Civil Aircraft Register - Great Britain

list of abbreviations

Reg Type c/n History Owners Date CoR Fate
G-AAMASimmonds Spartan17G-AAMANational FS/Hanworth29.05.292151Wfu 12.32
G-AAMBSimmonds Spartan21G-AAMBNational FS/Hanworth >Alexander Duckham & Co Ltd/Hanworth >J Parker /Castle Bromwich >Capt EME Coghlan /High Post >The Wiltshire School of Flying & Country Club Ltd >RF Parkinson /Broxbourne>FS Davies & SA Kew/Maylands29.05.292152Ditched off Southend 26.2.39 (but file notes accident 13.9.44)
G-AAMCSimmonds Spartan20G-AAMCNational FS/Hanworth29.05.292153Crashed Hanworth 28.7.29
G-AAMDSimmonds Spartan24(G-AAMD) G-ABHH SE-ADBNational FS/Hanworth19.07.292154Ntu - registered as G-ABHH
G-AAMESimmonds Spartan26G-AAME G-AAMLNational FS/Hanworth19.07.292155Crashed 6.30 rebuilt as G-AAML
G-AAMFSimmonds Spartan33G-AAMFNational FS/Hanworth19.07.292156Crashed into trees Weston 28.7.29
G-AAMGSimmonds Spartan34G-AAMGNational FS/Hanworth >Simmonds Aircraft Ltd19.07.292157Crashed nr Ratcliffe 19.6.30
G-AAMHSimmonds Spartan22G-AAMHNational FS/Hanworth >TP Gleave/Tangmere19.07.292158Crashed 12m from Kutabya Turkey 19.10.33
G-AAMISimmonds Spartan35G-AAMI N-43 LN-ABGNational FS/Hanworth02.08.292159Sold Norway 4.30
G-AAMJSimmonds Spartan36G-AAMJNational FS/Hanworth02.08.292160Not delivered - Canc 12.30
G-AAMKSimmonds Spartan37G-AAMKNational FS/Hanworth02.08.292161Not delivered - Canc 12.30
G-AAMLSimmonds Spartan38G-AAMLNational FS/Southampton >Lt CRV Pugh/Hanworth02.08.292162Collided with hangar Hanworth 6.31
G-AAMMDH.60X Moth1228G-AAMMNational FS/Hanworth >General Aircraft Ltd/Hanworth >HBD Wooley/Witney00.03.302163Crashed Woodley 4.7.32 rebuilt. Destroyed by arson Witney 27.10.36
G-AAMNDH.60X Moth1229G-AAMNNational FS/Hanworth26.03.302164Wfu 23.4.32 Canc 12.33
G-AAMODH.60X Moth1281G-AAMONational FS/Hanworth02.07.302165Crashed Port Meadow 4.9.32
G-AAMPDH.60X Moth1279G-AAMPNational FS/Hanworth >WS Stephenson/Hanworth >WH Moss/Chorley00.07.302166Scrapped nr Brough .52
G-AAMRDH.60X Moth1280G-AAMRNational FS/Hanworth >Hon WF Forbes-Sempill (The Master of Sempill)/Hanworth >Yorkshire Aeroplane Club Ltd >Romford FC Ltd/Maylands00.07.302167Dbf Maylands 6.2.40
G-AAMSDH.60X Moth1285G-AAMS X5018National FS/Hanworth >Hon WF Forbes-Sempill (The Master of Sempill)/Hanworth >Hull Aero Club (1934) Ltd >Airwork Flying Club Ltd/Heston00.07.302168Impressed 11.11.39 Destroyed
G-AAMTDH.60X Moth1809G-AAMTNational FS/Hanworth (op by Nottingham AC)16.09.302169Crashed Cotgrove 9.11.30
G-AAMUDH.60X Moth1826G-AAMUNational FS/Hanworth >Hon WF Forbes-Sempill (The Master of Sempill)/Hanworth >Brooklands Aviation Ltd>Cinque Ports FC Ltd>Bedford School of Flying Ltd00.09.302170Wfu 19.3.48 scrapped
G-AAMVDH.60X Moth1828G-AAMV BK844National FS/Hanworth >Hon WF Forbes-Sempill (The Master of Sempill)/Hanworth >KF Mayer/Brooklands >Ganton FC Ltd/East Heslerton00.09.302171Impressed 10.9.40 Reduced to spares Witney 8.3.43
G-AAMWDH.60X Moth1831G-AAMWNational FS/Hanworth >Hull AC Ltd>British Aircraft Manufacturing Co Ltd/Hanworth >FRG Spikins /Hanworth>JD Randall /London Air Park >Bedford School of Flying Ltd00.09.302172Wfu 2.40
G-AAMXDH.60X Moth(G-AAMX)National FS/Hanworth2173Reservation only -ntu
G-AAMYDH.60X Moth(G-AAMY)National FS/Hanworth2174Reservation only -ntu
G-AAMZDH.60X Moth(G-AAMZ)National FS/Hanworth2175Reservation only -ntu
G-AANADesoutter ID.14G-AANANational FS/Hanworth >Aircraft Exchange & Mart Ltd/Hanworth00.01.302176Crashed Stansted 9.4.35
G-AANBDesoutter ID.15G-AANB HM508National FS/Hanworth >Hon WF Forbes-Sempill (The Master of Sempill)/Hanworth >EP Fairbairn/Castle Bromwich00.01.302177Impressed 9.12.41 scrapped Kemble 4.44
G-AANCDesoutter ID.16G-AANCNational FS/Hanworth29.01.302178Crashed Leith Hill 12.9.31
G-AANDDesoutter ID.20G-AANDNational FS/Hanworth04.03.302179Wfu 7.33 Canc 12.33
G-AANEDesoutter ID.24G-AANENational FS/Hanworth >Desoutter Aircraft Co Ltd/Croydon >WF Rickard /Croydon >JE Willson04.03.302180Crashed 4.7.30 Rebuilt with pts from G-AANF Written off 12.35
G-AANFDesoutter ID.26G-AANFNational FS/Hanworth2181Not built - parts used on G-AANE
G-AANGG-AANGNational FS/Hanworth2182Ntu
G-AANHG-AANHNational FS/Hanworth2183Ntu
G-AANIG-AANINational FS/Hanworth2184Ntu
G-AANJG-AANJNational FS/Hanworth2185Ntu
G-AANKDesoutter IG-AANKNational FS/Hanworth2186Not built
G-AANLDesoutter IG-AANLNational FS/Hanworth2187Not built
G-AANMDesoutter IG-AANMNational FS/Hanworth2188Not built
G-AANNDesoutter IG-AANNNational FS/Hanworth2189Not built
G-AANODesoutter IG-AANONational FS/Hanworth2190Not built
G-AANPDesoutter IG-AANPNational FS/Hanworth2191Not built
G-AANRDesoutter IG-AANRNational FS/Hanworth2192Not built
G-AANSDesoutter IG-AANSNational FS/Hanworth2193Not built
G-AANTDesoutter IG-AANTNational FS/Hanworth2194Not built
G-AANUDesoutter IG-AANUNational FS/Hanworth2195Not built
G-AANVG-AANVNational FS/Hanworth2196Ntu
G-AANWDesoutter IG-AANWNational FS/Hanworth2197Not built
G-AANXDesoutter IG-AANXNational FS/Hanworth2198Not built
G-AANYDesoutter IG-AANYNational FS/Hanworth2199Not built
G-AANZDesoutter IG-AANZNational FS/Hanworth2200Not built
G-AAOABlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.200G-AAOANational FS/Hanworth10.10.292201Crashed Waltham 6.4.30
