Civil Aircraft Register - Canada

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
G-CAAACurtiss JN-4C210 G-CAAAAerial Service Co Ltd/Regina >RJ Groome /Moose Jaw >OH Clearwater /Sask >M Dockstader & OH Gardiner /Sask20.04.201Destroyed Shaunavon 30.06.26
G-CAABCurtiss JN-4C1457 G-CAABMcClelland and Lobb /Sask22.04.202Crashed Saskatoon 03.05.20
G-CAACCurtiss HS-2LA1876 G-CAACLaurentide AS /Montreal02.06.2025Crashed nr Fauquier 02.09.22
G-CAADCurtiss HS-2LA1878 G-CAADLaurentide AS /Montreal30.09.2094Crashed Tadoussac 04.08.22
G-CAAEAvro 504KD6202D6202 G-EABO G-CAAECanadian Aerial Services Ltd/Montreal >Laurentide AS /Montreal16.07.2048Canc 31.07.24
G-CAAFCurtiss JN-4AB.2G-CAAFPacific Aviation Co /Vancouver27.03.203Crashed nr Minoru Park 24.05.20
G-CAAGCurtiss JN-4C206 G-CAAGPacific Aviation Co /Vancouver >J Scott-Williams /Vancouver27.04.204Canc 30.04.24
G-CAAHCurtiss JN-4DM3100G-CAAHMcCall Aero Corp /Calgary03.05.205Crashed Bowness Park 12.06.21
G-CAAICurtiss JN-4C1347 G-CAAIMay-Gorman Aero Ltd/Edmonton >Great North Services /Edmonton07.05.206Canc 30.04.24
G-CAAJCurtiss JN-419G-CAAJMcClelland Aircraft /Sask >OH Clearwater/Sask08.05.2010Canc 13.08.24
G-CAAKCurtiss JN-4C122 G-CAAKHolbrook & Johnson /Hanna >Johnson Aerial Service /Sask10.05.207Crashed during forced landing Calgary 28.06.23
G-CAALCurtiss JN-411G-CAALWestern Aero Co Ltd >Universal Air Industries /Regina >A Bielby /Stalwart Sask12.05.208Crashed nr Swift Current Sask 07.10.30
G-CAAMCurtiss JN-4C590 G-CAAMAerial Service Co Ltd/Regina >RJ Groome /Moose Jaw14.05.2011Dbr Regina 27.09.23
G-CAANCurtiss JN-4C197 G-CAANEA Alton /Winnipeg10.05.2016Broke loose from moorings in gale and dbr 07.02.21
G-CAAOCurtiss JN-4C282 G-CAAOCanadian Aircraft Co Ltd/Winnipeg18.05.2015Canc 30.04.24
G-CAAPCurtiss JN-43291C291 G-CAAPWinnipeg Airco Ltd /Winnipeg19.05.2017Dbf Winnipeg 7.21
G-CAAQAvro 504K2292HH2292 G-CAAQCanadian Aircraft Co Ltd/Winnipeg >WPA Straith /Winnnipeg20.05.2019Flew into trees after takeoff Winnipeg 13.08.27 used to rebuild G-CASY
G-CAARAvro 504KD9076 G-CAARCanadian Aircraft Co Ltd/Winnipeg20.05.2020Crashed Fort Francis 26.08.20
G-CAASCurtiss JN-4C437 G-CAASBrandram-Henderson Ltd /Montreal26.05.2040Canc 30.04.24
G-CAATCurtiss JN-4C628 G-CAATCanadian Aerial Services Ltd/Montreal >Laurentide AS /Montreal27.05.2023Canc 01.01.25 [also reported as ex C626]
G-CAAUCurtiss JN-4C1350 G-CAAUR and W Air Service /Montreal >Canadian AS /Montreal04.06.2026Crashed St Laurent Montreal 24.08.21
G-CAAVCurtiss JN-4C118 G-CAAVEastern Canada Air Lines Ltd/Truro08.06.2031Canc 01.04.24 scrapped
G-CAAWCurtiss JN-4C290 G-CAAWEastern Canada Air Lines Ltd/Truro08.06.2032Canc 01.04.24 scrapped
G-CAAXMartinsyde Type A Mk.I15/216/1G-CAAXPrice Bros & Co Ltd /Chicoutimi PQ21.07.2055Crashed Lac Onatchiway 18.08.20
G-CAAYSopwith Dove33937G-CAAYBishop-Barker Aero Ltd/Armour Heights Ont23.06.2042Destroyed Sault Ste Marie Ontario .21 (possibly WO2714 ex G-EACM)
G-CAAZCurtiss HS-2LA2119 G-CAAZCanadian Aero Film Co /Toronto21.08.2053Dbf in hangar fire Burlington Ontario 12.09.21
G-CABACurtiss JN-4AB.1G-CABAR and W Air Service /Montreal >Canadian AS /Montreal12.05.209Crashed into car whilst landing Cheneville 03.08.21
G-CABBCurtiss JN-42884G-CABBBishop-Barker Aero Ltd/Armour Heights Ont >CH Strickland /Sandwich Ont17.05.2012Canc 30.04.24 [c/n shown as 2384 in ICAN64 /2484 shown on change of owner]
G-CABCCurtiss JN-4AB.3G-CABCBishop-Barker Aero Ltd/Armour Heights Ont17.05.2013Canc 30.04.24
G-CABDAvro 504KAB.4D8842 G-CABDBishop-Barker Aero Ltd/Armour Heights Ont17.05.2014Canc 31.07.24
G-CABECurtiss JN-4C162 G-CABEMcCarthy Aero Service /Leaside Ont19.05.2018Canc 30.04.24
G-CABFCurtiss F BoatG-CABFMcCarthy Aero Service /Leaside Ont05.07.20-Destroyed on test flight Toronto 05.07.20
G-CABGCurtiss JN-4AB.7G-CABGCW McKissock /Weston Ont22.05.2021Canc 20.10.21
G-CABHCurtiss JN-4G-CABHAK Colley /Toronto24.05.2027Canc 01.04.24 scrapped
G-CABICurtiss JN-45002G-CABIClifton Aero Co Ltd /Niagara Falls25.05.2022Destroyed in forced landing nr Peterbrough Ontario 16.09.22
G-CABJCurtiss JN-4AB.10C187 G-CABJMacDonald Aero Service /Wallaceburg Ont >RG Trenholme /Windsor Ont >JH Murray /Ford City Ont28.05.2024Canc 31.07.27
G-CABKCurtiss JN-4C122 G-CABKCanadian Aero Film Co /Toronto31.05.2028Dbf in hangar fire Burlington 12.09.21
G-CABLCurtiss JN-4C109 G-CABLIrwin Proctor /Hamilton Ont31.05.2029Dbf in hangar fire Burlington 12.09.21
G-CABMAeromarine 40LAB.13G-CABMSpanish River Pulp & Paper Mills Ltd /Ont07.06.2030Crashed Tiptonville USA 09.01.21
G-CABNCurtiss JN-4C1353 G-CABNMcCall Aero Corp /Calgary16.06.2033Dbr 7.20
G-CABOCurtiss JN-4C144 G-CABOMcCall Aero Corp /Calgary13.07.2034Written off 10.08.20
G-CABPAvro 504KAB.16G-CABPEdmonton Aircraft Co /Edmonton17.06.2035Written of Edmonton 03.01.21
G-CABQCurtiss JN-4C1303 G-CABQ CF-ALECR McNeill /Fiske Sask >RJ Groome /Regina21.06.2041Stored 01.08.24 Rereg 20.03.30
G-CABRCurtiss JN-4C1022 G-CABRBrandon AS >JEH Smith/Brandon Man26.06.2044Crashed into flagpole on takeoff Boissevain Man 02.08.22
G-CABSAvro 548D8997 G-CABS G-CACICanadian Aircraft Co Ltd/Winnipeg16.07.20-Crashed Charles 16.07.20 rebuilt as G-CACI [RAF serial B8997 also quoted]
G-CABTCurtiss JN-45005G-CABTMay-Gorman Aero Ltd /Edmonton >Neilson Bros /Edmonton02.07.2045Dbf nr Edgerton 10.22
G-CABUCurtiss JN-4C1293 G-CABUVancouver Island Aerial Service07.07.2047Crashed into sea nr Nalau Is 20.09.20
G-CABVAvro 504K9738 G-CABVCanadian Aircraft Co Ltd /Winnipeg 'Thunderbird'19.07.2052Canc 31.07.24
G-CABWCurtiss JN-4C148 G-CABWWestern Aero Co Ltd/Moose Jaw15.07.2051Canc 30.04.24
G-CABXCurtiss JN-4AB.24G-CABX G-CATELethbridge Aircraft Co /Lethbridge28.08.2087Stored 31.07.24 Rereg 13.07.28 [c/n 77832 per ICAN]
G-CABYCurtiss JN-45004G-CABYSJ Elkin /Winnipeg27.07.2058Canc 29.12.21
G-CABZCurtiss JN-41837G-CABZDonald Brown /Yorkton Sask10.08.2083Destroyed by vandals Yorkton .23
G-CACAStandard J-1/CurtissAS22455 G-CACAEA Alton /Winnipeg20.08.2085Written off in gale 15.07.22
G-CACAStandard J-1/FisherG-CACA(2)EA Alton /Winnipeg11.07.24-Hit rocks during takeoff from field nr Estevan Sask 01.10.24
G-CACBCurtiss JN-48708G-CACBJG Hamilton /Winnipeg23.08.2088Canc 20.01.21
G-CACCCurtiss JN-4AB.29G-CACCWestern Aero Co Ltd /Moose Jaw26.08.2086Canc 30.04.24
G-CACDAvro 5481160G-CACDCanadian Aircraft Co Ltd/Winnipeg05.10.2093Canc 31.07.24
