1912 Radio Callsign Prefixes

Prefix Country
AAll to Germany and protectorates
BAll to Great Britain
CAA to CMZNot yet assigned
CNA to CNZMorocco
COA to CPZChile
CQA to CQZMonaco
CRA to CTZPortugal and colonies
CUA to CUZNot yet assigned
CVA to CVZRoumania
CWA to CWZUruguay
CXA to CZZNot yet assigned
DAll to Germany and protectorates
EAA to EGZSpain and colonies
EHA to EZZNot yet assigned
FAll to France and colonies
GAll to Great Britain
HAA to HFZAustria-Hungary and Bosnia-Herzegovina
HGA to HHZSiam
HIA to HZZNot yet assigned
IAll to Italy and colonies
JAll to Japan and possessions
KAA to KCZGermany and protectorates
KDA to KZZUnited States
LAA to LHZNorway
LIA to LRZArgentine Republic
LSA to LWZNot yet assigned
LXA to LZZBulgaria
MAll to Great Britain
NAll to the United States
OAA to OFZNot yet assigned
OGA to OMZAustria-Hungary and Bosnia-Herzegovina
ONA to OTZBelgium and colonies
OUA to OZZDenmark
PAA to PIZNetherlands
PJA to PJMCuracao (Dutch)
PJN to PJZSurinam (Dutch)
PKA to PMZDutch East Indies
PNA to PZZNot yet assigned
QReserved for code abbreviations
RAll to Russia
SAA to SMZSweden
SNA to STZBrazil
SUA to SUZEgypt
SVA to SZZGreece
TAA to TMZTurkey
TNA to TZZNot yet assigned
UAA to UMZFrance and colonies
UNA to UZZAustria-Hungary and Bosnia-Herzegovina
VAA to VGZCanada (British)
VHA to VKZAustralian Federation (British)
VLA to VMZNew Zealand (British)
VNA to VNZSouth African Union (British)
VOA to VOZNewfoundland (British)
VPA to VSZBritish colonies not autonomous
VTA to VWZBritish India
VXA to VZZNot yet assigned
WAll to the United States
XAA to XCZMexico
XDA to XZZNot yet assigned
YAA to YZZNot yet assigned
ZAA to ZZZNot yet assigned