G-AAOBBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.203G-AAJE G-AAOBNational FS/Hanworth10.10.292202Wfu 4.30 Broken up Hanworth 12.30
G-AAOCBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.204G-AAOC EC-UUUNational FS/Hanworth >AVM AM Longmore/RAF Cranwell >LW Learmount /Brooklands>Mrs E Scott/Madrid10.10.292203Sold Spain 12.33
G-AAODBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.205G-AAODNational FS/Hanworth10.10.292204Wfu 4.30 Broken up Hanworth 12.30
G-AAOEBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.206G-AAOE R-278 (LV-HCA)National FS/Hanworth >REH Allen - Engineering Branch New Scotland Yard/London Air Park10.10.292205Sold abroad 12.34
G-AAOFBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.209G-AAOF TF-ISL (TF-LOA)National FS/Hanworth >North Sea Aerial & General Transport Ltd >HR Fields/ Hedon09.12.292206Sold Iceland .37 ntu scrapped .39
G-AAOGBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.213G-AAOGNational FS/Hanworth09.12.292207Dbr Oulton Leeds 13.4.30
G-AAOHBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.214G-AAOHNational FS/Hanworth >S Hargreaves/ Hanworth09.12.292208Crashed Bushey Park 27.1.31
G-AAOIBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.221G-AAOINational FS/Hanworth >North Sea Aerial & General Transport Ltd >HR Fields/Hedon >York County Aviation Club04.02.302209Crashed Sherburn 20.1.34
G-AAOJBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.222G-AAOJNational FS/Hanworth >The Stobcross Motor Co Ltd /Renfrew >Ms WC Slack/Moorpark04.02.302210Broken up Gatwick 3.37
G-AAOKBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVG-AAOKNational FS/Hanworth2211Not built
G-AAOLBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVG-AAOLNational FS/Hanworth2212Not built
G-AAOMBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVG-AAOMNational FS/Hanworth2213Not built
G-AAONBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVG-AAONNational FS/Hanworth2214Not built
G-AAOOBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVG-AAOONational FS/Hanworth2215Not built
G-AAOPBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVG-AAOPNational FS/Hanworth2216Not built
G-AAORBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVG-AAORNational FS/Hanworth2217Not built
G-AAOSBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVG-AAOSNational FS/Hanworth2218Not built
G-AAOTBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVG-AAOTNational FS/Hanworth2219Not built
G-AAOUBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVG-AAOUNational FS/Hanworth2220Not built
G-AAOVBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVG-AAOVNational FS/Hanworth2221Not built
G-AAOWBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVG-AAOWNational FS/Hanworth2222Not built
G-AAOXBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVG-AAOXNational FS/Hanworth2223Not built
G-AAOYBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVG-AAOYNational FS/Hanworth2224Not built
G-AAOZBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVG-AAOZNational FS/Hanworth2225Not built
G-AAPADH.60X Moth1164G-AAPANational FS/Hanworth >Hon WF Forbes-Sempill (The Master of Sempill)/Hanworth >Hull Aero Club (1934) Ltd15.08.292226Crashed Hedon Hill 17.7.35
G-AAPBDH.60X Moth1165G-AAPBNational FS/Hanworth15.08.292227Crashed nr Sheffield 28.3.30
G-AAPCDH.60X Moth1166G-AAPCNational FS/Hanworth >The Yorkshire Aeroplane Club Ltd/Yeadon15.08.292228Hit wires on landing Yeadon 22.3.36
G-AAPDDH.60X Moth1167G-AAPDNational FS/Hanworth15.08.292229Wfu 8.30 Canc 12.32
G-AAPEDH.60X Moth1168G-AAPENational FS/Hanworth15.08.292230Crashed. Canc 12.30
G-AAPFDH.60X Moth1169G-AAPFNational FS/Hanworth15.08.292231Wfu 9.32 Canc 12.33
G-AAPGDH.60X Moth1170G-AAPG AV996National FS/Hanworth >London Air Park FC Ltd>RH Henderson /Hanworth>F Sewell/St Albans >OH Gutekunst/Romford >LJ Blow >University AC/Cambridge15.08.292232Impressed 3.6.40 SOC 14.11.40 Scrapped St.Athan .41
G-AAPHDH.60X Moth1171G-AAPH X5020National FS/Hanworth >General Aircraft Ltd >Aero Engines Ltd/ Whitchurch >Herts & Essex AC Ltd/Broxbourne15.08.292233Impressed 1.11.39 Used as decoy and scrapped
G-AAPIDH.60X Moth1172G-AAPINational FS/Hanworth15.08.292234Wfu 8.30 Canc 12.30
G-AAPJDH.60X Moth1173G-AAPJNational FS/Hanworth >London Air Park Flying Club Ltd/Hanworth >RH Henderson/Hanworth15.08.292235Crashed on takeoff Chilworth 16.8.36
G-AAPKDesoutter ID.1G-AAPKNational FS/Hanworth >Hon WF Forbes-Sempill (The Master of Sempill)/Hanworth >FP Smith >Miss BM Nicklin /Heston >JE Coxon ta Chilworth FC>Aylesbury Airport Ltd>RH Henderson >CT Balme /Southend >H Arnold >PP Bradley >DE Bianchi >EM Palmer /Feltham00.08.292236Wfu 25.10.40
G-AAPLDH.60X Moth1198G-AAPLNational FS/Hanworth26.09.292237Crashed Waltham 18.5.32
G-AAPMDH.60X Moth1199G-AAPMNational FS/Hanworth26.09.292238Crashed Tollerton 23.2.32
G-AAPNDH.60X Moth1200G-AAPNNational FS/Hanworth26.09.292239Crashed Hampton 6.5.30
G-AAPODH.60X Moth1201G-AAPONational FS/Hanworth26.09.292240Crashed Hanworth 20.2.32
G-AAPPDesoutter ID.2G-AAPPNational FS/Hanworth >JR King/Hanworth11.11.292241Dbr Cape Town South Africa 21.11.31
G-AAPRDesoutter ID.3G-AAPR OO-ALFNational FS/Hanworth11.11.292242Sold Belgium 6.30
G-AAPSDesoutter ID.4G-AAPS ES946National FS/Hanworth >unknown >RO Shuttleworth/Old Warden00.11.292243Impressed 14.7.41 Scrapped Cambridge 9.43