G-CACENieuport 81.E21714G-CACEAR Roberts /Toronto22.06.2181Dbf Armour Heights 31.08.21
G-CACFCurtiss JN-45014G-CACFPlante Aerial Service /Montreal20.03.21156Dbf 09.07.21
G-CACGNorman Thompson NT.2BN2290N2290 G-EAQO G-CACGRocky Mountain Aviation Transport Ltd /Banff >Dominion Aerial Exploration Co/Toronto06.06.2180Canc 31.08.26
G-CACHStandard J-1AS4887 N-CACH G-CACHCO Prest /Las Vegas >A Sharpe /Windermere >Fairchild Aerial Surveys of Canada Ltd17.03.23217Tfr USA 1.5.24
G-CACIAvro 548D8997 G-CABS G-CACICanadian Aircraft Co Ltd/Winnipeg15.06.2182Canc 16.11.23 [also reported as B8997]
G-CACJCurtiss JN-4C574 G-CACJCommercial Aviation School /Victoria23.05.22199Crashed Esquimalt Harbour 24.02.23
G-CACKCurtiss JN-4C945 G-CACKAircraft Manufacturers Ltd /Vancouver01.06.21173Canc 30.04.24
G-CACLStandard J-141315 G-CACLA Sharpe /Windermere17.03.23218Canc 01.05.23
G-CACMCurtiss HS-2LA4248 G-CACM wore N-CACMPacific Airways Ltd /Seattle USA11.08.21183Tr USA 1.5.22
G-CACNAvro 5481161G-CACNMcCall-Hanrahan AS /Calgary27.06.21174Crashed on takeoff Ardmore 06.07.21
G-CACOCurtiss JN-4G-CACOVancouver Island Aerial Transport Co Ltd /Victoria12.07.21177Destroyed in forced landing Victoria 19.03.22
G-CACPCurtiss JN-45018G-CACPEricson Aircraft Ltd /Leaside Ont >B & B Air Service /Niagara Falls >JV Elliot /Burlington Jct26.10.21192Destroyed 25.08.25 [c/n also shown as 3018]
G-CACQCurtiss JN-4C426 G-CACQOH Clearwater /Saskatoon31.05.22200Canc 01.08.24 abandoned Melfort
G-CACRCurtiss JN-45061G-CACRWPC MacDonald /Wapella Sask26.06.22203Canc 13.09.23 [c/n also 61]
G-CACSCurtiss HS-2L10064US Navy G-CACSOntario Paper Co Ltd >Dominion Aerial Exploration Co26.06.23230Dbr in lake nr Sept Iles PQ 16.07.26 [c/n also 583]
G-CACTCurtiss HS-2LA2260 G-CACTLaurentide Air Service (fn 2)13.05.23220Dbf Haileybury Ont 22.10.25
G-CACUCurtiss HS-2LA2267 G-CACULaurentide Air Service (fn 1)11.05.23221Canc 16.06.24
G-CACVCurtiss HS-2LA2266 G-CACVLaurentide Air Service (fn 3)26.05.23224Crashed Biscotasing Ont 17.07.23
G-CACWCurtiss HS-2LA2276 G-CACWLaurentide Air Service (fn 4)01.06.23225Canc 16.06.24
G-CACXCurtiss HS-2LA2272 G-CACXLaurentide Air Service08.06.23226Canc 10.08.25
G-CACYCurtiss HS-2LA2275 G-CACYLaurentide Air Service (fn 6)26.06.23228Canc 16.06.24
G-CACZCurtiss HS-2L514US Navy G-CACZLaurentide Air Service04.07.23231Canc 16.06.24
G-CADACurtiss JN-45006G-CADA G-CADNPeloquin & Mondor /Montreal25.06.2043Canc 05.01.21 reregd
G-CADBCurtiss HS-2LA1727 G-CADBBishop-Barker Aeroplanes Ltd /Toronto12.07.2046Destroyed nr Brooklyn Ont 10.09.20
G-CADCCurtiss JN-4C249 G-CADCNorthern Canada Traders Ltd /Ottawa >Bert McConnell /Riverside Ont23.07.2059Canc 01.10.26
G-CADDCurtiss JN-4C434 G-CADDMcCrea & McKay /Sherbrooke PQ13.07.2049Canc 30.04.24
G-CADECurtiss JN-4C120 G-CADER and W Air Service /Montreal >Canadian Aerial Services Ltd /Montreal12.07.2050Damaged Magog PQ 01.07.21 Canc 30.04.24
G-CADFCurtiss JN-4C123 G-CADFPrice Bros & Co Ltd/Chicoutimi >Laurentian Air Services /St.Jovite14.10.2056Canc 30.04.24
G-CADGMartinsyde Type A Mk.I15/2G-CADGPrice Bros & Co Ltd/Chicoutimi21.07.2057Crashed on takeoff Chicoutimi 30.05.21
G-CADHCurtiss JN-45010G-CADHEricson Marine & Aircraft Co Ltd /Toronto >McClelland Aircraft Ltd /Sask >OH Clearwater /Sask02.07.2054Canc 15.08.23
G-CADICurtiss JN-4C437 G-CADIDrummond and Eckardt /Ottawa25.08.2084Dbr Shawville 22.09.20 rebuilt
G-CADICurtiss MF Seagull270-17G-CADI(2)Gray Rocks Inn Ltd /St.Jovite PQ >Fairchild Aerial Surveys Co of Canada Ltd02.07.24257Canc 23.11.26 broken up [c/n also 210-17]
G-CADJCurtiss JN-4G-CADJJM Landry /Quebec01.09.2090Flew into hydro wires Quebec 06.10.21
G-CADKCurtiss JN-45012G-CADKECW Dobbin /Ottawa >RM Wallace /Brantford Ont >H Tegart /Toronto04.09.2089Canc 30.09.28
G-CADLCurtiss MF Seagull736-1G-CADLLaurentide Company Ltd30.09.2091Written off Grand Piles Quebec 04.05.21
G-CADMCurtiss HS-2LA1721 G-CADMBishop-Barker Aero Ltd /Toronto05.10.20129Canc 31.07.24
G-CADNCurtiss JN-45006G-CADA G-CADNCanadian Aerial Services Ltd/Montreal >CE Wilmot /Napannee Ont12.10.2095Canc 08.09.27
G-CADOCurtiss JN-45015G-CADOMrs E Plante /Montreal29.10.20130Dbf 09.07.21
G-CADPJunkers-Larsen JL-6 (F13)561N-CADP G-CADPImperial Oil Co Ltd /Toronto 'Vic' >United Railway Empl's Invest. & Indust. Assn Ltd27.01.21151Wfu 30.07.22 Seized by RCMP 21.09.29 Scrapped .30
G-CADQJunkers-Larsen JL-6 (F13)558N-CADQ G-CADQImperial Oil Co Ltd/Edmonton 'Rene'27.01.21152Dbr Simpson 21.08.21
G-CADRBoeing CL-4S Seaplane60G-CADR wore N-CADR NC1842E Hubbard /Seattle USA26.11.20137Crashed .21 Canc 12.08.22
G-CADSBoeing B-186G-CADS wore N-CADS N-ABNA 4985 NC1974E Hubbard /Seattle USA26.11.20138Crashed en route Victoria-Seattle 29.03.23 Rebuilt as N-ABNA
G-CADTJunkers-Larsen JL-6 (F13)566G-CADT wore N-CADTJM Larsen /New York21.02.21153Canc 11.11.21 returned to US
G-CADUCurtiss HS-2LA2261 G-CADULaurentide Air Service /Montreal27.05.22201Written off 10.8.25
G-CADVLoening M.23 Air YachtN-ABCF G-CADVLaurentide Air Service /Montreal07.08.27212Dbr on takeoff Lac a la Tortue 2.6.32
G-CADWCurtiss JN-45020G-CADWJV Elliot /Hamilton Ont12.09.22214Crashed nr Hudson 26.3.26
G-CADX(G-CADX)CB Coombs-ntu
G-CADYCurtiss HS-2LA2115 G-CADYLaurentide Air Service /Montreal15.06.23229Canc 16.6.24
G-CADZ(G-CADZ)Laurentide Air Service /Montreal-ntu
G-CAEAMartinsyde Type A Mk.2216-1G-CAEAPrice Bros & Co Ltd /Chicoutimi PQ >Dominion Aerial Exploration Co/Toronto12.06.21208Dbr nr Chicoutimi 11.07.23
G-CAEBVickers 69 Viking IV18G-CAEBLaurentide Air Service /Remi Lake >Northern Service Syndicate /Calgary >BF Lundy /Vancouver >Aero Mineral Locators Ltd>FL Clarke/Vancouver05.06.22216Dbf Fraser Arm BC 16.09.32
G-CAECCurtiss JN-23505G-CAECMorin & Co/Montreal00.00.21-Dbr Hampstead Quebec 22.06.21
G-CAEDDayton-Wright FP.21G-CAED wore N-CAEDDayton-Wright Aeroplane Co /Dayton USA12.06.22207Damaged Michipicoten Harbour 28.09.22
G-CAEE(G-CAEE)Ericson Aircraft Ltd /Toronto-ntu
G-CAEFCurtiss Seagull883-3G-CAEFBW Broatch /Baie des Cedres PQ01.08.23235[c/n also reported as 833-3]
G-CAEGCurtiss Experimental538G-CAEGFairchild Aerial Surveys Co of Canada Ltd17.06.25268Destroyed 12.06.29
G-CAEHThomas-Morse S4C Scout54338925 G-CAEHCS Caldwell /Three Rivers PQ >Maj R Dodds/Hamilton21.11.23238Destroyed Beechville 27.07.27 rebuilt as CF-AMM
G-CAEICurtiss JN-4G-CAEIJV Elliot/Hamilton Ont24.08.24261Damaged Hamilton 26.08.27 [rebuilt as G-CAJF?]
