThomas Wright Moir Cameron
TWM/M CameronThomas Wright Moir [or Mair] Cameron
W CameronWilliam Cameron
WA Cameron
WH CameronWilliam H Cameron
WH CameronWilliam Harold Cameron
WJS CameronWilliam James Simon Cameron
WM CameronWilliam McGillvray Cameron
GW Cameron-SmithGeorge Walter Cameron-Smith
D Cameron-SwanDonald Cameron-Swan
AEJ CamfieldAlbert Edward James Camfield
J Camfield
JF Camfield
JM Camfield
WG CamidgeWilliam Gordon Camidge
D CaminerDavid Caminer
AF Camirand
P CammPercy Camm
RA Camm
WH CammWilliam Henry Camm
RA CammellReginald Archibald Cammell
S Cammilleri
RFJ CamoysLord R.F.J. Camoys
RFJ CamoysLord RFJ Camoys
A CampAlfred Camp
H Camp
HC Camp
PG CampPercy G Camp
R Camp
SA CampStanley Albert Camp
WS CampWilliam Stanley Camp
WC CampainWilliam Charles Campain
S CampanStanley Campan
JV Campana
EJ CampbeauEdward Joseph Campbeau
A CampbellAlexander Campbell
A CampbellAllan Campbell
A CampbellAndrew Campbell
A CampbellArchibald Campbell
A CampbellArchie Campbell
A CampbellArthur Campbell
AA CampbellAlastair Alex Campbell
AA CampbellArchibald Alexander Campbell
AB CampbellAndrew Binnie Campbell
AB CampbellArthur Brown Campbell
ABD CampbellArchibald Bruce Duchesnay Campbell
AC CampbellArchibald Christian Campbell
AE CampbellAlbert Edward Campbell
AF CampbellAlex Findley Campbell
AF CampbellAlexander Findlay Campbell
AJ Campbell
AJB Campbell
ALeG Campbell
ALG CampbellAlan Le Grand Campbell
AM CampbellAlexander McGregor Campbell
AM CampbellArchibald Marshall Campbell
AM CampbellArthur Murray Campbell
AR Campbell
AS CampbellAdam Sanford Campbell
AS CampbellAlex Stewart Campbell
AV CampbellAlexander Vallance Campbell
AV CampbellAlexander Victor Campbell
AW CampbellAlexander Wallace Campbell
AW CampbellArchibald William Campbell
BO Campbell
BT Campbell
C CampbellCharles Campbell
C CampbellColin Campbell
CA CampbellClayton Alexander Campbell
CB CampbellCharles Bruce Campbell
CBD CampbellClaud Bessemer Donington Campbell
CBD CampbellClaude Bessemer Donnington Campbell
CC Campbell
CDM CampbellCharles Duncan M Campbell
CDM CampbellCharles Duncan Miles Campbell
CE Campbell
CF CampbellCharles Ferguson Campbell
CF CampbellColin Fred Campbell
CG CampbellColin Glen Campbell
CH CampbellCharles Harley Campbell
CH CampbellColin Henry Campbell
CHN CampbellCecil Henry Noble Campbell
CJ CampbellCharles Joseph Campbell
CJ CampbellChristopher James Campbell
CJ CampbellColin John Campbell
CK Campbell
CM CampbellColin McIver Campbell
CR CampbellCharles Robertson Campbell
CR CampbellCharles Russell Campbell
CR CampbellColin Reid Campbell
CS Campbell
CSG CampbellC St G Campbell
CSG CampbellColin St George Campbell
CStG CampbellColin St. G. Campbell
CStG CampbellColin St. George Campbell
CTA CampbellColin Thomas Alexander Campbell
CW CampbellColin W Campbell
D CampbellDavid Campbell
D CampbellDonald Campbell
D CampbellDuncan Campbell
DA CampbellDonald Archibald Campbell
DA CampbellDuncan Arthur Campbell
DAL CampbellDonald Archibald Lang Campbell
DD CampbellDuncan Davidson Campbell
DG CampbellD. Gordon Campbell
DI CampbellDouglas Ivor Campbell
DK CampbellDuncan Kenneth Campbell
DM CampbellDonald Mclean Campbell
DR CampbellDavid Riddell Campbell
DRM CampbellD R McG Campbell
DS CampbellDonald Stuart Campbell
DW CampbellDavid Wylie Campbell
E CampbellEwen Campbell
EA CampbellEdwin Arnold Campbell
EE Campbell
EF CampbellEdward Fitzgerald Campbell
EJ CampbellEllis James Campbell
EL CampbellEvan Lockhart Campbell
ES CampbellEwen Sutherland Campbell
ET Campbell
F CampbellFrank Campbell
F CampbellFred Campbell
FT Campbell
FW CampbellFrank Woodliffe Campbell
G CampbellGarnett Campbell
G CampbellGeorge Campbell
G CampbellGordon Campbell
GA CampbellGeorge Albert Campbell
GA CampbellGeorge Archibald Campbell
GB Campbell
GC Campbell
GE CampbellGeorge Edward Campbell
GF CampbellGeorge Frederick Campbell
GG CampbellGeorge Gordon Campbell
GH CampbellGershum Harold Campbell
GHS CampbellGeorge Herbert Stanley Campbell
GJL CampbellGeorge John Lawson Campbell
GK CampbellGeorge Kenneth Campbell
GM CampbellGeorge Millar Campbell
GM CampbellGordon MacLaren Campbell
GM CampbellGordon Malcolm Campbell
GM CampbellGordon McLaren Campbell
GMcL CampbellGordon MacLaren Campbell
GN CampbellGeorge Neil Campbell
GSG Campbell
GStG Campbell
GT CampbellGuy Terry Campbell
H CampbellHarry Campbell
H CampbellHugh Campbell
HA CampbellHector Alexander Campbell
HAN CampbellHarry Anderson Neville Campbell
HF Campbell
HG CampbellHarold G Campbell
HJ Campbell
HJQ CampbellHenry John Quick Campbell
HM Campbell
HS CampbellHerbert Stanley Campbell
HT CampbellHenry Thomas Campbell
HV CampbellHarold Vincent Campbell
HW CampbellHarold William Campbell
HW CampbellHarold Williams Campbell
I CampbellIan Campbell
I CampbellIric Campbell
ID CampbellIan Dermid Campbell
ID CampbellIan Diermid Campbell
IL Campbell
J CampbellJames Campbell
J CampbellJohn Campbell
JA CampbellJohn Archibald Campbell
JBA Campbell
JC CampbellJohn Colin Campbell
JD CampbellJames Davidson Campbell
JF CampbellJesse F Campbell
JG CampbellJohn Gowans Campbell
JH CampbellJames Henry Campbell
JHDM CampbellJohn Henry Duncan Montgomery Campbell
JHQ Campbell
JI CampbellJames Ian Campbell
JJB CampbellJohn James Black Campbell
JK CampbellJohn Kennedy Campbell
JL CampbellJames Lorne Campbell
JLS Campbell
JM CampbellJames McLean Campbell
JM CampbellJames McN Campbell
JMcN Campbell
JMN CampbellJames Mc Nie Campbell
JN Campbell
JO CampbellJohn Owens Campbell
JP CampbellJohn P Campbell
JR Campbell
JS CampbellJohn Santigo Campbell
JS CampbellJohn Stewart Campbell
JV CampbellJohn Verschoyle Campbell
JW CampbellJames Walter Campbell
JW CampbellJames Winton Campbell
JWH Campbell
JWL Campbell
JWS CampbellJohn Walter Stewart Campbell
K CampbellKenneth Campbell
KC CampbellKenneth Charles Campbell
KD CampbellKenneth Donald Campbell
KD CampbellKenneth Duncan Campbell
KH CampbellKenneth H Campbell
KH CampbellThe Hon Kenneth H Campbell
KP CampbellKenneth Preston Campbell
KR CampbellKingsley Reid Campbell
KT CampbellKenneth Turner Campbell
L CampbellLynn Campbell
LdV CampbellLorne de Vers Campbell
LE Campbell
LNTS CampbellLeslie Norman Thomas Stuart Campbell
LS CampbellLorne Stark Campbell
M CampbellMalcolm Campbell
M CampbellMichael Campbell
ML Campbell
MM Campbell
N CampbellNelson Campbell
NCS CampbellNorman Cecil Sanderson Campbell
NN CampbellNeville Norton Campbell
OH CampbellOscar Herbert Campbell
OM Campbell
P CampbellPeter Campbell
PC CampbellPatrick C. Campbell
PC CampbellPatrick Colin Campbell
PC CampbellPercival Colin Campbell
PK CampbellPatrick Kellie Campbell
R CampbellRobert Campbell
RA CampbellRobert Alexander Campbell
RA CampbellRobert Anderson Campbell
RB CampbellRobert Baptie Campbell
RBD CampbellRupert Benjamin Duncan Campbell
RC CampbellRobert Curwen Campbell
RFB CampbellRichard Frederick Blake Campbell
RG Campbell
RJ CampbellRobert John Campbell
RM CampbellRobert McCrossan Campbell
RM CampbellRobert Millar Campbell
RO CampbellRoy Oswald Campbell
RR CampbellReginald Roy Campbell
RV CampbellRichard Vane Campbell
RW CampbellRobert Wilson Campbell
SA Campbell
SC CampbellStanley Courtney Campbell
SH Campbell
SM CampbellSelbie MacNeill Campbell
SM CampbellSelbil Macneill Campbell
T CampbellThomas Campbell
TC Campbell
TD CampbellThomas D Campbell
TF CampbellThomas Freeman Campbell
TG Campbell
TS CampbellThomas Stuart Campbell
TW CampbellThomas Wight Campbell
W CampbellWalter Campbell
W CampbellWilliam Campbell
W CampbellWilliams Campbell
W CampbellWilson Campbell
WA CampbellWilliam A Campbell
WA CampbellWilliam Alexander Campbell
WA CampbellWilliam Allan Campbell
WA CampbellWilliam Archibald Campbell
WB CampbellWilliam Bernard Campbell
WC CampbellWilliam Charles Campbell
WE CampbellWallace Everitt Campbell
WE CampbellWilliam E Campbell
WE CampbellWilliam Edward Campbell
WE CampbellWilliam Eric Campbell
WE CampbellWilliam Ernest Campbell
WG CampbellWalter Graham Campbell
WGE Campbell
WH CampbellWilliam Harland Campbell
WH CampbellWilliam Henry Campbell
WHE CampbellWalter Henry Edward Campbell
WJ Campbell
WK CampbellWarren Knight Campbell
WR Campbell
WRA CampbellWilliam Roy Archibald Campbell
WS CampbellWalter Scott Campbell
WS CampbellWilliam Sheriff Campbell
WS CampbellWilliam Sherriff Campbell
WV CampbellWalter V Campbell
WVA CampbellWalter Victor Augustus Campbell
WW CampbellWalter Wilson Campbell
JW Campbell Dick
PC Campbell Martin
AC Campbell OrdeAlan Colin Campbell Orde
IR Campbell OrdeIan Ridley Campbell Orde
JV Campbell Orde
JW Campbell-Dick
EJ Campbell-KirbyEric John Campbell-Kirby
FC Campbell-Martin
PC Campbell-MartinPeter Clifford Campbell-Martin
J Campbell-McInnesJames Campbell-McInnes
AC Campbell-OrdeAlan Colin Campbell-Orde
AI Campbell-Robertson
AJ Campbell-RobertsonAllan Jan Campbell-Robertson
H Campbell-Robertson
AV Campean
J Campeau
GC Campford
HD CampinHenry D Campin
A CampionArthur Campion
C CampionClaude Campion
CE CampionClarence Edgar Campion
CT CampionCyril T Campion
DH CampionDennis Henry Campion
F CampionFrederick Campion
HR CampionHerbert Redvers Campion
HW CampionHubert Wilton Campion
JD CampionJohn David Campion
JR Campion
OSL CampionOliver St Leger Campion
S Campion
SB Campion
WH CampionWilliam H Campion
WJ Campion
MN CampkinMontague Norman Campkin
RJ Campkin
HH CamplinHarold Henderson Camplin
SP CamplinSamuel Percy Camplin
LH CamplingLeslie Howard Campling
RO CampneyRalph Osborne Campney
EA CampsallEdwin Arnold Campsall
HJ CamptonHarold James Campton
AJ Campy
W/H CamsellW [or H] Camsell
H CanardHarry Canard
AF CanavanAnthony Francis Canavan
J CanavanJohn Canavan
JF Canavan
EK CanaverEdward Kimpton Canaver
JH CandellJohn Henry Candell
JE Candle
WH CandlinWilliam H Candlin
J Candlish
ER CandyErnest Roland Candy
FB CandyFrank Burville Candy
HB Candy
JGS CandyJohn G S Candy
LA CandyLeonard Adams Candy
LG CandyLeslie George Candy
LW CandyLeslie William Candy
MG CandyMartin George Candy
RGL CandyRupert George Leverton Candy
W Candy
WA Candy
WD CandyWilliam Davis Candy
WHM CandyWilliam H M Candy
F CaneFrederick Cane
H CaneHerbert Cane
J CaneJames Cane
KB Cane
L CaneLaurence Cane
PO Cane
RL CaneRichard Leslie Cane
WE CaneWilliam Edward Cane
AA CaneyAlbert Arthur Caney
GE CaneyGeorge Edward Caney
RD Caney
J CangiamilaJoseph Cangiamila
JR CanhamJoseph Roy Canham
SJ Canham
A Cankwill
H Cann
HS CannHerbert S Cann
HSC CannHerbert Sidney Coxford Cann
L CannLeonard Cann
PR CannPercy Reginald Cann
TL Cann
WH Cann
WJ Cann
J Cannadine
Y Cannadine
AF Cannaway
AE CanneeAlbert Edward Cannee
WT CannelWilliam Thomas Cannel
AB Cannell
BQ CannellBertie Quirk Cannell
BS CannellBertram Sidney Cannell
DR Cannell
GE Cannell
HFC CannellHugh Featherstone Cameron Cannell
JA Cannell
JH CannellJohn Henry Cannell
LJ CannellLawrence John Cannell
SG CannellSamuel George Cannell
WP Canniff
A Canning
EH CanningErnest Harold Canning
ER Canning
H Canning
HR Canning
JD CanningJohn Davis Canning
L Canning
P CanningPeter Canning
PF CanningPhilip Francis Canning
R CanningReginald Canning
S CanningSidney Canning
SA Canning
W CanningWilfred Canning
WJV CanningsWilliam James Victor Cannings
H Cann-LippincottHenry Cann-Lippincott
J Cann-LippincottJohn Cann-Lippincott
RF CannockRichard Francis Cannock
AFB CannonAlbert Frederick Burnaby Cannon
AP CannonAubery Percy Cannon
DJ CannonDominick John Cannon
EE Cannon
F Cannon
FW CannonFrederick William Cannon
GJ CannonGeorge John Cannon
H Cannon
HF CannonHerbert Floyd Cannon
HM CannonHugh Mortimer Cannon
HS CannonHerbert Sydney Cannon
HS CannonHugh Stanley Cannon
J Cannon
L CannonLeonard Cannon
PR CannonPercival R Cannon
RP CannonRonald Portman Cannon
SE CannonSydney E Cannon
SE CannonSydney Ewart Cannon
SL CannonSamuel Lawrence Cannon
SL CannonSydney Leslie Cannon
T CannonThomas Cannon
WB CannonWilliam B Cannon
WK CannonWalter Kempton Cannon
WRJ CannonWilliam Richard Joseph Cannon
HC CansdaleHenry C Cansdale
J CansfieldJohn Cansfield
A Cant
AE CantArthur E Cant
AW Cant
E CantEric Cant
HH CantHarold Hilton Cant
TSB CantThomas Shinn Birset Cant
WH CantWilliam Henry Cant
PS CantacuzeuePrince Serge Cantacuzeue
JW Cantelo
S CantillonSamuel Cantillon
PCN Cantin
LH CantleLeonard Heath Cantle
RL CantleR Llewellyn Cantle
FH CantlonFred Henry Cantlon
FN CantlonFrederick N Cantlon
OL CantonOswald Lawrence Canton
OW Canton
W CantonWilliam Canton
AE CantorAlbert E Cantor
EK CantrillErnest Kitchen Cantrill
H CantrillHarry Cantrill
JC CantrillJack Conway Cantrill
JC CantrillJohn Conway Cantrill
OH CantrillOliver Humphrey Cantrill
WJ Cantwell
A Canty
HH CantyHerbert Henry Canty
JR CantyJohn Robert Canty
FC CanvinFrancis Cecil Canvin
FA CanzieFrank Alexandra Canzie
CF CapeCharles Frederic Cape
JS CapeJoseph Stanley Cape
AJ CapelArthur John Capel
C CapelCecil Capel
CG CapelCecil George Capel
CTS CapelCecil Thomas Stanley Capel
GW Capel
HW Capel
J Capel
K CapelKenneth Capel
LH Capel
LHT CapelLeslie Howard Tandy Capel
T CapelTerescoe Capel
WW CapelWilliam Walter Capel
RC Capel-Cure
RC Capel-CuseRobert Cecil Capel-Cuse
LH CapellLeonard H Capell
RG CapellReginald George Capell
HFJ CapelliHenry Francis Joseph Capelli
PP CapelliPaul Peter Capelli
PP CapelliPeter Paul Capelli
HW CapenerHerbert Wellstead Capener
A CapesAlfred Capes
CW CapesCyril Wentworth Capes
GH CapesGeorge Herbert Capes
NB CapesNorman Bradburn Capes
SC CapesStanley Cecil Capes
AE Capewell
H Capewell
FM CapiterFred M Capiter
FM CapiterFrederick Milner Capiter
LN CapleLeonard Norman Caple
LNA CapleLeonard Norman Akerman Caple
N Caple
T CapleinTom Caplein
JW CaplettJohn William Caplett
AE Caplin
EAG Caplin
W Caplin
FE CaponFrank E Capon
FE CaponFrank Evelyn Capon
J Capon
RS Capon
SB Capon
SR Capon
J CappJohn Capp
PJ CappPercy John Capp
HJL CappelHenry Julius Leppoc Cappel
HJL CappelHenry Julius Lippoe Cappel
BD CapperBass D Capper
BD CapperBass Durant Capper
C Capper
CS CapperCharles S Capper
DP CapperDouglas Parode Capper
EW CapperEdward Walter Capper
F Capper
HK CapperHarry Kent Capper
JH CapperJack Harvey Capper
JJ CapperJohn J Capper
NJ CapperNoel John Capper
W Capper
T CappsThomas Capps
WVH CappsWilliam Vincent Hobkuk Capps
RG CapranRichard Guy Capran
EG CapraraEnnio Gaetano Caprara
EL CapreolErskine Leigh Capreol
F CarabajalFrancisco Carabajal
FE Caralon
DHM Carberry
JEF CarberryLord John Evans Freke Carberry
P CarberryPeter Carberry
CM CarbertCharles Molyneaux Carbert
DHM CarberyDouglas H M Carbery
DHM CarberyDouglas Hugh Moffat Carbery
EOB CarberyEdward Oliver Bamford Carbery
JEF CarberyJohn Evans Freke Carbery
JEF CarberyLord John Evans Freke Carbery
H CarbinesHenry Carbines
HF Carbines
AR CarbisAlexander Robert Carbis
JB Carbonneau
R Carbrow
GH CarbuttGeorge Henry Carbutt
DD CarcaryDonald Duncan Carcary
EW CardErnest W Card
HW CardHenry W Card
JS CardJohn Stephen Card
L Card
HR CardaleHugh Rashleigh Cardale
LY CardallLawrence Yates Cardall
PJ CardellPatrick John Cardell
AD CardenAlan D Carden
AD CardenAlan D. Carden
AD CardenAlan Douglas Carden
CH CardenCharles Herbert Carden
CO CardenCoudell O'Neil Carden
CO'N CardenCondell O'Neil Carden
CS CardenCharles S Carden
JW Carden
PT CardenPercy Theodore Carden
TC Carden
EC CarderErnest C Carder
T Cardiff
E CardinalEdmund Cardinal
EL Cardinal
R Cardinal
H CardingHarold Carding
AM Cardno
AN CardnoAlfred N Cardno
AS CardnoAllan S Cardno
AS CardnoAllen Scott Cardno
J Cardon
HR CardsHenry R Cards
AC Cardwell
AG CardwellAlfred George Cardwell
F CardwellFred Cardwell
F CardwellFrederick Cardwell
H Cardwell
HE CardwellHarold Edmund Cardwell
HJ Cardwell
J CardwellJames Cardwell
PJ Cardwell
RH Cardwell
T CardwellThomas Cardwell
EJ Cardwell-HillEdgar Johnston Cardwell-Hill
FG Cardwill
AB CardyArthur B Cardy
S CardySidney Cardy
AB CareAlfred Beverley Care
AH CareArthur H Care
JR CareJames R Care
GF CarefootGeorge Foster Carefoot
FM CarefullFrank Matthew Carefull
EA CarelessEdwin A Careless
ES CarelessEgbert Stanley Careless
F Careless
FJR CarenFrank John Richard Caren
HWP CarewHenry Walter Palk Carew
WT CarewWilliam Thomas Carew
H Carew-Hunt
AB CareyArthur Basil Carey
AD CareyAlfred David Carey
AM CareyAlban Majendie Carey
AN CareyArchibald Norman Carey
AS CareyAllan Stewart Carey
D CareyDenis Carey
DH CareyDenis Holcombe Carey
F CareyFrank Carey
FJ CareyFrancis Joseph Carey
GG Carey
GV CareyGeorge Viro Carey
GV CareyGordon Valentine Carey
GV CareyGordon Vero Carey
GW CareyGeorge Wallace Carey
HA Carey
HJP CareyHarold James Paulet Carey
HR Carey
J CareyJohn Carey
JE Carey
JF Carey
JG CareyJohn G Carey
JG CareyJohn Glen Carey
JS CareyJames S Carey
RB CareyRobert Benson Carey
RC Carey
RD CareyRowland Dobree Carey
RS CareyRalph Sausmerez Carey
SH Carey
T Carey
TG Carey
TH CareyThomas H Carey
TJ CareyThomas Joseph Carey
TW CareyThomas W Carey
W CareyWilliam Carey
WH CareyWestenra Henry Carey
WW Carey Thomas
WW Carey-ThomasWilliam Warren Carey-Thomas
CT CarfraeCecil T Carfrae
CT CarfraeCecil Thomas Carfrae
GBD Cargill
WR CargillWilliam R Cargill
AJ Cargin
HM CarginH MacP Cargin
JF CarginJames Francis Cargin
E CarhartEric Carhart
R CarhartRichard Carhart
LG Caridia
NG CaridiaNicholas George Caridia
NG CaridiaNicolas George Caridia
CM CaringtonCharles Molyneaux Carington
HW CarlawHamich White Carlaw
WM CarlawWalter MacFarlane Carlaw
BS Carles
J Carles
RE Carles
ES Carless
TA Carless
CW CarletonCyril Wellesley Carleton
H CarletonHarold Carleton
HC CarletonHarold Carleton Carleton
PR Carleton
PRN Carleton
RH Carleton
B Carleton-SmithBeavan Carleton-Smith
SS CarlettiStanley S Carletti
GH CarleyGeorge Hamilton Carley
TE CarleyThomas Eley Carley
WA CarleyWilliam Alexander Carley
FW CarlickFrank W Carlick
AJ CarlielleAlfred James Carlielle
CD Carlile
CH Carlile
CJ Carlin
FE CarlinFrancis Erconwald Carlin
FR CarlinFrancis Reginald Carlin
GM CarlinGordon Marguis Carlin
GM CarlinGordon Marquis Carlin
J CarlinJohn Carlin
JL CarlinJohn Leslie Carlin
S CarlinSydney Carlin
FW Carline
RC CarlineRichard Cathon Carline
RC CarlineRichard Cotton Carline
SW CarlineSidney William Carline
SW CarlineSydney William Carline
J Carling
JB CarlingJohn Burleigh Carling
JC Carling
W CarlingWilliam Carling
WH CarlingWilliam Henry Carling
AM Carlisle
CC CarlisleCyril Campbell Carlisle
CR Carlisle
CV Carlisle
DT CarlisleDavid Thomas Carlisle
EH CarlisleEarl Harry Carlisle
FS CarlisleFrancis Spencer Carlisle
G CarlisleGerald Carlisle
J CarlisleJames Carlisle
J CarlisleJean Carlisle
M CarlisleMelville Carlisle
N Carlisle
RS CarlisleRalph Sydney Carlisle
T CarlisleTimothy Carlisle
TFB CarlisleThomas F B Carlisle
TFB CarlisleThomas Frederick Boyd Carlisle
WA Carlisle
FE Carliss
JJ CarlosJohn Joseph Carlos
AJ CarlowAlfred James Carlow
CC CarlowCharles Cyril Carlow
CW Carlton
RS Carlton
RW Carlton
S CarltonSamuel Carlton
B Carlton-SmithBevan Carlton-Smith
EW Carlton-WilliamsErith Walter Carlton-Williams
F CarlyleFrederick Carlyle
J Carlyle
N CarlyleNorman Carlyle
RT Carlyle
WF Carlyle
WM CarlyleWilliam Mackay Carlyle
WM CarlyleWilliam McLaren Carlyle
AV CarlyonArthur Vivian Carlyon
CH Carlyon
EH CarlyonEdward Henry Carlyon
AH CarmanAlbert Hugh Carman
H CarmanHarry Carman
H CarmanHenry Carman
HC CarmanHarry C Carman
HG/HD CarmanH G [or H D] Carman
A CarmichaelAlexander Carmichael
AD CarmichaelAlexander Dauskin Carmichael
AW CarmichaelAngus W Carmichael
CHR CarmichaelClaude Hamilton Ross Carmichael
EH CarmichaelElliott Hudson Carmichael
EW CarmichaelEvory William Carmichael
G CarmichaelGordon Carmichael
GI CarmichaelGeorge I Carmichael
GI CarmichaelGeorge Ivan Carmichael
GR Carmichael
IN CarmichaelIan Neil Carmichael
J CarmichaelJohn Carmichael
JD CarmichaelJohn Duncan Carmichael
JW CarmichaelJohn Wilfred Carmichael
TP CarmichaelThomas Pairman Carmichael
WG CarmichaelWilliam Graham Carmichael
WRC CarmichaelWilliam Robert Clark Carmichael
AB CarmodyArthur Bernard Carmody
EP CarmodyErnest Patrick Carmody
MG CarmodyMichael Gerald Carmody
FR Carmont
WF CarnabyWilliam Fleming Carnaby
DWB CarnaghanDouglas William Beresford Carnaghan
H Carnall
JW Carnall
F CarneFrederick Carne
MH CarneMarley Howard Carne
TMN CarneT M Nicholl Carne
BJ CarnegieBalfour Johnstone Carnegie
DV CarnegieDavid Vaughan Carnegie
H CarnegieHarry Carnegie
JF Carnegie
JW CarnegieJoseph Wilson Carnegie
ML CarnegieMarcus Lindsay Carnegie
RF CarnegieRonald Forbes Carnegie
FG CarnellFrancis G Carnell
G CarnellGeorge Carnell
GS Carnell
A Carney
CEA CarneyCyril Edward Anthony Carney
CJ CarneyColwell Joseph Carney
RH Carney
W CarneyWilliam Carney
H Carnic
R CarnieRobert Carnie
WB CarnleyWilliam Birch Carnley
CNT CarnsewCharles Noel Thomas Carnsew
AH CarntAlan Hubert Carnt
S CarntSidney Carnt
CarnwathEarl of Carnwath
OE Caroe
FE CarolanFrancis Ernest Carolan
AE Carpenter
AJ CarpenterArthur John Carpenter
CM CarpenterCharles McElroy Carpenter
CMcE Carpenter
CME CarpenterCharles Mc Ebray Carpenter
DJ CarpenterDavid John Carpenter
E CarpenterErnest Carpenter
EE CarpenterEric Edwin Carpenter
EJB CarpenterEdward James Burfield Carpenter
ET CarpenterEdgar Theodore Carpenter
F Carpenter
FCJ CarpenterFrederick Claud John Carpenter
FG CarpenterFrank George Carpenter
FL CarpenterFrank L Carpenter
FV CarpenterFrederick V Carpenter
FV CarpenterFrederick Valentine Carpenter
FW CarpenterFrancis W Carpenter
G CarpenterGordon Carpenter
GG CarpenterGerald G Carpenter
GG CarpenterGerald Goodwin Carpenter
GR CarpenterGeorge Robert Carpenter
GT Carpenter
HF CarpenterHerbert Franklin Carpenter
J Carpenter
JE CarpenterJohn Edmund Carpenter
JE CarpenterJohn Edward Carpenter
JI CarpenterJay Ira Carpenter
JJ Carpenter
L CarpenterLeonard Carpenter
LFC CarpenterLancelot Francis Charles Carpenter
LP Carpenter
LR CarpenterLeslie Richard Carpenter
MAK CarpenterMichael Augustus Keith Carpenter
P CarpenterPeter Carpenter
PO CarpenterPercival Oliver Carpenter
RA Carpenter
RPR CarpenterRichard Patrick Ripley Carpenter
SD CarpenterSydney David Carpenter
SW CarpenterSydney William Carpenter
TI Carpenter
TJ CarpenterThomas James Carpenter
WG CarpenterWilliam George Carpenter
WH Carpenter
WS Carpenter
A Carr
AA Carr
AE CarrAugustis Edward Carr
AGH Carr
AW CarrArthur Wilmot Carr
C CarrCharles Carr
CB CarrConway Buxton Carr
CF CarrCharles Frederick Carr
CL CarrChristopher Leonard Carr
CR CarrCharles Roderick Carr
CV CarrCharles Vincent Carr
EA Carr
EG CarrEdward Gilbert Carr
ER CarrEdwin R Carr
F CarrFrank Carr
F CarrFrederic Carr
FE Carr
FG CarrFrederick George Carr
FH CarrFrederick Herbert Carr
FW CarrFrancis William Carr
FW CarrFrank W Carr
G CarrGeorge Carr
GA CarrGeorge Arthur Carr
GB CarrGuy Beresford Carr
GG CarrGeorge Granville Carr
GH CarrGeorge Hubert Carr
GI Carr
GJ Carr
GL Carr
GT CarrGeorge Thompson Carr
HG CarrHenry George Carr
HGM Carr
HM CarrHenry Melville Carr
I CarrIvo Carr
IA CarrIvan Arthur Carr
J CarrJohn Carr
JA CarrJohn Alexander Carr
JA CarrJohn Anthony Carr
JB CarrJames Benjamin Carr
JF CarrJames Frederick Carr
JF CarrJohn F Carr
JF CarrJohn Frances Carr
JF CarrJohn Frazier Carr
JH Carr
JHT CarrJohn Henry Talbot Carr
JL Carr
JT CarrJohn T Carr
KH CarrKevin Hampden Carr
L Carr
LC CarrLawrence Cecil Carr
LC CarrLeslie Christopher Carr
LW CarrLeslie Wildon Carr
N CarrNorman Carr
P CarrParvin Carr
P CarrPercival Carr
PC CarrPhillip C Carr
PC CarrPhillip Comyns Carr
PJ CarrPaul John Carr
R CarrRalph Carr
R CarrReginald Carr
R CarrRobert Carr
RG CarrRobert Greshan Carr
RH CarrReginald H Carr
RH CarrReginald H. Carr
RH CarrReginald Hugh Carr
RN Carr
SE CarrSidney E Carr
SJH CarrSidney Joseph Horace Carr
SM CarrSeton Malcolm Carr
T CarrThomas Carr
TR CarrThomas Roger Carr
TS CarrThomas Stanley Carr
W Carr
WG CarrWilliam Graham Carr
WJ CarrWalter J Carr
WR Carr
AR Carradine
W Carradine
WG CarradineWilliam G. Carradine
WG CarradineWilliam George Carradine
EL CarrallEric Lawens Carrall
JOF CarrallJames Oswald Fawcus Carrall
EE Carrall-Wilcocks
EE Carrall-WillcocksEdward Eric Carrall-Willcocks
EM CarreEdward Mervyn Carre
TRT Carr-EllisonTheodore Ralph Tate Carr-Ellison
J CarreyJohn Carrey
JAB Carr-HalfeyJohn Albert Bernard Carr-Halfey
GCC Carr-HarrisGuy Colmar Currier Carr-Harris
D CarrickDufton Carrick
F CarrickFred Carrick
NBC Carrick
NC CarrickNorman Cyril Carrick
NCB Carrick
OC CarrickOrloff Carver Carrick
T CarrickThomas Carrick
WR CarrickWilfred Roland Carrick
WR CarrickWilfred Rowland Carrick
DJ CarrieDavid J Carrie
DS CarrieDouglas Scott Carrie
J CarrieJames Carrie
P Carrie
PA CarriePatrick Anderson Carrie
AL CarrierAlbert Lawrence Carrier
LC Carrier
LPS CarriganLeo Patrick Sansfield Carrigan
LPS CarriganLeo Patrick Sarsfield Carrigan
JG Carrigle
A Carrington
CE Carrington
CF Carrington
E CarringtonElijah Carrington
G CarringtonGeorge Carrington
H CarringtonHenry Carrington
HV CarringtonHerbert Vivian Carrington
J Carrington
JB Carrington
JGE CarringtonJohn George Edward Carrington
JR Carrington
JW CarringtonJohn W Carrington
JW CarringtonJohn Wilde Carrington
N CarringtonNoel Carrington
S CarringtonSamuel Carrington
WMM Carrington
J CarrolJames Carrol
MJ Carrol
AC CarrollAidan Couleth Carroll
ADL CarrollAlbert D L Carroll
ADL CarrollAlbert Daniel Leo Carroll
AG CarrollAlbert G Carroll
AL Carroll
AM CarrollAnson Mackay Carroll
AT CarrollAustin T Carroll
AT CarrollAustin Thomas Carroll
C Carroll
CE CarrollCola Ernest Carroll
CG Carroll
ECola Carroll
EP CarrollEdward Patrick Carroll
F CarrollFrederick Carroll
FP CarrollFrancis Patrick Carroll
GJ CarrollGerard John Carroll
H CarrollHerbert Carroll
HE CarrollHerbert Edward Carroll
HEY Carroll
J CarrollJohn Carroll
JAF Carroll
JG CarrollJohn George Carroll
JJ CarrollJames Joseph Carroll
JM CarrollJoseph Michael Carroll
JP CarrollJohn Patrick Carroll
JS Carroll
JW Carroll
LB Carroll
MJ CarrollMaurice John Carroll
PM CarrollPatrick Mordaunt Carroll
RE CarrollRalph Edward Carroll
RS CarrollReginald Sheridan Carroll
T CarrollThomas Carroll
THW CarrollThomas Henry William Carroll
TJ CarrollThomas James Carroll
WA CarrollWilliam Albert Carroll
WJ CarrollWilliam John Carroll
WL CarrollWilliam L'Estrange Carroll
Z Carroll
CC CarrothersCharles C Carrothers
CG CarrothersCharles George Carrothers
WA CarrothersWilliam Alexander Carrothers
PE Carrott
FW CarrowFrederick Whateley Carrow
J CarruthJames Carruth
J CarruthJohn Carruth
JK CarruthJohn Kennedy Carruth
RM Carruth
A CarruthersAndrew Carruthers
D CarruthersDouglas Carruthers
G CarruthersGeorge Carruthers
GJ CarruthersGeorge Joseph Carruthers
GK CarruthersGordon Kinraid Carruthers
JA CarruthersJohn Andrew Carruthers
JC CarruthersJohn Clement Carruthers
JF CarruthersJohn Ferguson Carruthers
JFM CarruthersJohn Ferguson Methuen Carruthers
JP CarruthersJohn Pears Carruthers
LT CarruthersLeonard Turnell Carruthers
PW CarruthersPeter Walter Carruthers
T Carruthers
W Carruthers
WC CarruthersWilliam Charles Carruthers
WJ CarruthersWilliam J Carruthers
WJ CarruthersWilliam Johnstone Carruthers
WL CarruthersWilliam Lawson Carruthers
WW CarruthersWhitfield William Carruthers
JF Carruthers Bell
CI CarryerCharles I. Carryer
CI CarryerCharles Ivan Carryer
FW CarryerFrederick William Carryer
WJ CarryettWilliam John Carryett
P Cars
A CarsbergAlbert Carsberg
WG Carscadden
ARM CarseArthur Ronald Macintosh Carse
ARM CarseArthur Ronald Mackintosh Carse
G Carse
WK CarseWilliam Kenric Carse
AJ Carside
HL CarslakeHenry L Carslake
AP CarsonAlbert Page Carson
AS Carson
CG CarsonCharles George Carson
CO CarsonCharles Oliver Carson
CW CarsonChester Warner Carson
FA Carson
H CarsonHerbert Carson
HR CarsonHarold Robertson Carson
J CarsonJack Carson
JAB Carson
JC CarsonJohn Combs Carson
JE CarsonJames Elmer Carson
KR CarsonKelso Ray [or Kelso Roy] Carson
OA CarsonOrrin Arthur Carson
PH CarsonPercy Holden Carson
R CarsonRobert Carson
RH CarsonRobert Henry Carson
RJ CarsonRobert John Carson
S Carson
SE CarsonSamuel Edward Carson
SJ CarsonSamuel James Carson
T CarsonThomas Carson
TL CarsonThomas Long Carson
VT Carson
W CarsonWillie Carson
WF CarsonWilliam Frank Carson
WR Carson
TJ Carsons
J Carstairs
JKL CarstairsJames Kininmouth Leslie Carstairs
FA Carswell
JA CarswellJohn Arthur Carswell
RA CarswellRoy Alexander Carswell
A CarterAlan Carter
A CarterAlbert Carter
AB CarterAlbert B Carter
AC CarterAlfred Coldrick Carter
AC CarterArthur Charles Carter
AD CarterAlbert Desbrisay Carter
AHN CarterArthur Henry New Carter
AJF CarterArthur James Fennie Carter
AR CarterAudsley Ralph Carter
AS CarterAlfred S Carter
AW CarterAlfred Williams Carter
BC CarterBenjamin Charles Carter
BE CarterBasil Ernest Carter
BI CarterBertram Isaac Carter
BM CarterBayard Marshal Carter
BM CarterBayard Marshall Carter
BP Carter
BPB CarterBernard Purvis Broaches Carter
BPB CarterBernard Purvis Broackes Carter
BR CarterBasil Rayston Carter
BRH CarterBernard Robert Hadon Carter
BRH CarterBernard Robert Hadow Carter
BW CarterBertie W Carter
BWH CarterBertram William Henry Carter
C CarterChristopher Carter
C CarterCyril Carter
CB Carter
CDR CarterClifford Du Rien Carter
CE CarterCharles E Carter
CE CarterCharles Emmanuel Carter
CE CarterCyril Edward Carter
CG CarterCharles G Carter
CG CarterClifford Gould Carter
CH CarterCharles Henry Carter
CK CarterClifford Kelshaw Carter
CKU CarterCharles Kenneth Upjohn Carter
CW CarterCyril Walter Carter
CW CarterCyril William Carter
CWF CarterCyril Walter Francis Carter
DC CarterDuncan Campbell Carter
DW CarterDansie William Carter
E CarterEdwin Carter
EAB CarterEric Arthur Benjamin Carter
EB Carter
EE CarterElwin Earl Carter
EG CarterErnest George Carter
EJ Carter
EN Carter
EW CarterEdward W Carter
F CarterFrederick Carter
FA CarterFrank Akers Carter
FC CarterFrank Cadogan Carter
FE CarterFrancis Edward Carter
FG CarterFrank G Carter
FG CarterFrank Gordon Carter
FG CarterFrederick George Carter
FL CarterFrank Ledie Carter
FL CarterFrederick Lawrence Carter
FM CarterFrank Morley Carter
FT CarterFrederick T Carter
FW CarterFrederick William Carter
G CarterGeorge Carter
GA CarterGeorge Augustine Carter
GD CarterGordon Doughty Carter
GE CarterGeorge E Carter
GL CarterGuy Lord Carter
GM CarterGeorge M Carter
GM CarterGerald M Carter
GM CarterGerald Mark Carter
GPH CarterGerald Paul Halliley Carter
GS Carter
GSK CarterGeorge S K Carter
GSN CarterGeorge S N Carter
GV CarterGeorge Veevers Carter
GVF CarterGeorge Victor Frederick Carter
GW CarterGeorge William Carter
GWL CarterGeorge William Leonard Carter
H CarterHarold Carter
HC Carter
HG CarterHarold Gordon Carter
HG CarterHenry George Carter
HJ Carter
HL CarterHorace Leonard Carter
HLJ CarterHarold Leslie James Carter
HP CarterHarold Percy Carter
HR CarterHugh Ronald Carter
HS Carter
HT CarterHarold Trevelyan Carter
HW CarterHenry William Carter
HWW CarterHarry William Whittard Carter
IMB CarterI M Bonham Carter
J CarterJesse Carter
J CarterJohn Carter
JA CarterJoseph A Carter
JE CarterJohn Edward Carter
JH Carter
JJ CarterJohn J Carter
JM CarterJames Milton Carter
JR CarterJohn R Carter
JW CarterJohn Wilbert Carter
JW CarterJoseph William Carter
L CarterLeslie Carter
L CarterLewis Carter
LC CarterLeonard Charles Carter
LE CarterLewis E Carter
LE CarterLionel Edward Carter
LH CarterLloyd Hawley Carter
LL CarterLawrence L Carter
LL CarterLawrence Lander Carter
LL CarterLawrence Lauder Carter
LW Carter
MM CarterMark Medley Carter
N Carter
NHS Carter
OE CarterOliver Eric Carter
OV Carter
P Carter
PG CarterPercy G Carter
PJR CarterPercy James Ronald Carter
PR CarterPercy R Carter
R CarterRonald Carter
RA CarterReginald Allan Carter
RA CarterRobert Anderson Carter
RB CarterRalph Barr Carter
RE CarterRobert E Carter
RE CarterRobert Ernest Carter
RG CarterRobert George Carter
RGW CarterRupert George William Carter
RH CarterRalph Harlan Carter
RH CarterRalph Holmes Carter
RH CarterRichard Hemmings Carter
RL CarterRobert Limbert Carter
RN Carter
RS Carter
RT CarterRodney Thomas Carter
SA CarterSidney Albert Carter
SB CarterStanley Bell Carter
SBF CarterSilas Bernard Foley Carter
SE Carter
SH Carter
SR CarterSeton Rodney Carter
T CarterThomas Carter
TG CarterThomas Grove Carter
TH CarterThomas Harden Carter
TS Carter
W CarterWalter Carter
W CarterWatts Carter
W CarterWilliam Carter
WAD CarterWilfred Arthur Douglas Carter
WAW CarterWilliam Allison Weldon Carter
WB CarterWalter Bebbington Carter
WC CarterWilliam Charles Carter
WE CarterWalter E Carter
WE CarterWilliam E Carter
WH CarterWilliam Henry Carter
WJ CarterWilfred Joe Carter
WJA CarterWilfred Joseph Aloysius Carter
WJL Carter
WL CarterWilliam L Carter
WL CarterWilliam Leslie Carter
JL Carter-CherryJoseph Leonard Carter-Cherry
HStG Carteret
HStGS Carteret
P CartersPatrick Carters
LD Carter-StoutLeslie Douglas Carter-Stout
JH CarthewJames Harvey Carthew
RW CarthewRalph William Carthew
T Carthew
TWC CarthewThomas W. C. Carthew
TWC CarthewThomas Walter Colby Carthew
WC CarthewWilliam Charles Carthew
JN CartierJacques Narcisse Cartier
AE CartlandArthur Edward Cartland
CFN Cartledge
D CartledgeDonald Cartledge
JJ CartledgeJohn Joseph Cartledge
N CartledgeNorman Cartledge
RA CartledgeReginald Arthur Cartledge
THA CartledgeThomas Henry Aloysius Cartledge
R CartlidgeRobert Cartlidge
AJ CartmanArthur J Cartman
FG CartmanFrank George Cartman
WE Cartman
GM CartmelGeorge Musgrave Cartmel
GM CartmelGeorge Musgrove Cartmel
GM Cartmell
T CartmillThomas Cartmill
P CartonPeter Carton
SH Carton
LE CartridgeLawrence Edwin Cartridge
W Cartshore
AF Cartwright
AWC CartwrightArthur William Clarence Cartwright
CH CartwrightClarence Hughes Cartwright
DW CartwrightDavid W Cartwright
DW CartwrightDavid William Cartwright
E CartwrightEdward Cartwright
E CartwrightEnos Cartwright
E CartwrightEric Cartwright
F CartwrightFrank Cartwright
G Cartwright
GE CartwrightGilbert Ernest Cartwright
GL CartwrightGeorge Lawrence Cartwright
H CartwrightHarold Cartwright
H CartwrightHarry Cartwright
H CartwrightHayden Cartwright
H CartwrightHaydn Cartwright
H CartwrightHenry Cartwright
HM CartwrightHarold Mason Cartwright
J CartwrightJack Cartwright
J CartwrightJames Cartwright
J CartwrightJohn Cartwright
JA CartwrightJohn Alfred Cartwright
JH CartwrightJoseph Harold Cartwright
JP CartwrightJohn Plush Cartwright
JT CartwrightJames Thomas Cartwright
JWP CartwrightJohn W P Cartwright
JWP CartwrightJohn William Plush Cartwright
LG CartwrightLeo George Cartwright
N CartwrightNorman Cartwright
P CartwrightPybus Cartwright
R Cartwright
RG Cartwright