G-AAPTDesoutter ID.5G-AAPTNational FS/Hanworth >WS Stephenson >SH Holland/Gatwick >Rollason Aircraft Services Ltd /Croydon >RD Gerrans/ Maylands00.11.292244Wfu 24.6.38 scrapped
G-AAPUDesoutter ID.6G-AAPUNational FS/Hanworth >Gravesend Aviation Ltd >The Westgate Motor House Co (Gloucester) Ltd >NA de Bruyne & HBA de Bruyne/Duxford00.11.292245Wfu Cambridge 8.39 scrapped during WWII
G-AAPVDH.60X Moth1215G-AAPVNational FS/Hanworth >London Air Park Flying Club Ltd/Hanworth03.11.292246Crashed Truro 21.4.35
G-AAPWDH.60X Moth1216G-AAPW W7945National FS/Hanworth >Tollerton AC Ltd>SEC Pearson/ Heston >GH Marsh & AE Chambers /Westwood Heath >Horton Kirby FC Ltd00.11.292247Impressed 3.2.40 Used as decoy and scrapped Aston Down .41
G-AAPXDesoutter ID.8G-AAPXNational FS/Hanworth20.12.292248Written off 29.7.30
G-AAPYDesoutter ID.9G-AAPYNational FS/Hanworth >Cap B Wilson/Croydon >National FS/Hanworth >MDL Scott/Skegness20.12.292249Written off 30.11.34
G-AAPZDesoutter ID.25G-AAPZNational FS/London Air Park >unknown >RO Shuttleworth /Old Warden00.12.292250Canc 1.12.46 restored 27.1.87 The Shuttleworth Collection
G-AARADH.60G Gipsy Moth1186G-AARA X5046Malcolm Campbell Ltd>Merlyn Motors Ltd >Surrey Flying Services Ltd/Croydon >Horton Kirby FC00.09.292256Impressed 12.11.39 Used as decoy and scrapped
G-AARBDH.60M Moth1412G-AARBSqdn Ldr FO Soden /Brooklands >Phillips & Powis Aircraft (Reading) Ltd >Jean Batten >M Sassoon/West Malling >Mrs GRM Patterson & R Gordon & Miss BK Lyall /Maylands00.09.292257Jean Batten UK to Australia flight 5.34. Sold abroad 7.33 restored 11.33 Dbf Maylands 6.2.40
G-AARCDH.60G Gipsy Moth1187G-AARC DG584 2590MTH Worth /Spilsby >London General Omnibus Co Sports Assn FC >Air Travel Ltd/Penshurst >Airports Ltd /Gatwick >Redhill FC Ltd00.09.292258Impressed 25.1.41 to 1059Sqn ATC Maidstone
G-AARDDH.60M Moth1414G-AARD EC-AFISir PAGD Sassoon /Stag Lane >George Pretyman Ltd/Heston >RL Nimmo/Hatfield >Mrs JMD Lawrence/Penshurst00.09.292261Rebuilt using fuselage c/n 1833 Sold abroad 1.36
G-AAREDH.60G Gipsy Moth1176G-AAREde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd >Maj HG Travers /Stag Lane>London Aeroplane Club >JK Lawrence/Wilmington18.09.292262Crashed Cross Fell 21.4.36
G-AARFDH.80A Puss Moth2059G-AARF VP-KAT (VP-KBM) VP-KBO SU-ACN G-AARF HK866SN Turner/Stag Lane >Flt Lt RB Murdoch/Habbaniya Iraq00.09.292263Impressed Habbaniya 8.2.41 SOC 27.7.44 scrapped
G-AARGFokker F.III1561D-545 T-DOFC T-DODC (OY-DOC) G-AARGBritish Air Lines Ltd >GG Stead/ Worthy Down00.09.292264Wfu 12.31
G-AARHDH.60M Moth1417G-AARH AV997FGT Dawson /Heston >Fairey Aviation Co Ltd >University Aero Club Ltd/Cambridge00.09.292265Impressed 4.6.40 Dbr in gale Prestwick 6.12.40
G-AARIDH.60M Moth1413G-AARIde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd >Hon LO Russell/Heston00.09.292267Sold abroad 1.33
G-AARJHenderson-Glenny HSF.II Gadfly II2G-AARJ CF-AMGGlenny & Henderson Ltd /Brooklands17.09.292268Sold Canada 4.30
G-AARKHenderson-Glenny HSF.II Gadfly III1G-AARKGlenny & Henderson Ltd /Brooklands17.09.292269Wfu 7.30 scrapped Brooklands 6.33
G-AARLDH.60M Moth1416G-AARL ZS-ADGJE Carberry/Stag Lane >SN Turner/Heston00.09.292271Sold South Africa 9.31
G-AARMDH.60X Moth477C-PAAA CS-AAA G-AARMLt Col GLP Henderson/Brooklands26.09.292276Crashed Port Meadow 4.11.29
G-AARNAirco DH.63868B2868 G-AARNWC Dickinson /Ormskirk24.09.292278Scrapped .33
G-AAROKlemm L25 IG-AARO2279Ntu - not imported
G-AARPGAL ST.3 Monospar (Gloster SS.1)SS1G-AARPCW Hayward/ Brockworth26.09.292281Scrapped Hanworth .32
G-AARRAirco DH.9J397G-AARRSir WG Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Ltd >Air Service Training Ltd/Hamble00.10.292285Wfu 25.12.32 Scrapped .36
G-AARSAirco DH.9J398G-AARSSir WG Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Ltd >Air Service Training Ltd/Hamble00.10.292286Crashed nr Hamble 9.9.34
G-AARTAirco DH.9J399G-AARTSir WG Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Ltd >Air Service Training Ltd/Hamble00.10.292287Wfu 8.5.33 Scrapped .36
G-AARUDH.60M Moth1424G-AARU X5119 4030MFS Symondson/ Stag Lane12.10.292288Impressed 29.11.39
G-AARVAvro 504KR/R3/SP/312G-AARVSA Payne jnr/ Lympne08.10.292291Crashed Berksbourne 2.1.31 (c/n also 'SP/1312')
G-AARWDH.60G Gipsy Moth1209G-AARWFR Tuckett/Woodley16.10.292293Crashed Tororo Uganda 16.1.30 (also reported as to ZS-ABX 8.7.30)
G-AARXComper CLA.7 SwiftS29/1G-AARXComper Aircraft Co Ltd /Hooton12.10.292295Scrapped 12.31
G-AARYDH.66 Hercules703G-AARYImperial AW 'City of Karachi' /Cairo14.10.292296Written off 18.12.35
G-AARZAvro 621 Tutor322K-4 G-AARZAV Roe & Co Ltd/Woodford29.10.292308Written off 10.6.34
G-AASADH.60M Moth1438G-AASA ZK-ACK NZ510 Inst.37AH Youngman >O Garden/Brooklands00.10.292309Sold New Zealand 12.30
G-AASBDH.60G Gipsy Moth1053G-AASB SE-AFPSJP Eloff/Le Bourget >VNC Garland /Brooklands >Brooklands Aviation Ltd>Sir CA Wrench/Hanworth00.11.292310Sold Sweden 12.36 Crashed Karlsund 17.3.37
G-AASCAirco DH.9J704G-AASCde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd01.11.292312Crashed Hendon 9.8.31 Scrapped 12.31
G-AASDDH.60M Moth1440G-AASD YI-ASDLt Col GLP Henderson/Brooklands06.11.292318Sold Iraq .30 Canc 3.32