G-CAEJCurtiss JN-45021G-CAEJJC Folkins /Woodstock NB31.05.24255Dbf Woodstock 03.12.26
G-CAEKHuff-Daland HD-19 Petrel 53G-CAEKFairchild Aerial Surveys Co of Canada Ltd22.05.24251Canc 18.08.28
G-CAELNorman Thompson NT.2BRNAS G-CAELDominion Aerial Exploration Co /Toronto >JV Elliot /Hamilton >International AW of Canada Ltd13.02.24250Scrapped 9.29 Canc 14.03.30
G-CAEMNorman Thompson NT.2BN2573 G-CAEMDominion Aerial Exploration Co /Toronto >JV Elliot /Hamilton00.06.24-Scrapped 9.29 (probably used as spares)
G-CAENStandard J-1G-CAENLH Adair /Sask19.05.24-Lapsed 30.11.26 Canc 30.03.35
G-CAEOStandard J-12383 G-CAEOHH Fitzsimmons /Lethbridge15.06.24C6Canc 15.06.25
G-CAEPCurtiss JN-4AG-CAEPPacific Airways Ltd/Vancouver07.02.25264Dbr Vancouver 10.05.25
G-CAEQCurtiss JN-4G-CAEQAD Goodwin /Toronto >F Burrows /Toronto >H Tegart /Toronto11.07.24258Canc 23.02.30 (assembled from spares)
G-CAER(G-CAER)JE Palmer /Lethbridge-ntu
G-CAES(G-CAES)WPA Straith /Winnipeg-ntu
G-CAETWestland Limousine IIIWAC8G-EARV (G-CAET)Laurentide Air Service /Montreal00.12.24ntu Scrapped due wood rot .23
G-CAEUAirco DH.9H5652H5652 G-EBDF G-CAEULaurentide Air Service /Montreal13.01.25263Dbr Kekeko Hills 24.01.25 (also said to be ex H5738 G-EDBE)
G-CAEVFokker C.II174G-CAEVBrock & Weymouth /O'Brien PQ01.03.25-Damaged Hamilton 13.05.28 Canc 21.11.28
G-CAEWAeromarine 40-FA5063 G-CAEWJV Elliot /Hamilton Ont13.06.25-Damaged Hamilton 16.07.25
G-CAEXCurtiss JN-45061G-CAEXKR Kerr /Toronto >JV Elliot /Burlington Jct >JV Elliot Air Service30.06.25270Canc 18.01.29 [c/n also 561]
G-CAEYCurtiss HS-2LG-CAEYDominion Aerial Exploration Ltd02.06.25266Canc 28.02.31
G-CAEZ(G-CAEZ)JV Elliot /Hamilton Ont-ntu
G-CAFAAeromarine(G-CAFA)Brock & Weymouth /O'Brien PQntu
G-CAFBCurtiss LarkL79-1-1/5G-CAFBPatricia Airways & Exploration Ltd/Ont30.03.26-Damaged nr Hudson 12.09.27 to Canadian-Vickers as c/n CV.77 but not rebuilt
G-CAFCCanadian-Vickers Vedette(G-CAFC)JM Clarke /Dubois25.05.26-ntu
G-CAFDAeromarine All MetalAMC.1G-CAFDFairchild Aerial Surveys Co of Canada Ltd >Fairchild Aviation Ltd25.05.263A/26Dismantled 28.02.30
G-CAFECurtiss HS-2LG-CAFEPacific Airways Ltd /Vancouver-ntu - allotted G-CAFH
G-CAFFCanadian-Vickers Vedette IICV.31G-CAFFFairchild Aerial Surveys Co of Canada Ltd >Fairchild Aviation Ltd08.05.26279Severely damaged Round Lake Ont 03.08.27
G-CAFGCanadian-Vickers CanessaCV.36(G-CAFG) G-CYZJCanadian Vickers Ltd15.04.26-ntu - to RCAF
G-CAFHCurtiss HS-2LA1274 G-CAFHPacific Airways Ltd /Vancouver >Western Canada Airways Ltd14.06.26281Canc 25.09.28
G-CAFICurtiss HS-2L185A1258 G-CAFICentral Canada AL >Patricia Airways Ltd >Canadian Airways Ltd >Canadian Vickers Ltd >International Airways of Canada Ltd>JA Sanscartier/Montreal27.09.26291Tfr Bermuda 20.10.30 [c/n shown in ICAN as CV.152: this was Vedette]
G-CAFJCurtiss JN-4(G-CAFJ)F Burrows /Toronto20.05.26-ntu
G-CAFKBoeing C32BuA672 G-CAFKConsolidated Whaling Corp Ltd /Haden Harbour BC01.06.26B2Accident 25.05.26 Canc 02.07.29 [shown in ICAN as Boeing B.1]
G-CAFLCanadian-Vickers Vedette(G-CAFL)JM Clarke /Dubois25.05.26-ntu
G-CAFMThomas-Morse S4C ScoutG-CAFMLs R Lavigne /Montreal08.07.26285Fate unknown
G-CAFNSchreck FBA 17 HTM223G-CAFNCie Aerienne Franco-Canadienne /Gaspe PQ01.07.26288Canc 02.07.27
G-CAFOSchreck FBA 17 HE240G-CAFOCie Aerienne Franco-Canadienne /Gaspe PQ01.07.26287Canc 26.06.33
G-CAFPCurtiss HS-2LG-CAFPCanadian Airways Ltd /Three Rivers PQ06.07.26282Dbr Stacker Lane Quebec 11.10.27
G-CAFQCurtiss HS-2L212G-CAFQCanadian Airways Ltd /Three Rivers PQ06.07.26283Dbr in gale Kogaska 04.06.27
G-CAFRCurtiss JN-45062G-CAFRJV Elliot /Burlington Jct14.07.26286Crashed London Ontario 06.08.26
G-CAFSCurtiss JN-45063G-CAFSJV Elliot /Burlington Jct >JV Elliot Air Service14.08.26289Crashed into tree St Thomas 22.05.28
G-CAFTStandard J-1400G-CAFTH Watt /Toronto >C Evans /Toronto15.09.26400Canc 20.09.28
G-CAFUFokker Universal404G-CAFUCentral Canada AL >JA Richardson /Kenora Ont >Western Canada Airways Ltd >Canadian Airways Ltd >US Wagner /Winnipeg >Northern AT >Arrow AW >JJ O'Connor & GM Bell /Calgary >United AT/Edmonton06.10.26343Crashed Fort St John 17.12.39
G-CAFVCurtiss JN-45064G-CAFVJV Elliot /Hamilton >JV Elliot Air Service >International Airways of Canada Ltd31.12.26293Canc 14.03.30
G-CAFWStinson SB-1 Detroiter70G-CAFWPatricia Airways & Exploration Ltd/Sioux Lookout 'Miss Toronto' >Patricia AW Ltd >International AW Ltd11.12.26292Canc 28.02.30 scrapped
G-CAFXCurtiss JN-45065G-CAFXJV Elliot /Hamilton Ont29.05.27313Damaged 22.09.27 Canc 29.10.28 scrapped
G-CAFYCurtiss JN-45066G-CAFYJV Elliot /Hamilton >International Airways of Canada Ltd21.05.27314Dbf in workshop fire Hamilton 18.08.29
G-CAGACanadian-Vickers Vedette IICV.53G-CAGA G-CYGA CF-SAECanadian Vickers Ltd /Montreal17.05.27296Sold RCAF 02.08.27
G-CAGBCanadian-Vickers Vedette IICV.54G-CAGBCanadian Vickers Ltd /Montreal26.05.27297Dbr Lac La Peche 09.06.27
G-CAGCFairchild FC-24G-CAGCFairchild Aerial Surveys Co of Canada Ltd >Fairchild Aviation Ltd14.07.27306Dbr Senneterre 12.08.30
G-CAGDFokker Universal406G-CAGDWestern Canada Airways Ltd >Canadian AW (Western Lines) Ltd >HR & Mrs C McConachie >Independant Airways Ltd22.02.27319Crashed Edmonton 30.11.32
G-CAGEFokker Universal407G-CAGEWestern Canada Airways Ltd23.03.27320Crashed while landing The Pas Manitoba 05.01.28
G-CAGFStinson SB-1 Detroiter103C3707 G-CAGF C3707 G-CANIPatricia Airways & Exploration Ltd26.03.27294To US as C3707 16.06.27 returned as G-CANI [But Canc as destroyed 25.4.28]
G-CAGTCurtiss HS-2LG-CAGTCanadian Airways Ltd /Roberval PQ31.05.28413Canc 14.03.30 (Reported as ex G-CYGU: see G-CARL)
G-CAHEFokker Universal408G-CAHEDept of Marine & Fisheries /Hudson Straits (fn 1) 'Alberta' >R & P McCowan & R Ripley /Sydney >WH Rice /Sydney >Explorers AT >B Phillips /Edmonton >United AT >GCF Dalziel & F Corser /Edmonton >Peace River AW08.07.27299Canc post .40
G-CAHFFokker Universal409G-CAHFDept of Marine & Fisheries /Hudson Straits (fn 2) 'Saskatchewan'08.07.27300Canc 30.05.35
G-CAHGFokker Universal410G-CAHGDept of Marine & Fisheries /Hudson Straits (fn 3) 'Manitoba'08.07.27301Abandoned on ice off Labrador 17.02.28