RWR CartwrightRonald William Reffin Cartwright
RWSG CartwrightRonald William St George Cartwright
RWSG CartwrightRonald Wm St George Cartwright
RWStG CartwrightRonald William St. George Cartwright
RWStG CartwrightRonald William St.George Cartwright
WF CartwrightWilliam Franklin Cartwright
WP CartwrightWilliam Powell Cartwright
E CartwrlghtEdward Cartwrlght
E CartyEdward Carty
W Caruana
V CarunaVladimir Caruna
JAL CarusJ A Ledd Carus
AH Carut
G Caruthers
AJG Carvel
JL CarvelJohn Lees Carvel
A CarverAlexander Carver
AW Carver
C CarverClifford Carver
CGF/CTF CarverColin George Frederick [or C T F] Carver
EC CarverEdmund Clifton Carver
FW Carver
GA CarverGeorge Albert Carver
J CarverJames Carver
JB Carver
LD CarverLouis Drinkwater Carver
LW CarverLeonard W Carver
MD CarverMorris Drinkwater Carver
NC CarverNorman C Carver
R CarverRobin Carver
RC CarverRobin C Carver
RC CarverRobin Creswell Carver
SL CarverStanley L Carver
CM Carvert
WA CarvethWalter Alva Carveth
GW CarvillGeorge Wilfrid Carvill
WA Carweth
T Carwood
WF Carwood
AGM CaryAlwyn Geoffrey Morgan Cary
E CaryEugene Cary
RC CaryReginald Charles Cary
SH CaryStuart Harry Cary
WH Caryer
RE Casalia
RE Casalis
RE Casalis de PuryRoger Emile Casalis de Pury
VF Casanave
WC CasboltWilliam C Casbolt
HA Casby
AE CaseAlbert Edward Case
BS CaseBernard Sydney Case
CH CaseCharles Henry Case
EC CaseEdward C Case
H CaseHerbert Case
HB CaseHerbert Basil Case
J CaseJonathan Case
JB Case
JGA CaseJohn George Aloysius Case
JGAA CaseJohn George Aloysius Ashton Case
JJ CaseJoshua John Case
JR CaseJohn Revell Case
LE CaseLyman Edwin Case
PH Case
SF CaseSidney Foley Case
SF CaseSydney Foley Case
WdC CaseWilliam de Caux Case
WG Case
WL CaseWilliam Logan Case
OJ CasebourneOswald James Casebourne
PC CasebournePhilip Coleby Casebourne
S Caseley
CC CasewellCuthbert Conrad Casewell
CD Casey
CI CaseyClement Ignatius Casey
CS CaseyClarence S Casey
FD CaseyFrancis D. Casey
FD CaseyFrancis Dominic Casey
FD CaseyFrancis Dominick Casey
H CaseyHarold Casey
HN CaseyHarry Newton Casey
J CaseyJames Casey
JPN CaseyJames Patrick N Casey
JPN CaseyJames Patrick Nunan Casey
P CaseyPatrick Casey
PJ Casey
RF CaseyRobert Francis Casey
WE CaseyWalter Edward Casey
HR CasgrainHarold Randolph Casgrain
VWC CasgrainVivian Wilfred Clarence Casgrain
AC CashArthur Colin Cash
AR Cash
BC Cash
EA Cash
FA CashFrederick Alfred Cash
JC CashJohn Christopher Cash
JN CashJames Norman Cash
RJ Cash
RW CashRowland Walker Cash
RW CashRowland Walter Cash
T CashThomas Cash
WJ CashWallace J Cash
MF CashinMartin Francis Cashin
V CashinVernon Cashin
DE Cashion
JP CashmanJohn Patrick Cashman
P CashmanPatrick Cashman
EM CashmoreEd Maurice Cashmore
EM CashmoreEdwin Maurice Cashmore
FH CashmoreFrederick Horace Cashmore
W Cashmore
B Caskin
EW CaslawErnest Wilfred Caslaw
WE Caslaw
HD CaslonHarold D Caslon
RF CasparenthewsRhinhold Ferdinard Casparenthews
RF CaspareuthusRhinhold Ferdinand Caspareuthus
TWL Caspersy
EH Cass
EWJ CassErnest Walter John Cass
G CassGeorge Cass
GA CassGordon A Cass
GB CassGeorge Bradley Cass
GJ CassGeorge J Cass
GWG CassGordon William George Cass
HW Cass
KM CassKenneth Maxwell Cass
SH CassSydney H Cass
WB CassWilliam Blakeley Cass
WE CassWilliam Edward Cass
WP Cass
E CassadyErnest Cassady
HRJ CassadyHarold R J Cassady
HRJ CassadyHarold Robert John Cassady
WE CassapWilliam Ewart Cassap
J Cassell
H Cassells
GH Casselman
AF Casselmann
CW Cassels
H CasselsHamilton Cassels
HK CasselsHarold Kennedy Cassels
HR Cassels
JS CasselsJames Stuart Cassels
OC CasselsOliver Chance [or Oliver Clanse] Cassels
R CasselsRobert Cassels
CL CasseraCharles Louis Cassera
CI CasserleyCyril Ignatius Casserley
CI CasserlyCyril Ignatius Casserly
AJ CassidyArthur James Cassidy
B Cassidy
BF Cassidy
BL Cassidy
DM CassidyDerrick Mark Cassidy
EJ Cassidy
FC Cassidy
HF CassidyHarold Francis Cassidy
HLJ Cassidy
HM CassidyHarry Morris Cassidy
HS Cassidy
JR CassidyJohn Reginald Cassidy
MJ CassidyMichael J Cassidy
RJ Cassidy
T CassidyThomas Cassidy
WA CassidyWilliam A Cassidy
WL Cassidy
CJ CassieCharles James Cassie
CM CassieCyril Montague Cassie
P Cassin
A Casson
AC Casson
S CassonStanley Casson
W CassonWilliam Casson
WE Casson
AJ CasswellAlfred Joseph Casswell
EDS CasswellEric Denison Seymour Casswell
EDS CasswellEric Denson Seymon Casswell
AW CassyAlexander William Cassy
F CassyFrank Cassy
A CastAlbert Cast
JD CastJohn David Cast
RG CastRayment G Cast
HA CastaldiniHorace Alfred Castaldini
CFD CastellCharles Finch Delogue Castell
EJ CastellErnest James Castell
G Castell
GC CastellGeorge C Castell
GC CastellGeorge Charles Castell
JE CastellJames Edward Castell
M CastenburgMark Castenburg
RG Caster
WS CasterWilliam Samuel Caster
H CastillonHenry Castillon
WR CastingsWalter Rumley Castings
AF CastleArthur Frederick Castle
AW CastleArthur W Castle
BA CastleBernard Alan Castle
BLH CastleBasil Langford Harvey Castle
CF CastleCyril Frank Castle
E CastleElijah Castle
EE CastleErrington Edward Castle
EH CastleEdgar Harry Castle
FR CastleFrank Robbie Castle
FW CastleFrederick William Castle
GL CastleGeoffrey Lloyd Castle
GS CastleGeorge Stuart Castle
H CastleHarry Castle
HJ CastleHarold James Castle
ID CastleIvor D'Alroy Castle
IH CastleIm H Castle
J CastleJacob Castle
JC CastleJesse Charles Castle
JD CastleJohn Dowler Castle
JP CastleJohn Palmer Castle
JS CastleJames Stuart Castle
ME Castle
N CastleNorman Castle
RP CastleRaymond Poole Castle
S Castle
SE CastleSydney Ernest Castle
TW Castle
V Castle
VWB CastleVernin Wm Blyth Castle
VWB CastleVernon William Blyth Castle
VWB CastleVernon William Blythe Castle
W Castle
WC Castle
WF CastleWilliam Feild Castle
WFL CastleWilliam Feild Langstaff Castle
WFL CastleWilliam Feild Longstaff Castle
WFL CastleWilliam Field Longstaff Castle
WJ CastleWilliam John Castle
S Castle SmithSydney Castle Smith
E CastlehouseEdwin Castlehouse
FB CastlemanFrederick Benjamin Castleman
FBG Castleman
S Castle-SmithSydney Castle-Smith
FS CastonFrancis S Caston
FS CastonFrancis Stanley Caston
GS CastonGeorge Stephen Caston
WF CastonWilliam F Caston
RG CastorRobert G Castor
WS Castor
NG Castry
B Caswell
BB CaswellBruce Bernard Caswell
BC CaswellBenjamin C Caswell
BC CaswellBenjamin Charles Caswell
BH CaswellBenjamin Harry Caswell
GF Caswell
GFC CaswellGeorge Frederick Charles Caswell
GL Caswell
LWW CaswellLeslie W W Caswell
WT CaswellWilliam Thomas Caswell
W Caswell HinesWilliam Caswell Hines
HW CatchHarold William Catch
AF Catchpole
BE CatchpoleBasil Everard Catchpole
C CatchpoleCharles Catchpole
CJ Catchpole
DS CatchpoleDesmond Stanley Catchpole
FC CatchpoleFrank Carlos Catchpole
HJ CatchpoleHerbert J Catchpole
W CatchpoleWilliam Catchpole
W Catchpowle
E CateEldridge Cate
HE Cate
W CateWilliam Cate
CGL CaterCharles George Lumley Cater
FJ Cater
HG CaterHarold G Cater
JH CaterJames Hannah Cater
KB CaterKenneth B Cater
RH CaterReginald Hugh Cater
GG CatesGerald George Cates
WA CatfordWalter Arundel Catford
A Cathcart
J Cathcart
JH CathcartJohn Holmes Cathcart
GHF CatherallGeorge Henry Frederick Catherall
JE CatherallJohn Eric Catherall
AJ CathieArchibald James Cathie
GK CathlesGeorge Kinloch Cathles
GK CathlesGeorge Kinlock Cathles
J CathmoreJames Cathmore
GW Cathrale
LG CathrallLeonard Gwilt Cathrall
ET CathroEdward Talbert Cathro
G CathroGeorge Cathro
RF CathrowRene Fisk Cathrow
JE Cathwaits
T CathwellThomas Cathwell
JH CatleighJohn Harwood Catleigh
RH CatleighRichard Hoggan Catleigh
RH CatleughRichard Hoggan Catleugh
OR CatleyOswald Roy Catley
RN CatleyRobert Norman Catley
RW CatleyRobert W Catley
RAJ CatliffRoland Alfred Johnson Catliff
A CatlingAlfred Catling
ADS CatlingArthur Donald Skene Catling
EWC CatlingEdgar William Charles Catling
JN CatlingJames Newton Catling
A Catlow
AE Catlow
H CatlowHector Catlow
TA CatmoreThomas A Catmore
CB CatnachCharles Burney Catnach
BT CatoBernard Thomas Cato
CF CatoCharles Francis Cato
EA CatoEdward Alexander Cato
GMWC CatoGeoffrey Maidens Walter Caven Cato
GMWG CatoGeoffrey Maidens Walter Gaven Cato
GMWG CatoGeoffrey Mailan Walter Gaules Cato
GW Cato
AF Caton
EP CatonEdmund Percy Caton
F CatonFrederick Caton
J CatonJames Caton
JW Caton
NN CatonNorman N. Caton
RHL CatonRupert Henry Lea Caton
WA CatonWilfred Abraham Caton
BA CattBert Arthur Catt
EH Catt
HD CattHarry Dundonald Catt
JE CattJames Edward Catt
PH CattPhilip Herbert Catt
SH CattSpencer Henry Catt
A CattanachAlexander Cattanach
A CattanachAlfred Cattanach
AB CattellArthur Boden Cattell
C CattellCharles Cattell
EF CattellEdwin Filvanus Cattell
EG Cattell
FDB CattellFrank Douglas Bernard Cattell
FOB Cattell
HA Cattell
HH CattellHarold Heber Cattell
TWG CattellTerence William Goodricke Cattell
WC Cattell
WG CattellWilliam George Cattell
WS CattellWilliam Stuart Cattell
F CatterallFrank Catterall
FL CatterallFrank Lawrenson Catterall
JE Catterall
WJW CattermoleWalter J W Cattermole
RM Catterson SmithRobert Matthew Catterson Smith
RM Catterson-SmithRobert Matthew Catterson-Smith
FL CattleFrank Cattle
FL CattleFrank Leonard Cattle
GL CattleGeorge L Cattle
WH CattleWalter H Cattle
J Cattley
KM CattleyKenneth Moberley Cattley
KM CattleyKenneth Moberly Cattley
CG CattoCharles Gray Catto
JM CattoJohn Maurice Catto
RW Catto
A CattonAlfred Catton
AH Catton
E Catton
ED Catton
S CattonSamuel Catton
WE CattonWilliam Edward Catton
HW CattralHarry Wignal Cattral
HW CattrallHarry Wignall Cattrall
JH CaudellJohn Harry Caudell
WC CaudleWilliam C Caudle
NS Caudwell
JGS Caudy
AEJ Caufield
W Caukhill
CAB CaukwellCyril Arthur Beckett Caukwell
RFB CaukwellRoy Fletcher Bernard Caukwell
TSG CaulfeildT.St.G. Caulfeild
TSG CaulfeildToby St George Caulfeild
TStG Caulfeild
CESG CaulfieldC E St G Caulfield
CESG CaulfieldCharles Edward St George Caulfield
CESG CaulfieldCharles Edward St. George Caulfield
CESG CaulfieldThe Hon. C. E. St. G. Caulfield
ESG CaulfieldE St George Caulfield
JH CaulfieldJack Harley Caulfield
M CaulfieldMaurice Caulfield
TSG CaulfieldT St G Caulfield
TSG CaulfieldToby St George Caulfield
TStG CaulfieldToby St. George Caulfield
EF Caulfield-Kelly
ET Caulfield-Kelly
FC Caulton
E Caumartin
CJ Caunt
HV CauntHorace Vernon Caunt
JS Caunt
JC Caunter
JCA CaunterJohn Charles Ashford Caunter
LF CaunterLeonard Francis Caunter
RJ CausbeyReginald John Causbey
HB CauserHenry Brettel Causer
LW CauserLawrence William Causer
S CausonStanley Causon
A Causton
CG Causton
CG/CAG CaustonCharles Graham [or Charles Archibald Graham] Causton
MB CautheryMaurice Bramham Cauthery
W CautrillWilliam Cautrill
WS Cauvin
C Cavahan
JE Cavalier
LE CavalierLawrence Edward Cavalier
CH Cavan
EP CavanaghEdmund Peter Cavanagh
ER CavanaghEric Richard Cavanagh
J Cavanagh
JC CavanaghJohn Charles Cavanagh
JF CavanaghJohn Francis Cavanagh
LER Cavanagh
M CavanaghMark Cavanagh
WA CavanaghWilliam Arthur Cavanagh
EP Cavanah
AB CaveAlfred Beverley Cave
AC CaveArnold Charles Cave
AD CaveArthur Douglas Cave
AE Cave
AM CaveAlexander Melville Cave
BGH Cave
CF CaveClement Forte Cave
CW CaveCharles W Cave
E Cave
EA CaveEric A. Cave
EA CaveEric Arthur Cave
EHP CaveEdward Henry Paul Cave
EJS CaveEdmund Jasper Shalcrass Cave
EW Cave
FH Cave
FO CaveFrancis Oswin Cave
GR CaveGerald Richard Cave
H Cave
HE CaveHorace Edgar Cave
J CaveJack Cave
J CaveJames Cave
JE CaveJasper Edmund Cave
LCH CaveLaurence Charles Henry Cave
LCH CaveLawrence Charles Henry Cave
N CaveNorman Cave
P CavePercy Cave
SB CaveSdyney Brambley Cave
TW CaveThomas Walford Cave
WW CaveWilliam Walter Cave
F Cave Brown CaveFrank Cave Brown Cave
RH Cave PenneyRoy Humphrey Cave Penney
CC Cave-Brown-CaveClement Charles Cave-Brown-Cave
HM Cave-Brown-CaveHenry Meyrick Cave-Brown-Cave
HM Cave-Browne-CaveHenry Meyrick Cave-Browne-Cave
R Cave-Browne-CaveRoger Cave-Browne-Cave
TR Cave-Browne-CaveThomas Reginald Cave-Browne-Cave
WI CavenWalter Ian Caven
HFC CavendishHenry Frederick Compstow Cavendish
HS CavendishHenry Siegel Cavendish
H Cavendish-ButlerHenry Cavendish-Butler
EAH CaverhillErnest Arthur Hardman Caverhill
RS CaverhillRichard Stephen Caverhill
RS CaverhillRichard Stephenson Caverhill
RE Caverhill-CameronRobert Ernest Caverhill-Cameron
RC Caverley
JP CaversJames Pomeroy Cavers
WL Cavers-White
G CaveyGeorge Cavey
GW CaveyGeorge William Cavey
J CaveyJames Cavey
JD CaveyJames Daniel Cavey
LA CaveyLeonard Alf Cavey
A CavillAlbert Cavill
GH CavillGeorge Harry Cavill
H CavillHorace Cavill
HW CavillHorace W Cavill
J CavillJohn Cavill
W CavillWilliam Cavill
PM Cavrios O'Caffrey
PM Cavrois-O'Caffrey
JA CawJohn Ashton Caw
PR CawdellPeter Raymond Cawdell
CAF CawdleCecil Alfred Ferris Cawdle
JH CawfieldJohn H Cawfield
A Cawker
R Cawkwall
R CawkwellReuben Cawkwell
R CawkwellRobert Cawkwell
RFB CawkwellRobert F B Cawkwell
CF CawleyCharles Frederick Cawley
F CawleyFrederick Cawley
FC CawleyFrancis C Cawley
J CawleyJohn Cawley
GB Cawley-WayGeorge Blake Cawley-Way
AR CawoodArthur Reginald Cawood
CH Cawood
J CawoodJames Cawood
L CawoodLeonard Cawood
J Cawreuth
AG CawsAlfred George Caws
SW CawsStanley W. Caws
SW CawsStanley Winther Caws
SV CawseStanley Victor Cawse
GA CawsonGeorge Adrian Cawson
G CawstonGeorge Cawston
RW CawstonRaymond Wilfred Cawston
F Cawthorn
CG Cawthorne
F CawthorneFrederick Cawthorne
FR CawthorneFrank Reginald Cawthorne
GP CawthorneGerald Pellegrine Cawthorne
TE CawthorneTerence Edward Cawthorne
A CawthraAlfred Morris Cawthra
AM CawthraAlfred Morris Cawthra
JA CawthraJohn Arthur Cawthra
JA/JH CawthraJ A [or J H] Cawthra
L Cawthra
AM Caye
WJ Cayes
C CayfordCaleb Cayford
EH Cayford
GE CayfordGeorge Everett Cayford
G Caygill
JG CaygillJoseph George Caygill
RH CaygillRichard H Caygill
GA CaylessGeorge Albert Cayless
FL Cayley
GC CayleyGeorge Cuthbert Cayley
M Cayley
PJ Cayley
PJW CayleyPercy John William Cayley
AGA CazabonAlbert George Alfred Cazabon
VA Cazalet
LA CealLeonard Alfred Ceal
H CecilHugh Cecil
HMA CecilHenry Mitford Amherst Cecil
HRH CecilLord Hugh Richard Heathcote Cecil
HRHG CecilLord Hugh Richard Heathcote Gascoigne Cecil
LH CecilLawrence Henry Cecil
LH CecilLord Hugh Cecil
RWF CecilRichard William Francis Cecil
KH Cecil-Lloyd
O Cederberg
HIM CeenH I McD Ceen
TG CemeryThomas George Cemery
C Cemlyn Jones
J Cemlyn Jones
J Cemlyn-JonesJohn Cemlyn-Jones
JE CestellJames Edward Cestell
LR Cetti
AJ Ceveney
A Chabot
CJ ChabotCharles J. Chabot
CJ ChabotCharles James Chabot
J Chabot
J ChacksfieldJohn Chacksfield
EJ ChadburnEdward J Chadburn
EH Chadd
JS ChaddJohn Stuart Chadd
RE ChaddertonRobert Ellis Chadderton
E ChaddockEdward Chaddock
LC Chadery
FH Chadwell
A ChadwickAlbert Chadwick
AE ChadwickAlfred Ernest Chadwick
AJ ChadwickArnold Jaques Chadwick
AW ChadwickAustin Whittaker Chadwick
B ChadwickBasil Chadwick
B ChadwickBernard Chadwick
CEH Chadwick
CH ChadwickCyril Henry Chadwick
E ChadwickEllis Chadwick
E ChadwickErnest Chadwick
EL ChadwickEdward Lawrence Chadwick
FN ChadwickFrederick Norman Chadwick
FW ChadwickFrank Wood Chadwick
G ChadwickGeorge Chadwick
GE ChadwickGeorge Emlie Chadwick
GK ChadwickGordon Kirkbane Chadwick
H ChadwickHarold Chadwick
H ChadwickHerbert Chadwick
HE ChadwickHarry Edgar Chadwick
HH ChadwickHerbert H Chadwick
HL ChadwickHerbert Lloyd Chadwick
J ChadwickJohn Chadwick
JEH ChadwickJohn Edwin Herbert Chadwick
JH ChadwickJohn Hampton Chadwick
JH ChadwickJohn Henry Chadwick
JPD Chadwick
JW ChadwickJohn Wolfenden Chadwick
JW ChadwickJohn Woolfenden Chadwick
L Chadwick
ON ChadwickOswald Northrop Chadwick
R ChadwickReginald Chadwick
RCE ChadwickReverend C E Chadwick
S ChadwickStanley Chadwick
T ChadwickThomas Chadwick
TN Chadwick
W ChadwickWilliam Chadwick
WA Chadwick
WH ChadwickWilliam Henry Chadwick
EL ChafeEdward Leslie Chafe
FG Chafe
RSS ChaffeRedvers Sydney Southwood Chaffe
CFW ChaffeyCharles F W Chaffey
HE ChaffeyHarward Eastman Chaffey
HE ChaffeyHoward Eastman Chaffey
AR Chaffin
HAE Chaffner
HG Chagnon
FH ChaineyFrederick Howard Chainey
GB ChaineyGeorge Barrett Chainey
DN ChakravarteDevendra Nath Chakravarte
W ChalaireWalter Chalaire
F ChalcraftFrederick Chalcraft
HWT ChalcraftHenry William Terrell Chalcraft
F ChalcroftFrederick Chalcroft
HWT ChalcroftHenry William Terrell Chalcroft
J ChalcroftJames Chalcroft
WE ChalfontWilliam E Chalfont
CEW Chalifour
A ChalkArthur Chalk
DE ChalkDuncan Ernest Chalk
HA Chalk
JR ChalkJohn Robert Chalk
L Chalk
WJ ChalkWilliam Joseph Chalk
WJ ChalkWm J Chalk
WKC ChalkWalford Keith Crampton Chalk
HD ChalkeHerbert Davis Chalke
T ChalklenThomas Chalklen
H ChalkleyHerbert Chalkley
WJN ChalklinWilliam John Norman Chalklin
T Chalkomatas
ARN ChallacombeAlan Robert Nicholas Challacombe
A ChallansArthur Challans
AC ChallansArthur Cecil Challans
FB ChallansFrank Bertrand Challans
JJ Challard
A ChallenAlfred Challen
HB ChallenHarold Bertram Challen
PK ChallenPhilip Kensit Challen
G ChallengerGeorge Challenger
GH ChallengerGeorge Henry Challenger
GH ChallengerGeorge Highfield Challenger
EF ChallenorErnest F Challenor
EO ChallenorEwart Oswald Challenor
EWH ChalliceEric William Henry Challice
G Challingsworth
NM ChallingsworthNorman Marsh Challingsworth
AB ChallinorArthur Bertram Challinor
AT ChallinorAlfred Thomas Challinor
RJ Challinor
TA ChallinorThomas A Challinor
AE ChallisArthur Edward Challis
AL ChallisArthur Leonard Challis
AS ChallisArthur Stanley Challis
F Challis
GC ChallisGeorge Christopher Challis
HJ ChallisHorace Joseph Challis
LC ChallisLawrence Charles Challis
ME ChallisMontague Edward Challis
PH Challis
TF ChallisThomas Frederick Challis
TH ChallisThomas H Challis
A ChallissArthur Challiss
C ChallonerCyril Challoner
CS ChallonerC Stuart Challoner
CS ChallonerCharles Stuart Challoner
HO ChallonerHorace Owen Challoner
JB ChallonerJames B Challoner
R Challoner
RT Challonor
A Chalmers
AG ChalmersAlbert G Chalmers
AM ChalmersAllan McDonald [or Alan MacDonald] Chalmers
AMD ChalmersAlan MacDonald Chalmers
BG ChalmersBennett Gauld Chalmers
CW ChalmersColin W Chalmers
CWS ChalmersColin Ward Silvester Chalmers
DS ChalmersDuncan Smith Chalmers
EE ChalmersEdward Ernest Chalmers
EVG ChalmersErnest Vincent Gordon Chalmers
FJH ChalmersFrancis James Henry Chalmers
G Chalmers
GB ChalmersGeorge Bruce Chalmers
GM ChalmersGeorge M Chalmers
GM ChalmersGeorge MacGregor Chalmers
GMcG Chalmers
GW Chalmers
J ChalmersJames Chalmers
JC ChalmersJoseph Calder Chalmers
JL ChalmersJames L. Chalmers
JL ChalmersJames Lander Chalmers
JL ChalmersJames Lauden Chalmers
JL ChalmersJames Lauder Chalmers
MH ChalmersMargaret Hodge Chalmers
R ChalmersRobert Chalmers
RA ChalmersRobert Arthur Chalmers
RD ChalmersRobert Dunsmore Chalmers
TC Chalmers
DR Chalmers-HuntDonald Robert Chalmers-Hunt
G ChalonerGeorge Chaloner
TNPL Chaloner
TWPL ChalonerThomas Weston Peel Long Chaloner
CFM Chamber
AG ChamberlainArthur George Chamberlain
AJ Chamberlain
AW ChamberlainAlexander Washington Chamberlain
C Chamberlain
CJR ChamberlainChas Jas Read Chamberlain
CO ChamberlainCharles O Chamberlain
CS ChamberlainCecil Sutton Chamberlain
CTF ChamberlainCharles Thomas Frederick Chamberlain
DC Chamberlain
DH ChamberlainDouglas Henry Chamberlain
EC ChamberlainEdgar C Chamberlain
ED ChamberlainEdward D Chamberlain
ED ChamberlainEdward Daniel Chamberlain
EM ChamberlainEric May Chamberlain
EN ChamberlainErnest Noble Chamberlain
ER Chamberlain
F ChamberlainFrank Chamberlain
G Chamberlain
GW Chamberlain
H Chamberlain
J ChamberlainJohn Chamberlain
JA ChamberlainJoseph Archibald Chamberlain
JH Chamberlain
JLMdC ChamberlainJohn Lloyd Melville de Cosigny Chamberlain
JR ChamberlainJames R Chamberlain
JR ChamberlainJames R. Chamberlain
JR ChamberlainJames Russell Chamberlain
JW Chamberlain
LA ChamberlainLeo Alexander Chamberlain
LH ChamberlainLeslie Harry Chamberlain
LL ChamberlainLeslie L Chamberlain
LS ChamberlainLeslie Smith Chamberlain
M ChamberlainMaurice Chamberlain
NZ Chamberlain
P Chamberlain
R Chamberlain
RC Chamberlain
REAW ChamberlainRobert Edward Algmes W Chamberlain
SJ ChamberlainSidney James Chamberlain
SJ ChamberlainSydney James Chamberlain
TC Chamberlain
TH ChamberlainThomas Henry Chamberlain
W ChamberlainWilfred Chamberlain
WC Chamberlain
WH ChamberlainWilliam H Chamberlain
WHD ChamberlainWalter Hugh Douglas Chamberlain
WJ ChamberlainWilliam James Chamberlain
WJ/WG ChamberlainW J [or W G] Chamberlain
WRT ChamberlainWilliam Richard Thomas Chamberlain
PRT ChamberlaynePaul Richard Tankerville Chamberlayne
PT Chamberlayne
RM ChamberlayneReginald Maitland Chamberlayne
JA ChamberlenJames Alfred Chamberlen
JB ChamberlinJohn Boyd Chamberlin
JR ChamberlinJames Russell Chamberlin
TC ChamberlinThomas Charles Chamberlin
EM Chamberlyn
A ChambersAlbert Chambers
A ChambersArthur Chambers
AE Chambers
AJ ChambersAlec John Chambers
AJ ChambersArthur J Chambers
AJ ChambersArthur Joseph Chambers
AWC ChambersAlbert William Charles Chambers
B Chambers
BF Chambers
BH ChambersBernard Hewitt Chambers
C ChambersCyril Chambers
CE Chambers
CFM ChambersCharles F M Chambers
CFM ChambersCharles Ferris Montagu Chambers
CFM ChambersCharles Ferris Montagu [or Charles Ferris Montague] Chambers
CFN Chambers
CMD ChambersCharles Michael Dalby Chambers
CR ChambersColin Reginald Chambers
CS ChambersChristopher Stanley Chambers
CW ChambersCecil William Chambers
DL ChambersDelbert Llewelyn Chambers
E ChambersErnest Chambers
ETR ChambersEnnis Tristram Ratcliffe Chambers
F ChambersFrederick Chambers
FF ChambersFrederick Forster Chambers
FG ChambersFrederick George Chambers
FJB ChambersFrancis John Blick Chambers
FW ChambersFrederick William Chambers
G ChambersGeorge Chambers
GC ChambersGeorge Cooke Chambers
GH ChambersGeorge Herbert Chambers
H ChambersHarold Chambers
H ChambersHerbert Chambers
HC ChambersHugh Campbell Chambers
HFN ChambersHarold Frederick N Chambers
HJ Chambers
HLH Chambers
IF ChambersIvor F Chambers
J Chambers
JA ChambersJack Austin Chambers
JA ChambersJohn Austin Chambers
JB ChambersJohn Bidchard Chambers
JH ChambersJohn Harold Chambers
JHA Chambers
JOWGC ChambersJohn Oswald Wolfrain Guthlac Campbell Chambers
JOWGC ChambersJohn Oswald Wulfram Guthlar Campbell Chambers
JS Chambers
JW Chambers
L ChambersLouis Chambers
LB ChambersLeslie Bert Chambers
LC ChambersLeslie C Chambers
PSA ChambersPercy S A Chambers
PVG ChambersPercival Vernon Godfrey Chambers
PW ChambersPercy W Chambers
PW ChambersPercy Wilmot Chambers
R ChambersReginald Chambers
RC Chambers
RS ChambersReginald Stuart Chambers
SA Chambers
TK ChambersThomas Kirby Chambers
W ChambersWellington Chambers
W ChambersWilliam Chambers
WA ChambersWilliam Alfred Chambers
WD ChambersWalter Duncauson Chambers
WE ChambersWilliam Edward Chambers
WG ChambersWilliam Geoffrey Chambers
WG ChambersWilliam Graham Chambers
WH ChambersWalter H Chambers
WPC ChambersWilliam Phillip Clutterbuck Chambers
WPC ChambersWilliam Phillips Clutterbuck Chambers
J ChambreJohn Chambre
JA ChamierJohn A. Chamier
LA Chamier
JA Chamiers
A ChampAlfred Champ
T ChampThomas Champ
TH Champ
EO ChampagneEdouard Octave [or Edourd Octave] Champagne
JA ChampagneJoseph Alexandre-Telesphore Champagne
JTA Champagne
A ChampionAlbert Champion
A ChampionAlfred Champion
AH ChampionAlan Harden Champion
AR Champion
AT ChampionArthur Thomas Champion
AV ChampionAlbert Victor Champion
AW ChampionArthur William Champion
B ChampionBridger Champion
BSI ChampionBobs Stuart Iden Champion
CL ChampionClaude Leo Champion
F ChampionFred Champion
FAJ ChampionFrederick Arthur James Champion
H ChampionHorace Champion
HF ChampionHillary Francis Champion
NA ChampionNoel Ambrose Champion
NRJ ChampionNorman Rupert Joseph Champion
NW ChampionNorman William Champion
O ChampionOliver Champion
TH ChampionThomas Henry Champion
WJ ChampionWilliam J Champion
WRJ Champion
HV Champion de CrespignyHugh V. Champion de Crespigny
HV Champion De CrespignyHugh Vivian Champion De Crespigny
FB ChampnessFrank Bernard Champness
JA ChampnessJohn Alec Champness
R ChampnessRoland Champness
RP ChampnessRoland Philp Champness
FC ChampneysFrancis Charles Champneys
JAL ChampneysJohn Amyan Ludford Champneys
A Chance
EG ChanceEdie Godwin Chance
EG ChanceEric Godwin Chance
EH ChanceErnest Horace Chance
G ChanceGeoffrey Chance
GA ChanceGeorge Arthur Chance
RC ChanceRobert Christopher Chance
RJF Chance
S ChanceSidney Chance
WHS ChanceWilliam Hugh Stobart Chance
CE Chancellor
GE ChancellorGeoffrey Ellis Chancellor
JAH ChancellorJohn Algernon Howarth Chancellor
A Chandler
AE ChandlerArthur Ernest Chandler
AH ChandlerAlfred Henry Chandler
AH ChandlerArthur Hamilton Chandler
AL ChandlerArthur Lewis Chandler
C Chandler
CH ChandlerCecil H Chandler
CJ Chandler
CK ChandlerCharles Kingsley Chandler
DJB ChandlerDavid Joseph Baden Chandler
EA ChandlerEthan Allen Chandler
EAJ ChandlerErnest Alfred John Chandler
G Chandler
GPW ChandlerGuy Pretar Worseley Chandler
GPW ChandlerGuy Pretor Worsley Chandler
GW Chandler
HD ChandlerHomer David Chandler
HG Chandler
HJ ChandlerHarold James Chandler
HL ChandlerHenry Leonard Chandler
J Chandler
JD Chandler
JR ChandlerJohn Richard Chandler
L ChandlerLeonard Chandler
LJ ChandlerLouis James Chandler
LR ChandlerLeonard Rowland Chandler
NE ChandlerNoel Edgar Chandler
NW ChandlerNorman William Chandler
RJA ChandlerRobert John Alexander Chandler
RN ChandlerRobert North Chandler
RT ChandlerRaymond Thornton Chandler
S ChandlerSidney Chandler
SH ChandlerSidney H Chandler
TR Chandler
W Chandler
WE Chandler
WG Chandler
Y Chandlers
PE ChandleyPhilip Eugene Chandley
ETA ChaneEdward Thomas Austey Chane
HE ChaneyHenry Edward Chaney
LF Channell
C ChanningCharles Channing
CE ChanningCharles Edwin Channing
CE ChanningCyril Edward Channing
HC Channing
HH ChanningHerbert Horace Channing
JA ChanningJoseph Arthur Channing
S ChanningSidney Channing
W ChanningWalter Channing
EH ChannonEric Herbert Channon
HP Channon
MH ChannonMario Herbert Channon
RJH ChannonReginald John Harry Channon
JH Chanot
EM ChantEarl Marian Chant
EM ChantEarle M Chant
FW ChantFrederick W Chant
JH Chant
ER ChanterEdward Robert Chanter
IO Chantler
JO Chantler
ES ChantrellErnest Stuart Chantrell
RH ChantrellReginald Harry Chantrell
BS ChantrillBevan S Chantrill
BS ChantrillBevan Stanislaus Chantrill
H ChantryHorace Chantry
JJ ChantryJohn James Chantry
W Chantz
A ChapdelaineAime Chapdelaine
JA ChapdelaineJ Aime Chapdelaine
JAH ChapdelaineJoseph Aime Hector Chapdelaine
C Chapel
GM ChapelleGeorges Maurice Chapelle
AH ChapinAllison H Chapin
EA ChapinElliot Adams Chapin
FL ChapinFrank Lysander Chapin
A ChaplinAlbert Chaplin
AJE ChaplinArthur James Ernest Chaplin
CA ChaplinCharles Alfred Chaplin
CM Chaplin
DEP ChaplinDerek Eyre Plunkett Chaplin
DEP ChaplinDerek Eyrie Phunkett Chaplin
E ChaplinEric Chaplin
F ChaplinFrank Chaplin
FG Chaplin
FP ChaplinFrederick Percy Chaplin
FW Chaplin
G ChaplinGeorge Chaplin
H ChaplinHenry Chaplin
H ChaplinHerbert Chaplin
HC ChaplinHorace Christopher Chaplin
HJ ChaplinHarold J Chaplin
JE Chaplin
JHG Chaplin
JW ChaplinJohn William Chaplin
RG ChaplinRodney G Chaplin
T Chaplin
THG ChaplinThomas Haliburton Goodwill Chaplin
WH ChaplinWilliam Henry Chaplin
JW ChaplowJohn William Chaplow
A ChapmanAlbert Chapman
A ChapmanAllan Chapman
A ChapmanAllen Chapman
A ChapmanArthur Chapman
AA ChapmanAlfred Arthur Chapman
AAG ChapmanAlfred Arthur Grahame Chapman
AE ChapmanArthur Edward Chapman
AG ChapmanAlexander Geddes Chapman
AG ChapmanAlfred Goodman Chapman
AH ChapmanArthur Henry Chapman
AHA ChapmanArthur Henry Alfred Chapman
AJ ChapmanAlfred J Chapman
AJ ChapmanAlfred James Chapman
AJ ChapmanAlfred John Chapman
AJW ChapmanAlfred J W Chapman
AN ChapmanAdolf Norman Chapman
APW ChapmanArnold P W Chapman
ASJ ChapmanArthur Stanley James Chapman
AW ChapmanArthur William Chapman
AWC ChapmanArthur Wellesley Coates Chapman
C ChapmanCecil Chapman
C ChapmanCharles Chapman
C ChapmanCyril Chapman
CC ChapmanCharles Clarence Chapman
CD ChapmanCharles Douglas Chapman
CD ChapmanCharles Dudley Chapman
CE ChapmanCyril Ewart Chapman
CEW Chapman
CH ChapmanCecil Hubert Chapman
CHM ChapmanCharles Hamilton Murray Chapman
CJ ChapmanCharles John Chapman
CMB ChapmanCharles Meredith Bouverie Chapman
CMB ChapmanCharles Merideth Bouvine Chapman
CMB ChapmanCharlzs Meredith Bouverie Chapman
CN ChapmanCharles N Chapman
CR ChapmanCharles Robert Chapman
CS Chapman
CSP Chapman
CW ChapmanCecil Walter Chapman
D Chapman
DAR ChapmanDouglas A R Chapman
DAR ChapmanDouglas Alwyn Rogier Chapman
DAR ChapmanDouglas Alwyn Rougier Chapman
DR ChapmanDaniel Robertson Chapman
DR ChapmanDouglas Roy Chapman
E ChapmanEdwin Chapman
E ChapmanEric Chapman
E ChapmanErnest Chapman
EC ChapmanEdward Charles Chapman
EJ ChapmanErnest J Chapman
EJ ChapmanErnest John Chapman
ER ChapmanEdmund Randal Chapman
EV ChapmanEustace Venning Chapman
F ChapmanFrank Chapman
F ChapmanFred Chapman
F ChapmanFrederick Chapman
FE ChapmanFrancis Edward Chapman
FG ChapmanFrederick George Chapman
FH Chapman
FL ChapmanFrank Langslow Chapman
FN Chapman
FR ChapmanFrancis Roland Chapman
FR ChapmanFrank Richard Chapman
FS ChapmanFrederic Sands Chapman
FS ChapmanFrederick Strode Chapman
FT ChapmanFrederick Thomas Chapman
FV ChapmanFrederick Victor Chapman
G ChapmanGeorge Chapman
GAA ChapmanGeorge Arthur Alfred Chapman
GAE ChapmanGeorge Arthur Emerson Chapman
GHE Chapman
GS ChapmanGeorge S Chapman
GW ChapmanGeorge William Chapman
H ChapmanHarry Chapman
H ChapmanHarvey Chapman
H ChapmanHorace Chapman
H ChapmanHubert Chapman
H ChapmanHugh Chapman
HA ChapmanHarold Augustus Chapman
HA ChapmanHarry A Chapman
HA ChapmanHenry Alfred Chapman
HE ChapmanHarold Eustace Chapman
HF ChapmanHarold Frederick Chapman
HG ChapmanHarold Gordon Chapman
HH ChapmanHenry Herbert Chapman
HJ Chapman
HP ChapmanHorace Pole Chapman
HS ChapmanHarry Stanley Chapman
HS ChapmanHenry Spencer Chapman
HS ChapmanHenry Spencer [or Harry Spencer] Chapman
HS ChapmanHenry Stanley Chapman
HS ChapmanHorace Stanley Chapman
HT ChapmanHarold Thomas Chapman
HW ChapmanHerbert William Chapman
J ChapmanJohn Chapman
JC Chapman
JE ChapmanJames E Chapman
JE ChapmanJohn Ernest Chapman
JG Chapman
JH ChapmanJohn H Chapman
JL ChapmanJames Leslie Chapman
JPC ChapmanJohn P C Chapman
JV ChapmanJoseph V Chapman
JV ChapmanJoseph Vincent Chapman
JW ChapmanJohn W Chapman
JW ChapmanJohn William Chapman
JW ChapmanJohn Wm Chapman
KG Chapman
LA ChapmanLeonard A Chapman
LC ChapmanLewis C Chapman
LC ChapmanLewis Carlton Chapman
LL ChapmanLeslie Lingard Chapman
LL/LD ChapmanLeslie Lingard [or Leslie Dingard] Chapman
LT ChapmanLyman T Chapman
MLP ChapmanMaurice Leonard Palmer Chapman
NE ChapmanNorris E Chapman
NE ChapmanNorris Edgar Chapman
NH ChapmanNorman Hackworth Chapman
PK ChapmanPercy Kendall Chapman
R Chapman
RF ChapmanRodney Freer Chapman
RG Chapman
RI ChapmanRonald Ivelaw Chapman
RJ ChapmanRobert James Chapman
RW Chapman
S ChapmanStephen Chapman
SI ChapmanSydney Isador Chapman
SI ChapmanSydney Isadore Chapman
SJ ChapmanStephen James Chapman
SR ChapmanSydney Ronald Chapman
SW ChapmanSidney Watkin Chapman
SW ChapmanStanley W Chapman
T ChapmanThomas Chapman
TAR ChapmanThomas Arthur Redvers Chapman
TM ChapmanThomas Milne Chapman
VC ChapmanVictor Charles Chapman
VR Chapman
W ChapmanWalter Chapman
W ChapmanWilliam Chapman
W ChapmanWilson Chapman
WA ChapmanWilliam A Chapman
WA ChapmanWilmott Alexander Chapman
WE Chapman
WF ChapmanWalter Frank Chapman
WG ChapmanWalter George Chapman
WH ChapmanWilliam H Chapman
WJ ChapmanWalter John Chapman
WL ChapmanWilliam Leslie Chapman
WW ChapmanWilliam Wetheral Chapman
WW ChapmanWilliam Wetherall Chapman
FRA Chappe
A Chappel
GR ChappelGeorge Reader Chappel
WE ChappelWilliam Eldon Chappel
C Chappell
EBA ChappellEdwin B A Chappell
EC Chappell
F ChappellFrank Chappell
FD ChappellFrederick Douglas Chappell
FW Chappell
G Chappell
MA ChappellMax Adrian Chappell
R Chappell
RW ChappellRoy Williamson Chappell
S ChappellStanley Chappell
W ChappellWilliam Chappell
H ChappellsHerbert Chappells
E ChappelowErnest Chappelow
PJ ChappillPercival John Chappill
A ChappleAbraham Chapple
A ChappleAlfred Chapple
AH ChappleArthur Henry Chapple
AJ ChappleAlfred James Chapple
CB Chapple
FH ChappleFrancis Henry Chapple
FH ChappleFrancis Holscroft Chapple
H ChappleHolcroft Chapple
LH ChappuisLucien Henry Chappuis
JAH ChaproniereJohn Augustus Henry Chaproniere
CAFMJ Charbonneau
CEA Charbonneau
JA Charbonneau
B Chard
CW ChardCharles W Chard
EFV ChardErnest Frederick Victor Chard
EVF ChardErnest Vic Fred Chard
P Chard
RG ChardRobert George Chard
SD ChardSydney Denham Chard
WT ChardWilfred T Chard
B ChareBertram Chare
E ChargeErnest Charge
RF ChargeReginald Frank Charge
WE ChargeWilliam Edwin Charge
A CharigArnold Charig
JE CharleboisJoseph Ephraim Charlebois
JL Charlebois
JTR Charlebois
AWC CharlesArthur William Cooper Charles
BS CharlesBasil Stuart Charles
C CharlesClarence Charles
EP CharlesEdward Percy Charles
FA CharlesFrederick Arthur Charles
FH CharlesFrank H Charles
FH CharlesFrank Herbert Charles
GF CharlesGeorge F Charles
GF CharlesGeorge Frederick Charles
HN CharlesHerbert Noel Charles
HN CharlesHubert Noel Charles
HS Charles
HW CharlesHenry William Charles
J CharlesJames Charles
JW Charles
LS CharlesLeslie Stafford Charles
RE Charles
SJ CharlesStanley John Charles
W CharlesWilliam Charles
WF Charles
YO Charles
WC CharlesonWilliam Craw Charleson
AA CharlesworthAlbert Arthur Charlesworth
AK CharlesworthArthur Kenneth Charlesworth
ATB CharlesworthAlich Thomas Bentall Charlesworth
ATB CharlesworthAlick Thomas Bentall Charlesworth
D Charlesworth
F CharlesworthFrank Charlesworth
F CharlesworthFranklin Charlesworth
RGJ CharlesworthReginald George Joseph Charlesworth
RS CharlesworthRowland Stuart Charlesworth
T CharlesworthThomas Charlesworth
WH CharlesworthWilliam Henry Charlesworth
B CharletonBrian Charleton
CB CharlewoodCharles Benjamin Charlewood
GW CharleyGordon Wesley Charley
PB Charley
RM CharleyReginald M. Charley
RM CharleyReginald Morse Charley
RN Charley
RFH CharlickReginald Fred Hoofe Charlick
B CharltonBrian Charlton
CW Charlton
E CharltonErnest Charlton
G CharltonGeorge Charlton
GB CharltonGeorge Baker Charlton
GC CharltonGeorge Clark Charlton
H Charlton
HA Charlton
HC CharltonHoward Cunningham Charlton
HE CharltonHenry E Charlton
HG CharltonHarold George Charlton
HS CharltonHenry Sampson Charlton
J Charlton
JC Charlton
JH CharltonJohn Hamilton Charlton
JS CharltonJohn Siles Charlton
LED Charlton
LEO CharltonLionel E O Charlton
LEO CharltonLionel E. O. Charlton
LEO CharltonLionel EO Charlton