G-AASESupermarine Air Yacht1285G-AASESupermarine Aviation Works Ltd (Hon AE Guiness) >Mrs JJ James/Southampton00.11.292322Crashed Gulf of Salerno 25.1.33 Scrapped Woolsington
G-AASFDH.60M Moth1439G-AASF VT-ADEMalcolm Campbell Ltd >Man Mohan Singh /Heston00.11.292323Sold India 12.31 Canc 31.8.39
G-AASGDH.60G Gipsy Moth1203G-AASGMiss M Shillington/Woodley >OF Maclaren/Heston00.11.292324Destroyed. Canc 13.3.39
G-AASHSupermarine Southampton II1235S1235 G-AASH S1235Imperial AW Ltd/Southampton08.11.292326Returned to RAF 3.30
G-AASIHawker Tomtit12G-AASIHG Hawker Engineering Co Ltd >Reid & Sigrist Ltd >Sir WR Morris /Brooklands>J Hopcraft/Hatfield >W Humble/Firbeck00.11.292327Scrapped during WWII
G-AASJShort S.8 CalcuttaS.752G-AASJImperial AW Ltd/Alexandria 'City of Khartoum'11.11.292328Crashed into sea off Alexandria Egypt 31.12.35
G-AASKFairey IIIFF1272G-AASKAir Survey Co Ltd /Croydon12.11.292330Wfu 5.31 Canc 12.34
G-AASLDH.60M Moth1430G-AASL X5127de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd >London Transport (Central Omnibus) Sports Association FC/ Broxbourne18.11.292331Impressed 6.12.39 SOC .44 scrapped Kemble
G-AASMDH.60M Moth1433G-AASMHenlys (1928) Ltd >Leicestershire AC (gift Tyler North & Sawday) >Brooklands FC Ltd00.11.292332Crashed Cheam 22.4.34
G-AASNDH.60G Gipsy Moth Seaplane839G-AASN VR-RAA VR-SAO? Malayan VAFWH Phillips/Malaya14.11.292333Seaplane. Sold Malaya 5.10.34 Destroyed 2.42
G-AASOAvro 619 Five383G-AASOAV Roe & Co Ltd >Wilson AW Ltd/Nairobi Kenya00.11.292337Dbr Broken Hill Kenya 18.1.32
G-AASPAvro 618 Ten384G-AASPAV Roe & Co Ltd >Imperial AW Ltd/Croydon 'Achilles'>Iraq Petroleum Transport Co Ltd/Haifa >Imperial AW Ltd/Croydon00.11.292338Destroyed 3.4.40
G-AASRDH.60M Moth1441G-AASR AW110Bristol & Essex Aero Club Ltd >The Cambridge Aero Club Ltd00.11.292339Impressed 3.6.40 SOC 10.11.40 scrapped St.Athan .41
G-AASSAvro 504KF2540F2540 G-AASSLG Anderson /Brroklands>RH Thomas/Bridgend00.11.292340Crashed and submerged by tide Swansea 1.8.31
G-AASTAvro 504KF9819F9819 G-AASTE Brown/Burnley26.11.292341Wfu 12.30 Canc 12.32
G-AASUBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.208G-AASUAuto Auctions Ltd (lsd Airwork School of Flying/Heston)09.12.292342Crashed Hendon 7.6.30
G-AASVBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.211G-AASVEL Gander-Dower/Hanworth14.12.292343Wfu 21.1.36
G-AASWVickers 172 Vellore III1G-AASW O-4Vickers (Aviation) Ltd/Brooklands05.12.292344Scrapped .34
G-AASXAvro 504KG-AASXAlliston Aviation Co Ltd /Brooklands>RM Stobie/Cramlington00.12.292348Built from spares. Wfu 11.30 Canc 12.32
G-AASYDH.60G Gipsy Moth1048G-AASY EI-ABE G-AASY AW128 4490MWRD Perkins /Heston>Lady Heath >London Air Park FC Ltd>Bournemouth FC Ltd00.12.292349Sold Ireland 2.35 restored 12.37 Impressed 18.6.40
G-AASZDH.60M Moth1434G-AASZ X5043Sir H Clifford /Brooklands >GS Burney /Brooklands >Brooklands Aero Club >RCT Speir/Lympne >Yorkshire Aviation Services & Country Club Ltd/York00.12.292350Impressed 12.11.39 Used as decoy and scrapped
G-AATADH.60M Moth1460G-AATA SU-AAFunknown >W Bruce Dick/Croydon >Surrey Flying Services Ltd/Croydon00.12.292352Sold Egypt 9.32
G-AATBDH.60M Moth1467G-AATB VT-ABYWW Straight/ Totnes >LK Elmhirst/ Heston00.12.292354Sold India 8.31
G-AATCDH.80A Puss Moth2001G-AATC VH-UON ZK-ADUde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd23.12.292357Sold Australia 12.30 under restoration
G-AATDKlemm L25 Ia163G-AATDCP Hunter >Mrs SM Green /Maidstone>GF Hopkinson /Brooklands>ADS Barr/Lympne >Fl Off FM Smith/Eastchurch00.12.292358Sold abroad .39
G-AATEBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.210G-AATEJ Ellis /Sherburn >Alderman CV Walker/Sherburn >Ellis (Leeds) Ltd >JM Ferrier and GH Daniels >PH Ford/Hooton Park >RK Dundas Ltd >S Bicham /Orkney31.12.292360Scrapped Hamsey Green 1.47
G-AATFDesoutter ID.19G-AATFCapt Hope -Air Taxis Ltd /Edgeware >Southern Aircraft Ltd >LER Bellairs /Shoreham >Rollason Aviation Co Ltd/Ford >LAM Dundas (Earl of Ronaldshay)/ Portsmouth00.01.302361Dbr Hanworth 9.5.34
G-AATGFokker F.VIIa-3m5206PH-AGW G-AATG I-AAIGWZ Ltd (W Zietz)/Geneva 'Extra Dry'04.01.302363Sold Italy 6.35
G-AATHJunkers A50 Junior3512G-AATH D-2155HR Trost/Croydon24.03.302365Sold Germany 2.31
G-AATIDesoutter ID.10G-AATI ZK-ACJHL Piper/Catterick 'Oarangi'14.01.302366Sold New Zealand 12.30
G-AATJDesoutter ID.11G-AATJNational FS/Hanworth17.01.302367Crashed Shoreham 2.9.34
G-AATKDesoutter ID.12G-AATK HH980National FS/Hanworth >Aircraft Exchange & Mart Ltd/Hanworth >Aero Engines Ltd /London Air Park >Sqdn Ldr AH Wheeler/Old Warden00.01.302368AImpressed 31.8.41 Scrapped East Cowes 6.42
G-AATLAvro 616 Avian IVM415G-AATLHenlys (1928) Ltd >Lt Col TW Hay /Heston >GW Higgs /Heston >Aviation Transport Sales & Service Ltd/Chelmsford >Phillips & Powis Aircraft (Reading) Ltd>TG Hubley/Wilmington00.01.302368Written off 6.37
G-AATMBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.217G-AATMNorth Sea Aerial & General Transport Ltd/Brough04.02.302370Crashed Coal Aston 27.8.32
G-AATNBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.218G-AATN VT-ACRAuto Auctions Ltd >Sir R McAlpine/Heston25.02.302371Sold India 9.32
G-AATOBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.219G-AATOAuto Auctions Ltd >N Holden/Norton Priory >Blackburn Aeroplane & Motor Co Ltd00.01.302372Crashed nr Brough 4.8.32