G-CAHHFokker Universal411G-CAHHDept of Marine & Fisheries /Hudson Straits (fn 6) 'British Columbia'08.07.27302Damaged Eric Cove 29.08.28
G-CAHIFokker Universal412G-CAHIDept of Marine & Fisheries /Hudson Straits 'Alberta'08.07.27303Canc .30
G-CAHJFokker Universal414G-CAHJDept of Marine & Fisheries /Hudson Straits 'Quebec' >Explorers AT >B Phillips/Edmonton >United AT >Peace River AW08.07.27304Canc 06.01.39 dismantled
G-CAHKDH.60X Moth377G-CAHKDept of Marine & Fisheries /Hudson Straits 'Spirit of the Valley of the Moon'08.07.27305Seaplane. Capsized at moorings Wakeham Bay 26.08.27
G-CAHLFairchild FC-25G-CAHL VP-JACFairchild Aviation Ltd>Caribbean Airways Ltd/Kingston Jamaica03.08.27307Sold Jamaica .30
G-CAHM(G-CAHM)EL Janney (Canadian Traders Ltd) for Martin Commercial Aircraft-ntu
G-CAHN(G-CAHN)EL Janney (Canadian Traders Ltd) for Martin Commercial Aircraft-ntu
G-CAHOCurtiss JN-4C(G-CAHO)Canadian Air Service Co /Ont-ntu
G-CAHPCurtiss JN-4DG-CAHPCanadian Air Service Co /Ont09.06.27298Wfu .28
G-CAHQCurtiss HS-2LG-CAHQCanadian Airways Ltd /Three Rivers PQ18.05.27295Canc 14.03.30
G-CAHRRyan B-1 Brougham321577 NC3113 G-CAHRYukon Airways & Exploration Ltd 'Queen of the Yukon'22.03.28351Crashed into tree Whitehorse Yukon 05.05.28 [c/n 33 in ICAN]
G-CAHSDH.60X Moth409G-CAHSDominion Airways Ltd22.08.27315Seaplane. Crashed English Bay 19.03.28
G-CAHTStandard J-1G-CAHTFH Wilding /Fairbank Ont >AM Adams & V O'Neill /Toronto >V O'Neill /Toronto13.08.27321Dbr Long Branch Ont 10.08.30
G-CAHUStandard J-1G-CAHULethbridge Commercial Airways Ltd >Anderson Bros /Calgary >CE Hewitt & FE Thompson & HA Vance/Calgary13.06.28316Crashed nr Nanton 22.10.32
G-CAHVWaco 9A.786G-CAHVLondon Air Transport Ltd >Gillies Air Service Ltd >JM Dobson /London Ont10.08.27312Crashed London Ontario 05.11.27 repaired fate unknown
G-CAHW(G-CAHW)V Morrison /London Ont-ntu
G-CAHXLincoln Sport(G-CAHX)FE Johnson /Kindersley Sask-ntu
G-CAHYStandard J-1G-CAHYCanadian Air Services Co /Peterborough Ont27.08.27322Canc 22.6.28
G-CAHZStandard J-1G-CAHZCanadian Air Services Co /Peterborough Ont03.09.27317Crashed Peterborough .27 [record card shows G-CAIA]
G-CAIAStandard J-1(G-CAIA)Canadian Air Services Co /Peterborough Ont-ntu
G-CAIBStandard J-1(G-CAIB)Canadian Air Services Co /Peterborough Ont-ntu
G-CAICStandard J-1(G-CAIC)Canadian Air Services Co /Peterborough Ont-ntu
G-CAIDFairchild FC-216G-CAIDWestern Canada Airways Ltd24.09.27324Dbr Regina 23.09.30
G-CAIEFairchild FC-217G-CAIEWestern Canada Airways Ltd03.10.27325Force landed nr Sioux Lookout Ont 24.12.27
G-CAIFHess Blue Bird(G-CAIF)London Air Transport Ltd-ntu
G-CAIGDH.60X Moth434G-CAIGWestern Canada Airways Ltd14.12.27331Seaplane. Crashed Winnipeg 16.06.28
G-CAIHFairchild FC-2 >51A18G-CAIH CF-AUXFairchild Aviation Ltd>Northern Air Express >Interprovincial Airways Ltd/Montreal >Canadian AW Ltd >WH Cross /Victoria >Airway Carriers Ltd /Vancouver >Pacific AW26.10.27333Rereg 18.01.34 [also quotes c/n 769]
G-CAIIWaco 951G-CAIILondon Air Transport Ltd >Leavens Bros Air Service >B Allen /Peterborough >JC Bell /Sudbury >FB Ricard /Sudbury08.09.27323Canc 18.04.38
G-CAIJCurtiss JN-45067G-CAIJJV Elliot Air Service /Hamilton Ont09.10.27326Crashed Montreal 13.06.28
G-CAIK(G-CAIK)Gen Sutton-ntu
G-CAILDH.60 Cirrus Moth273NC1026 G-CAILJH Holley /Winnipeg >Western Canada AW Ltd >Commercial AW Ltd /Regina11.10.27328Dbf nr Lac la Rouge 06.03.29
G-CAIOLaird SwallowG-CAIOMF Burrows /Leamington Ont-Dbf in repair shop Hamilton 18.08.29
G-CAIPFairchild FC-2W148G-CAIPCanadian Transcontinental AW Ltd21.11.27332Dbf St Felicien 05.04.29
G-CAIQFairchild FC-2W349G-CAIQCanadian Transcontinental AW Ltd09.01.28336Dbr Chibougamau 09.01.29 [c/n 28 per DoT/ICAN which became NC4770]
G-CAIRDriggs Dart 27G-CAIRBritish Colombia Airways Ltd 'Miss Nan'13.12.27329Dbr Victoria 10.28
G-CAISAlexander Eaglerock Combo-Wing354G-CAISBritish Colombia Airways Ltd 'The Silver Eagle'>Aero Club of BC13.12.27330Collided with Moth G-CAKH Lulu Is BC 09.03.30 Canc 03.05.31
G-CAITSwallow Land Plane805G-CAITJV Elliot /Hamilton >International Airways of Canada Ltd15.02.28338Wfu 02.07.29 Canc 27.12.30
G-CAIUFairchild FC-2107G-CAIUProspectors Airways Ltd/Haileybury Ont 'The Prospector' >GB Explorers Ltd /Toronto >WJ Michaud /Senneterre18.05.28368Dbf Senneterre 12.12.37 rebuilt with wings from G-CANB Canc 01.06.41
G-CAIVFokker Universal425G-CAIVWestern Canada Airways Ltd >Canadian Airways Ltd23.01.28346Damaged on takeoff Peace River 15.12.31
G-CAIWFairchild FC-2W2112G-CAIWCanadian Transcontinental AW Ltd >Canadian Airways Ltd06.06.28423Canc 23.11.37 pts to CF-BKP
G-CAIXFokker Universal427G-CAIXWestern Canada Airways Ltd >Canadian Airways Ltd10.02.28347Dbr in forced landing Elk Lake 12.03.31
G-CAIYFokker Universal428G-CAIYWestern Canada Airways Ltd23.02.28341Dbf Reindeer Lake 06.03.28
G-CAIZFokker Universal429G-CAIZWestern Canada Airways Ltd >Canadian Airways Ltd >Arrow Airways Ltd22.02.28342Canc 11.12.40
G-CAJACurtiss JN-4G-CAJAJV Elliot /Hamilton >International Airways of Canada Ltd >RF Elliott /Belleville15.02.28339Canc 25.12.33
G-CAJBWaco 101279G-CAJBLondon Air Transport Ltd >TG Fitton /Ont01.02.28337Dbr Presqu'lle Quebec 05.08.30
G-CAJCStinson SB-1 Detroiter104NC3708 G-CAJCPatricia Airways Ltd >A Latcham /Toronto02.02.28340Canc 12.05.31
G-CAJDFokker Universal430G-CAJDWestern Canada Airways Ltd >Canadian Airways Ltd11.04.28353Dbr Charron Lake 10.12.31
G-CAJEWaco 1251275C4202 G-CAJEWHE Drury /St.Catherines Ont >TA Terry /London >A Latcham /Toronto14.03.28345Canc 08.04.33
G-CAJFCurtiss JN-4G-CAJFAD Leavens /Belleville Ont >CD Beattie /Campbellford Ont12.03.28344Dbf Campellford 14.01.51
G-CAJGStandard J-1(G-CAJG)Canadian Air Services Co /Peterborough Ont-ntu
G-CAJHFokker Universal403C3013 G-CAJHWestern Canada Airways Ltd22.05.28373Destroyed in storm Gold Pines 14.08.28
G-CAJIDornier Do J Wal77G-CAJICapt FT Courtney /England23.04.28-Damaged in force landing in Atlantic during transatlantic flight due fire 01.08.28 salvaged but NWR
G-CAJJFairchild FC-260NC4081 G-CAJJGeneral Airways Ltd /Rouyn02.04.28349Dbf Amos Quebec 05.02.35