LEO CharltonLionel Evelyn Oswald Charlton
LVE CharltonLeonard Victor Edwin Charlton
LW Charlton
NE CharltonNorman Ewart Charlton
O CharltonOliver Charlton
R CharltonRowland Charlton
RM CharltonRichard McKay Charlton
RN Charlton
RW CharltonRobert Whillis Charlton
T Charlton
TH Charlton
TL CharltonThomas Ley Charlton
W Charlton
WD Charlton
WH CharltonWilliam Henry Charlton
WHM Charlton
CEF Charlton-Anne
AE CharlwoodAlexander Evelyn Charlwood
G CharmanGeorge Charman
RE CharmanRichard Ernest Charman
F CharnleyFrederick Charnley
FT CharnleyFrederick T Charnley
HC CharnleyHugh Clifford Charnley
JW CharnleyJohn William Charnley
RW CharnleyRobert William Charnley
F Charnock
HA CharnockHerbert Arthur Charnock
S CharnockStanley Charnock
WH CharnockWalter Howarth Charnock
LR Charren
HS Charrette
EA CharronEdward Adelard Charron
J Charron
JA Charron
LR CharronLeo R Charron
LR CharronLeo Rosario Charron
JR CharterJoseph Remington Charter
WR CharterWilliam Riley Charter
E CharterisHon E Charteris
EE Charteris
HL Charteris
RL CharterisRonald L Charteris
RL CharterisRonald L. Charteris
RL CharterisRonald Louis Charteris
JW ChartersJohn Wemyss Charters
A ChaseAlfred Chase
BP ChaseBertram Powell Chase
CBAC ChaseCecil Brook Ayliff Centlivres Chase
CBAC ChaseCecil Brook Ayliffe Centlivre Chase
CK ChaseCharles Keith Chase
DE ChaseDonald Ernest Chase
FW ChaseFrank William Chase
HF ChaseHenry Francis Chase
HS Chase
LP ChaseLloyd Patterson Chase
SWL ChaseSamuel W L Chase
WA ChaseWilfred Arthur Chase
TPGE ChasemoreThomas Philip Gordon Eglesfield Chasemore
WJ ChastonWilliam John Chaston
JBH Chataway
JDP ChatawayJames Denys Perceval Chataway
JHH ChatawayJames Harold Herbert Chataway
B ChatburnBertie Chatburn
WG ChateWilliam Gulliver Chate
CM ChateauClive Muller Chateau
EH ChaterEric Harold Chater
GK ChaterGuy Kathley Chater
GL ChaterGuy Leathley Chater
PC Chater
T ChaterThomas Chater
TWJ ChaterTrevor Walter James Chater
WG ChaterWilliam George Chater
CP ChatfieldCharles Percy Chatfield
F ChatfieldFrank Chatfield
W ChatfieldWilliam Chatfield
FK Chatham
GK ChathamGeoffrey Keith Chatham
JK ChathamJohn Kenneth Chatham
WH ChathamWilliam Hill Chatham
TC ChattaeThomas Clarence Chattae
HW ChattawayHerbert Walter Chattaway
JD Chattaway
HJ Chatten
FWJ Chatter
AO ChatterleyArthur Oliver Chatterley
EW ChatterleyErnest William Chatterley
AM Chatteron
HP Chatterson
AA ChattertonAlfred Augustus Chatterton
AE ChattertonAbraham Eyre Chatterton
AM ChattertonArthur Measures Chatterton
GJS ChattertonGeorge James Stewart Chatterton
HC ChattertonHarold Cecil Chatterton
J ChattertonJames Chatterton
JF Chatterton
RL ChattertonRoden Latham Chatterton
W ChattertonWalter Chatterton
JRK ChatteyJohn Robert Kingsley Chattey
WE ChattwoodWilliam Edmund Chattwood
AE ChatwinAlfred Ernest Chatwin
RB ChatwinRobert Boughton Chatwin
VA ChatwinVincent Arthur Chatwin
W Chatwin
E ChatwoodEdgar Chatwood
JJ ChatwynneJames John Chatwynne
A ChaunceyAlier Chauncey
WAA Chauncey
WF ChaunceyWilliam Fenton Chauncey
AA Chauncy
EL ChauncyEric Leslie Chauncy
JH ChauncyJames H Chauncy
P ChauncyPercy Chauncy
WAA ChauncyWalter Anfred Anselm Chauncy
WAA ChauncyWalter Anfrid Auschar Chauncy
JS ChaundlerJames Smither Chaundler
ED ChaundyEdward Douglas Chaundy
JEH Chausse
AP Chauvin
FB ChauvinFrank Bernard Chauvin
GD ChavasseGeoffrey Dickson Chavasse
P ChavassePercy Chavasse
ETA ChaveEdward T A Chave
ETA ChaveEdward Thomas Anstey Chave
LG ChavignaudLouis Georges Chavignaud
FM Chavil
DH ChawnerDouglas Halley Chawner
JC ChawnerJohn Clement Chawner
RM Chaworth Musters
RM Chaworth-MustersRoger Michael Chaworth-Musters
R ChaytorsRalf Chaytors
E CheadleEdward Cheadle
JB CheadleJames Baden Cheadle
VJ Cheadle
AE ChealArthur Ernest Cheal
JWE ChealJohn William Ede Cheal
AP Cheale
JP ChealsJohn Percy Cheals
DW Cheape
JH Cheape
AH Cheatle
CC CheatleCharles Chesterfield Cheatle
JT CheatleJoseph T Cheatle
HW CheckettHarry William Checkett
WT CheckettsWilliam T Checketts
D CheckleyDallas Checkley
H CheckleyHarry Checkley
HC Chectzoy
E Chedwick
RRH Chedwidder
AJ ChedzoyArthur J Chedzoy
VG CheekVictor G Cheek
DHA CheersDonald Heriot Anson Cheers
EM CheersEdwin Maurice Cheers
WCS Cheesbrough
JRF CheeseJohn Robert Fisher Cheese
WC Cheese
A Cheeseman
AC CheesemanAllan Cecil Cheeseman
B CheesemanBernard Cheeseman
EW CheesemanEdward Wallace Cheeseman
FN CheesemanFrank Noel Cheeseman
GA CheesemanGeorge A Cheeseman
GH Cheeseman
J Cheeseman
JW CheesemanJohn W Cheeseman
LA CheesemanLeslie Arthur Cheeseman
PO Cheeseman
WG CheesemanWilliam G Cheeseman
WA CheesewrightWalter Andrew Cheesewright
AW CheesmanAlbert W Cheesman
B CheesmanBernard Cheesman
EC CheesmanEdward Cecil Cheesman
ES CheesmanErnest Stanley Cheesman
H CheesmanHarry Cheesman
H CheesmanHerbert Cheesman
HR CheesmanHope Reginald Cheesman
JF Cheesman
K CheesmanKenneth Cheesman
VG CheesmanVictor George Cheesman
A CheethamArthur Cheetham
CB CheethamCyril Benn Cheetham
CN CheethamCarlton Noel Cheetham
DF CheethamDennis Froggatt Cheetham
FW CheethamFred Wentworth Cheetham
FW CheethamFrederick Wentworth Cheetham
GC CheethamGeorge Clifford Cheetham
H CheethamHarry Cheetham
R Cheetham
T CheethamThomas Cheetham
TA Cheetham
W Cheetham
WH Cheetham
WRN CheethamWilfred Read Nichols Cheetham
WRN CheethamWilfrid Reid Nicholls Cheetham
RE Cheffing
RE Cheffings
AR CheffinsAlbert Robert Cheffins
CPE CheffinsCharles Percy Elliott Cheffins
WH CheffinsWilliam H Cheffins
EA Chegwidden
G ChellingworthGeorge Chellingworth
AA Chelvrier
SI Chemonhoff
GRJ CheneryGeorge Robert James Chenery
WJ CheneryWilliam John Chenery
AL CheneyAlbert Lewis Cheney
BF Cheney
F Cheney
PL CheneyPercy L Cheney
A ChennellArthur Chennell
EP ChennellsErnest Philip Chennells
FG ChennellsFrederick George Chennells
GC Chennells
EP ChennelsErnest Philip Chennels
L CherrimanLeslie Cherriman
PE CherrimanPercy E Cherriman
PE CherrimanPercy Edward Cherriman
CH CherringtonCharles Henry Cherrington
RS Cherrott
A CherryAlfred Cherry
AD CherryArthur Don Cherry
AW CherryArthur W Cherry
CA CherryCharles A Cherry
E CherryEmanuel Cherry
EA CherryErnest Alan Cherry
EWF CherryErnest William Fraser Cherry
FA CherryFrederick Alfred Cherry
G Cherry
GM CherryGeorge McCullum Cherry
HCE CherryHerbert Cecil Edgar Cherry
HV CherryHorace Vernon Cherry
J CherryJohn Cherry
JD CherryJohn Douglas Cherry
JP Cherry
RB CherryRobert Boyd Cherry
RG CherryRobert G Cherry
RG CherryRobert G. Cherry
RG CherryRobert Graeme Cherry
RG CherryRobert Graeme [or Robert Grahame] Cherry
WF Cherry
WH CherryWilliam Hamer Cherry
H Cherryman
SS/PS CheshamSydney S [or P S] Chesham
A Chesher
LJ ChesherLeonard John Chesher
AS CheshireArchibald Sydney Cheshire
C Cheshire
CFS CheshireCharles Fred Spencer Cheshire
CW Cheshire
DL CheshireDouglas Liverstone Cheshire
EM CheshireEdgar Murray Cheshire
F CheshireFrederick Cheshire
FV CheshireFrank Vernon Cheshire
GC CheshireGeoffrey Chevalier Cheshire
GC CheshireGeoffrey Chivalier Cheshire
GJ CheshireGeorge J Cheshire
GS CheshireGuy Spence Cheshire
TA Cheshire
W Chesmore
GL Chesney
J ChesneyJohn Chesney
EW ChessElliot William Chess
A ChesserAlexander Chesser
E ChesserEdward Chesser
DG ChessmanDudley Gerard Chessman
C ChessonCharles Chesson
JS ChessumJesse Stanley Chessum
TH ChessunThomas Henry Chessun
AE ChesterAnthony E Chester
AE ChesterAnthony Edward Chester
CFL ChesterCuthbert Frank Leath Chester
FW ChesterFrederick William Chester
GJ Chester
GS ChesterGeorge Stanley Chester
GW ChesterGeoffrey W Chester
GW ChesterGeoffrey William Chester
JFV ChesterJohn Francis Vickers Chester
PH Chester
R ChesterRichard Chester
RHV ChesterRonald Henry Venn Chester
W ChesterWilliam Chester
WHC Chester
WME ChesterWilliam Malcolm Everett Chester
WR ChesterWilliam Ramsay Chester
G Chester Master
HA Chester MasterHarold A Chester Master
RSG Chester MasterRichard St George Chester Master
E ChesterfieldEdward Chesterfield
CF Chesterman
E ChestermanEdwin Chesterman
HS Chesterman
J ChestermanJames Chesterman
R ChestermanRichard Chesterman
WG ChestermanWilliam George Chesterman
G Chesters
J ChestersJohn Chesters
B ChestertonBertram Chesterton
EC ChestertonErnest C Chesterton
EC ChestertonErnest Charles Chesterton
GL ChestertonGeorge Laval Chesterton
JJ ChestertonJohn J Chesterton
RJA ChestertonReverend J A Chesterton
JH Chester-WalshJames Henry Chester-Walsh
W ChestneyWalter Chestney
G Cheston
GG ChestonGalloway Grinnell Cheston
HA ChestonHerbert Arthur Cheston
HE ChesworthHarry Ernest Chesworth
J ChesworthJohn Chesworth
A ChettleAlfred Chettle
J ChetwoodJoseph Chetwood
G Chetwynd StapyltonGeoffrey Chetwynd Stapylton
G Chetwynd-StapyltonGeoffrey Chetwynd-Stapylton
AYKR CheungAndrew Y K R Cheung
F Chevalier
JA Chevalier
CT Chevallier
C CheveleyCharles Cheveley
RH CheveleyRichard Hodson Cheveley
JAL/JAJ ChevelierJ A L [or J A J] Chevelier
J ChevertonJacks Cheverton
SB Cheverton
WH ChevertonWalter Henry Cheverton
AR/JD/AA ChevrierA R [or J D] [or Alexander Augusto] Chevrier
RJ/RT ChevrierRomeo Jean [or R T] Chevrier
GW ChewGeorge William Chew
RJK ChewRalph Joseph Kitchener Chew
J CheyneJames Cheyne
JWJ CheyneyJames Walter John Cheyney
RR CheyneyReginald R Cheyney
HSW ChibbettHarold Stanley Walter Chibbett
AC ChibnallAlbert Charles Chibnall
L Chibnall
TWH ChichesterTrevor William Hugh Chichester
AF ChickAlan Fairbank Chick
AJ Chick
AL ChickArthur Leslie Chick
C ChickCharles Chick
FR Chick
HF ChickHenry Francis Chick
HP ChickHorace P Chick
JE ChickJohn Erverett Chick
JE ChickJohn Everett Chick
JS ChickJohn Stanley Chick
SG ChickSidney George Chick
GE ChickenGeorge Edward Chicken
HF ChiddentonHorace Francis Chiddenton
SJ ChiddentonSydney James Chiddenton
GE ChidgeyGeorge Edward Chidgey
JJ ChidgeyJames John Chidgey
RL Chidlaw-RobertsRobert L. Chidlaw-Roberts
RL Chidlaw-RobertsRobert Leslie Chidlaw-Roberts
MR ChidsonMontagu R Chidson
MR ChidsonMontagu Reaney Chidson
MR ChidsonMontagu Redney Chidson
FJ ChigwellFrancis Joseph Chigwell
A Chilcott
AE ChilcottAlbert Edward Chilcott
HW ChilcottH Warden Chilcott
TA ChilcottThomas Alfred Chilcott
WM ChilcottWilliam Minham Chilcott
AJ ChildArthur J Child
AJ ChildArthur James Child
AWF ChildAlexander William Fielder Child
C ChildCecil Child
CT ChildCharles Thomas Child
F ChildFrancis Child
H ChildHarold Child
HJ ChildHenry John Child
HR ChildHenry Russell Child
J Child
JC ChildJoseph Colin Child
JE ChildJack Escott Child
JM ChildJames Martin Child
KR Child
LB ChildLeslie Blenman Child
LH ChildLouis Harold Child
MH ChildMartin Henry Child
PG ChildPhilip Gregory Child
RDdQ ChildR.D.de Q Child
RDdQ ChildRobert Deacon de Quincey Child
RDdQ ChildRobert Dragon de Quincey Child
SH ChildStanley Hugh Child
TJ ChildThomas John Child
VL ChildVictor Llewllyn Child
WE Child
ER Childe-FreemanEdwyn Ralph Childe-Freeman
E ChildersErskine Childers
RE ChildersRobert Erskine Childers
WLE ChildersWilliam Lesley Eardley Childers
WLE ChildersWilliam Leslie Eardley Childers
JMD Childline
BH Childs
CH ChildsCuthbert H Childs
CL ChildsClarence Launcelot Childs
CZ ChildsClarence Z Childs
DA ChildsDavid Arthur Childs
DC ChildsDudley Cyril Childs
E Childs
EE Childs
F ChildsFrank Childs
GH ChildsGeorge Henry Childs
HBT ChildsHarold B. T. Childs
HBT ChildsHarold Borlace Triscott Childs
HBT ChildsHarold Borlase Triscott Childs
HJH ChildsHorace James Hilton Childs
HT ChildsHenry Trevor Childs
J ChildsJoseph Childs
JY ChildsJames Yorke Childs
L ChildsLeonard Childs
LE Childs
R ChildsReginald Childs
SE ChildsStanley Ernest Childs
TW ChildsThomas W Childs
WO ChildsWilliam Oliver Childs
GE ChilesGeorge E Chiles
RW ChilesRalph William Chiles
AH ChiltonArthur H Chilton
F ChiltonFrank Chilton
HKT ChiltonHorace Kenneth T Chilton
J ChiltonJohn Chilton
JW Chilton
OH ChiltonOliver Herbert Chilton
PJ ChiltonPercival Joseph Chilton
T ChiltonThomas Chilton
TS ChiltonThomas Sydney [or Thomas Sidney] Chilton
RC ChilverRichard Clementson Chilver
JE ChilversJoseph E Chilvers
L ChilversLeonard Chilvers
SW Chilvers
WE ChinaWilliam Edward China
WE ChinaWilson Edward China
BV ChineryBasil Vaughan Chinery
CF ChineryCecil Ferdinand Chinery
JW Chinery
AA ChinnAlbert Ambrose Chinn
TE ChinnThomas Edward Chinn
W Chinn
WE ChinnWilliam Ernest Chinn
EF ChinneryEsme F Chinnery
EF ChinneryEsme Fairfax Chinnery
EG Chinnery
EWP Chinnery
WJ Chinnick
AC Chinton
LG Chiozza-MoneyLeo George Chiozza-Money
B Chipchase
D Chipchase
HWJ ChipchaseHenry William John Chipchase
JMG Chipling
FM ChippFrederick Malcolm Chipp
HA Chippendale
M ChippendaleMark Chippendale
WB ChippendaleWilliam Bennett Chippendale
AAB ChipperArthur Albert Bamford Chipper
ENH ChipperfieldErnest Nelson Howes Chipperfield
FR ChipperfieldFrank Robert Chipperfield
J Chipperfield
FR ChippindaleFrederick Ronald Chippindale
HA ChippindaleHugh Arthur Chippindale
C Chircop
C Chirgwin
GE Chirgwin
WH Chisam
LF ChisenhallLawrence Fletcher Chisenhall
WH ChishamWilliam Hargrove Chisham
AH ChisholmArthur Harold Chisholm
AJ Chisholm
CA ChisholmColin Andrew Chisholm
D ChisholmDonald Chisholm
FD ChisholmFloyd Delton Chisholm
GG Chisholm
HL ChisholmHarry Lewis Chisholm
JD ChisholmJoseph Donald Chisholm
JF ChisholmJohn Foster Chisholm
JJ Chisholm
RA ChisholmRoderick Aeneas Chisholm
RD ChisholmRaymond Duncan Chisholm
RJ ChisholmRoderick John Chisholm
RS ChisholmRalph Stuart Chisholm
S ChisholmStanley Chisholm
SM ChisholmSamuel Martin Chisholm
WA ChisholmWilliam Alexander Chisholm
WL Chisholm
JF ChisholmeJohn Foster Chisholme
SL ChislettSamuel Llewellyn Chislett
JR ChismanJohn Raymond Chisman
LdV ChismanLeonard de Ville Chisman
WS Chisman
F Chisnal
CA ChisnallCharles Alain Chisnall
F ChisnallFrank Chisnall
HC ChisnallHarold C Chisnall
PF ChisnallPercy Frederick Chisnall
CT ChisnellCharles Thomas Chisnell
H ChiswellHarry Chiswell
J ChiswellJohn Chiswell
LE ChiswellLawrence Edward Chiswell
RM ChiswellRobert Mereyn Chiswell
RMF ChiswellRobert Mervyn Franke Chiswell
AE ChittendenAlfred Edward Chittenden
HE ChittendenHubert E Chittenden
W ChittendenWilliam Chittenden
WR ChittendenWilliam Richard Chittenden
FB Chitty
JT ChittyJoseph Torry Chitty
JW Chitty
RMW ChittyRobert Michael Willes Chitty
W Chiver
A ChiversArthur Chivers
AD ChiversAlbert D Chivers
C ChiversCharles Chivers
EA Chivers
H Chivers
HH ChiversHenry Howard Chivers
J Chivers
JJ ChiversJames Jordan Chivers
L ChiversLeslie Chivers
NMJC Chivers
SC ChiversStanley C Chivers
W ChiversWreford Chivers
WB Chivers
WC ChiversWilliam Charles Chivers
WJ ChiversWilliam J Chivers
WJ ChiversWilliam John Chivers
WP ChiversWilliam P Chivers
AC ChivertonAlfred C Chiverton
GH Chiverton
JW ChivertonJames W Chiverton
JW ChivertonJames Wyatt Chiverton
T ChizlettThomas Chizlett
EC ChoatEdgar Charles Choat
FH ChoateFrederick Henry Choate
NE CholdcroftNorman Eric Choldcroft
GW CholertonGeorge Walter Cholerton
GW CholertonGeorge William Cholerton
LJ Cholerton
R CholmondelayReginald Cholmondelay
MH CholmondeleyMarquess H Cholmondeley
R CholmondeleyReginald Cholmondeley
RH CholmondeleyReginald H Cholmondeley
RR Chomley
AJdeL Chopin
AJdL ChopinAloysius James de L' Chopin
R ChoppingReginald Chopping
AN Chopra
AM Chorley
DM ChorleyDouglas Marcus Chorley
EA ChorleyEustace Archibald Chorley
HB ChorleyHarry Brett Chorley
HH ChorleyHenry Hector Chorley
LP Chorley
W Chorley
WH ChorleyWilliam Henry Chorley
A ChouffotAlfred Chouffot
FT ChoulerFrederick Terence Chouler
F ChoveauxFrank Choveaux
RE Chowler
CE ChownCharles Elbert Chown
FG Chown
FJ ChownFrancis Jack Chown
HA ChownHarry A Chown
JA ChownJoseph Alfred Chown
WM ChowneWilliam Maurice Chowne
AJ ChoyceAlbert John Choyce
WW ChreimanWarren William Chreiman
C ChrimesCharles Chrimes
TE ChrimesThomas Edward Chrimes
G Chrispin
F ChristelowFrank Christelow
GH Christensen
H Christensen
GF Christenson
A ChristianArthur Christian
C Christian
JAE Christian
JC ChristianJohn Carlyle Christian
LA ChristianLeo Arthur Christian
WL ChristianWilliam Langham Christian
WR ChristianWilliam R Christian
WR ChristianWilliam Robert Christian
EL ChristianiEnno Lambertias Christiani
FR ChristianiFrancis Ricardo Christiani
C Christidis
A ChristieArchibald Christie
AEW ChristieAlbert Ernest William Christie
AJ ChristieArchibald John Christie
CJ ChristieCharles John Christie
CT ChristieCecil T Christie
CT ChristieCecil Thomas Christie
CW ChristieCharles William Christie
D ChristieDavid Christie
DAA ChristieDavid Arthur Ashton Christie
DM ChristieDonald Murdoch Christie
DM ChristieDonald Murdock Christie
EC ChristieEvin Cecil Christie
EJ ChristieEarle Jonas Christie
EW ChristieEdgar Watchorn Christie
F ChristieFred Christie
FA Christie
FP ChristieFrederick Percy Christie
FS Christie
GL ChristieGeorge Llewellyn Christie
HD ChristieHume Douglas Christie
HG Christie
HL ChristieHarold Leonard Christie
HL ChristieHenry Lawrence Christie
HU ChristieHugh Uriah Christie
IH ChristieIrving Huntley Christie
J ChristieJames Christie
J ChristieJohn Christie
JB Christie
JH Christie
JJ ChristieJohn James Christie
JM ChristieJohn MacDougall Christie
JR ChristieJohn Robertson Christie
JR ChristieJohn Roxborough Christie
LH Christie
MG ChristieMalcolm G. Christie
MG ChristieMalcolm Graham Christie
MG ChristieMalcolm Grahame Christie
NC Christie
R ChristieRobert Christie
RF Christie
RFS ChristieRobert Francis Sanderson Christie
RFS ChristieRobert Francis Saunderson Christie
TDM ChristieThomas Douglas Morton Christie
THA ChristieTom Hay Alexander Christie
W ChristieWilliam Christie
WL Christie
AC ChristisanAllan Curtis Christisan
D Christison
JM ChristisonJames M Christison
CA ChristmasCharles Aubrey Christmas
E ChristmasEric Christmas
EC Christmas
EH ChristmasEdward Hayward Christmas
EJ ChristmasErnest John Christmas
FG ChristmasFrederick Gordon Christmas
H ChristmasHerbert Christmas
JH ChristmasJohn Henry Christmas
RA Christmas
SW ChristmasSidney Weldon Christmas
F Christolow
C ChristopherCharles Christopher
H Christopher
L ChristopherLewis Christopher
JF ChristophersonJohn F Christopherson
JF ChristophersonJohn Fuller Christopherson
P ChristophersonPaul Christopherson
CO ChristransenCharles O Christransen
RG ChristyRoland Gilbert Christy
J ChrystalJames Chrystal
WS ChrystalWilliam Stevenson Chrystal
AJ Chrystall
AJL ChrystallAugustus John Lee Chrystall
ACR ChubbAustin Cecil Rooke Chubb
EGT ChubbErnest Gerald Trelawny Chubb
HP ChubbHenry Percival Chubb
HW ChubbHenry Walter Chubb
JA ChubbJohn Anthony Chubb
PB ChubbPhilip Bernard Chubb
PG ChubbPercy G Chubb
JE ChubbockJames Ernest Chubbock
S ChudleighSydney Chudleigh
AWT ChudleyAlfred William Tonkin Chudley
FJ ChudleyFredk John Chudley
A Church
AG Church
AH ChurchAllan Harrison Church
AVW ChurchAlfred Victor Wallace Church
BH ChurchBasil Hampden Church
BH ChurchBrasil Hampden Church
CH ChurchClifford Henry Church
CJ ChurchCalvin James Church
CU ChurchCharles Underwood Church
E ChurchErnest Church
EH ChurchErnest Henry Church
EJ ChurchErnest John Church
FJ ChurchFrederick James Church
FW ChurchFrederick Walter Church
GRM Church
H Church
HB ChurchHenry Baden Church
HMS ChurchHorace Major Scrimshire Church
J Church
JG ChurchJohn G Church
JH ChurchJames Haslem Church
JR Church
LG Church
MG ChurchMaxwell Gordon Church
MH Church
RM ChurchRose Maria Church
SA ChurchStanley Adams Church
SS ChurchStanley Spencer Church
TS ChurchThomas S Church
DW Churchard
AEC ChurcherAlbert E C Churcher
AEC ChurcherAlbert Emanuel Colin Churcher
CW ChurcherCharles William Churcher
E ChurcherEdgar Churcher
GC Churcher
GM ChurcherGeorge M Churcher
JE ChurcherJohn E Churcher
LG ChurcherLawrence Geoffrey Churcher
TMF ChurcherThomas Molyneux Findlay Churcher
HJ ChurchhillHenry James Churchhill
A ChurchillArnold Churchill
A ChurchillArthur Churchill
AJ Churchill
C Churchill
CA ChurchillCecil Amey Churchill
CE Churchill
CMS ChurchillCharles Montague Salisbury Churchill
E ChurchillEdgar Churchill
F Churchill
GF Churchill
J ChurchillJames Churchill
J ChurchillJohn Churchill
JH Churchill
LD ChurchillLawrence Dyer Churchill
NW ChurchillNorman Winston Churchill
W ChurchillWilliam Churchill
WM ChurchillWalter Myers Churchill
WV Churchill-LongmanWalter Valentine Churchill-Longman
CG Churchill-Woodman
AR ChurchmanAlan Robert Churchman
FC ChurchmanFredk C Churchman
H ChurchmanHarold Churchman
GD ChurchwardGerald Dandas Churchward
GD ChurchwardGerald Dundas Churchward
HA ChurchwardHubert Alan Churchward
HA ChurchwardHubert Alson Churchward
HR Churchward
PJ Churley
CR ChurnCharles Reginald Churn
JH ChurnsideJohn H Churnside
JCP ChurtonJoseph Cecil Percival Churton
EL ChuteEdward Lennard Chute
HA ChuterHarry Athelstan Chuter
JW ChuterJohn William Chuter
MW ChutmanMaurice W Chutman
H ChyteHenry Chyte
FJ Cid
GJ CilliersGabriel Jules Cilliers
GP CilliersGabriel Pieter Cilliers
AN Cilling
WJ Cinnick
H Cirke
C CitroenCosman Citroen
DS ClabourDonald Smithson Clabour
EP ClaceyErnest Philip Clacey
ET Clacey
AR ClacherAllan Redvers Clacher
HD ClacherHector David Clacher
AE ClackAlbert E Clack
AE ClackAlbert Edward Clack
CGR ClackChristopher G R Clack
CR Clack
EA Clack
LA ClackLeslie Alan Clack
S Clack
SJD ClackSamuel James Ducllillo Clack
WH Clack
DL ClacksonDavid Lawrence Clackson
HG ClacyHenry George Clacy
F CladingbolFrederick Cladingbol
WW Cladingbowl
SL CladishStephen L Cladish
SL CladishStephen Leonard Cladish
R Cladman
JM Cladwell
R ClagneRobert Clagne
AT ClagueAlbert Taylor Clague
GF Clague
CJ Clair
HS ClairHugh St Clair
JA Clairmont
JWF ClakeJames William Forsyth Clake
HC Claman
G Clamp
WC Clampett
WH ClampittWilliam H Clampitt
HA ClanahanHugh Alexander Clanahan
E Clancey
EC ClanceyEdward Clifford Clancey
F ClancyFrederick Clancy
H ClancyHarry Clancy
M ClancyMartin Clancy
R ClancyRichard Clancy
RP Clancy
WD ClancyWilliam D. Clancy
JM Clanek
AJ Clapham
G ClaphamGeoffrey Clapham
GH Clapham
RS ClaphamRichard Spencer Clapham
S ClaphamStanley Clapham
T Clapham
FM Clapp
OW ClappOwen Wilson Clapp
RL ClappRoss Lee Clapp
DW ClappenDonald William Clappen
DW ClappenDonald Wm Clappen
CR ClappertonCharles R Clapperton
CR ClappertonCharles Reginald Clapperton
E Clapperton
FP ClappertonFrederic Percy Clapperton
HI ClappertonHarold Irving Clapperton
JF/JT ClappertonJ F [or J T] Clapperton
NW Clapperton
WM ClappertonWalter Mase Clapperton
WM ClappertonWalter Mervil Clapperton
AC Clappison
HG ClappisonHenry Gordon Clappison
EJA ClapshawErnest James Aquila Clapshaw
AT Claque
CW ClarabutCecil Wilfred Clarabut
PG ClarabutPercy George Clarabut
AE ClareAlbert E Clare
AW ClareAlfred W Clare
AW ClareAlfred Ward Clare
B ClareBertie Clare
C Clare
CW ClareCharles William Clare
E Clare
F ClareFrederick Clare
G ClareGeorge Clare
H ClareHenry Clare
PR ClarePhilip Ralph Clare
S ClareSamuel Clare
SG Clare
T ClareThomas Clare
V Clare
WL Clare
WSN ClareWalter Shackfield Newton Clare
LE ClaremontLewis Edmund Claremont
LE ClaremontLouis Edmund Claremont
L ClarenceLionel Clarence
W Clarendon
W ClareyWilliam Clarey
LV ClariageLionel V Clariage
FR ClaridgeFrancis Reginald Claridge
LV ClaridgeLeonard V Claridge
LV ClaridgeLionel Victor Claridge
RH Claridge
W ClaridgeWalter Claridge
SD ClarisSydney Dunstan Claris
A ClarkAlbert Clark
A ClarkAlexander Clark
A ClarkAlfred Clark
A ClarkAndrew Clark
A ClarkArthur Clark
AB ClarkAlgernon Basil Clark
AC ClarkArthur Cyril Clark
AE ClarkAlbert E Clark
AE ClarkAlbert Edward Clark
AF ClarkArthur Frederick Clark
AFV ClarkArthur Frederick Venables Clark
AG ClarkAlexander G. Clark
AG ClarkAlexander Gilbert Clark
AG ClarkAlexander Goodlet Clark
AG ClarkAlexander Gordon Clark
AG ClarkAlexander Graham Clark
AG ClarkAllen George Clark
AG ClarkArthur G Clark
AGH Clark
AJ ClarkAdrian John Clark
AJ ClarkAlexander James Clark
AJ ClarkAlfred John Clark
AJL Clark
AL ClarkAllan Leslie Clark
AR ClarkAlec Ralph Clark
AR ClarkAlex Ralph Clark
AS ClarkArchibald Stewart Clark
AV Clark
AW ClarkAlbert William Clark
AW ClarkAlexander Wilson Clark
AW ClarkAlfred William Clark
AW ClarkArthur William Clark
B ClarkBernard Clark
BD ClarkBruce Davidson Clark
BE ClarkBernard Edward Clark
BH ClarkBryan Harry Clark
C ClarkCharles Clark
CA ClarkChester Arthur Clark
CA ClarkCyril Arthur Clark
CB ClarkCable Boville Clark
CB ClarkCecil Beauchamp Clark
CC ClarkCecil Christian Clark
CC ClarkClifford Claude Clark
CCA/A ClarkCecil Charles Arthur [or Alfred] Clark
CD ClarkCharles David Clark
CD ClarkCharles Douglas Clark
CDH Clark
CG ClarkCharles George Clark
CG ClarkChristopher George Clark
CH ClarkCecil Herbert Clark
CH ClarkCharles H Clark
CH ClarkClaude Hetherington Clark
CJ ClarkCecil James Clark
CJR Clark
CW ClarkCharles W Clark
CWA ClarkCharles William Arthur Clark
D ClarkDavid Clark
D ClarkDonald Clark
DdB ClarkDavid de Brassey Clark
DG ClarkDavid Goodlet Clark
DGP ClarkDonald George Pitcher Clark
DH Clark
DHB ClarkDonald Hugh Berrow Clark
DJS ClarkDuncan James Sidney Clark
E ClarkEdward Clark
E ClarkEdwin Clark
E ClarkEirtle Clark
E ClarkEllen Clark
E ClarkErnest Clark
EA ClarkEric Alan Clark
EA ClarkEric Allison Clark
EC ClarkE Charles Clark
EC ClarkEdwin C Clark
EC ClarkEirtle Charles Clark
EF ClarkEric Foster Clark
EFW Clark
EH ClarkEdward Henry Clark
EJ ClarkErnest John Clark
EJR Clark
EM ClarkErnest Mayo Clark
EM ClarkErnest Montague Clark
ES ClarkErnest Sandford Clark
ES ClarkErnest Stanley Clark
EV ClarkErnest Vaughan Clark
F ClarkFrederick Clark
FA ClarkFrederick A Clark
FC ClarkFrank Cecil Clark
FC ClarkFrederic Charles Clark
FCE Clark
FD ClarkFrank Dudley Clark
FG Clark
FK ClarkFrank Kine Clark
FL ClarkFrank Leonard Clark
FM ClarkFrederick Merrill Clark
FN ClarkFrank Nelham Clark
FR ClarkFred Ruskin Clark
FS ClarkFrederick Sloan Clark
FW ClarkFrancis W Clark
FW ClarkFrederick Walton Clark
FW ClarkFrederick William Clark
FWP ClarkFred William Percival Clark
FWP ClarkFrederick William Percival Clark
G ClarkGeorge Clark
G ClarkGerald Clark
GA ClarkGeorge Alvin Clark
GA ClarkGerald Ambrose Clark
GCD ClarkGeorge Courtney Dell Clark
GD ClarkGeorge Dall Clark
GE ClarkGeorge Edwin Clark
GF ClarkGeorge Frederick Clark
GH ClarkGavin H Clark
GM ClarkGeoffrey Meeker Clark
GM ClarkGeorge Melbourne Clark
GP Clark
GRF Clark
GS ClarkGeorge Savage Clark
GT ClarkGeorge Taylor Clark
GW ClarkGeorge W Clark
GW ClarkGeorge Wilson Clark
H ClarkHarry Clark
H ClarkHenry Clark
H ClarkHerbert Clark
H ClarkHorace Clark
H ClarkHoward Clark
H ClarkHugh Clark
HA Clark
HE ClarkHarry Edward Clark
HEF ClarkHubert Erland Fordyce Clark
HF ClarkHarold Fred Clark
HG ClarkHenry George Clark
HGE ClarkHubert George Edward Clark
HH ClarkHenry H Clark
HH ClarkHenry Herbert Clark
HJ ClarkHarold Joseph Clark
HJ ClarkHenry James Clark
HJ ClarkHugh James Clark
HLN Clark
HLU ClarkHenry Laurence Urling Clark
HLU ClarkHenry Lawrence Urling Clark
HT ClarkHarry Thomas Clark
HT ClarkHerbert Thomas Clark
HV ClarkHerbert Victor Clark
HV ClarkHubert Victor Clark
HW ClarkHarold Wesley Clark
J ClarkJames Clark
J ClarkJohn Clark
J ClarkJoseph Clark
JA ClarkJohn Alfred Clark
JB ClarkJohn Bradshaw Clark
JC ClarkJohn Clements Clark
JF ClarkJohn F Clark
JF ClarkJohn Frederick Clark
JFV Clark
JG ClarkJohn George Clark
JH ClarkJames Herbert Clark
JH ClarkJames Hyatt Clark
JH ClarkJohn Henry Clark
JHE ClarkJohn Heriot Earle Clark
JM ClarkJames Mathieson Clark
JN ClarkJames Nelson Clark
JP ClarkJesse Peters Clark
JP ClarkJohn Percival Clark
JR Clark
JS ClarkJames S Clark
JS ClarkJames Stewart Clark
JS ClarkJohn Stewart Clark
JT ClarkJohn T Clark
JW ClarkJames W Clark
JW ClarkJames Winterbourne Clark
JW ClarkJohn Westwick Clark
JW ClarkJohn William Clark
JWG ClarkJoseph William Greig Clark
JWR ClarkJ W Russell Clark
KG Clark
KM ClarkKarl Moulton Clark
KWP Clark
L ClarkLedlie Clark
L ClarkLeonard Clark
LA ClarkLeonard Ambrose Clark
LA ClarkLionel Alfred Clark
LF ClarkLaurence Fraser Clark
LH Clark
LHD Clark
LK ClarkLeonard Kimberley Clark
LL ClarkLyonel Latimer Clark
LT ClarkLewis Thompson Clark
LVV Clark
LVW ClarkLeslie Vincent Woodhouse Clark
LW ClarkLeonard Weaver Clark
M Clark
MC Clark
MG Clark
MGB ClarkMarmaduke Guthrie Bartlett Clark
MJ ClarkMatthew John Clark
MJ ClarkMervyn John Clark
MN Clark
MW ClarkMontagu William Clark
MW ClarkMontague William Clark
N ClarkNeil Clark
N ClarkNorman Clark
NF Clark
NHA ClarkNorman Henry Augustus Clark
NJ Clark
NJC ClarkNorman James Campbell Clark
NM Clark
OC ClarkOliver Charles Clark
P ClarkPatrick Clark
PA Clark
PJ Clark
R ClarkRichard Clark
R ClarkRobert Clark
R ClarkRonaldson Clark
RA ClarkRobert Alfred Clark
RAG ClarkRobert Arthur Granville Clark
RAR ClarkRonald Arthur Ronaldson Clark
RB ClarkReginald Burton Clark
RC Clark
RE ClarkRoland Elam Clark
RF ClarkRobert FitzGerald Clark
RG ClarkReginald George Clark
RJ ClarkRobert J Clark
RJ ClarkRobert John Clark
RJJ Clark
RL ClarkRobert Leeuwin Clark
RN Clark
RO ClarkReginald Olney Clark
RO/O ClarkRobert Othe [or Olthe] Clark
RS ClarkRobert Stewart Clark
RV ClarkRoland Victor Clark
S ClarkStanley Clark
SA ClarkSidney Arthur Clark
SB Clark
SD ClarkSmith Duval Clark
SE Clark
SF Clark
SH ClarkSidney Harold Clark
SJD Clark
SJWR Clark
SO ClarkStanley Oliver Clark
SR ClarkStanley Robert Clark
SW ClarkSidney Wilfred Clark
T ClarkThomas Clark
TA ClarkThomas Arthur Clark
TH Clark
TW ClarkThomas W Clark
VAJ ClarkVictor Albert Jarvis Clark
VP ClarkVivian Pretorius Clark
VW Clark
W ClarkWalter Clark
W ClarkWilliam Clark
WA ClarkWilfred Arnold Clark
WB ClarkWilliam Bertram Clark
WB ClarkWilliam Bolton Clark
WC ClarkWilliam Cecil Clark
WC ClarkWilliam Charles Clark
WD ClarkWilliam D Clark
WD ClarkWilliam Danpure Clark
WE ClarkWilliam E Clark
WE ClarkWilliam Edwin Clark
WEC ClarkWilliam Edmond C Clark
WED ClarkWalter Erskine David Clark
WEN ClarkWilliam Edgar Noel Clark
WF ClarkWilliam Footner Clark
WF ClarkWilliam Freeman Clark
WG ClarkWilfred George Clark
WH ClarkWilliam H Clark
WH ClarkWilliam Henry Clark
WJ ClarkWalter J Clark
WJ ClarkWilliam J Clark
WJ ClarkWilliam John Clark
WL ClarkWalter Llewellyn Clark
WL ClarkWilliam Lee Clark
WN ClarkWilliam N Clark
WNC ClarkWilliam Norman Clifton Clark
WR ClarkWalter Roland Clark
WS Clark
WS/WR ClarkW S [or W R] Clark
WW Clark
WWD Clark
Y Clark
A ClarkeAbbott Clarke
A ClarkeAlbert Clarke
A ClarkeAlexander Clarke
A ClarkeAlfred Clarke
A ClarkeAmos Clarke
A ClarkeArnold Clarke
A ClarkeArthur Clarke
ABM ClarkeArthur B M Clarke
AC ClarkeAlexander C. Clarke
AC ClarkeAlexander Cecil Clarke
ACB Clarke
AD ClarkeAlan Douglas Clarke
AE Clarke
AFG Clarke
AG ClarkeA Graham Clarke
AG ClarkeAllan Graham Clarke
AGHN Clarke
AH Clarke
AHP ClarkeArthur Henry Penkivil Clarke
AJ ClarkeAlfred John Clarke
AJH Clarke
AJM ClarkeAlfred John Michell Clarke
AL ClarkeAlfred Leslie Clarke
AR Clarke
ARE Clarke
ARS ClarkeA R Stanley Clarke
ARS ClarkeArthur Ramsay Stanley Clarke
AS ClarkeAlfred Stanley Clarke
AV ClarkeAlbert Victor Clarke
AW ClarkeAlfred William Clarke
AW ClarkeAnthony William Clarke
AWP Clarke
B ClarkeBenjamin Clarke
BD ClarkeBruce Davidson Clarke
BF Clarke
BH ClarkeBernard Henry Clarke
BL ClarkeBenjamin Lewis Clarke
BM Clarke
C ClarkeCecil Clarke
C ClarkeCharles Clarke
C ClarkeCyril Clarke
CA Clarke
CB Clarke
CC ClarkeClive Carrington Clarke
CD ClarkeCharles Dougan Clarke
CE ClarkeCharles Edward Clarke
CF ClarkeCecil Frederick Clarke
CF ClarkeCharles F Clarke
CG Clarke
CGStTJ Clarke
CH ClarkeCecil Herbert Clarke
CH ClarkeChristopher Hosegood Clarke
CH ClarkeClaude Hamilton Clarke
CHL ClarkeClaud Hamilton Law Clarke
CHL ClarkeClaude Hamilton Law Clarke
CHW ClarkeCecil Harry Wreford Clarke
CJ ClarkeCecil John Clarke
CR ClarkeCharles Russell Clarke
CRB ClarkeCecil Richard Burns Clarke
CRG Clarke
CS ClarkeCharles Sidney Clarke
CT ClarkeCyril Thomas Clarke
CV ClarkeClarence Victor Clarke
CWH Clarke
D ClarkeDonald Clarke
D ClarkeDouglas Clarke
DA Clarke
DS ClarkeDennis Seymour Clarke
DW ClarkeDudley Wrangel Clarke
E ClarkeEdgar Clarke
E ClarkeEdwin Clarke
E ClarkeErnest Clarke
EA ClarkeEdward Adams Clarke
EC ClarkeEdwin Cedric Clarke
ECA ClarkeErnest Charles Albert Clarke
ECG Clarke
ECH ClarkeErnest Charles Hill Clarke
ED ClarkeEdward Denman Clarke
EE ClarkeEdward Ernest Clarke
EE ClarkeEdwin Ewart Clarke
EF ClarkeEdward Frank Clarke
EG ClarkeErnest George Clarke
EGH ClarkeEdward George Harris Clarke
EH ClarkeEdwin Harold Clarke
EH ClarkeEric Hugh Clarke
EH ClarkeErnest Henry Clarke
EJ ClarkeErnest John Clarke
EL ClarkeEdward Lawrence Clarke
EO Clarke
ES ClarkeErnest Sidney Clarke
ES ClarkeErnest Stanley Clarke
ESB Clarke
ET Clarke
EW ClarkeErnest W Clarke
EW ClarkeErnest William Clarke
EW ClarkeEverett Windall Clarke
F ClarkeFrancis Clarke
F ClarkeFrank Clarke
F ClarkeFranklin Clarke
F ClarkeFred Clarke
F ClarkeFrederick Clarke
FA Clarke
FAT ClarkeFred A T Clarke
FB ClarkeFrank Bromwich Clarke
FB ClarkeFrank Bromwick Clarke
FC ClarkeFrank Cecil Clarke
FCE ClarkeFrancis Charles Erlin Clarke
FD ClarkeFrederick Dodge Clarke
FE Clarke
FEK Clarke
FH ClarkeFrancis H Clarke
FH ClarkeFrancis Henry Clarke
FH ClarkeFred Henry Clarke
FL ClarkeFrank Langdon Clarke
FM ClarkeFrancis Maurice Clarke
FP ClarkeFrederick Percival Clarke
FS Clarke
FT ClarkeFrederick Thomas Clarke
FW ClarkeFrederick Wellesby Clarke
FW ClarkeFrederick Wellesley Clarke
G ClarkeGerald Clarke
G ClarkeGodfrey Clarke
GC Clarke
GF Clarke
GH ClarkeGeorge Harold Clarke
GH ClarkeGeorge Hector Clarke
GH ClarkeGeorge Henry Clarke
GL ClarkeGeorge Lewis Clarke
GM ClarkeGeorge Malcolm Clarke
GN Clarke
GR ClarkeGeorge Ronald Clarke
GRF ClarkeGeorge Rice Francis Clarke
GS ClarkeGeoffrey Somers Clarke
GTS ClarkeGeorge Thomas Smith Clarke
GW ClarkeGeorge William Clarke
GWF ClarkeGerald Wilfred Francis Clarke
GWT ClarkeGerald Wilfred Thomas Clarke
H ClarkeHarold Clarke
H ClarkeHenry Clarke
H ClarkeHerbert Clarke
HA ClarkeHubert Arthur Clarke
HB ClarkeHarold Bruce Clarke
HC ClarkeHenry Charles Clarke
HD ClarkeHorace D Clarke
HE ClarkeHarold Enoch Clarke
HF Clarke
HG ClarkeHarold George Clarke
HG ClarkeHenry G Clarke
HGC Clarke
HGE Clarke
HH ClarkeHenry Harold Clarke
HH ClarkeHerbert Howroyd Clarke
HJ Clarke
HJE Clarke
HL Clarke
HM Clarke
HNG ClarkeHenry Nightingale George Clarke
HO Clarke
HP ClarkeHerbert Palmer Clarke
HR ClarkeHenry Richard Clarke
HS ClarkeHenry Standen Clarke
HT Clarke
HW ClarkeHarry William Clarke
HW ClarkeHenry Waldon Clarke
HW ClarkeHenry William Clarke
HW ClarkeHubert Wilton Clarke
HYC ClarkeHorace Yelverton Chatfeild Clarke
I Clarke