G-AATPBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.220G-AATPP Dujardin/Sherburn >Capt N Blackburn /Brough >Olympia Cattle Food Ltd /Sherburn >North Sea Aerial & General Transport Ltd/Brough >York County Aviation Club00.01.302373Crashed East Heslerton 24.6.34
G-AATRBristol 105 Bulldog 27397J9591 G-AATR J9591Bristol Aeroplane Co Ltd/Filton13.01.302375Returned to RAF 9.31
G-AATSBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.215G-AATSHJ Andrews /Brough>Major HPL Higman/ Liverpool00.01.302380Canc 12.36
G-AATTFairey IIIFF1315G-AATTAir Survey Co Ltd /Northolt16.01.302382Crashed in rainstorm nr Larope Sudan 10.07.31
G-AATUAvro 621 Tutor437G-AATUAV Roe & Co Ltd/Woodford20.01.302385Wfu 10.31
G-AATVAvro 616 Avian IVM435G-AATV SU-AAG G-AATV ZK-ADQShell Mex Co of Egypt Ltd /Cairo>Fl Off GT Jarman 47 Sqdn/RAF Khartoum00.01.302388Sold Egypt 3.33 restored 12.34 Sold New Zealand 3.55
G-AATWDesoutter ID.13G-AATW OO-ALGNational FS/Hanworth29.01.302389Sold Belgium 6.30
G-AATXDesoutter ID.18G-AATXNational FS/Hanworth >PH Meadway /West Malling>JL Burgess/Maidstone >Maidstone Airport Ltd00.01.302390Crashed Edenbridge Kent 1.10.32
G-AATYAvro 504KG-AATYWolverhampton Aircraft Co Ltd /Brooklands22.01.302393Built from spares. Wfu 5.34 Scrapped Driffield .37
G-AATZShort S.8 CalcuttaS.754G-AATZImperial AW 'City of Salonika' later 'City of Swanage'>Air Pilots Training Ltd/Hamble00.01.302395Scrapped Hamble .39
G-AAUACierva C.19 IIA5136G-AAUACierva Autogiro Co Ltd/Hamble25.01.302398Sold abroad 3.31
G-AAUBVickers 160 Viastra I >199 Viastra III >220 Viastra VIII1G-AAUBVickers (Aviation) Ltd/Brooklands29.01.302401Broken up Brooklands .33
G-AAUCHandley Page HP.42E Eastern42/4G-AAUC AS981Imperial AW Ltd/Cairo 'Horsa'30.01.302405Impressed 29.5.40 Dbf Moresby 7.8.40
G-AAUDHandley Page HP.42W Western42/3G-AAUDImperial AW Ltd/Croydon 'Hanno'30.01.302406Destroyed in gale Whitchurch 19.3.40
G-AAUEHandley Page HP.42E Eastern42/2G-AAUE AS982Imperial AW Ltd/Croydon 'Hadrian'30.01.302407Impressed 29.5.40 Wrecked in gale Doncaster 6.12.40
G-AAUFBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.223G-AAUFAuto Auctions Ltd >North Sea Aerial & General Transport Ltd/Brough00.01.302409Dbr Brough 16.7.32
G-AAUGBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.224G-AAUGNorth Sea Aerial & General Transport Ltd/Brough >J Stark/Allhallows-on-Sea >RF Giddings/High Post00.01.302410Crashed High Post 20.3.38
G-AAUHDH.60M Moth1462G-AAUHWL Everard /Desford>Gravesend Aviation Ltd >Airworthiness Ltd/Gravesend00.02.302412Dbf Gravesend 3.8.37
G-AAUIDH.60M Moth1495G-AAUI VT-ADQJR Reynolds /Hanworth>L Beardmore/Hanworth >B Piper (or Pyser)/Hanworth00.02.302413Sold India 10.32
G-AAUJAvro 504KKAS.1G-AAUJKent Aircraft Services Ltd /Bekesbourne>P Phillips/St Austell00.02.302420Crashed Harrogate 5.10.32
G-AAUKAvro 504KKAS.2G-AAUKKent Aircraft Services Ltd /Bekesbourne07.02.302421Struck telephone wires Epson Downs 4.6.31
G-AAULAvro 504KKAS.3G-AAULKent Aircraft Services Ltd /Bekesbourne07.02.302422Wing hit ground during stunt Dovercourt 2.8.31
G-AAUMBlackburn Velos9762/1G-AAUMNorth Sea Aerial & General Transport Ltd/Brough07.02.302423Wfu 12.33 Scrapped .34
G-AAUNAvro 616 Avian IVM438G-AAUN VR-TAADirector of Surveys/Dar-es-Salaam Tanganyika11.02.302427Sold Tanganyika 9.31
G-AAUORobinson Redwing 1RA1G-AAUORobinson Aircraft Co Ltd/Waddon11.02.302428Crashed Shoreham 11.3.33
G-AAUPKlemm L25 Ia145G-AAUPMaj JC Hargreaves/Heston >unknown >Miss N Bagge/Mousehold >EV Beaumont/Norwich19.02.302431
G-AAURDH.60G Gipsy Moth1245G-AAUR G-ACCYThe Royal Geographical Society/Rochester05.03.302434Seaplane. Wrecked in Greenland Rebuilt and rereg 2.33 Crashed Redhill 20.6.38
G-AAUSDH.60M Moth1477G-AAUS VH-UQT A7-119 Inst.9Cap R Wyndham >GC Bateman/Laragh nr Bandon Co.Cork >R Allen/Heston00.03.302435Sold Australia 5.33 Rts 11.9.45
G-AAUTBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.225G-AAUTNorth Sea Aerial & General Transport Ltd/Brough08.05.302436Sank off Felixstowe 12.1.31
G-AAUUBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.226G-AAUUH Peake /Sherburn >Henlys (1928) Ltd00.05.302437Sold abroad 6.35
G-AAUVBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.227G-AAUVHon L Guiness /Hendon>D Ripley/Heston >ACS Irwin/Heston >Brooklands Aviation Ltd05.05.302438Canc 12.32
G-AAUWBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.228G-AAUWAuto Auctions Ltd >Blackburn Aircraft Ltd?>Andrew Holt & Co/Heston >North Sea Aerial & General Transport Ltd/Brough21.05.302439Wfu 7.32 Canc 12.32
G-AAUXBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.229G-AAUXAuto Auctions Ltd >North Sea Aerial & General Transport Ltd/Brough >Blackburn Aircraft Ltd/ Waltham (loan Grimsby AC)27.05.302440Crashed nr Grimsby 29.4.37
G-AAUYBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.230G-AAUYAuto Auctions Ltd18.06.302441Sold abroad 7.30
G-AAUZDH.75A Hawk Moth705G-AAUZde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd >Air Taxis Ltd/Stag Lane00.06.302445Wfu 6.34 Sold abroad 12.38
G-AAVADH.80A Puss Moth2002G-AAVA PH-ATIde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd >Phillips & Powis Aircraft (Reading) Ltd>KC Gandar Dower/Heston >Brooklands Aviation Ltd >KG Nalson/Croydon >TW Brooke-Smith/Brooklands >HL Harrison/Croydon05.06.302446Sold Netherlands 31.5.38 Destroyed during German invasion 5.40