G-CAJKRyan M-222NC2769 G-CAJKEastern Canada Airways Ltd >Century Motor Sales/Toronto >H Watt /Toronto26.03.28348Force landed on ice floe St Lawrence River 29.02.32
G-CAJLCurtiss JN-4C2850G-CAJLP Thibaudeau & E Glassford/Montreal >Montreal Flying Club >OR Ralph/Montreal22.05.28374Dbr nr Montreal 9.31 [type and c/n suspect]
G-CAJM(G-CAJM)Eastern Canada Airways Ltd-ntu
G-CAJNSchreck FBA 17 HT475G-CAJNCompagnie Aerienne Franco-Canadienne19.06.28415Canc 23.05.31
G-CAJOSchreck FBA 17 HT41207.80G-CAJOCompagnie Aerienne Franco-Canadienne24.07.28457Canc 09.05.31
G-CAJPSchreck FBA 17 HMT249F-AIFJ G-CAJPCompagnie Aerienne Franco-Canadienne19.06.28416Canc 16.05.31
G-CAJQSchreck FBA 17 HT476G-CAJQCompagnie Aerienne Franco-Canadienne19.06.28417Canc 31.05.32
G-CAJRSchreck FBA 17 HT477G-CAJRCompagnie Aerienne Franco-Canadienne19.06.28418Canc 05.06.31
G-CAJSSchreck FBA 17 HT22F-AGAS G-CAJSCompagnie Aerienne Franco-Canadienne30.06.28434Canc 16.05.31
G-CAJTDH.61 Giant Moth328G-CAJTCanadian Vickers Ltd loan Western Canada Airways Ltd08.08.28471Burnt out nr High River Alberta 23.10.28
G-CAJUDH.60X Moth560G-CAJUAeronautic Assn of Canada (Toronto Flying Club) 'The Sir Charles Wakefield'13.06.28352Canc 05.01.42
G-CAJVDH.60X Moth554G-CAJVDe Havilland Aircraft >Aircraft Ltd /Toronto >Skyways Ltd >TF Carr /St Thomas Ont13.06.28406Crashed North Wallace 07.08.32
G-CAJWDH.60X Moth535G-CAJW CF-OAALB Sheppard /Toronto27.04.28355Crashed on takeoff Sturgeon River Ont 01.10.28 rebuilt as CF-OAA
G-CAJX(G-CAJX)De Havilland Aircraft-ntu
G-CAJYDH.60X Moth619G-CAJYJohn Bailes & Sons Ltd >WA Coulson /Winnipeg >Northwest Aero Marine Ltd >H Wensley/Trail BC >CD Street /Berens River >H Nault /Norwood04.07.28438Destroyed 30.09.38
G-CAJZDH.60X Moth620G-CAJZJohn Bailes & Sons Ltd >ES Hough /Winnipeg >RA Joberty & DB Lindsay >DB Lindsay & CT Kaake >DE Orchard /Winnipeg >C Scarr >GO Mackie jnr/Winnnipeg04.07.28439Crashed Lake Winnipeg 17.08.34
G-CAKADH.60X Moth448G-CAKADept of National Defence -loan Victoria AC04.07.28435Crashed Victoria 10.03.29
G-CAKBDH.60X Moth449G-CAKBDept of National Defence -loan Winnipeg FC25.05.28549Crashed Sanford 24.09.33
G-CAKCDH.60X Moth454G-CAKCDept of National Defence -loan Hamilton FC14.06.28409Dbr in forced landing nr Alberton 21.12.35
G-CAKDDH.60X Moth455G-CAKDDept of National Defence -loan Montreal Light AC >Montreal Light AC >R Parsons /Fort William >IB Croll /Winnipeg12.05.28550Canc 06.02.41
G-CAKEDH.60X Moth458G-CAKEDept of National Defence -loan Granby AC >Kingston FC09.07.28443Crashed nr Brockville 14.08.38
G-CAKFDH.60X Moth459G-CAKFDept of National Defence -loan Border Cities AC09.07.28444Crashed USA 28.04.32
G-CAKGDH.60X Moth462G-CAKGDept of National Defence -loan Saskatoon AC14.06.28410Crashed after wing struts broke nr Saskatoon 08.10.29
G-CAKHDH.60X Moth463G-CAKHDept of National Defence -loan Vancouver AC12.06.28403Crashed High River Alberta 15.06.28 exchanged with c/n 530
G-CAKHDH.60X Moth530G-CAKH(2) G-CYXI CF-AFADept of National Defence -loan Vancouver AC00.07.28403To RCAF 7.28 Destroyed hangar fire Fredericton 2.47 [or scrapped 25.04.31?]
G-CAKIDH.60X Moth472G-CAKIDept of National Defence -loan Moose Jaw AC30.05.28384Destroyed in hangar fire Moose Jaw 07.10.28
G-CAKJDH.60X Moth473G-CAKJDept of National Defence -loan Edmonton AC02.06.28404Crashed Edmonton 20.08.35
G-CAKKDH.60X Moth562G-CAKKDept of National Defence -loan Montreal Light AC25.05.28379Crashed Oshawa 31.08.29
G-CAKLDH.60X Moth563G-CAKLDept of National Defence -loan Hamilton FC25.05.28380Crashed Jordan Station 26.12.28
G-CAKMDH.60X Moth564G-CAKMDept of National Defence -loan Ottawa FC01.06.28385Dbr 24.10.28
G-CAKNDH.60X Moth565G-CAKNDept of National Defence -loan Granby AC25.05.28381Crashed Granby 29.08.28
G-CAKODH.60X Moth567G-CAKODept of National Defence -loan Saskatoon AC25.05.28375Dbr heavy landing Saskatoon 22.04.36 Wfu 23.12.36
G-CAKPDH.60X Moth568G-CAKPDept of National Defence -loan Regina FC25.05.28376Dbr heavy landing Regina 11.02.36
G-CAKQDH.60X Moth569G-CAKQDept of National Defence -loan Calgary AC25.05.28377Tfr Calgary Inst Tech 29.05.33
G-CAKRDH.60X Moth570G-CAKRDept of National Defence -loan Toronto FC25.05.28378Crashed on takeoff Toronto 14.01.34
G-CAKSDH.60X Moth571G-CAKSDept of National Defence -loan Toronto FC01.06.28386Crashed Toronto 01.09.32
G-CAKTDH.60X Moth572G-CAKTDept of National Defence -loan Regina FC01.06.28387Crashed landing Regina 04.09.33
G-CAKUDH.60X Moth573G-CAKUDept of National Defence -loan Winnipeg AC12.06.28395Crashed Winnipeg 22.08.29
G-CAKVDH.60X Moth574G-CAKVDept of National Defence -loan Moose Jaw AC12.06.28396Destroyed 22.03.37
G-CAKWDH.60X Moth575G-CAKWDept of National Defence -loan Vancouver AC 'Manana'12.06.28397Crashed Vancouver 22.07.29
G-CAKXDH.60X Moth582G-CAKXDept of National Defence -loan Halifax AC14.06.28411Overturned landing Halifax 10.08.29
G-CAKYDH.60X Moth577G-CAKYDept of National Defence -loan London FC12.06.28398Dbr forced landing nr Clinton 16.12.31
G-CAKZDH.60X Moth578G-CAKZDept of National Defence -loan Ottawa FC12.06.28399Destroyed in hangar fire Ottawa 29.11.28
G-CALADH.60X Moth579G-CALADept of National Defence -loan Calgary AC12.06.28392Broke up during loop over Calgary 19.05.29
G-CALBDH.60X Moth580G-CALBDept of National Defence -loan Edmonton AC12.06.28393Crashed Edmonton 25.03.29
G-CALCDH.60X Moth581G-CALCDept of National Defence -loan London FC12.06.28394Overturned landing London 20.04.30
G-CALDDH.60X Moth576G-CALDDept of National Defence -loan Halifax AC12.06.28412Crashed Green Bank 04.07.29
G-CALEDH.60G Gipsy Moth843G-CALEDept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Aviation >De Havilland Aircraft >Windsor Chatham London Coach Lines Ltd/East Windsor Ont >C Cooper >Halifax AC12.06.28569Collided with CF-CEH over Halifax Harbour 19.01.38
G-CANADH.60X Moth595G-CANAFL Trethewey /Mount Dennis Ont >Aircraft Ltd /Mt Dennis >Toronto Airport Ltd >Century Airways Ltd/Downsview14.06.28408Crashed Toronto 06.04.32