INC ClarkeIrwin Napier Colin Clarke
IW ClarkeIra Wallace Clarke
J ClarkeJohn Clarke
J ClarkeJoseph Clarke
JA ClarkeJohn Alfred Clarke
JC ClarkeJohn Cassell Clarke
JC ClarkeJohn Colin Clarke
JCO ClarkeJames C Oswald Clarke
JD ClarkeJames Douglas Clarke
JD ClarkeJohn Daniel Clarke
JE ClarkeJohn Ernest Clarke
JF ClarkeJoseph Frederick Clarke
JFV Clarke
JG Clarke
JH Clarke
JHW ClarkeJohn Henry Williamson Clarke
JJ ClarkeJohn Joseph Clarke
JJC Clarke
JK ClarkeJohn Kingham Clarke
JK ClarkeJohn Kinghan Clarke
JLFR ClarkeJohn Lewis Frederick Roberts Clarke
JM ClarkeJack Modder Clarke
JN Clarke
JO Clarke
JP Clarke
JR ClarkeJames Russell Clarke
JS ClarkeJohn S Clarke
JS ClarkeJohn Stanley Clarke
JS ClarkeJoseph Stanley Clarke
JW ClarkeJohn W Clarke
JW ClarkeJohn Walter Clarke
JW ClarkeJohn Wesley Clarke
KH Clarke
L ClarkeLeonard Clarke
L ClarkeLeslie Clarke
L/LF ClarkeLeir [or Levi Frederick] Clarke
LA Clarke
LB ClarkeLeonard Bryant Clarke
LF ClarkeLeonard Frederick Clarke
LF ClarkeLevi Frederick Clarke
LG ClarkeLawrence George Clarke
LL Clarke
LP ClarkeLionel Percy Clarke
LS ClarkeLeonard Samuel Clarke
MD ClarkeMaurice Dudley Clarke
N Clarke
NC ClarkeNorman Cecil Clarke
NF ClarkeNathaniel Fuhrmann Clarke
NF ClarkeNathaniel Futermann Clarke
NH ClarkeNigel Honiss Clarke
NJH Clarke
NP Clarke
NV ClarkeNeville Victor Clarke
NV ClarkeNicholas Vincent Clarke
OF ClarkeOliver Fielding Clarke
OW ClarkeOwen William Clarke
P ClarkePatrick Clarke
P ClarkePeter Clarke
PE ClarkePhilip Ebenezer Clarke
PH ClarkePaul Humphrey Clarke
PH ClarkePhilip Harwood Clarke
PJJ Clarke
PS ClarkePeter Seymour Clarke
R ClarkeReginald Clarke
R ClarkeRichard Clarke
RA ClarkeReginald Alexander Clarke
RA ClarkeRichard Alfred Clarke
RAR Clarke
RB ClarkeRalph Butler Clarke
RBG Clarke
RC ClarkeReginald Calley Clarke
RE ClarkeRonald Edwin Clarke
RG ClarkeRichard Gooding Clarke
RG ClarkeRobert G Clarke
RH ClarkeRichard Herbert Clarke
RH ClarkeRobert H Clarke
RJJ ClarkeRenel John Joseph Clarke
RL Clarke
RO Clarke
RP ClarkeRoy Percy Clarke
RSH ClarkeRobert St H Clarke
RStH ClarkeRobert St Hill Clarke
RW Clarke
S ClarkeSamuel Clarke
S ClarkeStanley Clarke
SA ClarkeSamuel Aaron Clarke
SA ClarkeSidney Alfred Clarke
SdeV Clarke
SdV ClarkeStanley de Villiers Clarke
SH ClarkeSidney Herbert Clarke
SH ClarkeSydney Herbert Clarke
SHR ClarkeSamuel Henry Rendall Clarke
SL ClarkeStanley Leonard Clarke
SR Clarke
ST Clarke
T ClarkeThomas Clarke
T ClarkeTom Clarke
TA ClarkeThomas Adam Clarke
TA ClarkeThomas Arthur Clarke
TB Clarke
TF ClarkeThomas Fulton Clarke
TH ClarkeThomas Hughes Clarke
TSGL ClarkeTrevor St George Leigh Clarke
UB ClarkeUriah Barwell Clarke
VG Clarke
VH Clarke
W ClarkeWalter Clarke
W ClarkeWilliam Clarke
WB ClarkeWilliam Briggs Clarke
WB ClarkeWilliam Bulter Clarke
WBR ClarkeWilliam Bruce Robert Clarke
WBW ClarkeWarwick Basil Welby Clarke
WBW ClarkeWarwick Basil Willby Clarke
WC ClarkeWalter C Clarke
WC ClarkeWilliam C Clarke
WD ClarkeWilliam Donald Clarke
WE ClarkeWilliam Edward Clarke
WF ClarkeWilliam Frank Clarke
WF ClarkeWilliam Furniss Clarke
WG ClarkeWilliam George Clarke
WH ClarkeWilliam H Clarke
WH ClarkeWilliam Harold Clarke
WH ClarkeWilliam Henry Clarke
WJ Clarke
WLC ClarkeWilliam Lionel Chipley Clarke
WOF Clarke
WR ClarkeWilfred Randall Clarke
WRB ClarkeWilliam Robert Bruce Clarke
WW ClarkeWilliam W Clarke
WWE ClarkeWilliam Wymark Ernest Clarke
RH Clark-HallRobert Hamilton Clark-Hall
A ClarksonAlbert Clarkson
AT Clarkson
BB ClarksonBenjamin Bonner Clarkson
C ClarksonChristopher Clarkson
CG Clarkson
E ClarksonErnest Clarkson
EA Clarkson
ES ClarksonEdward Stanley Clarkson
FG ClarksonFrancis Grimsdick Clarkson
GB Clarkson
GT ClarksonGeorge Thomas Clarkson
H ClarksonHarold Clarkson
H ClarksonHenry Clarkson
HK Clarkson
HR ClarksonHubert Reginald Clarkson
HS Clarkson
J ClarksonJohn Clarkson
JW ClarksonJames William Clarkson
LB ClarksonLeonard Bowes Clarkson
N ClarksonNorman Clarkson
NC Clarkson
NT ClarksonNorman Thomas Clarkson
R ClarksonRobert Clarkson
RM ClarksonRichard Milroy Clarkson
T ClarksonThomas Clarkson
TC ClarksonThomas Cooke Clarkson
W ClarksonWilliam Clarkson
WE ClarksonWilliam Ewart Clarkson
WG Clarkson
WH ClarksonWalter Howard Clarkson
YG Clarkson
AC ClarryAlbert Cecil Clarry
AE Clarry
TG ClarsonThomas Guy Clarson
H Clarstone
JA Clary
W ClaryWilliam Clary
EC ClassonEric Carter Classon
W Clasy
AR Clatcher
WE Clatworthy
JP Claude'SewellJohn Percy Claude'Sewell
BJA ClaudetBerham John Antoine Claudet
BJA ClaudetBertram John Antoine Claudet
J Claudet
J ClaughtonJohn Claughton
AH ClausonAlbert Harold Clauson
MW ClautingMorter W Clauting
CG Clave
AW Claverley
GE ClaveyGordon Ernest Clavey
DV ClawsonDavid Victor Clawson
B ClaxtonBertie Claxton
EH ClaxtonErnest H Claxton
EW ClaxtonErnest W Claxton
JO ClaxtonJames Oscar Claxton
WG ClaxtonWilliam Gordon Claxton
AB ClayArthur Bryan Clay
B ClayBertie Clay
BA ClayBarnard A Clay
BA ClayBernard Augustine Clay
CE Clay
CW ClayCharles W Clay
E ClayEdward Clay
E ClayErnest Clay
EB Clay
F ClayFrank Clay
HFS Clay
HR ClayHerbert Roy Clay
HS Clay
J ClayJohn Clay
JA Clay
JH ClayJohn Harris Clay
JR Clay
N Clay
NA ClayNorman Andrew Clay
RA ClayRalph Arden Clay
RH ClayRichard Hemsley Clay
RR ClayRoy Richard Clay
S Clay
SA ClaySydney Albert Clay
VA Clay
W ClayWalter Clay
WA Clay
C ClaydenCecil Clayden
FJS ClaydenFrancis Joseph Staff Clayden
HA Clayden
A ClaydonArthur Claydon
AG ClaydonAlbert Gladstone Claydon
CF Claydon
E ClaydonErnest Claydon
EHN ClaydonErwin Hugh Neville Claydon
FC Claydon
GF Claydon
HA ClaydonHarold Alfred Claydon
HA ClaydonHarry A Claydon
S Claydon
WA ClaydonWilfred A Claydon
WE Claydon
CG ClayeCharles Geoffrey Claye
H ClayeHugh Claye
AJ Clayne
GA Claypham
GA ClayphanGeorge Alfred Clayphan
AL Clayson
FE ClaysonFrederick Edward Clayson
JJ Clayson
PA ClaysonPhilip Arthur Clayson
PJ Clayson
RC Clayson
A ClaytonAlfred Clayton
A ClaytonArthur Clayton
AG ClaytonAlbert G Clayton
AG ClaytonAlbert George Clayton
AH Clayton
AJ Clayton
AJH ClaytonArthur John Hamblin Clayton
AV ClaytonAlbert V Clayton
B Clayton
BC ClaytonBrian Charles Clayton
CC ClaytonCharles Cyril Clayton
CJ ClaytonCecil John Clayton
CV ClaytonCharles Vaughan Clayton
D ClaytonDavid Clayton
DC Clayton
E Clayton
EA Clayton
EC Clayton
EH ClaytonEdward Harold Clayton
EHN Clayton
EJ ClaytonErnest James Clayton
ER ClaytonEdward Reay Clayton
F ClaytonFrederick Clayton
FBS ClaytonFrank Basil Stewart Clayton
FD ClaytonFrank Douglas Clayton
G ClaytonGeorge Clayton
GE ClaytonGeorge E Clayton
GF Clayton
GH ClaytonGeorge Henry Clayton
H ClaytonHarold Clayton
H ClaytonHarvey Clayton
H ClaytonHerbert Clayton
HF Clayton
HW ClaytonHoward Wilfred Clayton
J ClaytonJames Clayton
J ClaytonJohn Clayton
JA ClaytonJohn A Clayton
JA ClaytonJohn Alfred Clayton
JE ClaytonJohn Edward Clayton
JF ClaytonJohn Frederick Clayton
JG ClaytonJames Gillespie Clayton
JH Clayton
JHA ClaytonJoseph Henry Arthur Clayton
JL ClaytonJohn Lionel Clayton
JS ClaytonJohn Stamford Clayton
KE ClaytonKenneth Edward Clayton
KE ClaytonKenrick E Clayton
L ClaytonLuther Clayton
LA ClaytonLionel A. Clayton
LA ClaytonLionel Arthur Clayton
M ClaytonMervyn Clayton
N ClaytonNorman Clayton
O ClaytonOwen Clayton
P ClaytonPeter Clayton
PF ClaytonPercy Frederick Clayton
R ClaytonRoscoe Clayton
RC ClaytonRobert Cecil Clayton
RE Clayton
RG ClaytonRonald Grimshaw Clayton
RJM Clayton
RW Clayton
S ClaytonSmith Clayton
TB ClaytonTempest Baden Clayton
TL ClaytonThomas Lawrence Clayton
W ClaytonWilliam Clayton
WB ClaytonWilliam B Clayton
WBM ClaytonWilliam Benjamin Martin Clayton
WDE ClaytonWilliam Douglas Edward Clayton
WJ ClaytonWilliam J Clayton
WM ClaytonWilliam Mann Clayton
H Clayton-WrightHoward Clayton-Wright
KF CleallKenneth Francis Cleall
SH CleallSidney Herbert Cleall
A ClearArnold Clear
EA ClearEdwin Arnold Clear
HL Clear
JS Clear
AJ CleareAlbert John Cleare
JD ClearwaterJames Donald Clearwater
LB Clearwater
OH ClearwaterOren Harold Clearwater
F ClearyFrank Cleary
MH ClearyMichael Hugh Cleary
R ClearyRaymond Cleary
RE ClearyRobert Ernest Cleary
T Cleary
TS ClearyThomas Sydney Cleary
WF Cleary
WJ CleasbyWilliam Joseph Cleasby
W CleasleyWilliam Cleasley
A CleaveArthur Cleave
PH CleavePercival Henry Cleave
R CleaveRaymond Cleave
SP Cleave
WE Cleave
CT CleaverCharles Thornton Cleaver
D CleaverDigby Cleaver
DC CleaverDigby Crunden Cleaver
EA CleaverEric Arnold Cleaver
EB CleaverErnest B Cleaver
F CleaverFrank Cleaver
FC CleaverFrederick Canning Cleaver
FC CleaverThe Rev. Frederick Canning Cleaver
FH CleaverFrederick Holden Cleaver
FH CleaverFrederick. H. Cleaver
FP CleaverFrank Percival Cleaver
GE CleaverGeorge Ernest Cleaver
HG CleaverHorace Gregory Cleaver
HH Cleaver
JW CleaverJohn William Cleaver
KC CleaverKenneth C. Cleaver
KC CleaverKenneth Crunden Cleaver
MTF CleaverMaurice Travers Frederick Cleaver
Ralph Cleaver
V CleaverVivian Cleaver
CL CleburneClaude Louis Cleburne
DH CleeDouglas Henry Clee
H Clee
WF CleeveWilliam Frederick Cleeve
H Cleever
OS ClefstadOren Samuel Clefstad
A CleggAlbert Clegg
AH CleggArchibald Hodgson Clegg
E Clegg
EA CleggErnest Arthur Clegg
EC CleggEdward Cocking Clegg
EC CleggEdward Cyril Clegg
ES CleggEric Stanley Clegg
ET Clegg
FW Clegg
GD CleggGeorge Dennis Clegg
GG Clegg
GW Clegg
H CleggHartley Clegg
H CleggHerbert Clegg
H CleggHorace Clegg
HB CleggHenry Bertram Clegg
HE Clegg
HJ CleggHarold J Clegg
HL CleggHarold Leonard Clegg
HWG CleggHenry W G Clegg
JH CleggJohn H Clegg
JL Clegg
KS Clegg
PB CleggPercy Bevan Clegg
R CleggRobert Clegg
RG Clegg
RL CleggRobert Leslie Clegg
RP CleggRiley Phillip Clegg
W CleggWillie Clegg
W CleggWilson Clegg
WE CleggWalter Edward Clegg
WH CleggWilliam Hastwell Clegg
GS Clegg HillGerald Spencer Clegg Hill
A CleghornAlexander Cleghorn
DB CleghornDavid Brotherston Cleghorn
DV Cleghorn
HJ Cleghorn
HS CleghornHerbert Stuart Cleghorn
IM CleghornIrving Murray Cleghorn
JAO Cleghorn
JS CleghornJohn Smith Cleghorn
WA CleghornWilliam Alex Cleghorn
WF CleghornWilliam Fulton Cleghorn
WG CleghornWilliam George Cleghorn
DP ClelandDavid P Cleland
DP ClelandDavid Picken Cleland
EM ClelandEdward McLean Cleland
EMcL Cleland
HR Cleland
JD ClelandJohn Douglas Cleland
JGP ClelandJohn George Paxton Cleland
JL ClelandJames Leiper Cleland
M ClelandMatthew Cleland
R ClelandRobert Cleland
RJ ClelandRobert John Cleland
WH Cleland
WJ Cleland
DM Cleland-HollambyD McD Cleland-Hollamby
DM Cleland-HollambyDouglas Macdonald Cleland-Hollamby
RC Cleland-HollambyReginald Charles Cleland-Hollamby
D Clelland
EH Clelland
HR ClellandHugh Robert Clelland
J ClellandJames Clelland
M Clelland
R ClellandRobert Clelland
HC ClemansHorace Cecil Clemans
JD ClemenceJohn Durham Clemence
LT ClemenceLionel Theodore Clemence
N ClemenceNorman Clemence
SH ClemenceSamuel Herbert Clemence
WV ClemenceWalter Vernon Clemence
WA ClemengerWilliam Albert Clemenger
EL ClemensEdmund L Clemens
HG ClemensHerbert Gordon Clemens
HS Clemens
J ClemensJohn Clemens
ST ClemensStephen Thomas Clemens
W ClemensWilliam Clemens
WE ClemensWillard Ewart Clemens
WE ClemensWilliard Ewart Clemens
WR ClemensWilliam Reginald Clemens
AV Clement
CM ClementCarleton Main Clement
CT ClementCharles Thomas Clement
DH ClementDonald Holt Clement
DW ClementDavid Ward Clement
EG ClementEmile Gustave Clement
FB Clement
FC Clement
GT Clement
HJ ClementHerbert John Clement
JF ClementJames Fergus Clement
JL Clement
LJ Clement
MJ ClementMartin James Clement
LSG Clement-ParkerLionel St George Clement-Parker
AG Clements
AH ClementsAlfred Henry Clements
AT ClementsAlexer T Clements
AV ClementsAlbert V Clements
C ClementsClifford Clements
CW Clements
CWA Clements
D ClementsDaniel Clements
DM ClementsDenis Murrey Clements
DW ClementsDavid W Clements
E Clements
EC ClementsEdward Cecil Clements
EJ ClementsErnest J Clements
EN ClementsEdward N Clements
EW Clements
EWF ClementsErnest William Frederick Clements
FB ClementsFrancis Bickerstaff Clements
FC ClementsFrederick Charles Clements
FS ClementsFrank Stone Clements
FW ClementsFrederic William Clements
H ClementsHarry Clements
HG ClementsHarris George Clements
HJ Clements
J ClementsJacob Clements
JB Clements
JBV ClementsJames Bruce Vaughan Clements
JF Clements
JW ClementsJohn W Clements
KS ClementsKeith Stormer Clements
LJ ClementsLawrence Joseph Clements
NC ClementsNorman Charles Clements
PH ClementsPercy Henry Clements
PW Clements
RC ClementsReginald Cecil Clements
RD ClementsReginald Douglas Clements
SH Clements
W ClementsWilliam Clements
WAP ClementsWallace Alexander Prince Clements
WE ClementsWilliam E Clements
WG Clements
WH Clements
WJ ClementsWilliam J Clements
WN ClementsWilbert N Clements
WN ClementsWilbert Norman Clements
WT ClementsWilliam Thomas Clements
H Clements Finnerty
H Clements-Finnerty
H Clementson
LM Clementson
DW Clementy
DM ClementzDenis Murray Clementz
F ClemersonFrank Clemerson
LH ClemetsonLeslie Howell Clemetson
HF Clemetts
H CleminsonHerbert Cleminson
WJS ClemmeyWilliam Joseph Scott Clemmey
TR ClemoThomas R Clemo
HS ClemonsHarold Savigny Clemons
A ClempsonAlbert Clempson
G ClempsonGeorge Clempson
AW ClemsonAlfred William Clemson
WH ClemsonWilliam H Clemson
EA ClenchEdwin Albert Clench
RJ ClenchRalfe Johnson Clench
SJ Clench
CE Clendenan
EH ClendenanEdwin Harvey Clendenan
DRJ Clendon
JE Clenkett
EF ClennellErnest Frank Clennell
H ClennellHugh Clennell
JJ ClennellJohn Joseph Clennell
EP Clennells
CW ClenshawCharles William Clenshaw
S CleoburySidney Cleobury
VR ClerihulVictor Randolph Clerihul
GP Clerk
RD ClerkRonyo Douglas Clerk
RD ClerkRonzo Douglas Clerk
AS Clerk Novell
SJJS ClerkeSt John Jervais Shadwell Clerke
AM ClermontAndrew Milner Clermont
GJ CleryGerald John Clery
RF CleryRichard Feligan Clery
WJO CleryW J O'F Clery
C Cleugh
J Cleugh
AB ClevelandArchie Bidwell Cleveland
D Cleveland
HD Cleveland
HE Cleveland
HR ClevelandHarry Roland Cleveland
KDW ClevelandKarl De Wayne Cleveland
LC Cleveland
WW Cleveland
HD ClevelyHugh Desmond Clevely
AB Cleverley
AW CleverleyArthur William Cleverley
D CleverleyDouglas Cleverley
EL Cleverley
GO CleverleyGeorge Overy Cleverley
SM CleverleySidney Michin Cleverley
EG CleverlyEdwin George Cleverly
GL Cleverly
WJ CleverlyWilliam John Cleverly
F Clewes
RC Cleworth
F Clews
HD Clews
HE ClewsHarold Edward Clews
JP ClewsJohn Penrhyn Clews
PB ClewsPercy Banford Clews
PB ClewsPercy Barford Clews
GJ Clibbery
ARC Clibbons
J Cliddal
EH Cliff
GG CliffGeorge Glossop Cliff
CL CliffeCecil Leopold Cliffe
CL CliffeCharles Lewis Cliffe
HN CliffeHarold Nicholls Cliffe
J CliffeJoseph Cliffe
JR Cliffe
TR CliffeThomas Rossingrove Cliffe
WD CliffenWilliam Douglas Cliffen
F Cliffe-SmithFrederick Cliffe-Smith
G Cliffman
AE Clifford
AEI CliffordAlfred Edwin Ivor Clifford
CA Clifford
CH CliffordColin Hamley Clifford
CS Clifford
DP Clifford
EK CliffordEdmond King Clifford
G CliffordGeorge Clifford
GE CliffordGeorge Edward Clifford
GR CliffordGeorge R Clifford
HB CliffordHarold Basil Clifford
HC CliffordHarold Claude Clifford
HS CliffordHerbert Spear Clifford
J CliffordJoseph Clifford
JE Clifford
LH CliffordLeslie Hainley Clifford
LH CliffordLeslie Hamley Clifford
P CliffordPaul Clifford
PH CliffordPercy Herbert Clifford
R CliffordRoland Clifford
RD CliffordReginald Dennis Clifford
RM CliffordReginald Morgan Clifford
T CliffordThomas Clifford
TC CliffordThomas Cuthbert Clifford
WE Clifford
WG Clifford
WH CliffordWalter Herbert Clifford
WJ CliffordWilliam James Clifford
WL CliffordWilliam L Clifford
WL CliffordWilliam Leonard Clifford
JK Clifford-JonesJohn Kenneth Clifford-Jones
B Clift
BL CliftBertrand Lampard Clift
GA CliftGeorge Albert Clift
JGN CliftJohn George Neilson Clift
LAW CliftLionel Alfred William Clift
PG CliftPercy George Clift
SN CliftStephen Nigel Clift
SW CliftSidney William Clift
VH CliftVictor Hugh Clift
AW CliftonAlbert William Clifton
C CliftonCharlie Clifton
C CliftonClarence Clifton
CJ Clifton
CS Clifton
E Clifton
EJB Clifton
EN CliftonEdward Noel Clifton
EP Clifton
F CliftonFrederick Clifton
GL CliftonGeorge L Clifton
GLC CliftonGeorge Leake Cecil Clifton
GW Clifton
H CliftonHarry Clifton
JE CliftonJames Edwin Clifton
JF Clifton
JH Clifton
RP CliftonReginald Percy Clifton
RS CliftonRobert Symmon Clifton
RS CliftonRobert Symmons Clifton
RT Clifton
W CliftonWilliam Clifton
WGJ Clifton
WGT CliftonWilliam Gerard Talbot Clifton
WH CliftonWilliam Henry Clifton
WJ CliftonWilliam Joseph Clifton
LS Climie
HH ClinchHoward Herbert Clinch
JMG ClinchJohn Marriott Gripps Clinch
JS Clinch
RD ClinchRobert Druce Clinch
SJ ClinchStanley James Clinch
HR ClineHyman Ruben Cline
J ClinesJohn Clines
BA ClingingBrodie Anderson Clinging
AG Clink
WL ClinkWalter Livingstone Clink
J ClinkskillJames Clinkskill
G ClinningGilbert Clinning
AC ClintonArnold Cadman Clinton
B ClintonBallantyne Clinton
GE ClintonGeoffrey Ernest Clinton
TE ClintonThomas Edward Clinton
WW ClintonW Wills Clinton
J ClisdalJohn Clisdal
JA Clish
HE ClisleyHartley Emming Clisley
C ClissoldCharles Clissold
GWU ClissoldGeorge William Underwood Clissold
TC Clissold
CE ClitheroeCharles E Clitheroe
JN ClitheroeJames Norman Clitheroe
L ClitheroeLeonard Clitheroe
JH CliveJohn Horace Clive
PJ ClivePeter Julian Clive
RD CliveReginald Dennis Clive
AK Cliven
E Clixby
SG Cloake
HF ClodeHarold Frederick Clode
D CloeteDirk Cloete
LG CloeteLouis Gerald Cloete
MN CloeteMowbray Noose Cloete
WH CloggWilliam Harold Clogg
WA Cloghorn
HPS ClogstounHerbert P. S. Clogstoun
HPS ClogstounHerbert Prinsep Somers Clogstoun
NPS Clogstoun
TO ClogstounTom Oswald Clogstoun
AP ClohertyAlbert Patrick Cloherty
GA ClohertyGerald Aloysius Cloherty
M Clohesy
B ClokeBertie Cloke
B ClokeBertram Cloke
JAG Clokie
DP Cloland
C CloseCharles Close
CE CloseCharles Elmer Close
DC Close
EC Close
ER CloseErnest Reginald Close
GR CloseGeoffrey Robert Close
GV CloseGilbert Victor Close
H CloseHubert Close
HD Close
HJ Close
JE Close
LRW CloseLeslie Richard Ward Close
R Close
RJ CloseRobert James Close
RM CloseRichard Martyn Close
T CloseThomas Close
WB CloseWills Burleigh Close
WE Close
WN Close
WT CloseWilliam Thomas Close
GFW ClosenGeorge F W Closen
G ClothierGeorge Clothier
WE ClothierWilliam Ernest Clothier
WS ClothierWalter S Clothier
BJ Clouder
AH CloughArnold Hayton Clough
AH CloughArthur Harold Clough
C Clough
E CloughEdgar Clough
F CloughFrank Clough
G CloughGeorge Clough
HK CloughHenry Kenny Clough
J CloughJohn Clough
RC Clough
RG CloughRobert Gervaise Clough
J Clougham
NM ClougherNugent Medd Clougher
AJ Cloughlin
AE CloustonArthur Edmond Clouston
FGH Clouston
GD Clouthier
JHA Cloutier
HL CloverHardwood Linay Clover
HL CloverHarwood Linay Clover
JO CloverJoseph Owen Clover
NL Clover
SG Clover
WH CloverWilliam Henry Clover
WRH CloverWilliam Robert Hinden Clover
AL ClowArthur Lachlan Clow
FC Clow
H ClowHenry Clow
VJ ClowVictor James Clow
BD ClowesBasil Clowes
HR ClowesHubert R Clowes
J Clowes
R ClowesRichard Clowes
SGJ ClowesStanley Gordon Jaffrey Clowes
WH ClowesWilliam Heywood Clowes
WSG ClowesW St G Clowes
WStG Clowes
F Clows
PB Clows
J ClubbJohn Clubb
JAB Clubb
LE ClubbLeslie Edward Clubb
N Clubb
WE Clubb
ME ClubineMerlin Englehart Clubine
ME ClubineMerlin Englehaw Clubine
LCW Clucas
WL ClucasWilliam Lewis Clucas
WL ClucasWilliam Louis Clucas
HD Clucher
B Cluderay
CS Cluff
B ClulonBenjamin Clulon
J Clunas
JJE Clunden
GMM CluneGilbert Michael Mortimer Clune
GMM CluneGilbert Mitchell Mortimer Clune
G CluneyGeorge Cluney
WSC CluneyW St C Cluney
GT Clunie
VM CluteVictor Maxwell Clute
CW Clutson
C ClutterbuckCharles Clutterbuck
CL Clutterbuck
G ClutterbuckGeorge Clutterbuck
JEP ClutterbuckJames Edward Power Clutterbuck
LCF ClutterbuckLeonard Cyril Frederick Clutterbuck
PL Clutterbuck
R Clutterbuck
S ClutterbuckSamuel Clutterbuck
SR ClutterbuckSidney Roy Clutterbuck
T ClutterbuckThomas Clutterbuck
W Clutterbuck
DA Clutterham
C ClydeCharles Clyde
H ClydeHenry Clyde
WP ClydeWilliam Pancoast Clyde
AM Clydesdale
GW ClymerGeorge W Clymer
A Clyne
J Clyne ForsythJohn Clyne Forsyth
ES Clysdale
WM Coachley
W Coackham
AW Coad
JR CoadJohn R Coad
JS Coad
WJ CoadwellWilliam John Coadwell
JF CoadyJames Francis Coady
W CoakhamWilliam Coakham
G Coakwell
JD CoalesJohn Dennis Coales
J CoaleyJoseph Coaley
RDeN Coape-Arnold
RdN Coape-ArnoldRaymond de Newburgh Coape-Arnold
EA CoapmanEdgar Augustus Coapman
HE CoasbyHarold Ernest Coasby
H Coase
F CoastFrank Coast
H CoastHarold Coast
WJ CoastWilliam John Coast
AW CoatenArthur Wells Coaten
AT CoaterAndrew Thompson Coater
AE CoatesAlbert Edward Coates
AE CoatesAthelstan Egbert Coates
AR Coates
C CoatesCharles Coates
CC Coates
CF CoatesClifford Fenteman Coates
CG Coates
CL CoatesCharles Leslie Coates
D CoatesDonald Coates
DBH CoatesDonald Bateman Hope Coates
E Coates
EE CoatesErnest Edward Coates
EHWE CoatesEdward Henry William Ernest Coates
EV CoatesErnest Victor Coates
EW CoatesEdward W Coates
EWJ CoatesErnest Walter John Coates
F CoatesFred Coates
FG Coates
FS CoatesFrank S Coates
FS CoatesFrank Spencer Coates
FW CoatesFrederick W Coates
GD CoatesGerald Digby Coates
GJ Coates
GS Coates
HO CoatesHugh Owen Coates
J CoatesJohn Coates
JA CoatesJohn A Coates
JD CoatesJohn Dennis Coates
JD CoatesJohn Dudley Coates
JE CoatesJoseph Edward Coates
JG CoatesJames Gordon Coates
JM Coates
LC CoatesLaurence Calvert Coates
LC CoatesLawrence C Coates
LVC CoatesLionel Victor Crawshaw Coates
LWC Coates
NE Coates
NVC Coates
RE Coates
REJ Coates
RS Coates
S CoatesStanley Coates
S CoatesSydney Coates
SG CoatesStanley Gordon Coates
SG CoatesStephen G Coates
SG CoatesStephen George Coates
TA Coates
TL CoatesThomas Linnacus Coates
TL CoatesThomas Linnaeus Coates
TM CoatesTom Mallalieu Coates
TT CoatesThomas Thackwell Coates
W CoatesWilliam Coates
WA CoatesWilliam Alexander Coates
WAH Coates
WB CoatesWilfred Brian Coates
WC Coates
WD CoatesWilliam Daniel Coates
WE CoatesWilliam Edward Coates
WH CoatesWilliam Henry Coates
WS CoatesWalter Scott Coates
WW CoatesWells Wintemute Coates
RD CoathRobert David Coath
RH CoathRobert Howard Coath
AW Coaton
CC CoatsColin Craig Coats
FP Coats
GS CoatsGeorge Stanley Coats
JA CoatsJohn Alexander Coats
R Coats
ER Cobb
F CobbFred Cobb
FA CobbFrancis Arthur Cobb
FA CobbFrank A Cobb
FW CobbFrancis Walker Cobb
FW CobbFrancis Walter Cobb
G/GR CobbGerald [or Gerard Rhodes] Cobb
GR CobbGerard Rhodes Cobb
H Cobb
HJ CobbHerbert James Cobb
HS Cobb
J CobbJames Cobb
JE CobbJohn Elbridge Cobb
JW Cobb
L Cobb
MFR CobbMarvin Fred Ralph Cobb
MS Cobb
R CobbReginald Cobb
RH Cobb
RJ Cobb
RJP CobbReginald John Preston Cobb
RL CobbReginald Lawrence Cobb
RM CobbRichard Martin [or Reginald Martin] Cobb
RP CobbRichard Percy Cobb
SW CobbSidney William Cobb
TW Cobb
W CobbWilliam Cobb
WH Cobb
DA CobbaldDouglas Arthur Cobbald
FRC Cobbald
AL CobbeAthol L Cobbe
CB Cobbett
CT CobbettCecil T Cobbett
CT CobbettCecil Thomas Cobbett
E Cobbett
S Cobbett
WGP CobbettWilliam Geoffrey Pitt Cobbett
O Cobbey
AJ CobbinArthur John Cobbin
EFW CobboldEdgar Francis Wanklyn Cobbold
ERC Cobbold
EWF Cobbold
FE CobboldFrederick E Cobbold
FRC CobboldFelix Rudolf Chevalier Cobbold
RC CobboldRobert Chevallier Cobbold
AE Cobby
AH CobbyArthur Henry Cobby
CR Cobby
J Cobby
WH Cobby
FP CobdenFrank P Cobden
FP CobdenFrank Pargeter Cobden
AJ CobhamAlan John Cobham
AL Cobham
RL CobhamRalph Lowndes Cobham
RS Cobham
J CobleyJob Cobley
O CobleyObediah Cobley
PW Cobley
S CobleySydney Cobley
EJ Cobner
J CoburnJames Coburn
JMJ CoburnJames M J Coburn
JRE CoburnJohn Raymond Edgerton Coburn
EA Cochlan
D Cochran
HB CochranHenry Bruce Cochran
HF CochranHarold Forsyth Cochran
HP Cochran
JB Cochran
P Cochran
R Cochran
RB CochranRonald Battersby Cochran
S Cochran
WB CochranWilliam Battersby Cochran
A Cochrane
AB CochraneAlfred Bevan Cochrane
AKO CochraneAubrey Kennett Ormesby Cochrane
BG CochraneBryse Gairdner Cochrane
D CochraneDavid Cochrane
DF CochraneDavid Farrar Cochrane
DO CochraneDavid Owens Cochrane
DT CochraneDouglas Thomas Cochrane
G CochraneGilbert Cochrane
GW CochraneGilbert Wynn Cochrane
HT CochraneHarry Thomas Cochrane
JA CochraneJames Ackman Cochrane
JA CochraneJames Aikman Cochrane
JEBD CochraneJohn Eredisen Blair Dundonald Cochrane
JEBD CochraneJohn Erikson Blair Dundonald Cochrane
JN Cochrane
RA CochraneRalph Alexander Cochrane
RE CochraneRobert E Cochrane
RPI CochraneRichmond Pelham Inglis Cochrane
SP CochraneStanley P Cochrane
SP CochraneStanley Polhill Cochrane
SR Cochrane
TH Cochrane
W CochraneWalter Cochrane
WB CochraneWalter B Cochrane
WH CochraneWilliam H Cochrane
WJ Cochrane
WM CochraneWilliam McGillivray Cochrane
WS Cochrane
CK Cochran-PatrickCharles Kennedy Cochran-Patrick
A CockAlfred Cock
EH Cock
FL CockFrank Lockwood Cock
FO Cock
GH CockGeoffrey Hornblower Cock
HT CockHorace Taylor Cock
JH CockJohn Herbert Cock
JW CockJohn William Cock
WJ CockWilliam John Cock
WL Cock
A Cockayne
AL CockburnArthur Leopold Cockburn
AM CockburnArchibald Myles Cockburn
CFA CockburnCharles Francis Alexander Cockburn
CR CockburnCharles R. Cockburn
EC CockburnEdward C Cockburn
EC CockburnEdward Colin Cockburn
EH CockburnErnest Henry Cockburn
FC CockburnFrederick Charles Cockburn
FG Cockburn
FT CockburnFrank T Cockburn
FT CockburnFrank Treadway Cockburn
G CockburnGeorge Cockburn
GA CockburnGordon A Cockburn
GA CockburnGordon Alan Cockburn
GB CockburnGeorge Bertram Cockburn
GW CockburnGeorge W Cockburn
J CockburnJoseph Cockburn
JS CockburnJohny Stuart Cockburn
R CockburnRonald Cockburn
RA CockburnRonald Abercromby Cockburn
RA CockburnRonald Abercromby [or Ronald Abercrombie] Cockburn
SG CockburnStanley George Cockburn
WA CockburnWilliam Alexander Cockburn
WJ CockburnWilliam J Cockburn
WJ CockburnWilliam John Cockburn
WJ CockburnWilliam Joseph Cockburn
EW CockcroftEric William Cockcroft
JG CockcroftJames Garnet Cockcroft
PW Cockcroft
AB CockeArchibald Beauchamp Cocke
EM CockellElliot McRae Cockell
EMcR CockellElliot McRae Cockell
WR CockellWilliam R Cockell
E CockerEdward Cocker
GH Cocker
H Cocker
V Cocker
P CockeramPercy Cockeram
PA CockeramPercy Allbutt Cockeram
EJ Cockerell
GN CockerellGordon Noel Cockerell
H CockerellHenry Cockerell
S CockerellStanley Cockerell
SP CockerellSamuel P Cockerell
SP CockerellSamuel P. Cockerell
SP CockerellSamuel Pepys Cockerell
CH Cockerill
H CockerillHenry Cockerill
PC CockerillPearcey C Cockerill
S Cockerill
TW Cockerill
EW CockerlineErnest Wesley Cockerline
AB Cockerton
SB Cockett
LH CockeyLeonard Herbert Cockey
GW CockhillGeorge William Cockhill
JB CockinJohn Bovingdon Cockin
JB CockinJohn Boylingdon Cockin
AE Cocking
AH CockingArthur Henry Cocking
JW Cocking
KW CockingKerslake William Cocking
LG CockingLewis Garton Cocking
TEP/TEB CockingThomas Ernest Porter [or Thomas Ernest B] Cocking
VL CockleVictor L Cockle
VL CockleVictor Lorden Cockle
B Cockman
BF CockmanBert Fredrick Cockman
C CockmanCecil Cockman
CBB CockmanCharles B B Cockman
CBB CockmanCharles Burton Blenheim Cockman
CWG CockmanCecil Willie George Cockman
HJ CockmanHerbert James Cockman
SJR CockmanSydney John Robert Cockman
F CockramFrank Cockram
J CockramJoe Cockram
WE CockramWilliam Ewart Cockram
AV Cockran
WM CockraneWilliam McGillivray Cockrane
ET CockrellEustace Theodore Cockrell
WF Cockrell
EW CockroftEric William Cockroft
H CockroftHarry Cockroft
JG Cockroft
PW CockroftPercy William Cockroft
R CockroftRichard Cockroft
AF Cocks
EG CocksEdward George Cocks
FC Cocks
GA Cocks
JH CocksJohn Herbert Cocks
JJC CocksJohn James Cooks Cocks
JJC CocksJohn James Crofts Cocks
LF CocksLeslie Frederick Cocks
R Cocks
WF Cocks
WR CocksWalter R Cocks
HC CocksedgeHarold Clement Cocksedge
HW Cocksedge
J CocksedgeJack Cocksedge
T CockshootThomas Cockshoot
B Cockshott
BP CockshottBasil Pickersgill Cockshott
EH CockshottEdgar Harry Cockshott
EH CockshottEdgar Henry Cockshott
J CockshuttJames Cockshutt
CH CocupCharles Herbert Cocup
TA CoddThomas A Codd
TA CoddThomas Alfred Codd
KC Coddeford
CE CoddingtonCharles Ernest Coddington
AL CodeAllan Leslie Code
JH CodeJoseph Harold Code
L CodeLawrence Code
JJ CodenaJames Johnston Codena
PA Codere
FX CoderreFrancis Xavier Coderre
JLAE CoderreJoseph Louis Alfred Edouard Coderre
GB Codling
A CodmanArthur Codman
HFL CodnerHarold Frank Laurence Codner
JA CodringtonJohn Alfred Codrington
FHM CodvilleFrancis Hilary MacDonell Codville
DJ CodyDenis Joseph Cody
FS Cody
FSL Cody
HA CodyHarry Albert Cody
LC CodyLeon Clive Cody
RM CodyRoss Montgomery Cody
SF CodySamuel F Cody
SF CodySamuel Franklin Cody
SF CodySamuel Franklyn Cody
SFL CodySamuel Franklyn Leslie Cody
T CodyThomas Cody
E CodyreEdward Codyre
AL CoeArthur Leonard Coe
CG CoeCharles G. Coe
CG CoeCharles George Coe
DE CoeDavid Edward Coe
EFGA CoeEdward Francis George Alexander Coe
F CoeFrank Coe
GM CoeGeorge Maurice Coe
HGW CoeHarry George Walling Coe
J CoeJohn Coe
JW CoeJoseph W Coe
R CoeReginald Coe
VH CoeValentine Henry Coe
WA Coe
WE CoeWilliam Ernest Coe
WE Coell
FJM CoenFrancis Joseph MacCormack Coen
HM CoenHector McDonald Coen
E CoetyerEmanuel Coetyer
HS Coetyer
TA CoffeeThomas Alfred Coffee
CH Coffey
CR CoffeyCharles Reay Coffey
D CoffeyDenis Coffey
J CoffeyJohn Coffey
SC CoffeySidney Courtney Coffey
CH Coffield
HC CoffieldHarry C Coffield
BG CoffinBertram Gilbert Coffin
EV CoffinErnest Victor Coffin
FD Coffin
GF Coffin
HH CoffinHerbert Henry Coffin
R Coffin
WH Coffin
GL CoffingGeorge Lee Coffing
A CoganAloysius Cogan
AH Cogan
CTS Cogan
F Cogan
FJ Cogan
FJL CoganFrancis J. L. Cogan
FJL CoganFrancis JL Cogan
FJL CoganFrancis John Leslie Cogan
JA CoganJohn Anthony Cogan
RM CoganRobert Morgan Cogan
S CoganSims Cogan
WJ CoganWilliam Joseph Cogan
MF Cogarty
W CogdellWalter Cogdell
GS CogganGeorge Sydney Coggan
GV Coggan
H CoggillHenry Coggill
CV CogginCecil Valentine Coggin
CH CogginsCharles Henry Coggins
H CogginsHarold Coggins
HC CogginsHarold C Coggins
P CogginsPercy Coggins
RF CogginsReginald F Coggins
WE CogginsWilliam Ernest Coggins
WJ CogginsWilliam John Coggins
HCA CoggsHenry Charles Alfred Coggs
JW CoggsJames William Coggs
AF Coghill
AO CoghillAlexander O Coghill
AO CoghillAlexander Oswin Coghill
FS CoghillFrank Street Coghill
GV CoghillGeorge Valentine Coghill
PL Coghill
WH CoghillWilliam H Coghill
WH CoghillWilliam Hellier Coghill
AB CoghlanAlfred Birkett Coghlan
EA CoghlanElwyn Arthur Coghlan
HA CoghlanHerbert Anthony Coghlan
HSJ CoghlanHumphrey St John Coghlan
J CoghlanJohn Coghlan
JA CoghlanJohn A Coghlan
JJ CoghlanJeremiah John Coghlan
JL CoghlanJoseph Laurence Coghlan
JP Coghlan
M CoghlanMichael Coghlan
EA CoglanElwyn Arthur Coglan
HG CogleHenry George Cogle
AG CogswellAlfred George Cogswell
CF CogswellCharles Frank Cogswell
EA CogswellErnest Albert Cogswell
EB CogswellElmer Burdette Cogswell
FC Cogswell
SGJ CogswellStanley Gordon John Cogswell
A Cohen
AE CohenAlbert Edward Cohen
B CohenBenjamin Cohen
BS CohenBertram Sydney Cohen
BSA CohenBertram Sidney Amiee Cohen
CD CohenCyril Daniel Cohen
CI CohenCyril Isaac Cohen
D CohenDaniel Cohen
ES CohenEdward Stibbe Cohen
ES CohenEdward Stibble Cohen
F CohenFrederick Cohen
H CohenHyman Cohen
HM CohenHenry Morris Cohen
HW CohenHenry William Cohen
I CohenIsaac Cohen
J CohenJoseph Cohen
M CohenMorris Cohen
R CohenRalph Cohen
R CohenRoland Cohen
RJ CohenRonald Joseph Cohen
RW CohenRobert W Cohen
S CohenSidney Cohen
SC CohenSidney C Cohen
V CohenVictor Cohen
CH CohnCecil H Cohn
JA Cohn
M CohnMurray Cohn
WB Coile
ART CokeAnthony Richard Thomas Coke
R CokeRoger Coke
R CokeThe Hon Roger Coke
W Coke-Gee
AC CokeleyArthur Charles Cokeley
AW CokerArthur W Coker
FW CokerFrederick W Coker
H Coker
JW Coker
RS Coker
TE CokerThomas E Coker
TE CokerThomas Edward Coker
TF Coker
W CokerWilliam Coker
WA CokerWalter Albert Coker
WJ CokerWilliam J Coker
B Coker-GodsonBasil Coker-Godson
WL ColbanWalter Lloyd Colban
AB ColbeckArmitage Branton Colbeck
EO ColbeckEdward Osbourne Colbeck
G ColbeckGeorge Colbeck
P ColbeckPaul Colbeck
RS Colbeck
RT ColbeckRobert Tyndale Colbeck
G ColbertGeorge Colbert
JH ColbertJohn Henry Colbert
LA ColbertLeonard Arthur Colbert
LE Colbert
WH Colbert
EH Colbourne
H ColbourneHarold Colbourne
HBL ColbourneHarold Brehmer Louis Colbourne
HH Colbourne
JL ColbourneJohn Leslie Colbourne
MD ColbourneMaurice Dale Colbourne
B ColbranBertram Colbran
CL ColbranConongsby Leslie Colbran
WH Colbran
GWA Colbrook
LHE Colbrook
FW ColburnFrederick W Colburn
SA Colburn
AE Colby
AJDV ColbyArthur James David Vaughan Colby
A ColcloughArthur Colclough
AE ColcloughAlfred E Colclough
AJ ColcloughArthur J Colclough
FE ColcyFrederick E Colcy
L Coldbeck
CW Colder
EG ColdicottErnest George Coldicott
JM Coldicott
RS ColdreyRonald Sheersmith Coldrey
L Coldrich
P ColdronPercy Coldron
A ColdwellAlbert Coldwell
D Coldwell
GE ColdwellGeorge Edwin Coldwell
HD ColdwellHerbert David Coldwell
J ColdwellJoe Coldwell
S ColdwellSamuel Coldwell
A ColeAlbert Cole
A ColeAlfred Cole
A ColeArthur Cole
AA ColeAlan Aglinsby Cole
AE ColeAlfred Ethelred Cole
AE ColeArthur Edward Cole
AEP ColeAlbert Edward Pitcher Cole
AFW Cole
AS ColeArthur Stanley Cole
AT ColeAdrian Trevor Cole
AW ColeAlbert W Cole
BA ColeBernard Arthur Cole
BS ColeBrian Spearing Cole
C ColeCharles Cole
CC ColeCyril Charles Cole
DSFEM ColeDouglas Seymoure Francis Erskine Maule Cole
E ColeEdwin Cole
E ColeErnest Cole
EC Cole
ED ColeEdwin Dison Cole
EI ColeEdward Irwin Cole
EJ ColeEdwin J Cole
ERF ColeEdward Robinson Ferdinand Cole
ERF ColeEdward Robinson Ferdinando Cole
EST ColeEdwin Stuart Travis Cole
F ColeFrank Cole
F ColeFred Cole
F ColeFrederick Cole
FB ColeFrederick Baden Cole
FC ColeFredrick Charles Cole
FD ColeFrancis Donovan Cole
FJ ColeFrancis J Cole
FJ ColeFrancis Jack Cole
G ColeGeorge Cole
GC ColeGrover Cleveland [or George Cleveland] Cole
GF ColeGeorge Frederick Cole
GM ColeGeorge Maurice Cole
GN Cole
GS ColeGeorge S Cole
GW ColeGeorge William Cole
H ColeHarry Cole
HA ColeHarry Arnold Cole
HA ColeHorace Arthur Cole
HAM Cole
HC ColeHerbert Charles Cole
HF ColeHomer Fluker Cole
HM ColeHarold Maitland Cole
HS Cole
HW ColeHumphrey William Cole
J ColeJohn Cole
JA ColeJohn Aubrey Cole
JAH ColeJames Arthur Hogarth Cole
JB ColeJames Bennet Cole
JE ColeJames Ezra Cole
JF Cole
JT ColeJames Tom Cole
JW ColeJohn William Cole
KR ColeKenneth Robert Cole
LG ColeLewis George Cole
LN ColeLeonard N Cole
LW ColeLeonard Wallace Cole
MB ColeMontague Berkeley Cole
MB ColeMortimer B Cole
MB ColeMortimer Basil Cole
MG ColeMaxwell Gerard Cole