G-AAVBDH.80A Puss Moth2003G-AAVB SU-ABB G-AAVB (DR755)de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd >FAI Muntz -Airwork Ltd/Heston>Brig Gen AC Lewin/ Heston >Maj HA Petre/Heston00.06.302447Sold Egypt 5.31 restored 7.33 Impressed 12.5.41 Crashed landing Kenley 4.9.41
G-AAVCDH.60G Gipsy Moth1238G-AAVCHon AE Guiness /Dublin00.06.302448Written off 12.30 [Assembled by Shorts 5.30 with c/n S.761]
G-AAVDSouthern Martlet201G-AAVDSouthern Aircraft Ltd >WR Westhead /Shoreham>JF ALexander /High Post>AR Ramsay/Bekesbourne >HM Goodwin /Walsall>Fl Off LW Saben/RAF Eastchurch >H Whitaker /Redhill00.06.302451Wfu .39 derelict Turnhouse .44
G-AAVEDH.60M Moth1493G-AAVE VT-ANSCap WJ Stopford /Hanworth>Hon Mrs E Greenall /Tollerton>Rollason Aircraft Services Ltd/Croydon >R Jakeman /Netherthorpe >Sheffield AC Ltd00.06.302452Sold India 1.41 Canc 23.3.42
G-AAVFBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.231G-AAVFFAI Muntz /Heston >Capt The Earl Amherst/Heston >H Robinson (jnr) /Cambridge >North Sea Aerial & General Transport Co Ltd00.06.302453Written off 9.36
G-AAVGBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.232G-AAVG VH-UQZAuto Auctions Ltd >Sqdn Ldr CA Ridley/Heston >Lt Cdr GA Hall00.06.302454Sold Australia 7.33
G-AAVHBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.233G-AAVHKennings Ltd (loan Sheffield AC) >S Lawrence/Alfreton05.08.302455Wfu 10.33 Canc 12.34
G-AAVIBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.234G-AAVI VT-ADIAF Horsman/Ipswich29.08.302456Sold India 4.32
G-AAVJBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.235G-AAVJ00.03.302457Ntu - sold Japan
G-AAVKBlackburn L.1C Bluebird IVSB.236G-AAVK00.03.302458Ntu - sold Japan
G-AAVLBreda 151419G-AAVLHE Burgess >W Wakefield /Heston >Flt Lt G Rose/Bekesbourne >Pan-Aero Pictures Ltd /Brooklands00.04.302460Broken up .37
G-AAVMAvro 616 Avian IVM416G-AAVMHenlys (1928) Ltd >unknown >Air Travel Ltd/Penshurst >South Staffs Aero Co Ltd >Bedford School of Flying Ltd00.04.302464Dbr in gale .40 Canc 12.46
G-AAVNBreda 151414G-AAVNHE Burgess >HL Wilson/Seaton Carew >J Proctor/Blackpool00.04.302465Broken up .32
G-AAVODesoutter ID.22G-AAVONational FS/Hanworth >Phillips & Powis Aircraft (Reading) Ltd/Woodley00.04.302466Wfu 10.34 Canc 12.36
G-AAVPAvro 616 Avian IVM417G-AAVPNH Player/Reading >Airwork Ltd/Heston >Henlys Ltd >PH Johnson/Hedon >Henlys Ltd >LV Farrington /Evesham00.03.302467Canc 8.45
G-AAVRDH.60M Moth1482G-AAVRKA Whittome /Brooklands>Miss Consuelo M de Reyes/ Bristol >Redhill FC Ltd00.03.302473Mid-air collision with Hart K5800 over Horne Surrey 8.5.39
G-AAVSKlemm L26 aII197G-AAVS D-1804RPG Denman/Heston >LE Jones & GW Eaton/Hanworth >Hon B Lewis/Heston00.03.302474Sold Germany 12.34
G-AAVTHendy 302A1G-AAVTEW Percival /Yate>WS Cottingham/Croydon >CS Napier/Croydon00.06.302475Wfu Gravesend .38
G-AAVUDH.60M Moth1485G-AAVU PK-SAI?Miss E Williams /Hanworth >Brooklands Aviation Ltd00.04.302476Crashed in windsock landing Hendon 8.11.31 but rebuilt?
G-AAVVDH.60M Moth1486G-AAVV DG581 2593Munknown >LHT Cliff /Brooklands >Redhill Flying Club Ltd00.04.302477Impressed 24.1.41 to 339Sqn ATC Paignton
G-AAVWAvro 504KF9720F9720 G-AAVWLG Anderson /Stow Maries>LD Trappitt/ Hainault >Mrs FM Pershouse /Littlestone>RO Shuttleworth /Old Warden00.04.302479Wfu 6.35 Canc 12.35
G-AAVXSaunders-Roe A.17 Cutty SarkA17/4G-AAVX VR-SAAHon AE Guiness /Cowes>Saunders-Roe Ltd/East Cowes >The Singapore Flying Club Ltd00.04.302484Sold Singapore 10.34
G-AAVYDH.60G Gipsy Moth1230G-AAVY X5023Mrs AS Cleaver /Heston >Brian Lewis /Heston >Lady H de Walden /Heston>Brooklands Aviation Ltd >JMH Hely-Hutchinson Rt Hon Viscount Suirdale >Brooklands FC >Cambridge AC Ltd00.04.302487Impressed 3.11.39 Used as decoy and scrapped
G-AAVZDH.60M Moth1480G-AAVZ PH-ARSLondon Aeroplane Club >GET Eyston /Brooklands >Rollason Aircraft Services Ltd/Croydon00.04.302488Sold Netherlands 8.37
G-AAWAWestland Wapiti V >PV.6 >WallaceWA1822G-AAWA P-6 G-ACBR K3488Westland Aircraft Works (Branch of Petters Ltd)/Yeovil04.04.302492Rebuilt as Wallace G-ACBR .33
G-AAWBAvro 504KG-AAWBSouthern Aircraft Ltd04.04.302493Not converted
G-AAWCAvro 504KKAS.5G-AAWCKent Aircraft Services Ltd >PH Meadway /Sevenoaks>A Raven/Kingsdown00.04.302494Built from spares. Wfu 5.31 Canc 12.32
G-AAWDAvro 504KKAS.4G-AAWDKent Aircraft Services Ltd >unknown >North Eastern Airways00.04.302495Built from spares.Broken up Canc 10.36
G-AAWEKlemm L25 Ia181G-AAWECap DIM Kennard >JG de Forest /Heston >CEHJ Phillips/ Heston00.04.302496Wfu Broxbourne 12.33
G-AAWFAvro 616 Avian IVM354G-AAWFFerrand & Rayson Ltd/Buenes Aires (based Croydon)>Brian Lewis/Heston >Ward & Co (Putney) Ltd /Hanworth>HC Paul/Hanworth00.04.302497Canc 2.36
G-AAWGVickers 196 Jockey III1G-AAWGVickers (Aviation) Ltd/Brooklands08.04.302500Not built
G-AAWHAvro 616 Avian IVM418G-AAWH 2083MHenlys (1928) Ltd> Home Counties Aircraft Services Ltd /Gatwick >EF Ness/ Gatwick>Kenlyn Ltd /Eastbourne >Southern Aero Club Ltd /Shoreham >GH Miles/Shoreham >RH Henderson/Hanworth >IOW Flying Club00.04.302501Impressed 13.2.40 Scrapped Blackpool .45