G-CANBFairchild FC-262NC4082 G-CANBCanadian Airways Ltd >Latcham AW Ltd >Air-Tec FS Ltd >Nipigeon AW >WJ Davis05.05.28356Rebuilt in 1934 with fuselage from G-CAVS. Damaged Fish Lake 20.12.37 wings used on G-CAIU
G-CANCFairchild FC-226NC3616 G-CANCCanadian Airways Ltd05.05.28357Dbr St Sylvere 29.04.30
G-CANDCanadian-Vickers Vedette ICV.74G-CANDCanadian Airways Ltd >International AW Ltd >A Nihon /Montreal >Ontario Provincial AS12.06.28401Rebuilt with wings from G-CANE and again .41 with wings from CF-OAB Canc 11.05.44
G-CANECanadian-Vickers Vedette ICV.75G-CANEInternational AW Ltd >A Nihon/Montreal12.06.28402Scrapped .32 wings used on G-CAND Canc 23.08.33
G-CANFFairchild FC-298G-CANFFairchild Aviation Ltd >Interprovincial AW Ltd >Canadian Airways Ltd18.03.28367Wfu 17.11.33
G-CANGSwallow Land Plane916G-CANGElliot Air Service Ltd /Hamilton Ont18.05.28369Crashed Toronto 24.06.28
G-CANHSwallow Land Plane917G-CANHJV Elliot /Hamilton >International Airways Ltd >JV Elliot >J Kingsborough18.05.28370Canc 28.02.31
G-CANIStinson SB-1 Detroiter103C3707 G-CAGF C3707 G-CANIPurple Label Airline Ltd /Calgary >Canadian Airways Ltd >Chinook Flying Service Ltd05.05.28358Dbr Cochrane 19.07.34
G-CANJStandard J-13416 G-CANJRB Lloyd /Oshawa Ont21.05.28382Destroyed in storm 28.11.29
G-CANKFairchild FC-2(G-CANK)Fairchild Aviation Ltd-ntu
G-CANLAvro 594 Avian IIIR3/CN/127G-CANLWestern Canada Airways Ltd >Winnipeg Flying Club Ltd27.06.28425Crashed Winnipeg 16.02.30
G-CANMAvro 594 Avian IIIR3/CN/128G-CANMWestern Canada Airways Ltd >Winnipeg Flying Club Ltd >EA More /Winnipeg27.06.28426Stored 11.36 NFT
G-CANNAvro 594 Avian IIIR3/CN/129G-CANNWestern Canada Airways Ltd >Canadian Airways Ltd27.06.28427Dbf in hangar fire Winnipeg 04.03.31
G-CANOAvro 594 Avian IIIR3/CN/130G-CANOWestern Canada Airways Ltd >JH Holley /Winnipeg >JR Morgan /Winnipeg >WF Scott /Winnipeg >RF Stephenson & M Brown /Winnipeg27.06.28428Dbf Yorkton 20.08.31
G-CANPAvro 594 Avian IIIR3/CN/131G-CANPWestern Canada Airways Ltd >Northern Aerial Minerals & Exploration Ltd20.07.28454Capsized landing Sinclair Lake 02.06.30
G-CANQAvro 594 Avian IIIR3/CN/132G-CANQWestern Canada Airways Ltd >J Hone >JG Hames /Flin Flon Man. >GF Gilbert /Melville 'Miss Donna' >GH Thompson /Lethbridge20.07.28455Groundlooped on takeoff Holden Alberta 21.09.38 wreck to RCAF
G-CANRStandard J-11965C684 G-CANRC Evans /Dufferin Ont12.05.28383Canc 02.07.30
G-CANSDH.60X Moth555G-CANSDominion Airways Ltd >Yarrow Aircraft Corp02.06.28389Crashed Vancouver 28.06.29
G-CANTStandard J-1116G-CANTJC Folkins /Woodstock Ont16.08.28480Canc 10.05.29
G-CANUSwallow Land Plane929G-CANUJV Elliot /Hamilton >International Airways of Canada Ltd >A Darling >H Crabtree & S Mohr & J Nash & L Bisson/Hull PQ18.05.28371Crashed on takeoff Metcalfe 17.09.32
G-CANVSwallow Land Plane930G-CANVJV Elliot /Hamilton >International Airways of Canada Ltd18.05.28372Crashed Rockland 28.02.29
G-CANYCurtiss JN-4G-CANYInternational Airways of Canada Ltd06.08.28504Canc 14.03.30
G-CANZCanadian-Vickers HS-3LCV.108A1152 G-CANZCanadian Airways Ltd /Sioux Lookout12.06.28391Canc 28.02.30
G-CAOACurtiss HS-2L487US Navy G-CAOAForestry Branch-Dept of Lands & Forests /Toronto 'Albatross'16.05.24248Wfu .32 Canc 15.05.33
G-CAOBCurtiss HS-2LUS Navy G-CAOBForestry Branch-Dept of Lands & Forests /Toronto 'Buzzard'25.05.24253Forcelanded and sank Lake Superior 08.10.26
G-CAOCCurtiss HS-2LA2027 G-CAOCForestry Branch-Dept of Lands & Forests /Toronto22.05.24252Dbr Savanne Lake 16.08.24
G-CAODCurtiss HS-2L589US Navy G-CAODForestry Branch-Dept of Lands & Forests /Toronto 'Dove'29.05.24254Crashed in fog nr Michipicoten 12.6.25
G-CAOECurtiss HS-2LA2014 G-CAOEForestry Branch-Dept of Lands & Forests /Sudbury 'Eagle'29.04.24242Crashed Snake Lake Ont 02.08.26
G-CAOFCurtiss HS-2L490US Navy G-CAOFForestry Branch-Dept of Lands & Forests /Toronto 'Falcon'23.04.24241Dbf Goose Is 27.06.29 (possibly ex A1241)
G-CAOGCurtiss HS-2L522US Navy G-CAOGForestry Branch-Dept of Lands & Forests /Toronto 'Gull'15.04.24239Canc 12.29 [CoR 239 also given for G-CACH]
G-CAOHCurtiss HS-2L479US Navy G-CAOHForestry Branch-Dept of Lands & Forests /Toronto15.04.24240Crashed Toronto 27.04.24 rebuilt with new fuselage
G-CAOHCurtiss HS-2LA2109 G-CAOH(2)Forestry Branch-Dept of Lands & Forests /Toronto 'Heron'31.07.24259Rebuild of G-CAOH with new fuselage Crashed Sault Ste Marie 19.10.27
G-CAOICurtiss HS-2LA2015 G-CAOIForestry Branch-Dept of Lands & Forests /Toronto 'Ibis'02.05.24244Wfu 12.29 Canc 30.04.32
G-CAOJCurtiss HS-2LUS Navy G-CAOJForestry Branch-Dept of Lands & Forests /Toronto 'Jackdaw'09.05.24245Dbr Fort Frances 8.31 Canc 30.04.32
G-CAOKCurtiss HS-2L523US Navy G-CAOKForestry Branch-Dept of Lands & Forests /Toronto 'Kestrel'16.05.24247Wfu 12.32 Canc 15.05.33
G-CAOLCurtiss HS-2LA2070 G-CAOLForestry Branch-Dept of Lands & Forests /Toronto 'Loon'09.05.24246Wfu 9.27 Canc 31.03.28
G-CAOMCurtiss HS-2L571US Navy G-CAOMForestry Branch-Dept of Lands & Forests /Sudbury 'Mallard'29.04.28243Dbr Shebandowan Lake 14.08.27
G-CAONCurtiss HS-2LA1367 G-CAONProvincial Air Service of Lands & Forests/Ont 'Nightingale'06.09.24260Wfu 12.29 Canc 30.04.32
G-CAOOLoening 23L Air Yacht3G-CAOOProvincial Air Service of Lands & Forests/Ont 'Owl'06.11.2473ADbr Ramsay Lake Ont 21.07.26
G-CAOPCurtiss HS-2LA1143 G-CAOPProvincial Air Service of Lands & Forests/Sioux Lookout 'Pigeon'30.01.26275Destroyed landing Fort Frances 10.30
G-CAOQCurtiss HS-2L9514US Navy G-CAOQProvincial Air Service of Lands & Forests/Sioux Lookout 'Quail'30.01.26276Wfu .32 Canc 15.05.33
G-CAORCurtiss HS-2LA1949 G-CAORProvincial Air Service of Lands & Forests/Orient Bay 'Raven'30.01.26277Dbr Fort Frances 7.30 Canc 30.04.32
G-CAOSCurtiss HS-2LA1250 G-CAOSProvincial Air Service of Lands & Forests/Remi 'Snipe'30.01.26278Dbr Long Lac Ont 7.27 Canc 31.03.28
G-CAOTLoening 23L Air Yacht3G-CAOTProvincial Air Service of Lands & Forests/Sault Ste-Marie' Thrush'30.01.261A/26Dbr Ramsay Lake Ont 7.27 Canc 12.09.27
G-CAOUDH.60X Moth > DH.60M400 >763G-CAOUProvincial Air Service of Lands & Forests/Sault Ste-Marie >D Barnes /Hamilton20.07.27308Seaplane. Destroyed. Rebuilt as DH60M c/n 763 Dbr Wolfe Is 24.09.48 cv to snowmobile