MH ColeMontague Henry Cole
NH ColeNorman Herbert Cole
P ColePhilip Cole
PL ColePercy Leonard Cole
R Cole
RE ColeRobert Eric Cole
RF Cole
RGL ColeRalph Gerald Leonard Cole
RH ColeReginald Herbert Cole
RH ColeRobert Harvey Cole
RMH ColeRobert Mash Hargreaves Cole
RS ColeReginald Stanley Cole
RV Cole
RW Cole
S ColeStanley Cole
SB ColeSidney Brandon Cole
SB ColeSydney Brandon Cole
SF ColeStewart Frank Cole
SG Cole
SN ColeSeaward Newnham Cole
SR ColeSidney Redvers Cole
STV ColeStanley Thomas Victor Cole
STV ColeSydney Thomas Victor Cole
TC ColeThomas Cecil Cole
TD ColeTrevor Dudley Cole
TN ColeThomas N Cole
TW ColeThomas William Cole
W ColeWilliam Cole
WA Cole
WH ColeWilliam Harold Cole
WH ColeWilliam Holland Cole
WJ ColeWilliam James Cole
WK ColeWilliam Kenneth Cole
WM Cole
WR Cole
WS ColeWilliam Stephen Cole
WS ColeWinston Stewart Cole
WT ColeWilliam Thomas Cole
CWE Cole Hamilton
GW ColebourneGeorge William Colebourne
W Colebourne
CLG ColebrookCharles L G Colebrook
CLG ColebrookCharles Llewellyn Gerald Colebrook
GWA ColebrookGeorge William Avery Colebrook
LF ColebrookLeslie Frederick Colebrook
RM ColebrookRidley Merrill Colebrook
JH ColeburtJames Herbert Coleburt
JSH Coleby
LE ColegateLeslie Everett Colegate
CWE Cole-HamiltonCon W. E. Cole-Hamilton
CWE Cole-HamiltonCon William Eric Cole-Hamilton
JB Cole-HamiltonJohn Beresford Cole-Hamilton
JMW Cole-HamiltonJohn McCulloch Willoughby Cole-Hamilton
DVA Cole-JohnsonDouglas Victor Aubrey Cole-Johnson
A ColemanAlfred Coleman
A ColemanAnthony Coleman
AJ ColemanAlbert James Coleman
AR ColemanAubrey Reginald Coleman
AT Coleman
CA ColemanClement Arthur Coleman
CB Coleman
CF ColemanCharles Frederick Coleman
CH Coleman
CJB ColemanCharles James Bruce Coleman
CM ColemanCecil Muscroft Coleman
CS ColemanCharles Stanley Coleman
CV ColemanClaude Vincent Coleman
CWT Coleman
E ColemanEsca Coleman
EA ColemanEdward Albert Coleman
ED Coleman
EH ColemanEric Harold Coleman
EH ColemanEsca H. Coleman
EJ Coleman
EP ColemanEdgar Philip Coleman
EP ColemanEdgar Philips Coleman
ERA Coleman
F ColemanFrederick Coleman
FC ColemanFrank Craven Coleman
FD ColemanFrancis Daniel Coleman
FH ColemanFrancis Henry Coleman
G ColemanGeorge Coleman
GBS ColemanGeorge Byrne Stanislaus Coleman
GD ColemanGeorge David Coleman
GDT ColemanGeorge David Thurman Coleman
H ColemanHarry Coleman
HA Coleman
HAP ColemanHarold Albert Pearce Coleman
J ColemanJames Coleman
J ColemanJohn Coleman
JA ColemanJohn Alfred Coleman
JC ColemanJohn Carlos Coleman
JFO ColemanJohn Froude O'Reilly Coleman
JJ ColemanJohn Joseph Coleman
JP ColemanJames Patrick Coleman
JP ColemanJohn Patrick Coleman
JW Coleman
L ColemanLeslie Coleman
LE ColemanLawrence Ewart Coleman
LFJ ColemanLeslie Frederick James Coleman
LH ColemanLewis Harry Coleman
OE ColemanOliver Edward Coleman
PE Coleman
PR Coleman
R Coleman
RM Coleman
S Coleman
SF ColemanSydney Frank Coleman
ST Coleman
TG ColemanThomas George Coleman
W ColemanWallace Coleman
WB Coleman
WBO ColemanWalter Blake O'Reilly Coleman
WG ColemanWilliam G Coleman
WH Coleman
WHJ Coleman
WL Coleman
WR Coleman
WW Coleman
S Coleopy
CA ColepeperCharles Alleyne Colepeper
JE ColepeperJohn Ernest Colepeper
AH ColerAlfred Henry Coler
ES ColerEugene Seeley Coler
CG ColeridgeColin Goss Coleridge
GSC Coleridge
JD ColeridgeJohn Duke Coleridge
WL ColeridgeWilliam Leonard Coleridge
AE Coles
AJ ColesArthur John Coles
BA Coles
CF Coles
CH ColesChris H Coles
CH ColesChristopher Henry Coles
CHC Coles
CHE ColesCharles Hastings Elwin Coles
CHN Coles
CJ ColesCharles J Coles
DJR ColesDerek John Richard Coles
DMN ColesDouglas Mark Newberry Coles
EM ColesEric Morrell Coles
ER ColesEdgar Ralph Coles
FD/D ColesFrederick Daniel [or Daniels] Coles
FE ColesFrancis Edwin Coles
FM ColesFrancis Mark Coles
FO Coles
FT Coles
FW Coles
GR Coles
GT ColesGeorge Tiley Coles
HG Coles
HJ ColesHarold James Coles
HJ ColesHenry James Coles
HP ColesHarold Preston Coles
HR ColesHerbert Reginald Coles
HS ColesHamilton S. Coles
HS ColesHamilton Speke Coles
J ColesJames Coles
JM ColesJohn Millar Coles
JW Coles
KG ColesKenneth George Coles
LH ColesLewis Harcourt Coles
RF ColesRobert F Coles
RH ColesRowland Humphrey Coles
SWC ColesShorard William Cowper Coles
VH ColesVyvian Harcourt Coles
WC ColesWilliam Cornelious Coles
WP ColesWilliam Patrick Coles
WT ColesWilliam Turner Coles
J ColeshillJohn Coleshill
R Coleshill
AC ColeyAllan Cowen Coley
AC ColeyAllen Cowen Coley
AG Coley
DFR Coley
E ColeyEdward Coley
KR Coley
J Colfey
HW ColganHarry Wilfred Colgan
LE Colgate
R ColgateRobert Colgate
A ColinAlfred Colin
AJB ColinAndrew John Bartholomew Colin
AJV Colin
BJ ColinBartheling Jules Colin
BJ ColinBarthelmy Jules Colin
GO Colin
GP ColinGabriel Peat Colin
GP ColinGabriel Piat Colin
JAB Colin
JP ColinJean Pierre Colin
SP Colin
J ColinskyJacob Colinsky
AF Coll
WH Collander BrownWilliam Hugh Collander Brown
WH Collander-BrownWilliam Hugh Collander-Brown
HJ CollarHubert John Collar
A CollardAlbert Collard
CE CollardCharles Edward Collard
EJ CollardEdward John Collard
F CollardFrank Collard
HPW CollardHarold Percy White Collard
JS Collard
LS CollardLeslie Samuel Collard
SN CollardSidney Neville Collard
SW CollardSydney W Collard
W CollardWilliam Collard
B CollbranBertram Collbran
PMB Collcutt
SJ CollcuttSydney Joseph Collcutt
A ColledgeAlexander Colledge
G ColledgeGeorge Colledge
N ColledgeNorman Colledge
G College
GH CollegeGeorge Henry College
A CollenArthur Collen
I Collen
J CollenJohn Collen
R Collen
GAH Collender
GFF CollenderGeorge Frederick Flynes Collender
KGF CollenderKelsey Gordon Ffyner Collender
FdB CollenetteFdeB. Collenette
FdB CollenetteFrank de Beauchamp Collenette
FdB CollenetteFrank de Beaudraugh Collenette
FdeB Collenette
BJ Coller
BT CollerBernard Tarrant Coller
W ColleraineWilliam Colleraine
HP Collerick
CH ColletCharles Herbert Collet
FJ ColletFrancis James Collet
GB ColletGerald Bounke Collet
RAW ColletRichard Audrey White Collet
RAW ColletRichard Awdrey White Collet
MS ColletonMichael Sarsfield Colleton
A CollettAlfred Collett
BA Collett
CE CollettCharles Edward Collett
CF CollettClive F Collett
CF CollettClive F. Collett
CF CollettClive Franklin Collett
CF CollettClive Franklyn Collett
CH CollettCharles Herbert Collett
CI Collett
CM CollettCecil Mortimer Collett
EJ CollettErnest Joseph Collett
ERV CollettEdward Reginald Venor Collett
ERV CollettEdward Reginald Vigor Collett
EV Collett
F CollettFrederick Collett
FJ Collett
G CollettGeorge Collett
GL CollettGranville Livingstone Collett
GOW CollettGeorge Otto Wilkins Collett
H CollettHerbert Collett
HRP CollettHenry Robert Pyemont Collett
HS CollettHenry Seymour Collett
J CollettJack Collett
LN CollettLeslie Newing Collett
LP CollettLewis P Collett
LP CollettLewis Percival Collett
N Collett
NC CollettNorman Charles Collett
P CollettPhilip Collett
RH CollettRalph Harold Collett
RH CollettReginald Harry Collett
S Collett
SB CollettStanley Beresford Collett
SS CollettStephen S Collett
WJ CollettWalter James Collett
CH Collette
HG ColletteHarry George Collette
JOH Collette
A ColleyAlbert Colley
AE ColleyAlbert Ernest Colley
AJ ColleyAlfred J Colley
AK ColleyArthur Kendal Colley
AR Colley
AS ColleyArthur Stanley Colley
AV ColleyArthur Victor Colley
AW ColleyArthur Wilson Colley
CC ColleyClarence C Colley
CC ColleyClarence Christopher Colley
EJ Colley
G ColleyGeorge Colley
JF ColleyJohn F Colley
JF ColleyJohn Francis Colley
MH Colley
MHSA ColleyMaurice Heator St Aubyn Colley
MHSA ColleyMaurice Hector St Aubyn Colley
RGA ColleyRichard Godfrey Arthur Colley
RT ColleyReginald Thomas Colley
TJ Colley
TT Colley
WN Colley
AE CollieArnold Edgar Collie
EW Collie
HS Collie
JSG CollieJames Stuart Gorham Collie
RV Collie
AC CollierAlfred Conrad Collier
AF CollierArchibald Frederick Collier
AW Collier
B Collier
CE CollierCharles Edwin Collier
DC CollierDouglas Charles Collier
EA Collier
ER Collier
FL CollierFrank Leslie Collier
FS Collier
FWG Collier
FWJ CollierFrederick William Jack Collier
G CollierGeorge Collier
GE CollierGeorge E Collier
GJ CollierGeorge Johnston Collier
GR CollierGeorge R Collier
H CollierHarry Collier
HW CollierHarry Waldo Collier
HWC CollierHarry Waldo Collier Collier
J CollierJames Collier
J CollierJohn Collier
JC Collier
JCR CollierJohn Coates Rashleigh Collier
JT CollierJohn Tessimond Collier
KDG CollierKenneth D. G. Collier
L CollierLionel Collier
LA CollierLeonard Alfred Collier
LJ CollierLionel John Collier
LW CollierLionel William Collier
LW CollierLionel Williams Collier
ME CollierMontgomery Edward Collier
R CollierRobert Collier
RAG CollierReginald Arthur George Collier
RDT CollierRichard Douglas Tregonwell Collier
RH CollierRichard H. Collier
RH CollierRichard Hamilton Collier
RJ CollierReginald Jack Collier
RJ CollierReginald John Collier
S CollierSamuel Collier
S CollierSidney Collier
SFG CollierSidney Frederick George Collier
TD CollierTom Donald Collier
W CollierWilliam Collier
WC CollierWilliam Campbell Collier
JW ColliersJames W Colliers
R Colligan
TJ Collihole
CJF CollinCecil John Forest Collin
DA CollinDaniel Archibald Collin
JB CollinJames Brown Collin
LF CollinLeopold Fraser Collin
LS Collin
SH Collin
WJ CollinWilliam J Collin
FdeB Collinette
A CollingArthur Colling
CJ CollingCyril Joseph Colling
CJF Colling
CWB CollingCorydon William Blanche Colling
CWB CollingCoryndon William Blanche Colling
J CollingJohn Colling
JC CollingJohn Clayton Colling
RH Colling
W CollingWilliam Colling
H CollingbourneHerbert Collingbourne
EP CollingburnErnest Pinkney Collingburn
A CollingeArthur Collinge
C CollingeCharles Collinge
CI CollingeCharles Ingham Collinge
CT Collinge
F CollingeFrederick Collinge
R CollingeRobert Collinge
NH Collingham
WGB CollinghamWilliam G B Collingham
E CollingsEric Collings
EC Collings
G CollingsGeorge Collings
H Collings
HT CollingsHenry Thomas Collings
LL CollingsLionel Lapidge Collings
LL CollingsLionel Lappidge Collings
RC Collings
SJ CollingsSidney J Collings
T Collings
WHT CollingsWilliam Henry Thomas Collings
NH CollingtonNorman Harry Collington
WAA CollingtonWheler Anderson Arnott Collington
ARG CollingwoodAlan Richard Glennie Collingwood
C Collingwood
CS CollingwoodCuthbert Steriker Collingwood
HE CollingwoodHenry E Collingwood
RM CollingwoodRichard Milne Collingwood
TW CollingwoodThomas William Collingwood
WG Collingwood
A CollinsAlbert Collins
A CollinsAlfred Collins
A CollinsArthur Collins
AA Collins
AB CollinsAlbert Bert Collins
AD CollinsArthur Duppa Collins
AD CollinsAthol Daniel Collins
AE Collins
AG CollinsArthur George Collins
AJ CollinsAlbert James Collins
AJ CollinsAlfred James Collins
AJM CollinsAlfred James Michael Collins
AO Collins
ARC Collins
AV CollinsArthur Vincent Collins
BM CollinsBingley Marcus Collins
C CollinsCharles Collins
CB CollinsCyril Bertram Collins
CE CollinsCharles Ernest Collins
CF CollinsCharles Frank Collins
CH CollinsCharles Hannaman Collins
CH CollinsCharles Harnaman Collins
CH CollinsCyril Hart Collins
CHG CollinsCharles Haddon Gordon Collins
CJ CollinsCharles James Collins
CS CollinsCyril Stewart Collins
CWS CollinsColin William Storer Collins
D CollinsDavid Collins
DJ CollinsDavid John Collins
DT CollinsDonald T Collins
E CollinsEdward Collins
EA Collins
EAD Collins
EC Collins
EF Collins
EJ CollinsEdward John Collins
EJ CollinsEric John Collins
ES CollinsE Samuel Collins
ES CollinsErnest Stone Collins
ET CollinsEllis Taylor Collins
F CollinsFrank Collins
F CollinsFrederick Collins
FA Collins
FC CollinsFrederic Charles Collins
FC CollinsFrederick Charles Collins
FD CollinsFrancis Douglas Collins
FE CollinsFrancis Earle Collins
FES CollinsFrederick Edward Sydney Collins
FF CollinsFrederick Ferdinand Collins
FJ CollinsFrederick John Collins
FP CollinsFrederick Philip Collins
FP CollinsFrederick Phillip Collins
FV CollinsFrank Victor Collins
G Collins
GE CollinsGeorge Edgar Collins
GH CollinsGilbert Herbert Collins
GL Collins
GS CollinsGeorge Sidney Collins
GT CollinsGeorge T Collins
GW Collins
GZ CollinsGrace Zenobia Collins
H CollinsHarold Collins
H CollinsHugh Collins
HA Collins
HAJ CollinsHerbert Athelstone J Collins
HB CollinsHenry Bernard Collins
HE CollinsHugh Ernest Collins
HEC CollinsHenry Escott Codrington Collins
HF CollinsHarold Francis Collins
HG CollinsHarold George Collins
HJ CollinsHarold J Collins
HJ CollinsHenry John Collins
HJW CollinsHarold James Whitfield Collins
HMB CollinsHerbert Michael Bounevialle Collins
HR CollinsHerbert Rowdon Collins
HT CollinsHenry Tobias Collins
HW Collins
HWC CollinsHarry W C Collins
HWT CollinsHarry W T Collins
I Collins
J CollinsJack Collins
J CollinsJames Collins
J CollinsJohn Collins
J CollinsJoseph Collins
JC CollinsJohn Cardwell Collins
JD Collins
JG CollinsJames G. Collins
JG CollinsJohn Garfield Collins
JH CollinsJohn Hamilton Collins
JH CollinsJohn Herbert Collins
JJ CollinsJames Joseph Collins
JS CollinsJohn Stanley Collins
JSC CollinsJohn Singleton Copley Collins
JV CollinsJames Vincent Collins
JW Collins
L CollinsLeonard Collins
LB Collins
LD CollinsLeslie David Collins
LE CollinsLaurence Ernest Collins
LE CollinsLeslie Ernest Collins
LF Collins
LHC CollinsLeonard Harold Clarence Collins
LI CollinsLewis Isaac Collins
LI/I CollinsLewis Isaacs [or Isaac] Collins
LJ Collins
LJA CollinsLeslie J A Collins
LR CollinsLeonard Richard Collins
LS CollinsLionel Seymour Collins
MG CollinsMaurice George Collins
N CollinsNorman-Chettoe Collins
P CollinsPercy Collins
PE CollinsPercy E Collins
PR CollinsPercy R Collins
R Collins
RA CollinsRalph Ayliffe Collins
RB CollinsRaymond Bennett Collins
RC CollinsReginald Charles Collins
RCW CollinsRobert Charles Way Collins
RE CollinsReginald Ernest Collins
RF CollinsRonald Felix Collins
RJ CollinsReginald John Collins
RS Collins
RW CollinsReginald Walter Collins
RWT CollinsRaymond William Theodore Collins
S CollinsStanley Collins
SC Collins
SD Collins
SE CollinsStanley Eric Collins
SH CollinsSidney H Collins
SL CollinsSamuel Levi Collins
T CollinsThomas Collins
T CollinsTimothy Collins
TB Collins
TL CollinsThomas L. Collins
TL CollinsThomas Lakeman Collins
TL CollinsThomas Lewis Collins
TL CollinsThomas Lukeman Collins
TP Collins
VH CollinsVictor H Collins
VH CollinsVictor Henry Collins
VSB CollinsValentine Saint Barbe Collins
VSB CollinsValentine St Barbe Collins
VStB CollinsValentine St. Barbe Collins
VStE Collins
W CollinsWilliam Collins
WA CollinsWilliam Andrew Collins
WC CollinsWilliam Charles Collins
WC CollinsWilliam Chas Collins
WC CollinsWilliam Christopher Collins
WD CollinsWilliam D Collins
WF CollinsWilliam Francis Collins
WH CollinsWilfred Henry Collins
WH CollinsWilliam Henry Collins
WJ CollinsWilliam J Collins
WJ CollinsWilliam James Collins
WL CollinsWendle Lyman Collins
WL CollinsWilliam Louis Collins
WR CollinsWilliam Robert Collins
WU Collins
WV Collins
A Collinson
AFR CollinsonArthur Frank Rogers Collinson
AV CollinsonArthur V Collinson
AV CollinsonArthur Victor Collinson
B CollinsonBernard Collinson
BR Collinson
D Collinson
DA Collinson
E CollinsonErnest Collinson
EO Collinson
F Collinson
FL Collinson
GEC CollinsonGeorge Edward Cleather Collinson
GEC CollinsonGeorge Edward Cleaver Collinson
GT CollinsonGordon Thomas Collinson
H CollinsonHarry Collinson
J CollinsonJoseph Collinson
JFM CollinsonJames Francis Montgomery Collinson
JH CollinsonJohn Henry Collinson
JW CollinsonJames West Collinson
JW CollinsonJames West [or John West] Collinson
P Collinson
RS CollinsonRubert Stanley Collinson
RS CollinsonRupert Stanley Collinson
WE Collinson
WJW CollinsonWilliam Joseph Walter Collinson
RC CollinswoodReginald Clifford Collinswood
FA CollipFrank Alfred Collip
A Collis
AA CollisAlbert Alfred Collis
AE Collis
AR CollisArthur Reginald Collis
D CollisDonald Collis
DHF Collis
DP CollisDouglas Percy Collis
E CollisErnest Collis
EA CollisEdwin Alfred Collis
EW Collis
FH Collis
FJ CollisFrederic James Collis
GH CollisGeorge Henry Collis
HC CollisHoward Charles Collis
HD CollisHarold Douglas Collis
HH CollisHerbert Henry Collis
JG CollisJohn George Collis
LA CollisLeslie Alfred Collis
OPHC CollisOriel Patrick Hugh Clendon Collis
R CollisReginald Collis
RG CollisReginald George Collis
SA Collis
TB CollisThomas Bertram Collis
VA CollisVernon Arthur Collis
VJ Collis
WCW Collis
WH Collis
WHM Collis-BrowneWilliam Henry Montague Collis-Browne
R Collishaw
BR CollisonBasil Ralph Collison
D CollisonDavid Collison
DA CollisonDunstan Anderton Collison
EA Collison
EH Collison
FJ Collison
FL CollisonFrederick Laing Collison
P CollisonPercy Collison
TH Collison
TL Collison
WE CollisonWilliam E. Collison
WE CollisonWilliam Evan Collison
BD Collison-CoxBertram Douglas Collison-Cox
EC ColliverEdward Cyril Colliver
FDB CollonetteF De B Collonette
B Collop
R CollopyRichard Collopy
HP Collorick
OH Collotte
WH CollowWilliam H Collow
J CollrillJames Collrill
BA CollsBenjamin Archie Colls
FW CollsFrank William Colls
HS CollsHarold Stanley Colls
EM CollumEdgar McGillivray Collum
HT CollumHarold Theodore Collum
W CollumballWalter Collumball
AC Collyer
F Collyer
EC CollymoreEric Claude Collymore
CH Collyns
CHA CollynsCharles Henry Arnold Collyns
HE CollynsHarold Edward Collyns
C Colman
CF ColmanCharles Frederick Colman
CHA ColmanCyril Henry Arthur Colman
CJ ColmanClaude John Colman
CS ColmanCharles Stanley Colman
CWT ColmanCharles Wyndham Tawell Colman
E Colman
EC ColmanEdward Charles Colman
EF ColmanEric Fraser Colman
EH ColmanEsca Houghton Colman
G Colman
J Colman
JG ColmanJohn G Colman
L Colman
LE ColmanLeslie Ewart Colman
LH ColmanLeslie Howard Colman
NCD ColmanNigel Claudian Dalziel Colman
RR Colman
TG Colman
WG ColmanWilliam George Colman
WR ColmanWilliam Richard Colman
E Colman-Brown
EC Colmand
E ColmerEwart Colmer
GW ColmerGeorge William Colmer
S ColmerSamuel Colmer
GC ColmoreGeorge Cyril Colmore
H ColmoreHarry Colmore
RBB ColmoreReginald Blayney Bulteel Colmore
GL ColombGeorge Lushington Colomb
J ColonnierJean Colonnier
E ColpronErnest Colpron
A ColquhounArchibald Colquhoun
AS ColquhounArchibald Stewart Colquhoun
D Colquhoun
DA ColquhounDouglas Andrew Colquhoun
EE ColquhounEdgar E Colquhoun
EE ColquhounEdgar Edmond Colquhoun
FA ColquhounFrancis Aloysius Colquhoun
HA ColquhounHumphrey Alexander Colquhoun
J ColquhounJames Colquhoun
JR ColquhounJohn Ramsay Colquhoun
JW ColquhounJames William Colquhoun
R Colquhoun
DA Colquhoun-SymingtonDouglas Archibald Colquhoun-Symington
D Colquoun
GR ColseyGeorge Reginald Colsey
HJ Colshill
LA Colson
NH ColsonNorman Hay Colson
GRV Colster
CS Colston
AW Colt
SP ColtSamuel Porter Colt
EV ColtarEdward Vernon Coltar
WD ColtartWilliam Derrick Coltart
JA Coltherd
HN ColthurstHerbert Neville Colthurst
RJ Coltman
TJ ColtmanThomas James Coltman
W ColtmanWilliam Coltman
FJ Colton
G ColtonGeorge Colton
H ColtonHarold Colton
JH ColtonJohn H Colton
RF Colton
TJ Colton
W ColtonWalter Colton
CS ColtsonCharles Sydney Coltson
S ColtsonSydney Coltson
W Colven
H ColversonHorace Colverson
G Colvert
OG ColverwellOliver Gerald Colverwell
E ColvillEoin Colvill
RM ColvillRobert MacKellar Colvill
RM ColvillRobert McKellar Colvill
A ColvilleAndrew Colville
AV ColvilleAllan Voltelen Colville
JH Colville
JM Colville
W Colville
T Colville Jones
R Colville-JonesRobert Colville-Jones
T Colville-Jones
T Colvill-JonesThomas Colvill-Jones
AG ColvinAndrew Gordon Colvin
J Colvin
JM ColvinJohn McDonald Colvin
W Colvin
WC Colvin
JA ColvineJames Adam Colvine
A ColwellAlbert Colwell
AE ColwellAlbert Edward Colwell
CF Colwell
EHR ColwellEdward Hugh Raymond Colwell
FS ColwellFrank Sydney Colwell
L Colwell
R ColwellReginald Colwell
CP ColwillCharles Pitts Colwill
F ColwillFrank Colwill
R ColwillReginald Colwill
RW ColwillReginald Wilfred Colwill
WC Colwin
BG Colyer
D ColyerDouglas Colyer
GHM ColyerGeorge Henry Montague Colyer
LJ ColyerLeslie James Colyer
RJ Colyer
JW Colyerhoun
CR Comar
W CombWilliam Comb
GL CombaGeorge Leslie Comba
FC Combe
JW Combe
RA CombeRobert Alexander Combe
FLW Combemere
HC CombenHarold Cecil Comben
RK CombenRobert Kimberley Comben
VH CombenVictor Harold Comben
A Comber
AW ComberArthur Wandesford Comber
JA Comber
JC Comber
JO ComberJohn Oldham Comber
WA ComberWilliam Arthur Comber
EH Comber-TaylorEric Horace Comber-Taylor
ER Comber-Taylor
J Combes
LA CombesLeslie Arthur Combes
A Combron
AH CombsAlbert Henry Combs
HW Comden
EA ComeauErnest Alexander Comeau
FL Comeau
LH Comeau
CR ComerCecil Redvers Comer
E ComerEdward Comer
J ComerJames Comer
L ComerLeopold Comer
AJ ComerfordAmbrose Joseph Comerford
C Comerford
CJ ComerfordCharles J Comerford
CJ ComerfordCharles James Comerford
CP ComerfordCecil Percy Comerford
FH Comerford
HAG ComerfordHarry Alfred George Comerford
HR ComerfordHarold Raymond Comerford
HT ComerfordHenry Thomas Comerford
J ComerfordJonathan Comerford
JJ ComerfordJohn Joseph Comerford
JJ ComerfordJonathan J Comerford
N ComerfordNicholas Comerford
WH Comerville
J ComeskyJames Comesky
RL Comette
AH ComfortAlfred Horace Comfort
AL ComfortAlbert L Comfort
EJ ComfortEdward James Comfort
GC Comfort
RJ Comins
VV CominsVivian Venard Comins
DH ComleyDennis Hildreth Comley
L ComleyLeslie Comley
JW ComloquoyJohn William Comloquoy
EN Commander
F CommanderFrank Commander
JG Commbe
CJ CommerfordCharles J Commerford
RG Commette
AH ComminsArthur Henry Commins
MJF ComminsMaurice Joseph Francis Commins
FB CommonFrank Breadon Common
JJ CommonJohn James Common
JS CommonJohn Stevenson Common
R CommonRobert Common
SS Common
W Common
WB Common
CR Commor
W Commor
CR Comor
N ComperNicholas Comper
H Compertz
JN Compson
KB Compstock
RJO CompstonRobert John Orton Compston
RJO CompstonRobert Jonathan Orton Compston
AH Compton
AS ComptonArnold Syle Compton
C ComptonCharles Compton
EC Compton
EV Compton
GH ComptonGeorge Heath Compton
HN ComptonHarry Neville Compton
JF Compton
JN ComptonJoseph Neild Compton
RF Compton
RJO Compton
RS Compton
WL ComptonWilliam Lyn Compton
T ComrieThomas Comrie
WH ComstockWilliam Henry Comstock
CS ComunsChristopher Sean Comuns
KF ComynKenneth Fitzwilliam Comyn
RO ComynsReginald Oswald Comyns
C Conacher
JE ConacherJames Ernest Conacher
AR Conadine
JE Conagher
T ConanThomas Conan
MV ConantMalcolm Vaughan Conant
DG ConatyDesmond George Conaty
FL ConboyeFrederick L Conboye
JH ConcannonJohn Harold Concannon
AR ConderAlfred Rowland Conder
EC Conder
FJ ConderFrederick J Conder
JK ConderJohn Keats Conder
RE ConderReginald Edward Conder
HL Condon
JA Condron
TA CondronThomas Arthur Condron
A CondyArthur Condy
WF Condy
VK ConeVictor Kenneth Cone
CB ConeyCharles Beresford Coney
CHL ConeyCharles Herbert Law Coney
WSJH ConeyWilliam Stephen John Harvey Coney
WSJH ConeyWilliam Stephen Jonathan Harvey Coney
J Congdon
W Congle
A CongreveAmbrose Congreve
TL CongreveThomas Leslie Congreve
A ConinghamArthur Coningham
HR ConingsbyHarry Redman Coningsby
TL ConingsbyThomas Lawrie Coningsby
R Conisbee
J Conlan
JPC ConlanJohn Proctor Clifford Conlan
T ConlanThomas Conlan
G Conley
J Conlin
P Conlin
JP Conlon
JT ConlonJames T. Conlon
J Conloquoy
WP ConlyWilliam Peter Conly
JE Conn
K Conn
KB ConnKenneth Burns Conn
RF ConnackRichard Francis Connack
CH ConnahCharles H Connah
CH ConnahCharles Harold Connah
WN ConnahWilliam Norman Connah
JK ConnalJames Killoh Connal
HP ConnarHenry Percy Connar
CT Connaughten
J ConnaughtonJonathan Connaughton
PF ConnaughtonPatrick Francis Connaughton
SE Connaughton
TC ConnaughtonThomas Christopher Connaughton
T Connel
AT ConnellAlfred T Connell
B ConnellBert Connell
D ConnellDennis Connell
EH Connell
EM ConnellEdward Midgley Connell
G Connell
H ConnellHarry Connell
HW ConnellHenry Whitfield Connell
J ConnellJames Connell
J ConnellJohn Connell
J ConnellJoseph Connell
JG ConnellJames Gray Connell
JJ Connell
M Connell
NG Connell
P Connell
RB ConnellRobert B Connell
RC Connell
RF ConnellRichard Francis Connell
T Connell
WST ConnellWilliam Samuel Thomas Connell
E ConnellyEdward Connelly
FJ ConnellyFrancis James Connelly
J ConnellyJohn Connelly
J ConnellyJoseph Connelly
JD Connelly
JP Connelly
ME ConnellyMontague Edward Connelly
NJ Connelly
PD Connelly
T ConnellyThomas Connelly
AC ConnerAlfred Charles Conner
DG ConnerDaniel G Conner
DG ConnerDaniel G. Conner
DG ConnerDaniel Goodwill Conner
DG ConnerDaniel Goodwin Conner
HA Conner
HL ConnerHenry L. Conner
HL ConnerHenry Longfield Conner
J ConnerJoseph Conner
L Conner
R ConnerRalph Conner
RZ ConnerRoy Zeller Conner
WL Conner
WW Conner
G ConnertyGeorge Connerty
CH ConneryClifton Holford Connery
C Connichie
E ConningEdgar Conning
JMS ConningJohn Max Stewart Conning
WB ConningWilson B Conning
AW ConningtonAlexander William Connington
CC ConnochieCharles Cumming Connochie
A ConnockArthur Connock
RF ConnockRichard Francis Connock
JJ Connoll
A ConnollyAlbert Connolly
AE ConnollyAlbert Edward Connolly
E Connolly
GE ConnollyGeorge Edward Connolly
H ConnollyHenry Connolly
HJ ConnollyHarold James Connolly
HJ ConnollyHerbert J Connolly
J ConnollyJames Connolly
J ConnollyJohn Connolly
JA ConnollyJames Alexander Connolly
JDA ConnollyJohn D'Arcy Connolly
LD Connolly
LMS ConnollyLeopold Maurice Stanley Connolly
M Connolly
NJ ConnollyNicholas Joseph Connolly
P ConnollyPatrick Connolly
PJ ConnollyPatrick John Connolly
PJ ConnollyPatrick Joseph Connolly
SD ConnollyStewart Dorr Connolly
SM ConnollyStuart MacKay Connolly
A ConnonAlexander Connon
FL ConnonFrederick Louis Connon
W ConnonWilliam Connon
HA ConnopHarold Arno Connop
HW Connop
RD ConnopRandle Darby Connop
A ConnorMrs. Anne Connor
B Connor
CE ConnorCharles Edward Connor
D Connor
DC Connor
DG Connor
EH ConnorEdward H Connor
F Connor
FC Connor
FK Connor
G ConnorGeorge Connor
H ConnorHarry Connor
HA Connor
HL Connor
J ConnorJack Connor
J ConnorJames Connor
J ConnorJohn Connor
JC ConnorJames Charles Connor
JP Connor
KW Connor
L Connor
LA Connor
LJ ConnorLeo Joseph Connor
MC Connor
P ConnorPatrick Connor
R ConnorRobert Connor
RJ ConnorRobert John Connor
RR ConnorRochfort Richard Connor
SC ConnorStephen Charles Connor
W ConnorWilliam Connor
WFCR Connor
J Connors
M Connors
SDP ConnorsStanley Dudley Pierce Connors
WM Connors
W Connow
NR ConoleyNicholas Richard Conoley
OF ConoleyOliver Francis Conoley
TEG ConoleyThomas E G Conoley
LMSK ConollyLeopold Maurice Stanley Kapier Conolly
LMSN ConollyLeopold Maurice Stanley Napier Conolly
CC ConoverClinton Crosby Conover
J Conquer
HS Conrad
EL ConranEric L. Conran
EL ConranEric Lewis Conran
OM ConranOwen Mortyn Conran
OM ConranOwen Mostyn Conran
RH Conran
FC Conrick
HCR ConronHatton Charles Ronayne Conron
DA ConroyDennis A Conroy
DAS ConroyDenis Aloysius Steven Conroy
ES Conroy
ET ConroyEmmet Thomas Conroy
F Conroy
FB ConroyFrancis Bede Conroy
HF ConroyHarold Frederick Conroy
L ConroyLuke Conroy
O Conroy
P ConroyPatrick Conroy
PS ConroyPaul Servillian Conroy
PS ConroyPaul Servillion Conroy
RA Conroy
T ConroyThomas Conroy
T ConroyTim Conroy
W ConroyWilliam Conroy
CHF Conry
FC ConryFrancis Charles Conry
EC ConsensEdward Claude Consens
AL ConstableArthur Leslie Constable
B Constable
GBJ Constable
GC Constable
GF ConstableGeorge Frank Constable
HR Constable
JF ConstableJames Frederick Constable
LT Constable
WH Constable
WIM ConstableWilliam Ian McDonald Constable
WMB Constable
CG ConstandurosConstantine Georgius Constanduros
A Constaniscu
A Constant
CS Constant
H ConstantHalford Constant
HV ConstantHerbert Valentine Constant
KW Constantine
RA ConstantineRobert Alfred Constantine
WS Constantine
GV ConstantinideGeorge Victor Constantinide
JB Consterdine
RG ConsterdineRobert Gordon Consterdine
FE ConveryFrank Eugene Convery
J Convery
JA ConveryJoseph A Convery
F Convey
DAE Convoy
AF ConwayArthur Foster Conway
C ConwayCharles Conway
CWWS ConwayClement William Walter Sydney Conway
E Conway
GP Conway
H ConwayHarold Conway
J ConwayJames Conway
JH ConwayJoseph Howard Conway
JP ConwayJohn Percival Conway
JT Conway
LRO ConwayLeonard Russell O Conway
MJ Conway
PG ConwayPhilip G Conway
RW ConwayRichard William Conway
SA ConwaySidney Alexander Conway
WF ConwayWilliam Francis Conway
F Conway Jenkins
W Conway-Day
H Conway-HydeHenry Conway-Hyde
F Conway-Jenkins
PK Conway-JonesPowis Karanzo-Cornwallis Conway-Jones
A ConyersAlgy Conyers
W Conyers
DP ConynghamDalton Parry Conyngham
CB CooChas B Coo
CG Coo
HT CooHarold Thomas Coo
J Coo
H CoochHerbert Cooch
KG Cooch
TA CoochTheodore Algernon Cooch
HPR CoodeHenry Penrose Rushton Coode
P CooganPhilip Coogan
W Coogan
A CookAlfred Cook
AB CookAlfred Burton Cook
AB CookArnold Benjamin Cook
AC CookArthur Claude Cook
ACW Cook
AE CookArthur Edward Cook
AF CookAlfred Frank Cook
AG CookAlbert George Cook
AG CookAlfred George Cook
AG CookArthur George Cook
AH Cook
AJ CookAlfred J Cook
AJ CookAlfred James Cook
AJ CookArthur James [or Alfred Joseph] Cook
AJA CookAlbert J A Cook
AJM CookAloysius John Michael Cook
AK Cook
AL CookArthur Leslie Cook
AS CookArchibald Stanley Cook
ASH Cook
AV Cook
AW CookAlex William Cook
AWE CookArthur William Edward Cook
BA Cook
BH CookBrian Herbert Cook
BL CookByron Leslie Cook
C Cook
CAE CookCharles Alfred Ernest Cook
CB CookCecil Barnaby Cook
CB CookCyril Brownlow Cook
CF CookCharles Frederick Cook
CH CookClarence Herbert Cook
CHH CookCharles Henry Hill Cook
CHHC CookCharles Henry Hugh Cheoney Cook
CHHC CookCharles Henry Hugh Chesney Cook
CJ Cook
CL CookClarence Leo Cook
CR CookCharles Reginald Cook
CR CookCyril Raymond Cook
CRMP CookCarl Ramsey Matt Patrick Cook
CRV CookCharles Richard Vallance Cook
CS CookCharles S Cook
CW CookClarence William Cook
DCN CookDenys Charles Nitasdale Cook
DCN CookDenys Charles Nithsdale Cook
E CookEdward Cook
EA CookEarl Allen Cook
EA CookErnest A Cook
EA CookErnest Albert Cook
EE CookEdward Ernest Cook
EG CookErnest Greenlee Cook
EH CookEdwin Hugh Cook
EH CookErnest Henry Cook
EJ CookErnest John Cook
EM CookEric Masters Cook
EM CookEric Mornington Cook
EP CookEdward Phillip Cook
ES CookErnest Sidney Cook
EV Cook
EW CookErnest Walter Cook
EW CookErnest William Cook
F CookFrank Cook
F CookFred Cook
FA Cook
FAV CookFrederick A V Cook
FAV CookFrederick Albert Victor Cook
FBW Cook
FC CookFrederick Charles Cook
FF CookFrederick F Cook
FG Cook
FH Cook
FL CookFrank L Cook
FLJ CookFrancis Leo Joseph Cook
FO CookFrederick Oliver Cook
FR CookFrancis R. Cook
FR CookFrancis Richardson Cook
FR CookFrancis Russell Cook
FS/S CookFrederick Sydney [or Stanley] Cook
FVW CookFrank Victor Wilson Cook
FW Cook
G CookGeorge Cook
GA Cook
GE CookGeorge E Cook
GH CookGeorge Henry Cook
GP CookGeorge Paull Cook
GWW Cook
H CookHarry Cook
H CookHenry Cook
H CookHerbert Cook
H CookHugh Cook
HC CookHaswell Canfield Cook
HEB CookHarold Edward Branston Cook
HG CookHarold G Cook
HG CookHerbert George Cook
HJ Cook
HM Cook
HR CookHenry R Cook
HS CookHenry Stokeld Cook
HV CookHarold Victor Cook
HW CookHarold W Cook
HW CookHumphrey Wyndham Cook
J CookJohn Cook
J CookJoseph Cook
JAS CookJohn Allen Stevenson Cook
JC CookJohn Claude Cook
JD CookJames Drue Cook
JE Cook
JF CookJames Frederick Cook
JF CookJohn Franklin Cook
JH CookJohn H Cook
JH CookJohn Howden Cook
JJ Cook
JS CookJames S Cook
JV CookJames Vincent Cook
JW CookJohn William Cook
JW CookJoseph W Cook
JW CookJoseph William Cook
JWR CookJames William Richard Cook
L CookLeslie Cook
LB CookLeonard Barnaby Cook
LCL CookL C Leech Cook
LM CookLeslie Mallard Cook
LS Cook
LW CookLeonard William Cook
M CookMurdoch Cook
M CookMurdock Cook
MC CookMaynard Cecil Cook
MG Cook
MS CookMaynard Stephen Cook
MSJ CookMichael St John Cook
N CookNorman Cook
NR CookNorman Richard Cook
P CookPercy Cook
PB Cook
PC CookPercy Charles Cook
PE Cook
PR Cook
PS CookPhilip Samuel Cook
R CookRalph Cook
R CookRichard Cook
R CookRobert Cook
R CookRupert Cook
RC CookRobert Colquham Cook
RC CookRobert Colquhoun Cook
RE CookRobert Ewing Cook
RE CookRonald Edwin Cook
RF CookRobert Frank Cook
RHB CookRobert Harold Burton Cook
RJ CookRegd J Cook
RM Cook
RN Cook
RO CookRoland Oliver Cook
RT Cook
RW CookReginald Walter Cook
RW CookRobert Wilfrid Cook
S CookSidney Cook
SC Cook
SF Cook
SG CookSamuel Gordon Cook
SH CookStanley Horace Cook
SL CookSamuel Leonard Cook
SM Cook
T CookThomas Cook
TC CookThomas Charles Cook
TC CookThomas Charnley Cook
TH CookThomas Henry Cook
TJ CookThomas Joseph Cook
TRH CookT R Hague Cook
TWK CookThomas William Kemlow Cook
VA CookVictor Albert Cook
W CookWalter Cook
W CookWilfred Cook
W CookWilliam Cook
WA Cook
WC CookWilliam Christopher Cook
WE CookWilliam Edgar Cook
WE CookWilliam Ernest Cook
WE CookWilliam Ewart Cook
WG CookWilliam G Cook
WH CookWilliam Harold Cook
WJ CookWilliam Jeffrey Cook
WL CookWilfred Lowell Cook
WT Cook
WW CookWilliam Wallace Cook
A CookeAlfred Cooke
A CookeArthur Cooke
ACW Cooke
AE CookeArthur Ernest Cooke
AGP CookeAlbert George Parlett Cooke
AH CookeAndrew H Cooke
AJ CookeAlfred J Cooke
AJ CookeAlfred James Cooke
AL CookeAlfred Lewis Cooke
AM CookeAlexander McDougall Cooke
AT Cooke
BA Cooke
BHH CookeBertram Hewitt Hunter Cooke
CA Cooke
CB CookeCyril Bertram Cooke
CE CookeColin Ernest Cooke
CE CookeCyril Edwin Cooke
CF Cooke
CJE Cooke
CP Cooke
CR Cooke
CRV Cooke
CS Cooke
CT Cooke
CW CookeCharles William Cooke
DG CookeDouglas Graham Cooke
E CookeEdmund Cooke
E CookeEdwin Cooke
E CookeErnest Cooke
EA CookeEdmund Allaway Cooke
EB CookeEdmund B Cooke
EB CookeEdward Beaumont Cooke
ED CookeEdward D Cooke
EH CookeEdgar Harold Cooke
EW CookeErnest Wesley Cooke
F Cooke
FG Cooke
FH CookeFrank Herbert Cooke
FJ CookeFrancis John Cooke
FR CookeFrederick Ronald Cooke
FS CookeFrancis Streatfield Cooke
G CookeGeorge Cooke
G CookeGordon Cooke
GG CookeGuy Grenville Cooke
GGH CookeGilbert George Herbert Cooke
GH Cooke
GJ CookeGeorge Josiah Cooke
GT CookeGerald Trevor Cooke
GW CookeGeorge Whyald Cooke
GW CookeGeorge Whyard Cooke
H CookeHarold Cooke
HA CookeHerbert A Cooke
HC CookeHubert Croft Cooke
HH Cooke
HJ Cooke
HMW Cooke
HR CookeHarry Rowland Cooke
HR CookeHenry Richard Cooke
HW CookeHerbert William Cooke
I CookeIan Cooke
IAS CookeIan Alexander Scott Cooke
IAS CookeIon Alexander Scott Cooke
J CookeJames Cooke
J CookeJohn Cooke
J CookeJoseph Cooke
JA CookeJack Augustus Cooke
JC CookeJames Cyril Cooke
JE CookeJohn Ernest Cooke
JH CookeJames Henry Cooke
JJ CookeJohn James Cooke
JW CookeJohn Whitfield Cooke
KC CookeKenneth Crossley Cooke
L CookeLewis Cooke
LE CookeLancelot Eric Cooke
LE CookeLionel Ernest Cooke
LJ CookeLeonard John Cooke