G-AAWIAvro 616 Sports Avian454G-AAWI ZS-ANP SAAF2028Light Planes (Lancs) Ltd>Airwork Ltd/Heston >Capt HR Starkey-Howe & AJAL Veber/Heston00.04.302502Sold South Africa 2.37
G-AAWJBristol 89A Jupiter7352G-AAWJBristol Aeroplane Co Ltd/Filton09.04.302505Destroyed in collision with G-EBOC over Filton 7.7.31
G-AAWKDudley Watt DW21G-AAWKDAN Watt/Brooklands >unknown >FCH Allen/Selsey00.04.302506Broken up Kinswood Knoll 12.34
G-AAWLDH.60G Gipsy Moth1231G-AAWL CS-AAGde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd14.04.302507Sold Portugal 12.30 Crashed Serra de Monsanto 23.6.59
G-AAWMSimmonds Spartan10G-AAWMBrooklands School of Flying Ltd11.04.302509Written off 12.30
G-AAWNDH.60G Gipsy Moth1234G-AAWN ZK-ACYNA de Bruyne/Cambridge02.05.302510Sold New Zealand 2.33 Spun in after takeoff Hastings 24.12.33
G-AAWODH.60G Gipsy Moth1235G-AAWOBrian Lewis & CD Barnard Ltd >GE Prior-Palmer /Heston>LJ Marr/Stanley Park >Miss HM Pauer/Hooton >Highland AW >TH Marshall & EH Gould >JFW Reid >Scottish AW Ltd /Inverness02.05.302511rebuilt using G-AAHI
G-AAWPDH.60G Gipsy Moth1236G-AAWP SU-AAM?Maj JND Keenan /Stag Lane >unknown>Hon Brian Lewis00.05.302512Sold Egypt 6.32
G-AAWRDH.60G Gipsy Moth1237G-AAWR BD166Maj CM Pickthorn /Brooklands >Midland Air Services /Castle Bromwich >E Batchelor/Leicester >Yorkshire Aviation Services Country Club Ltd /York00.05.302513Accident North Rigton 1.1.35 Impressed 6.8.40 Damaged 29.4.41 rtp Witney 5.41
G-AAWSDH.60G Gipsy Moth1239G-AAWSH Deterding/Sywell >WE Cotton/Croydon >The Hampshire Aeroplane Club Ltd/Southampton00.05.302514Crashed Nursling 31.3.36
G-AAWTDesoutter ID.23G-AAWT PK-SANCirrus Aero Engines Ltd /Croydon>Southern Aircraft Ltd >Herts & Essex Aero Club Ltd/Broxbourne >Phillips & Powis Aircraft (Reading) Ltd09.05.302517Sold Indonesia 10.33
G-AAWUDH.60M Moth1474E-2 G-AAWU VT-AEWAS Priest /Stag Lane >Northamptonshire Aero Club >Flower and Sons Ltd /Sywell >Fordham Flower/ Heston >Henlys Ltd00.04.302519Sold India 1.34 Canc 11.10.38
G-AAWVDH.60M Moth1476G-AAWVEL Hook/Heston17.04.302521Crashed Tomas Burma 3.7.30 (c/n 1475 in ICAN)
G-AAWWKlemm L27 a III196G-AAWWMaj EF Stephens >WL Runciman /Cramlington >British Railway Traffic & Electric Co/Croydon00.04.302523Crashed Croydon 27.8.31
G-AAWXDH.60M Moth1241G-AAWXSir Piers GJ Mostyn /Stag Lane>Miss GE Aitken /Gatwick >RC Ramsay/Bekesbourne00.05.302525Crashed Charing 3.5.33
G-AAWYSpartan Arrow51G-AAWYSpartan Aircraft Ltd >C Coombes/Shanklin IoW >EH Byrne /Shanklin >Sandown & Shanklin Flying Services Ltd >Isle of Wight Flying Club Ltd00.06.302527Broken up .40
G-AAWZSpartan Arrow52G-AAWZSpartan Aircraft Ltd>JV Holman/Croydon >JC Sword/Renfrew >Hon Brian Lewis/Heston >WC Mycroft/Aldenham >Yapton AC Ltd00.06.302528Scrapped during WWII
G-AAXADH.60G Gipsy Moth1246G-AAXA G-AAZE BK843 4032MKG Murray/Brooklands08.05.302529Reregistered 28.1.32
G-AAXBJunkers A50 Junior3523G-AAXBJJ Parkes/Heston22.05.302530Written off 6.31
G-AAXCHandley Page HP.42W Western42/5G-AAXCImperial AW Ltd/Croydon 'Heracles'23.04.302532Wrecked in gale Whitchurch 19.3.40 scrapped 7.42
G-AAXDHandley Page HP.42W Western42/6G-AAXDImperial AW Ltd/Croydon 'Horatius'23.04.302533Destroyed in forced landing Tiverton 7.11.39
G-AAXEHandley Page HP.42W Western42/7G-AAXEImperial AW Ltd/Croydon 'Hengist'23.04.302534Dbf Karachi 31.5.37
G-AAXFHandley Page HP.42W Western42/8G-AAXF AS983Imperial AW Ltd/Croydon 'Helena'23.04.302535Impressed 29.5.40 Scrapped Donibristle 8.41
G-AAXGDH.60M Moth1542G-AAXG F-AJZB G-AAXG F-AJZB G-AAXG (ZK-ADF) ZK-AEJAS Butler /Stag Lane >Hon Brian Lewis /Heston>Lt HRA Kidston/New Zealand00.06.302537Sold France 1.31 restored 2.33 sold France 1.34 restored 8.34 sold New Zealand 12.35
G-AAXHAvro 616 Sports Avian456G-AAXHHenlys (1928) Ltd>J Leigh /Heston>AGN Wynne-Eyton/Heston >British Landing Gears Ltd /Hanworth20.06.302538Scrapped 1.49
G-AAXIDH.80A Puss Moth2024G-AAXISqdn Ldr CS Wynne-Eyton/Hanworth26.05.302539Crashed St Johns Newfoundland 6.7.30 dbf
G-AAXJDH.80A Puss Moth2006G-AAXJ VT-ACZde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd >N Vintcent/Stag Lane00.05.302540Sold India 7.31 Written off 7.35
G-AAXKKlemm L25 Ia182G-AAXKMaj EJ Stephen /Heston>GU Yule /Fen Ditton >H Hamilton & D Garnett /Cambridge>Flt Lt LC Bennett/8 FTS RAF Montrose >RE Grant/Leamington >J Wynn /Leamington00.05.302541Dbr White Waltham 3.62 stored Canc 18.3.91
G-AAXLDH.80A Puss Moth2010G-AAXLAS Butler/Stag Lane >MDL Scott & OF MacLaren/Heston00.05.302545Dbf after forced landing Hunstanton 5.6.32
G-AAXMDH.80A Puss Moth2011G-AAXM OO-ANHWL Everard/Desford16.05.302546Sold Belgium 1.9.33 Pres destroyed during WWII
G-AAXNDH.80A Puss Moth2012G-AAXNSq Ldr HR Murray-Philipson/Stobo Castle16.05.302547Crashed into sea off Goodwin Sands 22.6.30
G-AAXODH.80A Puss Moth2041G-AAXO X9404 2305MCap G de Havilland >GD Mallinson/ Sherburn >EL Burgin MP /Stag Lane >Brian Lewis & Co/Heston >G Cohen /Renfrew>Hon BE Lewis /Aldenham >CStJ Collier/Doncaster00.05.302548Impressed 10.5.40 to inst/af
G-AAXPSaunders-Roe Segrave Meteor1SEG-AAXPSir H Segrave >Aircraft Investment Corporation Ltd /Brough>G de Lengerke/ Heston01.05.302550Wfu 9.32
G-AAXRDH.80A Puss Moth2007G-AAXR DG661 2618MCapt AW Filmer/Brooklands >L Guinness /Brooklands > N Edgar /Whitchurch >JH Hancock /Brockworth >RRWR Trafford/ Heston >Cap DIM Kennard /Heston00.05.302551Impressed 18.2.41 Crashed Biggin Hill 5.5.41 to 525Sqn ATC Marlborough College