G-CAOVDH.60X Moth401G-CAOVProvincial Air Service of Lands & Forests/Sault Ste-Marie 'Vulture'20.07.27309Dbr Pine Ridge 7.28 Canc 30.04.32
G-CAOWDH.60X Moth402G-CAOWProvincial Air Service of Lands & Forests/Sault Ste-Marie 'Wren'20.07.27310Damaged Sioux Lookout 25.02.29 Wfu 23.04.49
G-CAOXDH.60X Moth403G-CAOXProvincial Air Service of Lands & Forests/Sault Ste-Marie 'Xebec'20.07.27311Crashed nr Nakina 12.08.36
G-CAOYDH.60X Moth504G-CAOYProvincial Air Service of Lands & Forests/Sault Ste-Marie 'Yellowbird'11.05.28359Crashed nr Gogama 07.08.41
G-CAOZDH.60X Moth505G-CAOZProvincial Air Service of Lands & Forests/Sault Ste-Marie 'Zeno'11.05.28360Crashed Kwagama Lake 23.06.47
G-CAPADH.60X Moth506G-CAPA N1510VProvincial Air Service of Lands & Forests/Sault Ste-Marie 'Auk' >Halls Air Service Ltd /Val d'Or11.05.28361Sold USA 21.10.55 preserved
G-CAPBDH.60X Moth507G-CAPBProvincial Air Service of Lands & Forests/Sault Ste-Marie 'Bobolink' >Halls Air Service Ltd11.05.28362Crashed on takeoff Val d'Or 19.09.48
G-CAPCDH.60X Moth > DH.60M508G-CAPC CF-OAUProvincial Air Service of Lands & Forests/Sault Ste-Marie 'Crow'11.05.28363Wfu 14.04.37 cv DH.60M c/n DHC130 Wfu 4.37 rebuilt as CF-OAU
G-CAPD(G-CAPD)Provincial Air Service of Lands & Forests-ntu
G-CAPECurtiss HS-2LA1300 G-CAPEProvincial Air Service of Lands & Forests/Sault Ste-Marie 'Eagle'11.05.28364Hit wires on approach Pays Flat Ont 04.05.31
G-CAPFCurtiss HS-2LA1342 G-CAPFProvincial Air Service of Lands & Forests/Sault Ste-Marie 'Finch'04.05.29365Damaged 8.32 Canc 15.05.33
G-CAPGDH.61 Giant Moth329G-CAPGProvincial Air Service of Lands & Forests/Sault Ste-Marie 'Goose'18.08.28484Wfu 14.02.41 rtp
G-CAPHDH.60G Gipsy Moth909G-CAPHProvincial Air Service of Lands & Forests/Sault Ste-Marie 'Hawk'18.10.28522Crashed Abitibi Lake 6.29 Canc 30.04.32
G-CAQAAvro 594 Avian IIIR3/CN/115(G-CAQA) G-CAUHR Foley /Hamilton Ont-Damaged 28.05.28 rebuilt as G-CAUH
G-CAQAAvro 594 Avian IIIR3/CN/149G-CAQA(2)R Foley /Hamilton Ont16.07.28447Dbf in hangar fire Sarina 9.30
G-CARAFairchild FC-293G-CARANorthern Aerial Minerals Exploration Ltd >JH McDonald /Sault Ste Marie >HM Pasmore /Longueuil >M&C Aviation Co Ltd /Sask16.05.28366Crashed Lac La Ronge 19.06.37
G-CARBAlexander Eaglerock Long-Wing266NC1458 G-CARB CF-AARCanadian Air Transport Co11.06.28390Accident Smiths Falls 23.07.28 Rebuilt .28 as CF-AAR
G-CARCFord 4-AT-A Trimotor4-AT-10NC1077 G-CARC N6077CSky View Lines Ltd/Niagara Falls >United AT /Edmonton >Northern AW Ltd24.05.28653Damaged Telegraph Creek BC 21.11.36 Stored. Sold USA 24.10.56
G-CARDDH.61 Giant Moth(G-CARD)London Air Transport-ntu
G-CAREFairchild FC-297NC5576 G-CARE CF-MAHNorthern Aerial Minerals Exploration Ltd >LF Stewardson /Fort William14.06.28407Rereg 02.04.35
G-CARFCurtiss MF Seagull(G-CARF)Canadian Airways Ltd-ntu
G-CARGReilly MonoplaneG-CARGJJ Reilly /Walkerville Ont25.05.28-Written off on test flight .28
G-CARHFairchild FC-2110NC5740 G-CARHJohn Bailes & Sons Ltd >Dominion Explorers Ltd>Spence-McDonough Air Transport Ltd/Toronto20.06.28419Crashed nr Bear Lake 16.07.32 (or 31.07.32?)
G-CARIFairchild FC-2120G-CARIJohn Bailes & Sons Ltd >Dominion Explorers Ltd20.06.28420Damaged Hudsons Bay 5.29
G-CARJFairchild FC-2W2130G-CARJNorthern Aerial Minerals Exploration Ltd30.07.28466Dbr 09.08.29
G-CARKFokker Super Universal802G-CARKNorthern Aerial Minerals Exploration Ltd19.07.28451Canc 16.03.31
G-CARLCurtiss HS-2LA1288 G-CYGU G-CARLCanadian Airways Ltd /Roberval PQ31.05.28414Canc 29.10.29 used as spares (see also G-CAGT)
G-CARMFairchild FC-2W2132NC7033 G-CARMWL Phelps /Whitehorse YT >Northern AW Ltd >United Air Transport Ltd /Hudson Ont >Yukon Southern AT Ltd11.10.28517Dbf after hitting buoy Juneau Alaska 16.06.39
G-CARNLoening Amphibian206G-CARNJV Elliot Air Service Ltd /Hamilton25.06.28424Crashed nr Beaumaris 09.08.28
G-CAROCanadian-Vickers HS-3LCV.110A1143 G-CAROCanadian Airways Ltd20.07.28453Destroyed in storm Roberval 01.06.29
G-CARPAmerican Eagle A-1185G-CARPR Paget /Sask >DL Featherston >EE & HH & BW & RW Fellows /Roverhurst Sask.12.06.28405Wfu 02.09.36
G-CARQLoening Amphibian202G-CARQCanadian Transcontinental AW Ltd05.07.28440Dbf Rimouski 05.06.30
G-CARRStearman C-3B134G-CARRCanadian Transcontinental AW Ltd >Canadian Airways Ltd >JJ anderson & LP McKinnon /Charlevoix >Service d'Aviation Charlevoix-Saguenay Lte >R Page /Riviere-du-Loup31.07.28467Damaged Riviere-du-Loup 02.01.47 scrapped
G-CARSLoening Amphibian204G-CARSCanadian Transcontinental AW Ltd >Canadian Airways Ltd29.06.28432Dbf Quesnel BC 16.03.33
G-CARTFairchild FC-2W2 >71CM126G-CARTCanadian Transcontinental AW Ltd >Canadian Airways Ltd06.07.28441Canc 16.3.33 wings used on CF-AUA
G-CARUDH.60X Moth640G-CARUNorthern Aerial Minerals Exploration Ltd >HW Francis/Lookout Ont >E Farlinger /Sioux Lookout23.07.28456Wfu 14.04.37
G-CARVDH.60X Moth610G-CARVD Cushing /Montreal >HH Cotton /Westmount PQ22.06.28421Canc 20.07.29 used in rebuild of G-CAUR
G-CARWDH.60X Moth611G-CARWJ Badgeley & L Williams /Montreal >Ottawa Flying Club>Leavens Bros/Belleville Ont >London Flying Club22.06.28422Crashed Strathburn 30.04.33
G-CARXDH.60X Moth635G-CARXGreat Western Airways Ltd25.07.28460Crashed Elbow River 25.05.30
G-CARYDH.60X Moth636G-CARYGreat Western Airways Ltd >Chinook Flying Service Ltd >BS Wallis & JK Lewis & RD Wood /Wetaskiwin Alta25.07.28461Crashed Pigeon Lake 16.10.36 to Calgary IoT
G-CARZDH.60X Moth633G-CARZHG Marpole /Montreal >Great Western AW Ltd >Chinook Flying Service Ltd >HH Carr /Innisfail >CJ Hodges /Olds Alta29.06.28433Wfu 15.04.39
G-CASACurtiss JN-4DG-CASAH Mills /Hamilton Ont04.07.28437Canc 02.01.30
G-CASBSwallow Biplane944NC5567 G-CASBJV Elliot /Hamilton >International Airways of Canada Ltd >C Masse >JP Cloutier/Co. Champlain PQ10.07.28445Wfu 28.7.33 dismantled
G-CASCFokker F.VIIb-3m5104G-CASCWestern Canada Airways Ltd >Canadian Airways Ltd13.12.28708Dbf in hangar fire Winnipeg 04.03.31
G-CASDFokker Universal431G-CASDWestern Canada Airways Ltd19.07.28452Dbf Winnipeg 23.12.29
G-CASEFokker Universal432G-CASEWestern Canada Airways Ltd >Canadian Airways Ltd >Great Bear Lake Airways Ltd >Independant AW Ltd /Edmonton03.08.28472Gear collapsed on landing Gull Lake 10.06.33