MEC CookeMoses E C Cooke
MH Cooke
NF CookeNoel Frederick Cooke
PB CookePhilip Brentnall Cooke
PM CookePhilip Martin Cooke
R Cooke
RGT CookeRichard Gerald Torriano Cooke
RJ Cooke
RJS Cooke
RM CookeRichard Maitland Cooke
RM CookeRobert Mortimer Cooke
RW Cooke
S CookeStephen Cooke
SA Cooke
SD CookeSamuel Devonport Cooke
SF CookeSidney Frank Cooke
SF CookeSydney F Cooke
SN CookeSamuel Nathaniel Cooke
SR CookeStephen Richard Cooke
T Cooke
TRG CookeThomas Robert Geddes Cooke
W CookeWalter Cooke
W CookeWilliam Cooke
WA CookeWilliam Arthur Cooke
WB CookeWilliam Bruce Cooke
WE CookeWalter Ellerslie Cooke
WF Cooke
WG CookeWilliam George Cooke
WH CookeWalter H Cooke
WH CookeWilliam H Cooke
WJ CookeWilliam Joseph Cooke
WR CookeWilliam Ronald Cooke
WT Cooke
H Cooke SmithHenry Cooke Smith
H Cooke-SmithHenry Cooke-Smith
OF Cooke-YarboroughOrfeur Frederic Cooke-Yarborough
HT CooksHorace Taylor Cooks
H Cooksedge
HG Cooksedge
GH CookseyGeorge H Cooksey
KB CookseyKenneth Bassano Cooksey
FR Cooksley
H Cook-SmithHenry Cook-Smith
BG Cookson
F CooksonFreville Cookson
GHF CooksonGeorge Heinrich Frederick Cookson
H Cookson
J CooksonJohn Cookson
J CooksonJoseph Cookson
LM CooksonLeonard Moore Cookson
R CooksonReginald Cookson
RG CooksonRoger George Cookson
RRF CooksonRobert Reginald Freville Cookson
TE CooksonThomas Ernest Cookson
W CooksonWilliam Cookson
EG CoolEdward George Cool
AP Coolbear
D CooleyDaniel Cooley
H CooleyHorace Cooley
A CoolingAlbert Cooling
A CoolingArthur Cooling
AH CoolingAlbert Holland Cooling
GF Cooling
SP CoolingSydney Percy Cooling
WH Cooling
AS CoombeAllen Sandby Coombe
ASN CoombeAlfred Stanley Naylor Coombe
JC Coombe
JG CoombeJames George Coombe
LN CoombeLeslie Noel Coombe
TC Coombe
WR CoombeWilliam Reginald Coombe
A Coomber
FC CoomberFrederick C Coomber
FHV Coomber
HB CoomberHorace Bertram Coomber
WE Coomber
AC Coombes
AL Coombes
CHJ CoombesCecil Harold James Coombes
D CoombesDouglas Coombes
E Coombes
EC CoombesErnest Crisford Coombes
ERH CoombesErnest Ronald Henshaw Coombes
ES CoombesEdward Stephen Coombes
F Coombes
HG Coombes
HNS CoombesHenry Nigel Selwyn Coombes
J Coombes
LP CoombesLaurence Percival Coombes
LP CoombesLawrence Percival Coombes
LP CoombesLeonard P Coombes
LP CoombesLeonard Percy Coombes
REM CoombesRobert Edwin Montague Coombes
TC CoombesTerence Claude Coombes
WJ CoombesWilliam James Coombes
R Coombes-WhiteRonald Coombes-White
A CoombsAlfred Coombs
AC CoombsArthur Conrad Coombs
AG CoombsAlbert G Coombs
AH CoombsAlbert Henry Coombs
AM CoombsA Marews Coombs
AM CoombsAllen Murray Coombs
AS Coombs
D/A CoombsD [or A] Coombs
EVG CoombsErnest V. G. Coombs
FJ CoombsFrederick James Coombs
GF CoombsGeorge F Coombs
GG CoombsGilbert George Coombs
GH CoombsGeorge H Coombs
HM CoombsHerbert Milbourne Coombs
HWB CoombsHenry William Burgess Coombs
JA CoombsJames Andrew Coombs
JH CoombsJames Howe Coombs
ME CoombsMaurice Edward Coombs
P CoombsPercy Coombs
RL CoombsRobert Lennox Coombs
SW CoombsStephen W Coombs
SW CoombsStephen William Coombs
VC CoombsVernon Courtenay Coombs
W Coombs
WC Coombs
WEC CoombsWilfred Ernest Charles Coombs
WEC CoombsWilliam E C Coombs
WG CoombsWilliam G Coombs
AH CoomeAgnes Hilda Coome
FHD Coomer
FHV Coomer
W CoomerWalter Coomer
MG Coomer Weare
A Coomes
HA CoonHenry Augustus Coon
R CoonRobert Coon
GE CoonanGeorge Edward Coonan
DA CooneyDonald Arthur Cooney
DC CooneyDenis Cogan Cooney
H CooneyHenry Cooney
HC CooneyHenry Christie Cooney
LO CooneyLeonard Oliver Cooney
WD CooneyWilliam David Cooney
JW CoonsJohn Walter Coons
G CoopGeorge Coop
R CoopRoy Coop
Roy Coop
RW CoopRichard Wallace Coop
BRC CoopeBrownlow Richard Christopher Coope
NN CoopeNathaniel Nicholson Coope
WE CoopeWilliam Edwin Coope
A CooperAlbert Cooper
A CooperArthur Cooper
AA Cooper
AC CooperAlfred Clapp Cooper
AC CooperArthur C Cooper
AC CooperArthur Charles Cooper
AC CooperArthur Cyril Cooper
AC CooperAshby Colin Cooper
AD Cooper
AE CooperAlbert E Cooper
AE CooperAlbert Edward Cooper
AG CooperArthur Gabbetis Cooper
AG CooperArthur George Cooper
AH CooperAlbert Henry Cooper
AH CooperArnold Heath Cooper
AJ Cooper
AK Cooper
AQ CooperArthur Quilton Cooper
ARC CooperArnold Richard Charles Cooper
AT Cooper
AW CooperAlfred William Cooper
AW CooperArthur Weston Cooper
BA Cooper
BG Cooper
BH Cooper
BP Cooper
C CooperColin Cooper
CA CooperCyril Ashley Cooper
CC CooperChristopher Capon Cooper
CEG CooperClifford Edward Gordon Cooper
CEN CooperClarence Edwards Nooth Cooper
CEN CooperClarence Edwards North Cooper
CEW Cooper
CF Cooper
CG CooperCecil George Cooper
CH CooperCharles Harold Cooper
CH CooperCharles Herring Cooper
CH CooperChristopher Harold Cooper
CJ Cooper
CS Cooper
D CooperDavid Cooper
DB CooperDryden Bliss Cooper
DG CooperDavid Gardener Cooper
DG CooperDavid Gardiner Cooper
DJ CooperDennis John Cooper
E CooperEdmund Cooper
E CooperErnest Cooper
EH CooperEric Hastings Cooper
EH CooperErnest Henry Cooper
EJ CooperEdward John Cooper
EL CooperEdward Louis Cooper
ER CooperEdward Reginald Cooper
F CooperFrank Cooper
F CooperFrederick Cooper
FA CooperFred Albert Cooper
FC CooperFrancis Collier Cooper
FC CooperFrederick C Cooper
FE CooperFrederick Ernest Cooper
FG CooperFrank Godfrey Cooper
FJ CooperFrank James Cooper
FJA CooperFrederick J A Cooper
FJA CooperFrederick James Albert Cooper
FM CooperFrederick Montague Cooper
FRJ CooperFrederick R J Cooper
FS Cooper
FW Cooper
G CooperGeorge Cooper
GA CooperGeorge Albert Cooper
GA CooperGerald Alfred Cooper
GAB CooperGeoffrey Alwyne Bradnam Cooper
GC Cooper
GE Cooper
GE/E CooperGeorge Edmund [or Edward] Cooper
GFJ Cooper
GG CooperGuy Gray Cooper
GJ CooperGordon John Cooper
GJ CooperGordon Jonathan Cooper
GK CooperGerald Kempster Cooper
GS CooperGeorge Sidney Cooper
GVV Cooper
GW CooperGeorge William Cooper
GW CooperGerald William Cooper
H CooperHarold Cooper
H CooperHenry Cooper
H CooperHerbert Cooper
HA CooperHenry Alfred Cooper
HA CooperHerbert A. Cooper
HA CooperHerbert Ambrose Cooper
HA CooperHorace Arthur Cooper
HC CooperHorace Charles Cooper
HCH CooperHorace Charles Henry Cooper
HE CooperHugh Eldon Cooper
HG CooperHarry Grosvenor Cooper
HG CooperHerbert George Cooper
HG CooperHilton G Cooper
HH CooperHarold Hawthorne Cooper
HJ CooperHarold John Cooper
HJ CooperHerbert J Cooper
HL CooperHarry Llewellyn Cooper
HL CooperHoward L. Cooper
HL CooperHoward Lister Cooper
HP CooperHorace P Cooper
HS Cooper
HT Cooper
HWA Cooper
J CooperJames Cooper
J CooperJohn Cooper
J CooperJonathan Cooper
J CooperJoseph Cooper
JA CooperJames A Cooper
JA CooperJohn Alfred Cooper
JA CooperJonathan Alfred Cooper
JB CooperJohn Beattie Cooper
JC Cooper
JG CooperJohn Gerald Cooper
JH CooperJohn Hartshorne Cooper
JH CooperJohn Haxtshorne Cooper
JH CooperJohn Henry Cooper
JH CooperJonathan Hartshorne Cooper
JH CooperJonathan Henry Cooper
JJ Cooper
JL CooperJames Leslie Cooper
JM CooperJames McAustin Cooper
JN CooperJohn Nichols Cooper
JO CooperJack O. Cooper
JO CooperJack Oliver Cooper
JO CooperJames Omerod Cooper
JO CooperJames Ormerod Cooper
JPC CooperJames P. C. Cooper
JPC CooperJames Percy Carre Cooper
JR CooperJack Roland Cooper
JS CooperJohn Scott Cooper
JS CooperJohn Stephen Cooper
JS CooperJonathan Stephen Cooper
JW Cooper
L Cooper
LA CooperLeslie Arthur Cooper
LG CooperLawrence George Cooper
LH CooperLancelot Head Cooper
LPD CooperLeslie Pritchard Dunkley Cooper
LR CooperLeonard Richard Cooper
LW CooperLionel William Cooper
M CooperMaurice Cooper
ME CooperMorris E Cooper
MH Cooper
ML CooperMaurice Lea Cooper
MR CooperMontague Richard Cooper
N CooperNorman Cooper
NA Cooper
NC CooperNorman Carwardine Cooper
NE Cooper
NH Cooper
NN Cooper
OA CooperOswald Albert Cooper
OE Cooper
P Cooper
PA CooperPhilip Alan Cooper
PA CooperPhillip Alan Cooper
PB CooperPercy Baddeley Cooper
PC CooperPercy Charles Cooper
PJ CooperPercy J Cooper
PS Cooper
R CooperRobert Cooper
RA CooperReginald A Cooper
RA CooperReginald Alfred Cooper
RC Cooper
RE CooperRoland Edgar Cooper
RH CooperRonald Herbert Cooper
RHN Cooper
RJ CooperReginald John Cooper
RP CooperReginald Percy Cooper
RT Cooper
RWA CooperRobert William Ashley Cooper
S CooperSidney Cooper
S CooperStanley Cooper
S CooperSydney Cooper
SC CooperSidney Clarence Cooper
SH CooperStanley Herbert Cooper
SJ Cooper
SV CooperSidney Valentine Cooper
SW CooperSidney W Cooper
T CooperThomas Cooper
T CooperTom Cooper
TB CooperThomas B Cooper
TB CooperThomas Bruce Cooper
TC CooperThomas Charles Cooper
TH CooperThomas Harold Cooper
TH CooperTom Harold Cooper
TJ CooperThomas J Cooper
TJ CooperThomas James Cooper
TR CooperThomas Reginald Cooper
V Cooper
VA CooperVincent Astley Cooper
VH Cooper
VMF Cooper
VT CooperVictor Thomas Cooper
W CooperWalter Cooper
W CooperWarner Cooper
W CooperWilliam Cooper
WA CooperWalter Alexander Cooper
WD Cooper
WE Cooper
WF CooperWilliam Fells Cooper
WFP/C CooperWilliam Fordham Padmore [or Cadmore] Cooper
WG CooperWilliam George Cooper
WH CooperWilliam Henry Cooper
WJ CooperWalter John Cooper
WJ CooperWilfred James Cooper
WJ CooperWilliam J Cooper
WJ CooperWilliam James Cooper
WJ CooperWilliam John Cooper
WJP CooperWalter John Prestney Cooper
WP CooperWilliam Preshaw Cooper
WR CooperWilliam Resham Cooper
WR CooperWilliam Robert Cooper
WS CooperWilliam Schreiner Cooper
WW CooperWilliam Whittington Cooper
J Cooper Wilson
MK Cooper-KingMaximilian Knight Cooper-King
MK Cooper-KingMaximillian Knight Cooper-King
WGH Cooper-King
JF Cooper-Smith
JC Cooper-Waddell
BF CoopmanBertram Frederick Coopman
HT CoopperHorace T Coopper
FC CoopsFank Cecil Coops
H Coosey
AE CooteArthur Edwin Coote
BL Coote
EF CooteErnest Frederick Coote
EH CooteEdward Headland Coote
FRG Coote
G Coote
HF CooteHenry F Coote
J CooteJohn Coote
JG Coote
JJ CooteJohn J Coote
LH Coote
MH CooteMaxwell Henry Coote
MHRA Coote
PC CootePhilip Charles Coote
RA CooteRalph Algernon Coote
RL CooteRussell Leslie Coote
VL CooteVictor Leonard Coote
W CooteWilliam Coote
JG CootsJames Gordon Coots
E Cootyer
EO CopasEdwin Owen Copas
A CopeArthur Cope
AH CopeArthur Hawtayne Cope
CC Cope
CS CopeCharles Stanley Cope
D CopeDouglas Cope
FE CopeFrancis Edward Cope
GC Cope
H CopeHerbert Cope
HA Cope
HD CopeHarry Douglas Cope
J CopeJames Cope
JA CopeJohn Anthony Cope
JH Cope
JJ CopeJohn J Cope
JL Cope
LB CopeLeonard B Cope
LB CopeLeonard Benjamin Cope
R CopeRichard Cope
W CopeWilliam Cope
WG CopeWalter Gordon Cope
WJL CopeWilliam John Leslie Cope
WLN Cope
WNL CopeWilliam Norman Lazenby Cope
AHM Copeland
DM CopelandDewey Miller Copeland
HT Copeland
HTH CopelandHenry Turn Hamilton Copeland
I CopelandIsaac Copeland
J CopelandJames Copeland
JB CopelandJohn Bird Copeland
JJ CopelandJames John Copeland
LF CopelandLeslie Frank Copeland
LM CopelandLeslie Milner Copeland
LM CopelandLeslie Milowe Copeland
RC CopelandRobert Charles Copeland
SCE CopelandStanley Charles Edward Copeland
TGF CopelandThomas George Franklin Copeland
WHK CopelandWalter Henry King Copeland
EW Copeland-Perry
C CopelinCampbell Copelin
HF CopelinHerbert Frances Copelin
DA CopemanDonald Alfred Copeman
EA Copeman
ED CopemanEdwin Drower Copeman
H CopemanHarold Copeman
HF CopemanHarold Frank Copeman
MGB Copeman
MGH Copeman
EH Coper
HL CopestakeHarold Langdon Copestake
VJ CopestakeVincent Joseph Copestake
AE CoplandAndrew Eric Copland
AM CoplandAnton Morrice Copland
D CoplandDonald Copland
HD CoplandHarry Depew Copland
J Copland
JJ CoplandJames Jackson Copland
EJ Coplestone
JW Coplett
A CopleyAlfred Copley
GD Copley
GHBL CopleyGeorge Henry Burgin Leslie Copley
H CopleyHarry Copley
H CopleyHugh Copley
J Copley
RC Copley
RJ CopleyReginald James Copley
TAP CopleyThomas Arthur Peers Copley
W CopleyWalter Copley
WE CopleyWilliam Elliott Copley
CJP CopnerCharles John Pomeroy Copner
ECL CopnerEric C L Copner
ECL CopnerEric Cecil Lewis Copner
CH Copp
EA CoppEdgar Allison Copp
FT Copp
G CoppGilbert Copp
HJ CoppHarold John Copp
JC Copp
S CoppSydney Copp
F Coppace
SBH CoppardStuart Benjamin Hayes Coppard
FH Coppeck
EP Coppens
AT Copper
E CopperEdward Copper
EE CopperErnest Edward Copper
EGL Copper
PK CopperthwaitePercy Kenyon Copperthwaite
SC CopperwaiteSydney C Copperwaite
FV CopperwheatFrank Victor Copperwheat
J CopperwheatJoseph Copperwheat
E CoppickErnest Coppick
AR Coppin
AA CoppingAlfred Adamson Copping
EN CoppingErnest Noel Copping
FJ CoppingFrederick J Copping
GA CoppingGeorge A Copping
RE CoppingerRobert Eugene Coppinger
TE CoppingerThomas Edward Coppinger
EP Coppins
AJ Copplestone
FH CoppockFrank Houston Coppock
RBC CoppockRichard Bernard Christian Coppock
T CoppockTheodore Coppock
TB CoppockThomas Bert Coppock
W CopseyWallace Copsey
E CopsonEdward Copson
TC CopsonThomas Charles Copson
RM Corah
RN CorahRichard Nathaniel Corah
ERL CorballisEdward R L Corballis
ERL CorballisEdward R. L. Corballis
ERL CorballisEdward RL Corballis
ERL CorballisEdward Roux Littledale Corballis
ERL CorbellisEdward Rond Littlerdale Corbellis
J CorbetJohn Corbet
JH CorbetJohn Hugh Corbet
NL CorbetNorman Leo Corbet
AC CorbettArthur Cameron Corbett
AC CorbettThe Hon. Arthur Cameron Corbett
AE Corbett
AJ CorbettAlex J Corbett
AJ CorbettAlex James Corbett
AM CorbettArthur Mortimer Corbett
CDH CorbettCyril D H Corbett
CDH CorbettCyril Dudley Hely Corbett
E CorbettErnest Corbett
EG Corbett
EJ CorbettEdward James Corbett
EL CorbettEdward Leonard Corbett
ESH CorbettEric Sydney Hely Corbett
FA CorbettFrank Arthur Corbett
FG CorbettFrederick George Corbett
FJ CorbettFrederick John Corbett
FW CorbettFrederick William Corbett
GF CorbettGeorge Fergusson Corbett
GP Corbett
J CorbettJames Corbett
J CorbettJohn Corbett
JH Corbett
LT CorbettLionel Thomas Corbett
PH Corbett
R CorbettRoland Corbett
RBLC CorbettR B La C Corbett
RDeLaC Corbett
RS CorbettReginald Stewart Corbett
WA CorbettWilliam Allan Corbett
WE CorbettWilliam Edward Corbett
WEP CorbettWilliam Edward Percival Corbett
WH CorbettWilliam Henry Corbett
WL CorbettWilliam Launcelot Corbett
D Corbett Wilson
AC CorbettaAlgernon Charles Corbetta
A Corbett-WilsonArchibald Corbett-Wilson
D Corbett-WilsonDenys Corbett-Wilson
C CorbinCecil Corbin
CB CorbinCecil Bradford Corbin
F CorbinFrank Corbin
FD CorbinFrancis David Corbin
HA Corbin
JC CorbinJohn Christopher Corbin
AE CorbishleyAlbert Edward Corbishley
NE CorbishleyNorman Edward Corbishley
RH CorbishleyReginald Heathcote Corbishley
RH CorbishleyRonald Heathcote Corbishley
WJ CorbishleyWilfred James Corbishley
CC Corbit
AJ CorbittAlbert Joseph Corbitt
JW CorbleJohn Willis Corble
HM CorboldHenry Maurice Corbold
CEB CorbouldCharles Edward Bernard Corbould
LH Corbould-EllisLesley Howard Corbould-Ellis
LH Corbould-EllisLeslie Howard Corbould-Ellis
LH Corboult-EllisLesley H Corboult-Ellis
JW Corbridge
GH Corby
HC Corby
HG CorbyHugh G Corby
HG CorbyHugh G. Corby
HG CorbyHugh George Corby
JC CorbyJohn Charles Corby
L CorbyLewis Corby
B Corcoo
FB CorcoranFrederick Bernard Corcoran
J CorcoranJames Corcoran
J CorcoranJoseph Corcoran
JB CorcoranJack Bernard Corcoran
JJ CorcoranJeremiah Joseph Corcoran
W Corcoran
WJ Corcoran
B Corcos
NM CorcosNathaniel Montefiore Corcos
CMH CordascoCharles Merrill Humbert Cordasco
A CordeauxAlbert Cordeaux
CA CordeauxCharles Albert Cordeaux
A CordellAlfred Cordell
J Cordell
R Cordell
W CordenWilliam Corden
WC Corder
AJG CorderyAlfred John George Cordery
HEG CorderyHerbert Edward Gladstone Cordery
J CorderyJohn Cordery
JBLH CordesJames Brome Lucas Hope Cordes
JBLH CordesJames Broune Lucas Hope Cordes
JLBH Cordes
B Cordey
GG CordinerGeorge Galloway Cordiner
LE CordingLewis Edmund Cording
G CordingleyGilbert Cordingley
JA CordingleyJoseph Arthur Cordingley
JW CordingleyJohn Walter Cordingley
VfVC CordingleyVictor formerly Vollrath Christian Cordingley
WC CordingleyWilliam Charles Cordingley
AN CordnerAlbert Noel Cordner
RH Cordner
RHL CordnerRobert Harry Lucas Cordner
W CordnerWalter Cordner
CA CordonCecil Alderton Cordon
CI Cordon
CJ Cordon
CJ Cordow
AW CordreyArthur William Cordrey
FG CordwellFrederick George Cordwell
HF CordwellHoward F Cordwell
GHA CordwentGeorge Henry Antony Cordwent
AB CoreyAlbert Bickmore Corey
EG CoreyEdward Gordon Corey
IB CoreyIrving Banfield Corey
RB Corey
AB CorfeArthur Boyd Corfe
AH CorfieldAlbert Henry Corfield
CG CorfieldCecil G Corfield
G Corfield
H CorfieldHarold Corfield
J CorfieldJames Corfield
J CorfieldJoseph Corfield
JH CorfieldJohn Henry Corfield
JH CorfieldJohn Herbert Corfield
JW Corfield
RB CorfieldRoger Bark Corfield
SC CorfieldStafford C Corfield
T CorfieldThomas Corfield
WR CorfieldWalter Ralph Corfield
WR CorfieldWalter Ralphs Corfield
HJ CorinHerbert John Corin
PG CorinPhilip Grosvenor Corin
AJ CorkAlfred Joseph Cork
EC Cork
J CorkJohn Cork
EC Corke
FG CorkeFrederick G Corke
AF CorkerAlfred Frank Corker
GH CorkerGeorge Holt Corker
H CorkerHarry Corker
JC Corkery
JP CorkeryJoseph Philip Corkery
HJ CorkeyHerbert John Corkey
C Corkhill
CV CorkhillCharles V Corkhill
J Corkhill
NB Corkhill
E Corkwell
JE CorlessJames Edward Corless
SA CorleyStewart Allen Corley
W CorleyWarren Corley
CH Corlyon
DD CormackDavid Dewar Cormack
DD CormackDavid Dewson Cormack
FW CormackFrank Webber Cormack
GW CormackGeorge Waitt Cormack
J Cormack
JD CormackJohn D Cormack
JD CormackJohn Dewar Cormack
JD CormackJohn Don Cormack
JD CormackJohn Donn Cormack
PF CormackPhilip Frederick Cormack
W Cormack
WD CormackWilliam D Cormack
JD CormichaelJohn Duncan Cormichael
AL CormieAlexander Low Cormie
E Cornabie
EVW CornabieEdward Victor William Cornabie
C CornallCharles Cornall
A Cornall-TolleyArthur Cornall-Tolley
ER CorneilErnest Ruckle Corneil
A Cornelius
CH CorneliusCharles Herbert Cornelius
CS CorneliusCharles S Cornelius
GT CorneliusGeoffrey Theodore Cornelius
RC CorneliusRichard Charles Cornelius
C Cornelius-WheelerCharles Cornelius-Wheeler
BC Cornell
CC Cornell
CW CornellCharles William Cornell
DH CornellDonald Herbert Cornell
FM CornellFrederick Meade Cornell
HC Cornell
HD Cornell
HG CornellHarold Gordon Cornell
HS Cornell
HW CornellHenry William Cornell
RC CornellReginald Christopher Cornell
WH CornellWalter H Cornell
AT CornerAlan T Corner
E CornerEdward Corner
MB CornerMichael Baron Corner
RW CornerRaymond Westley Corner
VW Corner
WG CornerWilfred George Corner
WJ CornerWilliam Jack Corner
WP Corner
WY Corner
JJ CornerfordJohn Joseph Cornerford
EH CornesErnest Harold Cornes
RJ CornesRobert John Cornes
WS Cornes
CC CornettCecil Clifton Cornett
TH CorneyThomas H Corney
WJ CorneyWalston Joseph Corney
WJ CorneyWulstan Joseph Corney
WL Corney
CH Cornford
H CornfordHarold Cornford
KMA CornfordKenneth Mellville Arthur Cornford
LA CornfordLeonard Arthur Cornford
R CornfordRoss Cornford
AW CornforthAthelstane Wilson Cornforth
NL CornforthNorman Leslie Cornforth
NLC Cornforth
HW Cornich
C CornickCyril Cornick
H Cornick
JH Corning
AF CornishAlbert Frederick Cornish
AJ CornishAlbert John Cornish
AJ CornishAlfred John Cornish
AL Cornish
C CornishCyril Cornish
EW Cornish
F CornishFred Cornish
F CornishFrederick Cornish
GE Cornish
GH CornishGeorge H. Cornish
HB CornishHenry Bedford Cornish
HH CornishHenry Harold Cornish
P Cornish
PE Cornish
TM CornishThomas Martin Cornish
WB Cornish
WF Cornish
WH CornishWalter Herbert Cornish
WHE CornishWilliam Henry Elms Cornish
WO CornishWilliam Oliver Cornish
WT Cornish
SH CornsStanley Hopkins Corns
VW CornsVincent W Corns
J CornstiveJohn Cornstive
J Cornthwaite
R CornthwaiteRobert Cornthwaite
W CornthwaiteWillie Cornthwaite
AA CornwallAlexander Arnold Cornwall
F CornwallFrank Cornwall
FJ Cornwall
G CornwallGeorge Cornwall
LJ CornwallLeonard Joseph Cornwall
HC Cornwell
LM CornwellLucy Mabel Cornwell
J CornynJohn Cornyn
SH CoronelSamuel Henry Coronel
EC CorpEdward Charles Corp
RO Corp
WF Corp
FP Corpe
TH CorpeThomas Henry Corpe
HH CorpsHorace Henry Corps
VH CorrValentine Henry Corr
AR Corradine
AJ CorrallAlfred James Corrall
J CorrallJames Corrall
W Corran
WAG CorrickWilliam Arthur George Corrick
M CorrieMac Corrie
M CorrieMae Corrie
GA CorriganGeorge A Corrigan
J CorriganJohn Corrigan
J CorriganJoseph Corrigan
JS CorriganJohn Stuart Corrigan
JV CorriganJohn Vincent Corrigan
J CorrinJohn Corrin
WH CorrinWilliam Herbert Corrin
CJ Corrington
BG CorryBrian George Corry
EB CorryEdward Bryant Corry
EWC CorryErnest William Clarence Corry
FM CorryFrank Moring Corry
RT CorryRobert Terence Corry
WC Corry
EC CorrymoreEric Claude Corrymore
GC Corry-SmithGerald Carew Corry-Smith
GH CorsanGeorge Henry Corsan
HG CorsanHenry George Corsan
HH Corsan
WH CorsanWilfred Hubler Corsan
IP CorseIrving P Corse
LP Corse
WD CorseWilliam D Corse
WD CorseWilliam David Corse
WG Corser
AL CorsonArthur Leopold Corson
J Corstorphine
JB CorstorphineJames Barron Corstorphine
JB CorstorphineJames Barrow Corstorphine
AB CortArchibald Bernard Cort
AH Cort
JL CortJohn Leonard Cort
JLP CortJohn Leonard Patchette Cort
WP CortWilliam P. Cort
WP CortWilliam Percy Cort
J Corte
CGA CoryCharles George Awdry Cory
FC CoryFrank C Cory
JE CoryJoseph Edmund Cory
JR Cory
PAF CoryPercy Arthur Frederick Cory
WA CoryWilbur Albert Cory
CL Coryat
WA CorytonWilliam Alec Coryton
C Cory-Wright
CW Cory-WrightCyril Wade Cory-Wright
G Cory-WrightGeoffrey Cory-Wright
E Cosby
AC CosensArchibald Cosens
TG Cosens
G Cosfield
EJ CosfordEdwin Joseph Cosford
AMG CosgraveArthur Michael George Cosgrave
JG Cosgrave
AJ Cosgrove
AV CosgroveAlbert Vail Cosgrove
CW Cosgrove
DGE CosgroveDaniel George Edward Cosgrove
ET CosgroveEdward Thomas Cosgrove
GS CosgroveGordon S Cosgrove
GS CosgroveGordon Sallnow Cosgrove
P CosgrovePatrick Cosgrove
T CosgroveThomas Cosgrove
WT Cosgrove
WTO CosgroveWilliam Thomas Orpen Cosgrove
HCG CoshHarold Claude Garrett Cosh
W Cosier
CLG CoslettClifford Liddy Garfield Coslett
CD Cosley
AF CossArchibald F Coss
F Coss
J CossJoseph Coss
DJ CossarDavid James Cossar
ER CossarEdward Robert Cossar
G CossarGeorge Cossar
GW CossarGeorge Wilson Cossar
CR CosserCecil Richard Cosser
AH CossfortAlfred Horace Cossfort
LS Cossitt
ES Cosslett
ET CosslettEdward Thomas Cosslett
GW CossumGeorge William Cossum
EG Costa
LG CostaLuigi Gausche Costa
LG CostaLuigi Guach Costa
LG CostaLuigi Guoach Costa
HH CostainHerbert Haddler Costain
CT CostelloCharles T Costello
CT CostelloCharles Thomas Costello
DT CostelloDavid Timothy Costello
E Costello
EW CostelloEdmond William Costello
J CostelloJohn Costello
M Costello
MG Costello
MJ CostelloMichael Joseph Costello
MP Costello
TW CostelloThomas Wallace Costello
WF CostelloWilliam Francis Costello
WH CostelloWilliam Howard Costello
WJ CostelloWilliam John Costello
W Costelow
CP Costen
JEP Costenguay
EF Coster
EJ Coster
HSM CosterHoward Sydney Musgrave Coster
WL CosterWilliam Leslie Coster
JL CosticanJoseph L Costican
G Costick
JL CostiganJoseph L Costigan
JL CostiganJoseph Lester Costigan
R Costigan
RH CostiganRobert Hampton Costigan
RJ CostiganRichard John Costigan
S CostiganStephen Costigan
NR CostleyNason Royal Costley
H Costling
HC CostobadieHarry Crawford Costobadie
F Coston
JAC Coston
LHB CoswayLeoplod Harold Baskerville Cosway
LHB CoswayLeopold H. B. Cosway
LHB CoswayLeopold Harold Baskerville Cosway
LRB Cosway
GH CoteGeorge Homer Cote
J CoteJohn Cote
JA CoteJoseph Arthur Cote
JAR CoteJoseph A R Cote
JAR CoteJoseph Arthur Robert Cote
JFP Cote
JR Cote
R Cote
WG Cote
JCC CotesJohn Charles Cecil Cotes
FR Cotgrove
RF CotgroveReginald Frank Cotgrove
RA CotmanRobert A Cotman
RA CotmanRobert Arthur Cotman
CO CotonCharles Owen Coton
RP CotonRichard Percival Coton
FJ Cotrill
FJ CotsellFrances James Cotsell
FJ CotsellFrancis James Cotsell
AM CottArthur M. Cott
AM CottArthur Mackenzie Cott
AW CottAlfred W. Cott
AW CottAlfred William Cott
GE Cott
HJ Cott
FS CottageFrederick S Cottage
ACS CottamArthur Casias Stevenson Cottam
AL Cottam
AS CottamArthur Stephen Cottam
GV CottamGeorge Victor Cottam
H CottamHenry Cottam
MTG CottamMaxwell Thomas Giles Cottam
WA Cottam
LE CotteeLeonard Ernest Cottee
AG Cottell
W Cottell
WG Cottenden
BC CotterBrian Charles Cotter
HE CotterHarry Edward Cotter
JA CotterJames Alfred Cotter
JA CotterJames Arthur Cotter
JB CotterJohn Beresford Cotter
JJ CotterJeremiah Joseph Cotter
JW CotterJohn W Cotter
JW CotterJohn William Cotter
W Cotter
WJ CotterWilliam Joseph Cotter
BW CotterellBasil William Cotterell
EH CotterellEdward Henry Cotterell
GCB CotterellGeorge Cecil Blencowe Cotterell
H Cotterell
J CotterellJoseph Cotterell
RJ CotterellRobert James Cotterell
WJ CotterellWalter John Cotterell
WR CotterellWilliam Rocke Cotterell
C Cotterill
ES CotterillEric Seton Cotterill
EWS CotterillEric William Seton Cotterill
H CotterillHarry Cotterill
HGK CotterillHarold Gordon Knight Cotterill
W CotterillWilliam Cotterill
CE CottierCharles Edward Cottier
ER CottierEdwin R Cottier
ER CottierEdwin Russell Cottier
F Cottingham
GR CottinghamGeorge R Cottingham
H Cottingham
HE Cottingham
J CottinghamJohn Cottingham
N CottinghamNorman Cottingham
R CottingtonRichard Cottington
H CottisHerbert Cottis
RJ CottisRonald Joseph Cottis
D Cottle
DB CottleDudley B Cottle
DB CottleDudley Brady Cottle
FJ CottleFrederick James Cottle
FL CottleFrank Leonard Cottle
HE CottleHenry E Cottle
J CottleJack Cottle
A Cotton
AE Cotton
AF CottonArthur Francis Cotton
AH CottonAlfred Herbert Cotton
AP Cotton
AR CottonArthur Redvers Cotton
AS CottonArthur Sidney Cotton
C CottonCharles Cotton
CF CottonCharles Frederick Cotton
CW Cotton
D CottonDavid Cotton
DH Cotton
E CottonEnoch Cotton
E CottonErnest Cotton
EJ CottonElmer Jonathan Cotton
FS CottonFrederick Sidney Cotton
FW CottonFrederick William Cotton
G CottonGeorge Cotton
GV CottonGeorge Vincent Cotton
H CottonHarry Cotton
H CottonHorace Cotton
HC Cotton
HH CottonHenry Harold Cotton
J CottonJohn Cotton
JA Cotton
JC CottonJohn Cyril Cotton
JH CottonJohn Herbert Cotton
JT Cotton
JW Cotton
LE Cotton
MV Cotton
RB Cotton
RFS CottonR F Stapleton Cotton
TA CottonThomas Arthur Cotton
TE CottonThomas Eric Cotton
TH CottonThomas Harold Cotton
W CottonWalter Cotton
WE CottonWilliam Edward Cotton
WH CottonWilliam H Cotton
WMV CottonWilliam Martin Vernon Cotton
G Cotton StapletonGeorge Cotton Stapleton
JH Cotton-Minchin
A Cottrell
H Cottrell
HC Cottrell
JS CottrellJohn S Cottrell
MC Cottrell
S CottrellSidney Cottrell
W CottrellWilliam Cottrell
WJ Cottrell
CSR CottrillCharles Stanhope Rashleigh Cottrill
P CottrillPhilip Cottrill
AFJ Couch
DH CouchDonald Hector Couch
EL Couch
GL CouchGeorge Leslie Couch
HW Couch
KG CouchKenneth Gordon Couch
LI CouchLawrence Ivan Couch
LT CouchLeonard Thomas Couch
TAB CouchThomas Arthur Bertram Couch
A CouchmanArthur Couchman
AT Couchman
CJ CouchmanCharles John Couchman
FR Couchman
HI CouchmanHarold Ira Couchman
L Coudurier
E CoueyElbert Couey
HLR CoughHenry Leslie Raymond Cough
WAF Coughill
J CoughlanJames Coughlan
CE Coughlin
GJ CoughlinGerald Joseph Coughlin
J CoughlinJohn Coughlin
W CougleWilliam Cougle
CE CouillaultCharles Edwin Couillault
B CoulamBertram Coulam
T Coulan
F CoulbeckFrank Coulbeck
GL Could
FWA Coulden
J Couldrey
JF Couldrey
WA Couldrey
CR Couldrick
C CouldridgeCyril Couldridge
ACS CouldwellArthur Claud Smith Couldwell
L Couler
JAM Coulet
WG CoulhurstWilliam Gordon Coulhurst
A Coull
GM CoullGeorge Morrison Coull
J Coull
JL Coull
WG CoullWilliam Gordon Coull
AC CoulmanAndrew Charles Coulman
LF CoulmanLile Frederick Coulman
EH Coulsen
A Coulson
AE Coulson
AL CoulsonArthur Leslie Coulson
AW Coulson
CB Coulson
CR CoulsonClaude Raymond Coulson
CS Coulson
CSL CoulsonCharles Stanley Lomas Coulson
DA CoulsonDennis Alfred Coulson
F CoulsonFrank Coulson
FG CoulsonFrederick George Coulson
GB Coulson
HH CoulsonHerbert Henry Coulson
JC CoulsonJohn Charles Coulson
JP CoulsonJoseph Percival Coulson
MA CoulsonMaurice Alfred Coulson
R CoulsonRichard Coulson
RG Coulson
S CoulsonSidney Coulson
SC Coulson
WE CoulsonWilliam Eugene Coulson
WGA CoulsonWilliam George Allen Coulson
WH CoulsonWilliam H Coulson
WH CoulsonWilliam Hamilton Coulson
WP CoulsonWilliam Parsons Coulson
DA Coulsor
J CoulstenJack Coulsten
RA CoulstringRobert Alexander Coulstring
E CoultErnest Coult
P Coultake
A CoulterAlbert Coulter
CW CoulterCrozier Wilson Coulter
GA CoulterGeorge Alexander Coulter
GA CoulterGeorge Arthur Coulter
HS CoulterHoward Stanley Coulter
HV CoulterHerbert V Coulter
HV CoulterHugh Vivian Coulter
J CoulterJack Coulter
JWS CoulterJohn Wolfe Stuckly Coulter
KCR CoulterKenneth Charles Russell Coulter
LA Coulter
NEM Coulter
RP CoulterRobert Perry Coulter
W Coulter
WE Coulter
FH Coulthard
JR CoulthardJohn Robert Coulthard
R CoulthardRobert Coulthard
RW CoulthardRobert Wilson Coulthard
W Coulthard
WS CoulthartWilliam Scott Coulthart
RA CoulthurstRalph Alameth Coulthurst
RA CoulthurstRalph Aleneth Coulthurst
WG CoulthurstWilliam G Coulthurst
WG CoulthurstWilliam Gordon Coulthurst
AW Coulton
L Coulton
S Coulton
WL CoultonWalter Leslie Coulton
JE Coulture
WP CoulyWilliam Peter Couly
RA CoundRichard Aubrey Cound
RJ CoundRussell James Cound
HS CounsellHerbert Spencer Counsell
CN Count
JCA Counter
AB CoupalArcade Boone Coupal
JL CoupalJean Louis Coupal
C CoupeClifford Coupe
H CoupeHarold Coupe
JV CoupeJames Vincent Coupe
TH CoupeThomas Harold Coupe
WS Coupe
A CouperAlexander Couper
NA Couper
WA CouperWilliam Augustus Couper
WM CouperW Mc Couper
C CouperthwaiteCarleton Couperthwaite
GE CouplandGeorge Edward Coupland
JCG CouplandJohn Charles Gerald Coupland
JCG CouplandJonathan Charles Gerald Coupland
RK CouplandRobert Knyvett Coupland
W Coupland
AE CourageAlgernon Edward Courage
KG CourageKenneth Gordon Courage
LG CourageLeslie Gordon Courage
WH Courage
OM Couran
N CourbelisNicolas Courbelis
CEB Courbould
de Courcy
RA Courd
CRH Cour-PalaisCharles R H Cour-Palais
RW CourseRodney William Course
AJ CourtAdrian James Court
AJ CourtAdrian Jasper Court
CA CourtClarence Arthur Court
DE CourtDonald Edward Court
EJ CourtErnest J Court
EJ CourtErnest John Court
FPM CourtFrederick P M Court
FPM CourtFrederick Paul Major Court
FT CourtFrederick Thomas Court
GF CourtGerald Frankcombe Court
J Court
LS CourtLeslie Simpson Court
NP CourtNorman Pilcher Court
R CourtReginald Court
RD CourtReginald Drury Court
RH Court
RS CourtReginald Stuart Court
TC Court
VL CourtVictor Leslie Court
JG Courteaux
HNM Courteen
VF Courtemanche
AR CourtenayAshley Reginald Courtenay
E Courtenay
F Courtenay
HA CourtenayHugh Aldred Courtenay
OS Courtenay
R CourtenayReginald Courtenay
WJ Courtenay
AL Courtenay-DunnAdrian Lancelot Courtenay-Dunn
GH Courtenay-LuckGerald Harold Courtenay-Luck
GJH Courtenay-LuckGerald Joseph Harold Courtenay-Luck
WG CourthopeWilliam George Courthope
WG Courthorpe
C Courtice
JC CourticeJohn Clarence Courtice
JO Courtice
CD CourtierCharles Douglas Courtier
AR CourtisArnold Robert Courtis
C CourtisCecil Courtis
T CourtisThomas Courtis
WJH CourtisWilliam John Hendy Courtis
WHW CourtnadgeWalter Henry Wilfred Courtnadge
R CourtnageRoss Courtnage
RA CourtnageRoss Allen Courtnage
WEL Courtnay
C CourtneidgeCharles Courtneidge
A CourtneyArchibald Courtney
CL CourtneyChristopher Lloyd Courtney
ET CourtneyEugene Timothy Courtney
FT CourtneyFrancis Thomas Courtney
G Courtney
H CourtneyHenry Courtney
HSN CourtneyHenry Spencer Newton Courtney
IT CourtneyIvon Terence Courtney
IT CourtneyIvor Terence Courtney
JC CourtneyJohn Classon Courtney
JJ Courtney
P Courtney
PT Courtney
RA CourtneyReginald A Courtney
RA CourtneyReginald A. Courtney
WEL CourtneyWilliam Edward Leonard Courtney
WJ CourtneyWilliam James Courtney
AL Courtney-Dunn
JPE Courtois
C Court-Traatt
C Court-Treatt
GG CouryGabriel George Coury
GGA CouryGabriel George Anthony Coury
BA Cousans
GN CousansGuy Newson Cousans
A CouseAlpine Couse
H Couse
EC CousensEdward Claude Cousens
FB CousensFrederick B Cousens
JD CouserJohn D Couser
LJ Cousineau
A CousinsAugustus Cousins
AE CousinsAlbert E Cousins
AJ Cousins
CE Cousins
CH Cousins
CP CousinsClarence Pretorius Cousins
ER CousinsEdward R Cousins
FW Cousins
HG CousinsHenry G Cousins
HS CousinsHenry Samuel Cousins
J CousinsJames Cousins
J CousinsJonathan Cousins
JD CousinsJohn Dutson Cousins
LFS CousinsLeonard Francis Squire Cousins
R Cousins
TA CousinsThomas Alexander Cousins
WM Cousins
HCR Couson
FP Cousteau
A CoustonAlexander Couston
AT Coutes
JC Coutice
JE Coutice
B Coutitt
A Coutts
CA Coutts
CAL CouttsCharles Archibald Leyland Coutts
F CouttsFrederick Coutts
FA CouttsFrederick A Coutts
FA CouttsFrederick Allan Coutts
HC CouttsHarold Cuthbert Coutts
JA Coutts
JB CouttsJohn Boyce Coutts
JB CouttsJohn Boyoe Coutts
JB CouttsJonathan Bryce Coutts
R Coutts
RW CouttsRoy Whitcomb Coutts
RW CouttsRoy Whitcombe Coutts
SM CouttsStuart Maitland Coutts
SN Coutts
TS CouttsThomas S Coutts
TW CouttsThomas Webster Coutts
W CouttsWilliam Coutts
WFT CouttsWilliam Frederick T. Coutts
WFT CouttsWilliam Frederick Thom Coutts
WG CouttsWalter Gordon Coutts
WK CouttsWilliam Kerr Coutts
WL CouttsWilliam Lamont Coutts
WT CouttsW Trevonie Coutts
WT CouttsWalter T Coutts
JG CoutureJoseph George Couture
N CouveNoel Couve
JA Couvery
CR Couzens
FW Couzens
LG CouzensLeslie George Couzens
W Couzens
PT CovePercival Thomas Cove
EH CovellEric Herbert Covell
FH Covell
HC CovellHugh Cecil Covell
HJ CovellHenry James Covell
T CovellThomas Covell
AJ CoveneyAlexander Joseph Coveney
EW CoveneyEric Wilfred Coveney
EW CoveneyEric Wilfrid Coveney
VW Coveney
H Coventry
HR CoventryHenry Reginald Coventry
J Coventry
PC Coventry
RE Coventry
SH CoventryStanley Hayden Coventry
WC CoventryWilliam Campbell Coventry
WE CoventryWilliam Edward Coventry
WR CoventryWilliam Robert Coventry
R Cover
H CoverdaleHarry Coverdale
HV CoverdaleHoward Vincent Coverdale
M CoverdaleMajor Coverdale
MO CoverdaleMyles Oswald Coverdale
N Coverdale
WG Coverdale-Rider
WJ Coverley SmithWilliam Joseph Coverley Smith
WJ Coverley-Smith
HW CoverlyHenry Waldo Coverly
E Covey
EFG CovilErnest Frederick George Covil
GH CovingtonGeofrey Hare Covington
N Cow
W Cowall
A CowanAndrew Cowan
AA CowanAlbert Arthur Cowan
AB CowanAndrew Burns Cowan
AR Cowan
C Cowan
CAG Cowan
CS Cowan
DG CowanDouglas Gawler Cowan
DM CowanDavid Mervin Cowan
FD CowanFrederick David Cowan
FS CowanFrederick Stewart Cowan
GH CowanGerald Henderson Cowan
GH CowanGerard Henderson Cowan
GS CowanGraeme Scott Cowan
GS CowanGraham Scott Cowan
GW Cowan
H CowanHarry Cowan
J CowanJames Cowan
JB CowanJames Basil Cowan
JB CowanJames Bernard Cowan
JG CowanJames Gavin Cowan
JJ CowanJonathan J Cowan
JM CowanJames MacPherson Cowan