G-AAXSDH.80A Puss Moth2009G-AAXSLS Ingrams/Heston >Airwork Ltd/Heston >Lt GL Prendergast/ Khartoum >Mayday Motors/Croydon >WW Lyle/Hatfield00.05.302552Probably dbf Hatfield 9.7.35 Canc 7.35
G-AAXTDH.80A Puss Moth2013G-AAXT F-APZXNE Holden/Chichester >Yorkshire Airways Ltd/Yeadon >Hon B Lewis/Aldenham00.05.302553Sold France 10.6.37 Canc 11.53
G-AAXUDH.80A Puss Moth2014G-AAXU SU-ABEFG Williams /Heston >R Ince/ Heston14.06.302554Sold Egypt 3.32
G-AAXVDH.80A Puss Moth2026G-AAXV ZS-AIBLC Desoutter/Croydon >unknown >Parker Pen Co Ltd/Heston >CMC Turner/ Lympne00.06.302555Sold South Africa 3.37 Crashed 20.2.40
G-AAXWDH.80A Puss Moth2027G-AAXWArens Control Ltd /Heston >Flt Lt LK Hamilton/Hanworth >HC Moorhouse/ Hanworth00.06.302556Dbr Apulia Italy 19.2.32
G-AAXXDH.80A Puss Moth2028G-AAXX R-290 LV-RCAE Watkins/Heston >Lord Grimthorpe/Malton >British Aviation Insurance Co Ltd/Stag Lane >British Air Navigation Co Ltd /Heston>FAI Muntz/Heston00.06.302557Sold Argentina 12.34
G-AAXYDH.80A Puss Moth2029G-AAXY DJ711Shell-Mex Ltd/Croydon >Shell-Mex & BP Ltd/Heston >Brooklands Aviation Ltd >IH List & BWB Orton /Brooklands>Count T Zichy/Brooklands >TW Gracey/Brooklands00.06.302558Impressed 25.3.41 Rts Witney 1.8.42
G-AAXZDH.80A Puss Moth2030G-AAXZLt Cdr GPG Kidston/Stag Lane >Mrs JM Fairlie/Heston >British Air Navigation Co Ltd/Heston >Henlys Ltd>JL Shand /Heston >Wrightson Aircraft Sales Ltd /Heston>GW Valentine/ Umtali S.Rhodesia00.06.302559Canc 5.37
G-AAYADH.80A Puss Moth2031G-AAYALady M Bailey/Stag Lane >RAF Flying Club/Hatfield >AO Humble-Smith/ Bournemouth >JE Coxon ta Southern Motor/Gatwick >RAC Sumner/Sywell00.06.302560Hangar collapsed during enemy raid Brooklands 4.9.40
G-AAYBDH.80A Puss Moth2033G-AAYBHon DF Tennant/Stag Lane >Lt Cdr PGT Rodd/Brooklands00.06.302561Crashed St Moritz Switzerland 31.1.33
G-AAYCDH.80A Puss Moth2035G-AAYCMaj AA Nathan/Stag Lane27.05.302562Crashed .39 Canc 1.12.46
G-AAYDDH.80A Puss Moth2036G-AAYDunknown >Cap WL Hope (Air Taxis)/Stag Lane00.05.302563Crashed nr Bolton 15.11.35
G-AAYEDH.80A Puss Moth2037G-AAYEACM Jackaman/Heston26.05.302564Sold abroad 11.32
G-AAYFDH.60M Moth1535G-AAYF N-50 (Norway)CR Robinson /Penshurst>Home Counties Aircraft Services Ltd /Penshurst00.05.302566Crashed at night nr Eltham 4.7.31 Sold Norway 12.32
G-AAYGDH.60M Moth1546G-AAYG X5126de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd >Sqdn Ldr AH Whistler >The Herts & Essex Aero Club Ltd/Broxbourne00.05.302567Impressed 6.12.39 Used as decoy and scrapped
G-AAYHAvro 504KH9833H9833 G-AAYH EI-AAMNorthern Air Transport Ltd/Barton05.05.302568Sold Ireland 3.32
G-AAYIAvro 504KH9861H9861 G-AAYICornwall Aviation Co Ltd05.05.302569Wfu 5.31 Canc 12.31
G-AAYJDH.60G Gipsy Moth1248G-AAYJde Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd >National Flying Services Ltd/Hanworth >AFBD Sale-Barker/ Hanworth00.05.302570Crashed nr Nairobi 14.1.33
G-AAYKDH.80A Puss Moth2034G-AAYKCpt AAH Charles/Waltham Abbey >British Air Transport Ltd/Croydon00.05.302571Crashed landing Heston 1.4.32
G-AAYLDH.60G Gipsy Moth1252G-AAYL BK835unknown >Miss WE Spooner /Reading>Miss E Battye >Hartley & Cooper >Phillips & Powis Aircraft Ltd>North British Aero Club Ltd/Dyce00.06.302572Impressed 3.8.40 Scrapped St.Athan .41 SOC 1.4.42
G-AAYMAvro 504KJ8370J8370 G-AAYMSurrey Flying Services Ltd >Devonshire Aviation Tours> A Tapp/Kingsdown >E Townell & HF Pawley /Kingsdown>EAC Kirk/Broxbourne19.06.302573Wfu 12.34
G-AAYNCierva C.19 III5137G-AAYNCierva Autogiro Co Ltd/Hamble09.05.302576Sold abroad 10.30
G-AAYOCierva C.19 III5138G-AAYO K1696Cierva Autogiro Co Ltd/Hamble09.05.302577Sold to RAF 11.30 SOC 21.2.31
G-AAYPCierva C.19 III > IV5139G-AAYPCierva Autogiro Co Ltd/Hamble09.05.302578Scrapped .32
G-AAYRAvro 624 Six >Five457K-5 G-AAYR VR-HAQAV Roe & Co Ltd/Woodford10.05.302581Sold Hong Kong 12.31
G-AAYSDH.60X Moth1232G-AAYSHampshire Aeroplane Club/Hamble19.05.302582Crashed Southampton Water 4.12.32
G-AAYTDH.60G Gipsy Moth1233G-AAYT DR606Hampshire Aeroplane Club >RKLS Mainwaring /Brooklands>Brooklands Aviation Ltd >Brooklands FC Ltd>JK Lawrence /West Malling >Eastbourne FC Ltd00.05.302583Impressed 27.3.41 SOC 18.8.41
G-AAYUAvro 616 Sports Avian419G-AAYUAV Roe & Co Ltd>S Gleave/ Woodford00.05.302585Crashed Cheltenham 21.9.36
G-AAYVAvro 625 Avian Monoplane459G-AAYVAV Roe & Co Ltd>SH Beech /Meir >JS Taylor /Woodford >London Transport Central Omnibus (Sports Association) Flying Club>JR Ford/ Broxbourne00.06.302586Written off .39
G-AAYWAvro 625 Avian Monoplane460G-AAYWAV Roe & Co Ltd>Flt Lt RLR Atcherley - No.14 Sqdn /RAF Amman Transjordan >Cap WL Handley /Elmdon00.06.302587Scrapped during WWII
G-AAYXSouthern Martlet202G-AAYXSouthern Aircraft Ltd >Phillips & Powis Aircraft (Reading) Ltd>GK Lawrence/Maidstone >WK Vinson/Maidstone >MN Mabrogordato /Witney00.06.302588Wfu 11.12.59 preserved Shuttleworth Collection
G-AAYYDH.60G Gipsy Moth1251G-AAYY VP-CAC MA939JWP Chalmers /Stag Lane >United Airways Ltd /Blackpool>British Airways Ltd/ Stapleford00.06.302589Sold Ceylon 12.36 Impressed 25.7.42 SOC 3.44
G-AAYZSouthern Martlet203G-AAYZSouthern Aircraft Ltd >Sqdn Ldr Rt Hon FE Guest >Fl Off ECT Edward /Hendon >M Maxwell/ Hanworth00.06.302592Scrapped .37