G-CASFFokker Universal433G-CASFWestern Canada Airways Ltd >Canadian Airways Ltd17.08.28483Capsized landing Allanwater Lake 02.06.30
G-CASG(G-CASG)Western Canada Airways Ltd-ntu
G-CASH(G-CASH)Western Canada Airways Ltd-ntu
G-CASI(G-CASI)Western Canada Airways Ltd-ntu
G-CASJFokker Super Universal805G-CASJWestern Canada Airways Ltd30.07.28465Sank 100m N of Sioux Lookout 13.07.29
G-CASKFokker Super Universal803G-CASKWestern Canada Airways Ltd >Canadian Airways Ltd17.08.28481Caught fire during refuelling Fort McMurray 31.03.33
G-CASLFokker Super Universal806G-CASLWestern Canada Airways Ltd >Canadian Airways Ltd17.08.28482Crashed nr Mazenod Lake 29.06.32
G-CASMFokker Super Universal810G-CASMWestern Canada Airways Ltd >Canadian Airways Ltd28.09.28511Dbf in hangar fire Winnipeg 04.03.31
G-CASNFokker Super Universal821G-CASNWestern Canada Airways Ltd >Canadian Airways Ltd17.12.28538Dbf in hangar fire Winnipeg 04.03.31
G-CASOFokker Super Universal822G-CASOWestern Canada Airways Ltd31.12.28541U/c collapsed on takeoff Aylmer Lake 16.11.29
G-CASPFokker Super Universal823G-CASPWestern Canada Airways Ltd31.12.28542Sank in storm Churchill 26.08.29
G-CASQFokker Super Universal824G-CASQWestern Canada Airways Ltd >Canadian Airways Ltd >TH Jones /Vancouver16.01.29546U/c collapsed in forced landing 17.11.38
G-CASRPheasant H.10121NC5411 G-CASRN Cherry /Sask >Northern Aero Co Ltd >MD Caldwell /North Battleford Sask27.07.28463Damaged North Battlefield 31.07.32 rebuilt .64 Preserved Saskatoon
G-CASSStandard J-141324G-CASSTF Williams /Woodstock Ont27.06.28436Canc 10.10.28
G-CASTSwallow Land Biplane950NC6049 G-CASTUniversal Air Industries Ltd /Regina Sask >NS Milne /Winnipeg21.06.28431Hit wires on takeoff Foxwarren 19.06.36
G-CASUWaco 101617G-CASULondon Air Transport Ltd03.08.28474Dbf in hangar fire London Ont 26.01.29
G-CASVWaco 101599G-CASVLondon Air Transport Ltd03.08.28475Dbf in hangar fire London Ont 26.01.29
G-CASWCanadian-Vickers Vedette VCV.91G-CASWCanadian Vickers Ltd11.08.28448Crashed nr Porcher Is BC 15.08.28
G-CASXBoeing B-1D1029G-CASXWestern Canada Airways Ltd27.06.28429Crashed Graham Beach 13.07.28
G-CASYHawk-Clark Y-Avro MallardS.2G-CASYCanadian Aircraft Co21.05.28865Canc 20.05.31 (used fuselage of Avro G-CAAQ)
G-CASZCurtiss JN-4(G-CASZ)CB Skinner /Willow Bunch Sask25.06.28-ntu
G-CATAFairchild FC-243NC4012 G-CATAFairchild Aviation Ltd>Canadian Airways Ltd30.06.28442Wfu 05.02.31 Canc 18.05.34
G-CATBSwallow Land Biplane908G-CATBCQ Cudmore /Toronto >HE Tegart /Toronto21.09.28501Dbf Guelph 12.06.29 Dbf while under repair Toronto 25.07.29
G-CATCTravel Air 2000641G-CATCContinental Aero Corp Ltd >J Fecteau /Beauce PQ >Mrs R Fiset /Champigny >A Fortin /St Luc de Matane25.09.28506Dbr 31.07.38
G-CATDTravel Air 2000584NC6080 G-CATDContinental Aero Corp Ltd>T Trudeau & H Meunier & H Desautels /Montreal >E Lefebvre /Montreal >J Fecteau /Quebec >R Fiset /Champigny07.08.28470Written off in forced landing Chicoutimi 23.02.43
G-CATECurtiss JN-4AB.24G-CABX G-CATEP Larbekmo /Tofield Alta >EA Reynolds /Wetaskiwin Alta13.07.28464Wfu 12.07.29 Preserved Pioneer Museum Wetaskiwin [c/n also 77832]
G-CATFDH.60X Moth623G-CATFCanadian Air Express Ltd /Toronto >AA Lamport /Troonto >National Air Transport Ltd17.07.28449Destroyed in hangar fire Toronto 12.11.35
G-CATGDH.60X Moth617G-CATGMontreal Light Aeroplane Club25.07.28458Dbr in forced landing Val Morin 08.03.31
G-CATHDH.60X Moth484G-CATHWK Hogg & GH Trenholme /Lachine PQ >WA Killingbeck /Montreal >AL Compton >A Racicot /Montreal >BM Porter /Minden Ont31.05.28388Dbf Trout Lake 10.05.40
G-CATIDH.60X Moth618G-CATICanadian Air Express Ltd >National Air Transport Ltd25.08.28490Crashed Ramsay Lake 05.04.31
G-CATJDH.60X Moth622G-CATJGeneral Airways Ltd>RT McCully/Moncton NB >BJ Trerice /Amherst >LA Fletcher /North Devon >CS Kent /ST Lambert >EH Field /Kilmar >JC Sloan /Montreal >HB Finestone /Montreal25.07.28459Wfu 10.07.40
G-CATKDH.60X Moth612G-CATKH Lockwood /Sask >AR Smyth /Regina >LD Vines & ET Owen /Calgary >JK Lewis /Edmonton >JA Irwin /Calgary >RH Mitchell /Medicine Hat27.07.28462Seaplane. Wfu 06.10.43
G-CATLFairchild FC-2W2511G-CATLNorthern Aerial Minerals Exploration Ltd >Canadian Airways Ltd/Montreal25.08.28495Wing failed nr Fort Rae 31.01.33
G-CATMLoening Amphibian209G-CATMNorthern Aerial Minerals Exploration Ltd20.08.28488Crashed Thicket Portage 25.08.29
G-CATNAlexander Eaglerock Combo-Wing529NC5899 G-CATNBritish Columbia Airways Ltd >Aero Club of BC >CS Peene /Vancouver >EW Prasloski /Aldergrove12.07.28446Canc 19.10.37 to Hemphill Schools Ltd as ins/af
G-CATOBuhl CA-5 Airsedan23NC4356 G-CATONational Air Transport Ltd08.08.28485Dbf hangar fire Barker Field 12.11.35
G-CATPBuhl CA-3C Sport Airsedan32NC6872 G-CATPNational Air Transport Ltd15.10.28519Dbf hangar fire Barker Field 12.11.35
G-CATQDH.60X Moth(G-CATQ)National Air Transport Ltd-ntu
G-CATRFairchild FC-2CV.88G-CATRInternational AW of Canada Ltd /Hamilton >Canadian Airways Ltd10.06.29832Damaged in storm 09.02.33 rts
G-CATSFairchild FC-2 >51CV.102G-CATSInternational AW of Canada Ltd /Hamilton >Canadian Airways Ltd03.08.28563Wfu 15.11.36 rts
G-CATTFairchild FC-2CV.103G-CATTCanadian Vickers Ltd >Northern Aerial Minerals Exploration Ltd13.11.28529Dbf Millidge Ont 02.07.30
G-CATUFairchild FC-2CV.104G-CATUCanadian Vickers Ltd >Canadian Airways Ltd >G Nicol /Sarnia >SJ Smith /Sarnia13.11.28518Hit tree on takeoff Kenogamissi Lake 19.02.33
G-CATVFairchild FC-2CV.105G-CATVCanadian Vickers Ltd >Northern Aerial Minerals Exploration Ltd13.11.28530Crashed Lake Otatakin 15.08.29
G-CATWFairchild FC-2CV.111G-CATWCanadian Vickers Ltd23.11.28535Canc 15.01.29 fuselage used to rebuild G-CATR
G-CATXFord 4-AT-B Trimotor4-AT-26NC5810 G-CATXBritish Colombia Airways Ltd07.08.28-Crashed Puget Sound 25.08.28
G-CATYBoeing B-1E1027G-CATYWestern Canada Airways Ltd >Canadian Airways Ltd19.07.28539Wfu 24.03.31 scrapped [B-1D c/n 1029 per ICAN: see CASX]
G-CATZDH.60X Moth621G-CATZCH Ackerman /Peterborough Ont >Wm N Millar /Peterborough Ont28.07.28463Dbf North Bay Ont 27.10.31