JM CowanJames McLachlan Cowan
JW CowanJames Walter Cowan
L Cowan
LG Cowan
MA CowanMalcolm Angus Cowan
NAD CowanNorman Alexander Duncan Cowan
P Cowan
PC CowanPhilip Chalmers Cowan
RH CowanRobert Howell Cowan
RJ CowanRobert James Cowan
SE CowanSidney E. Cowan
SE CowanSidney Edward Cowan
SG Cowan
T CowanThomas Cowan
W CowanWilliam Cowan
WB CowanWilliam Bathie Cowan
WE CowanWillard Edwin Cowan
WGB CowanWilliam George Bruce Cowan
WL CowanWilliam Lindsay Cowan
WM CowanWilliam Morrison Cowan
WW CowanWilliam Wilson Cowan
DS CowansDavid Stewart Cowans
S Cowap
AL Coward
AT CowardArchibald Thomas Coward
EGW CowardEdwin Gordon Whitaker Coward
F Coward
F/FA CowardFrederick [or Francis Alan] Coward
FA CowardFrederick Alan Coward
FW Coward
GB CowardGeorge Brenton Coward
GD Coward
GN CowardGraham Nelson Coward
JB CowardJohn Bayman Coward
JB CowardJonathan Bayman Coward
JE Coward
LC CowardLeonard Constantine Coward
ML Coward
RA CowardRobert Arthur Coward
SR CowardStanley Richard Coward
W CowardWalter Coward
WP Coward
JE CowburnJohn Ernest Cowburn
RE CowburnRichard Edridge Cowburn
TK CowburnThomas Key Cowburn
GJL CowdellGodfrey James Longdon Cowdell
C CowdenClarence Cowden
W CowdenWilliam Cowden
ED CowderyEdward Deane Cowdery
M CowderyMatthew Cowdery
BSP CowdreyBasil Samuel Powell Cowdrey
WT Cowdridge
SW CowdrySidney Walter Cowdry
SCG CowdySamuel Charles Gordon Cowdy
A CowellArthur Cowell
AM CowellAmbrose Murray Cowell
AS Cowell
BC Cowell
BR Cowell
C CowellCecil Cowell
CEO CowellCharles Ernest Ottiwell Cowell
CHG CowellCyril Henry George Cowell
CS Cowell
EB CowellEbenezer Bertram Cowell
EE CowellErnest Edward Cowell
FV CowellFrederick Vaughan Cowell
G Cowell
GE Cowell
HJ CowellHarold James Cowell
HS Cowell
IG Cowell
J CowellJonathan Cowell
JG CowellJocelyn Gore Cowell
JH Cowell
JJ Cowell
L Cowell
RA Cowell
SAE CowellSydney Albert Edward Cowell
SV CowellStanley Victor Cowell
TG CowellThomas George Cowell
W CowellWilloughby Cowell
WE CowellWilfred Edward Cowell
WEJ CowellWilliam Ernest John Cowell
R Cowell-TownshendRoy Cowell-Townshend
AA Cowen
DH Cowen
EG CowenEdward Gilbert Cowen
GH Cowen
GW Cowen
H CowenHenry Cowen
LF CowenLawrence Fenelon Cowen
LG CowenLawrence Gordon Cowen
RS CowenRobert Somerville Cowen
VS Cowen
W CowenWilliam Cowen
WL Cowen
AF Cowgill
JR Cowgill
WAF CowgillWilliam Arthur Foster Cowgill
A CowhenAlfred Cowhen
BR CowieBenjamin Robertson Cowie
DB CowieDouglas Burns Cowie
DF CowieDavid F Cowie
DF CowieDavid Forster Cowie
FJR CowieFrancis Julian Richmond Cowie
G CowieGeorge Cowie
GD Cowie
GS CowieGraham Sydney Cowie
J CowieJohn Cowie
JA CowieJohn Alexander Cowie
JAN CowieJames Afleck Niven Cowie
JD CowieJames Douglas Cowie
JHR CowieJohn Henderson Reid Cowie
JL Cowie
RA Cowie
RS CowieReginald Sheppard Cowie
W CowieWilliam Cowie
WA CowieWilliam Alexander Cowie
WAD CowieWilliam Archibald Douglas Cowie
WE CowieWilliam Ernest Cowie
WG CowieWilliam George Cowie
JJ Cowieson
RA CowiesonRobert Angus Cowieson
DH CowinDaniel Hampton Cowin
G Cowin
GAL Cowin
JHL CowinJohn Henry Lockhart Cowin
RW CowinReginald William Cowin
J CowingJohn Cowing
H CowinsHenry Cowins
WH Cowis
RC CowlRichard Charlton Cowl
AE CowlardAlbert Edward Cowlard
JF CowlardJohn F. Cowlard
JH CowleJames H Cowle
L CowleLucas Cowle
S CowlesSidney Cowles
WR CowlesWilliam Robert Cowles
LD Cowleshaw
A CowlettAlbert Cowlett
AT Cowley
ATN CowleyArthur Thomas Noel Cowley
AW Cowley
CB CowleyCharles Blanchard Cowley
CE CowleyCyril E Cowley
CW CowleyCharles W Cowley
CW CowleyCharles Woods Cowley
EL Cowley
F Cowley
FE CowleyFletcher E Cowley
FH CowleyFrancis Howard Cowley
GE CowleyGeorge Evelyn Cowley
H CowleyHenry Cowley
HB CowleyHarry Blackmore Cowley
HE CowleyHarold Emmerton Cowley
HF Cowley
HG CowleyHenry George Cowley
J CowleyJames Cowley
RE CowleyRalph E Cowley
T CowleyThomas Cowley
TH Cowley
WG CowleyWilliam Gerald Cowley
WH CowleyWilliam Herbert Cowley
GE Cowlie
AC Cowlin
AG Cowlin
A CowlingArthur Cowling
AE CowlingAlfred Ernest Cowling
C CowlingCyril Cowling
H CowlingHerbert Cowling
HC Cowling
HG Cowling
HL Cowling
JA CowlingJohn Arnold Cowling
JM CowlingJames Maddock Cowling
L CowlingLawrence Cowling
NL CowlingNorman L Cowling
NL CowlingNorman Leslie Cowling
R CowlingRamsden Cowling
T Cowling
WH CowlingWilliam Henry Cowling
WJ CowlingsWilfred J Cowlings
AE CowlishawArthur Ernest Cowlishaw
AS CowlishawArchibald Stanley Cowlishaw
FJ CowlishawFrancis John Cowlishaw
FJ CowlishawFrank John Cowlishaw
FE CowlrickFrank Edward Cowlrick
A CowmanAlfred Cowman
CN CowneyClaude Nicholson Cowney
WO Cowpar
G CowpeGeoffrey Cowpe
TA CowpeThomas Alexander Cowpe
W CowpeWalter Cowpe
AA Cowper
AK CowperAndrew King Cowper
CF CowperCecil Featherstone Cowper
CP CowperCharles Percy Cowper
EL CowperErnest L Cowper
FS Cowper
G CowperGeorge Cowper
GAC CowperG A Cadogan Cowper
GC CowperGeorge Cathro Cowper
HS CowperHugh Sangster Cowper
J CowperJohn Cowper
JA Cowper
MC Cowper
WE CowperWilliam Elisha Cowper
WH CowperWilliam Henry Cowper
WM CowperWalter Murray Cowper
SW Cowper-ColesSherard William Cowper-Coles
JH Cowperthwaite
TSA CowperthwaiteThomas Stanley Agar Cowperthwaite
V Cowper-YoungVivian Cowper-Young
TW CowryThomas William Cowry
AH CowserAlexander Henry Cowser
AE CowtonAlbert Eli Cowton
A CoxArthur Cox
AB CoxAnthony Berkeley Cox
AE CoxAlbert E Cox
AG CoxArthur George Cox
AG CoxAshley George Cox
AH Cox
AJ CoxAlbert John Cox
AJP CoxArthur J Prince Cox
AOC CoxArthur O C Cox
AOC CoxArthur Oswald Clive Cox
AR CoxAlexander Robb Cox
AS CoxArchie Stanley Cox
AS CoxArthur Stanley Cox
AW CoxAlbert William Cox
BA Cox
BE Cox
BF CoxBenjamin Francis Cox
BF CoxBernard Franklin Cox
BG CoxBertram G Cox
BGH CoxBasil Guy Hilton Cox
BJ CoxBertie J Cox
BS CoxBernard S Cox
C CoxCharles Cox
CA Cox
CB Cox
CC CoxCharles Coleman Cox
CC CoxCharles Colman Cox
CE CoxCharles Edgar Cox
CE CoxCharles Edward Cox
CE CoxCyril Ernest Cox
CEJ CoxCharles E J Cox
CEJ CoxCharles Edward James Cox
CF Cox
CFI CoxCecil Frederick Iles Cox
CG CoxCharles George Cox
CH CoxCharles H Cox
CHS CoxCharles Henry Shelton Cox
CJ CoxCecil J Cox
CJ CoxCecil Jebson Cox
CL Cox
CM CoxCharles Morris Cox
CR CoxClarence Rupert Cox
CR CoxClaude Russell Cox
CV CoxCharles Victor Cox
D CoxDenis Cox
D CoxDennis Cox
DA Cox
DF CoxDudley Fisher Cox
DL CoxDouglas Leslie Cox
DP CoxDerek Percy Cox
E CoxErnest Cox
EC CoxEdwin Cecil Cox
EJ CoxEdward James Cox
EJ CoxEdward Joseph Cox
ELG CoxEdward L Gresley Cox
EM CoxEdward Machel Cox
ER CoxErnest Reginald Cox
ET CoxEdward Thomas Cox
ET/J CoxE T [or J] Cox
EV CoxErnest Victor Cox
F CoxFrancis Cox
F CoxFrank Cox
F CoxFred Cox
F CoxFrederick Cox
F CoxFredrick Cox
FB Cox
FCR CoxFisher Charles Richie Cox
FD CoxFrancis Daulman Cox
FG Cox
FGT CoxFrancis George Taylor Cox
FH CoxFrancis Henry Cox
FH CoxFrank Herbert Cox
FR CoxFrancis Richard Cox
G CoxGeorge Cox
G CoxGresley Cox
GA CoxGeorge Aubrey Cox
GF Cox
GFW CoxGeorge Francis Watson Cox
GH CoxGeoffrey H Cox
GH CoxGeoffrey Henry Cox
GH CoxGeorge Herbert Cox
GHE CoxGeorge Henry Edward Cox
GHL CoxGabriel Henry Lionel Cox
GL CoxGarfield Lionel Cox
GM CoxGeorge Maurice Cox
GM CoxGeorge Montague Cox
GR Cox
GW CoxGeoffrey William Cox
GW CoxGeorge W Cox
GW CoxGeorge William Cox
GW CoxGeorge Winfred Cox
H CoxHarry Cox
H CoxHenry Cox
HA CoxHarold Augustine Cox
HA CoxHenry Ashley Cox
HBH CoxHugh Bertram Hamilton Cox
HC Cox
HE Cox
HEF CoxHenry Ernest Fredrick Cox
HF CoxHarold Frederick Cox
HG CoxHerbert George Cox
HG CoxHoward George Cox
HGW CoxHarry George Walling Cox
HGW CoxHenry George Walling Cox
HH CoxHenry Hayr Cox
HH CoxHubert Henry Cox
HJ Cox
HL Cox
HN CoxHarold N Cox
HP Cox
HS Cox
HV CoxHerbert Victor Cox
J CoxJames Cox
J CoxJohn Cox
J CoxJoseph Cox
JA CoxJoseph A Cox
JB CoxJames Bryant Cox
JB CoxJoseph B Cox
JB CoxJoseph Butler Cox
JC Cox
JE CoxJohn Edmund Cox
JP CoxJohn P Cox
JP CoxJohn Percival Cox
JR CoxJames Richard Cox
JR CoxJohn Richard Cox
JRS CoxJames Rupert Stewart Cox
JS CoxJames S Cox
JW CoxJoseph William Cox
KE CoxKenneth Everett Cox
L CoxLancelot Cox
LC CoxLeslie Clifford Cox
LC CoxLouis Charles Cox
LG CoxLawrence George Cox
LH Cox
LJ CoxLeonard John Cox
LW CoxLeonard Walter Cox
NG CoxNorman G Cox
NG CoxNorman George Cox
PA CoxPercival Albert Cox
PJ CoxPierse Joseph Cox
R CoxReginald Cox
RA CoxReginald Arthur Cox
RC CoxReginald Charles Cox
RC CoxRobert Charles Cox
RG CoxReginald George Cox
RH CoxReginald Harry Cox
RI CoxReginald Isidore Cox
RL Cox
RO Cox
RS Cox
S CoxSamuel Cox
S CoxSelwyn Cox
S CoxSidney Cox
S CoxStephen Cox
SA CoxSydney A Cox
SG Cox
SH Cox
SL CoxSexton Leo Cox
SV CoxStanley Victor Cox
TF CoxThomas F Cox
TH CoxThomas Howard Cox
U CoxUriah Cox
VR CoxVivian Robert Cox
W CoxWalter Cox
W CoxWilfred Cox
W CoxWilliam Cox
WAM CoxWilliam Arthur Malcolm Cox
WC Cox
WD CoxWilliam D Cox
WG Cox
WH CoxWilliam H Cox
WH CoxWilliam Harold Cox
WH CoxWilliam Henry Cox
WJ CoxWilliam John Cox
WM CoxWilliam Miles Cox
WR CoxWarren Rollin Cox
WR CoxWilfred Reseigh Cox
WS CoxWilliam Stanley Cox
WTB CoxWilliam Thomas Brooks Cox
PW Coxcroft
CH CoxeCecil Henry Coxe
F CoxenFrederick Coxen
LG CoxheadLeonard George Coxhead
FN CoxhillFrancis Nathan Coxhill
S CoxhillSydney Coxhill
WH CoxillWilliam Henry Coxill
AAJ Coxon
AJ CoxonAlan Joseph Coxon
AT Coxon
ETC CoxonEdward Thomas Charles Coxon
G CoxonGeorge Coxon
J CoxonJohn Coxon
SB CoxonSamuel Bailey Coxon
N Cox-WalkerNorman Cox-Walker
B CoyBernard Coy
JW CoyJohn William Coy
JG Coygill
D CoyleDennis Coyle
EF CoyleEdwin Fielder Coyle
G CoyleGeorge Coyle
I CoyleIsaac Coyle
P CoylePercy Coyle
WJ Coyle
H CoylesHenry Coyles
D Coylr
AE CoyneAlbert Edward Coyne
J Coyne
JJ CoyneJohn Joseph Coyne
T CoyneThomas Coyne
TJ CoyneThomas Joseph Coyne
WLJ CoyneyWalter Lewis Jervis Coyney
HA CoyshHarold Arthur Coysh
WH CoyteWilfred Henry Coyte
BR CozensBryce Rowe Cozens
BR CozensBryer Rowe Cozens
C Cozens
DC Cozens
FJ CozensFrederick J Cozens
FWL CozensFrederick W L Cozens
EF CrabbEarl Frederick Crabb
F CrabbFrank Crabb
HP CrabbHerbert Philip Crabb
JB CrabbJohn Bawden Crabb
W CrabbWilliam Crabb
CE Crabbe
DD CrabbeDavid Drummond Crabbe
HLB CrabbeHubert Lyon B Crabbe
HLB CrabbeHubert Lyon Bingham Crabbe
LE Crabbe
WM Crabbe
WH Crabbie
WM CrabbieWilliam Monteith Crabbie
AC CrabtreeAlfred C Crabtree
ES CrabtreeEdgar Samuel Crabtree
F CrabtreeFrank Crabtree
F CrabtreeFred Crabtree
HJ CrabtreeHarold Jack Crabtree
J Crabtree
RA CrabtreeReginald Arthur Crabtree
RE Crabtree
S Crabtree
WS CrabtreeWilliam Spencer Crabtree
FR CraceFrederick Rueben Crace
ER CracknellEdward Read Cracknell
FG CracknellFrank G Cracknell
HW Cracknell
SH Cracknell
T Cracknell
AEB CraddockArthur Emslie Bell Craddock
AEB CraddockArthur Enslie Bell Craddock
AH CraddockArthur Howard Craddock
AM Craddock
F CraddockFrancis Craddock
FGJ Craddock
GS CraddockGeorge Spencer Craddock
HC CraddockHerbert Charles Craddock
JD Craddock
JJ CraddockJohn James Craddock
JS CraddockJack Saunders Craddock
RS CraddockRobert S Craddock
RS CraddockRobert Stanley Craddock
RS CraddockRobert Steele Craddock
RWE CraddockReginald William Ernest Craddock
W CraddockWalter Craddock
W CraddockWilliam Craddock
CJ CradockCharles John Cradock
RAC Cradock-HartoppRonald Arthur Charles Cradock-Hartopp
LG Cradwick
LJG CradwickLeonard James Gulliver Cradwick
CJ CraftCharles John Craft
CLC CraftChristopher Leonard Charles Craft
JA CraftJohn Arthur Craft
J CrafterJames Crafter
WE CrafterWilliam Edward Crafter
RJ Cragee
GA Cragen
A CraggArthur Cragg
AM Cragg
AP CraggArthur Preston Cragg
JR CraggJames Robert Cragg
RE CraggRichard Edward Cragg
SB CraggSidney Bolton Cragg
SB CraggSydney Bolton Cragg
WE Cragg
JR CraggsJohn R Craggs
RW CraggsRichard William Craggs
W Craggs
J CraghillJoseph Craghill
BD Cragie
C CraibCharles Craib
WB CraibWilliam Brice Craib
WB CraibWilliam Bruce Craib
WA Craid
VR Craieg
A CraigAndrew Craig
AA Craig
AC CraigAlexander Campbell Craig
AD Craig
ADK CraigArthur Douglas Knott Craig
ADK CraigArthur Douglas Kould Craig
AH CraigArchibald Hugh Craig
AJM/M CraigAlexander Joseph Menzies [or Mendez] Craig
ATB CraigAlexander Thomas Bellew Craig
AW CraigArthur William Craig
C CraigCharles Craig
C CraigConrad Craig
CA CraigCecil Arthur Craig
CEG Craig
CP Craig
D Craig
DDH CraigDavid Dougall Hepburn Craig
DG CraigDavid Gordon Craig
DHV CraigDouglas Henry Vincent Craig
DK Craig
EV Craig
EW CraigEric William Craig
F CraigFoster Craig
FC CraigFrank Colin Craig
FG CraigFergus Gray Craig
FW Craig
G CraigGordon Craig
G CraigGranville Craig
GB CraigGeorge Barton Craig
GE Craig
GEG CraigGE Gwynne Craig
GEG CraigGeorge Eric Gwynne Craig
GM CraigGeorge MacKenzie Craig
GMcK Craig
GR CraigGeorge Robert Craig
GS Craig
GW CraigGeorge Wilfred Craig
HA CraigHarold Allan Craig
HC CraigHenry Clifford Craig
HW CraigHedley William Craig
J CraigJames Craig
J CraigJohn Craig
JA CraigJames A Craig
JA CraigJames Anderson Craig
JB CraigJames Brodie Craig
JD CraigJames Dickie Craig
JD CraigJames Douglas Craig
JH CraigJames Herbert Craig
JH CraigJohn Henry Craig
JK Craig
JM CraigJohn Manson Craig
JM CraigJohn Mcadam Craig
JP CraigJohn P Craig
JR CraigJohn Richardson Craig
JS CraigJames Stanley Craig
JT CraigJames T Craig
JW CraigJames Wallace Craig
K Craig
KC Craig
KCW CraigKenneth Campbell Watson Craig
KL Craig
LM CraigL McK Craig
M Craig
NM CraigNorman McLeod Craig
NML CraigNorman McLeod Craig
NR CraigNeil Robinson Craig
P CraigPeter Craig
R CraigRobert Craig
RH CraigRichard Heywood Craig
RH CraigRobert Hunter Craig
RS CraigRobert Stewart Craig
RV CraigRoyal Victor Craig
S CraigStewart Craig
SA CraigSamuel Allen Craig
SM CraigSamuel McClelland Craig
T CraigThomas Craig
VE Craig
W CraigWilliam Craig
WA Craig
WB CraigWilliam Benson Craig
WE Craig
WJ CraigWilliam John Craig
WJ CraigWilliam Johnstone Craig
WL CraigWilliam Leith Craig
WL CraigWilliam Lindsay Craig
J Craigen
JSJ CraigenJohn Samuel James Craigen
JJ Craiger
AJ CraiggyAlexander John Craiggy
JS Craighead
JF CraigieJames Forbes Craigie
RJ CraigieRobert James Craigie
VR CraigieVictor Raleigh Craigie
WG CraigieWilliam G Craigie
FL Craig-KellyFrank Lionel Craig-Kelly
RM CraigmyleRonald Murhead Craigmyle
A CraikAndrew Craik
A CraikAnnie Craik
C Craik
D CraikDavid Craik
DA CraikDavid Archibald Craik
GWC Craik
J Craik
R CraikRobert Craik
TP Craik
C CrailCharles Crail
GM Crail
J Crail
RH CrailRobert Henry Crail
WB Crail
A CraineAlfred Craine
GF CrakeGilbert Francis Crake
RS Crake
J CraltreeJoseph Craltree
FW CramFrank Willis Cram
JE Cram
JM CramJohn Mitchell Cram
JW Cram
WD CramWilson Dunlop Cram
DS CrambDouglas Stuart Cramb
TD CrambThomas Duncan Cramb
WB CrambWilfred Brown Cramb
WB CrambWilfrid Brown Cramb
JB CrameJack Belmont Crame
FL CramerFred Leslie Cramer
HC CramerHenry Carl Cramer
HL CramerHorace Leonard Cramer
WE Cramer
G CrammondGeorge Crammond
GR CrammondGeorge Reginald Crammond
NW Cramner
E CrampEdward Cramp
HA Cramp
RJ Cramp
TL Cramp
WG Cramp
HC CramphornHarold C Cramphorn
HJ CramphornHorace John Cramphorn
HG Crampin
EB Crampton
HJ CramptonHarold James Crampton
HW CramptonHarry White Crampton
RT Crampton
T CramptonThomas Crampton
LM CranLeonard Murray Cran
RM Cran
T CranTrygeve Cran
VA CranVictor Alexandra Cran
RA CrandallRay Arthur Crandall
M Crandell
JW Cranderton
B CraneBernard Crane
BF CraneBertie F. Crane
BF CraneBertie Frederick Crane
CA Crane
CG CraneClifford Gordon Crane
CV Crane
CW CraneClarence Warwick Crane
E Crane
EH Crane
F Crane
FD CraneFrancis Downing Crane
GA CraneGerald Allen Crane
GA CraneGerard A. Crane
GA CraneGerard Allen Crane
GC CraneGeorge Clement Crane
GH CraneGeorge Henry Crane
H CraneHarold Crane
HE CraneHarry E Crane
HE CraneHarry Everett Crane
J Crane
JB Crane
JW CraneJohn Wilbur Crane
KH CraneKenneth Harding Crane
LJ Crane
MP CraneMortimer Parke Crane
OE CraneOswald E Crane
OW Crane
PD Crane
PE CranePercival Ernest Crane
R CraneRichard Crane
RG CraneReginald George Crane
RJ CraneReginald James Crane
SW CraneStephen Walker [or Walter] Crane
W CraneWilliam Crane
WH CraneWilliam H Crane
AJ Cranefield
GW CranfieldGuy William Cranfield
H Cranfield
HS CranfieldHerbert Stanley Cranfield
J CranfieldJack Cranfield
LW Cranfield
WC CranfieldWilliam Cardinal Cranfield
EG CrangErnest G Crang
J Crang
JG CrangJames Goulding Crang
M CranghillMartin Cranghill
RE CranidgeRichard Everett Cranidge
J CrankJohn Crank
J CrankshawJohn Crankshaw
RB CrankshawRichard Brunt Crankshaw
RF Crankshaw
AH CranmenAlbert Harold Cranmen
AHAC CranmerAlbert Henry Alexander Charles Cranmer
AT CranmerAlexander Thomas Cranmer
C CranmerCharles Cranmer
WE CranmerWilliam Ernest Cranmer
JM CranmoreJohn Moscro Cranmore
A Cranna
AB CrannarAdam B Crannar
WE CrannerWilliam Ernest Cranner
R Cransdon
WO CransenWilliam O Cransen
FA CranshawFrancis A Cranshaw
R CranshawRolla Cranshaw
WO CransonWilliam Oakley Cranson
A Cranston
DF CranstonDavid Forsyth Cranston
IC CranstonIrvine C Cranston
S CranstonStanley Cranston
G CranstounGordon Cranstoun
GA CranswickGeorge Alec Cranswick
GA CranswickGeorge Alex Cranswick
PP CranswickP Philip Cranswick
FD CrapnellFrederick David Crapnell
CF CrappCyril Frederick Crapp
WRD CrareyWilliam Raymond Dunstan Crarey
FR Crase
DW Crasham
JW CrashleyJohn Willard Crashley
EW Craske
FH CraskeFrederick Holdaway Craske
WH Craske
MF Crassley
RA Crastorm
FG CraswellFrederick George Craswell
SG Crate
DM CraterDouglas Montague Crater
CF Crates
CPS Cravatt
A CravenArthur Craven
CW CravenColin William Craven
F CravenFrank Craven
FB CravenFrancis Barfield Craven
G CravenGeoffrey Craven
G CravenGeorge Craven
G CravenGodfrey Craven
H CravenHarold Craven
HD CravenHarold Dodsworth Craven
J CravenJim Craven
J CravenJoseph Craven
P CravenPercy Craven
PC Craven
S Craven
T Craven
TD CravenThomas Dundas Craven
WA CravenWilfred Archer Craven
WH CravenWilliam Herbert Craven
W Cravens
WE Cravens
CS CravosCeyril Stephen Cravos
CS CravosCyril Stephen Cravos
A CrawfordAlex Crawford
A CrawfordAlexander Crawford
A CrawfordAynsley Crawford
AB CrawfordAlexander Boyd Crawford
AFC Crawford
AJW CrawfordAndrew Jameson White Crawford
AM CrawfordAlphonse Middleton Crawford
AW Crawford
B CrawfordBaden Crawford
C CrawfordCharles Crawford
CB CrawfordClaude Boisragon Crawford
CBR CrawfordCharles Bois R Crawford
CG CrawfordCecil G Crawford
CG CrawfordCecil George Crawford
CV CrawfordCreston Victor Crawford
D CrawfordDaniel Crawford
DR CrawfordDavid Ramsey Crawford
EJ Crawford
F CrawfordFred Crawford
FD CrawfordFrank Dando Crawford
FJ Crawford
FW CrawfordFrances William Crawford
FW CrawfordFrancis William Crawford
FW CrawfordFrederick Walter Crawford
FW CrawfordFrederick William Crawford
G CrawfordGeorge Crawford
GB Crawford
GG CrawfordGeorge Goodfellow Crawford
GH Crawford
H Crawford
HE CrawfordHorace Evelyn Crawford
HL Crawford
J CrawfordJohn Crawford
J CrawfordJonathan Crawford
JA CrawfordJohn Aitken Crawford
JC CrawfordJames Currie Crawford
JE Crawford
JEJ CrawfordJohn Edward Jamieson Crawford
JF Crawford
JGT CrawfordJohn Garnet Thomas Crawford
JP CrawfordJames Park Crawford
JR CrawfordJames Russell Crawford
JW CrawfordJohn William Crawford
K CrawfordKelvin Crawford
LW CrawfordLeslie William Crawford
M CrawfordMalcolm Crawford
N Crawford
NVA CrawfordNorman Victor Anderson Crawford
OGS CrawfordOsbert Guy Stanhope Crawford
OV CrawfordOverton Victor Crawford
OWE CrawfordOrah William Elmo Crawford
R CrawfordRobert Crawford
RB CrawfordRobert Barnes Crawford
RC Crawford
SG Crawford
SGR Crawford
SW CrawfordSydney William Crawford
TW CrawfordThomas W Crawford
TW CrawfordThomas William Crawford
VE CrawfordVictor Eugene Crawford
W Crawford
WB CrawfordWilliam Benson Crawford
WB CrawfordWilliam Brodie Crawford
WC CrawfordWilliam Charlton Crawford
WF Crawford
WI CrawfordWilliam Irwin Crawford
WJ Crawford
WW Crawford
WA Crawford-Frost
HJA Crawford-Jenson
JP Crawford-WoodJames Peter Crawford-Wood
HE CrawfurdHorace Evelyn Crawfurd
A Crawley
AE CrawleyAlbert E Crawley
AM CrawleyAidan Merivale Crawley
B CrawleyBryant Crawley
DV CrawleyDouglas Vivian Crawley
FA CrawleyFrederick Augustus Crawley
FG Crawley
G CrawleyGeorge Crawley
H Crawley
RC CrawleyRobert Charles Crawley
W Crawley
WA CrawleyWilliam Asheton Crawley
WG CrawleyWilliam George Crawley
AA CrawshawAubrey Aitken Crawshaw
EJ CrawshawEustace James Crawshaw
K CrawshawKenneth Crawshaw
RD CrawshawRalph Dunford Crawshaw
LAL CrawshayLionel Arthur Luke Crawshay
LR Crawshay
RO Crawshay
FR Crawthorne
N Crawthraw
AH CrayAlan Hubert Cray
AR CrayAlbert R Cray
D Cray
JH Cray
WJ CrayWilliam J Cray
JL Crayford
HE CraymerHerbert Edgar Craymer
HE CraymerHubert Edgar Craymer
HL CraymerHarold Leonard Craymer
HL CraymerHorace Leonard Craymer
SSD Crazebrook
GS Cread
AB CreaghArthur Burton Creagh
RP CreaghRichard Patrick Creagh
TC Creagham
GF CreaghanGerald Francis Creaghan
TC CreaghanThomas Cyril Creaghan
WV CreaghanWilliam Vincent Creaghan
HWN CrealHenry William Nelson Creal
WB CrealockWilliam Barry Crealock
RC Cream
RC CreamerReginald C Creamer
RC CreamerReginald Cyril Creamer
AJP CreanAlphonsus Joseph Patrick Crean
EO'D CreanEdward O'Donovan Crean
T CreanTheodore Crean
BW Crease
C Crease
G CreaseGilbert Crease
AA CreaseyArthur Andrew Creasey
CB CreaseyCecil Bailey Creasey
F CreaseyFrank Creasey
H Creasey
JR CreaseyJohn Richard Creasey
JK/R CreasleyJ K [or R] Creasley
F CreasyFrank Creasy
FH CreasyFrank Hay Creasy
FK/R CreasyF K [or R] Creasy
GH CreasyGeorge H Creasy
JH Creasy
NW CreasyNoah Wilmot Creasy
W CreasyWilliam Creasy
WV CreatesWalter Valentine Creates
AV CrebbinAlbert Victor Crebbin
LH Creber
S CreberStafford Creber
SWV CreberStafford William Vernon Creber
BS CrecineBeverley Spurgeon Crecine
RA CrecineRussell Alexander Crecine
AB CreeAngus Broke Cree
EH CreeEdgar H Cree
EH CreeEdgar Hayley Cree
T Creears
CC Creece
JD Creech
JO Creech
AE Creed
CF Creed
ES Creed
FC CreedFrancis Charles Creed
G Creed
GF Creed
GL CreedGavin Livingstone Creed
GS CreedGordon Shergold Creed
D CreedonDennis Creedon
J CreedonJohn Creedon
RM CreedonRichard Matthew Creedon
J CreedyJames Creedy
AJ CreekArthur James Creek
FNS CreekFrederick Norman Smith Creek
J Creek
JT Creelman
CT Creeny
CJ CreeryCuthbert J Creery
CJ CreeryCuthbert J. Creery
CJ CreeryCuthbert John Creery
KA Creery
L CreeryLeslie Creery
WF CreeryWilliam Foster Creery
AW CreesArchibald William Crees
HS CreesHenry Seward Crees
LM CreesLeslie Maurice Crees
PH CreesPercival Herbert Crees
AR CreeseAlfred Richard Creese
LF CreeseLyell Frank Creese
J CreganJohn Cregan
R CreganRobert Cregan
GHS CregeenGeffrey Hugh Stowell Cregeen
GHS CregeenGeoffrey Hugh Stowell Cregeen
FC Creid
E Creig
HH Creig
WA Creig
A Creighton
AB CreightonArthur Basil Creighton
AHJ CreightonArchibald Harold James Creighton
AHJ CreightonArchibald Harold John Creighton
CC CreightonClarence Clifford Creighton
CH Creighton
CP CreightonCharles Pearse Creighton
D CreightonDonald Creighton
EL Creighton
FH Creighton
GE CreightonGerald Esmond Creighton
GH CreightonGeorge Herbert Creighton
GT CreightonGeorge Thomas Creighton
HA Creighton
HH CreightonHarold Harter Creighton
HT CreightonHorace Terry Creighton
HV CreightonHarold V Creighton
JLF CreightonJohn Leslie Fitzmaurice Creighton
R CreightonRobert Creighton
SD Creighton
WC CreightonWilliam Courtney Creighton
WJ CreightonWalter J Creighton
J Creighton-JonesJohn Creighton-Jones
MAE Cremette
MAE CremettiMax Arthur Eugene Cremetti
J CreminJeremiah Cremin
JWJ Cremlyn
JH CremoniniJames Henry Cremonini
AH Crerar
J Crerar
JLL Crerar
MC CrerarMalcolm Charlton Crerar
JA CresayJohn A Cresay
EE Creshaw
NH Cresland
VA CresnerVivian Abraham Cresner
de Crespigny
AF CressalArthur Frederick Cressal
AF CressallArthur Frederick Cressall
WE CresseyWilliam Ernest Cressey
DW CressmanDaniel Ward Cressman
FC CressmanFred Christie Cressman
H Cressman
A CresswellAlbert Cresswell
AA Cresswell
AE CresswellArthur Edmund Cresswell
C Cresswell
EF CresswellErnest F Cresswell
FS Cresswell
H CresswellHarold Cresswell
KAC CresswellKeppel Archibald Cameron Cresswell
LL Cresswell
PT CresswellPercival Thomas Cresswell
RM Cresswell
RN CresswellRalph Neal Cresswell
RW Cresswell
S CresswellSamuel Cresswell
BF CressyBernard Fildes Cressy
AA CreswellArthur Austen Creswell
AO Creswell
EC CreswellErnest C Creswell
EW Creswell
F CreswellFrancis Creswell
FG Creswell
FS CreswellFrancis S. Creswell
FS CreswellFrancis Samuel Creswell
HA CreswellHugh Alfred Creswell
JA CreswellJoseph A Creswell
KAC CreswellKeppel Archibald Cameron Creswell
MJ CreswellMichael Justin Creswell
PT CreswellPercival Thomas Creswell
RA CreswellRonald Arthur Creswell
RJ CreswellReginald James Creswell
TP Creswell
TS CreswellThomas Scholes Creswell
WA CreswellWilliam Arthur Creswell
WT Creswell
EA CreswickEdward Aidan Creswick
GG CreusenGerard Guy Creusen
JLAP Crevier
AE CrewArthur Ernest Crew
AH CrewAlbert H Crew
CH CrewCharles H Crew
FT CrewFrederick Thomas Crew
HA Crew
J CrewJohn Crew
WC Crew
E CrewdsonEric Crewdson
G Crewdson
GH CrewdsonGeorge H Crewdson
BJ CreweBernard J Crewe
BJ CreweBernard John Crewe
C CreweCharles Crewe
CJ CreweCharles J Crewe
CW CreweClifford Watley Crewe
CW CreweClifford Whatley Crewe
E CreweErnest Crewe
J CreweJames Crewe
JF Crewe
WK CreweWalter Kenneth Crewe
AJ Crews
J CrewsJames Crews
AG CribbArthur Gordon Cribb
J Cribb
W CribbWilliam Cribb
G CribbesGeorge Cribbes
GA Cribbes
WCG CribbettWilfred Claudes George Cribbett
WCG CribbettWilfrid Charles George Cribbett
J Cribbin
WA CrichWilliam Aubrey Crich
WE Crichley
AO CrichtonArthur O Crichton
C Crichton
CA CrichtonCharles Albert Crichton
CJW CrichtonCharles John Woodbow Crichton
CJW CrichtonCharles John Woodrow Crichton
E CrichtonEdward Crichton
EJ CrichtonEdward James Crichton
GA CrichtonGeorge Anderson Crichton
HL CrichtonHenry Lumsden Crichton
HM CrichtonHugh McFarlane Crichton
J CrichtonJames Crichton
J CrichtonJohn Crichton
JF CrichtonJames Frazer Crichton
JP CrichtonJohn P Crichton
JP CrichtonJohn Pender Crichton
M Crichton
MD CrichtonMaurice Deans Crichton
RL CrichtonReginald Louis Crichton
W CrichtonWilliam Crichton
J Crichton-StuartJohn Crichton-Stuart
A Crick
AT CrickAlbert Throne Crick
E CrickEdward Crick
FJ Crick
GH CrickGeorge H Crick
GH CrickGeorge Hilary Crick
HC Crick
SB CrickStanley B Crick
SE CrickSimon Edward Crick
W CrickWalter Crick
WA CrickWilliam Aubrey Crick
J CrickettJames Crickett
HH CrickittHenry Halkett Crickitt
ML CrickmayMaurice Lyndon Crickmay
CB Crickmore
E CrickmoreErnest Crickmore
EB CrickmoreEdwin Bruce Crickmore
G Crickmore
A Cridlan
AH Cridlan
AL CridlanAlbert Leslie Cridlan
EC CridlandEdward Carter Cridland
FA CridlandFrederick Arthur Cridland
WER CridlandWilliam E R Cridland
HS Cries
JT CrietmanJames Thomas Crietman
ECD CriganEric Claudius Davison Crigan
AC CrightonAlex C Crighton
CT Crighton
GJW Crighton
H Crighton
JFR CrightonJohn Frederick Roberts Crighton
J Crimoldby
BS CrimpBernard Santo Crimp
BS/S CrimpBernard Santo [or Sonto] Crimp
WN CrimpWilliam Norman Crimp
JH CrimsonJohn H Crimson
FJ CrinageFrederick John Crinage
JA CrinionJohn A Crinion
CR Criots
M Crippendale
AE CrippsAlfred Edward Cripps
AJ CrippsAnthony John Cripps
BHS CrippsBertram Helen Sinclair Cripps
BU Cripps
BUS CrippsBertram Upton Sinclair Cripps
BWS Cripps
CF CrippsCharles Fruin Cripps
ES CrippsEdward Stewart Cripps
FR CrippsFrancis Roy Cripps
JMR CrippsJohn Marten Rush Cripps
JWD CrippsJohn Walter Davies Cripps
MC Cripps
STB Cripps
WEG Crisford
AE CrispAlfred Ernest Crisp
AR CrispArnold Rich Crisp
AW CrispArcher William Crisp
CE CrispCharles Edward Crisp
CNB CrispChristopher Norman Birch Crisp
EJ CrispEric John Crisp
F CrispFrederick Crisp
GA CrispGeorge A Crisp
HD CrispHarold Dudley Crisp
HJ CrispHenry James Crisp
JC Crisp
JCH CrispJohn C H Crisp
ML Crisp
OW CrispOscar W Crisp
RPA CrispRichard Phyllis Adrian Crisp
FA CrispinFrederick Alexander Crispin
J CrispinJohn Crispin
JGH CrispinJoel Gordon Hirst Crispin
HS Crisson
HSG CrissonHerbert Spencer Gill Crisson
FR CristianiFrancis Ricardo Cristiani
AJF CritchelArchibald John Frederick Critchel
WH Critchell
E CritcherEdward Critcher
WC Critchfield
J CritchinsonJohn Critchinson
A CritchleyAlbert Critchley
A/AC CritchleyArthur [or Alfred Cecil] Critchley
AL CritchleyArthur Leslie Critchley
B CritchleyBurton Critchley
EP CritchleyEdward Preston Critchley
F Critchley
GE CritchleyGeorge Edgar Critchley
H CritchleyHenry Critchley
HM CritchleyHenry Mitchell Critchley
JAC CritchleyJohn Arthur Clemens Critchley
JAC CritchleyJohn Arthur Clemmons Critchley
L Critchley
M CritchleyMacdonald Critchley
N Critchley
R CritchleyRoland Critchley
VF CritchleyVernon Fairbank Critchley
WE CritchleyWilliam Edwin Critchley
WR CritchleyWalter Ramsey Critchley
C Critchley-SalmondsonColin Critchley-Salmondson
CWA Critchley-Salmondson
C Critchley-SalmonsonColin Critchley-Salmonson
CWA Critchley-SalmonsonColin William Ashdon Critchley-Salmonson
A CritchlowArthur Critchlow
RB Critchlow
W CritchlyWalter Critchly
EJ Critchton
CP Crites
DF Crittall
JL Crittenden
HR CroadHarold Randell Croad
SJ CroadSydney James Croad
NES CroagerNorman Eustace Sassoon Croager
NES CroagerNorman Eustere Samson Croager
TC Croagham
AH Croasdale
AS Croate
TAM Crocher
WJ Crochett
A CrockardAlexander Crockard
RE CrockattRalph Edward Crockatt
AW CrockerAllan Wentworth Crocker
CJ CrockerCyril James Crocker
CK CrockerCharles Kingsley Crocker
CS CrockerCuthbert Stanley Crocker
E CrockerEdmund Crocker
E CrockerErnest Crocker
EH Crocker
ES Crocker
FH Crocker
G CrockerGeorge Crocker
GC CrockerGeorge Cecil Crocker
HET Crocker
JR CrockerJoseph Robert Crocker
O CrockerOscar Crocker
P CrockerPercy Crocker
SC Crocker
WHB CrockerWilliam Harold Baldwin Crocker
WR CrockerWilliam Reginald Crocker
A CrockettAlfred Crockett
H Crockett
JG Crockett
JW CrockettJohn Wallace Crockett
RE Crockett
RF CrockettRonald Frank Crockett
WA Crockett
WJ CrockettWallace John Crockett
HE CrockfordHenry Ernest Crockford
PT CrockfordPhilips Towne Crockford
TH Crockford
FF CrocombeFrederick F Crocombe
CA Crodell
JE CrodenJames Eric Croden
JE CrodenJames Erid Croden
LM Crofoot
AAP CroftAlfred A P Croft
AC CroftAlfred Charles Croft
AJ CroftAlfred John Croft
AJ CroftAlfred Jones Croft
CC CroftClement Charles Croft
CN Croft
CTB CroftCyril Talbot Burney Croft
CTB CroftCyril Talbot Burnley Croft
D CroftDonald Croft
F CroftFrank Croft
FR CroftFrank Richard Croft
G CroftGeorge Croft
GG Croft
GW CroftGeorge Wheeler Croft
HA CroftHerbert Arthur Croft
HJ Croft
HW CroftHerbert Wallen Croft
JC CroftJohn Clifford Croft
NT CroftNorman Thirmbeck Croft
W Croft
WA Croft
JG Crofton
JI CroftonJohn Irvine Crofton
RD CroftonRobert Denis Crofton
RL CroftonRichard Llewellyn Crofton
RL CroftonRichard Llewllyn Crofton
WM CroftonWilliam Moore Crofton
CN Crofton-SleighCharles Norman Crofton-Sleigh
CH CroftsColin Henry Crofts
CPC CroftsCyril Percy Charles Crofts
DD Crofts
E CroftsEdward Crofts
HD CroftsHerbert Denman Crofts
HD CroftsHubert Denman Crofts
HH CroftsHenry Hart Crofts
HJ CroftsHerbert Jarrett Crofts
ER CrogerErnest Robert Croger
E CroghanEdward Croghan
GM CroilGeorge Mitchell Croil
AJS Crokam
LGLB CrokeLewis George Le Blount Croke
M CrokeMartin Croke
AR CrokerArthur Rees Croker
EH CrokerEdwin H Croker
FR CrokerFrederick Reginald Croker
G CrokerGeorge Croker
JB Croker
R Croker
GB CroleGerard Bruce Crole
E CroleyErnest Croley
JR CroliusJohn Robert Crolius
EP CrollEric Percival Croll
TB Croll
H CromackHarry Cromack
GA CromarGeorge Alexander Cromar
A CrombAndrew Cromb
AW CrombieArchibald Winter Crombie
NC CrombieNorman Cuthbert Crombie
TM CrombieThomas M Crombie
TM CrombieThomas Maugham Crombie
W CrombieWilliam Crombie
WE CrombieWilliam Edgar Crombie
WT CrombieWilliam Thomas Crombie
HF Crome
RG Cromer
D CromieDavid Cromie
JJ CromieJames Joseph Cromie
JWJ Cromlyn
HA CrommelinHenry A Crommelin
HA CrommelinHenry Arden Crommelin
E CromptonEdward Crompton
F CromptonFrank Crompton
GA Crompton
HD CromptonHarry Dent Crompton
HD CromptonHenry Dennison Crompton
HD CromptonHenry Dennson Crompton
HD CromptonHenry Dent Crompton
J CromptonJohn Crompton
JB CromptonJohn Bourchier Crompton
JW CromptonJohn Wilfred Crompton
JW CromptonJohn William Crompton
N CromptonNeville Crompton
R Crompton
RB Crompton
RW CromptonRobert W Crompton
SHLD CromptonSydney Harold Lionel Douglas Crompton
W CromptonWilliam Crompton
O Cromwall
RG CromwellRaymond George Cromwell
WO CromwellWilliam Oliver Cromwell
RNL CronRobert N Le Cron
H Crondace
L CroneLeonard Crone
TH CroneThomas Harold Crone
AC Cronhelm
AG CronhelmArthur Geoffrey Cronhelm
CH Cronin
CJ CroninCornelius Joseph Cronin
DJ CroninDaniel Joseph Cronin
EJ CroninEdward John Cronin
J CroninJohn Cronin
JJ CroninJohn Joseph Cronin
P CroninPatrick Cronin
PJ Cronin
GS Cronk
J CronshawJohn Cronshaw
R CronshawRobert Cronshaw
WN CronshawWilliam Nicol Cronshaw
JK CronynJames Kerr Cronyn
RH CronynRichard Hume Cronyn
RM Cronyn
VP CronynVerschoyle P. Cronyn
VP CronynVerschoyle Philip Cronyn
VP CronynVerschuyle Philip Cronyn
WH Cronyn
YP Cronyn
A CrookArchibald Crook
A CrookArthur Crook
AE CrookAlbert Edwin Crook
AH Crook
AHR CrookAlfred Harold Russell Crook
AJ CrookArthur James Crook
AS Crook
AT CrookArthur Tom Crook
BT CrookBenjamin Thomas Crook
CT CrookCecil Tom Crook
EE CrookEdwin Edward Crook
FNS Crook
H CrookHerbert Crook
HA CrookHugh A Crook
HA CrookHugh Alexander Crook
HE CrookHenry Edward Crook
J Crook
JA CrookJoseph A. Crook
JA CrookJoseph Alan Crook
JAH CrookJoseph Alan Howard Crook
JC CrookJames Clarence Crook
LA CrookLeonard A Crook
LC CrookLeonard C Crook
M Crook
P CrookPhilip Crook
PF Crook
RC CrookReginald Charles Crook
RG CrookRonald George Crook
RV CrookReginald Victor Crook
S CrookSydney Crook
SW Crook
TP Crook
VC CrookVincent Charles Crook
WE CrookWilfred Evelyn Crook
WE CrookWilfrid Evelyn Crook
WR CrookWalter Reginald Crook
C Crooke
CC Crooke
CE Crooke
M Crooke
RC Crooke
W CrookeWalter Crooke
SE CrookellStanley Errington Crookell
JB Crooker
W Crooker
WHB Crooker
G Crooke-Rogers
GH Crooke-Rogers
GHC Crooke-RogersGeorge Henry C Crooke-Rogers
GHC Crooke-RogersGeorge Henry Chesswas Crooke-Rogers
H CrookesHarry Crookes
J CrookesJoseph Crookes
TL Crookes
WB CrookesWalter Birchell Crookes
AE Crookford
AN Crooks
C Crooks
E CrooksErnest Crooks
FF CrooksFred Fraser Crooks
GH Crooks
GM CrooksGeorge Morton Crooks
HH CrooksHarold Henry Crooks
J Crooks
JW CrooksJohn W Crooks
L CrooksLindsay Crooks
R Crooks
WS Crooks
GC CrookshanksGeorge Coutts Crookshanks
FJ Croombudge
HV CroomeHarold Victor Croome
JG Croome
V CroomeVictor Croome
RS Crophy
DHW CropleyDennis Harold William Cropley
HW Cropp
A CropperAlexander Cropper
AW CropperArthur William Cropper
CH Cropper
CR CropperCharles Remy Cropper
E CropperEwart Cropper
G Cropper
R CropperRichard Cropper
GL Cros
CH CrosbeeCharles H Crosbee
DS Crosbee
JB Crosbee
JBE CrosbeeJames Benjamin Evelyn Crosbee
JHB Crosbee
AS CrosbieAlbert Stewart Crosbie
CH Crosbie
DS Crosbie
DSK CrosbieDudley S. K. Crosbie
DSK CrosbieDudley SK Crosbie
DSK CrosbieDudley Stuart Kays Crosbie
EW CrosbieErnest William Crosbie
FW CrosbieFrederick William Crosbie
J CrosbieJohn Crosbie
JBE Crosbie
JC CrosbieJohn Colin Crosbie
JL CrosbieJohn Leslie Crosbie
W Crosbie
FK Crosbie-ChoppinFrancis Kearton Crosbie-Choppin
FK Crosbie-ChoppinFrederick Kearton Crosbie-Choppin
AS CrosbyAlbert Stuart Crosby
AWG CrosbyAlbert Walter Gordon Crosby
AWJ Crosby
E CrosbyErnest Crosby
EE CrosbyEdward Eno Crosby
EE CrosbyEdward Eric Crosby
FG CrosbyFrederick Gordon Crosby
FW Crosby
HE CrosbyHarold Edward Crosby
JE Crosby
JG CrosbyJohn Gwynne Crosby
JS CrosbyJoseph S Crosby
KW CrosbyKenneth Wilfred Crosby
M Crosby
OFG CrosbyOwen Francis Grey Crosby
RJ Crosby
RR CrosbyRichard Robert Crosby
RW Crosby
TE CrosbyThomas Ernest Crosby
THS CrosbyTimothy Hugh Stowell Crosby
WE Crosby
WF CrosbyWilliam Frank Crosby
WRJ CrosbyWilfred Robert James Crosby
YHM CrosbyYule Herbert Martin Crosby
AA Crosdale
JW Crose
WV Croseln
PA Croser
GR CrosfieldGeorge Rowlandson Crosfield
S CrosfieldStephen Crosfield
EE CroshawErnest Edward Croshaw
NE CrosherNorman Edward Crosher
ET Crosier
GD CroskeryGordon Donaldson Croskery
EF Crosland
FH CroslandFrank Holland Crosland
JH CroslandJohn Howard Crosland
NH CroslandNorris Harvey Crosland
RF Crosland
F CrosleyFrancis Crosley
VA Crosner
A CrossAlbert Cross
A CrossAlfred Cross
A CrossAmelia Cross
A CrossAndrew Cross
A CrossArthur Cross
AF Cross
AJ Cross
AM CrossArthur Moulter Cross
AM CrossArthur Moulton Cross
AR CrossAlfred Richard Cross
AS CrossAlwin Stewart Cross
AT CrossArnold Tracy Cross
BCH CrossBernard Charles Henry Cross
BET Cross
BH CrossBertie Herbert Cross
BW CrossBrian William Cross
C CrossChristopher Cross
CA CrossCharles A Cross
CD CrossCharles Davies Cross
CE Cross
CG CrossCarl Gilbert Cross
CHW CrossClement Henry Woodrow Cross
CN Cross
CPJ CrossCyril Percy John Cross
DS CrossDouglas Stewart Cross
E Cross
EB CrossErnest Badin Cross
EC CrossEwart Campbell Cross
EE CrossEdmund Eastwood Cross
EGK Cross
EH CrossEdgar Hillman Cross
EK Cross
EP Cross
EV Cross
F CrossFrederick Cross
FG CrossFrederick George Cross
FJ CrossFrederick J Cross
FW CrossFrederick W Cross
FWL CrossFrank William Leslie Cross
G CrossGeorge Cross
GB Cross
GGO CrossGraham Greswald O Cross
GH Cross
GJ CrossGeorge James Cross
GJ CrossGeorge John Cross
H CrossHarry Cross
HG Cross
HJ CrossHerbert John Cross
HL CrossHerbert L Cross
HL CrossHerbert Lawrence Cross
HS CrossHarold Sydney Cross
HTA CrossHenry Tobias Alfred Cross
J CrossJames Cross
J CrossJohn Cross
JA Cross
JCM CrossJohn Charles Mervyn Cross
JE CrossJoseph Earp Cross
JH CrossJohn H Cross
JH CrossJohn Hassall Cross
JP CrossJohn Parkin Cross
JR CrossJames Richard Cross
JR CrossJohn Russell Cross
JT Cross
JW CrossJames Wise Cross
L CrossLawrence Cross
LF Cross
LH Cross
LHBF Cross
LPD CrossLeslie Percy Duncan Cross
MF Cross
MWW CrossMartin William Wallace Cross
PH Cross
R CrossReginald Cross
RG CrossRobert George Cross
RH CrossRonald Hebbert Cross
RH CrossRonald Hibbert Cross
RH CrossRonald Horace Cross
RJ Cross
RW CrossRussell Wilfred Cross
RW CrossRussell Wilfrid Cross
S CrossStanley Cross
SJ Cross
ST CrossSolomon Thomas Cross
WE Cross
WG CrossWilliam Gordon Cross
WH CrossWilliam Henry Cross
WJ Cross
WN CrossWilfred Norman Cross
WN CrossWilfrid Norman Cross
WR CrossWilliam Rufus Cross
WT CrossWalter T Cross
EP CrossanErnest P Crossan
LG CrossbeyLeonard Godfrey Crossbey
H Crossby
LG CrossbyLeonard Godfrey Crossby
WRJ Crossby
EC CrosseEdward Castellain Crosse
EP CrossenErnest Percy Crossen
P Crossett
JTK CrossfieldJohn Turnley Knowles [or John Townley Knowles] Crossfield
S Crossfield
WL CrossingWalter Leonard Crossing
AG Crossington
C CrosslandCharles Crossland
EF CrosslandErnest Ford Crossland
FA Crossland
FJ Crossland
HH Crossland
JH Crossland
JR Crossland
P Crossland
W CrosslandWalter Crossland
WH CrosslandWilliam Henry Crossland
WP CrosslandWilliam Pickering Crossland
A CrossleyArthur Crossley
AC Crossley
BD Crossley
CC CrossleyCharles Carlton Crossley
CJ Crossley
D Crossley
EC CrossleyEric Chadwick Crossley
ES CrossleyErnest Sydney Crossley
F CrossleyFrank Crossley
F CrossleyFred Crossley
FC Crossley
FE Crossley
FH CrossleyFrank Hainsworth Crossley
FS CrossleyFrederick Samuel Crossley
FW CrossleyFred William Crossley
H CrossleyHarold Crossley
H CrossleyHerbert Crossley
JLB CrossleyJohn Le Bathe Crossley
S CrossleySydney Crossley
SA Crossley
SO CrossleyStanley Oliver Crossley
WB CrossleyWilliam Brierley Crossley
B Crossley-MeatesBernard Crossley-Meates
RF CrosslingRobert Fullard Crossling
CAF CrossmanCharles Arthur Frederick Crossman
DW Crossman
GL CrossmanGeorge Lytton Crossman
J CrossmanJoseph Crossman
JH Crossman
NH Crossman
TH CrossmanThomas Harold Crossman
PE CrossonPercival Edward Crosson
T CrosswaiteThomas Crosswaite
TJ Crosswell
A Crosthwaite
AR CrosthwaiteAlan Rowley Crosthwaite
C CrosthwaiteCedric Crosthwaite
E Crosthwaite
FD Crosthwaite
JRC CrosthwaiteJohn Robert Caswell Crosthwaite
T Crosthwaite
WR CrostonWilliam Rowland Croston
WW CrostonWilliam W Croston
WH Crothall
CAA CrothersCharles Ambrose Alexander Crothers
VJG CrothersVictor John Grey Crothers
W CrothersWilliam Crothers
WGH Crothers
WGM CrothersWallace Guy Murdoch Crothers
GFX Crotty
WH CrottyWilliam Houghton Crotty
AA Crouch
CS CrouchCecil Stanford Crouch
EC CrouchEdwin C Crouch
EC CrouchEdwin Cleveland Crouch
EWT CrouchEdwin William Thomas Crouch
FA CrouchFrederick Albert Crouch
G CrouchGeorge Crouch
GH Crouch
GN CrouchGeorge Nathaniel Crouch
H CrouchHenry Crouch
HA CrouchHenry Albert Crouch
JA CrouchJohn Alswick Crouch
JE CrouchJames Edward Crouch
JR CrouchJohn Robert Crouch
LE Crouch
P CrouchPercy Crouch
R CrouchRoy Crouch
RJG CrouchRupert John Goodman Crouch
RW Crouch
SA CrouchSamuel A Crouch
SE CrouchStanley Edward Crouch
TL CrouchThomas Leslie Crouch
WB CrouchWilliam Bryan Crouch
WB CrouchWilliam Bryon Crouch
AT CroucheAlexander Theodore Crouche
AT CroucherAlexander Theodore Croucher
CT CroucherCharles Thomas Croucher
H CroucherHoward Croucher
R CroucherRichard Croucher
RA Croucher
RAP Croucher
RHB CroucherRowland Henry Basil Croucher
RI CroucherReginald Irvine Croucher
TH CroucherThomas H Croucher
W CroucherWilliam Croucher
YAM Croucher
H CroudaceHarold Croudace
L Crough
LB CroughLeo Bernard Crough
HJ CroughtonHerbert J Croughton
J Crouther
PC Crovat
PS CrovatPhilip Stuart Crovat
AL CrowArthur Leslie Crow
CA CrowColin Arthur Crow
CM CrowCharles Maurice Crow
CR CrowCedric Rex Crow
GF CrowGeorge Frederick Crow
H Crow
HI CrowHerbert Ingleby Crow
J CrowJohn Crow
J CrowJoshua Crow
LA CrowLeonard Alfred Crow
NA Crow
NH CrowNorman H Crow
NH CrowNorman Howard Crow
NS Crow
RB CrowRonald Beves Crow
RH Crow
HA CrowchHenry A Crowch
RE CrowcraftR Ewart Crowcraft
CA CrowdellCharles Albert Crowdell
A Crowden
OLP CrowdenOtto Ludwig Pascal Crowden
OLP CrowdenOtto Ludwig Pascoe Crowden
RC CrowdenRoy Charles Crowden
T Crowden
WH Crowden
A CrowderAlbert Crowder
CW CrowderCharles William Crowder
GA Crowder
HC CrowderHarold Charles Crowder
HV CrowderHarold Vivian Crowder
JStV CrowderJohn St Vincent Crowder
JSV CrowderJ St V Crowder
JSV CrowderJohn St Vincent Crowder
LG CrowderLeonard Gordon Crowder
R CrowdleRichard Crowdle
AC Crowe
AE CroweAlbert Edward Crowe
AF CroweArthur Fleming Crowe
AL Crowe
BF CroweBertie F Crowe
BT CroweBenjamin Thomas Crowe
C Crowe
CM CroweCyril M. Crowe
CM CroweCyril Marconi Crowe
CT CroweCyril T Crowe
E CroweEdgar Crowe
EJ CroweEdwin John Crowe
EL CroweEdgar L Crowe
EL CroweEdgar Llewellyn Crowe
FH CroweFrederick Henry Crowe
G CroweGeorge Crowe
HF CroweHerbert Fulton Crowe
HG CroweHenry George Crowe
HL CroweH. Laurence Crowe
HL CroweHarry Lawrence Crowe
J Crowe
JE CroweJohn Edwin Crowe
JH CroweJohn Henry Crowe
JR Crowe
LL Crowe
PR CrowePhilip Roy Crowe
PR CrowePhillip Roy Crowe
PW CrowePercy William Crowe
RR Crowe
SF CroweSinclair Fredor Crowe
ST CroweSinclair Tudor Crowe
T CroweThomas Crowe
TA Crowe
VC CroweVictor Charles Crowe
WH Crowe
WO CroweWilfred Oswald Crowe
WP Crowe
C Crowell
CL CrowellCharles Locke Crowell
JF Crowell
RS CrowellRockland Stanley Crowell
RGJJ CrowfootRobert George Joseph John Crowfoot
EG CrowhurstErnest G Crowhurst
FJ CrowhurstFrank J Crowhurst
HF CrowhurstHarold French Crowhurst
HS CrowhurstHugh S Crowhurst
CE CrowleyCharles Edward Crowley
DJ CrowleyDavid Joseph Crowley
FA CrowleyFrederick Augustus Crowley
FG CrowleyFrank Gustave Crowley
GC CrowleyGeoffrey Curtis Crowley
J CrowleyJohn Crowley
W CrowleyWilliam Crowley
CE CrowlyCharles Edward Crowly
FG CrowlyFrank Gustave Crowly
LR CrownL Rymore Crown
LW CrownLeslie W Crown
CE CrowneCharles Edward Crowne
E CrowshawEdwin Crowshaw
EE Crowshaw
AA CrowsonAlbert Arthur Crowson
E CrowsonEdward Crowson
AD CrowtherAlfred Dudley Crowther
C Crowther
CB CrowtherCecil Berry Crowther
DB CrowtherDenis Barston Crowther
E CrowtherErnest Crowther
F CrowtherFrank Crowther
FB CrowtherFrederick Bryan Crowther
G CrowtherGeorge Crowther
GD CrowtherGordon Douglas Crowther
GS CrowtherGilbert Samuel Crowther
H CrowtherHerbert Crowther
HL CrowtherHorace Leslie Crowther
HM CrowtherHarold Mercer Crowther
HW CrowtherHarold Webster Crowther
J Crowther
L CrowtherLewis Crowther
LO CrowtherLeslie Oakes Crowther
N CrowtherNorman Crowther
OH CrowtherOswald Hubert Crowther
RA Crowther
RAC Crowther
RO Crowther
RS CrowtherRonald Shaw Crowther
S CrowtherStanley Crowther
SL CrowtherS. Lorne Crowther
SL CrowtherStanley L Crowther
SL CrowtherStanley Lorne Crowther
TH CrowtherThomas Harold Crowther
W CrowtherWilliam Crowther
ERT Croxall
ETR CroxallEdward Tongue Randall Croxall
JW Croxall
JR CroxfordJoseph Richard Croxford
MP CroxfordMarshall Porter Croxford
SJ CroxfordSidney James Croxford
DA Croy
SB CroydenStanley Burton Croyden
FF Croydon
KP CroydonKenneth Prichard Croydon
F Croythorne
WA Croyton
A CrozierArchibald Crozier
AD Crozier
AE Crozier
AW CrozierAlexander William Crozier
D CrozierDennis Crozier
DS Crozier
FW Crozier
GC CrozierGeorge C. Crozier
GC CrozierGeorge Chester Crozier
J Crozier
JG CrozierJames Gerald Crozier
JH CrozierJohn Hamilton Crozier
JJA CrozierJohn James Alfred Crozier
KD Crozier
MG CrozierMurvin Gray Crozier
SW CrozierSamuel Wilfred Crozier
A Cruddace
EV CrudgeErnest Victor Crudge
S Cruess-CallaghanStanislaus Cruess-Callaghan
A CruftAlec Cruft
AD CruickshankAndrew David Cruickshank
AJT CruickshankAndrew John Tuke Cruickshank
CP Cruickshank
F Cruickshank
G CruickshankGeorge Cruickshank
GK CruickshankGeorge Knox Cruickshank
GL Cruickshank
GP CruickshankGeorge Philip Cruickshank
GW CruickshankGeorge Watt Cruickshank
GY Cruickshank
HW CruickshankHerbert William Cruickshank
J Cruickshank
JA CruickshankJames Adam Cruickshank
JR CruickshankJames Roland Cruickshank
JW CruickshankJames Warren Cruickshank
JW CruickshankJames William Cruickshank
KG CruickshankKenneth George Cruickshank
MM Cruickshank
P CruickshankPercy Cruickshank
R CruickshankRonald Cruickshank
W CruickshankWilliam Cruickshank
WA CruickshankWilliam Alexander Cruickshank
WE Cruickshank
WR CruickshankWalter Ronald Cruickshank
AH CruickshanksAlbert Harrower Cruickshanks
C CruickshanksCuthbert Cruickshanks
GC CruickshanksGeorge Coutts Cruickshanks
AJT Cruikshank
G Cruikshank
GL CruikshankGuy L Cruikshank
GL CruikshankGuy L. Cruikshank
GL CruikshankGuy Lindsay Cruikshank
J Cruikshank
JEW Cruikshank
JW Cruikshank
KG Cruikshank
MG CruikshankMelville Gordon Cruikshank
A Cruikshanks
GY Cruikshanks
JA CruiseJames Arthur Cruise
MG CruiseMilton George Cruise
A Crum
A Crumley
FC CrummeyFrancis Cyprian Crummey
FC CrummeyFrank Cyprene Crummey
MP Crummie
P CrumnerPercy Crumner
AH CrumpArthur Herbert Crump
AV CrumpAlbert Victor Crump
BN CrumpBaden Noel Crump
FF CrumpFrank Frewen Crump
FLD CrumpFrancis Laurant Deliaux Crump
FLD CrumpFrancis Laurant Delsance Crump
FLD CrumpFrancis Laurent Delsanx Crump
H Crump
HA CrumpHerbert Arthur Crump
HA CrumpHubert Arthur Crump
HS CrumpHarold Stuart Crump
JA Crump
LAC CrumpLewis Ashley Charles Crump
RC CrumpRichard Charles Crump
SLN Crump
W CrumpWilliam Crump
WME CrumpWilliam Maurice Esplen Crump
ED CrundallEdward Duncan Crundall
JJE Crundall
WF CrundallWalter Frederick Crundall
WH CrundallWilliam Henry Crundall
ED Crundell
JC CrundenJohn Charles Crunden
JJE CrundenJohn Joseph Eugene Crunden
G CrusoeGeorge Crusoe
EW CrustErnest Walter Crust
JH CrutchJohn Henry Crutch
R CrutcherReginald Crutcher
CF Crutchley
G Crutchley
GG CrutchleyGerald Gwyn Crutchley
GG CrutchleyGerard George Crutchley
J CrutchleyJohn Crutchley
S Crutchley
FWV Crutchy
RC Cruther
CC CruttendenCharles Cecil Cruttenden
CN CruttwellCharles Northey Cruttwell
D CryanDaniel Cryan
JJ CryanJohn Joseph Cryan
JS CryanJohn Scarisbrick Cryan
JR Cryderman
EMG Cryer
GA Cryer
HJ CryerHarold James Cryer
J CryerJoseph Cryer
JE Cryer
L Cryer
LH CryerLeonard Herbert Cryer
SE Cryer
TV CryerThomas Vincent Cryer
TH Crylls
CA CryslerCarleton Aquila Crysler
CA CryslerCarleton Aquilla Crysler
RA CryslerRoy Alan Crysler
FL Crystal
WS CrystalWilliam Stevenson Crystal
AJ Crystall
LG CubbinsLindsay Gordon Cubbins
LH Cubbins
FR CubbonFrancis Richard Cubbon
RD CubbonRobert Douglas Cubbon
EM CubisonEric M Cubison
EM CubisonEric Marsh Cubison
AG CubittAlbert George Cubitt
CC Cubitt
CR CubittCyril Ralph Cubitt
EE Cubitt
H CubittHarold Cubitt
LF CubittLeslie Frank Cubitt
RD CubittReginald D Cubitt
RD CubittReginald Douglas Cubitt
SW CubittStanley Wilson Cubitt
JD Cuchwaite
EJ CuckneyErnest John Cuckney
HD CuckneyHector Donald Cuckney
EH CucknowEdwin Harold Cucknow
EH Cuckow
TS CucksonTom Stanley Cuckson
CW Cudamore
CW CuddefordCharles William Cuddeford
FJ Cuddeford
WG Cuddon
AJ Cuddy
F CuddyFrederick Cuddy
T CuddyThomas Cuddy
CW CudemoreCharles William Cudemore
JR CudemoreJohn Richardson Cudemore
AD Cudger
GE Cudgin
HS CudlipHernaman Stanley Cudlip
ER Cudlipp
EO CudmoreErnest Osmond Cudmore
J CudmoreJohn Cudmore
H Cue
A Cuff
AH CuffArthur Harcombe Cuff
AHC CuffArthur H C Cuff
AT CuffAnthony Thomas Cuff
CC CuffCharles Cecil Cuff
D Cuff
PEC Cuff
RE CuffRobin Ernest Cuff
JH Cuff Cole
AL CuffeAbram Lawson [or Abraham Lawson] Cuffe
AL CuffeAlbert Lawson Cuffe
HE CuffeHenry Estler Cuffe
HO CuffeHenry Ostler Cuffe
RT CuffeRichard Thomas Cuffe
J Cuffin
R CuinReginald Cuin
PA Cuka
FA CulbardFrancis Arthur Culbard
WP CulbertWilliam Patrick Culbert
B CulhamBarrett Culham
EB CulhamErwin B Culham
WB Culham
AI Cull
AL CullAlwyn Lewis Cull
AT CullArthur Tulloch Cull
J CullJames Cull
J CullJohn Cull
JL Cull
JT CullJohn Tulloch Cull
RJ Cull
S Cull
SR CullStanley Robert Cull
FH Cullack
GJ CullaghamGeorge Joseph Cullagham
DW CullamDouglas William Cullam
HF Cullan
H CullancyHenry Cullancy
RRG Cullard
W Cullembell
AA CullenArthur Armstrong Cullen
C Cullen
CC CullenCecil Charles Cullen
CE CullenCharles E Cullen
CK CullenCyril Keith Cullen
EO CullenEric Owen Cullen
FH Cullen
FL Cullen
G Cullen
HA Cullen
HF CullenHerbert Francis Cullen
HF CullenHubert Francis Cullen
HL CullenHoward Leslie Cullen
I Cullen
IL CullenIvan Leslie Cullen
J CullenJan Cullen
JM CullenJames Marsh Cullen
JW CullenJohn W Cullen
M Cullen
PF CullenPhilip Foster Cullen
R Cullen
RJ CullenRobert James Cullen
ST Cullen
W Cullen
WD Cullen
WG CullenWilliam Geoffrey Cullen
WG CullenWilliam George Cullen
F Culley
GCH CulleyGeorge Charles Henry Culley
SD CulleyStuart Douglas Culley
TS CulleyThurlow Stather Culley
W Culley
WF CulleyWilliam Frederick Culley
CH CullimoreCharles Hulbert Cullimore
D CullimoreDonald Cullimore
DJ CullimoreDudley John Cullimore
W CullimoreWilliam Cullimore
WG Cullimore
RV CullinanRoland Vivian Cullinan
BF Culling
TG CullingThomas G Culling
TG CullingThomas Grey Culling
AS Cullingford
AW CullingtonAlfred William Cullington
J CullingworthJohn Cullingworth
A CullisAlbert Cullis
GR Cullman
WB Cullough
C Cully
RA CullyRichard Albert Cully
TS Cully
JW Culme-SeymourJohn Wentworth Culme-Seymour
RE Culshaw
RB CultonReginald Brooks Culton
DE CulverDouglas Edward Culver
DJ Culver
LEG CulverLeonard Eric Godfrey Culver
RJ CulverRoland Joseph Culver
SF CulverStanley Frederick Culver
WS Culver
AE CulverhouseAlfred Edward Culverhouse
HJ CulverhouseHenry J Culverhouse
HT CulverhouseHenry T Culverhouse
EV CulverwellEric Vincent Culverwell
FH Culverwell
FJ Culverwell
FM CulverwellFrank Maurice Culverwell
G CulverwellGeorge Culverwell
RB Culverwell
WJ CulverwellWilliam J Culverwell
WL CulverwellWilfred Lovedere Culverwell
J CumberbirchJesse Cumberbirch
AJ CumberlandAndrew John Cumberland
F Cumberland
FB Cumberland
FS Cumberland
JR Cumberland
DS CumberledgeDuncan Spencer Cumberledge
DE/DS CumberlegeD E [or D S] Cumberlege
E CumberlidgeEdmund Cumberlidge
E CumberlidgeErnest Cumberlidge
W CumbridgeWilliam Cumbridge
DH Cumley
WC CumleyWilliam Charles Cumley
A CummingAlexander Cumming
AL CummingAlfred Lionel Cumming
AR CummingArchibald Robert Cumming
AWP CummingArthur William Patrick Cumming
CL CummingCharles Linnaeus Cumming
DA CummingDonald Alexander Cumming
DB CummingDonald Brodby Cumming
EC CummingEdward Charles Cumming
ECS CummingEric Cyril Simpson Cumming
G CummingGeorge Cumming
H CummingHoward Cumming
H CummingHugh Cumming
HB CummingHerbert Bruce Cumming
HJ Cumming
HWM CummingHerbert William MacKarsie Cumming
J CummingJames Cumming
J CummingJohn Cumming
JCB CummingJames Charles Burney Cumming
JL CummingJames Leslie Cumming
JW CummingJohn Walker Cumming
KW CummingKenneth William Cumming
M CummingMansfield Cumming
R CummingRobert Cumming
R/K CummingRobert [or K] Cumming
T Cumming
TT CummingTarras Talfourd Cumming
V Cumming
W Cumming
WG CummingWilliam George Cumming
WJ CummingWilliam James Cumming
WM CummingWilliam Middleton Cumming
WM CummingWilliam Milligan Cumming
WN CummingWilliam Neville Cumming
FJ Cummingham
AEK Cummings
AM CummingsArthur Micheal Cummings
AR CummingsAlfred Robert Cummings
AWP Cummings
C Cummings
CL Cummings
E Cummings
ED CummingsEric Douglas Cummings
EI CummingsEarl Ira Cummings
F CummingsFrank Cummings
J CummingsJames Cummings
J CummingsJohn Cummings
JS Cummings
L CummingsLumsden Cummings
MH Cummings
N CummingsNorris Cummings
NB Cummings
PH CummingsPhilip Hildesey Cummings
RE CummingsRobert Ernest Cummings
RG CummingsRobert G Cummings
RG CummingsRobert Gordon Cummings
RL CummingsRoy Lytton Cummings
RM CummingsRalp Michael Cummings
RM CummingsRalph Michael Cummings
RR CummingsRaleigh R Cummings
SH CummingsSamuel Hubert Cummings
SR CummingsSidney Robert Cummings
T Cummings
TT Cummings
W CummingsWilliam Cummings
WC Cummings
WF Cummings
WJ Cummings
AG CumminsAlfred G Cummins
AG CumminsAlfred George Cummins
CA CumminsClare Augustine Cummins
FW CumminsFrederick W Cummins
HH CumminsHenry H Cummins
JNC CumminsJohn Norman Cecil Cummins
JS CumminsJoseph Swift Cummins
NB Cummins
NJ Cummins
RH CumminsRichard H Cummins
T CumminsThomas Cummins
TW CumminsThomas Wright Cummins
V Cummins
W CumminsWilliam Cummins
HW Cumpsty
GW CundallGeorge W Cundall
LB CundallLeonard Bertram Cundall
AJ CundellAlfred Jordon Cundell
AJ CundiffAlfred Jordan Cundiff
FD Cundiff
FW CundiffFrederick William Cundiff
CH CundyCharles H Cundy
EE Cundy
JA CundyJack A Cundy
JA CundyJack Arthur Cundy
PW CundyPercy W Cundy
RCS CundyReginald Charles Stuart Cundy
TN Cundy
JA CuninghamJack Armand Cuningham
JC CuninghamJames C. Cuningham
JC CuninghamJames Campbell Cuningham
VG CuninghamValentine George Cuningham
JP CuninghameJohn Percy Cuninghame
FW Cunliff
RS CunliffRichard Stedman Cunliff
A Cunliffe
BFG CunliffeBrook Foster Gordon Cunliffe
BFG CunliffeBrooke Foster Gordon Cunliffe
GA Cunliffe
H CunliffeHarry Cunliffe
J CunliffeJohn Cunliffe
JH CunliffeJohn Howarth Cunliffe
PW CunliffePercy Walmsley Cunliffe
R CunliffeRiley Cunliffe
R CunliffeRolf Cunliffe
R CunliffeThe Hon Rolf Cunliffe
RNH CunliffeRobert Neville Henry Cunliffe
RS Cunliffe
T CunliffeThomas Cunliffe
W CunliffeWilliam Cunliffe
JG Cunliffe-JonesJoseph Gwilym Cunliffe-Jones
P Cunliffe-ListerPhilip Cunliffe-Lister
JM CunnJames M Cunn
AR CunnackAlfred Renfree Cunnack
DC CunnellD C [or R C] Cunnell
DC CunnellDonald Charles Cunnell
JA CunniffeJames Allen Cunniffe
GO Cunning
JQ Cunning
A CunninghamArchibald Cunningham
AC Cunningham
AD CunninghamAlexander Duncan Cunningham
AG CunninghamAndrew Gray Cunningham
AJ CunninghamAlbert James Cunningham
AM Cunningham
AW Cunningham
BH Cunningham
CE Cunningham
CF CunninghamCharles Frederick Cunningham
CG Cunningham
CL CunninghamClifford Lionel Cunningham
CR CunninghamCharles Rundall Cunningham
D Cunningham
E CunninghamEdward Cunningham
EA CunninghamEdward A Cunningham
EA CunninghamEdward Aloysius Cunningham
ES Cunningham
FB CunninghamFrank Bennett Cunningham
FJ CunninghamFrancis Joseph Cunningham
FJC CunninghamFrancis Joseph Crowley Cunningham
G CunninghamGeorge Cunningham
GE CunninghamGeorge Ernest Cunningham
GL CunninghamGarnett Lee Cunningham
GT CunninghamGordon T Cunningham
GW Cunningham
H CunninghamHarry Cunningham
H CunninghamHerbert Cunningham
HC CunninghamHenry Charles Cunningham
HD Cunningham
HdeW Cunningham
HDW CunninghamHerbert De Wolfe Cunningham
HR CunninghamHarold Robert Cunningham
HS CunninghamHarold Sherratt Cunningham
HW Cunningham
J CunninghamJack Cunningham
J CunninghamJames Nelson Cunningham
J CunninghamJohn Cunningham
JA CunninghamJack A Cunningham
JA CunninghamJack A. Cunningham
JA CunninghamJack Armand Cunningham
JA CunninghamJames Archibald Cunningham
JA CunninghamJames Arthur Cunningham
JB CunninghamJames Brightwell Cunningham
JC CunninghamJames Campbell Cunningham
JF CunninghamJohn Fergus Cunningham
JFC CunninghamJoseph Francis Crowley Cunningham
JH CunninghamJames Herbert Cunningham
JH CunninghamJohn Harkness Cunningham
JLG CunninghamJohn Laurence Gilchrist Cunningham
JM Cunningham
JN CunninghamJames N Cunningham
JN CunninghamJames Nelson Cunningham
KM CunninghamKen M Cunningham
KM CunninghamKenneth MacLean Cunningham
L Cunningham
LC Cunningham
LeG Cunningham
LG CunninghamLeslie Gordon Cunningham
LH CunninghamLyman Holden Cunningham
M CunninghamMichael Cunningham
MD CunninghamMurdoch Dodwell Cunningham
MF CunninghamMichael F Cunningham
MF CunninghamMichael Francis Cunningham
NBH CunninghamNorman Boyd Hannay Cunningham
P CunninghamPeter Cunningham
PJ CunninghamPatrick Joseph Cunningham
R CunninghamRonald Cunningham
RE CunninghamRonald Elliott Cunningham
RN CunninghamRoy Nichol Cunningham
RT CunninghamRobert Thomson Cunningham
RW CunninghamRobert Wallace Cunningham
RW CunninghamRobert William Cunningham
RWH CunninghamRobert Wiseman Hannay Cunningham
SH Cunningham
T CunninghamThomas Cunningham
TAW CunninghamThomas Alexander Walker Cunningham
TE CunninghamTom Eric Cunningham
TS/TE CunninghamT S [or T E] Cunningham
VG Cunningham
WA CunninghamWilliam Antony Cunningham
WC Cunningham
WH CunninghamWilliam H Cunningham
WI CunninghamWalter Idwal Cunningham
WN CunninghamWilliam Nairn Cunningham
WW CunninghamWilliam Wilson Cunningham
A Cunningham ReidAlex Cunningham Reid
FJ CunninghameFrederick Joseph Cunninghame
JP Cunninghame
A Cunningham-Reid
DF Cunningham-ReidDuncan Flower Cunningham-Reid
AE CunningtonAlbert Edward Cunnington
AG Cunnington
E CunningtonEdward Cunnington
FW CunningtonFrederick W Cunnington
AC CunnionAlexander Cleland Cunnion
AC CunnisonAlexander Cleland Cunnison
PE Cunnius
FH CunnockFrancis Henry Cunnock
H Cunsworth
RTA CupissReginald Thomas Arthur Cupiss
HW CuppeeHarry William Cuppee
SPB Cupps
CW CurdChristopher Walter Curd
J Curd
JH CurdJohn Henry Curd
PJ CurdPercy John Curd
J CurdieJohn Curdie
WLD CuretteWilliam Louis D'arcy Curette
G CurgenvenGilbert Curgenven
HR Curginven
J CurleJames Curle
ME CurlenderMelville Edward Curlender
AB Curless
I CurlewisIvan Curlewis
J Curlewis
T Curlewis
A CurleyAlfred Curley
FB Curley
LP CurleyLewis Patrick Curley
R CurleyRichard Curley
T CurleyThomas Curley
ET CurlingEdward Thomas Curling
J CurlingJohn Curling
YCE Curnick
WEM CurnockWilliam Emmanuel MacBryde Curnock
RC CurnonReginald Charles Curnon
AC CurnowArthur C Curnow
AC CurnowArthur Charles Curnow
WES Curphey
WGS CurpheyWilliam George Sellar Curphey
WGS CurpheyWilliam George Sitta Curphey
WW CurrWilliam Walter Curr
W Currae
C Currall
EP CurrallEdgar Percy Currall
EP CurrallEdward Percy Currall
G Currall
GH CurrallGeorge Henry Currall
CE Curran
CRP CurranCyril Robert Philpot Curran
D CurranDavid Curran
FA Curran
FP Curran
J CurranJohn Curran
M Curran
SEA CurranSamuel Edwin Albert Curran
W Curran
WG Curran
AR Currell
EFN CurreyEdmond Francis Neville Currey
FA CurreyFrederick Alfred Currey
GW Currey
LE CurreyLawrence Eustace Currey
A CurrieArchibald Currie
AH Currie
AJ CurrieAlfred James Currie
CM CurrieC McL Currie
DB CurrieDavid Brown Currie
DM CurrieDavid Miller Currie
FT CurrieFrancis Thomas Currie
G CurrieGeorge Currie
GR CurrieGeorge Reynolds Currie
GS Currie
H Currie
HAD CurrieHamish Alexander David Currie
HF Currie
J CurrieJohn Currie
J CurrieJoseph Currie
JA CurrieJames Alan Currie
JA CurrieJohn Alexander Currie
JC CurrieJohn Clive Currie
JD Currie
JE CurrieJoseph Edward Currie
JG CurrieJohn Gambleton Currie
JG CurrieJohn Gumbleton [or John Gambleton] Currie
JH CurrieJohn Hector Currie
JM CurrieJohn Maxwell Currie
JR Currie
JS CurrieJohn S Currie
JW Currie
L CurrieLorne Currie
LS Currie
P CurriePatrick Currie
PMH CurriePhilip Maynard Hay Currie
RG CurrieRobert Grierson Currie
S CurrieSidney Currie
SH CurrieSamuel Hans Currie
TN Currie
UA CurrieUlric Algernon Currie
W Currie
WF CurrieWilson Fraser Currie
WH CurrieWilliam Henry Currie
WI CurrieWilliam Inglis Currie
WW CurrieWilliam Wilson Currie
FJ CurriesFrancis Joseph Curries
A Currif
SA CurrinSydney A Currin
SA CurrinSydney A. Currin
SA CurrinSydney Allen Currin
AG CurringtonAlbert George Currington
CF CurringtonCharles Frederic Currington
GF Currington
JR CurringtonJohn Ronald Currington
S CurringtonStanley Currington
FT Currio
HF Currio
WL Curror
A CurryArthur Curry
AO Curry
BH CurryBrian Harvey Curry
CH CurryCharles Herbert Curry
CR CurryCecil Rhodes Curry
D CurryDavid Curry
DM Curry
EA Curry
FH CurryFrancis Henry Curry
FS CurryFrank Stanley Curry
GA CurryGeorge A Curry
GH Curry
GW CurryGeorge William Curry
H Curry
HE Curry
J Curry
JL CurryJohn Leslie Curry
OA Curry
OH CurryOrmond Hilton Curry
R CurryRonald Curry
RA CurryRobert Arthur Curry
SA Curry
TN CurryThomas Noel Curry
WE CurryWilfred Edwin Curry
WH Curry
AW Curson
E Curson
FA CursonFrancis Albert Curson
FWC CursonFrederick W C Curson
GCW CursonGerald Cecil Wootton Curson
JH Curson
HA CurtHarold Anderson Curt
ES Curteis
ES CurtersEdward S Curters
EG CurticeEdward Guy Curtice
JB CurtiesJohn B Curties
HT Curtin
J CurtinJohn Curtin
M Curtin
VM CurtinVictor Morris Curtin
A CurtisArthur Curtis
AA CurtisAlbert A Curtis
AB Curtis
AC CurtisArthur Carne Curtis
AE CurtisAlbert Edward Curtis
AH CurtisAlan Harper Curtis
AJ Curtis
AL CurtisAlgernon L. Curtis
AL CurtisAlgernon Lewin Curtis
ARW CurtisArthur Randolph Wormeley Curtis
AS CurtisArthur S Curtis
B Curtis
C CurtisCecil Curtis
C CurtisCharles Curtis
C CurtisCyril Curtis
CA CurtisCharles A Curtis
CW CurtisCharles William Curtis
DA Curtis
DAL CurtisDarwin Augustus Lawrence Curtis
E CurtisEverard Curtis
EJ CurtisEdward James Curtis
EJ CurtisEdwin Johnston Curtis
ES Curtis
F CurtisFrazier Curtis
FA CurtisFrank A Curtis
FW CurtisFrank Warren Curtis
FW CurtisFrank Warren. Curtis
FW CurtisFrederick W Curtis
G Curtis
GA CurtisGeorge Arthur Curtis
GE Curtis
GS CurtisGeorge Salmon Curtis
GSC CurtisGeorge Septimus Charlton Curtis
GW CurtisGraham Waters Curtis
HBT CurtisHugh Benjamin Thomas Curtis
HC CurtisHarry Croyle Curtis
HC CurtisHerbert Cecil Curtis
HD Curtis
HH CurtisHorace H Curtis
HJ CurtisHerbert J Curtis
HJ CurtisHubert James Curtis
HN CurtisHenry Neville Curtis
HO CurtisHorace Oswald Curtis
I CurtisIvor Curtis
J CurtisJack Curtis
J CurtisJames Curtis
J CurtisJohn Curtis
JDC CurtisJohn Dorien Constable Curtis
JH CurtisJohn Heywood Curtis
JR CurtisJohn R Curtis
JS CurtisJames Stanley Curtis
JW CurtisJohn W Curtis
LJ Curtis
LR CurtisLeonard Robert Curtis
MJ CurtisMontague John Curtis
MK CurtisMarvin K Curtis
MW CurtisMorton Whitefoord Curtis
NE Curtis
OT CurtisOswald Trevor Curtis
P CurtisPhilip Curtis
PFO CurtisPhilip Frank Oxford Curtis
PM Curtis
R CurtisRobert Curtis
RH CurtisRalph Howard Curtis
RH CurtisRichard Haddon Curtis
RJF CurtisRichard John Froude Curtis
RL CurtisRalph Luxmore Curtis
RV CurtisRoy Victor Curtis
S CurtisSamuel Curtis
T CurtisTom Curtis
TC Curtis
TM Curtis
TP CurtisThomas Price Curtis
TR CurtisThomas Reynolds Curtis
W CurtisWilliam Curtis
WA CurtisWilfred Austen Curtis
WA CurtisWilliam A Curtis
WA CurtisWilliam Alan Curtis
WA CurtisWilliam Arthur Curtis
WH CurtisWalter Henry Curtis
WH CurtisWilliam Henry Curtis
WJB CurtisWalter J B Curtis
WJB CurtisWalter J. B. Curtis
WJB CurtisWalter John Bryce Curtis
WR CurtisWilliam Reginald Curtis
WT CurtisWilliam Thomas Curtis
WW CurtisWalter William Curtis
H Curtis-BealeHarold Curtis-Beale
H Curtis-BealsHarry Curtis-Beals
AHM Curtiss
EFB CurtissErie F. Bagot Curtiss
EFB CurtissErle F Bagot Curtiss
EFB CurtissErle Frederick Bagot Curtiss
EFR Curtiss
FW Curtiss
GA Curtiss
S Curtiss
SBO CurtissSidney Bertram Oscar Curtiss
TM Curtiss
WA Curtiss
WW Curtiss
CE Curtless
AE CurtoisArthur Edward Curtois
EC CurtoisEric Charles Curtois
S Curtoon
C CurwenCharles Curwen
JK CurwenJohn Kenneth Curwen
JP CurwenJohn P Curwen
JK Curwen-WalkerJack Keith Curwen-Walker
JP CurwinJohn P Curwin
JS Curwin
PAS Curwood
J CurzonJoseph Curzon
RK CurzonRussel Keesing Curzon
S CurzonSamuel Curzon
TWS CusackThomas William Stanley Cusack
LW CusdenLeonard Wilfred Cusden
FD CusensFrederic Douglas Cusens
W Cushen
FG CushineFrancis G Cushine
JH Cushine
D CushingDougall Cushing
FG Cushing
GE CushingGeoffrey Edgar Cushing
HW CushingHorace Warnes Cushing
J CushingJohn Cushing
MW Cushing
SG Cushing
W Cushing
WE Cushing
WEW CushingWilliam Ewart Wittrick Cushing
WEW CushingWilliam Ewart Wittwick Cushing
JJ CushingsJames J Cushings
N CushionNathaniel Cushion
WB CushionWilliam Boston Cushion
AA Cushman
J CushnyJohn Cushny
AE Cuss
JB CussenJohn Bevan Cussen
R CussenRobin Cussen
JC CussonJoseph Charles Cusson
HA CustHarold Anderson Cust
GF CustanceGeorge Frank Custance
JW CustanceJohn W Custance
P CustancePercival Custance
WJ Custance
JL CustardJack Lionel Custard
H Cusworth
CA CutbillClaude Augustus Cutbill
EH CutbillEdward Hilton Cutbill
HW CutbushHarold William Cutbush
AE CuthbertAlfred Edwin Cuthbert
C Cuthbert
CA CuthbertClaude Arthur Cuthbert
CR CuthbertCuthbert Ross Cuthbert
E Cuthbert
EH CuthbertErnest H Cuthbert
GA Cuthbert
HMW CuthbertHarold Maser William Cuthbert
HMW CuthbertHarold Masser William Cuthbert
J Cuthbert
JB CuthbertJohn Bryan Cuthbert
JK CuthbertJames Kingsley Cuthbert
JL CuthbertJames Leonard Cuthbert
JSR CuthbertJ. Stuart Ross Cuthbert
JW CuthbertJohn William Cuthbert
LH CuthbertLeslie Harris Cuthbert
LH CuthbertLionel Harry Cuthbert
MM CuthbertMaynard Murray Cuthbert
NS CuthbertNorman Singer Cuthbert
RC CuthbertRoss Cuthbert Cuthbert
RLD CuthbertRobert Lovat Duff Cuthbert
RN CuthbertRichard Neilson Cuthbert
SG CuthbertSidney Gordon Cuthbert
SR Cuthbert
T CuthbertTom Cuthbert
TRN CuthbertThomas Richard Neilson Cuthbert
WB CuthbertWilliam Blythe Cuthbert
WD CuthbertWilliam D Cuthbert
WN CuthbertWilliam N Cuthbert
WN CuthbertWilliam Nicholson Cuthbert
A Cuthbertson
CB Cuthbertson
GC CuthbertsonGeorge Chapman Cuthbertson
J CuthbertsonJohn Cuthbertson
JA CuthbertsonJohn Archibald Cuthbertson
JH CuthbertsonJohn Harrison Cuthbertson
JK Cuthbertson
JL CuthbertsonJohn Leonard Cuthbertson
LE CuthbertsonLloyd Evan Cuthbertson
OB Cuthbertson
RB CuthbertsonRobert Butler Cuthbertson
W CuthbertsonWalter Cuthbertson
JP Cuthill
W CuthillWilliam Cuthill
AC Cuthrie
NL CutlackNorman Leslie Cutlack
WE CutlanWilliam Ellis Cutlan
BW Cutler
C CutlerClifford Cutler
CF Cutler
DA CutlerDavid A Cutler
EG Cutler
FC Cutler
GC Cutler
H CutlerHenry Cutler
HC CutlerHerbert Cecil Cutler
HD CutlerHerbert D Cutler
HD CutlerHerbert Dennis Cutler
HE CutlerHarold Edwin Cutler
HJ CutlerHenry John Cutler
HW CutlerHarold W Cutler
J CutlerJohn Cutler
JB CutlerJames B Cutler
JE CutlerJohn E Cutler
JJ CutlerJohn James Cutler
L CutlerLindsay Cutler
LWS CutlerLindsay William Spurgin Cutler
R Cutler
RL CutlerRobert Lyndon Cutler
RO CutlerRoderick Orrison Cutler
RW CutlerRichard William Cutler
SL CutlerS Leg Cutler
SLeG CutlerStuart Le Geyt Cutler
SLG CutlerS Le G Cutler
WEG CutlerWilliam Edward Garnett Cutler
WG Cutler
WMP Cutler
WR CutlerWilliam Reynolds Cutler
H Cutlous
WC CutmoreWilliam Cecil Cutmore
CE CutressCharles Ernest Cutress
GR CutterGeoffrey Roland Cutter
H CutterHenry Cutter
HE Cutter
AT Cutteridge
AJ CuttingArthur J Cutting
CH CuttingCharles Henry Cutting
CHH CuttingCharles Henry Hugh Cutting
SCM CuttingSidney Charles Mead Cutting
SV CuttingStanley Victor Cutting
G CuttleGeorge Cuttle
GR CuttleGeorge Robin Cuttle
H CuttleHenry Cuttle
B CuttlerBernard Cuttler
C CuttlerClifford Cuttler
DA CuttsDonald Albert Cutts
EE CuttsErnest Edward Cutts
EJ CuttsErnest Joshua Cutts
H Cutts
P CuttsPhilip Cutts
SH CuttsSidney Horace Cutts
WGN CuttsWilliam Glugas Norman Cutts
AE CuznerAlbert Edward Cuzner
LJ CuznerLeonard J Cuzner
LJ CuznerLeonard John Cuzner
LJ CynzellLionel J Cynzell
AJ CyrArthur Joseph Cyr
J CyrilJohn Cyril

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Royal Air Force, Royal Flying Corps, R.A.F., R.F.C., Officers, Other ranks, N.C.O.

First World War, Great War, World War One, WW1 WWI

2nd Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Captain, Colonel, Major, Lt-Col, Air Mechanic, 1AM, 2AM, 3AM, AM1, AM2, AM3, Private, Flight Serjeant, Flight Sergeant, Flight Sub Lieutenant, Flight Commander